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  • Simulation, World Building Sim
  • Capcom
  • Apple
  • Not-Rated
  • November 11, 2010


Quick Crops

If you are sick of waiting for crops you go to the settings go to general and then go to date and time and turn off set automaticlly and then change the time for your crops careful you can do this 20 time before some smurfs leave.

Flower Details

Red Roses60 0-60-2.5 51021.2524 hour
Blue Roses60 0-60-3.34 41022.7818 hour
Pink Roses60 0-60-531025.8312 hour
White Daisies40 0-40-1.6749020.42 24 hour
Pink Daisies40 0-40-2.23 39021.6718 hour
Blue Daisies40 0-40-3.33 29024.1612 hour
Red Chrysanthemums500-50-2.0850020.83 24 hour
Purple Chrysanthemums500-50-2.7740022.22 18 hour
Orange Chrysanthemums500-50-4.6730012.5 12 hour
Orange Lilies75 0-75-3.136002524 hour
Blue Lilies750-75-6.25 35019.1712 hour
Blue Tulips100 0-100-5.564502518 hour
Red Tulips100 0-100-8.3432527.08 12 hour
Pink Tulips100 0-100-12.525031.25 8 hour

Fruit Shrubs And Trees Details

Acorn2060401.6730012.524 hour
Pears38114761.5854011.2548 hour
Oranges541621081.575010.4272 hour
Cherries682041361.419309.6996 hour
Peaches802401601.3410809120 hour

Timber Details

TimberLevelSize (cells)PriceXPXP cell/dayCoinsCoins cell/day
Single Log??21022????
Bundle Log??26501515????
Stump Log28??2000????????

Rocks Details

NameGoldXP for placingdaily xpcell size
Small Rock5501x1
Large Rock15 15102x2
Clump of Rocks5050503x3
Small Mossy Rock2005051x1
Medium Mossy Rock350100302x2
Large Mossy Rock1000400903x3
Miner Alone300 1002003x3

Farming Details

Blueberries011120112030 sec
Raspberries1 43368965 min
Strawberries3 129945451 hour
Potatoes1040301.251506.2524 hour
Watermelon8 322421201012 hour
Golden Corn1116515415.4444.410 hour
Carrots624183.690185 hour
Tomatoes728212.6310513.13 8 hour
Peas52015575253 hour
Blackberries2 8612306030 min
Pumpkin12483621801018 hour
Sarsaparilla1 sb101004.1750020.8324 hour
Radishes7272099531.676 hour
Brussels Sprouts525201050252 hour
Artichokes832242.6712013.33 9 hour
Blackcurrants8 1023609040 min
Onions162260.517514.5812 hour
Cucumbers57282510015 min
Grapes830287.59022.54 hour
Corn1530151.6715517.22 9 hour
Lettuce1860423.751601016 hour
Golden Potatoes502001506.25301.2524 hour
Magical Raspberries10085-25-5250505 hour
Magic Blueberries6055-5-51101101 hour
Pineapples4085454.7220011.12 18 hour
Cantaloupes2246245.7514017.58 hour
Green Peppers5 94108101205 min

Paint Color Unlock Details

  • Brown : Complete an image of a Lamp Post.
  • Dark Blue : Complete an image of some Mushrooms.
  • Green : Complete an image of Smurfette.
  • Grey : Complete an image of a Well.
  • Maroon : Complete an image of a Smurf Hut.
  • Pink : Complete an image of Papa Smurf.
  • Sky Blue : Complete an image of some Flowers.
  • Violet : Complete an image of a Cake.
  • Yellow : Complete an image of a Gift Box.

  • Unlock Additional Paint Colors

    After unlocking Painter Smurf (using 30 Smurfberries), you will be able to paint the roofs of huts, fences, benches, bridges, etc. At first, only the first three colors will be available (Blue, Red, and White). To unlock the other colors, simply play the Painter Smurf's minigame and complete all the pictures with at least a "close to perefection" ranking. (Note, you cannot unlock colors in "Practice" mode)

    Fast Harvesting

    Go to settings after planting then change the time then get back to your village.

    Unlimited Free Smurfberrys! ( Also On IGN.)

    You will need to be at least level 25 and do the quests to unlock the mountain. (To level up just use pumpkin and then change the date forward a day. ) When you go to the Mountain there is a little pile of rocks. Just tap it and you will see that you need resources to build 1/5 of it. Now to get the resources do the following:
    Wood: To get wood just add a day to your time and then get it at timber smurfs. Repeat until you have enough.
    Stone: To get stone just add a day to your time and then get it at miner smurfs. Repeat until you have enough.
    Dye: To get this you will need 100 coins per 2 Dye you want. Go to the island and if you don't have architect smurf build it (change the date for free instant build. ) Now just send rafts out on a dye voyage and they will each come back with 2 dye (Change the day forward a day for the raft to instantly come back.
    Each time you click build it will take either 1 or 2 days Just change the date forward a 2 days and do the next step.
    After you entirely build the windmill (Takes a while. ) You tap it for a smurfberry. Change the date forward a week (or a month since its faster. ) and go back. You will have another smurfberry. Repeat this step a bunch and you will be rich in smurfberrys for free!


    Fast Cash Glitch

    You can get some cash quick from your crops by playing with the time a little. First, head to your phone's Settings menu and choose "General." Next, select "Date and Time" and turn off "Set Automatically" and change the time for your crops manually. But note, you can only get away with this glitch about 20 times before some Smurfs leave. This messes with your phone's time a little, but works good if you play over many days.

    Using Autosave To Restore Village

    The iphone game automatically saves the village each day. If you want to revert to a previous day or lost your village for any reason you can use the following hidden feature: Start the game, select Options from the main menu and tap Papa Smurf 16 times (not the "Restart Game" feature next to his icon). After the 16th time a new option will be available in the bottom right corner called "Recover Village". Select it to find a list of saved games.


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    Easter eggs

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