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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Vicarious Visions
  • THQ
  • Mature
  • May 22, 2001


Flaming Death

On Multiplayer Level "Warlords", do the following. When you generate in one of the buildigs, stock up and go to the bottom (If you can live through it).Get the flamethrower from behind the ramp. Now hurry back up to the top!When you get there, look down at the ground. When a person comes into view, look up and press the R2 button. After you've thrown the canister, look down and to your surprise a person might be hoooooooot!

Easy Kill In Multiplayer Level: Waste Disposal Plant

If you are playing against one of your friends and you want bragging rights or if you are playing the against the A.I. and just want to replenish your self-pride, then here is an easy way to destroy your opponent where you will be out of their reach... mostly anyway. First, make sure you have some remote charges handy. Next, go to the main floor and run across the three-way intersection that lies right above the water. Place a remote charge on the inside of one of the supporting beams. Then, go into the water, and travel down to the platform with the Fusion Rocket Launcher on it, make sure you do not go below the platform there, because the water pressure is too high and you will lose health. Instead, stand on the platform and look sraight up. when you see someone run by, detonate the charge. If this does not work, pull out your pistol and shoot the remote charge, knocking your opponent into an oblivion.

No Lab Coat

In the med labs level when you drop out of the vent Hendrix tells you to get a disguise. Don't do it and the level will be a bit easier. You won't lose all your weapons and aror and ammo and you don't have to use stealth!

Fusion Rocket Launcher In Capek's Caves.

While chasing Capek through the caves with his mutants there is a room with steam coming up from holes in the floor. In the area after that on the righthand wall look for what looks a mouse hole near the ground. Use a bomb or explosive and enter. You go down a tunnel tha ends with a pit and an outcopping. Jump onto the outcropping for a fuel canister and a fusion rocket launcer.


This may sound silly, but if you look at the ground while you walk and don't make eye contact with the guards they won't shoot you. Weird huh.

Refill Ammo Boxes

Take the ammo wait a little while and you will here and noise like on games were you cast magic and it will have the ammo back.

Fun With Mirrors

When playing Red Faction, you will reach a point in which you will be at the security compound, and are forced to infiltrate the headquarters undercover, there will be employee bathrooms nearby. To have a little fun run up to the mirror with your gun out. You wil notice that your hands are in the correct position, but according to the mirror, there is no gun in your hand! Also if you are being chased, you can hide in the stall and use the mirrors to spot your victims.

Finding Secret Areas

Every time you see markings on the wall (for example, posters and paint) in multi-player mode, use something explosive on it. It will lead to a secret area.

Help Defeating Capek

After defeating two of the three guards, run up the ramp to your left and take the gun and ammunition. Then, kill the guard on the opposite side. Capek will immediately descend from above. At this point keep moving -- do not try to fight him, but stay on the ramp. Eos will break through the door where the third guard was located and begin shooting Capek. Quickly run through this door and pick up the sniper rifle and ammunition. Then, back up so that you are out of Capek's sight. When you go back to the doorway, you will see that Capek has ascended back up to where he dropped down from and Eos is running around shooting at him, but he is not firing back. Stay in the doorway, take out the sniper rifle and shoot his protective purple bubble five times -- do not worry, he will not shoot back. After five shots, his bubble will burst, he will drop down to the platform below, and begin shooting at you again. Leave the doorway and begin shooting him with one of your automatic weapons. That combined with Eos' shooting will defeat him easily. Note: As you are running around, stay away from Eos -- if Capek's projectiles miss you, they will hit her and your game will be over. Capek never tries to hit Eos; he just wants you.

Easy APC Convoy Destruction Before Guard Station

Save at least three Big Earl rockets from the beginning of the game from M-4. When you go to the part where Hendrix first contacts you in the tunnel, after about 24 feet, you will reach the catwalk outside with the earthen bridge where the APC and convoy of troops are advancing toward the guard station. Fire one shot near the outer track (the one facing you). After the first shot, the APC will begin to buckle, and tilt down. Since that the track is stuck, fire another shot near the front of the vehicle, closest as possible without hitting the APC. Shoot the next shot again right outside of the outer track, further down from where the first rocket hit. In the process, you burrow a hole big enough for the APC to fall through and go sailing down to the bottom of the Chasm (watch it long enough and see the explosion); or the APC will be immobilized, creating a bit of an obstacle for the soldiers to go around, and provide a very good sniping position. The soldiers will most likely stay on their side of the hole, even if they can walk around it. Beware, as if the APC tilts less than 45 degrees inverted, the small mounted machine gun can still shoot at you -- try to get the front of the APC very deep into the hole you create by shooting it.

Extra Characters

Successfully complete training mode to unlock extra characters for multi-player mode.

Easy Kills In Multiplayer Waste Disposal Level

In multi-player mode on the Waste Disposal level, swim down under the platform to find a fusion rocket. You can also use mines to blow holes under the doors into the hallway. When bots come by, they will fall into the water for an easy kill.

Avoid Damage In The Shooting Gallery

Hint: The Shooting Gallery: Avoiding damage: When nearing the end of the game in single player mode, you will have to catch the tram to proceed to the next area. The tram is located immediately after "The Shooting Gallery." In order to avoid fighting most of the guards, equip the Heavy Machine Gun. Next, proceed down the track towards the small door to the left. Inside, kill the guard. Once the other guards stop rushing in and shooting at you, collect the health vial (just behind the desk), dash out of the room, head towards the front right side corner of the train, and duck down immediately. This will prevent gun fire from hitting your character. Stay ducked down until the loading screen appears.

The Entering Of Mercs Base

After the crash site, you will follow a system of tunnels and ridges filled with enemies (most with heavy machine guns, some with fusion rockets and rail drivers). When you meet the Red Faction miner in the caves, he will say that he will watch your back. At this time you will follow a tall tunnel to a bridge -- you do not want to be on the bridge. Between the miner and the bridge is a turn off that leads to a catwalk going over the bridge. Kill the two gaurds and follow the catwalk until it stops at a hole in the wall. Jump from the catwalk into the hole and follow it until you get the grenades. Use them to kill the turrets and the fusion rocket carrying guard on the other side of the large rock by the grenades. This saves time and health you would have spent trying to fight the guard and the turrets. Information in this section was contributed by Iggyzoot.

Hidden Pit In Installation XJ5

In the deathmatch Installation XJ5, you can get outside to the pit. Grab the rocket launcher and jump down, then turn left. Note the archway above. Blast a hole in the wall below the doorway and start building a tunnel straight to the open window. Just going to the archway above and blasting around the window does not work due to an invisible wall. Once you make the tunnel all the way through, you can look down into the pit below, If you drop down, you will always die. Turn to the left or right and blast a hole big enough to jump into (make the hole on the outside of the wall). Jump into the hole, then make another hole directly in front of you but down slightly. Now that you have made another hole, jump into it. Make sure the hole is not too far down, or you will die from the fall. Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of the pit. Note: It is next to impossible to get back up once you are down there.

Hidden Items In The Lobby

Go to the four corners on the first level of the lobby after you have obtained the rocket launcher in the muti-player level. Use the rocket launcher on the four corners to find health, enviorsuits, a fusionrocket, a flame thrower, and a rail driver.

Get To The Secret Roof

Go to the second level of the Lobby multi-player level and grab the rocket launcher. Walk over to the edge of the balcony and start shooting up towards the wall facing the lobby itself. After enough shots you will dig a tunnel to the roof. Walk through and jump right up. You can shoot out the glass and snipe people down on the second level. There also is a Fusion Rocket Launcher that you can grab.

What To Do At The Bottom Of The Badlands Level

In this level, there are natural bridges over a giant pit which if you fall, you will usually die. Use the following trick to get to the bottom without dying. This will be difficult if you have more than two bots. It is recommended that you try this alone first. Find the rocket launcher that is next to a bridge. Go on the bridge and face the flat wall that leads to the bottom. At a 45 degree angle, start blowing holes downwards until you have almost reached the bottom. You now have to jump and try to make it into the first hole you created. .You will lose some health here from the fall. Once you are there, go backwards out of the hole and slowly drop down to the next hole. Repeat this pattern until you get to the bottom. Save at least 1 rocket so you can kill yourself -- the bots will not be able to get to you. This is difficult to do when playing against bots because of them shooting at you. Set the timer to 30 minutes. Take a lot of weapons such as the Rail Driver and the Sniper Rifle with you. Start blowing up the natural bridges from the bottom. Do not do it completely, but just enough to watch all the bots plunge to their deaths.

Getting Health

When low on energy, kill worker doctors and even Red Faction men to pick up more health and Environment Suits.

Avoid Detection

In the single player game, there are two locations where you have to be stealthy. One is when you pretend you are a businessman and the other is when you have to pretend to be a scientist. To make it easier to avoid detection from guards or other pedestrians, always look down or away from people. No one will learn your identity until you look them in the face.

Easy Kills

Throw a remote mine at an enemy. If it get them, they will scream and run around instead of shooting you. Let them run around and eventually they will try to find guards. When they do, detonate the bomb to get two or more frags for one.

Easy Kills In Trolley

In the suspended trolley (after the part where the to workers are arguing about the smell) if you have a sniper rifle get it out then stand on the part that leads you upto the trolley. Face the other side of the canyon and zoom in all the way. Kill the 2 guys you see then (turn off the scope) get in the trolley and press the button to make it cross. While in the trolley change to a different gun. Once on the other side get out of the trolley and shoot thelast guy.


We have no cheats or codes for Red Faction yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Red Faction yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Red Faction yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Water In The Sub

In training mode, after you ride in the submarine, point the nose of the sub out of the water. Make the sub completely vertical, then press X to get out. You will get out of the sub in the cockpit of the sub. You can look outside, and there is a bit of water in the sub where the chair is located.

Glitch: Free Fusion Rocket Launcher Ammunition

Once you have the Fusion Rocket Launcher in multi- player mode, kill yourself with it, If you can get back to your corpse, you can pick it back up. When you do, it will have three shots on reserve and a fourth ready to fire.

Glitch: Guard Hurting Himself!

When a new game is started, you would usually follow a fellow miner, hear them talk, and then fight each other. Instead of listening to them talk, go right past them. One of the soldiers will start firing at you. Immediately after he starts firing, place your fellow miner in between yourself and the firing guard. Your fellow miner will die, leaving the guard he was talking to start talking to himself, fighting himself, and then killing himself.

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