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  • Spyro 2: Enter The Dragonfly
  • Action, Adventure
  • Insomniac Games
  • Vivendi Universal Interactive
  • Everyone
  • November 7, 2002


Free The Kites In Dragonfly Dojo

Flash back to Frozen Altars in Spyro 3. What did you do to get some gems? If you said freeze your friends, ding ding ding ding ding!!!! YOu are CORRECT! Freeze the dragon asking for help. What, you don't have that power yet!?! come back when you do! also, you only get one dragonfly for all the kites.

When you get all other dragonflies a new mission will come up called "Around the Bend". It took me a while to find it. First, go to the place where the tank game was, but don't go in. Then go to the edge where if you took 1 step you would fall, and follow it. The dragonfly will be behind a tree. It will not run from you.

The Path To The Green Dragonfly

In the beginning place of Luau Island, go up both "swirly things" (as the bears in cloud 9 call them) and then go through the tunnel. Look around using the right analog stick. When you see the high platform with Zoe on it, go in the water and swim up under it, and then dive. The cave will be in front of you. Then swim through it, go on the land, climb up the ladder (open the gates, too), and follow the tunnel. It will lead you to the platform that Zoe was on. To get to the next platform, jump towards it and as soon as you are in the air, hover, (press triangle) and you should make it to the next platform. Do this with the other 3 platforms. If you miss and fall, then just go in the underwater cave again. Once you get to the last platform, kill the wooden idols. On the left of you will be a ladder. Climb it, and take the challenge. To take the challenge, fire at all the tiki faces. Then blue platforms will rise from the water below. They will lead to a green dragonfly.

Falling In Air

Go to the same pool of water in the first world (or to any other pool of water that you can dive into), but this time stay at the edge. Get as close as you can to the shore, the jump forward just a little and headbash the edge. If you did it right, Spyro should start falling with out going anywhere. Then you can pretend you're flying and go everywhere. If Spyro ends up on land or in the water, either it didn't work or you messed up, and you should just try, try again. Note: This glitch has pretty much the same effects as Swimming in Air, but with the added bonus that Spyro keeps moving forward without the help of a controller.

Swimming In Air

In the first world, when you go through the electric gate, there is a huge swimming pool of water. Dive into the water and swim along the net at the other side until you find a section of the net to the right of the far left purple plant. Once you find it, charge at it. At first, you'll just be swim-charging, but then you go through the net. You will still be swimming, but you will be able to go anywhere in the level. To play normally, break the surface of the pool. Note: This glitch allows you to go through the tops of mountains, enter Ripto’s dungeon early, and swim past “the end of the world.” You can also tint the world BLUE!!!

Extra Lives

Every eight butterflies that Sparx eats will gain you an extra life.

Jurassic Jungle-Dragonfly Locations

 1)  Recover Lab Pieces
 2)  Gem Statue
 3)  Lightning Challenge
 4)  Locked in a Chest
 5)  Thief Chase
 6)  Attack of the Caveman
 7)  Inside the Temple
 8)  On the Lava
 9)  ?????????
10) Tower

Thieves Den-Dragonfly Locations

 1)  ???????
 2)  Locked in a Chest
 3)  Ice Challenge
 4)  On the loose
 5)  Over the Edge
 6)  Chopping Block
 7)  The Lantern Perch
 8)  ?????????
 9)  ?????????
10) ?????????

Honey Marsh-Dragonfly Locations

 1)  Treetop
 2)  Locked in a Chest
 3)  Beehives
 4)  Honey Stills
 5)  Thief Chase
 6)  Around the Bend
 7)  On the loose
 8)  Walking the Planks
 9)  Honey Slide
10) Honey Tank

Monkey Monastery-Dragonfly Locations

 1)  On the loose
 2)  ??????????
 3)  On the Ledge
 4)  Locked in a Chest
 5)  Hunting Wiptocs
 6)  On Thin Ice
 7)  Behind the Doors
 8)  Ice Slide I
 9)  Ice Slide II
10)  ?????????

Luau Island-Dragonfly Locations

 1)  Behind the Statue
 2)  Mountaintop
 3)  Chill the Pig
 4)  In the Hoosegow
 5)  Landslide
 6)  Tiki Fire Breath
 7)  On the loose
 8)  Mantaray
 9)  Drum song I
10) Drum Song II

Crop Circle Country-Dragonfly Locations

 1)  In the Pastures
 2)  On the loose
 3)  Up the Broken Bridge
 4)  Cow Herding!
 5)  UFO's Attack!
 6)  Free the Cows
 7)  Super Flame Challenge
 8)  Cow Abduction I
 9)  Cow Abduction II
10) Platform Panic

Dragonfly Dojo-Dragonfly Locations

 1)  Elder Dragons
 2)  On the loose
 3)  In the Mists
 4)  In the Corridor
 5)  Baby Dragons
 6)  Lonely Island
 7)  Climbing Steps
 8)  Dojo Time Trial
 9)  Dojo Race
10) Tank Mini Game

Bow And Arrow Riptocs

In leval Cloud 9 there are riptocs with bow and arrows. You can either use your wing sheild to deflect the arrows or use your charge move to kill them.


To get into the second stage in the Ripto battle, you need to have at least 85% of the game done. To get to the thrid stage of the level, you need to have at 100% of the game done. NOTE: Beating Ripto does not up the percentage of what you've done in the game.

Riptocs With Snowballs

You can kill Riptoc with snowballs by using your wing sheild (L2+R2) the snowballs bounce back to kill them.

Something Special

In the artic level the Riptocs that throw a snowball at you can only be head-bashed!!!!


Unlimied Lives

Press left right left right right right up down square at the title screen.

All Levels

Press start an hold L1 and R1 then type in: up, down, left, right, circle, square, circle, square.


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