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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Unknown
  • Atlus Software
  • Teen


Location For The Tempest, Meteor Strike, Anhilation, And White Mute

-Tempest- Blue Basilica stage, North of the town Clemona, along the river bank 

-Meteor Strike- Ptia, West of Furge close to the highlands 

-Annihilation- Barpheth, just East of Sondrio 

-White Mute- Argent, North of Meltaus along the Eastern river bank

Alignment And Reputation Tips

Lawful Alignment and Reputation: 

-Defeating enemies with a low alignment is the easiest way to raise your alignment. 

-Make sure you liberate Strongholds with units that have an alignment higher than the morale of the Stronghold. 

-Retreat from battles that you know you will not win. 

-Putting a chaotic character in a unit full of lawful characters will raise the alignment of the chaotic character. 

Chaotic Alignment and Reputation: 

-Attack enemy units that are camping to lower your reputation. 

-Attack weak enemy units with your most powerful units. 

-Use the Urn of Chaos item to lower your alignment. 

-Allow Strongholds that you've already liberated to be captured by your enemies.

Unit Formation Tips

-When forming units, try to add characters that are of the same type. When all of the characters are the same type they will have special advantages when battling on certain types of terrain. 

-Try putting a character in every possible location within a unit to see if it can attack more times if put in a different spot. The more attacks your unit has as a whole, the better chance you have of winning battles. 

-Once the Cleric class is available, try to put at least one in every unit. Clerics are the first class that can heal and will help you greatly even though they don't attack. 

-Make sure you create units with equal strength. You will not get very far with one extremely strong unit.

255 Of Any Expendable Item!

Get a unit with the ability to hold multiple items. Get a unit. ANY Unit. Make sure at least one character in the unit can only hold ONE item. Fill up all of that unit's stock of items with anything, heal leaves are good because they're common and cheap, but leave the last two slots empty. In the final slot of your unit, place the item you want 255 of in. Keep the next to last slot open. THEN, go and remove the character in the unit that can only hold one item. Now, go to the unit's item list, and remove the final item in the list. It will show that 00/?? (how many you have) are equipped. When removed, it will see that NONE are equipped, and the ** digit of **/?? will change to 55. NOW, go and sell exactly one more than your ?? digit of **/?? the item. So, if you have 55/04, sell 5. Or, if you have 55/76, sell 77. Then, exit the menu. When you open up the menu again, you will have 255! Sweet! This trick works best with Love & Peace, Urn of Chaos and other rare items to make your units strong, if not ideally perfect.

Good Starter Team

To Form agood starter team You need too play up to scene 4 and gain Leias unit. Once you have and start the mission go to the organization screen and change the unit leader to one of her Valkaries or whatever they are called and then dispatch that unit and use stronghold commands to switch character with Magnus's *[or what ever you named the main character] and switch Leia with one of Magnus's* front row characters. Have The group tha Leia was formely in retreat back to H.Q. and then reopen the organization screen and Remove Dio from his team and put Dio on Leias formal team.Then despatch Exchange Dio just like how you do Leia then, VIOLA, Killer team! you might wanto Rearange Your remaining teams for stategic reasons. One more thingif your thinking great plan bot how the heck am I supposed to gaured H.Q.! Well just set Magnus's* group off and dispatch all units to gaurd Yor H.Q.

Wooden Shield

The wooden shield you get from Troi's Mom after the mission where you found Troi. Go into town after the mission and you will find Troi's Mom and she will give you the wooden shield. It is THE ONLY place you can find it. It is not the best, but it is recommended if you don't have the best.


Quick Restart

This can be used anywhere but a battle. Press START+R+A+B+Z - it will take u to the part at the beginning where the soilders are.

Music Test

Start a new game and enter "MUSIC_ON" as a case-sensitive name.

Delete Saved Game Files

Start a new game and enter "DEL_DATA" as a case-sensitive name.


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Easter eggs

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