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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Midway
  • Midway
  • Mature
  • November 20, 2002


Defeating Moloch

Play as Quan Chi, draw your weapon, then hold Away and press Square, Triangle(2). Keep repeating this for an easy win.

Knife Attack

To do this you need a sword or knives. Go toward your opponent and push R1. (Note: some fighters wont do this.)

Secret Wager

When you enter the versus battle screen, load 2 profiles, have one of them press the wager button and press right once or more, then when your done pressing your "rights", hold up, you should hear Koins going up, when it stopps, press Wager again and pick your 2 characters, whoever wins the fight wins the Koins, but the loser doesn't lose any!


This glitch requires two rounds and can be practiced in versus mode. For the first round, have Cyrax beat your opponent down to approximately one quarter health. Start out in the Ninjitsu stance, then do the Square(2), Away + Square, L1 combo. When your opponent gets knocked in the air, quickly shoot out a Close Bomb (Forward, Away, Square). By this time your opponent should be landing on the ground. Then, quickly do the Slice And Dice attack (Away, Forward, Circle). If done correctly, the bomb will blow your opponent over your head and the saw will come out. If they accidentally get caught with the saw, it will not work. The bomb should also kill your opponent, so you will need to estimate how much health to start at. The saw will now be hanging out of your chest for the entire second round. Note: If done in arcade mode, do not let your opponent hit you or the saw will disappear. To continue this glitch, in the second round fight your opponent as usual. When "Finish Him/Her" appears, get about to sweeping distance and switch to the fatality stance. Then, shoot out a Close Bomb so it lands at your opponent's feet, then do the Forward(2), Up, Triangle fatality. If done correctly, your will start the fatality then the bomb will blow your opponent over Cyrax. They will then slide over to the claw and it will be holding them strangely. If done with the saw hanging out, it will appear as if your opponent is getting slammed into the blade. If the fatality is done in versus mode, your opponent will be standing during it. If done in arcade mode, your opponent will flop on the floor like a fish.

Manual Illustration

The instruction manual shows a different character selection screen than what actually appears during the game.

No Bullets

Enter versus mode and select Jax and Quan Chi. At any point in the match, have Jax do Machine Gun and Quan Chi do Skull Fireball at the same time. Quan Chi will still be getting shot, but there will be no bullets and Jax will not have his gun out.

Repeatedly Fall And Recover During Fatality

Use a fighter that impales an opponent with their weapon and loses it (Shang Tsung, Frost, or Mei Lei). In the second round, impale your opponent with your weapon. When the "Finish Him/Her" message appears, your opponent will repeatedly fall down and get back up.

Monk Movement

Remain idle long enough during Konquest mode and the "monk" will turn around and shrug his shoulders at you.

Attack your opponent before "Fight" appears

At the loading screen before the fight, unplug your controller, then plug it back in. You will now be able to move around and attack before it says "Fight."

FMV Introductions

Allow the game to enter demo mode to see the FMV of the first Video Teaser from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance with Scorpion performing a Kata. Other characters (Kitana, Quan Chi, and Frost) will perform a Kata as well. After Blaze is unlocked, he will perform a Kata also. After Mokap is unlocked, he will be in a demo fight.

Unlimited Koins

Use the "Unlimited Sapphire Koins" trick, then press R2 on controllers one and two to display the wager screen. It should be on Onyx Koins. Change the type of Koin to Sapphire, and a large negative number should appear. Then, change the type to the Koin of your choice and press X on controllers one and two. Press R2 on controllers one and two, and you should see the same number of 1000000 for the Koin you just set the wager for. Change the type of Koin being wagered to either of the ones that say 1000000 and a negative number should appear again.Cchange the type of Koin to another that you want to have unlimited of. Then, repeat for all the Koins so that they all say 1000000 and make a wager of negative Koins. Do a fight, have either player win, and both profiles will have unlimited Koins.

Unlimited Sapphire Koins

Use the "Easy Koins" trick, and instead of pressing Right(6) to get the Sapphre Koins, just press Up. If you hear a sound, hold Up. Then, when it stops, press R2 on the other controller to open the wager screen. It should say some number and have the Sapphire Koin below it. Press X on a controller. If you have less Sapphire than the displayed number, both players should drop to zero, then it should read 10000000. Go into the Krypt and you should have a large number of Koins.

Easy Koins

Start a new profile and earn 93 Jade Koins. Then, go to the Krypt and buy the following koffins immediately after each other: "FN", "UV", "ZR", and "JJ". You will now have over 1000 Sapphire and Jade Koins. Go to versus mode and bet the money to you profile. Do this as many times as desired.

Easy Wins

Use the following trick to get easy wins in arcade mode under the maximum difficulty setting. Choose Quan Chi or Nitara, then repeatedly use their throw attack on the opponent. Then quickly stand over them and continuously tap Throw. Try to time it so that you throw them just as they are getting up. When doing this, you should be able to defeat any opponent (except Moloch) with little to no effort. Note: You will not always grab them with the throw before they begin attacking; you may have to keep blocking until they finish their combo or move, thus leaving them open for a string of throws. Using Nitara is much easier and usually results in a flawless victory.

Faster Test Your Might Mini-game

Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto fire feature. Set X, Square, Circle, and Triangle to auto and hold them down. The bar will go all the way to the top.

Acid Bath Stage: Damage Opponent

Get your opponent near the two giant statues in the background. The statues will spit acid out, hurting your opponent. Note: Do not get too close, or you will also get hurt.

Sub-Zero: Combos

Take out your Kori Sword and press Square (1-4 times), X(3), Circle(2). If done correctly, it will stun your opponent then you will stomp him three times and as he is getting up, double kick him.

Sonya: Defeating Moloch

Pull her 10-hit style Branch combo continuously. Once finished with the first combo, immediately switch back to her initial style and repeat. As long as your button hitting is precise, you will constantly be in motion and he will not be able to retaliate.

Scorpion: Easy Win

Take out the ninja sword and repeatedly press R1.

Quan Chi: Bow With Broadswords

Go to Konquest mode and choose Quan Chi. When you start the mission, follow it as instructed. When the "Mission Complete" message appears, immediately unplug the controller. Plug it back in and press Start. Before Quan Chi bows, press L1 until his broadswords are out. He will bow with his broadswords in his hands.

Quan Chi: Combos

Play as Quan Chi and pull out his swords. Repeatedly press X, Circle. This will give you a 4 -hit combo. When you block your opponent, press Down + X. This makes Quan Chi spin his swords at the opponent from his blocking stance.

Kitana: Impale Move

To have Kitana throw her fans and impale her opponent, press Away + R1. If done correctly, Kitana will throw her fans and they will stick into her opponent in his/her chest and leg. Unfortunately, you can only do this once. If you opponent blocks it, the fans will fly off screen and you will have lost them for that round.

Kenshi: Fatality Restrictions

When playing as Kenshi, his fatality will not work against Cyrax, Johnny Cage or himself. Note: If you do his fatality on Kano, only one eye will pop out.

Kenshi: Immunity To Sonya's Kiss Of Death Move

Since Kenshi is blind, Sonya's Kiss Of Death move has no affect on him.

Jax: Defeating Moloch

Repeatedly use his special attacks and Moloch will easily be defeated.

Hsu Hao: Defeating Moloch

As soon as the battle begins, jump back and switch to his Sun Moon Style. Hold Block until he gets in range. Once this happens, continuously use the Setting Sun combo (Away + Square, Away + Triangle). If the final hit does not connect, immediately hold Block. Moloch will almost always try to attack with his straight punch. Once blocked, lay into him again with the Setting Sun combo. When starting round two, immediately lay into the combo when the narrator says "Fight". First blood is almost guaranteed.

Cyrax: Steal Drahmin's Flies

Play as Cyrax and win a round against Drahmin. When the "Finish him" message appears, switch to your fatality pose and do Cyrax's fatality (Forward, Forward, Up). When the screen shows Cyrax pose, he will have Drahmin's flies around him.

Defeating Moloch as Kenshi

As Kenshi, repeatedly use this long, but very good combo: Press 2, 2, 2, Away, 1, Forward, 1, 4.

Defeating Moloch as Johnny Cage

Play as Johnny Cage, take out your Nunchaku, and keep pressing Square.

Defeating Moloch as Raiden

Play as Raiden, take out your staff, then repeatedly tap R1 for an easy win.

Defeating Moloch with Shang Shung

Play as Shang Shung in the crane style and repeatedly press X or Square until he stops blocking. Then, press Circle and you should get an easy win.

Play As Raiden Easier

Open the FN Krypt first to get 1800 of the 3300 Koins that are needed before opening the XG Krypt to unlock Raiden.

Play As Cyrax Easier

You would have to have at least 462 Ruby Koins and open Krypt PD (to get 1056 Platinum Koins ) and get the rest of 3003 needed to open CN for Cyrax. You can get extra Platinum Koins in the following Krypts: FV (83 Platinum Koins needed for 243 platinum Koins); PK (157 Platinum Koins needed for 475 Platinum Koins); WS (44 Onyx Koins needed for 165 Platinum Koins); and NG (63 Sapphire Koins needed for 252 Platinum Koins).

Attack Opponents Before

Unplug the controller during the loading screen, then put it back in. You can now attack before starting the match.

Victory Pose Select

Each character has three end-of-battle poses. Perform the following when the "Finish Him/Her" message appears. Note: If you run out of time performing your fatality or if you end the match with your weapon, your character will automatically perform the pose of the last stance he or she was in.

1: Strike your opponent in your character's first form.
2. Strike your opponent in your character's second form.
3. Execute your characters fatality.

Recover Password

If you forgot your password in your profile, you can get it back by using the following trick. Start a new profile with any name, then press "Done". Pick an icon, and after you are done, it will give you a password. The password will be the same as your old one. Copy the one you just obtained and delete the new profile. Enter the password with your old profile and it should work.

Background FMV Sequence

Press Triangle at the main menu and a movie screen will appear. It shows the story leading up to the start of the game.

Versus Mode Skill Select

Press L2 before either player chooses a character.

Alternate Costumes

After the appropriate costumes are unlocked in the Krypt, press Start at the character selection screen to access the new costume.

Random Character Select

Highlight Shang Tsung (for player one) or Quan Chi (for player two) at the character selection screen, then hold Up + Start.

Versus Mode Stage Select

Press R1 before either player chooses a character to get a screen with a screenshot of a stage. Then, press Left or Right to change it to the desired stage.

Beat Moloch With Frost

When the fight begins, change your fighting stance into her weapons. Keep pressing square until he blocks, then quickly dodge his punch or what ever move he decides to do next. After you dodge go back to pressing square repeatedly and wait for him to block and then dodge again. I have not lost a match doing this technique.

Beat Moloch With Raiden

When you fight moloch, choose Raiden. As soon as the fight begins press L1 twice to draw out his staff. After his staff is drawn, hold back and keep pressing R1 to do a low hit high hit move. Sometimes he will block but most of the time he won't. I don't know if it will work every time for you, but it does for me. I have never lost against Moloch while using Raiden.

Easy Win With Shang Tsung.

First pick Shang Tsung. Then while your in a battle, press R1. It will stab the the guy you are fighting. His or her health will keep going down untill they are dead. You can only get your sword after the round is over. NOTE: You can block this attack so it won't always work.

Easily Defeat Moloch With Scorpion/Kenshi

As you know you can not impale your sword in Moloch but Kenshi and Scorpion cant stab/impale, as you get to Moloch with the characters listed in this hint select their sword, then do this combo= circle,square,square,x. After you do this and it is effective block. he should try to do a forward attack 2 times(with his ball)(you can block that) then do the combo above and block, this works every time. (may also work against Quan Chi).

Easily Beat Moloch

First you need to get Jax (you can get him from the Krypt in Koffin SA for 3780 Ruby Koins). Then, when you fight Moloch, pick Jax and repeatedly use his Piston Punch. If you keep doing this, you'll eventually beat him.

Unlock All Kontent

Here is the list of all the characters, costumes, and arenas you can unlock in the Krypt.

AA: Costume - Quan Chi (1556 Gold)
AR: Costume - Nitara (2206 Jade)
BD: Costume - Kano (1520 Sapphire)
BQ: Costume - Kitana (1327 Gold)
CN: Character - Cyrax (3003 Platinum)
DK: Costume - Johnny Cage (1460 Ruby)
DS: Arena - Nethership (1472 Ruby)
HP: Arena - House of Pekara (2093 Onyx)
II: Arena - Lava Shrine (1843 Gold)
IV: Character - Frost (208 Ruby)
JR: Costume - Raiden (1668 Ruby)
KI: Character - Kitana (2931 Sapphire)
KR: Arena - Palace Grounds (4222 Sapphire)
KX: Costume - Li Mei (1406 Sapphire)
LL: Character - Reptile (3822 Gold)
ML: Costume - Shang Tsung (1170 Gold)
MW: Character - Hsu Hao (3317 Jade)
PN: Character - Blaze* (684 Onyx)
PW: Arena - Sarna Ruins (2006 Sapphire)
QX: Costume - Hsu Hao (1518 Jade)
QZ: Arena - Quan Chi's Fortress (501 Gold)
RD: Costume - Mavado (1455 Jade)
RT: Costume - Reptile (3345 Sapphire)
SA: Character - Jax (3780 Ruby)
SH: Costume - Sonya (1834 Ruby)
SW: Costume - Drahmin (1152 Jade)
TI: Character - Nitara (4022 Gold)
UB: Costume: Frost (1251 Gold)
UH: Costume: Scorpion (1660 Jade)
UR: Character: Drahmin (6500 Sapphire)
WT: Arena: Dragonfly (1400 Jade)
XG: Character: Raiden (3116 Jade)
XO: Costume: Reptile (1736 Sapphire)
YA: Costume: Sub Zero (1999 Sapphire)
YJ: Costume: Kung Lao (1208 Ruby)
YM: Costume: Kenshi (1435 Platinum)
YP: Character: Mokap* (511 Gold)
ZD: Arena: Moloch's Lair (98 Ruby)
ZM: Costume: Jax (1410 Platinum)
ZW: Costume: Cyrax (1485 Sapphire)
*To use Blaze or Mokap, you must first unlock all the other characters and go through Konquest mode with each of them. Hold down and select Cyrax to play Mokap, and select Raiden to play Blaze.

Sub -Zero's Easy Win

When fighting with Sub-Zero pull out his Kori blade and stab the opponent, this way they'll keep on bleeding and it'll drain their health. The great thing about this trick is that you or the opponent can't pull the blade out. {Note: you can't use the sword again until the round is over}

Play As Mokap

Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Cyrax at the character selection screen and hold Down.

Play As Blaze

Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Raiden at the character selection screen and hold Down.

List Of Koffins Missing From Original List

There are several koffins that are missing from the list that someone provided here last month. I have taken the liberty to finding all the missing koffins and purchasing their contents. Here is a list of the missing Koffins and what they contain (and amount you pay)in order:

XL 843 ONYX FOR (?) N/A


KI- Kitana
CN- Cyrax
XG- Raiden
DS- death ship
PD- pay day ( platinum coins )
UH- unleash hell
JA- Jax
hint: a lot of the lower priced koffins have coins

Koffin Locations And What They Contain

1. AA  1556  Gold reward: Quan Chi Alternate Outfit   
2. AB  186  Saphire reward: Kung Lao Sketch   
3. AC  424  Platinum reward: Li Mei   
4. AD  96  Saphire reward: Moloch Sketches   
5. AE  118  Onyx reward: MK2 Cabinet Security Panels   
6. AF  313  Onyx reward: Hint RO : Rip Off   
7. AG  258  Onyx reward: Deadly Alliance Is Born   
8. AH  66  Gold reward: Shang Tsung Sketch   
9. AI  277  Onyx reward: Quan Chi tattoo picture   
10. AJ  26  Jade reward: 38 Gold Koins   
11. AK  432  Gold reward: Moloch Promo Render   
12. AL  287  Ruby reward: ShangTsungs palace concept art   
13. AM  192  Platinum reward: Mavado Coat Concepts   
14. AN  52  Gold reward: Hint: PD=Pay Day   
15. AO  105  Platinum reward: 57 Saphire   
16. AP  154  Platinum reward: Quan Chis Throne   
17. AQ  226  Onyx reward: Scorpion Concept Sketch   
18. AR  2206  Jade reward: Alternate Nitara Costume   
19. AS  66  Jade reward: Palace Exterior Sketch   
20. AT  269  Saphire reward: Swamplands Sketch   
21. AU  463  Gold reward: Shang Tsung   
22. AV  497  Ruby reward: Video- Senate of the Elder Gods Test   
23. AW  76  Onyx reward: 88 Ruby Koins   
24. AX  337  Gold reward: Quan Chi Inner Sanctum   
25. AY  258  Platinum reward: Concept Characters   
26. AZ  442  Ruby reward: Test Your Sight Concept Art   
27. BA  264  Onyx reward: Lin Kuei Temple Concept   
28. BB  ??  Saphire reward: Sub Zeros dragon medallion   
29. BC  452  Gold reward: Giant Drummer Detail   
30. BD  1520  Saphire reward: kanos second costume   
31. BE  67  Gold reward: Swamplands Sketch   
32. BF  263  Platinum reward: 120 Jade coins   
33. BG  217  Saphire reward: Baphomet Sketch   
34. BH  116  Jade reward: Ultimate MK3 Arcade Marquee   
35. BI  167  Jade reward: Sonya Concept Sketch   
36. BJ  178  Platinum reward: Ghost Ship   
37. BK  650  Ruby reward: fight against Baraka-view his bio   
38. BL  145  Jade reward: Portal Sphere   
39. BM  207  Onyx reward: Character Concepts   
40. BN  720  Onyx reward: The Grid: Guest Starts   
41. BO  305  Platinum reward: The Grid : Noob Saibot   
42. BP  426  Gold reward: The Grid: MK Ninjas   
43. BQ  1327  Gold reward: Alternate Princess Kitana Costume   
44. BR  451  Onyx reward: hint fly killer (fk)   
45. BS  253  Saphire reward: Mavado Sketches   
46. BT  291  Saphire reward: Blood Energy Drink   
47. BU  336  Platinum reward: reptile skin lotion   
48. BV  371  Saphire reward: Backstage: MK4 Commercial   
49. BW  329  Onyx reward: BackStage MK4 Commercial   
50. BX  212  Platinum reward: backstage:mk4 commercial   
51. BY  183  Gold reward: MK Gold Logo   
52. BZ  381  Platinum reward: MK4 Sonya and Tanya   
53. CA  218  Onyx reward: Shang Tsungs Palace Sketch   
54. CB  252  Saphire reward: Octo Garden Sketch   
55. CC  376  Jade reward: Book of Destiny   
56. CD  261  Jade reward: Shang Tsung Soul Concept   
57. CE  174  Jade reward: Great Dragon Egg   
58. CF  268  Onyx reward: Female Character Concepts   
59. CG  75  Saphire reward: JT: Johnnys Tapes   
61. CI  271  Jade reward: Test Your Sight Concept   
62. CJ  272  Ruby reward: Quan Chi Sketches   
63. CK  556  Jade reward: Wu Shi Academy   
64. CL  332  Gold reward: 492 Onyx   
65. CM  244  Gold reward: House of Pekara Concept   
66. CN  3003  Platinum reward: Cyrax   
67. CO  192  Ruby reward: Kano,s Cereal   
68. CP  172  Ruby reward: Carlos Pesina   
69. CQ  272  Gold reward: Senate of Elder Gods Concept   
70. CR  294  Platinum reward: RAyden Sketch   
71. CS  89  Saphire reward: 143 Ruby coins   
72. CT  588  Ruby reward: Dragonfly Story   
73. CU  257 Blue  Saphire reward: Swamplands Sketch   
74. CV  121  Saphire reward: 71 Jade Coins   
75. CW  226  Ruby reward: Academy Promo Render   
76. CX  203  Gold reward: Scorpion Goes Back to Hell Video   
77. CY  116  Ruby reward: Soul Cage Concept   
78. CZ  362  Onyx reward: Hsu Hao concept art   
79. DA  72  Ruby reward: 18 saphire coins   
80. DB  257  Saphire reward: Soul Chamber Concept   
81. DC  838  Gold reward: Jax Vs Kung Lao MK3 pic   
82. DD  355  Gold reward: Lifeguard Sonya Picture   
83. DE  126  Gold reward: Character Concepts   
84. DF  286  Platinum reward: picture of Dan "Toasty" Forden   
85. DG  57  Jade reward: Sonya Blade   
86. DH  199  Gold reward: Shokan Warriors   
87. DI  254  Saphire reward: Quan Chi on the Sax   
88. DJ  186  Platinum reward: 86 ruby   
89. DK  1460  Ruby reward: Johnny Cage alt Costume   
90. DL  230  Platinum reward: Scoprion Cloth Test Video   
91. DM  428  Onyx reward: Acid Bath   
92. DN  234  Saphire reward: 18 Jade coins   
93. DO  39  Gold reward: 221 onyx coins   
94. DP  224  Jade reward: MK2 Print Ad   
95. DQ  656  Platinum reward: Hint "SF:Smelly Feet"   
96. DR  273  Saphire reward: Mavado Sketches   
97. DS  1472  Ruby reward: Nethership Arena   
98. DT  332  Ruby reward: Li Mei Sketch   
99. DU  368  Onyx reward: MK3 behind scenes   
100. DV  257  Ruby reward: Empty Koffin   
101. DW  157  Ruby reward: Cave Arena Concept Video   
102. DX  292  Jade reward: 579 Ruby Coins   
103. DY  94  Gold reward: SS: Sword Sale   
104. DZ  442  Ruby reward: Test Your Sight Concept   
105. EA  258  Saphire reward: The Lost Tomb   
106. EB  237  Ruby reward: Pic of Ed Boon   
107. EC  248  Saphire reward: Swamplands Sketch   
108. ED  633  Saphire reward: 949 Platinum   
109. EE  1200  Platinum reward: Mortal Kombat Mythologies Box Art   
110. EF  267  Gold reward: Quality Assurance: Chicago pic   
111. EG  74  Platinum reward: MK3 Arcade Marquee   
112. EH  253  Onyx reward: reptile sketch   
113. EI  512  Saphire reward: action figure   
114. EJ  547  Jade reward: Action Figures   
115. EK  424  Ruby reward: Action Figures   
116. EL  434  Platinum reward: Action Figures   
117. EM  405  Gold reward: Action Figures   
118. EN  246  Silver reward: action figures   
119. EO  289  Saphire reward: Action Figures   
120. EP  166  Jade reward: Action Figures Pic   
121. EQ  256  Ruby reward: Action Figure Vehicles   
124. ET  664  Ruby reward: "Edina Temple" Level Open   
125. EU  262  Ruby reward: Dairou Drawings   
126. EV  356  Ruby reward: Drum Arena   
128. EX  243  Onyx reward: ST "hint" sarna test   
129. EY  254  Platinum reward: Cyrax Sketch   
130. EZ  412  Platinum reward: Blood Stone Mine Concept   
131. FA  263  Gold reward: Cyrax Test Render   
132. FB  248  Ruby reward: A Long Time ago (pic)   
133. FC  310  Saphire reward: A Softer Side To Cyrax   
134. FD  156  Onyx reward: Portal Story   
135. FE  242  Gold reward: Li Mei Sketch   
136. FF  1199  Gold reward: MK1: Sub-Zero Vs. Scorpion   
137. FG  291  Gold reward: Dragonfly Concept Render   
138. FH  215  Ruby reward: House of Pekara Concept   
139. FI  262  Silver reward: Deadly Alliance Koins   
140. FJ  179  Ruby reward: mk3 arcade cabinet   
141. FK  520  Platinum reward: Bug Blaster (?)   
142. FL  264  Saphire reward: Early MKDA promo video   
143. FM  76  Silver reward: Sketch (Palace Exterior)   
144. FN  93  Jade reward: 1800 Jade Coins   
145. FO  76  Ruby reward: MK2 Characters   
146. FP  46  Gold reward: palacen sketch   
148. FR  401  Gold reward: MK Youth Clothing   
150. FT  126  Saphire reward: MK T-Shirts   
151. FU  20  Silver reward: Empty Koffin   
152. FV  83  Platinum reward: 243 Platinum Koins   
153. FW  666  Ruby reward: Hint - UH=Unleash Hell   
154. FX  492  Saphire reward: Comic Book, 1 of 41   
155. FY  27  Ruby reward: Comic Book Art 2 of 41   
156. FZ  183  Onyx reward: COMIC ART 3 OF 41   
157. GA  572  Gold reward: Comic Art: 4 of 41   
158. GB  458  Jade reward: Comic Art 5 of 41   
159. GC  412  Gold reward: Comic Art: 6 of 41   
160. GD  74  Saphire reward: Comic Art: 7 of 41   
161. GE  277  Ruby reward: Comic Art: 8 of 41   
162. GF  124  Platinum reward: Comic Book Art 9 of 41   
163. GG  63  Jade reward: Comic Book Art 10 of 41   
164. GH  418  Platinum reward: Comic Book Art, 11 of 41   
165. GI  100  Saphire reward: Comic Book Art (12/41)   
166. GJ  326  Platinum reward: Comic Book Art 13 of 41   
167. GK  379  Platinum reward: comic art 14   
168. GL  128  Ruby reward: Comic Book Art, 15 of 41   
170. GN  91  Gold reward: comic book art 17 of 41   
171. GO  422  Saphire reward: Comic Book Art 18 of 41   
172. GP  58  Jade reward: Comic Book Art 19 of 41   
173. GQ  532  Jade reward: Comic Book Art, 20 of 41   
175. GS  185  Gold reward: COmic Book Art, 22 of 41   
176. GT  307  Ruby reward: Comic Book Art 23 of 41   
177. GU  134  Saphire reward: Comic Book Art 24 of 41   
179. GW  264  Ruby reward: comic art 26 of 41   
180. GX  88  Platinum reward: Comic Art 27 of 41   
182. GZ  575  Ruby reward: Comic Book Art, 29 of 41   
183. HA  62  Gold reward: Comic Art 30 of 41   
184. HB  626  Ruby reward: Comic Book Art, 31 of 41   
185. HC  215  Silver reward: Comic Book Art, 32 of 41   
186. HD  176  Saphire reward: Comic Book Art 33 of 41   
187. HE  478  Saphire reward: Art 34 of 41   
188. HF  203  Silver reward: Comic Book Art, 35 of 41   
189. HG  555  Gold reward: Comic Book Art 36 of 41   
190. HH  222  Silver reward: Comic Book Art: 37 of 41   
191. HI  225  Jade reward: Comic Book Art 38 of 41   
193. HK  138  Gold reward: Comic Book Art 40 of 41   
194. HL  145  Saphire reward: Comic Book Art 41 of 41   
195. HM  217  Onyx reward: Bank Interior Sketch   
196. HN  382  Jade reward: Lung Hai Temple Sketch   
197. HO  402  Jade reward: Scorpion Preliminary Model   
198. HP  2093  Onyx reward: house of pekera arena unlocked   
200. HR  187  Jade reward: Konquest Mode Concepts   
201. HS  272  Jade reward: Herman Sanchez   
202. HT  462  Jade reward: Video: Ice Palace Test   
203. HU  435  Ruby reward: MK Pinball   
204. HV  306  Jade reward: MK Gold Print Ad   
205. HW  56  Ruby reward: Fire Well Concept   
207. HY  408  Saphire reward: Kenshi,s Sword   
209. IA  37  Ruby reward: MK 4 Logo   
210. IB  275  Saphire reward: Forest Sketch   
211. IC  326  Platinum reward: MK Rockem Sockem Art   
212. ID  340  Jade reward: Sub Zeros Coffee Mug   
213. IE  253  Saphire reward: 32 Pack of Adult Diapers   
214. IF  195  Ruby reward: River Front Concept   
215. IG  208  Gold reward: Lava Shrine Exterior Concept   
216. IH  567  Jade reward: Hint: IV: Icy Vixen   
217. II  1843  Gold reward: Arena: Lava Shrine Unlocked   
218. IJ  314  Ruby reward: Quan Chi,s Amulet   
219. IK  400  Gold reward: Unlock C4E Website   
220. IL  207  Gold reward: Hint: DK: Dressed to Kill   
221. IM  227  Gold reward: Church Concept   
222. IN  37  Saphire reward: 57 Gold Koins   
223. IO  244  Onyx reward: ph=phat   
224. IP  257  Onyx reward: Halloween Masks   
225. IQ  257  Gold reward: Fortress Exterior Sketch   
226. IR  55  Jade reward: 91 Saphire Coins   
227. IS  244  Ruby reward: Sub-Zero,s Blade   
228. IT  269  Ruby reward: Character Concepts   
229. IU  342  Jade reward: dairou sketch   
230. IV  208  Ruby reward: Frost   
232. IX  265  Saphire reward: MKDA Merchandise   
235. JA  105  Gold reward: Kuatan Palace stage   
236. JB  392  Saphire reward: Programmers Picture   
237. JC  287  Gold reward: Frost Sketches   
238. JD  305  Jade reward: Swamplands Test Render   
239. JE  82  Platinum reward: 59 Ruby Koins   
240. JF  332  Ruby reward: Drum Arena Sketch   
241. JG  272  Jade reward: Jon Greenberg pic   
242. JH  271  Gold reward: Hsu Hao Sketches   
243. JI  266  Jade reward: MK4 Print Ad   
244. JJ  402  Gold reward: 772 sapphire koins   
245. JK  291  Jade reward: Lei Mei Sketch   
247. JM  218  Saphire reward: Shang Tsung Drawings   
248. JN  252  Jade reward: John Nocher   
249. JO  161  Onyx reward: mk2 arcade board   
250. JP  169  Gold reward: John Podlasek   
251. JQ  237  Ruby reward: Kitana Sketches   
252. JR  1688  Ruby reward: Raiden Outfit   
253. JS  294  Ruby reward: Dragonfly Render   
254. JT  259  Platinum reward: Johnny Cage Video   
256. JV  334  Ruby reward: John Vogel   
257. JW  164  Saphire reward: Kano,s Reminder   
258. JX  167  Gold reward: Raiden Test Outfit   
259. JY  183  Saphire reward: MK4 Home Version   
260. JZ  25  Jade reward: Empty Koffin   
261. KA  412  Onyx reward: Swamplands Sketch   
262. KB  247  Jade reward: Edler God Hall Sketch   
263. KC  292  Gold reward: Video: Dragonfly Test   
264. KD  342  Jade reward: Artists   
265. KE  402  Gold reward: Kitana Sketch   
266. KF  128  Jade reward: Mavado (Bio?)   
267. KG  608  Jade reward: Edenia Golf Outfitters Picture   
268. KH  155  Platinum reward: Kerry Hoskins Swim Suit Pin-Up Photo from MK3   
269. KI  2931  Saphire reward: Kitana   
270. KJ  248  Silver reward: MK Baseball Caps   
271. KK  694  Saphire reward: MK4 Characters Picture   
272. KL  202  Platinum reward: cyrax sketch   
273. KM  350  Jade reward: MK Strategy Guides   
274. KN  7  Saphire reward: 15 Gold Koins   
275. KO  197  Saphire reward: Konquest Mode Concepts   
276. KP  276  Ruby reward: Hint MW=Mongol Warrior   
278. KR  4222  Saphire reward: palace grounds arena   
281. KU  219  Jade reward: 322 Platinum Coins   
282. KV  256  Saphire reward: Arena Concepts   
283. KW  257  Saphire reward: Empty Koffin   
284. KX  1406  Saphire reward: Li Mei Alternate Outfit   
285. KY  843  Platinum reward: MK1: Cage Vs. Kano   
286. KZ  263  Jade reward: Character Concepts   
287. LA  56  Ruby reward: Blood Particle Details   
288. LB  258  Jade reward: Game Play Wall Trick Ideas   
289. LC  462  Saphire reward: Game Play Kicks and Doges   
290. LD  302  Silver reward: Game Play Fatalities   
291. LE  7800  Gold reward: 8 on the Break Poster   
292. LF  305  Gold reward: Game Play Special Moves   
293. LG  195  Ruby reward: Game Play Throws   
294. LH  165  Jade reward: Jax Stomp Game Play Fatalities   
295. LI  135  Silver reward: Game Play Throws Sketch   
296. LJ  134  Gold reward: Nitara,s Crystal   
297. LK  268  Silver reward: Wu Shi Acad. Test   
298. LL  3822  Gold reward: Reptile Unlocked   
299. LM  165  Onyx reward: Luis Mangubat   
300. LN  306  Onyx reward: "Chrome Bling"   
301. LO  329  Onyx reward: deadly alliance website   
302. LP  442  Ruby reward: Sub-Zero Sketch   
303. LQ  477  Saphire reward: MK1 Arcade Goro   
304. LR  176  Gold reward: MKDA Box Art Concepts   
305. LS  157  Saphire reward: MKDA Box Art Concepts   
306. LT  105  Onyx reward: mkda logo concepts   
307. LU  170  Jade reward: MKDA Box Art Concepts   
308. LV  140  Ruby reward: box art   
309. LW  332  Gold reward: Midway Creative Media   
310. LX  147  Platinum reward: Empty Koffin   
311. LY  160  Saphire reward: MK4: Scorpion Vs. Raiden   
312. LZ  511  Onyx reward: Hint: FL (First Look)   
313. MA  471  Ruby reward: Johnny Cage   
314. MB  188  Gold reward: Mike Boon Pic   
315. MC  262  Platinum reward: Wu Shi Academy Sketches   
316. MD  80  Silver reward: Tools & Technology Picture   
317. ME  237  Jade reward: MKDA Print Ad   
318. MF  58  Jade reward: 102 Onyx Koins   
319. MG  134  Platinum reward: MK4 Road Tour   
320. MH  83  Gold reward: MK4 Tour   
321. MI  96  Gold reward: MK4 Arcade Tour   
324. ML  1170  Gold reward: Shang Tsung Alternate Outfit   
325. MM  215  Ruby reward: Bridge Arena concept   
326. MN  176  Onyx reward: Portal   
327. MO  177  Jade reward: Drahmin Sketches   
328. MP  314  Gold reward: MK Basketball Concept   
329. MQ  278  Gold reward: 412 Jade Koins   
330. MR  412  Ruby reward: Lung Hai Temple   
331. MS  253  Silver reward: Outworld Concept Sketch   
332. MT  227  Gold reward: Mike Taran   
333. MU  218  Saphire reward: Sarna Ruins Concept   
335. MW  3317  Jade reward: Hsu Hao   
337. MY  167  Jade reward: Moloch,s Ball Sketches   
338. MZ  383  Saphire reward: Assassin for Hire   
339. NA  177  Ruby reward: Sonya Sketch   
340. NB  287  Jade reward: House Of Pekara Render   
341. NC  275  Platinum reward: Nigel Casey   
342. ND  212  Saphire reward: Empty Koffin   
343. NE  270  Ruby reward: Jax Sketch Concept   
344. NF  392  Ruby reward: Scorpion Promo Render   
345. NG  63  Saphire reward: 252 Platnium Koins   
346. NH  147  Onyx reward: Hachiman Sketch   
347. NI  422  Gold reward: Kitana sketches   
348. NJ  326  Gold reward: MK Lunch Time (lunchbox)   
349. NK  77  Jade reward: 116 Onyx Koins   
350. NL  252  Gold reward: Wu Shi Academy Monk   
351. NM  182  Saphire reward: Scorpion Online Promo Image   
352. NN  452  Jade reward: Blaze Sketches   
353. NO  426  Jade reward: Kabal,s Helmet   
354. NP  525  Platinum reward: MK3 - Scorpian vs. Jade   
355. NQ  157  Saphire reward: Quan Chi Promo render   
356. NR  425  Saphire reward: Hint: BT: Blood Thirsty?   
358. NT  275  Gold reward: Arctic Hold   
361. NW  875  Gold reward: Night Wolf Render   
362. NX  365  Saphire reward: Damnation Charcoal   
363. NY  281  Saphire reward: Brian Lebanon (photo)   
364. NZ  456  Gold reward: The Mine Arena Concept   
365. OA  142  Saphire reward: Quality Assurance: Chicago   
366. OB  248  Platinum reward: Movie Storyboards 2 of 8   
367. OC  322  Gold reward: Movie Storyboards 3 of 8   
368. OD  288  Ruby reward: Movie Storyboards 4 of 8   
369. OE  326  Jade reward: Movie Storyboards 5 of 8   
370. OF  412  Saphire reward: Movie Storyboard 6 of 8   
371. OG  266  Onyx reward: Movie Storyboards 7 of 8   
372. OH  224  Platinum reward: Movie Storyboards 8 of 8   
373. OI  263  Jade reward: Midway Movie Group   
374. OJ  49  Ruby reward: Empty   
375. OK  208  Saphire reward: hint: shao kahn awaits   
376. OL  136  Platinum reward: Evil masters Sketch   
377. OM  88  Ruby reward: 177 Jade Koins   
378. ON  227  Jade reward: Quan Chi Sketches   
379. OO  274  Onyx reward: Mortal Kandies   
380. OP  24  Jade reward: 125 Gold Koins   
381. OQ  95  Saphire reward: MK4 Logo Treatment   
382. OR  450  Silver reward: Alan Villani   
384. OT  47  Platinum reward: 222 Onyx Coins   
385. OU  338  Ruby reward: Back to school with MK   
387. OW  422  Saphire reward: Fallen Giants Arena Sketch   
388. OX  352  Ruby reward: 352 Gold Koins   
389. OY  218  Saphire reward: blade arena test   
390. OZ  243  Platinum reward: ice sword   
391. PA  272  Ruby reward: Lung Hai Temple Concept   
392. PB  12  Gold reward: 6 Platinum Koins   
393. PC  20  Saphire reward: NFL Blitz Pic w/ raiden as secret character   
394. PD  451  Ruby reward: 1056 platinum koins   
395. PE  392  Saphire reward: kung lao render   
396. PF  343  Ruby reward: reptile de:evolution   
397. PG  442  Ruby reward: Paulo Garcia   
399. PI  638  Jade reward: Hint HP: Haunted Place   
400. PJ  292  Onyx reward: Drum Arena Details   
401. PK  157  Platinum reward: 475 platinum   
402. PL  382  Gold reward: dojo concept art   
403. PM  253  Silver reward: Kenshi Sketch   
404. PN  684  Saphire reward: blaze   
405. PO  71  Ruby reward: 108 gold   
406. PP  516  Saphire reward: MK gear   
407. PQ  283  Saphire reward: lava shrine sketch   
408. PR  11  Platinum reward: 25 Silver Koins   
409. PS  294  Jade reward: Moloch The Hobbyist Picture   
410. PT  207  Saphire reward: Slaughter Concept   
411. PU  175  Saphire reward: 267 Oynx Coins   
412. PV  206  Saphire reward: EMPTY   
413. PW  2006  Saphire reward: Sarna Ruins Arena   
414. PX  493  Onyx reward: Goro Statuette   
415. PY  316  Ruby reward: Backstage: MK Mythologies   
416. PZ  186  Jade reward: lava shrine sketch   
417. QA  142  Saphire reward: Quality Assurance: Chicago   
418. QB  272  Jade reward: Mavado Sketches   
419. QC  216  Platinum reward: Lin Kuei Temple   
420. QD  264  Saphire reward: Video MK4 Arena Concept   
421. QE  346  Gold reward: empty   
422. QF  311  Ruby reward: MKDA Hats   
423. QG  251  Ruby reward: Hint LL: Lurking Lizard   
424. QH  342  Jade reward: 638 Onyx Coins   
425. QI  192  Saphire reward: Lung Hai Termple sketch   
426. QJ  49  Ruby reward: Empty   
427. QK  244  Ruby reward: kenshi   
428. QL  488  Saphire reward: MK3 Promo art   
429. QM  332  Gold reward: MK1 SCREEN   
430. QN  96  Gold reward: 147 Gold Koins   
431. QO  1616  Gold reward: Fan Art 1 of 5   
432. QP  1214  Jade reward: fan art 2 of 5   
433. QQ  950  Ruby reward: fan art 3 0f 5   
434. QR  512  Saphire reward: Fan Art 4 of 5   
435. QS  825  Onyx reward: fan art 5 of 5   
436. QT  58  Onyx reward: Get Over Here!   
437. QU  346  Gold reward: mk4 logo designs   
438. QV  318  Gold reward: reptiles past   
439. QW  233  Ruby reward: MK2 Arcade   
440. QX  1518  Jade reward: hsu hao costume   
441. QY  238  Gold reward: MKDA at E3 Expo   
442. QZ  501  Gold reward: QUAN CHI FORTRESS  
443. RA  268  Gold reward: Hint: XG=Ed-God   
444. RB  253  Platinum reward: Robert Blum Picture   
445. RC  272  Ruby reward: midway crative media   
446. RD  1455  Jade reward: Mavado Costume   
447. RE  107  Saphire reward: MK3 Print Ad   
448. RF  135  Jade reward: Swamp Bird Test Video   
449. RG  187  Gold reward: Sub Zero Sketch   
450. RH  208  Jade reward: Bridge Arena Concept   
451. RI  61  Onyx reward: 28 Jade Koins   
452. RJ  189  Gold reward: print ads   
453. RK  1000  Jade reward: Evolution of Kombat   
454. RL  5  Ruby reward: 159 Onyx Koins   
455. RM  182  Onyx reward: Kuatan Palace sketch   
456. RN  203  Platinum reward: 208 gold   
457. RO  27  Gold reward: 1 Ruby Koin   
458. RP  31  Saphire reward: MK1 Test Your Mights   
460. RR  224  Saphire reward: Palace sketch   
461. RS  1645  Platinum reward: Robin Shou MK3 Movie Interview (plays Liu Kang)   
462. RT  3345  Saphire reward: Reptile Alternate Costume (Ninja)   
464. RV  307  Saphire reward: mk musik   
465. RW  262  Ruby reward: Shang Tsungs Palace Sketch   
466. RX  105  Saphire reward: Empty Coffin   
468. RZ  317  Saphire reward: 473 gold   
469. SA  3780  Ruby reward: Jax Unlocked   
470. SB  291  Jade reward: Steve Beran Picture   
471. SC  226  Saphire reward: shawn cooper   
472. SD  326  Onyx reward: Quality Assurance: San Diego Picture   
473. SE  308  Platinum reward: reptiles sword   
474. SF  138  Jade reward: "Shang Tsung Insouls"   
475. SG  94  Ruby reward: 97 Platinum Koins   
476. SH  1834  Ruby reward: Sonja Blade alt Costume   
477. SI  292  Saphire reward: Tiamat Sketch   
478. SJ  353  Onyx reward: MK4 Scorpion   
479. SK  176  Saphire reward: Jax Preliminary Model   
480. SL  117  Saphire reward: "Tools and Technology"   
481. SM  56  Jade reward: MKDA Print Ad   
482. SN  175  Gold reward: Quan Chi, info on character section   
483. SO  2  Saphire reward: MKDA Promo Pieces   
484. SP  63  Gold reward: Empty   
485. SQ  167  Platinum reward: peptic thunder   
486. SR  342  Ruby reward: mk4 goro vs. cage (pic)   
487. SS  214  Platinum reward: Kung Lao Dragon Sword   
488. ST  153  Jade reward: Video: Sarna Ruins Test   
489. SU  106  Saphire reward: kenshi story sketch   
490. SV  145  Ruby reward: 36 saphire   
491. SW  1152  Jade reward: drahmin costume   
492. SX  215  Onyx reward: MK4 Arcade Marquee   
494. SZ  322  Saphire reward: Kung Lao   
495. TA  177  Ruby reward: Todd Allen   
496. TB  259  Platinum reward: Quan Chi,s Fortress Sketches   
497. TC  135  Silver reward: Palace Exterior Sketch   
498. TD  172  Ruby reward: nice plats exchange   
500. TF  470  Jade reward: MK4 Characters   
501. TG  262  Gold reward: Tony Goskie   
502. TH  282  Gold reward: Konquest Mode Concepts   
503. TI  4022  Gold reward: Nitara   
504. TJ  259  Saphire reward: koin sketches   
505. TK  94  Saphire reward: Hint: RD: Red Dragon   
506. TL  360  Jade reward: Acid Bath Sketch   
507. TM  251  Ruby reward: HSU HAO Sketches   
508. TN  211  Ruby reward: early mkda   
509. TO  316  Jade reward: Early MKDA   
510. TP  294  Onyx reward: Early MK:DA (Jax)   
511. TQ  616  Platinum reward: "Early MK:DA" (Scorpion)   
512. TR  392  Ruby reward: MKDA Promo Image   
515. TU  197  Gold reward: 98 Onyx Coins   
517. TW  129  Ruby reward: 180 gold   
518. TX  167  Gold reward: Goro,s Throne Sketch   
519. TY  390  Gold reward: Baraka   
520. TZ  195  Gold reward: Animators   
521. UA  205  Jade reward: MK4 PC Version   
522. UB  1261  Gold reward: Frost alternate outfit   
523. UC  3  Saphire reward: 320 Onyx Koins   
524. UD  252  Gold reward: Drahmin sketch   
525. UE  210  Gold reward: Hint WT: Winged Transport   
526. UF  371  Gold reward: MK4 Liu Kang Fatality   
527. UG  67  Platinum reward: 245 Onyx koins   
528. UH  1660  Jade reward: Scorpion Alternate Outfit   
529. UI  270  Silver reward: Video- Cooking with Scorpion   
530. UJ  225  Saphire reward: Goro on the kit   
531. UK  35  Silver reward: 45 Platinum Coins   
532. UL  252  Jade reward: Kai sketch   
533. UM  33  Platinum reward: 50 Gold Koins   
534. UN  152  Saphire reward: MK4 Print ad   
535. UO  243  Jade reward: MK Trading Cards   
536. UP  406  Ruby reward: MK Trading Cards   
537. UQ  185  Ruby reward: undefeatable army (pic)   
538. UR  6,500  Saphire reward: Drahmin Unlocked   
539. US  72  Platinum reward: 32 Sapphire koins   
540. UT  157  Onyx reward: Bridge Arena Concept   
541. UU  1214  Jade reward: Empty Coffin   
542. UV  256  Jade reward: 520 Sapphire Koins   
543. UW  255  Gold reward: mkda at e3 expo   
545. UY  359  Jade reward: MK Hits the Big Screen   
546. UZ  78  Onyx reward: 107 Ruby Koins   
547. VA  299  Platinum reward: shao kahns armor   
548. VB  116  Silver reward: Blaze Sketch   
549. VC  209  Jade reward: 3 Pt Staff, Butterfly Knives   
550. VD  152  Ruby reward: akedo   
551. VE  173  Gold reward: baji quan and crab   
552. VF  212  Saphire reward: "Basic Fighting Strikes"   
553. VG  362  Onyx reward: Basic Fighting Strikes   
554. VH  72  Silver reward: Broadswords   
555. VI  184  Jade reward: cudgle   
556. VJ  58  Ruby reward: Drunken Master   
557. VK  268  Gold reward: Dragon and Eagle Claw (pic)   
558. VL  180  Saphire reward: "Escrima and Crane"   
559. VM  198  Onyx reward: shuai chiao and shaolin fist   
560. VN  86  Platinum reward: hapkido and nan chuan   
561. VO  247  Jade reward: hookswords and sai   
562. VP  356  Ruby reward: Hung Gar and Jujutsu   
563. VQ  241  Gold reward: Jojutsu   
564. VR  174  Saphire reward: Judo   
566. VT  405  Platinum reward: Kama and Katara   
567. VU  180  Jade reward: Karate   
568. VV  192  Ruby reward: Long Fist and Muay Thai   
569. VW  957  Ruby reward: "Vorpax Wins" Sound?   
570. VX  248  Saphire reward: Pi Gua and Jeet Kune Do   
571. VY  35  Onyx reward: Praying Mantis, Lui He Ba Fa Pictures (onyx koins)   
572. VZ  223  Platinum reward: Sambo (pic)   
573. WA  194  Jade reward: Straight Sword   
574. WB  242  Ruby reward: Tai Chi Pic   
575. WC  156  Gold reward: Tae Kwon Do (pic)   
576. WD  186  Saphire reward: Tonfa (pic)   
577. WE  186  Onyx reward: Tong Bei and Yuan Yang   
578. WF  214  Platinum reward: Wing Chun and Snake   
579. WG  308  Saphire reward: MK1 Pit   
580. WH  24  Saphire reward: 18 Ruby Koins   
581. WI  242  Jade reward: Story Mode Concept Sketch   
582. WJ  165  Gold reward: 248 Sapphire koins   
583. WK  76  Platinum reward: Frost Sketches   
584. WL  22  Gold reward: 44 Jade Coins   
585. WM  36  Ruby reward: Empty Coffin   
586. WN  143  Saphire reward: Sub Zero   
587. WO  270  Ruby reward: acid Buddha detail   
588. WP  247  Ruby reward: Drahmin sketches   
589. WQ  151  Saphire reward: 78 Onyx Coins   
590. WR  125  Ruby reward: MK3 Home Version   
591. WS  44  Onyx reward: 165 Platinum Koins   
592. WT  1400  Jade reward: Dragonfly Arena Unlocked   
594. WV  424  Jade reward: 97 jade   
595. WW  262  Jade reward: Dragon Area Concept   
596. WX  315  Gold reward: Hsu Hao Implant   
597. WY  264  Saphire reward: Bo, Rai Cho Sketches   
598. WZ  145  Onyx reward: Kano   
599. XA  172  Gold reward: The Grid Picture   
600. XB  272  Platinum reward: Cage Sketch   
601. XC  352  Saphire reward: Qan Chi,s Sanctum Sketch   
602. XD  326  Gold reward: Acid Buddha Detail   
603. XE  147  Onyx reward: 294 Onyx Koins   
604. XF  265  Gold reward: MK Gold Chracters (Select screen pic)   
605. XG  3116  Jade reward: Raiden Unlocked   
606. XH  352  Onyx reward: cyrax sketch   
607. XI  457  Platinum reward: mk3 behind the sceens   
608. XJ  197  Silver reward: Quan Chi render   
609. XK  37  Jade reward: Hint, DS=Death Ship   
611. XM  254  Saphire reward: Hint "SA:Steel Arms"   
612. XN  27  Gold reward: Empty   
613. XO  1736  Saphire reward: Reptile alt. costume (looks like concept art)   
614. XP  436  Gold reward: MK4 Gift Cards   
616. XR  288  Ruby reward: Konquest Mode Concepts   
617. XS  283  Platinum reward: Kung Lao Sketch   
618. XT  65  Jade reward: MK3 Characters   
619. XU  194  Onyx reward: mortal friday   
620. XV  503  Onyx reward: organic arena concept   
621. XW  96  Ruby reward: Barakas Demise Video   
622. XX  365  Onyx reward: Shao Kahn Medal   
623. XY  55  Platinum reward: Shang Tsungs Palace Story   
624. XZ  255  Onyx reward: Marsh Concept   
625. YA  1999  Saphire reward: Sub-Zero Second Costume   
626. YB  358  Jade reward: Ketchup & Mustard Pic   
627. YC  257  Platinum reward: Moloch Promo Render   
628. YD  412  Gold reward: MK Stickers and Tatoos   
629. YE  274  Platinum reward: temple oarsman   
630. YF  16  Platinum reward: 64 platinum   
631. YG  312  Saphire reward: Swamplands Test Render   
632. YH  78  Jade reward: 82 Saphire Coins   
633. YI  197  Gold reward: MK2 arcade marquee   
634. YJ  1208  Ruby reward: Kung Lao Alternate Outfit   
635. YK  225  Platinum reward: Dragon Fly Concept   
636. YL  199  Jade reward: Jax Concept Sketch   
637. YM  1435  Platinum reward: Kenshi alt. outfit   
638. YN  61  Ruby reward: 23 Gold Coins   
639. YO  294  Saphire reward: sony scetch   
640. YP  511  Gold reward: mokap   
641. YQ  146  Gold reward: tools and technology   
642. YR  143  Gold reward: MK3 home version   
643. YS  151  Platinum reward: 10 Worst MKDA Subtitles   
644. YT  384  Saphire reward: 227 sapphire   
645. YU  374  Platinum reward: mk4 comic book   
646. YV  86  Silver reward: Graveyard Concept   
647. YW  376  Gold reward: Fashion Model Li Mei   
648. YX  83  Gold reward: 242 RubyCoins   
649. YY  85  Ruby reward: Empty Coffin   
650. YZ  255  Onyx reward: Kenshi Test Render   
651. ZA  63  Onyx reward: Empty   
652. ZB  993  Silver reward: Zebron Sketch   
653. ZC  218  Platinum reward: Frost Color Sketches   
654. ZD  98  Ruby reward: Moloch lair arena   
655. ZE  257  Jade reward: Zebron Sketch   
656. ZF  237  Ruby reward: Lava Shrine Sketch   
657. ZG  201  Onyx reward: facial animation test   
658. ZH  372  Saphire reward: Krypt Concept   
659. ZI  432  Jade reward: Hell Concept   
660. ZJ  272  Onyx reward: water temple concept   
661. ZK  216  Ruby reward: 164 Saphire Coins   
662. ZL  126  Jade reward: Drum Arena Sketch   
663. ZM  1410  Silver reward: Alternate Jax Costume   
664. ZN  145  Saphire reward: Empty Coffin   
665. ZO  466  Jade reward: Hint LO: Log On   
666. ZP  129  Jade reward: MK1 Print Ad   
667. ZQ  282  Jade reward: Sub-Zero Promo Render   
668. ZR  244  Silver reward: 600 Gold Koins   
669. ZS  381  Saphire reward: MK Home Graphics   
670. ZT  215  Onyx reward: Animators Pic   
671. ZU  201  Platinum reward: Kuatan Palace Sketch   
672. ZV  182  Onyx reward: 116 Ruby Koins   
673. ZW  1485  Saphire reward: Cyrax Costume   
674. ZX  178  Ruby reward: Hint: BD=Black Dragon   
675. ZY  186  Platinum reward: The Fans Speak   
676. ZZ  254  Gold reward: 355 Ruby Coins


Sub-Zero Skeleton Rip Fatality


Fatality List

Shang Tsung 
Fatality - Soul Steal: Up, Down, Up, Down, triangle

Bo Rai Cho 
FATALITY - Belly Flop: Back, Back, Back, Down, circle

Quan Chi 
FATALITY - Neck Stretcher: Back, Back, Forward, Back, x

Li Mei 
FATALITY - Super Crush Kick: Forward, Forward, Down, Forward, circle

FATALITY - Spear Head: Back, Back, Down, Back , circle

Fatality - Kiss of Death: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Telekinetic Crush: Forward, Back, Forward, Down, x

FATALITY - Kick Thrust: Back, Back, Up, Up, square

Johnny Cage 
FATALITY - Brain Ripper: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Skeleton Rip: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, x

FATALITY - Open Heart Surgery: Forward, Up, Up, Down, square

Kung Lao 
FATALITY - Splitting Headache: Down, Up, Back, x

FATALITY - Blood Thirst: Up, Up, Forward, square

FATALITY - Iron Bash: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, x 

Hso Hao 
FATALITY - Laser Slicer: Forward, Back, Down, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Freeze Shatter: Forward, Back, Up, Down, square

FATALITY - Head Stomp: Down, Forward, Forward, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Kiss of Doom: Down, Up, Forward, Forward, triangle

FATALITY - Electrocution: Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, x

FATALITY - Acid Shower: Up, Up, Up, Forward, x

FATALITY - Claw Smasher: Forward, Forward, Up, triangle

Scorpion's Spear Head Fatality



We have no unlockables for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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