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  • February 23, 2006


How To Unlock The 3 Missing Characters

On sonic riders, after you beaten both story modes, you will have 2 missions. Beat the 2 missions and a 3rd mission will appear. Defeat the 3rd mission and you will get all three unknown characters on your character subscreen.

Unlock AiAi, Nights, & Ulala

To unlock these three characters, beat all of Jet's, Wave's, and Storm's missions.

Flying/power Knuckles?

Ultimate Knuckles is power and flying. All you need is knuckles and the magic carpet or the acsess board. I prefer access board because it is cheaper and knuckles does not look good on a carpet. Right?

Secret Passage Way In Night Chase

When you land after the first ramp go through the passage way on the far right (it's easier to get there if you have power in the game) towards the end of the path there will be a big opening on the right, turn and go into the opening. It saves more air.

Earn Rings Easily And Faster (only Works On 1 Player)

In order to do this, you must have the magic carpet. First, go to free race. Choose the rule setting. Set the laps to 1. Then, go to Sand Ruins and select any power character (I recommend Knuckles because he is faster than other power characters), then choose the magic carpet for your air ride. If you don't have it, buy it in the store. If it's not there. Oh well. As you start the race, keep going straight into the first power short cut. Then, once you are out, go to the up coming fly short cut and go through ALL the fly rings. You will go onto the higher section of the track and will come across a 100 ring capsule. Get it, and finish the race without falling. Repeat this step repeatedly and have many rings!

Maximam Rings Per Race

The maximum rings you can get in a race is 100.

Speed Boost

To get a slight speed boost, while turning, use the brakes and if your going left, hold L, if going right, hold R and hold the Analog Stick the way you're turning, then while doing that, when you're in a big area with turning, do whatever turn it is and hold it the other way, (only if you're in a big area) and you'll get a speed boost from using brakes.

100 Rings

In Metal City, do a front flip off the first jump so that you land on the second level passage. On the straightaway, go to the left side. You should see an item box with 100 rings. You have to jump to get it. It takes you straight to level 3!!

Shadow's Board

For those of you who are ticked off that Shadow doesn't have a matching air board, think again. Once you earn enough rings go to the shop and buy the Power Gear. It's an amazing board: great speed, dash, turn, and cornering... plus it matches Shadow's colors.

Taxi In Sega Carnival

To ride the taxi, you need to get into the place with the sign that reads "Crazy Taxi." Then go behind the giant arrow sign. You will jump inside the taxi and ride for a little while.

Sega Carnival And Sega Illusion

To unlock these two stages you must complete the world cup tornament in first to recieve a gold emblem for the Heroes Cup to unlock sega carnival and Babylon Cup to unlock sega illusion.

The Final Level

When you beat Sky Road (Team Babylon Story Moad) don't think that its over. You have to battle the gaurd of babylon garden. The Only way to beat him is to hit the vase under him 3 times use dash to catch up, and heres a shock your Sonic well good Luck

Rainbow Ride

In splash canyon right before you do the big jump (before you cross the finish line)press down on the remote controller and it will send you up high and will ride the Rainbow ride for about 5 seconds.

Easy 300 Rings

If you play World Grand Prix in Normal Race and you get your high score, a bronze medal will be near your charachter's name once you finish, then you will be awarded 300 rings. (spend wisely!)

Unlock Magic Carpet

Beat the Babylon storymode.

Unlock Mission Mode

Complete the Heroes Story.

Unlocking Other Mission Modes

To get Jet's missions, beat Storm's and Wave's missions. Get Wave's missions by completing Babylon's Red Canyon or Night Chase. Get Storm's missions by completing the Heroes story.

Unlock The Babylon Story

To unlock the Babylon Story, complete the Heroes story.

Unlock SEGA Stages

To unlock the stages SEGA Carnival and SEGA Illusion.

Unlock Babylon Guardian & Digital Dimension

To unlock these two stages, complete the Babylon story.

Unlock Cream, Shadow, & Rouge

To unlock these three characters, beat Hero Story Mode.

Select A Random Character

On the character select screen, press the R button to select a random character.

Unlock Super Sonic

To unlock Super Sonic, get all gold emblems on Mission Mode. On the character select screen, one of Sonic's vehicles is a chaos emerald. Select that to use Super Sonic.

Unlock E-10000R

To unlock E-10000R, play the game for at least 50 hours.

Unlock E-10000G

To unlock E-10000G, play the game for at least 20 hours.

Head Start

Once the race starts, press B as fast as you can.


We have no cheats or codes for Sonic Riders yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


SEGA Carnival

Get a gold medal for Heroes Cup of the World Grand Prix.

Easter eggs

Unlock Dr. Eggman

To unlock Dr. Eggman, beat the Babylon Story.


We have no glitches for Sonic Riders yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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