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  • SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth: WWE
  • Sports, Wrestling
  • Yukes
  • THQ
  • Teen
  • November 14, 2002


Playing As Other Superstatrs In A Season Mode

To play as another superstar the screen will say play, waych, interfenceand skip. Hit X and then go to play.

Faster Way To Beat The Slobber Knocker

Select slobber knocker. Select Steve Austin. Once you start, immediately start using the Stunners on your opponents. They will usually give you a KO. If not, just pin them and you'll get a 3 count. If you don't feel like using Steve, just give your favorite wrestler or diva the Stunner, and you will get the same result. Note: Sometimes Hogan ans Undertaker and others will pin out of the Stunner.

The Best Way To Get Out Of A Pin Or A Submission

By pressing ( square + d-pad + shoulder buttons ).

How To Stand On The Ring (Not Inside)

When outside the ring go a little ways away from the ring the run and push square right before you get to the ring. Then you should be standing outside on the ring. Takes a few times to work.

Do Your Opponent's Special Moves

You can do your opponent's moves against them. Fill up 2 Smackdowns and press L1 + L2 in the correct position. Note: This does not work in survival mode.

How To Ride Undertaker's Motorcycle

To ride Undertaker's motorcycle you have to go to the rigth side of the motorcycle and press R1 ok.

Use A Chair And Not Get DQed

First you must get a special "s" thing and then go outside and get a chair then throw it into the ring. Then throw the ref into the corner. Hit you opponent in the stomach with the chair then "Get Nasty" and do your chair special (I like the VanDamanator the best) but be sure to throw the chair outside of the ring or the ref might DQ you. after that pin him/her for the win.

Unlimited Specials

Get a move like the swanton bomb2 as a special. then get on red. then do some high flying moves a couple of times then hit your swanton bomb then you should have endless specials.

Get RVD Foam Hands

In a hardcore/I quit match go to the corridor and run to the souverir shop, then press the R1 button in front of it. The character will buy the foam hand.

Frog Splash Standing On The Ground With Rob Van Dam

Choose Rob Van Dam and have a special. Use your Down + L2 taunt, which should be him jumping up. Notice that your special sign flashes up at the top. When you are in mid-air on the taunt, press L1 and he will do a Frog Splash while standing on the ground outside the ring. Note: This requires precise timing. You cannot do this while in the ring. You can also do a Split Legged Moonsault (press Down + X) the same way, with the correct timing.

Easy Damage In King Of The Ring Arena

At the King Of The Ring in season mode or while playing against a friend, choose the King Of The Ring arena (resembles like a big concrete chair over the ramp). Put your opponent on the table near the King Of The Ring chair, move in the leg and run towards it. You can climb it and do damage.

Win Every Match In Season Mode

When you lose a match in season mode. Just save the match befor you play. Then just turn off the system and start the match again.Y ou can win or lose a match just the way you want it!

Put Your Opponent Through Two Tables

Go to the apron near the stage to get a table. Then throw the table onto the Spanish announce table. Go on the announce table and pick it up and wait for the opponent to come to you. When he's on, press circle to put him on. Press circle again to grapple him and do any slamming move and both tables will break.

How To Get On The Top Of The Fist Of Smackdown!

Go to the left side of the smackdown stage. But don't fall. Instead just go to the crack beside the door and press triangle.

Getting Backstage

Go to I Quit in special pick any ring and you will be able to go backstage.

Get Your Opponent DQed

Make sure it's a DQ match!!! Go outside the ring and get a table (the apron nearest the ramp) THROW it in the ring so the ref doesn't take it from you. Throw the ref in the corner and set the table up in any corner. Let your opponent throw you into it or run into it yourself if the computer grapples you the ref is up he will call DQ if he punches you through it repeat the process. Then you will win. but this MUST be against a comp. without a special ref (or if the ref puts it staight then i guess you could.) there ya go -Cody DGC

The Fire Extinguisher

Besides throwing or bashing a fire extinguisher over your opponents head, you can use it the way it supposed to used. Pick up an extinguisher and press CIRCLE. Your wrestler will spray it in the opponent's face and stun them.

Send Oppenent For Ride

In front of "The World," there is a shopping cart. Stand near it and press the R1 button, and your wrestler will use it as a weapon. Push the cart near an opponent and press CIRCLE. Your wrestler will knock the opponent into the cart and send him/her on a little joyride.

Trash Can Attack

Pick up a trash can, and stand near an opponent. Pess CIRCLE, and your wrestler will jam the trash can over your opponent's head and smack it.

Snowball Fight

If it's wintertime in fron of the Smackdown Arena, you can throw snowballs at each other. Stand near a mound of snow and press R1. Your wrestler will roll a snowball and fling it.

Do Other SuperStars Tauts

When the macth starts go backstage to the Corridor Look around for a Foam Hand. "You may need to unlock Foam Hands" Pick it up by using R1 and stand there. Now you will start to do other WWE SuperStars Tauts

Easy Win In Season Mode

This has to be in A dq match (if a no dq match nothing will happen). As soon as the match starts (any match) knock out the ref then knock out your opponent. Go outside the ring by the appron facing the entrance ramp. Get a table and set it up in a corner. WAit untill the ref gets awake and stand near the table wait for your opponent to punch you into the table and do a table move. He will be dq'd and you will be awarded the victory. (May take a few tries but is an easy way out!)

Win Every 4-Man Tag Match

You have to be quick to do this one (it's best to practice this move in an Exhibition Tag match). Once the bell rings to begin the match, keep laying the Smackdown on your opponent until the Smackdown! Icon appears in your Player Indicator. Use your Special move on your opponent, then while he's down, quickly run to the corner of the ring his tag partner is waiting at and knock his partner to the outside of the ring. Run back to cover your opponent for the 1- 2-3. If you're quick with this and don't waist any time, you and your partner are well on the way to becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions!

Diva Pictures (not Movie)

To find pictures of some of the WWE Divas, you have to start a Season. Once you have your Season going, head for the Locker Room (it should be located near a food stand to the left of where you started). Once you go inside the Locker Room, go towards an open locker and look inside. There will be 4 pictures of the WWE Divas. (Lita, Trish, Torrie, Stacy)

One Button Opponent Special

To do your opponent special by pressing only one button: You need to taunt while they are groggy (standing specials) or at the lower body(leg specials) or other ones. While you taunt, press L1 to do their specials.

Easiest Way To Get The 100 Slobber Knockers

Pick Brock Lesnar. Immediatly after the opponent enters the ring do a running closeline. Then tap circle twice to position your self behind the opponent, press down + circle and do a chest slam, repeat this move one more time. Now tap circle twice and quickly get in front and preform the F-5, with this sequence most of the guys get knocked out and if they dont they can easily be pinned after the special move. Be sure to press the buttons accuratly and fast so the opponent cant counter. Also tap the L2 button constanly before each opponent enters the ring to quickly fill in your smackdown meter. Do this and youll get the 100 slobber knockers in a snap!

Divas FMV Sequence

Get 100 Knockouts in the Slobber Knocker match in exhibition mode to unlock the Divas FMV sequence.

Be A Special Referee

Go to special referee in special, then on 1P, 2P, 3P, Etc. screen. If you want to be one, then put your sign at the bottom and press decision. Then you can be either Shawn Micheals, Stephanice and Vince McMahon, or Ric Flair. Now you are the referee. When you get in the ring, you call the shots. To disqualify others, press L2. To cout a pin fall press L2. Watch out and be careful because you can get knocked out if someone even touches you.

Access To Rebellion And Insurrexion Pay Per Views

To get invited to the European pay per views, simply be the person holding the European title the month of the pay per view. Jim Ross will tell you at the beginning of the first week that you will go.

Move List

The Following Is a list of the movesets, and what wrestler that the moves belong too.

Move set 1 = Genichiro Tenryu
Move set 2 = Kendo Ka-Shin
Move set 3 = Keiji Mutoh
Move set 4 = Toshiaki Kawada
Move set 5 = Bill Goldberg
Move set 6 = Misc. Kung Fu
Move set 7 = Jeff Jarrett
Move set 8 = Ric Flair
Move set 9 = Scott Hall
Move set 10 = Scott Steiner
Move set 11 = Sting
Move set 12 = Terry Funk
Move set 13 = Atsushi Onita
Move set 14 = Misc. Puroresu set A
Move set 15 = Misc. Puroresu set B
Move set 16 = Taka Michinoku
Move set 17 = Ken Shamrock
Move set 18 = Rey Mysterio Jr.
Move set 19 = Great Sasuke
Move set 20 = Fred Durst move set from SD JBI
Move set 21 = Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Move set 22 = Jushin Lyger
Move set 23 = Kensuke Sasaki
Move set 24 = Masahiro Chono
Move set 25 = Manabu Nakanishi
Move set 26 = Yuji Nagata
Move set 27 = Jun Akyama
Move set 28 = Kenta Kobashi
Move set 29 = Mitshuru Misawa
Move set 30 = Vader
Move set 31 = Essa Rios
Move set 32 = Gangrel
Move set 33 = Brian Christopher
Move set 34 = Jerry Lynn
Move set 35 = Ron the truth Killings
Move set 36 = Road Dogg
Move set 37 = Antonio Inoki
Move set 38 = Akira Taue
Move set 39 = Giant Baba
Move set 40 = Big Boss Man
Move set 41 = Crash Holly
Move set 42 = D'lo Brown
Move set 43 = Sho Funaki
Move set 44 = Godfather
Move set 45 = Justin Credible
Move set 46 = Mike Awesome
Move set 47 = Perry Saturn
Move set 48 = Steve Blackman
Move set 49 = Shane Mcmahon
Move set 50 = Sean O' Haire
Move set 51 = Steven Richards
Move set 52 = Andre the Giant
Move set 53 = Bob Backlund
Move set 54 = Dean Malenko
Move set 55 = Mick Foley
Move set 56 = Naoya Ogawa
Move set 58 = Sergeant Slaughter

Climb Up Onto The Fist On The Smackdown Arena

Start any match but make sure you will be at the Smackdown arena when you play. Then go up to the titantron and go to the left of it where the lights are. Make sure you do not fall on the floor. Then on the titantron there should be a small opening. Run twords it and you will climb up onto the fist.

WWE Undisputed Championship In Story Mode

When you start story mode, the draft will being and you can pick your show. If you choose SmackDown, Vince McMahon will approach you and say that he can make you the next Undisputed Champ as long as you win your first match for him. Answer "That sounds pretty good" then win all your matches in April. You will take on the current champ the Undertaker at Backlash.

Parking Lot: Exploding Cars

In the Parking Lot area of the RAW Arena, whip your opponent into the cars four or five times. The car will explode, hurting your opponent.

Rob Van Dam: Ladder In Any Match

Choose Rob Van Dam and go to the middle of the right side of the ring. Press R1 and a ladder will appear.

Remove Turnbuckle Pads

Walk into a turnbuckle and press R1.

Matrix Effect

Do a single match and make sure interference is off. Then get a special and use it on your opponent. While your doing your special press L1 and L2 at the same time and you will do the matrix effect.


To do your finishers it is just like all the old ones just hit L1.

Unlocking Material

Unlock Divas Movie 
Get 100 Knockouts in Slobber Knocker to unlock the Divas Movie
To unlock things is Story mode win a match at the PPV and you will have a choice of things to unlock.  Since the Story mode continues like on Smackdown 2 for Playstation you will eventually have everything unlocked if you play it enough.

Win the Undisputed Championship: You have a choice of unlocking RVD Special movie or a 
Smackdown SYM Special movie. 

Win a match at Backlash PPV: You have a choice of unlocking The Rock's attire, Christian's attire, Create Parts 1, Backlash arena or Foam Hands A. 

Win a match at Judgment Day PPV: You have a choice of unlocking RVD's attire, Vince McMahon's attire, Eddie Guerrero's attire, Undertaker's attire, Create Parts 2 or Judgment Day arena. 

Win a match at King of the Ring PPV: You have a choice of unlocking Kurt Angle's attire, Edge's attire, Moves 2, Create Parts 8, King of the Ring arena or Plaza B backstage area. 

Win a match at Vengeance PPV: You have a choice of unlocking Lance Storm's attire, Raven's attire, Billy Kidman's attire, Create Parts 3, Vengeance arena A or Vengeance arena B. 

Win a match at SummerSlam PPV: Choice of unlocking Booker T's attire, Torrie Wilson's 
attire, Moves 4, Moves 6, Create Parts 9 or SummerSlam arena. 

Win a match at Unforgiven PPV: Choice of unlocking Chris Benoit's attire, Trish Stratus's attire, Moves 3, Create Parts 5, Unforgiven arena or Foam Hands B. 

Win a match at No Mercy PPV: Choice of unlocking Shawn Michaels attire, Stephanie McMahon's attire, Rikishi's attire, D-Von's attire, Molly Holly's attire or No Mercy arena. 

Win a match at Survivor Series PPV: Choice of unlocking Matt Hardy's attire, Hardcore Holly's attire, Moves 7, Moves 8, 30 Ability Points or Survivor Series arena. 

Win a match at Armageddon PPV: Choice of unlocking Ric Flair's attire, Chuck's attire, 
Billy's attire, Armageddon arena, Winter Plaza area or Winter Times Square area. 

Win a match at Royal Rumble PPV: Choice of unlocking Triple H's attire, Steve Austin's 
attire, Bubba Ray's attire, Create Parts 6, Royal Rumble arena or WWE Superstar Special Movie. 

Win a match at No Way Out PPV: Choice of unlocking Kevin Nash (for Season Mode), X-Pac 
(for Season Mode), Big Show's attire, The Big Valbowski's attire, Moves 5 or No Way Out arena. 

Win a match at WrestleMania PPV: Choice of unlocking Hulk Hogan (for Season Mode), Faarooq's attire, Bradshaw's attire, Moves 1, Create Parts 7 or WrestleMania X8 arena. 

Win a match at Insurrextion PPV: Choice of unlocking Jeff Hardy's attire, William Regal's attire, Moves 9, Create Parts 4 or Insurrextion arena. 

Win a match at Rebellion PPV: Choice of unlocking Chris Jericho's attire, Stacy Keibler's attire, Brock Lesnar's attire, Moves 10 or Rebellion arena. 


We have no cheats or codes for WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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