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Hidden Levels

Beat all the levels including the top set. Then at the level select screen, move up once pass the top of the screen to access an extra row of levels.


Two Player Level Passwords

Level	Password

2	Butterfly, Umbrella, Bear, Heart
3	Bear, Bunny, Flower, Clover
4	Umbrella, Heart, Clover, Flower
5	Umbrella, Bear, Bunny, Heart
6	Teapot, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
7	Heart, Flower, Clover, Butterfly
8	Heart, Bear, Bunny, Heart
9	Bear, Bunny, Clover, Flower
10	Butterfly, Face, Umbrella, Clover
11	Bear, Flower, Face, Flower
12	Teapot, Bear, Flower, Umbrella
13	Heart, Bird, Flower, Clover
14	Face, Bird, Clover, Teapot
15	Teapot, Bird, Clover, Bear
16	Umbrella, Teapot, Bird, Flower
17	Face, Bear, Bunny, Flower
18	Bunny, Heart, Flower, Bird

One Player Level Passwords

Level	Password

2	Umbrella, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
3	Face, Teapot, Bunny, Umbrella
4	Bunny, Umbrella, Bird, Bird
5	Flower, Umbrella, Bunny, Teapot
6	Bird, Teapot, Butterfly, Butterfly
7	Bear, Bear, Clover, Bird
8	Bunny, Teapot, Umbrella, Heart
9	Clover, Butterfly, Bird, Heart
10	Heart, Butterfly, Teapot, Heart
11	Umbrella, Umbrella, Bird, Flower
12	Flower, Teapot, Clover, Butterfly
13	Heart, Umbrella, Clover, Heart
14	Bunny, Face, Flower, Clover
15	Bunny, Face, Bear, Bird
16	Flower, Umbrella, Bird, Bunny
17	Flower, Bear, Heart, Umbrella
18	Face, Bird, Heart, Clover


We have no unlockables for Return Fire yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Return Fire yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Return Fire yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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