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Start a game and then pause it. Go to options and turn off all the penalties and you can do what ever you want.

Empty Stadium

Go into exibition mode. Pick any two teams to face each other. Pick the stadium called Practice Facility and when the game begins there will be no crowd, just the two teams, ref.

Play As Deion Sanders At WR

Get a user record then get first place in everything then go to the free agents and place him on your team.

Randy Moss & Out

Select an out pattern and have Randy Moss catch the ball. Sometimes if you throw it at just the right time and he catches it. If you run down the sideline your almost guaranteed a big gain.

Play As Dontavius White

Go undefeated in Franchise Mode for three years straight, with over 1,000 rushing yards each year.

100% Defensive Tackle

Go to create a player then make his weight 400 pounds and 7 feet tall. Then in attributes make the upper and lower body strenght down to 60 then you should be able to make it even out 100's.

Make The Kicker Run Fast

When the kicker kicks the ball then quickly press Y over and over again, this will make the kicker run much faster toward the kick returning guy.

Sacking The QB Or Punter

Go to the penalty setting and take off, offsides and encrochment. When done pick a play and choose any defensive player you want to get the sack. Stand behind the teams offensive line or around the QB or punter. As soon as the QB hikes the ball tackle him, As soon as the Punter gets the ball do the same. Results should come out a sack!

Block Field Goals/Extra Points Easier

When your opponent is going to kick a field goal/ extra point, pick any play. When the players line up, rapidly tap Y and B, this will cause a player to jump, then switch to the next player, jump, and so on. Keep pressing the buttons until the ball is blocked or kicked. This will greatly increase your chances of blocking the kick!

100% Running Back

To do this you must make your running back 6 feet & 2 inches. After you are done with that, go to Speed Running Back and put the last 2 attributes at 35 & 32. Then you should have enough points to put everything at 100!!! After that it should be very easy to score!

Perfect Custom Player

When you are making a custom player make him 5 feet and 400 pounds and make him defensive end. Make his speed, pass rush, run rush, tackle, and agility 100. Make his jump zero. and everything else between 75 and 85. If you have extra points, use them on jump.

Play As Steve Young

To play as legendary QB Steve Young, just go to customize, and sign, or customize, teams, and sign and Steve Young will be a Free Agent!

Play As Dan Marino

To play as legendary QB Dan Marino, just go to customize, and sign, or customize, teams, and sign and Dan Marino will be a Free Agent!

Create 24 Players or More!

First you must create a new team of your choice and then go to the Create Player option. After you have created a player, assign him to your new team. Once you have your new player assigned, you can go back to where you previously created your new player (CREATE PLAYER FILE ONLY) and delete him from the menu. You will notice that your player is still assigned to your created team. Do not delete him from the team.

Leather Helmets

This is probably the hardest code to get but it's really cool to see. All you have to do is beat the season on all pro with any team. The helmets are pretty fake looking but it's worth it. Did I mention you have to be undefeated?

Created Player In Franchise Mode

Ok go to customize screen then create a player. Then go to Fantasy draft and choose 4 teams, hit the START button pass through the select team screen then pass through the setup name screen. Then press START button they will ask if all participants are in the right order hit START again. While going through the draft hit start you will then be asked for the CPU to complete draft click yes after the draft is done quit fantasy draft and then go the franchise mode. Now a warning will come up telling u that your fantasy data will be lost click yes then it will bring u to the franchise setup, then enter information. Make sure u don't choose fantasy draft. now go to management then go to signings and sign your created player and there you go.

Block Punt Every Time

When other team punting line up on the left side of the screen just of the line of scrimmage and as soon as u see the arrow and the power go up run and get the punter for an easy sack.

Fantasy Player

If you are the Redskins and you play a Fantasy draft then you can draft John Riggins #44 the Redskins old running back.

Barry Sanders

There are no hidden players in the game, but if you would like to play as Barry Sanders this is all you have to do. 1. Turn the game on 2. Click on custom 3. Click on players 4. Sign players 5. Choose Barry Sanders As you can see, Barry Sanders is in the game along with Steve Young and Dan Marino.


Block Field Goals

When the arrow is shown and you are on defense, press Y to get an audible and then B. Keep repeating pressing Y and B real fast. Doing so will make the players spinning around. When the ball is snapped the players will run through the offensive line and block the punt.

Use Old Teams Uniforms

When you choose your team go to home or away options press A on uniforms and it will say throwback uniforms.

Play as the Houston Oilers

When playing NFL 2k1 go to exhibition pick Tennessee Titans and go to home team or away team options go to current uniforms and press A it should say throwback uniforms start to play the game and you will be playing as the Houston Oilers!

Auto-Offense Play Selection

At the play selection screen when on offense, press A(2) to have the CPU pick the most effective play.

Auto-Defense Play Selection

At the play selection screen when on defense, press A(2) to have the CPU pick the best play to stop your opponent. However, do not press A(2) on 4th down, because the CPU will not select a punt return, or field goal defensive play.


We have no unlockables for NFL 2K1 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for NFL 2K1 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for NFL 2K1 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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