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  • Sports, Skateboarding
  • Neversoft Entertainment
  • Activision
  • Everyone
  • August 24, 2001


Grind On Water

In Philadelphia go to the fountian and look straight at the center and jump as if you were going to jump in and press the grind button.

Ventura's 2nd Secret

Once you get started go forward and just jump up on the ramp. Next turn left. Then jump on the rail. Finally turn right and you are in the 2nd secret area.

The Cheats

For Each person you beat the game with, you will earn a special cheat. Here are the cheats you get when you get 100% with everyone. (P.S.: You have to get 100% on every level, that includes all three gold medals and all the goals.)

1.) Tony Hawk - 80's Tony, McSqueeb
2.) Bob Burnquist - Skip to Restart Cheat
3.) Steve Caballero - Perfect Balance Cheat
4.) Kareem Cambell - Wireframe Cheat
5.) Rune Glifberg - Slow-Nic Cheat
6.) Eric Koston - Big Head Cheat
7.) Bucky Lasek - Weight Cheat
8.) Rodney Mullen - Sim Mode Cheat
9.) Chad Muska - Smooth Cheat
10.) Andrew Reynolds - Moon Physics Cheat
11.) Geoff Rowley - Stud Cheat
12.) Elissa Steamer - Kid Mode Cheat
13.) Jaime Thomas - Always Special Cheat
14.) Created Person - Spider Man
15.) Get 275 Gaps - Officer Dick- Disco Mode Cheat
17.) Spider Man - Super Speed Cheat
18.) All of The Gaps in The Game, INCLUDING Skate Heaven, Trixie
Complete the Game with every normal person, not the hidden characters, and you will unlock the Matt Hoffman BMX Factory and Skate Heaven.

Sticker Change On The Ramps In 2nd Level

Go to the 2nd level. Go to a ramp, rember the sticker on the ramp. Then restart the level. Go to the same ramp, and the sticker is different.

Cheat Codes At Cheat Menu

First, complete the game with any skater. You will have cheat menu. To see the cheat menu go into options and there will be cheats (you have to beat the game for this to work) you will have one cheat code. Select it on and then go back to the game play and try it out. Tor more cheat codes complete the game with more skaters. You will get one code for each time you beat the game. But for some codes like perfect balance (grinding code)you have to beat the game with all skaters in the game.

Over View Of Park

To get a over view of the park you want to put on double moon physics code. After that in the school or 1st level 9those are the only i has tested so far) go off a very large quarter pipe or very high launch. Then you want to get up as high as you can. At the 1st level you can see over and cross over the seperation glass walls black top. Also at the side where you leave to go outside you go off its 1/4 pipe and you can see the snow etc. and even cross over with out opening the door and/or grinding the helicopter. In the school you will get a airial view of the school campus

How To Get Secret Tape On First Level

When you first start out,there's glass on your left.Then you see a plain,go over it or on the side of it.Then theres a ramp and glass on the side, go into the glass and theres a helicopter grind the top then the garage on your right will open then theres 3 barrels stacked on top of each other then jump into or on the side of them.Last theres a ramp in front of you go up it then you got the secet tape on the first level.And at the end of the run you will get about 500$.

Secret At The First Level

By the half pipe, (on the wall) is a helecopter wing. On the helecopter wing is a pilot wing. Grind on the helecopter and a secret wall will appear. Their is lots of money in there. Note: When you grind on it, you have to touch the yellow part on the the end of it.

Get Hidden Tape At Venice B.

Put in double Moon physics. Jump on to the first roof. Then jump on to the second roof. Don't jump off the ramp. Jump off next to it. Then, jump over the cross bar.

Play As Spider-Man

Successfully complete the game by completing all level objectives in career mode with a created skater.

France's Secret

Go to the area where all the trees are and in the center of the giant planter the will be a hunters rope. Skate over it and a big tree will fall down and hit the wall. The wall will fall down and there will be hole with blue light coming out of it. When you go down the hole there will be a smart aleak sentence at the top of the screen. Where am I? and ......Ohhhhhhhhhhhh are examples. There will be a lot of Money. Note: This is good for completing your gap cheaklist.

Make The Basketball Hoops Fall Over

In New York City, New York when you start go diagonally right and jump over the wall or go down the ramp. You should be next to the three big ramps on the hotel building and Joeys Sculpture. Go up the other ramp,(The one right in front of you) and then take a right and their should be a big brick wall. Put on Double Moon Physics (Hold L C-down, C-left, C-Right, C-Left, Up, C-Down, Right, C-Down(2) to Make it easier.) Jump that wall, grind on the pole next to it,or take the subway rays either way will get you there and then go straight and follow the wall to your left. If you keep going you should see the two basket ball hoops. Jump the rail and then go up to it and grind on the top of it. This will make it fall over and then disappear. Do the same to the other one. It doesn't help you but it's fun!

Make The Complete Loop The Loop

Unlock the final level (Bullring, Mexico) and go to the loop. When you are going up do an ollie and you should either complete the loop or go half way around and fall on your head.

More Speed

To get more speed, Hold A or C-Down

Skate Heaven Level

Get 100% completion with all skaters.

Easy 900's

Get your special full, then ride up to any quarterpipe with a fair amount of speed. Do a boneless for big air and then press the buttons to do a 900. (Right, Down, C-right for N64.) You will land it almost every time.

Competition 2

When you first start the second competition you do a 90 degree turn to your left. There's a black bar that sort of loops around the quarter- pipe. If you grind it about 3 quarters of the way threw it opens the a secret area. From where you first start the secret area is a 90 degree right turn and all the way over to the wall. It's a big doorway in the wall fenced in but when you grind that black pipe it opens.

Mexico's Secret

When and if you reach the last level/competition there is a bull. It runs around inside in incaged area if you get into that area and skate over-top of some neon colored bull crap it reveals money.

Helicopter Blow Up

Do the grinder on the helicopter wing.

Get Up Faster

Rapidly press Up and Down when you fall down to get up faster.

Another Way To Get Perfect Balance

Another way to get perfect balance is kinda hard. You have to get 100% goals and cash in every level, and get all gold medels in all three competitions. The good thing is when you save it, the cheat stays in the cheat menu section!!!!

Easily make the "MASSIVE 20 SET!!!" in Venice Beach

You really don't need speed for this. When approaching the 20 set, instead of just doing an ollie, just wallride and ollie out of it (do a wallie.) Now you should make the set simply!

Play As McSqueeb

Successfully complete the game by completing all level objectives in career mode with Tony Hawk to unlock 80's Tony Hawk (Tony Hawk's Style C).

Play As Trixie

Get all the gaps in each of the regular levels in career mode.

Get The Secret Tape In School

When you go up the ramp to the the "K" as part of skate, follow the tire marks right before the bushes. When you go down the wooden platform, let go of Down-C and you can get up on top of the roof and get the secret tape.


Infinite $$$$$$

To get unlimited money to buy decks and skills with, pause the game and hold L, then press C- LEFT, C-LEFT, UP, C-RIGHT, C-UP, DOWN. When entered correctly, the pause screen will shake.

Perfect Balance

*This code has the potential to wreck your game*. Press and hold L, then press C-DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, C-LEFT, C-DOWN, C-UP, C-RIGHT, C-LEFT. If done correctly, the pause screen will shake.

Multiply Score X 10

To multiply your score by ten, pause the game and hold L. Then press C-DOWN, C-DOWN, C-DOWN, C- DOWN, C-UP, RIGHT, C-RIGHT, RIGHT. When done correctly, the pause screen will shake.

Unlock Flight Mode

To unlock Flight Mode, pause the game and hold L. Then press RIGHT, UP, C-DOWN, C-UP, C-DOWN, C- LEFT,C-LEFT, C-RIGHT. If you do it properly, the screen will shake. Now your skater will be able to fly. Press and hold ollie to go up into the air and use the stick or D-Pad to maneuver.

Unlock Double Moon Physics

To unlock Double Moon Physics, pause the game and hold L, then press C-DOWN, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT, C- LEFT, UP, C-DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, C-DOWN, C-DOWN. If entered correctly, the pause screen will shake.

Slow-Nic Mode (Slow-Motion Tricks)

Pause the game, then hold L and press C-Up, Down, Left, C-Left, C-Down, C-Up, C- Right. If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake.

Turbo Mode

Pause the game, then hold L and press C-Left, C-Down, C-Up, Down, Up, Right to increase the speed of the game by 25%. If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake.

Skip To Restart (Random Start Locations)

Pause the game, then hold L and press C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, Down, C-Up(2). If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake.


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Easter eggs

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