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  • Action, Adventure
  • Vivendi Universal Games
  • Vivendi Universal Interactive
  • Everyone
  • August 10, 2004


Bonus Hoverbike Level

Enter the password then start the first level and die. You'll be taken to the Bonus Hoverbike Level.


Level Passwords

Level 2 

Level 3 

Level 4 

Level 5 

Hoverbike Level 
Jeff, Island, Virgil, Jeff

End Sequence 
FAB1, FAB1, Penny, Virgil

Level 1-1 
Tin-Tin, Island, Hood, Jeff

Level 1-2 
Scott, Thunderbird 5, Hood, Jeff

Level 1-3 
Parker, Virgil, Mole, Mole

Level 1-4 
Tin-Tin, Penny, Island, Alan

Level 1-5 
Kyrano, FAB2, Island, Thunderbird 4

Level 2-1 
Alan, FAB1, Brains, John

Level 2-2 
Thunderbird 3, Thunderbird 5, John, Kyrano

Level 2-3 
Tin-Tin, Brains, FAB1, Brains

Level 2-4 
Parker, Hood, Kyrano, Thunderbird 5

Level 2-5 
John, Thunderbird 2, Scott, FAB2

Level 3-1 
Thunderbird 4, Thunderbird 5, Brains, Parker

Level 3-2 
Hood, FAB1, Mole, Thunderbird 4

Level 3-3 
Gordon, Thunderbird 1, Virgil, Hood

Level 3-4 
Gordon, Penny, Alan, Brains

Level 4-1 
Mole, Jeff Thunderbird 5, Scott

Level 4-2 
Virgil, Island, John FAB1

Level 4-3 
Alan, Parker, FAB1, FAB2

Level 4-4 
Thunderbird 3, Parker, FAB2, Penny

Level 5-1 
Jeff, FAB1, Kyrano, Tin-Tin

Penny Level 5-2 
Jeff, Penny, Thunderbird 1

Level 5-3 
Kyrano, Gordon, John, John

Level 5-4 
Virgil, Thunderbird 3, Thunderbird 2, Mole

Level 5-5 
Thunderbird 4, Gordon, Brains, Brains

Level 6-1 
Island, Thunderbird 5, Penny, Tin-Tin

Level 6-2 
Thunderbird 3, Thunderbird 3, Parker, Alan

Level 6-3 
Gordon, Gordon, FAB2, FAB1

Level 7-1 
Mole, Brains, Tin-Tin, Thunderbird 1

Level 7-2 
Island, John, Brains, Alan

Level 7-3 
Alan, Alan, Island, Penny

Level 7-4 
Penny, Kyrano, Alan Thunderbird 1

Level 7-5 
Thunderbird 2, Thunderbird 4, Island, Thunderbird 4

Level 7-6 
FAB2, Thunderbird 2, Hood, Virgil

Level 8-1 
Tin-Tin, Hood, Thunderbird 5, John

Level 8-2 
Scott, Thunderbird 4, Scott, Thunderbird 4

Level 8-3 
Gordon, Scott, Thunderbird 3, Thunderbird 1

Level 8-4 
Hood, Thunderbird 5, Kyrano, Hood

Level 8-5 
Thunderbird 5, Mole, Thunderbird 3, Jeff

Level 8-6 
Scott, Thunderbird 5, Scott, Mole

Level 9-1 
Thunderbird 2, Scott, Jeff, Virgil

Level 9-2 
Gordon, Thunderbird 1, Scott

Mission 1, Level 2 
Scott Tracy, Thunderbird 5, The Evil Hood, Jeff Tracy

Mission 1, Level 3 
Tin-Tin, Lady Penelope, Tracy Island, Alan Tracy

Endless Time In Levels

Parker, Alan, Thunderbird 4, Thunderbird 2


Thunderbird 2, Mole, Jeff, Gordon


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