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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • November 14, 2002


How To Beat Tyrant

The best way to kill Tyrant is to have your Granade luncher with any ammo, and just shoot him in the head and he will fall in the fourth shot.

Leech Hunter Prizes

Instead of wasting time collecting 20...40...60...80...and 100 leeches trying to find out what you'll get for them,look at this, see what you want, or need.

A rank-(great...but hard to get)Infinite ammo for all th weapons you find throughout the game.

B rank-(cool)You get the most powerful gun in the game...the magnum revolver, have to find it in the train, in the passenger's cabin.

C rank-(no need for, unless you cant get the A rank) Infinite hunting gun ammo.

D rank-(pretty good...if you can't get the A rank) Infinite handgun ammo.

E rank-(you'll find out) Sub-machine gun ammo.

Jill's Diary

Collect all thirty notes and books in the game to replace the first book in your file with Jill's Diary. Jill's Diary reads as followed:

August 7th 
Two weeks have passed since that day. My wounds have been healed, but I just 
can't forget it. For most people, it's history now. But for me, whenever I close 
my eyes, it all comes back clearly. Zombies eating people's flesh and the screams 
of my teammates dying. No, the wounds in my heart are not healed yet...

August 13th 
Chris has been causing a lot of trouble recently. What's with him? He seldom 
talks to the other police members and is constantly irritated. The other day, he 
punched Elran of the Boy's Crime department just for accidentally splashing 
Chris's face with coffee. I immediately stopped Chris, but when he saw me he just 
gave me a wink and walked away. I wonder what happened to him...

August 15th 
Midnight. Chris, who has been on a leave of absence for a "vacation," called me 
so I visited his apartment. As soon as I walked into his room, he showed me a 
couple of pieces of paper. They were part of a virus research report entitled as 
simply as "G". Then Chris told me that, "The nightmare still continues." He went 
on to say that, "It's not over yet." Ever since that day, he has been fighting 
all by himself without rest, without even telling me...

August 24th 
Chris left the town today to go to Europe. Barry told me that he would send his 
family to Canada and then he would follow Chris. I decided to remain in Raccoon 
City for a while because I know that the research facility in this city will be 
very important to this entire case. In a month or so, I'll be joining with them 
somewhere in Europe. That's when my real battle begins...


Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock an Epilogue. Epilogues are a short diary description of each character in the entire Resident Evil series which describes what happened with that specific person after their adventure. Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting eight times to unlock all Epilogues. All eight Epilogues read as followed:

Jill Valentine 
After escaping the city, Jill set out to join Chris Redfield. However, all she 
found was an empty hideout of Chris's. On the floor was Chris's knife. Jill left 
without hesitation because she firmly believes that Chris is still alive. She 
will search for him until she finds him. Then they can go and put an end to 

Chris Redfield 
"Please forgive me Claire." Chris Redfield has just finished this letter with his 
signature phrase. As he removes his sunglasses, a lady walks by him with light 
steps. "She looks about the same age as Claire," he thinks. A short time later, 
Chris discovered that his sister was looking for him, but was caught...

Barry Burton 
Barry Burton looks at his young daughters and says, "I'm sorry but my comrades 
are waiting for me." He knows that he must repay his teammates for forgiving his 
betrayal. Even if that means leaving his family for now. His wife tries to hide 
her fear, so she smiles and says, "Don't worry. We'll be OK..."

Leon Kennedy 
Leon Scott Kennedy is confronted by a man who claims to be a U.S. government 
agent. Leon says, "Leave Sherry alone. She is innocent." "She knows too much," 
the man replies. He looks at Leon and says, "But you have value. This is a good 
deal. Make your choice." Without regret or hesitation, Leon closes his eyes and 
then sharply responds...

Claire Redfield 
"Leave us alone." Claire Redfield couldn't believe Leon's words. Leon 
continued, "You're looking for your brother, right? Just go!" Claire knew that 
Leon and Sherry needed immediate medical attention, but she could not waste 
anymore time. "I... I'll be back. I promise!" She said as she disappeared into 
the wilderness alone...

Sherry Birkin 
"Do you have any relatives?" When the army officer asked her, Sherry Birkin did 
not respond for she has no immediate relatives. Her father and mother died 
because of the G-virus. And so, this little girl holds herself with her arms and 
bites her lip tight. She thinks, "I'm sure she will come back. She won't forget 
about me..."

Ada Wong 
A woman looks at herself in the mirror. She used to be called Ada Wong... But 
this morning she will say good-bye to the name. "I'm not Ada Wong anymore..." She 
feels her ab and thinks, "This is Ada's scar, not mine." And as she says good-bye 
to Ada Wong, she can't stop her tears. However, there isn't much time left before 
her next mission...

Hunk, the 4th Survivor 
"Once again, only you survived, Mr. Death," the chopper pilot speaks with a cold 
bitterness. "Always, only you, survive, Mr. Death," the pilot continues. But Hunk 
does not respond to the pilot. He doesn't care. "The Death cannot die...," the 
survivor thinks to himself with a warm smile...

Alternate Costumes

Successfully complete the game on the easy difficulty setting with any rank better than an F to unlock Jill's costume from the original Resident Evil and Regina's costume from Dino Crisis. Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting with a rank of D to unlock two costumes, C for three, B for four, and A for all five costumes. The three additional costumes are a police miniskirt, disco, and biker outfits.

Boutique Key

Successfully complete the game once and wait for the credits to end, then save the "Next Game" file to receive the key to the Boutique on the first street at the start of the game. Use the key to enter and change into an alternate costume.

Mercenary Mode

Successfully complete the game once on any difficulty setting and wait for the credits to end, then save the "Next Game" file to unlock "The Mercenaries" mini- game. Start a new game, choose that saved game, then select "The Mercenaries" mode. This mode involves controlling Carlos, Mikhal, or Nikoli from the train to the starting room with a two minute timer. Killing the various opponents and rescuing civilians during the journey will add extra money and more time to the clock. A rank and money will be awarded after the game is completed. The money can be used to purchase better weapons and infinite ammunition.

S Ranking

When defeating the game, you get different rankings based on how long it took you. The S ranking is the highest, and you get the best extra goodies from acheiving this ranking. In order to get this ranking, you have to beat the game in under 3 mins 30 secs. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED THE LEECH HUNTER GAME! Beat the game once to unlock the Leech Hunter game and collect all 100 lecches (It's easier if you kill all the enemies first and then drop all you items and look for the leeches). By doing this, you will get extra guns and unlimited ammo. Now you don't have to worry about collecting ammo or switching characters as often.

Broken Ladder

Do you not know what to do with the hookshot on the train? Remember the broken ladder in the room where you first saw zombies. Use the hookshot there to get you on the roof. On the roof have Rebecca jump into a hole. Kill the zombie and get your briefcase key.

Easy Kill

When killing a monster be sure to find its weak spot and the best weapon to use against it. I'll will list the weak spots I know and the weapon to use.

Zombie- The best spot is the head. I like to use the pistol on them because they're not that hard to kill (why waste your good bullets). 

Leeches- Don't even waste your bullets on them. Watch your partner, make sure he doesn't waste your bullets on them. 

Leech Men- It's best to run past them to if you can, but if that's not 
possible then use your molotvo cocktails. If you don't have any then shoot off his head so he can't see you or shoot off his arms so he can't hit you. If you hit him enough he will be nothing but a pair of legs. Thats when you run because he will blow up with in a few seconds. 

Spiders- Spiders aren't that hard to kill but, they are very sneaky. Watch the walls because thats where they usually are. Make sure they don't hit you with poison.I would suggest the shotgun. 

Insect Larva- They aren't that hard. You can sometimes hear them from a distance unless they're on the cieling. I would suggest the shotgun. 

Monkeys- Monkeys are very fast and hard to hit. Make sure they don't jump on your back. I like to use the Grenade Launcher. If not then the shotgun. 

Scorpions- They look big and hard, but the aren't. Aim at their head with the shotgun. 

Dogs- Dogs are fast and hard to hit but other than that they're pretty easy. I suggest the pistol. 

Skinless Beasts- They can be kind of difficult because of they're speed and power. I used the Grenade Launcher on them.

The Brakes Code For The Train (Only)

The code is quite simple if your stuck, then you come to the right place. There are then little dots, you have to fill each one out with a number or you can't complete the code. When you reach the driver car have Rebecca stay and then have Billy go to where you got the hookshot, don't forget the magnetic card. When you reach the place where you got the hookshot just insert the card and you'll need a total to equal 81, then just insert 9 eight times then insert 3 twice that should equal 81. The next code with Rebecca will probably be 36 just select 3 nine times then just insert 9 then that should complete the code for the Brakes.

Leech Game

To unlock the mini game Leech Hunter, just beat the game once.


We have no cheats or codes for Resident Evil Zero yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Resident Evil Zero yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Resident Evil Zero yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Resident Evil Zero yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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