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Custom Playlist

You must have a playlist on your Xbox already: some games have a setting in audio options that allows you to play music off of your Xbox and not off the game itself. Find it and select the name of your playlist then play the game and you will hear your music.

Opening CD Drive Manualy

To open the CD drive manualy take something small like a needle and put it in the small hole located near the CD open/close button. Put it in at an angle and work the drive out (may take a few times)

Playing Burned Music Discs

Burn music onto a CD-RW (not a CD-R) disc, and close the session when you burn the CD. Place it in your X-Box and rip it. Note: This also works with .MP3 files. The Xbox can store .MP3s and replay them later and saves a lot of space when compared to the .WAV files that are standard on audio discs.

Music Fractals Via DVD Remote

When listening to an audio CD or soundtrack press the 'INFO' button on your DVD remote to enlarge the fractal window to full screen. You can also press 'X' while holding down on 'Y' (if you're using the controller).

Hear Voices

When the dash is started, leave it alone for a short time. The screen will eventually get dark, and you will begin to hear sounds. One of these is an electronic voice.

View Music Videos

Insert an audio CD and play it on the music screen. When the music plays, you can see an animation in the jewel (that plays with the music). To make this full screen, press Y then press X. To return to the track selection, press any other button.


Reset Parental Controls

Go to "Settings" and highlight the "Parental Control" option. Then, press X, Y, L, X at the passcode screen to reset the parental control setting to the default value.

Change The Name Of Your Xbox

Every Xbox has a name assigned to it from Microsoft. These names range from Howard, Penguin, Hambone...the list goes on and on (and are repeated on other machines). To find out what name your Xbox has, insert the game Halo and go to the Multiplayer settings. Select "Split Screen" and setup a 2 - 4 player game. At the Enlisted Players screen you will see a name written above the image of the Xbox. That is your Xbox name. To change this name, play the Survival Mode in Dead or Alive 3 (also for Xbox) and score in the Top Ten. When you enter your name, that will become your new Xbox name. Note: You may want to write down your original Xbox name in case you want to change it back. (At this point, it is not known how to change the name back other than to earn another spot on the Top Ten of DOA 3).

Hidden "Thank You!" FMV Sequence

Insert an audio CD, then stop the CD when it begins playing at the CD player screen. Press B, then select "Copy" and press A. Choose the "Select All" option, then press A and select the "Copy" option. Create a new soundtrack and enter "<>" as a name. Select "Done" and press A.


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Easter eggs

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