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  • September 25, 2007


540 Advantage

To win any game of "skate", all you have to do, is do any trick as a 540, then the opponent will not even try it, he/she will do a completely different trick or just bail. Works every time!

Fast Bench

Near the skate park you start in on skate, there's a small skate spot with benches, tables etc. On the bench that's on the hill dip part, go past that then turn around don't get to much speed and do a grab over the bench and it should give you a small speed boost.

540's In Skate Pro Challenge

In the skate pro challenge (in blue) do a trick with a spin and tweak it the direction you spin and you got a 540!

Win Races More Often

In races, you would most likely come across a straight away when you need to pick up speed. The easiest way to do this is to double grab, RT+LT then hit B and you will do a coffin. This makes you pick up more speed faster. Careful though, while in coffin you have bad steering.

How To Push Faster In Races.

When starting a race everyone else shoots ahead of you. But if you pull one of your grab triggers in slightly and push at the same time, it cuts wind resistance on you and gives you a bit of an edge. This will not always give you a hole shot but in all pushing while crouched does help out a lot. I won a lot more of my races this way.

Easy Broken Bones

The best place to break bones in this game is at the X-Games. Just go to the Mega Ramp and jump off the top to the ground below. Press LT/RT + B to do a Christ-Air/No-Foot Air. When you "land" you should break a good amount of bones. NOTE: Do flips and bail early for even more broken bones.

Easy Rob & Big Challenge

During Rob & Big's pro challenge you have to perform a 360 Flip and land on the bench in a FS Crooked. This can be very difficult as Big Black often gets in your way and you have a higher chance of landing in an Overcrooks. To make things easier, jump onto the bench and set a respawn point. Now, do the 360 Flip and push the right stick up-right. If done correctly you will land in an FS Crooked. If you land in a BS Crooked then switch sides. It may take some practice.

Save Your Thumb!!

You only need 3 good pushes on flat land to get yourself to top speed. Very useful in places where you have little room.

Easy Points For Grinds

When your grinding, move the right analog stick slowly in any direction, this performs different grinds out of the one you were doing. Also try and flip trick out. It helps a lot.

360 Flips, 360 Hardflips, 360 Inward Heelflips, Etc.

Mostly you just need to flick harder with the analog stick. If you go to do a varial kickflip or heelflip [varial] then just flick harder at the end to make it do a 360 flip. Same with Hardflips and Inward Heelflips.


All Characters

To unlock all skaters go to the main menu and press LB, LT, RB, RT, Down, Down, X, Y. If you enter it correctly, a message will popup.

Unlimited Health

To never end your skating career, while playing press Up, Up, Down, B, Up, X, Up, Right, A, A, X, B.

Best Clothes

To unlock all clothing items on the d-pad, press Up, Down, Left, Right, X, RB, Y, LB.

All Freeskate Levels

At main menu put in RB, LB, RT, RT, Y, X, B, A.


Rocketman Achivement

Perform a Rocket Air in Career Mode.

Dem Bones Character

Break each bone in your body at least 3 times.

Fashionista Achivement

Buy 50 Items.

On Your Way... Achivement

Complete all the tutorials in Career Mode.

The Graduate Achivement

Complete all the tutorials in Career Mode.

Contest Pro Achivement

Beat all Contests.

Footy = Footage Achivement

Save a Replay in Career Mode.

Afternoon Freeskater Achivement

Spent 5 hours Freeskating in Career Mode.

Photogenic Achivement

Beat all Photo Challenges.

Fanboy Achivement

Beat all the Pros.

Access San Vanelona Achivement

Unlock 1 Location

Year's Best Achivement

Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag.

Skater Of The Year Achivement

Get the cover of Thrasher Magazine.

X-games Gold Achivement

Earn Gold in both X-Games events.

Urban Legend Achivement

Own all the Spots.

Halfway There Achivement

Complete 50% of all Milestones.

Tricked Out Achivement

Performed all Tricks in the Trick Book in Career Mode.

Keep Playing Achivement

Beat all Challenges.

Master Flicker Achivement

Earn all Milestones.

Exhibitionist Achivement

Upload Footage to skate.Reel.

Skate's Top Model Achivement

Upload 6 photos to skate.Reel.

Uninsurable Achivement

Complete all Medical Milestones.

Keys To The City Achivement

Unlock all locations.

Headhunter Achivement

Beat 1 Pro Skater.

Flow & Style Achivement

Do a 10,000 Point Line in Career Mode.

Am Skater Achivement

Complete a Shop Film to become an Amateur.

Hooked Up Achivement

Earn all 4 Sponsorships.

Pro Skater Achivement

Earn a Pro Model Board.

Without Footage It's Fiction Achivement

Beat all Film Challenges.

King Of The Highway Achivement

Beat all Races.

Unlock Dem Bonez

To unlock the skater Dem Bonez, you have to break about 150 bones give or take.

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