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  • Action, Adventure
  • Insomniac Games
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Teen
  • November 2, 2004


Spider Bot

When you are facing the big boss known as the Spider Bot, it will throw out little mini spider bots. It has a lot of health so you need one of two weapons: either the Rhino or the Zodiac. The Zodiac only has four ammo so use it wisely, while the Rhino has 100 ammo so you can just shoot.

Suck Cannon Extra Suck-Up

Ok this trick is kinda hard to do so listen up. If you can suck up lots of stuff with your suck cannon but already have ammo in it and don't want to waste it, then switch to it(so thats it's in your "press triangle to cycle between 3 weapons" thing), then press triangle twice to have the weapon before the Suck Cannon equipped. Finally, press triangle, then INSTANLY press circle. Your Suck Cannon will start sucking even though it still has ammo in it! P.S. I may be able to do this trick because my disk or PS2 is a bit messed up, but I'm not sure. Please try this a few times and please don't report this as bogus I'm just writing what works for me. P.S.S.Even if the Suck Cannon doesn't appear the instant you press triangle the last time, still press circle right away.

Skill Point: Be A Sharpshooter

Snipe 10 Tyhrranoids in the towers at Tyhrranosis.

Skill Point: Feeling Lucky?

Win the jackpot on the slot machines in Holostar Studios. Hint: If they all blow up leave the planet and come back.

Skill Point: Stay Sqeaky Clean - Planet Florana

Don't get hurt in the walk of death.

Insomniac Museum

Another way to get to the Museum is to go to a secret teleporter in Metropolis between 3:00 and 3:59 A.M.

Sneaky Enemy

Go to aquatos and find slim cognito (the guy in the tube thing) and go up the elevator. When you get to the bridge look to the left of the bridge and there should be an enemy. (if he is not there try the other side).

No Flames For Jetpack

At hollostar studios when you change the weather in the second raining room go outside and try your jetpack it should have no flames (HINT:you canchange the weather by getting on a buttion to your right.)

How To Beat The Quarktastic Challenge

This is how I did the Quarktastic Challenge. Hope this helps you win it as well.

Aegis Mark V armor or above
At least 80 Nanotech
N90 Hurricane (V5 N60 Storm)
V3 or higher Quack-O-Ray
To do this, just use the Quack-O-Ray throughout the challenge. The presence of the 80 Nanotech and Aegis Mark V armor should help you take less damage. Then, when a boss comes, just defeat them with the N90 Hurricane. And that's it. Happy hunting!

Refractor Shield

In 'Annihilation Nation', take out the refractor when the column lasers shoot at you, you will be protected. You will not shoot a laser.


When one of the aliens (like on the first level) in the robot suit shoots a laser at you take out the refractor and aim at the alien and when he shoots at you, the refractor will shoot a wide laser and instantly kill him.

Easy Xp

Once you beat the game and you have to redo the tutorial world. Kill all the monsters on that world then die. These monsters all seem to have double to triple the xp they normally would have. Its an easy way to get those hard to level up weapons up to level 5 so you can purchase the amazing mega weapons.

Mega Weapons

When you beat the game and your weapons are maxed then when you beat the game, go to shop and you will see mega weapons, but only when your weapons maxed out. Then buy one and they also get LPDE.

Constructobot Skin

To earn this very hard-to-earn skin, you must earn or find all the trophies in the trophy room in the Phoenix (basically beat the whole game), unlocking the door in the trophy room. There is a teleporter that goes to the museum and can be used whenever you like, and when you use it you get the Constructobot Skin!!! =D =D

Unlimited Ammo

When you get to Qwark hideout, turn around and go to the ice behind your ship. Go to the left side of the ice and behind it. There you will find the PDA then make sure you have 250,000 bolts. And then you will have unlimited ammo.

Drone Base Defence

If you are playing multiplayer on Outpost X12 area, capture the node with the drones. Then go to your tunnel opening to your base and set them in defend that area. It is just a little extra defence if you are being pounded by the other team.

Easy Weapon Level Ups Anyone?

If you are farther in the game, go to obani draco and the area should look purple and very strange. For this to work, you will need gravity boots. Simply run through the area and you will see little robots floating around and kill them. At the end of the level, look at ur weapons XP and you should see a chunk of XP gained. Return to ship and and go to another planet and come back and keep doing this over again.

Attract Bolts

First, go to the Zeldrin Starport. Then, instead of going to Quark's ship, take the path to the right, where all the ninjas are. Follow this path and, eventually, you will come to a wrench upgrade called, "Bolt Breaker V.2" With the upgrade, when you jump and hit the square button, you will break all boxes, etc. close to you and attract the bolts that come out of them like a magnet. **Tip: There is a platinum bolt on the path to the Bolt Breaker V.2. It isn't too hard to find so look around.

Infernox Armor

If you don't have the Infernox armor, but still want to look cool by wearing it, start a new game and get to the planet where you need to rescue the president. Next, find the place where you get the Inferno box and hit it. Run to the drop ship and a cut scene will happen. After it is over you should still be wearing the Infernox Armor. Note: Do not go to the skins menu, otherwise it will go away.

Bugs To Birds-planet Daxx

Turn 15 bugs to duck with the Qwack-o-Ray/Owack-o-Blitzer.

Skill Point: Bash The Party

Kill 20 enemies using the wrench or the wrench replacement in Blackwater City.

Skill Point: Lights, Camera, Action!

Destroy 5 of the Cameras in the gauntlet.

Skill Point: Be An Eight Time Champ

Beat all the Gauntlet challenges. (The obstacle cources at Annihilation Nation.)

Skill Point: Monkeying Around

Hit Skrunch with the wrench onboard Starship Pheonix.

Skill Point: Flee Flawlessly

Complete any Gauntlet without taking a hit.

Skill Point: Search For Sunken Treasure

Blow up 40 underwater crates in Aquatos.

Skill Point: Bash The Bug

Beat Scorpio (the scorpion thing at Annihilation Nation) using only the wrench or the wrench replacement.

Skill Point: Strive For Arcade Perfection

Get 100% on all the Qwark Vid-Comics.

Skill Point: Beat Helga's Best Time

Beat the hypershot vr training in under 50 seconds.

Qwarktastic Battle

There are 100 levels in this.

Skill Point: Reflect On How To Score - Planet Marcadia

Kill 20 enemies with the refracter.

Skill Point: Go For Hang Time - Planet Aridia

Drive over the big ramp with a gap in the middle of it with the car.

Free Ammo

On the starship phoenix, do to any holographic training, when you enter the training, immediately leave it, your ammo will be full.

Mega/Giga/Omega Upgrades

When you beat the game & play again in Challenge Mode, you can buy Mega Upgrades for weapons that have reached Lv5 once you have reached Florana. You can upgrade them to Giga, then once more to Omega. They get more powerful & have a higher ammo capacity when they are at Omega level. You can also by the Ry3no, which is at 3,000,000 Bolts (2,700,000 Bolts with the Gadgetron 10% discount). You can upgrade this to the Rynocirator at Lv5, but there are no Mega/Giga/Omega upgrades for this weapon.

Keep Nanotech High

To keep your nanotech high when a monster shoots/attacks click the jump button 2 times. Also you can keep high nanotech by jumping in a monster zone and run through and jumping.


Here is the list of skins and what they cost

Old School Ratchet: Free with R&C1 save file
Snowman: 6 Titanium Bolts
Tuxedo Ratchet: 6 Titanium Bolts
Bugnoid: 6 Titanium Bolts
Brainius: 6 Titanium Bolts
Constructobot: 6 Titanium Bolts
Robo Rooster: 6 Titanium Bolts
Trooper: 5 Titanium Bolts
Robo: 5 Titanium Bolts


There are 15 collectible trophies in the game that when all collected will unlock insomniac museum and a special skin.

Skill Points

Here is what the skillpoints unlock:

Big Head Heroes: 5 points
Time Freeze: 10 points
Secret Agent Clank: 15 points
Big Head Enemies: 20 points
Ships to Ducks: 25 points
Mirror Universe: 30 points

Titanium Bolts

There are 40 titanium bolts to be found all throughout the game.


There are 5 Vid-Comics in the game that you are able to play in as Captain Quark.

Extra Bolts

A lot of stuff in the game is interactive. Interactive meaning you can break it. You can just break random stuff to get extra bolts.


Double Bladed Laser Sword (Wrench Replacement)

Double Bladed Laser Sword: To get it, (this will replace his rathcet's rench, but its beter though) pause the game and press/enter "Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Left".

Pirate V.s. Ninja Mini Game

Go the Pheonix and go to the vid-comic area. When you get to the issue select press the square button to bring up the password screen. Enter _MEGHAN_ as a password.

Sly 2: Band Of Theives Demo

At the title screen, Hold L1+L2+R1+R2.

Alternate Costumes For Qwark

In a Qwark vid-comic press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Square for Qwark in a tutu and Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Circle, Square for dark Qwark.

Hidden Games

When you play the first captin qwark game and beat it. Right when you exit press the triangle button to go back in. Press square and you should go to a enter password screen. Enter _MEGHAN_ to go to a pirate versus ninja game the same way I have it or enter YING_TZU to go to a bomber man style game but you play as a ninja.


Skill Point:: Challenge Completion

Complete all the Challenge modes, there are 15.

Skill Point: Arsenal Power

Get all the guns and upgrade them to the fullest and you will get a skill point.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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