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  • September 25, 2006


Throw Ball To Self

Press R3 to throw the ball up to yourself.

Shot Taking

Before taking a shot, pump fake then take the shot. The defender shouldn't challenge it and your shot should be like a open shot.

Perfect Score On 3 Point Shootout

Have a friend or just have you get ready to pull the conroller out of the ps2 when your guy comes up. Your first shot has to be a good one. This is the time to be by your ps2. When your turn begins press R1 to pick up the ball and press either sqaure, circle, or X to shoot the ball. Right after you realese your first shot using any of the shoot buttons, quickly unplug the controller. Now your player will automatically pick up the ball and make every shot to get a perfect score. You can plug in the controller once your turn is has FINISHED!!

Pacers Trades

I've traded a couple people on my dynasty with the Pacers. I've traded Artest and Tinsley. You can trade Tinsley for Micheal Redd from the Bucks. You'll lose a point guard though, no worries. You can put Fred Jones at PG. He's just as small and better than your other PG's. I like to play Eddie Gill though. If you look at my hint above you can trade Artest for Anthony or Richardson. Then you will have a pretty good lineup. The pistons have the best lineup. Heres my starting lineup. Johnathan Bender-C, J'O-PF, Jason Richardson-SF, Micheal Redd-SG, and Eddie Gill-PG.

Trading Artest

If you start a dynasty or season with the Pacers you can trade Artest for better people, here are the people that accepted: Carmello Anthony, Denver Nuggets, Jason Richardson, Golden State Warriors, Yao Ming, Houston Rockets. They might take Vince Carter or Richard Jefferson on the Nets. But the three above I know they will take.


Unlock Ai's Answer


Kings Alt Uniform


720 Dunk

To do a 720 dunk hold R1 and tap triangle then quickly rotate the left analog stick counter- clockwise and press triangle, circle, x, or square. If done correctly it will be a 50.

East All-Star Home Uniform


All Jordan Shoes

144FVNHM35  Jordan XIV (Black & Red)x 
5223WERPII  Jordan Melo 5.5 (White & Baby Blue)  
67YFH9839F  Jordan XIV (White & Green)  
ZXDR7362Q1  Jordan Melo 5.5 (White & Varsity Maize)  
743HFDRAU8  Jordan XIV (White & Red)  

West All-Star Away Uniform


West All-Star Home Uniform


East All-Star Away Uniform


Jordan XIV Sneakers

Go to My NBA Live from the main menu. Then go to cheat codes. Next, type in 743HFDRAU8 to get the red and white Jordan XIV's.

Indiana Pacers Jersey

This codes are to unlock the new jerseys for the Indiana Pacers:

Home- SDF786WSHW

Shoes Codes

Code - Shoe

DRI239CZ49 - Adidas a3 Garnett 
258SHQW95B - Adidas T-Mac V (black)
HGS83KP234P - Adidas T-Mac (white)

Cavaliers Alternate Jersey

Enter the code as follows: XWETJK72FC

Nuggets Alternate Jersey

Enter the code as follows: 9922NVDKVT

Pistons Alternate Jersey

Enter code as follows: JANTWIKBS6

Celtics Alternte Jersey

Enter the code as follows: 193KSHU88J


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Easter eggs

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