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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Genius Sonority Inc.
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • October 3, 2005


Best Starter Pokemon To Get At The Start

The best pokemon to start off with is the eveelution jolteon. Its the best eveelution all around with great speed and strength. It is hard to train at first but don't worry itll all pay off in catching XD001 (a. k . A shadow lugia).

Battle CD In Gateon Port

Battle CD 6 is found in the Krabby Club in Gateon Port. You can get this Battle CD after you receive the Disc Case in Phenac City. In the Krabby Club, you will find that Mr. Verich (actually Grand Master Greevil, head of Cipher) is missing from his usual seat at his table. Search the table to find that Battle CD.

Obtainable Pokemon And Where To Find Them

Here is the list of all the pokemon you can get that are within this game:
Starts you off with:
Eevee-can evolve it into:
-Jolteon (Thunderstone)
-Vaporeon (Waterstone)
-Espeon (Friendly Evolution with Sun Shard)
-Flareon (Firestone)
-Umbreon (Friendly Evolution with Moon Shard)
Shadow Pokemon you can snag from non-main characters:
Teddiursa- From Spy Naps in Pokemon HQ Lab-Lvl 11 Evolves into Ursurang at Lvl 30
Ledyba- From Cyle in Gateon Port-Lvl 10 Evolves into Ledian at Lvl 18
Poochyena- From Kilen in Gateon Port-Lvl 10 Evolves into Mightyena at Lvl 18
Pokemon From Hexagon Brothers:
Houndour- From Resix outside Cipher Lab-Lvl 17
Evolves into houndoom at Lvl 24
Spheal- From Blusix outside Cipher Lab-Lvl 17
Evolves into Sealeo at Lvl 32
Evolves into Walrein at Lvl 44
Baltoy- From Browsix outside Cipher Lab-Lvl 17
Evolves into Claydol at Lvl 36
Mareep- From Yellosix outside Cipher Lab-Lvl 17
Evolves into Flaafy at Lvl 15
Evolves into Ampharos at Lvl 30
Gulpin- From Purpsix outside Cipher Lab-Lvl 17
Evolves into Swalot at Lvl 26
Seedot- From Greesix outside Cipher Lab-Lvl 17
Evolves into Nuzleaf at Lvl 14
Evolves into Shiftry with a Leaf Stone
Spinarak- From Nexir in Cipher Lab-Lvl 14
Evolves into Ariados at Lvl 22
Numel- From Solox in Cipher Lab-Lvl 14
Evolves into Camerupt at Lvl 33
Carvanha- from Cabol in Cipher Lab-Lvl 15
Evolves into Sharpedo at Lvl 30
Shroomish- from Klots in Cipher Lab-Lvl 15
Evolves into Breloom at Lvl 23
Makuhita- From Torkin in Pyrite Town-Lvl 18
Evolves into Hariyama at Lvl 24
Vulpix- From Mesin in Pyrite Town-Lvl 18
Evolves into Ninetales with a Firestone
Duskull- From Lobar in Pyrite Town-Lvl 19
Evolves into Dusclops at Lvl 37
Ralts- From Feldas in Pyrite Town-Lvl 20
Evolves into Kirlia at Lvl 20
Evolves into Gardevoir at Lvl 30
Mawile- From Exol in Pyrite Town-Lvl 22
Snorunt- From Exinn in Phenac City-Lvl 20
Evolves into Glalie at Lvl 42
Pineco- From Gonrag in Phenac City-Lvl 20
Evolves into Forretress at Lvl 31
Natu- From Ellon in Phenac City-Lvl 22
Evolves into Xatu at Lvl 25
Roselia- From Fasin in Phenac City-Lvl 22
Meowth- From Fostin in Phenac City-Lvl 22
Evolves into Persian at Lvl 28
Swinub- From Greck in Phenac City-Lvl 22
Evolves into Poliswine at Lvl 33
Spearow- From Ezin in Phenac City-Lvl 22
Evolves into Fearow at Lvl 20
Grimer- from Falty in Phenac City-Lvl 23
Evolves into Muk at Lvl 38
Seel- From Egrog in Phenac City-Lvl 23
Evolves into Dewgong at Lvl 34
Togepi- Recieve from Hordel in Outskirt Stand- Lvl 25
Evolves into Togetic (Friendly Evolution)
Paras- From Humah in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 28
Evolves into Parasect at Lvl 24
Growlithe- From Humah in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 28
Evolves into Arcanine with Firestone
Shelder- From Gorog in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 28
Evoles into Cloyster with Waterstone
Beedrill- From Lok in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 30 Pidgeotto- From Lok in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 30
Evolves into Pidgeot at Lvl 36
Tangela- From Targ in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 20
Butterfree- From Targ in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 30
Magneton- From Snidle in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 30
Venemoth- from Angic in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 32
Weepinbell- from Angic in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 32
Evoles into Victreebel with Leaf Stone
Arbok- From Smarton in Cipher Key Lair-Lvl 33
Raticate- From Furgy in Citadark Isle-Lvl 34
Golduck- From Abson in Citadark Isle-Lvl 33
Sableye- From Abson in Citadark Isle-Lvl 33
Dodrio- From Furgy in Citadark Isle-Lvl 34
Kangaskhan- From Litnar in Citadark Isle-Lvl 35
Banette- From Litnar in Citadark Isle-Lvl 37
Magmar- From Grupel in Citadark Isle-Lvl 36
Pinsir- From Grupel in Citadark Isle-Lvl 35
Magcargo- From Kolest in Citadark Isle-Lvl 38
Rapidash- From Kolest in Citadark Isle-Lvl 40
Hitmonchan- From Karbon in Citadark Isle-Lvl 38
Hitmonlee- From Petro in Citadark Isle-Lvl 38
Lickitung- From Gefta in Citadark Isle-Lvl 38
Scyther- From Leden in Citadark Isle-Lvl 40
Chansey- From Leden in Citadark Isle-Lvl 39
Evolves into Blissey (Friendly Evolution)
Dugtrio- From Kolax in Citadark Isle-Lvl 40.


Trade with Emerald.

How To Purify A Shadow Lugia

First you need to max out the purification chamber tempo by putting in pokemon (not shadow) in order of thier strength in all nine chambers. Then place the Shadow Lugia in any chamber and it will be purify instantly with the attacks Earthquake, Featherdance, Hydro Pump, Psycho Boost.

Recommending Team

I'd recommend to have the following pokemon: mawile, ursaring, jolteon, swalot, houndoom, and forretress. Id have mawile know the moves: icy wind, brick break, sucker punch, and toxic. Having ursaring know: seismic toss, dig, bulk up, and facade. Making jolteon know pinmissle, doublekick, thunder, and shadowball. Making swalot know sing, dream eater, shockwave, and sludgebomb. Have houndoom know: flamethrower, bite, charm, and solarbeam. Have forretress know: body slam, earthquake, sunnyday, and sandstorm.

Awkward Battle

On platform 33 at mt battle area 4 you battle a girl named fopaw and if you look closely it looks like shes wearing no pants (it could just be me but its funny anyways).

Strongest Pokemon Duo

Pokemon 1: Jolteon moves: thunder, double kick, bite, and thunderbolt
pokemon 2: hitmonlee moves: mega kick, shadow rush, shadow half, shadow down.

Battle CDs You Can Buy In Realgam Tower

There are three Battle CD's that you can buy right away in Realgam Tower (They will be available at the desk in the Battle Sim room). These are Battle CD's 2, 3, and 4. For Battle CD's 9, 13, and 17 to be available to buy, you need to have won Battle Sims in Battle CD's 2, 3, and 4. For Battle CD's 25, 26, and 30 to be available to buy, you need to have won Battle Sims in Battle CD's 9, 13, and 17.

Battle CDs That Are Free In Realgam Tower

If you beat a certain Battle Sim from a Battle CD, it will let you get a free Battle CD (which is actually the flipside of the CD you have just beaten, like Side A and Side B). Here are all of the CD's you can get buy beating other Battle CD's:
34: Win Battle Sim in Battle CD 33
37: Win Battle Sim in Battle CD 36
39: Win Battle Sim in Battle CD 38
41: Win Battle Sim in Battle CD 40
43: Win Battle Sim in Battle CD 42
45: Win Battle Sim in Battle CD 44
48: Win Battle Sim in Battle CD 47.

Realgam Colosseum

When Realgam Colosseum reopens, you will receive an e-mail. No matter what round you're in (1, 2, 3, or 4), all of the trainers' pokemon are at level 40. No trainers in these rounds have 6 pokemon, and in the first 2 rounds every trainer has only 4 pokemon. In the last 2 rounds, four of the 8 trainers have 5 pokemon. There isn't a single Electric or Dragon Type in any round, and with the Bug, Fighting, and Grass Types, a Flying Type pokemon will do the trick in many of the battles. A highly recommended pokemon that you should use in this Colosseum is Crobat. You can catch a Zubat at the Cave Poke Spot, and with a bit of effort, you can raise it into a Golbat. If you give Golbat the Soothe Bell, which you can get in Pyrite City, you will, soon enough, get the speed demon Crobat. Crobat is very effective not only because of the fact that there are no Electric Types and that it can take out almost any Bug, Grass, or Fighting Type with Wing Attack or Aerial Ace, But also because of the Dark Type move Bite which can defend it against Psychic Types (since Psychic Type moves are super effective against Poison Types like Crobat), and because making the first attack isn't a problem, since Crobat's Speed stat is tremendous.

Battle CDs In Phenac City (Continued)

Greesix (who is in front of the Mayor's house) will drop Battle CD 28 after you defeat him. And finally, the last 'six' of the bunch, Resix (who is in front of the top right house in Phenac where you can rest) will drop Battle CD 19 when you defeat him. The next Battle CD that you can get is in the basement of the Gym, which you can get after you free all of the people in Phenac. That will be in the sandy part of the basement (top right). Once Phenac City is returned to normal, you can return to the Mayor's House to find Battle CD 12 in the shelf behind his desk, and you can also find Battle CD 10 in the bookcase in the bottom right house in Phenac as well. After your Snag Machine is stolen, you can get Battle CD 15 from the Castform that is running around the fountain. The last Battle CD you can obtain in Phenac City is Battle CD 44, which will be in the Stadium, which is to the very north of Phenac, at the top of the stage.

Orre Colosseum - Round 3

Round 3: Note - Every trainer has one Pokemon holding a Lax Incense and one other one with a Quick Claw. Battle 1 - Three Pokemon know Earthquake, so keep your Flying Type & Levitating Pokemon on the roster. However, beware of Sharpedo's Ice Beam and Golem's Rock Blast with your flying types. Plus Sharpedo has the hold item Brightpowder, which makes it even more difficult. Target them first. You're up against Sharpedo, Hitmonlee, Zangoose, Nidoqueen, Golem, and Victreebel. Protect & Endure are big moves for these Pokemon because of their teammate's Earthquake move. Victreebel will try to put you to sleep with Sleep Powder and then attack you with either Sludge Bomb or Magical Leaf, and it is holding a Lax Incense, which lower's your Pokemon's accuracy, so have your Flying Types get rid of him after you have gotten rid of the big threats (Sharpedo & Golem). Then get rid of Nidoqueen & Hitmonlee (the last two Pokemon with Earthquake), and then Zangoose shouldn't be a problem, since its attacks are Flail, Crush Claw, and Shadow Ball (with Endure).
Battle 2 - All of these Pokemon have different Types, making it a hard time for you to figure out a way to beat them without having a disadvantage at any time. Have at least 2 or 3 Speedy Pokemon and hit hard. You're up against Nidoking, Jynx, Fearow, Magmar, Politoed, & Armaldo. Fearow (Female) knows Attract, Steel Wing, & Drill Peck, Politoed knows Ice Beam, Swagger, Psychic, & Hydro Pump, & Magmar knows Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Psychic & Confuse Ray. Jynx is a tough son of a gun. It is holding a Lax Incense, has the move fake out to stall you in the first turn, uses Lovely Kiss to lull you to sleep, and then uses Dream Eater to demolish your HP, plus it has the move Ice Beam. Even though Jynx may be tricky, Nidoking and Armaldo are the toughies you should be worried about. Armaldo is holding Leftovers and has the ability Battle Armor. It has many powerful moves, all of a different type: Dig, Brick Break, Body Slam, & Rock Blast. Nidoking is holding a Quick Claw and has the ability Poison Point. Its' moves are Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Megahorn, & Body slam.
Semifinal - Electabuzz is the only Pokemon that uses Protect, & it rarely does. This sets your Pokemon up for a 2 on 1 attack on each Pokemon he has. You're up against Scizor, Electabuzz, Quagsire, Primeape, Walrein, & Arcanine. Use a Fire Type move on Scizor that is powerful, and have a Ground Type move KO Electabuzz & Arcanine. With Quagsire's Earthquake & Lax Incense & Walreins' Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Waterfall, & Sheer Cold, their going to be tough to beat because their are a lot of type disadvantages if they are together. Try to knock out one of them before the other one gets out, or you'll be in a tough position. Final - Gorigan is back once again with his Earthquake-Protect combo. You'll be up against a Salamence holding a Brightpowder & has the moves Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Crunch, & Hydro Pump, a Tauros with Earthquake, Return, Hyper Beam, & a Rest + Chesto Berry Combo, a Granbull with Return, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, & Hyper Beam, an Arcanine with Extremespeed, Crunch, Overheat, & Protect, a Hitmontop with Detect, Body Slam, Earthquake, & Brick Break, & lastly a Gyrados with Double-edge, Earthquake, Icy Wind, & Thunder Wave. Don't be afraid to switch out your Pokemon, since your opponent will predictably target your most vulnerable Pokemon with a move that it's vulnerable to. If you see an Earthquake about to hit, for ex, you may want to switch out a bird Pokemon.

Battle CDs In Citadark Isle

There are two Battle CD's on Citadark, and one of them you can get right away after you defeat one Cipher Peon. Near the yacht is a sailor that is impressed with your ride (the Robo Kyogre that you got onto the island with). If you tell him that you'll let him drive sometime, he will give you Battle CD 31. The next Battle CD on Citadark will only be available after you defeat Grand Master Greevil and load your saved game. Battle CD 46 will be in the chair of the main control room, which you, earlier, fought Cipher Admin. Eldes (in the red) in.

Battle CD In Cipher Key Lair

There is only one Battle CD in the Cipher Key Lair, and you can only get it after defeating Gorigan and halting his Shadow Pokemon production. If you go left and then straight up the hall, go down the staircase that leads into the basement of the lair. You will find Battle CD 47 on the conveyor belt.

Orre Colosseum - Round 1

Below is a list of each trainer in each rounds' strategies, what you'll face, and what you can do to try and be at least one step ahead of your opponent. Round 1: Battle 1 - Have Pokemon with moves like Heal Bell, & strong Fire & Dark Type Attacks. Make your Pokemon hold items like Lum or Chesto Berries & focus your attacks on 1 Pokemon at a time to KO each of them quickly. You will be up against Parasect, Breloom, Slowbro, Jynx, Houndoon, & Gardevoir. Jynx, Slowbro, & Gardevoir will put you to sleep, while them & Houndoom use Dream Eater. Parasect and Breloom will try to Paralyze or Poison you. Battle 2 - Herlam uses Teeter Dance to confuse you, while his own Pokemon are immune due to Own Tempo. Ursurang, who has the ability Guts, will make this plan backfire, or you can ignore the confusion & hope to get lucky. You'll be up against Spinda, Cacturne, Slowking, Lickitung, Smeargle, & Grumpig. Pokemon that can confuse you are Spinda, Cacturne, Grumpig, and Smeargle, and Slowking can put you to sleep. Also, these Pokemon know moves that will cause damage and inflict a status condition, for ex. Slowking, Grumpig, and Smeargle know moves that will freeze your Pokemon. Semifinal - This trainer tries to stall with Follow Me and Giga Drain. Strong Dark & Fighting Type moves will obliterate his Psychic & Normal Types. You're up against Stantler, Togetic, Xatu, Grumpig, Raichu, and Butterfree. Most will try to paralyze you, and Grumpig, Xatu, & Raichu will try to Confuse you. Togetic is the only one that knows Follow Me, and Xatu & Butterfree are the only ones that know Giga Drain. Final - Lovrina uses Leech Seed & Wrap and try to poison & confuse your Pokemon, then use Protect while your Pokemon suffer. She also uses Attract a lot. Turn her strategy against her and use attacks that will burn or poison her Pokemon. You're up against Wobbufet, Shuckle, Milotic, Blissey, Meganium, & Misdreavus. All of her Pokemon know Attract except for Wobbuffet, and they're not all the same gender. Shuckle, Milotic, & Meganium know Toxic & Attract, & besides Meganium, they know Wrap. Meganium & Misdreavus know Attract & Protect, & Wobbuffet & Blissey know Counter.

Battle CD In The S.S. Libra

Battle CD 18 is the only Battle CD in the S. S . Libra (which is the ship you saw in the prologue of the game) This Battle CD is located in the room beneath the Upper Deck (which is the room that the local let you rest in).

Battle CDs In ONBS Building

There are four Battle CD's located throughout the ONBS Building. On the first floor, in the middle bottom room, there will be a Battle CD (24) in one of the shelves after you've cleared Cipher Key Lair. On the second floor, in the room straight down from the elevator, there will be a Battle CD 21 in one of the shelves after you clear Cipher Key Lair. On the 3rd floor, Battle CD 36 will be available in the bottom right room in one of the shelves after the theft of your Snag Machine. In the room on the building roof, Battle CD 36 will be in the shelf behind Nett's desk after the theft of your Snag Machine.

Battle CDs In Phenac City

Phenac City is the best place to find Battle CD's. Overall, there are fourteen of them (1, 7, 20, 16, 15, 10, 28, 19, 8, 12, 27, 32, 35, and 44). When you first arrive in Phenac City, a local will give you a Disc Case and Battle CD's 1, 7 and 20, and she will ask you to leave and go to Realgam Tower before you set foot any further in the city. If you're eager to go back to Phenac right away, then just go to Realgam Tower and come back to Phenac immediately, and you will be aloud to roam around the city. The next place you can find a Battle CD's is in the mayors house. You need to first get the Music disc from the top right house in Phenac, and you should rest up, too, because you'll have to battle some people before you can get six more of the CD's. After you read the note that the mayor left, the housekeeper will battle you and do anything to keep the note from getting to Justy. Once she's defeated and you've left the mayor's house, the Hexagon brothers will scatter throughout the city and all of them are disguised as Justy and they each have one Battle CD. The first two are easy to find. Go back into the mayor's house and defeat Yellosix, who has Battle CD 27, and then right after him you can battle Browsix who is in the same place and will have Battle CD 32. Blusix (at Phenac's entrance) will drop Battle CD 16 after you defeat him. Purpsix (at the entrance to the gym) will drop Battle CD 8 after you defeat him.

Battle CD In Agate Village

Battle CD 14 is going to be in the house with the Wobbuffet in it. After your Snag Machine is stolen, talk to the Wobbuffet and it will give you a Battle CD it found.

Moves That Raise The Attackers Stats

There are some moves that you can use that raises the users stats as well.

Raise Attack                Belly Drum
                            Swords Dance
Raise Defense               Acid Armor
                            Defense Curl
                            Iron Defense
Raise Special Attack        Growth
                            Tail Glow
Raise Special Defense       Amnesia
Raise Speed                 Agility
Raise Attack & Defense      Bulk Up
Raise Attack & Speed        Dragon Dance
Raise Defense & SD          Cosmic Power
Raise SA & SD               Calm Mind
Raise Evasion               Double Team

Moves That Inflict Damage & Raise Attacker's Stats

There are some moves in the game that will inflict damage, but will also have an additional effect to raise the user's attack stats as well.

Raise Attack                   Metal Claw
                               Meteor Smash
Raise Defense                  Skull Bash
                               Steel Wing
Raise All Stats                Silver Wind
                               Ancient Power.

Moves That Reduce The Defender's Stats

There are certain moves pokemon use to lower the stats of the defending pokemon

Lower Attack                  Charm
Lower Defense                 Leer
                              Tail Whip
Lower Special Defense         Fake Tears
                              Metal Sound
Lower Speed                   Cotton Spore
                              Scary Face
                              String Shot
Lower Attack & Defense        Tickle
Lower Attack & SA             Memento
Lower Accuracy                Flash
Lower Evasion                 Sweet Scent.

Moves That Inflict Damage & Reduce The Defender's Stats

Along with an attack, some moves also have an effect that lowers the stats of the defender as well.

Lower Attack               Aurora Beam
Lower Defense              Acid
                           Crush Claw
                           Iron Tail
                           Rock Smash
Lower Special Attack       Mist Ball
Lower Special Defense      Crunch
                           Luster Purge
                           Shadow Ball
Lower Speed                Bubble
                           Icy Wind
                           Mud Shot
                           Rock Tomb
Lower Accuracy             Muddy Water

Combo Moves

Some of the moves that pokemon have can be used in more than one way, and can have multiple effects to it. There are many combos that can be used in this game, including:
Overheat & White Herb- With the pokemon holding a White Herb, the effect of Overheat dramatically lowering the users Special Attack will not be a problem anymore.
Endure + Salac Berry + Reversal- Reversal inflicts damage based on how low the users HP is. When you're pokemon are almost KO'd, use endure in the next turn so that it survives with 1 HP left. If it's holding a Salac Berry, its speed will greatly increase. Then a Speedy, max powered Reversal is ready for your pokemon to use
Belly Drum, then rest & Chesto Berry- This is a widely known Snorlax combo. Use Belly Drum to maximize your Attack at the cost of half of your HP. Then use Rest to restore your HP, and that will put it to sleep. If it's holding the Chesto Berry, it will immediately wake up. Now its ready to attack with full HP and a maximum Attack.
Sunny Day & Solarbeam- This combo is better when there are 2 pokemon, one with high Speed that knows Sunny Day, and one with a lower Speed that knows Solarbeam. When the fast pokemon uses Sunny Day, the next pokemon is ready to use Solarbeam in one turn with a higher Sp. Attack.
Follow Me & Focus Punch- Focus Punch is a very powerful attack, but it takes 2 turns to actually hit its target, and in that process, the pokemon using Focus Punch will flinch if hit by another pokemon. If your other pokemon uses Follow Me while Focus Punch is getting charged, then the other team's pokemon will be forced to attack the pokemon that used Follow Me.
Guts ability & a status condition- If a pokemon has the Guts ability, have your other pokemon hit the gutsy pokemon with a status condition, which powers that pokemon up. Also, if the afflicted pokemon has the move Facade, then the power of that move will be doubled.
Belly Drum & Psyche Up- Belly Drum maximizes the users Attack power at the cost of half of its HP. The Psyche Up move lets the second pokemon to steal the benefit without losing its HP.

Grand Master Greevil

Grand Master Greevil is the main boss of all the Cipher Admins. & Peons you've fought in the past. However, you have already met Greevil before without even knowing it was him. His fraud-name is actually Mr. Verich. When you face Greevil in the end, he will have all Shadow pokemon, consisting of the three legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres) at level 50, an Exeggutor and Rhydon at level 46, and a Tauros at level 48. Recommended move types are Shadow, Electric, and any that can cause a status condition.

Battle CDs In Dr. Kaminko's House

Along with the 4 Battle CD's you can find in the basement, there are also 2 more on the main floor on Kaminko's House. The two Battle CD's on the main floor (49 and 50) can only be obtained after you have cleared Cipher Key Lair. One will be in a shelf in the left room, the other will be in a shelf in the right room. The 4 other Battle CD's (5, 11, 23, and 29) are scattered around the basement, one of them on the basement floor. You can find Battle CD's 11 ans 23 after Makan upgrades your scooter. Battle CD 11's path will be: yellow to yellow, green to green, and pink to pink. Battle CD 23 is on the basement floor. Battle CD 5 can be obtained any time after you defeat Robo Groudon. It's path is: yellow to yellow and blue to blue. The last is Battle CD 29. You can obtain it after the events in Cipher Key Lair. The path is: yellow to yellow and then on the next set of yellows.

Battle CD In Cipher Lab

Battle CD 42 is in the room where you first found Professor Krane on the other side of the wall. You can get this Battle CD after you have cleared Cipher Key Lair.

Battle CDs In Pyrite Town

Aside from the 4 Battle CD's that are in the ONBS building, there are two more in Pyrite Town. In the building next to the Pokemart, there is a Battle CD 40 inside one of the shelves that you can get after the theft of your snag machine. The other Battle CD (22) outside of the ONBS building is located in Duking's home. You can get this Battle CD after you've cleared Cipher Key Lair. It will be located in the middle bookcase.

Battle CD In Pokemon HQ Lab

After all of the events in Phenac City are resolved, you can go into the left entrance of the HQ Lab and then into the top right room to get the Battle CD 33 in one of the shelves.

Pokemon That Already Hold Items

When you catch Pokemon, some of them will already be holding items so you can put them to good use. Here is a list of pokemon and what items they are holding:

Numel- Charcoal
Carvahna- Blackglasses
Voltorb- Magnet
Ralts- Twistedspoon
Swinub- Nevermeltice
Spearow- Sharp Beak
Seel- Mystic Water
Lunatone- Hard Stone
Zangoose- Silk Scarf
Beedrill- Poison Sting
Tangela- Miracle Seed
Magneton- Metal Coat
Venemoth- Silver Powder
Farfetch'd- Leek
Altaria- Dragon Fang
Banette- Spell Tag
Hitmonlee- Black Belt
Chansey- Lucky Punch
Snorlax- Leftovers
Dugtrio- Soft Sand
Marowak- Thick Bone
Sandshrew- Quick Claw
Trapinch- Soft Sand
Aron- Hard Stone
Some pokemon may not be holding items, but the ability Pickup allows them to pick up random items they find. These pokemon are: Phanpy, Mewoth, and Teddiursa.

Obtainable Pokemon (Continued)

Here is the list of Pokemon you can get within this game from main characters:

To get pokemon from Duking, you have to trade 
other pokemon with him. The following of his 
pokemon are at Level 20. 
Larvitar- Trade with Wooper; Larvitar evolves 
into Pupitar at Level 30 and then evolves into 
Tyranitar at Level 55. 
Shuckle- Trade with Surskit
Meditite- Trade with Trapinch; Meditite evolves 
into Medicham at Level 37. 
Delcatty- in Cipher Lab-Level 18
Farfetch'd- in Citadark Isle-Level 36
Altaria- in Citadark Isle-Level 36
Lunatone- in Phenac City-Level 25
Solrock- in Citadark Isle-Level 41
Starmie- in Citadark Isle-Level 41
Thug Zook:
Zangoose- in Cipher Key Lair-Level 28
Primeape- in Cipher Key Lair-Level 34
Hypno- in Cipher Key Lair-Level 34
Poliwrath- in Citadark Isle-Level 42
Mr. Mime- in Citadark Isle-Level 42
Cipher Admin. Ardos:
Electabuzz- in Citadark Isle-Level 43
Swellow- in Citadark Isle-Level 43
Snorlax- in Citadark Isle-Level 43
Cipher Admin. Eldes:
Manectric- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 44
Salamence- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 50
Marowak- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 44
Grand Master Greevil:
Lugia- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 50
Zapdos- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 50
Moltres- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 50
Articuno- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 50
Tauros- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 46
Rhydon- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 46
Exeggutor- in Citadark Isle-Lvl 46
Wanderer Miror B:
Voltorb- in Cave Poke Spot-Lvl 19
Evolves into Electrode at Lvl 30
Nosepass- in Realgam Colleseum, Pyrite 
Colleseum, or Poke Spot areas only if you have 
snagged all the Shadow pokemon you failed to 
earlier-Lvl 26 or 40, depending on where you 
catch it. 
Dragonite- in Gateon Port after you have snagged 
all 82 pokemon, go to Gateon City and your Miror 
B. Radar will Ping, and Miror B. Will be on top 
of the Lighthouse with this pokemon-Lvl 55
Togepi- receive in Outskirt Stand-Lvl 25, Hordel 
will ask you to Purify it, then when you do, you 
can trade it with him for:
Elekid-Lvl 20
or you can keep it and:
Togetic- Evolves from Togepi (Friendly Evolution)
Here is a list of Pokemon you can get that are 
not shadow pokemon:
Sandshrew- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Sandslash- Evoles from Sandshrew at Lvl 22
Gligar- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Trapinch- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Vibrava- Evolves from Trapinch at Lvl 35
Flygon- Evolves from Vibrava at Lvl 45
Hoppip- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Skiploom- Evolves from Hoppip at Lvl 18
Jumpluff- Evolves from Skiploom at Lvl 27
Phanpy- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Donphan- Evolves from Phanpy at Lvl 25
Surskit- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Masquerain- Evolves from Surskit at Lvl 22
Zubat- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Golbat- Evolves from Zubat at Lvl 22
Crobat- Evolves from Golbat (Friendly Evolution)
Aron- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Lairon- Evolves from Aron at Lvl 32
Aggron- Evolves from Lairon at Lvl 42
Wooper- in a Poke Spot-Lvl depends. 
Quagsire- Evolves from Wooper at Lvl 20
After you win 100 trainer Battles in Mt. Battle, 
you have a choice to pick one of these 3 pokemon:
Chikorita- moves are: Ancientpower, Tackle, 
Growl, and Frenzy Plant; evolves into Bayleef at 
Lvl 16 and then evolves into Meganium at Lvl 32
Cyndaquil- Moves are: Reversal, Tackle, Leer, 
and Blast Burn; Evolves into Quilava at Lvl 14 
and then evolves into Typhlosion at Lvl 36
Totodile- Moves are: Crunch, Scratch, Leer, and 
Hydro Cannon; evolves into Croconaw at Lvl 18, 
and then evolves into Feraligatr at Lvl 30.

Make Snagging Easier

When the ball starts to wiggle rapidly press the A button until it says the Pokemon is caught.

Snag The Voltorb

When you first battle Miror B., if you lose to him, he will keep the Shadow Voltorb, and you will NEVER get another chance to snag it. After you beat the game, since the Voltorb never appears, you can't snag the Dragonite.

Unlimited MasterBalls

To get unlimited masterballs, with your 1st masterball use it on a shadow pokemon, with your 2nd pokemon go to iteams and switch your masterball (press Y or X) with a different pokeball just switch spots with it then just attack with your 2nd pokemon. Then when you catch the shadow pokemon with your masterball, look in your bag and you will still have your masterball. (you can keep doing that over and over with different shadow pokemon).

Battle With Legendary Pokémon

From the title screen go to vs. mode and select quick battle. Then select battle vs. CPU and select ultimate. Then you will battle with level 100 legendary pokémon.

Mirror B

When you Defeat a Shadow Pokemon and did not snag it, all you have to do is beat the game and mirror b will keep showing up on a radar that one of his men dropped. Go to the location of mirror b and when you begin a battle with him he will be using shadow poke mon that you missed or didn't snag.

Free Pokemon Moves!

You can return to Agate Village. The only difference is that there are different people and it is five years later. Additionally, when you enter Agate Village, go to the left without going up the hill. If you keep going there will be a cave. In the cave is a woman that will teach your Pokemon moves for free.

Easy Experience

Get the XP Sharing item, then equip it with an active Pokemon (the one you fight with). Go to Mt. Battle. When you fight there and win, your Pokemon that is out and battling will receive triple the amount of experience points. For example, if you get 300 experience points for both your Pokemon in play, it will now double to 600 experience points to whoever in your party holds the XP Sharing item. If a battling Pokemon holds the XP Sharing item, you will get 900 experience points for that Pokemon while your other Pokemon will still receive 300 experience points. This helps level up your Pokemon much faster.

Snag Two Shadow Pokemon At Once

Occasionally some trainers will have two Shadow Pokemon to snag; be careful when this happens.

Premiere Ball

Go to a shop and buy about ten Pokeballs. The shopkeeper will say "Thank you! As a bonus have a Premiere Ball!".

Fourth Generation Pokemon

There are two new Pokemon in this game from the fourth generation. They are Munchlax and Bonsly.

The Johto Starter Pokemon

Complete Mt. Battle without switching your party pokemon.

Easier Snagging

When the poke ball captures the pokemon, hold the A button until it says that pokemon is caught.


A masterball can catch any kind of pokemon without fail!

Battle CD

Go to Phenac and talk to the castform running around the fountain.

Get An Item To Evolve Eevee

When you go to Gaten Port go into the parts shop and talk to the guy by the exit. The choices are Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon.

Catch Lugia

To catch Lugia use your master ball you get from Prof. Krane.

Unlimited Master Balls

To get unlimited Master Balls, you must have Pok'emon Emerald. Once you beat the game go to the trade center and take Master Balls from your Emerald.

Legendary Birds

When battling Master Greevil (Mr.Verich) he has Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos. Stock up on ultra balls if you dont catch them the first time keep on battling him until you get them.

Clearing Darkness

When you are in the chamber where you get your pokemon turned back to normal, you have to have a already normal pet with you so that you can clear there heart! (If you don't have a already cleared pet, then you can't clear the others heart gauge)


We have no cheats or codes for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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