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  • WrestleMania X8: WWE
  • Sports, Wrestling
  • Yukes
  • THQ
  • Teen
  • June 10, 2002


Beavis In The Crowd

Mainly at the royal rumble you can see Beavis in the crowd he has orange hair and he is towards the entrance.

Unlock Ryno

Beat the hardcore chapionship to unlock Ryno

Easy Table Matches

This is the easiest way to win in a table match: Simply pick up the table by pressing A and Y (simultaneously) and then go to any of the turnbuckles and press A and Y again. Now, throw your opponent into the table/turnbuckle by pressing A and X. Then run and press B. Hopefully your opponent won't move out of the way, but I haven't seen that happen to me YET. You can also do this with the ladder.

Get Extra Points For Create-A-Wrestler

When you win a title you get ten atribute points to add to your new jobber when you defend your title you get 2 points.Do this to make your grappler the ultimate wrestler of all time!

Climb Cage Faster

If you want to climb a cage fast just do a finisher to your oponent make sure in tag fatal four or triple threat dont get hit during you finisher or after you do it ital mess it up. Note: you only have to press x to do it.

Create A Perfect Shawn Michaels

Make the body type #2 Scin color: 3rd from lightest Modify figure: chest: all -13 Face: #8 eye color: brown Hair:#2 color: darkest brown (not black) no facial no upper body clothing wrist: #1 color: black lower body: #2 logo: #6 color:Red Feet: #7 color: white Specials: sweet chin music. and body splash off top rope entrances: #1: walk 2 #2: original 1 #3: original 3 Just give the NWO song and video. submitted by: JDeezy4life

The Hurricane Championship Title

Beat Career Mode with Every Wrestler in the game including Hidden Wrestlers in less than 24 Hours.

Hidden Wrestlers

Chris Benoit: Win the WWE Undisputed Championship
Vince McMahon: Win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
Ric Flair: Win the WWE European Championship
Rhyno: Win the WWE Hardcore Championship
Raven: Win the WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship
Stacy Keibler: Win the WWE Tag Team Championships

Hidden Arenas

Orginal SmackDown! Arena:Win the WWE Undisputed Championship with The rock. Wrestlemania X7 Arena-in Exhibition,use all arenas once. Royal Rumble 2001-Win Royal Rumble with any Superstar.

Standard Strikes

To perform Standard Strikes press B.

Counter Grapples

To Counter Grapples press L.

Counter Strike

To Counter Strike press R.

Counter Your Opponents Special Move

Press L and R together.


Billy Kidman

Modify Figure: Shoulder: -15,-15,-15,-15
All: -20
Hair: 08,Color:Black
Upper Body: 03, Color Black
Elbow: 03, Color Black
Wrist: 01, Color: Black
Lower Body: 05,Color: Black
Knee: 03, Color: Black
Foot: 00 
Specials 1: Shooting Star Splash
Specials 2: Unprettier 
Entrance 1: Test
Entrance 2: Test
Entrance 3: Edge 


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Easter eggs

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