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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Unknown
  • Konami
  • Teen


Rest For Free

You can go into any Inn and rest for free which will give you all of your HP back. All you need to do is go in and talk to the Inn keeper then select stay, when they ask you if you would like to save your game press triangle to cancel. Your Hp will be restored free of charge. :)

Open Air Bath

Recruit Tetsu in Lakewest. While you are in the Kobold section of Two River City, stop to buy a few Fried Tacos. When you eat these, there is a probability of becoming toasty. Return to Lakewest and make sure there is steam releasing from the Hero's body. Talk to Tetsu and he will provide you his service, and you will have acquired an Open Air Bath. You must first have the Jungle Bath model. Exit and renter the Jungle bath at least twenty times until you have obtained the Open Air Bath.

Maximum Potch

Note: You must have already recruited the armor shop owner to your armies cause for this trick to work. Once this has been done, go to his shop. This glitch involves some simple calculations, use the following example as a guide to see how it is done. Equip one character with Dragon Armor (23,000 potch), and make sure that at least two other characters have no armor equipped, but can wear Draqon Armor. You should also have 23,000 to 30,000 potch. Talk to the armorer, go to buy, then choose to purchase Dragon Armor. When prompted to place it in the bag or to equip it, choose to equip it on the character already wearing Dragon Armor. When prompted to sell the old armor or put it in the bag, cancel the action. You should still be in buying mode for the armor. Simply purchase the two armorless characters Dragon Armor. The potch meter will reset to somewhere around 999,999.


Random Name Entry

At the name entry screen, highlight "Determine", then press L2 + R2.


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Easter eggs

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