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  • Sports, Wrestling
  • Asmik Ace
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • October 26, 1998


How To Pin

L is how you pin.

Jump Over Peple

First you grapple them(any way) and throw them into the ropes. Then when they are about to hit you, press L and you'll jump over them! (or you you will lye down) except you have to do it at just the right time.

Specials Off Ropes

Use Chris Benoit or DDP: After activating a special throw your opponent to the ropes, when your opponent runs back to you click the joystick.

Controll Corner-man Who Comes Out With Wresteler

Use the 3rd and 4th controll to move the cornerman

Perform Automatic Reversal

When your opponent does a weak or strong attack (such as by pressing B), press R when he hits your character to automatically reverse the move.

Perform Opponent's Special Move

Begin a match and allow your character's spirit meter to fill until it begins to flash "Special". Then, hit your opponent with a strong or weak grapple and press A + B.

Perform Opponent's Taunt

Rotate the Analog-stick in a counter-clockwise circle when your opponent or tag team member uses a taunt. If in tag team or battle royal mode then your wrestler will use the taunt of the wrestler he is focused on.

Perform Opponent's Ground Moves

Press A + B together while your opponent is on the ground.

Get Out Of Any Pin Or Submission Move

Move the Analog-stick while your character is in a submission move or pin.

Obtain A Weapon

Leave the ring during a match. Then, enter the crowd and press C-Up.

Alternate Taunts

Hold Down on the Analog-stick while your wrestler is standing. Then, your wrestler will do the taunt that is normally done when getting up from a move.

Alternate Introduction

Change the costumes of any of the wrestlers, then allow the beginning introduction sequence to appear again. The wrestlers will be wearing the new costumes.

Change Silver Belts Back To Gold Belts

Enter championship mode and select any belt. Then, select the wrestler who has the belt, and watch the introduction sequence. When he is getting in the ring, the belt will be gold again. Alternatively, just reset the game.

Silver Belts

When Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and The Giant are speaking at the microphone during the opening sequence, press A to have silver belts instead of gold.

NWO Belt

Use Hollywood Hogan to win the World Heavyweight belt.

World Heavyweight Mode

Win the U.S. Heavyweight belt.

TV Title Mode

Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

Wrestle As Managers

Select one-on-one exhibition mode and choose wrestlers that have managers. Begin the match, then press Z on controllers three and four.

Wrestle As THQ Man

Highlight AKI man on the character selection screen and press C-Down.

Wrestle As Mortis/Kanyon

Win the TV title to select Kanyon in the WCW.

How To Get Past WCW/NWO Revenge

If you want to get past this game QUICK you can go to a turnbuckle and press the analog stick (Don't clim up) to make your SPECIAL! come up quicker. When you get your SPECIAL! you should keep using it constantly on your opponent to really hurt him (Maybe Two-Three times). If your fast enough and do your Special on your opponent you can pick him up again and keep doing your Special untill it is gone. You will be able to pin your opponent in no time depending on the Special that your character has. You can also do your opponent's Special if you don't like your character's Special that much or at all by pressing A when you've got your Special to grapple and then pressing both A and B. Another way to make your Special go up is by pressing the analog stick (Make sure your opponent is not close where he can grapple you) and by climbing the turnbuckle and pressing it.

Wrestle As Rowdy Roddy Piper

Win the World Heavyweight Belt.

Wrestle As Meng And Barbarian

Win the Tag Team Belts.

Easy Way To Make Your Special Go Up

Go on one of the turnbuckles and press the Analog-stick to execute a taunt.

Hints, Tips, And Tricks

DDP taunt done by Kimberly

Select Diamond Dallas Page as a wrestler in single player mode, so he appears 
with Kimberly. During the match, go outside the ring and stand close to Kimberly. 
Then, perform his taunt and Kimberly will do it with him. 

Diamond Cutter

Select Diamond Dallas Page as a wrestler. Then, throw your opponent to the rope 
after getting a special. When he comes back, tap the Analog-stick, then hold it in 
one direction just before he reaches your wrestler to throw him into the air and 
follow up with a Diamond Cutter.

Cross-Face Crippler

Select Chris Beniot as a wrestler. Throw your opponent to the rope after getting a 
special. Then when he comes back, hold the Analog-stick to do the Cross-Face 

Death Valley Driver

Select Saturn as a wrestler. Execute a strong grapple, hold Down, then press B.

Vader Bomb

Select Chris Jericho as a wrestler. Throw your opponent to the rope after getting 
a special, and keep punching until he is down. Then, approach the turnbuckle and 
press A.

Fake suicide dive when cruiserwieght

When playing as a Cruiserweight and your opponent is outside the ring, run to the 
rope. Then when running back to your opponent, hold the Analog-stick to do a 
fake suicide dive.

Low blow/desperation move

Allow your opponent to execute any move on your wrestler. Hold R, then hold B 
while your wrestler is getting up.

Automatic move reversal

When your opponent does a weak or strong attack (such as by pressing B), press 
R when he hits your character to automatically reverse the move.

Playable Managers

Note: You must have 4 controllers to do this! Go to One-On-One Exhibition match and choose wrestlers that have managers (ex. Macho Man w/Kimberly). After you start playing, press Z on the 3rd and 4th controllers and you will take control of the managers.

Wrestle As Kidman

Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

Wrestle As Curt Henning

Win all nine U.S. Heavyweight competition rounds.

Nitro Arena Bug

If you are fighting in the entrance, just throw your opponent at the black door at the end. He will bounce off the door like he was thrown against the ropes.

Defeat You're Opponent Faster

When you are fighting an opponent, try to do 10 grapples and then try to pin them. That will make you're opponent lose. This works in all sections of the game this will help win the belts too!


We have no cheats or codes for WCW/nWo Revenge yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for WCW/nWo Revenge yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for WCW/nWo Revenge yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for WCW/nWo Revenge yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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