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  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year and Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition
  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Take2
  • Take2 Interactive Software
  • Mature
  • September 10, 2007


Easy Money Or Items For Starters

When you start the games its pretty hard so don't go do the main quest yet go to any town join the fighters guild you can take anything. Also if you did that don't STEAL go to the imperial city market district the crates will provide gold or other items that will help starts for this game - GOOD LUCK you'll need it.

Easy Way To Steal Tons Of Stuff And Not Have It Taken Away

This is a great hint for theives like myself. What you do is get all the stuff you can carry with out becoming encumbered and go to a fence and drop everything near that place. Then go to jail or pay gold and when you go back, everything is there - sometimes there is one or two items missing.

Unsteal The Item You Stole

Find a dead body (or make one). Then you take the stolen items and put then on the bodys possesion. Then exit the body. Then open the body and take the items. Well la the items arnt stolen.

Really Easy Money

Go to Imperial Telos Plaza Palace, then go to Dorian's house and bribe him until you can't bribe any more. Then kill one-hit kill him and search his body and you'll find that when you try to get the gold back it's still there - infinite gold (just keep pressing a on the gold!)

(Very)Easy Money For Begginers

First while you are doin the tuttorial you will attack a goblin/troll thing, (it stands infront of a big bowl) it will drop a staff with a ugly @$$ head on it, pick that up. next- while you are in the tutotial or just traviling you will pik up some gold, well hold on to about 100 of it. You will go to imperial and at he mystic store you will buy 4 scrolls. Thye must be the same scroll. There will be 16 but for this you only need 4. double click a on the 4 staked scrolls in your inventorey then drop your flare scroll if you still have it (if not get 1 more of a cheap scroll diffrent from the other 4)then look on the floor and pick up 1 scroll. do this about 4-6 times then pick up all scrolls on the floor there should be like 20 or so more of them. go back to your inventorey and double click on the scroll you have the most of then drop the "ugly head staff" PRESTO! They each sells for 200-400 depending on your merchanting skills. And make sure you atleast keep 1 so you can keep doing this. Also it might take some time to sell them all becuse of the limit the person give you. I litteraly started doing thiss yesterday and in about 2 hours of doing this non stop I had a little over 300k.

Easily Level Up Your Sneak

In the Dark Brotherhood quest, Accidents Happen, you have to kill the guy by dropping a Minotaur's head on him. After you kill him his servant, Gromm, will go stand in front of the chair with the body in it. Go to the second floor of the house and walk back and forth in the big open room (where you can see Gromm) while sneaking. It is an easy and affective way to level up your sneak. (It works better if you have the Dark Brotherhood outfit given to you on. ).

Easy Money With Duplication

Go to Leyawinn and talk to the count. He will tell you about Mazoga The Orc go to her and do what she tells you. After that talk to the count and he will tell you about the black bandits, talk to Mazoga and she'll tell you were to go. Kill the people and take two or three of the black bows go to the count and duplicate the bows. So when you talk to him about the black bows he keeps giving you gold!

Easy Aecrobatics Skill Up

Its very simple - all you have too do is go up to a mountain don't go up it yet just travel there then just jump up it the whole way mine went up very fast!

Infinite Bound Armour And Weapons

First you need a bound armor or weapon spell, anyone will do. Second you need some repair hammers. And third an enemy. What you do is attack the enemy so he attacks back. If he's already attacking then cast the spell. Let him/her/it hit you so it damages the weapon or armor. Then kill the enemy and repair the item. Then drop it and wait for the timer to run out. * pick it up and it will always be in your inventory. It weighs nothing and is pretty strong so its really helpful. Especially if your starting out. *If your item is still in your inventory when the timer runs out, it will disappear.

Quick Armor, Block, And Amorer Level Up.

First play through the main story line until you get to be in the temple where the blades live. Then go into the sleeping chambers with your armor and shield with a weak spell that will get them to attack you and get in the corner, when you get enough on you just block half and let the other half of your body exposed. That way you'll get leveled up at the same rate. If you have gone in the story line enough you should be able to yield to them and they will all leave than go to sleep and regain your health and level up, in between training you can also repair your armor to get armoring very high. You will need to have about 2 or 3 thousand gold to pay off the fine but its worth it. Just remember not to kill any or they will charge you much more. And don't have a weapon equipped while doing this because it could easily be disarmed and glitch into the wall (happened to me). With this hint you can have a very high chance of getting the best armor and weapons from dead foes.

Easy Money

If you go to the shivering isles and see an orc named Ushnar, kill him and he will have 28,000 clubs. It may sound stupid but if you sell all of them you should get 57,000 gold.

Increase Your Armor Skills Fast

To increase your light and heavy armor skills faster then normal go to Anvil, then go to Arvena Thelas's house (The rat problem lady) go down to her basement unequip an weapon you have and punch all the rats down there once. They will attack you and increase your armor skills. But don't kill them. You lose your health but at a very slow rate.

Alternate Duplication

First get two or more scrolls of the same kind then double tap the scroll (with two or more) select the item you want duplicated and press A, drop item.


To duplicate things all you need to have is arrows, a sword, and something to duplicate. Put the arrows on. Now get your sword out and attack but press B when it is pulled back. Click the arrows once or twice until it says cannot equip while attacking. Then go down to the thing you want to duplicate and drop it. If you did it right the sword will cut it and it multiplies. This doesn't work on big things, weapons and clothes. But it is very useful when you have a ruby and you duplicate it and then sell it.


We have no cheats or codes for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


First Achievement

This is the first achievement and the easiest one to get. All you have to do is complete the tutorial. When you get out of the sewers, you will get it.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Duplication Glitch

There are four ways to do this glitch. I will tell you all of them. Any Notes will be indicated by *.
1. First, you need two or more of the same scroll. Go to your inventory highlight the scroll and press A twice. Then drop the item you wish to duplicate. *
2. This way you can only do with zero weight items. First, you need arrows. Reverse pickpocket (pickpocket someone then go to your inventory by pressing LT). Attempt to put in the arrows but a message will say only weight items can be put in. Then put in the item you wish to dupe. Switch to his/her inventory and claim your items. **
3. You need two different types of arrows and a bow. Pull back your bow with arrows equipped but don't fire, instead go into your inventory and press A on the arrows you have equipped. Then Press A TWICE on the second type of arrows. Drop the item you wish to dupe. ***
4. You need a sword and arrows. Equip your arrows. Pull back your sword and in mid-swing open your inventory. Press A on your arrows untill a message appears saying you can't change weapons while attacking. Drop the item your wish to dupe. ****
*However many scrolls you have will be the amount of duplicated items you get.
**However many arrows you have will be the amount of dupelicated items you get. If your caught, you won't take any items from their inventory.
***However many arrows you have is the amount of duplicated items you get. Notice how the second arrows change to the number of the first arrows. Drop them and you will be able to have all of them.
****However many arrows you have is the amount of duplicated items you get.

Duplicate Glitch

First get two of the same scrolls, doesn't matter what kind. Make sure you have only one of the item you wont to duplicate. Then simply just go to your scrolls, of 2, and click them 2 times. Then go to your item and drop it.


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