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Thunder Stone

If you don't attack the ninetails leader, that dog person character show up and try to take it by fighting you. When you win the ninetails will give you the holy stone. (And at least the village people won't hate you but thank you)

The Five Heart Stones

There are Five heart stones. The waterstone, the firestone, the windstone, the thunderstone, and the earthstone.

The waterstone is located at the sunken ship. To get there go to Blue Cat's resturant and talk to the girl with the white hair beside her is a crying girl. She will say that the girl's boyfriend died in a sunken ship. She will ask you to help them (the pirates) find thesunken ship. Agree, then she will say go to the house beside the resturant there's a secret passage there. Find the pirate's ship then talk to the boy outside it. As soon as he let you in you will be at the ship, sailing. Go to the captain's room and then his son will teleport you to the sunken ship. Find the captain's room. In there you will find the captain, his son (the girl's boyfriend), and the son's friend. After that the painting will move and you will fight it. After that storylines..., then you will be back at the Pirate's ship. The captain will give you the Waterstone.

The Firestone it is at the Salsa Volcano. First gather information at the Red Hot then go to Salsa Volcano and find the Dragon's Nest Fight and defeat the dragons then get the firestone.

The Windstone is at the Inotium mine. First go to Oasis then gather information then go to Mothergreen then the man beside the Goddess Statue will say that the man that hangs out there was kidnapped by the cats and said that they will deliver them to Gran. Go to the wonderwoods and go where you found L-kun. Rescue the man and he will give you the key to the Inotium mine. Go back to Oasis and go to the mine in the maze, you will be eaten by the Worm. Go find etoile and alk to her and find out how to get out of there. She will say that there is no use doing that because there is no in the wormtrain that wants to get out of there. Then you will ask Etoile to help you get out of there after a song that is. She will say that the only way to kill the worm is by destroying its three hearts: the left heat, the right heart and the main heart. To kill the main heart you must kill the Lfet and right heart on the same time. and then the main heart. But 
remember to kill the Right heart on the 6th time ok. After you kill the Worm go to the Inotium mine and find the windstone.

The Thunderstone go to the top of the Tower of Ninetails. When you enter you will see a guy unconcious you will be back at the White snow Now at the Tower but before you could do that you must ask the master at the Whitesnow to help you find it. After that go to the top of the Tower and the master will ask you to follow him (you will see it in a surprise). NOw the Ninetails are Guarding the stone but you could fight them (I fought them but I don't know what happened when you don't fight them.

The earthstone it will bve in Kerokero the frog land. To get thgere ask the pirates to help you get there. Gather information.

A Secret Puppet

After you get the thunderstone from the Tower of Ninetails, go to your house at Orange Village and talk to the mailbox. There is something in there and will ask you to play your horn. Agee then a puppet will appear before your eyes.

Instant Healing - For Free

I'm sure most of you know this but in case you don't...... When you go into a town or right before you enter a dungeon/tower, you will see either a statue of an angel looking person (which turns out to be Kurururu in the later part of the game) or you will see a statue that looks like her mother. If you try to "talk" to these statues it will say that Cornet and party received a blessing and you will get all your life and magic points back!!!!! (Note: this also works on the Frog statues in the frog village/castle and the dragon beasts in the castle.

Ultimate Teams

To get the so called "Ultimate Teams" you have to be thourough in your searches. When you get any wild monster or puppet make sure you keep it. The three egg brothers, you can find Bill in the snow town (search the snowman), work the best to me, Tell has the long range attacks (just put three dragon claws on him), Bill has the magic attacks, and Kid is really powerful once you get his special. The other team is the three "mystic" puppets. You can get DarkKnight in your mailbox after you beat the Ninetails tower. The other two you fight in different towers. (Note: Be thourough in the last "Floating" tower) The other puppets that you get like El-Kun and the rabbit and the dragon work really good together but I didn't get them leveled up high enough to see there true power. Once you get there skill level up to level 10 or so (Note: to get the skill level up you have to keep the same puppets in for an extended amount of time) the puppets will start doing more damage and gain levels faster. Also, this is not proven but, I think that more "rare" monsters will want to join your team once you get your skill level up!!!

How to get more "rare" monsters on your team!

When you first get into the battle have Cornet move up and move everybody back away from the battle. Next, have Cornet only attack however many bad guys there are. If you did it right, there it should have taken you more than three turns to kill all the enemies. Most enemies will want to join your team if only Cornet kills them!


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