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  • Wind Waker: The Legend of Zelda and Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Action, Adventure
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • March 26, 2003


Trash In The Ocean

When you lower your hook from your sailboat near a glowing mark in the water, you might pick up trash, such as a boot, instead of a treasure chest.

Fly Into Mtn On Outset

Go to outset island and use a hyoi pear to control a bird, then fly below the bridge and go behind the rock pilar to where you had to drop down to with knuckles. Note: to know exactly where I'm talking about, use the tingle tuner (and your game boy advance with connector cord) and walk around with tingle near grandmas house, until you run into knuckles and follow his clues to where he wants you to go and at the very end of his trials is where I'm talking about (below the bridge that leads to the forest) and fly toward the mountain until the bird flys into it and you can freely fly around and see the outside of the mtn go towards a wall to exit. Note: you can't get back in unless you go back to the last knuckle spot.

Ghost Ship Chart

Go to all the submarines and defeat all of them and there enemies and you can also you can just fly across the bottom but you can't just do that after get the boat you have to wait until you go get your last pearl I hope this was useful.

Easy Money And Get An Oasis

Play hide in seek with the kids on Windfall Island. Then report to the teacher inside the school. Go talk to the kids again and they will tell you that the teacher likes Joy Pendents. Go in the school and give the teacher 20 pendents. She will give you the cabana deed. Now go to Oasis (show the deed to the doorman) and go in the house. (the Oasis will be named after you) look at the mixed up pic on the wall the doorman will ask you if you want to play say yes. When you finish it he will give you lots of money.

Geting The Joy Penants And Golden Feathers Easier

I am first going to state the golden feather glitch: to get the golden feathers easier, you have to have the grappling hook, once you have it go back to the part of the temple where a golden feathered bird is and take its golden feather with the grapple, then leave the room and come back and steal it again with the grapple, you can do this many times to get the max feathers (this may work in other places but hasn't been tested by me) for the joy pennants glitch, you HAVE to have the grapple, get on your boat and find the submarine in the ocean, there will be a pirate outside the sub, use the grapple to steal a joy penat from him, then go inside the sub and steal the joy penants from the other three pirates, then leave and get the penant from the one outside again and then repeat until you have the 60 joy penants to give to the school teacher on Windfall iland, she will give you 20rupees for one, a house for 20 more, and a mask that can read an enemies health level in Ztargeting (it can also read boss's health level too) (and this glitch might also work in other places but hasn't been tested bye me).

Easier Way To Get The Delux Picto-box

After you have found the picto-box, and have completed the 3 picto-box challenges, head to Forest Haven (make sure you have an empty bottle). There catch a forest firefly. Head back to windfall island and go visit the picto-box guy. He will then explain how to make the picto-box show color. Show him the firefly and he will fix the picto-box to create the delux picto-box.

Joy Pendants

If you give 41 joy pendants to the school-teacher on Windfall Island, she will give you a special prize. However you will be unable to give her them without first finding the key pendant. After playing hide and seek with the Killer Bees, they will ask you to give the teacher an apology from them. Then when you come back out they will be talking about how the teacher loves joy pendants. The leader will mention that he say one on the top of a tree. This tree is the one by the bomb shop. Roll into it, and the necklace will fall down as the gang congrats you. Take the necklace to the teacher and she'll be so happy that she'll give you a red rupee (20) Continue to show her your pendants when you have one, twenty, and then forty-one. The final prize is very useful in combat.

No Sound

As soon as you jump into a flower thing, pause and then un-pause. It won't make a sound when you're in it.

Tha Amazing Grass-Cutting Pig!

Whenever you slice a pig with your sword a couple of times, it turns red and starts to chase you. Use that to your advantage and run around in the grass. If the pig is still following you, it will run in the grass and cut the grass for you.

Deflecting With Bottles

Phantom Ganon always throws a ball of energy at you and you have to deflect it with your sword. Well, you can also use bottles. Set an empty bottle to X, Y, or Z and swing the bottle as the ball of energy is about to hit you. You will have to hit the ball of energy multiple times just like you did with the sword.

Biohazard Girl

If you look closely at Medli, you'll probably notice right away that here eyes are red. But if you look closer, you'll notice that there is a bio hazard sign on her dress.


When you come across a Moblin, get close enough to it to where it sees you and comes after you. L-target it and run away from it. after a little while stop, and take a step toward it. It should salute you for a second and he continue to attack you.

Extra Life

This will only work if you have en empty bottle. Equip the empty bottle, when you see a orb with wings (a fairy) catch it in the bottle. Do not use the fairy. When your heart containers run out the fairy will revive you.

Link And The King Of Red Lions Figure

For Link and the King of Red Lions in the Nintendo Gallery, you have to get everyone except Knuckle (Tingle's brother that can only be found with the Tingle Tuner on Outset Island). After you get it, thou, you can't ever get Knuckle.

Free Figures

If you want a figure of Aryll, take a picture of Grandma. Take it to the Nintendo Gallery and you'll get Aryll for free. Buy a picture of the King of Hyrule and get Princess Zelda free. Take a picture of Tetra to get the rest of the pirates. Take a picture of the Rito Cheiftain to get Quill the postman for free.

Hurricane Spin

To get the Hurricane Spin, collect 11 Knights Crests and go to the guy that gives you the sword on Outset Island. You will have to give him one, then he will ask you to bring 10 more. after that, then you talk to him, and he will show you how to do the Hurricane spin!

The Waterfall Cave

On Forest Haven, go to the bit with the waterfall and the grappling point, use your grappling hook, and stop (press R) then get moving again, but only a bit. With luck, you should let go, and land in this little cave behind the waterfall on the right. Doesn't seem to have signficance, but it sure looks cool.

The Best Potion

To get the best potion, the elixer soup, first you have to save your grandma when she is sick, which is after you have gotten the red boat, and you return home. To heal her, you have to stand close to her, and use a fairy in one of your bottles. When she is healed, she will give you the elixer soup on demand. This soup rocks. It completely heals you and your magic power and you do double damage with your sword until you take damage, and to top it off, you get 2 HELPINGS. The only downside is that you can only carry 1 bottle full at a time.

See The Hero Of Time

After getting the password to the pirates ship, go in Tetra's room over the bed is his picture.

Joy Pendant Stealer

When you are sailing around the oceans you will see tall mastlike platforms that usually have two badguys waiting at the top wiht swords or even telescopes. Use your grappling hook on them and you will take a joy pendant from their pocket. This is useful when trying to get the 40 pendants for the "health seeing eye".

Find The Lost Sages

To recover the lost sages of the earth air temple you must find the new sages. Makar (the air sage) is to be found at Forest Haven. Listen for violin music coming from the waterfall. (you will see music notes coming from the waterfall) Use your grappling hook on the bar above the waterfall and you will be in the cave. Play wind gods aria in front of makar. (make sure you have iron boots for the temple of course) Medli (earth sage) is found at dragon roost island. Follow the sound of the harp until you come to a place where there is a gap across the ocean. Use the deku leaf (wiht a good wind of course) to go across and talk to medli. Play the earth gods lyric for her and awaken her as a sage.

Learning The Song Of Passing

After you receive the wind waker, show it to Tott on Windfall Island (the guy in front of the gravestone). Then, he'll show you the movements. With this song, you'll be able to change day to night and vice versa.


If you have a fairy in your bottle when you run out of hearts, the fairy will automatically come out and heal you. The fairy will restore a maximum of 10 (ten) hearts.

Boss's Door Room

In the Boss's Door Room in the Wind Temple, you have to get Makar across the wind jets. You can also carry him across. What you do is you push the first block across so that it is blocking the first two traps on the left or right side. Then, push the final block one space to the left so you have a clear path. Put on the heavy boots and carry Makar across. Once you are all the way across, put Makar down and play the Wind God's Aria to knock down the block and reveal the boss's door.

Tingle Statues

There are a total of 5 Tingle Statues. You need to use a Tingle Bomb to uncover the treasure chest. They are: Dragon Tingle Statue (Dragon Roost Cavern, Lava Passage), Forbidden Tingle Statue (Forbidden Woods, Treasure Room), Goddess Tingle Statue (Tower of the Gods, North Room 1F), Earth Tingle Statue (Earth Temple, Misty Room B1), and Wind Tingle Statue (Wind Temple, Ledge Room 1F). Once you find them, you can view them on Tingle Island.


In Ganondorf's tower, be ready for a long fight. You will have to fight the bosses from Dragon Rost Island (Ghoma), Forest Haven (Kalle Demos), Earth Temple (Jalhalla), Wind Temple (Molgera), Phantom Ganon (multiple times), and Ganondorf himself. When you go into the first four boss doors, it will be in black and white. When you fight the first four bosses, you will only have the items that you had when you originally fought them. After you defeat them, you will have all of your items back.

Great Fairies

There are a total of 8 Great Faries out on The Great Sea. They are all scattered over a wide area, but if you have learned the Ballad Of Gales from Cyclos, they're all relatively close to the warp points. Here they are: 1.) The Fairy Queen lives in the center of Mother and Child Isles (B2). The only way to get there is to conduct the Ballad Of Gales. Besides the Fairy Queen, there are seven other Great Fairies. Two of them increase your rupee carrying capacity, two increase you bomb carrying capacity, another two for arrows, and the last one doubles your magic meter. They are... Bomb Faries:: Eastern Fairy Island (E3) Southern Fairy Island (D6) Arrow Fairies:: Western Fairy Island (A3) Thorned Fairy Island (G4) Rupee Fairies:: Northern Fairy Island (C1) Outset Island (B7) Magic Meter Fairy:: Two-Eye Reef (D7) ****NOTES**** *The main way that you can tell a "fairy" island apart from the others is that they look like short, pin-like towers on the horizon. **The rupee fairy on Outset Island is in the woods where you rescued Tetra. You need to float over where the bridge used to be using your deku leaf, go in the entrance, and work your way through the forest till you reach a giant boulder. Bomb the boulder and fall down the hole. ***The magic meter fairy is inside the only four- eyed giant squid in the game (next to the reef). To defeat the squid (and any others), you need to sail towards the circling flock of seagulls, target all the eyes at once with your boomerang and attack untill it dies, and try not to get sucked into the whirlpool. ****You have to have certain items before you can reach each fairy. I STRONGLY reccomend that you wait till you're done with the Earth and Wind temples before you start searching for them.

Yawning Boat

Look at the King of Red Lions boat for a while. Eventually it will yawn.

Defeat Gannon Easier

You Will Need:
-Magic shield from Zunari (Purple Prism)
-Extended magic bar from fairy in the Squid
-4 Bottles-3 fairies and an elixir from grandma

Go through and fight Gannon like it says on all of the other tutorials, but when you get to the part where Zelda gets knocked out, turn the magic shield on, so that you just have to get the parry attacks on him and not have to block his blows, use grandma's soup if you run out of magic. *You can get your magic to last the entire battle using the soup.*

See Opponent's Energy

In The Wind Waker, it is possible to see your opponents energy. (Note: You need 41 Joy Pendants) After the second visit to the forsaken fortress, go back to Windfall Island. Next, talk to the teacher in the Joy School. She will ask you to take care of the killer bees (the group of four kids that follow you around if you are near them), as in talk to them, because she is fed up with their behavior. Go outside and talk to the leader. He will tell you to play hide-and-seek. Find all four kids (one is on the tree near the gate - roll into it), and they will ask you to apologise to the teacher for them. Talk to the teacher, then walk out. The kids will hint out that the teacher likes Joy Pendants. Go in and give her one. She will say she would like about 20, but she also says that probably wouldn't happen. Next, use the joy pendants, and she takes 20, and gives you the deed to the "Private Oasis". Giver her another 20, and she gives you an item that lets you see the life of your opponents.

Finding Makar (for Wind Temple)

In order to find Makar later in the game, you have to do something a little tricky. Go to the Forest Haven, and when you reach the first Baba Bud, go left instead of right. Stand in front of the water. If it is not already, change the wind's direction to south. Take out your Deku Leaf, and float into the right waterfall. Continue through the hidden cave to find Makar playing his instrument. Play the Wind God's Aria here.

Alternate Music Part 2

This way is harder but you can choose anyname. Once you beat the game and play the second play game file it will have the same music as puting "Zelda" in.

Get Killed By A Pig

On outset island. Pick up a pig and put it in a enclosed area. If you have a sword slash the pig. It will turn red and then kill you.

Start Out With Deluxe Picto-Box/Alternate Clothes

All you need to do is have the picto-box in the first game,beat the first game, start the second game, and you'll start out with the deluxe picto- box in the second game. To get the alternate clothes,just beat the first game and start the second game, and you'll start out with the clothes you had on before you got the hero's clothes in the first game(the blue pajamas). Aryll will also have some clothes that the pirates gave her at the end of the first game (red skirt with a white skull on it).

Easy Money On Dragon Roost Island

Travel to Dragon Roost island and go up to the mail delivering service and go on the secong floor. There they want you to mail letters for part-time job. Once you mail twenty-five letters, you can keep doing that to earn money.

Defeat The Sorry Disgrace Of A Ghost In Earth Isle

First, there should be a couple of those light holes around the room.Run to one of those and aim your Mirror Shield at the ghost.After a couple seconds of Light[DIE!], It will become nontransparent and then you need to pick it up and throw it at one of the large spiked pillars around the room. It will bust into a bunch of little ghosts and then then you need to run around the room like a nut and whack 'em. Or you could just unleash the power of the super spin. Kill every last one of them and then the mask of the ghost[the fat one] will get afraid and run up to the ceiling where it will get hit by a beam of light and that will finish that sorry disgrace of a ghost in the earth temple!

Pajamas...and A New Outfit.

Beat the game once and you can play through the game wearing Link's pajamas. Also, Aryll will have a new outfit.

Defeat Ganondorf

When you first start to battle Ganondorf, keep striking at him with your sword. Zelda will be shooting Ganondorf with the Light Arrows, so unless you distract him, he will jump back and dodge the Light Arrow. When Zelda hits him, he will be stunned. Hit him with your sword as much as you can. Keep doing all this until Ganon sees what Zelda's doing and hits her. Use Parry Attacks until Zelda gets up. Now she will be aiming at you. Pull out your shield when ever she shouts out. The Light Arrow will reflect off your shield and hit Ganondorf. He will pause for a few seconds. Use a Parry Attack to defeat him.

Getting Past The Gaurds At The Casle

At the casle to get past the gaurds simply lift up the barrel and slowly walk when the gaurd looks or smells nere you stop moving and the barrel will cover you.

Easy Money To Read Triforce Maps

You know that Tingle will make the triforce maps readable for you, but he charges a high price for this. First, you should get the 1,000 pouch rupee holder. With you able to carry a lot more rupees you should make your way to Outset Island (Note: you must be at the part where your gathering the Triforce Maps). Go up to the place where you found the map on onset. Just keep going threw the first levels over and over again defeating the emnemies. This way you will get your money quicker than you thought.

Triforce Map 8: Over Look Island (7,G)

Use the Hookshot to climb the cliffs with the trees. Continue till you reach the hole. When you get in, you will find yourself with the same thing you did on Stone Watcher Island. Just defeat the enemies in the four rooms and the two Knights after that. Then play the Winds Requiem on the creast to make the chest to appear.

Triforce Map 7: Stone Watcher Island (3,C)

Crawl up the the top of the Island and use the Power Bracelets to pick up the giant stone face, revealing the hole. Inside, you will have to clear four rooms with enemies in them. After you defeat the enemies in the four rooms and you will have to take on 2 Knights to get to the room with the crest. With the Knights gone, go into the room and play the Winds Requiem on the creast to make the chest to appear.

Triforce Map 6: Outset Island (2,A)

Note: this area has a ton of enemies to defeat, and if you are not that good with your sword, then I suggest bringing atleast 1 bottle of grandmas soup with you in a bottle. Use the Hookshot to pull yoursel up to the tree on the hill. Lift up the Face Rock and fall into the hole. The dungon has 30 levels for you to defeat, with each with almost every enemy game seperated in each floor. As you go on, you will find little floors with lots of money and hearts to heal you if you need it. When you get to the end, play the Winds Requiem on the creast and the chest will appear. If you want to get more money, use the Mirror Shield to destroy the statue and combat in 20 more levels in the dungon.

Triforce Map 5: Golden Cannon Boat (1,C)

Find the golden boat and his partners near Needle Rock Island (1,C). Sink it and lights will apear, if the light is in the golden boat then your done, but if it lands in another you must follow the red map that you find. Just follow the order of the maps, and they go in this order (Map 16,>Map 28>Map 3>Map 40>Triforce Map 5.

Triforce Map 4: Ghost Ship

Head to Diamond Steppe Island (1,B) and use the hookshot to lift yourself up to the tree. Climb all the way up, again using the hookshot, and fall into the hole. Run around from warper to warper killing enemys as you go. You will soon find the correct path to the Ghost Ship Map. The Ghost Ship appears in certain places depending on the phase of the moon. Find the ship at night by looking at your map at night and it will show its position. Once you find the Ghost Ship, go inside and kill all the ememys. This will let the ladder to the creast, play the Winds Requiem to make the chest appear.

Triforce Map 3: Birds Peak Rock (7,C)

Using a Hyoi Pear, call a seagull to fly around the top and hit all six switches with its beak. When all six are activated the gate will rise. Jump in and play the Winds Requiem on the creast and the chest will appear.

Triforce Map 2: Links Oasis (5,C)

Play hide in seek with the kids on Windfall Island. Then report to the teacher inside the school. Go talk to the kids again and they will tell you that the teacher likes Joy Pendents. Go in the school and give the teacher 20 pendents. She will give you the cabana deed. Now go to Links Oasis and go in the house. Use the grapling hook to put the switch on the roof and make your way into the fireplace. Search through the area of mazes in tell you find the crest. Play the Winds Requiem and the chest will appear.

Triforce Map 1: Islet Of Steel (2,B)

Destroy the boats surrounding the area and cannons if you like.Then sail inside the area. Play the Winds Requiem on the creat to make the chest appear.

Obtain The Fire & Ice Arrow's & Learn The Ballad Of Gales

In order to obtain the Fire & Ice arrows yo must have the Hero's Bow. Then in the sea, locate a cyclone & sail your boat into it. A gigantic frog looking monster will pop out of the cyclon. You'll only have a limited time to shoot him until he suck you in the cyclon. If you fail to hit him with the arrows, you'll be randomly warp to a location on he map. If you hit him with about 3 arrows he will give up and teach yu the Ballad Of Gales. This song will warp you to any cyclone located on the map. Once you learn the Ballad Of Galles warp to the cyclone spot located directly next to the Forsken Fortress. The warp takes inside a little island that is covered in layers of rocks. Inside you'll meet the Great Fairy & she will give you the Fire & Ice arrows. The arrows need magic power in order to work. Your MP cost for the arrowsshould be 2.

Bottle Locations

Bottle #1 (6,F): This one is given to you by Medli right before you start the Dragon Dungon.

Bottle #2 (2,E): Purchase this from Super Beedle for 500 rupees.

Bottle #3 (6,C): Get this one from  the Submarine at Submarine #3 (6,C).

Bottle #4 (4,F): You will need to go to windfall at night.  Find the poor girl on the island.  You will need to follow her, but stay a quite bit distance away.  Just have her barely in your screen view.  When you get the Zunari's safe.  She will try to crack it, which means you go and talk to her which will cause a sequence of questions. Then she will give you the final bottle.

Submarine Locations

There are a total of seven submarines located in the sea. The following is a list of all seven and what you receive for completing them: Submarine 1: (3,A) Treasure Map 14 Submarine 2: (7,A) Heart Container Submarine 3: (6,C) Bottle Submarine 4: (4,D) Heart Container Submarine 5: (7,F) Red Map, Watch Tower Locations Submarine 6: (3,G) Treasure Map 22 Submarine 7: (5,G) Treasure Map 9

Giant Squid Locations

There are six Giant Squid hidden throughout the ocean. You can see where they are by looking for seagulls flying in a circle over the water. When you sail your boat in the correct spot, a Giant Squid will appear. To defeat the squid, lock onto the eyes with the boomerang. The following is a list of Giant Squids and their rewards: Four Eyed Squid: (4,A) Great Fairy: 2x Magic Meter Eight Eyed Squid: (1,B) 100 Rupees Eight Eyed Squid: (5,C) 100 Rupees Eight Eyed Squid: (6,E) 100 Rupees Twelve Eyed Squid: (3,E) Heart Container Twelve Eyed Squid: (6,G) Heart Container

Zunari: Magic Shield

Get Flower One from Zunari on Windfall Island after defeating God's Tower. Bring it to the Goron Trader on Mother and Child Island (2,F) and he will give you Flower Two. Bring Flower Two to the Goron Trader on Great Fish Isle (2,D) and he will give you Flower Three. Bring Flower Three to Zunari and you will receive the Magic Shield. This allows you to cut damage taken in half, but also takes Magic Energy.

Windfall Island: Enemy HP Scanner

After you have completed the hide 'n' seek game on Windfall Island, you will be able to give Mrs. Marie (the teacher) Joy Pendants. Give her 41 pendants and you will receive the Enemy HP Scanner. This allows you to see enemies' hit points.

Windfall Island: Purchasing The Sail

While on Windfall Island, you will meet an Eskimo named Zunari. He will offer you an item named "That" for 80 rupees. Buy "That" to find out it is the Sail. The Sail is required to use the King of Red Lions.

Taura Island: Finding The Tingle Tuner (GBA)

When you get to Taura Island, you will find Tingle trapped in a jail cell. Set him free by smashing all the jars in the corner of the room and step on the switch. After a discussion, Tingle will give you the map to Tingle Island and the Tingle Tuner. You can now use your Game Boy Advance to communicate with Tingle.

Outset Island: Super Spin Attack

Go to Outset Island and give Orca ten Knight Belts and he will teach you the Super Spin Attack. To perform it, hold B, wait until it fully charges, then release. Link will then spin rapidly for six seconds.

Outset Island: 5,000 Rupee Pouch

On the very top of Outset Island, float across the gap with the Deku Leaf. Bomb the rock in front of the cave and talk to the Great Fairy. She will give you the Rupee Pouch.

Defeating Zeetlock

After escaping the flood, use the Magic Hammer and hit Zeetlock to make him fall into the water. When it tries to perform a beak smash on you, dodge it and its beak will get stuck, making it weak. Smack it with the hammer until its helmet cracks off. Now strike Zeetlock's head with your sword to defeat it.

Defeating The God's Tower Boss

Auto lock onto the Boss' hands using your bow and fire. Then, shoot arrows at the two red eyes. When its head drops to the ground, throw a bomb into its mouth. Repeat this three times and it will fall.

Defeating Ganondorf

When Princess Zelda shoots Ganondorf with a Light Arrow, walk up and hit him with a few sword combos. Once Ganondorf receives enough damage, line yourself up with Princess Zelda, so that when she fires a Light Arrow towards you, Link can deflect it off the Mirror Shield and hit Ganondorf. Once Ganondorf is stunned, move in and hit him with your sword. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Defeating The Forest Haven Boss

You must first disconnect all of the roots from the ceiling using the boomerang. Work fast before the roots grow back. When it falls from the ceiling, quickly attack the weak center. After ten to twelve sword hits, the Boss will be defeated.

Defeating The Dragon Roost Island Boss

When the battle starts, use the grapple hook and grab on to the red tail that is hanging from the ceiling and swing across the Boss. It will cause a large boulder to drop on his head and stun him. Then, attack his eye with your sword to defeat him.

Defeating Desert Sand Ray

Equip the Hookshot and target the tip of the purple tentacle. Once you grab the tentacle, slice it with your sword. Get back before it closes up on you and continue to Hookshot the tentacle and attack it with your sword until it dies.

The Roaming Eye

Stuck in a room? Simple! All you need to do is stand in one place for a while and Link will start to look around the room. Sometimes, he'll look at a switch or whatever you need to activate.

Alternate Costumes And DX Camera

Successfully complete the game and save at the end. Start another game with that saved game file. Aril will be wearing the skull shirt from the ending, Link will wear his pajamas from the beginning all the way through the game, and the DX camera that takes color pictures will be in your inventory.


Alternate Background Music

Enter "Zelda" as a name when you begin a new game to hear slightly different background music throughout the game.

Sword Attacks

     Roll attack-       press forward & A
Horizontal Slice-       press B   
  Vertical Slice-       Hold L & press B
          Thrust-       Hold L then tap up & B
     Spin Attack-       Hold B then release
    Parry Attack-       Hold L & tap A
     Jump Attack-       Hold L & press A


We have no unlockables for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Elixer Soup Glitch

First take the elixer soup out then use the soup and press start really fast. You should be at your items screen. Take out the tingle tuner (if you dont have one get it at windfall island jail) and place it in the slot where the soup is in. You should end up drinking half but you still have the full bottle. NOTE this is very useful when you need hearts really bad.


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