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  • Sims in the City, The: The Urbz
  • Simulation, Life Development Sim
  • Griptonite
  • Electronic Arts
  • Everyone
  • November 17, 2004


Storage Areas

The following places are unlocked by reaching the maximum relationship with the following people:

Lost cave in Sim quarter: 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee.

Old broken down school bus near the thrift shop: 100% relationship with Giuseppi 

Garbage can near the entrance to Club Xizzle in Glasstown : 100% relationship 
with Phoebe Twiddle.

Projection booth (door behind the snack counter of the cinema in Glasstown): 100% 
relationship with Theresa Bullhorn.

Hole behind the poster in the jail: 100% relationship with Detective Dan De Mann.

Finding The Secret Lab

Between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m., go to the executive office (the third floor) of the King's Tower. Go to the farthest corner from the bottom of the touch screen. There should be an arrow that appears when you stand in front of it. Press A, and it will open a secret passage. From there, just look around the lab for the blueprints.

For Mission S

When looking for the three workers they are Monkey aka Pro. Keys, must be over 40 with him, Jack I. Deal as drink person again over 40, and Busta as the game person also must be over 40.

Dancing Nutria

In Mission 4, Roxanne Moxie will tell you get a Dancing Nutia. Once you get your fan boat go to Nutria Island by going under the 2 bridges and keep doing until you see an island with monkeys.

Splicer Island Plans

When in Urbania, go to the dumpster near the university and large brownstone. Look at it and press A.

Getting To Splicer Island

First, you need to uncover the details of Splicer Island by giving Monkey (the hobo in the park) some food. Next, you must the Simquarter open by completing mission set 2. Talk to Sharona Faster at the docks and she will tell you about a water taxi service that she has. Do what she says and a boat will appear. Go on it to get to Splicer Island.

Get Chopper To Splicer Island

Get the chopper by completing the "Daddy Bigbucks And The Xizzle Factory" mission. Take it out to the docks where the boat to Splicer Island is located. Ride close enough to the boat so that you see the yellow arrow hanging over the boat. Press A, and you are free to roam around Splicer Island on your chopper.

Change Furniture Color

Stand next to a piece of furniture, then press R. Note: Not all pieces have alternate color.

Curing Boo

The cure for vampirism is the Chocolate Decadence recipe (2 Chocolate + 1 Flour). Feed this to Boo to cure him of being a vampire.

Crystal At Club Xizzle

If you fall asleep while Crystal is following you, she will get up and leave.

Extra Xizzle Beads

When you get a Xizzle Bead from any person when you get their relationship to 75%, do not talk to any person you got a Xizzle Bead from until their Relationship is below 40%. Then, make friends with them again and get the Relationship back up to 75%. They might give you another Xizzle Bead. This is useful in multi-player mode to get more Xizzles from a friend.

Reality Show

When doing the reality show on mission 5, get you motives up (Sleep, Food, Bathroom, Shower, Fun, Comfort) so that you can survive the eight hours. Pick up all questions before taking them to Pritchard.

Carnivale Mission

On mission 4, "Carnivale, the Dancing Natria in found on the small island in front of The "Twins' Bayou Shack" on the map.

The Bigbucks Players Mission

On mission 4, The Bigbucks Players, you need five things for decorations. Do not put anything on the stage you want to keep; you do not get them back. Use the things that people give you as housewarming gifts for no money loss.

Land Ho! Secret Mission

To find helpers talk to the monkeys and get the relationship past 50. They like to play, rubdown and scratch. Then talk to Futo Maki.

Mission For The Mann: Saving Time

When you do "Mission for the Mann", do not go to the bulletin board. Simply search the shrubbery near the museum.

Lowest Bills

Once you have gotten your bills down 40%, you can get them down even lower. If you get a roommate your bills will go down by half.

Do Not Pay Bills

When the screen with "BUSTED pay bills next time" appears, you will go to prison. You can go to the gate and pay bills. Do not do this. Instead, you will sleep for about a day and the gate will open. By doing this you will not have to pay your bills.

Easy Popularity Gain

Unlock the garbage can location from Pheobe Twiddle and put basic furnishings in it (bed, shower, fridge, etc.). Then, go into Club Xizzle next to it and talk to the people inside until you raise your Popularity. Make trips back to the garbage can to refill your needs.

Easy Rep Points

Get any rival rep group member up to 100, then ask him or her to move in with you. If they do, kick them out. You will receive a rep point for that rep group's rival. Then, repeat the process. For example, a Richie lives with a Streetie. Richie kicks the Streetie out and receives a rep point for Richie. Streeties hate Richies. Richies hate Streeties. Artsies hate Nerdies. Nerdies hate Artsies.

Faster Sleep And Comfort

Get the Bamboo Double Bed from the girl on the island near Paradise Island. You will notice that when you sleep in it, your Sleep and Comfort will turn green faster than a normal bed.

Easy Relationship With Ephram Earl

You need to get popularity high for three different goals. You may have seen the "Easy Popularity Gain" trick, and are talking to people in Club Xizzle. If you have been talking to him, you have difficulty being friends with Ephram Earl, the ghost. This is because Ephram Earl only likes being talked to. Trying to cheer him up, entertaining him, telling him jokes or bad puns, or even making rude gestures or insults, and crying just makes him angry. This takes away 6 points of relationship. You must talk to him. He loves to talk about anything. You will gain 2 points, but it will go quickly. If you buy the Xizzle, Jibba Jabba, it does not do anything to him.

Magic Lamp

Become friends with Crystal until your relationship is over 90. Invite her over your house. If she accepts, she will arrive instantly. Go to her and she will give you a Magic Lamp. You cannot place it anywhere, but can go inside the lamp by selecting it on the pocket menu. There are only two things you can do inside the lamp. There is a big golden toilet and a big bed that you can use.

Free Services

Call Services (works with all service calls). When they are almost finished, go outside then go back in. They will be gone. You can finish the work yourself and you will not have to pay.


If you have your Cooking skill at eight, whatever you bake will work.

Trash Piles

Pick up and save all the trash piles you find before they are gone. They will disappear after awhile. You will need them later, for the Artsies Rep Mission.

Telephone Calls

Always pick up your telephone when it rings. It might be a prank call or wrong number, but sometimes you can win things.


Detective Dan D Man will give you a safe if you invite him to your house.

Change Self-drawn Picture Colors

Stand next to a self-drawn picture (talk to the painter in Simquarter) so that the yellow arrow is over it. Press R, and it will invert the colors.

Rep Missions

You need to have 100% relationships with the following people to get rep missions unlocked. Note: Make sure to collect piles of trash while they are still around. This is one of the requirements in the Artsies missions. They will disappear after awhile; act fast and do not recycle them until after unlocking the Artsies missions.

Luther Bigbucks: Richies mission
Darius: Streeties mission
Polly Nomial: Nerdies mission
Roxanna Marie: Artsies mission 

Getting Recipes

When you are looking for cooking recipes ask everybody except Jack I Deal. They will tell you certain recipes. Giussepo: Strawberry Tiramasu

Motorcycle Upgrades

The best upgrades for your motorcycle are:

Suspension: Sport
Engine: Annhilerator
Nitrous Tank: Small
Tires: Racing
Chassis: Heavy

Strange Movie Color

When you are in the room that has the movie screen, talk to anyone. Exit the talk screen. The movie screen will be in a strange color, but the footage is the same.


When you beat Dusty Hogg in the motorcycle race, he'll give you your own motorcycle. It is VERY useful!

Keep Your Hoverboard

Keep it because later in the game walking will be illegal.


When your gaurding the graveyard, you will have to choose exactly the right words and no matter what dont let him in. Then Daddy Bigbucks will send Darius to the graveyard to deal with you. If you choose a goofy name, he will just walk right by you. It has to be a crazy name. Then you're done with the graveyard...

Make Big Money

If you whant to get $1,000 all you need to do is go to club xzizzle then go to "Buy Xzizzle". Then buy the one that says "get rich", but I dont know if thats right. But it does mintion something about Money. To get it you need 3 xzizzle beads.

Accessing Moon Base Zeta

Purchase a green meteorite off the Internet shopping. Then, with the meteorite still in you pocket, go to Sim Quarter and use the telephone booth. The moon base, where you can buy the Rocket Bed and Cheese Modulator will now be open.


Club Xizzle Password

The password to Club Xizzle is "bucket".


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Easter eggs

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