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  • Sports, Skateboarding
  • Neversoft Entertainment
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • October 20, 2005


Invisible Skateboard

You can only do this in Free Skate. Go to Beverly Hills. Then go behind the gas station (with the 69 ball)and behind the wall their will be a door along the wall. Stand with the board towards the door. Then hit the start button, go to Your Progress, then go to set restart. Find a place to grind then fall the direction of the door. After you found a grinding spot, fall towards the door. Right after you fall push start, go to your progress, then hit go to restart. You should go through the door, bounce off a wall, then come back. If not bounce back, then repeat the process till you get it right. Then press circle then square really fast. Either you will hit the top ledge and fall, or you will go sky high. NOTE: Make sure you drop the board while in air. Then once you hit the ground, you will be Skate Boarding, except while using no board! PS. Don't get off your board or else you can't get back on the invisible skateboard.

How To Get The Shack And Couch Easier

To unlock a shack and couch easier, you have to put in a cheat called moon gravity and then on the side with no blocks you do two frontflips and then you do a wallrun. But be patient, it takes sometime.

Secret Plce In The Mall In Hollywood

First go in hollywood under free skate go to the mall go up the stairs straight to the skateboard ramp go up it either to the right or left of the ramp try to get behind the ramp when you get to the top jump off and you should be able to go behind the ramp it is a awesome place but you will need moon gravity to do this hope it works for everyone.

Slide UP Ladders

Go up a ladder (enough so you can slide down far, )and hold circle to slide down, then (while sliding, ) hold up on the left analog stick, you should stop, (wait 5-10 seconds, )then let go of circle while still holding up and you SHOULD do it. Repeat as needed. Jump (x) or pause to stop.

Get Higher On Walls

To get higher on walls, press L1 and R1 at the same time to get off your board. Approach a wall and run up it, while you are on the wall and getting ready to fall press x twice to get to higher obstacles.

Unlimited Points

Go to Downtown as any skater.You know where the dumpster is? Well from there you will see a building with a fence around it. There will be a ramp leading up to the building. Go of the ramp and land on the roof of the building without landing in the grass. You will fall through the roof and you will be in a place with clouds all around you. You can do all of the tricks that you want and they will all be counted as a combo. When you are ready, you can jump out and you will be counted for all of the points that you just got.

Leave Whenever You Want

When you are at the oil rig do the mission to leave because you can always go back to the rig. To get back on the oil rig before the huge tunnel starts to go at an up angle start grinding the yellow pipe and you'll fly out of the tunnel and onto the oil rig

Burst Of Speed

Go really fast on the bike. Then suddenly get off while going really fast (L1 and R1). Then the board will come and as soon as you get on you will get a sudden burst of speed.

How To Get Into The Skate Ranch Easier

Instead of goin through all of the skaters just go to Boone first and then you dont have to do the other skaters and the Skate Ranch is opened.

Play As Boone In Briefs

Get a 100% gap completion to unlock Boone in his briefs.

Oil Rig

Make sure you don't leave the Rig too early because you can't get back to the Rig.


To get Robo-Tony, Succesfully beat Story mode on Easy.

How To Get Mindy

If you want to skate with Mindy just successfuly beat the classic mode and the story mode with the Mike V board.

How To Make A Speed Arena

First go to create a modes. Then choose create an arena. Change the setting to anything you want (I suggest Racecar.) Then create a bowl with those speed things (you know the things with the arrows ^.) Make your arena small (make it completely small then add 1 to each side) because it doesn't take up much room. Then when your done add some ramps or something (I don't care) and put the speed boosters on the outside. You will be able to do a lot of neat things like 1440s and stuff.

Play As Boone

Successfully complete Classic mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Boone.


Moon Gravity

Go to the cheat code menu and type in "2them00n" then you will have moon gravity

Perfect Skitch

At main menu go to options and go to cheat codes. Enter h!tchar!de

Unlock Mindy

Enter "help1nghand" and you will have mindy (NOTE: This cheat IS CASE SENSETIVE!!!)

Get Mat Hoffman

To get mat hoffman, type in "the_condor" as a code.

Always Special

To be always special put in uronfire at the cheats screen.

Perfect Skitch

Enter "h!tchar!de" as a code.

Perfect Manual

Enter "2wheels!" as a code.

Perfect Rail

Enter "grindxpert" as a code.


To unlock Jason Ellis type in sirius-DJ at the cheat code screen.


We have no unlockables for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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