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  • December 4, 2011


Fast Kart Parts

  • Mario-B dasher, slik wheels, and super Glider
  • Peach-Brithday Girl, roller wheels, Peach Parasal
  • Yoshi-Cloud 9, sponge wheels, Flower Glider
  • Honey Queen-Bumble V, wood wheels, Flower Glider
  • Lakitu-Cloud 9, slim wheels, Paraglider
  • Wario-Briuser, monster wheels, Swooper
  • Metal Mario-B dasher, mushroom wheels, Beast Glider
  • Wiggler-Bumble V, mushroom wheels, Peach Parasal
  • Bowser-Bolt Buggy, red monster wheels, Swooper
  • DK-Same as Bowser's but with Beast Glider
  • Luigi-Soda Jet, slim or slik wheels, Paraglider
  • Shy Guy-Pipe Frame, roller wheels, Beast Glider
  • Toad-Blue Seven, any wheels will do, Golden Glider.

  • Lakitu Retrieval Turbo Boost

    If you go off the edge of the track or if you get stuck somewhere for more than a couple seconds, Lakitu will come up next to you and pull you back on the track. When he picks you up, wait until he drops you and then press the acceleration at the exact moment you get dropped onto the track. Press the Y or A button right then. If you time it right, you will get a Turbo Boost for a short distance.

    Get A Speed Boost At The Start Of The Race

    Before the race starts there is a countdown. When the 2 shows up and starts to get big you hold the A button till the race starts and you'll get a boost.

    How To Get More Speed

    First you go to one player and then pike 150s then pike a ckaiktore as you look your speed will move up and down try to make it go up and you have more speed then you ever had.

    Go Fast At Begining Of Race

    When it goes 3, 2, 1 at the begining you press the A button once on 3 then 2 then hold it on 1 and you go fast. Hope it works.

    Stop Your Items

    When you break thorugh an item box and it's still selecting your item press R to stop the selection.

    Wuhu Loop Shortcut

    When there is the pond go through the water the hurry up and turn there will be a shortcut.

    Shortcut In Daisy Hills

    When you arrive to the part when you have to glide in between the hot air ballons, right before it on the left, there is a fence withe flowers turn left there it will take you on a secret ramp!

    Easier Gameplay

    If you want to beat the game DO NOT play in 3d it only slows you down. Also DO NOT play in first person gyroscope mode until you beat the game, it will only mess you up.

    Best Kart For Shy Guy Toad Koopa Troopa And Lakitu

    Use the soda jet with a smaller character like shy guy and choose one of the following gold wheels, slick, sponge, standard,mushroom or wood.

    How Many Coins Do You Have?

    To find out how many coins you have, get internet. Then, go on The Mariokart Channel and wait a few seconds. Click on your mii in the lower left-hand corner, and it will have a basr telling you stats. The coins is the fourth one down.

    Mushroom Gorge Shortcut

    Go into the gorge and go on the blue mushroom and glide and you will see a hole and use a mushroom and you will fly over it.


    We have no cheats or codes for Mario Kart 7 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    Unlock The Wooden Wheel

    Collect 50 coins total in Grand Prix mode to unlock the Wooden Wheel.

    Unlockable Characters

  • 1st in Mushroom Cup 150cc : Daisy
  • 1st in Flower Cup 150cc : Wario
  • 1st in Star Cup 150cc : Rosalina
  • 1st in Special Cup 150cc : Metal Mario
  • 1st in Shell Cup 150cc : Shy Guy
  • 1st in Banana Cup 150cc : Honey Queen
  • 1st in Leaf Cup 150cc : Wiggler
  • 1st in Lightning Cup 150cc : Lakitu
  • Place 1st in all cups in one CC level. : Mii

  • Unlockable Kart Parts

  • Beast Glider : 5000 coins
  • Random Part 1 : 0050 coins
  • Random Part 10 : 0700 coins
  • Random Part 11 : 0800 coins
  • Random Part 12 : 0900 coins
  • Random Part 13 : 1000 coins
  • Random Part 14 : 1200 coins
  • Random Part 15 : 1400 coins
  • Random Part 16 : 1600 coins
  • Random Part 17 : 1800 coins
  • Random Part 18 : 2000 coins
  • Random Part 19 : 2500 coins
  • Random Part 2 : 0100 coins
  • Random Part 20 : 3000 coins
  • Random Part 21 : 3500 coins
  • Random Part 22 : 4000 coins
  • Random Part 23 : 4500 coins
  • Random Part 3 : 0150 coins
  • Random Part 4 : 0200 coins
  • Random Part 5 : 0250 coins
  • Random Part 6 : 0300 coins
  • Random Part 7 : 0400 coins
  • Random Part 8 : 0500 coins
  • Random Part 9 : 0600 coins

  • Unlock New Title Screen

    Watch the True Ending to unlock the new stye title screen.

    Unlock True Ending

    Place first in all cups in all cart classes to unlock the TRUE ENDING!

    Unlock The Golden Wheel

    Beat every Cup on 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and in Mirror Mode and receive a minimum of 1 star ranking for each Cup to unlock the Golden Wheels.

    Unlock The Golden Steering Wheel

    Play a hundred recent matches and use the first person gyro controls at least 80% of the time, and you will unlock the Golden Steering Wheel.

    Unlock The Gold Standard Kart Body

    Obtain a VR of more than 10,000 points or collect at least 20,000 coins to unlock this sweet GSKB.

    Get Stars Next To Your Nick Name

  • One Star Profile : Beat all cups in all modes with 1-star rating or better
  • Three Star Profile : Beat all cups in all modes with 3-star rating
  • Two Star Profile : Beat all cups in all modes with 2-star rating or better

  • Unlock Mirror Mode

    Finish every Cup in 150cc and get first place (Gold) on all of them.

    Unlock The Golden Glider

    Connect with 100 people via StreetPass OR you can collect at least 10,000 coins.

    Random Coin Amounts For Random Parts

  • 50 coins : Random Part 1
  • 100 coins : Random Part 2
  • 150 coins : Random Part 3
  • 200 coins : Random Part 4
  • 250 coins : Random Part 5
  • 300 coins : Random Part 6
  • 400 coins : Random Part 7
  • 500 coins : Random Part 8
  • 600 coins : Random Part 9
  • 700 coins : Random Part 10
  • 800 coins : Random Part 11
  • 900 coins : Random Part 12
  • 1,000 coins : Random Part 13
  • 1,200 coins : Random Part 14
  • 1,400 coins : Random Part 15
  • 1,600 coins : Random Part 16
  • 1,800 coins : Random Part 17
  • 2,000 coins : Random Part 18
  • 2,500 coins : Random Part 19
  • 3,000 coins : Random Part 20
  • 3,500 coins : Random Part 21
  • 4,000 coins : Random Part 22
  • 4,500 coins : Random Part 23
  • 5,000 coins : Random Part 24

  • Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for Mario Kart 7 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    Maka Wuhu Glitch

    Frist you go to the gaint grass patch and use 2 mushrooms and when you pass the 2nd section stop you will see a rock and a pond use the las mushroom and dash into the pond and they will think you fell off the top and they will put you next to the purlpe castle.

    Maka Wuhu Glitch

    When you get to the part after the first lap make sure you have 1 mushroom face the part where there is lots of water then use your mushroom and zoom into the water lakitu will bring you about 20 seconds in front of every one.

    Wuhu Loop Music Glitch

    After you pass the stone pillars you will see a tree turn right and fall into the ocean if you do it corectly lakitu will pick you up and put you a little ways into section 3 and the 2 section music will still be playing.

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