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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
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  • Squaresoft
  • Teen


Hyper Mode

Any character can use hyper mode after getting the xenogears. Hyper mode gives the gear attack level infinity for three turns. To do this, you must first get a gear up to attack level 3, then attack once more without using a deathblow. The chance of going into hyper mode is figured out by taking one tenth of the percent of Health you have lost and multiplying that number by five. Another way to figure this out is just to look to the right of the screen while in battle. It will tell you the chance of going into hyper mode. The Xenogears always has a 99% chance of doing this. This makes the final boss very easy. Also, if you select charge while in hyper mode, you will recover 10 times the normal amount of fuel.

Hidden Cash

In the beginning of the game in Lahan you can check Fei's bed for 200G.

Good Dinner

On the hill to Citan's house there is a particular tree were you can jump into. When you do this you will recieve an egg, but a bird will also fly over your head taking a point of HP away from you every few seconds. If you make it to Citan's house without giving the egg back you can do something cool. Walk into Citan's house and give his wife the egg. After Fei eats dinner he will feel bad about eating the egg and gain some weight. This won't help you in the game, but it is kind of funny.

Unorthodox No Random Battles

When in a dungeon (like the sewers in D block) open the lid [NOTE: This is not recommended by GameSages. Do this at your own risk.] to your PlayStation and the area you are in will be free of random battles allowing you to explore freely! But make sure when you leave the area (like open a door to go somewhere else) you close the lid on your PlayStation first.

Tifa Cameo

Just before you put in the second CD, you can see a picture of Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. When you're in Solaris, in the Class 2 Citizen Sector, find the room with a minigear flying around in a circle. Look above the beds and you should find a small picture of Tifa on the wall.(Not really a code but cool to know!)

The Final Battle

When you reach the Disc 2 scenario 'First and Last', it's time to win the game. Getting through Merkava can either be simple or hard, depending on your technique. Remember that pressing Select lets you view the map. AREA 1: Head for the top-right dead end which leads you to a new area. AREA 2: Dodge those beams. AREA 3: Your goal is to reach the red circle. The tunnels that surround you that can connect you to other areas are the only spots where you can battle. Hop on top of certain elevators to alter the geography here. AREA 4: Dodge thos beams again. AREA 5: Ramsus and Miang all over again. This is where you fought these two earlier. Yes, the save point and Shopkeeper Johnny are there. Johnny allows you to leave Merkava, do so at your own risk. You cannot start at this spot, you'll have to travel through all over again. Anyways, go through to where you fought Miang. Deus is in the green pit. DEUS: Many strategies exist for him, although the best one is to take out at least some of the surrounding orbs first. Each one eliminates at least one of Deus' abilities. The best part, you can fight them with ANYONE! Fei doesn't need to be in your party. Okay, which orb? At first glance they all look the same. But, they each have a different color of electricity surrounding them. The best one to take out right away is the one that has yellow. Remember not to take out your best 3 fighters for orb fights. It should look like a flat yellow design on the ground. This guy can drain your fuel at 400 units per whack. Best to equip at least 1 GNSR50 on each character (you should have at least 5 of these for a real easy fight). Now, hit this thing with Triangle attacks. Combos don't work here. Soon he'll die and victory is yours. Deus can't drain your fuel anymore. Finally, take out the red one. After every one of your attacks, he'll counter attack, but that isn't really a problem. Defeat this one and Deus can't heal. Next switch to your top 3 fighters. Start by turning everyone's Booster on. Then just whack the hell out of Deus. It's possible to complete this battle without restoring HP, but remember to keep your HP above 10,000. Also, when the hands or mini-angels fly off, you'll be counter attacked for what's usually around a combined total of 2000 HP if you have 1000 Defence. With Deus gone, some scenes will be shown and you'll have another battle to face. It'll be Xenogears alone agains one opponent. Turn Booster on and keep using combos. With proper equipment you should end up winning easily.

The Anima Dungeon 1

There are some tricky puzzles in the Anima Dungeon. The activation code for Door Lock Area B and is 0-3-2-0. Once in the Central Elevator, you'll have to input another code at each of the four terminals surrounding the elevator. The codes are as follows: Address A: 2 Address B: 4 Address C: 8 Address D: 5 After entering these codes, SEARCH the area to the right of Address A. You will then be able to activiate the elevator and proceed further.

Stones Of Dawn, Dusk And Darkness

If you go to Shevat (the UFO country), go into the old capital area. If you wander around you will find a store full of Chu-Chus. Go onto the balcony and talk to the pink Chu-Chu on top of the light cone (you have to jump and hit [X] when you touch her), she will tell you about Light, Darkness, and Dawn. She is giving you a clue to where to find the Stones of Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness. To get the Dark Stone, go down the elevator in the Chu-Chu store and go out of the door. You'll meet an old woman who will sell you some Spider Web (unless you got the web in the beginning of the game) and tell you to fish in the fountain. Go back to where you came out of, jump to the top of the fountain, and hit [X]. Fei will pull up a fish with the Dark Stone in it's mouth. Now, go to the ruined house in the old capital. In the first room there is a doll on the table by the door. It is holding the Dusk Stone. Now go outside onto the main part of the saucer (with the angel statue and the red things). Go as far as you can in the direction the statue is facing and search. You now have the Dawn Stone. Go back to the old capital and step on the circular stone under the arch. Now hit [X] and choose to go down. Go down the staircase, out the door, and go to the elevator pad you can see. Step on, activate it, and Fei will put the three stones in it. The pad will now take you to a secret room. Search the two lowest tables. One has a Chu-Chu idol that Chu-Chu can equip when she joins you, and the other one has a ton of goodies.

Secret Inscription

On the second disc, after Emeralda has grown, take her to Citan's house in the mountains and go into the shed behind the house (where you saw that big music box at the beginning of the game). Check the sides of the box a couple of times and you will read a secret inscription

Perfect Items

To get the most powerful weapons for Citan & Bart, and the best armor for your female members you need to EQUIP Trader Card (which you get by defeating Hammer) on Fei and fight Dragon on the Duneman Isle. After you beat it you will get large amount of experience points and an item. The ones I found were: 1. Death Adder (Bart) 2. Moyomo sword ( Citan) 3. Kaiser helmet (any male party member) 4. Blessed helmet (female) 5. Blessed armor (female)

Music Test

Just after beating "The Champ" Rico at the arena, head over to the Wildcat Bar in the Civilian Area in Kislev. You'll find Big Joe standing near an alley. He'll ask you for 5000 G to show you something cool. Give him the gold, but he'll take it and run. Let him have it. Later, after the air raid by Aveh, you'll see Big Joe in the city map. He'll apologize for ganking your gold and tell you to look in the alley again. You'll find the M Disc, which you can play in the juke box in the Wildcat.

Midori's Ring

I've seen some of the FAQs that mentions Midori's ring which can be found behind the flower bed at Citan's house. In the earlier part of the game, Fei would not give the ring to Midori. However, after Shevat has crashed. Talk to Midori (in the queen's old bedroom). you will exchange the ring with her. She will give you hercules ring that when worned would increase the XP you gain by 50%. Incidently, you can also get that ring from the Chu Chu's room in shevat (where the old chu chu was yapping about his ancient treasures). just go in front of the gear parts stall and take the lift to go up. search the two tables. Of course the crashed shevat changes from time to time. so after exploring the continent, regularly come back to check out shevat again. behind the gear counter, there is a hole. go through there and the man hole that follows to find your self in a gigantic warehouse. there you meet a man that will offer to create a weapon to destroy Dues. of course that weapon is none other than Citan's sword. The above tips are for disc 2. but this one works when you get ygdrassil (sand cruiser, sea cruiser or flying cruiser). you land somewhere, get your gears damaged or run out of fuel and etc. go back to the ygdrassil and then press square to enter inside the ship. if you know check your menu, you will see that your gears are fully restored. you MUST however enter the ship. just pressing X and climbing on the ship does not work.

Kijin Sword

At the episode "First and Last", you will find yourself in the Snowfield Hideout. Citan must be in your party. Find the Gearshop and there you will find a passage way. At the end of the passage, you'll find a hole. Enter it and you'll find a man in a large area. Unequip the Kishin Sword from Fenrir then talk to that man. After a bit long talk he will present to you the enhanced Kishin Sword now known as KIJIN

Infinite Ammo For Billy (and Renmazou)

To get infinite ammo for Billy first you will need 2 guns. Simply equip a different gun then re- equip your other gun, the ammo you used is as if you had not used it at all. (NOTE: This only works for his triangle attack.)

Help On Beating Calamity

At the end of the Stalactite Cave you will meet a huge Gear. Not a happy camper, Calamity the Gear will be a large problem. Make sure Fei and Bart are on high levels (20-25), even though it is still hard to win at that. Have Bart cast Wild Smile on Calamity, making it hard for him to hit you with any of his physical attacks. Next, hit him with all your ten point attacks, and save your energy until your gear power is at level one. Use your best level one combos for both Fei and Bart, hopefully huting the huge gear. Keep in mind that Calamity has 2500 Hp. It will take a while to wear him down. Don't be so happy about how much he can hurt you,his missle attack will still hit you a whopping 400-500 damage, not giving you much time. But if it ever comes to this, use Fei's Guided Shot as your last defense.

Get The Deathblow Item

When you are on the Thames, you will encounter people who challenge you to a game that is similar to speed. If you win against all the people located in the Beer hall and the Supply Grounds, go to the Armor grounds and play against the female who is standing with two men. If you bet her, she will give you a deathblow item for your gear. This item will allow you to do a deathblow attack.

Elly's Power Spells

This is how to make elly an super power. 1. buy the ether doubler at nisan (38k) 2. get power magic (gear parts) from somewhere 3. equip elly with the ether doubler and her gear with the power magic and her weakest spells take off 1000+ at the least. Try putting 2 or 3 power magics on her and see where it leads! *note* you must be in gear for this to work!

Easy Deathblow Training

There are at least 2 enemys that will let you practice your deathblow combos all you want. The creature named Phobia in the 'Ethos' dig site (right after getting billys gear.) The creature Dorothy in solaris (before it blows up.) Those 2 creatures will get healed everytime you strike them with a melee attack. Make sure you have a healer in your party and just keep doing the deathblow moves over and over and over. Once you've learned all the techniques you desire, simply cast a healing spell on the monster to kill it.

Defeating Ramsus

Make sure you have plenty of aquasols or omegasols before going into battle. When fighting Ramsus, he uses a MIRROR MODE maneuver. Don't attack him or your hits will miss - just defend and if you have Fei you can try using Fei's GUIDED SHOT attack. This attack only uses 1 HP but it will knock Ramsus down and he might remove his MIRROR MODE, allowing you to get in some serious butt-kicking. He has about 200HP

Defeating Hammer

This is a useful tip for playing disk 2 of Xenogears. At the dungeon where Rico gets his new gear, there's this monster called Hamar, who self- destructs after he glows red. The explosion is lethal but the party can escape before Hamar blows up. However, the trick here is to kill him before he blows up and he will give a special item which increases the rate of receiving rare items. (Actually, it goes to 100%.) The way to do it is to reserve some infinity or level 3 attacks until he turns red. Once he starts glowing, give it all to him. (Booster helps too!) With the special item equipped, go to any forest & fight white snails. These creatures were plentiful in disk 1 but now they are quite rare. Killling these creatures gives the speed belt (helps gears & human battles). Besides this, there are many other special items/equipment carried by monsters. submitted

Defeating Deus

This tip is the first confrontation that occurs 1/2 into Disc 2) During Disc 2, you'll come across a huge "alien life form that had been petrified for thousands of years". This is Deus. Your first indication is to slash the hell out of this thing. This is impossible, since Deus will recharge by 20,000 of it's 40,000 Hit Points. The tactics here are to quickly hit Deus with your best fighter (let's say Fenrir). Now, wait for a while as Deus may hit your characters numerous times while also using an attack that will spell his own death. His attack that cuts you HP to half. Keep waiting while Deus uses this attack on himself. When he uses it and the HP he loses is one that the level 1 combo of our Fenrir can equal, whack him with our good friend. Deus will die quickly. If you miss or your attack does not kill, just await your death as his HP will rise by 20,000 and any of his attacks will kill you (unless you recharge).

Change Gears Quickly

When you are on the world map or a place that you can use your Gears, press L2+R2 and you can hop in and out without going to the menu.

Boss Fight Miang

NOTE: This may be a spoiler for some of you.] After defeating Ramsus for the last time... when Deus is about to be ressurected again, you will be taken into battle with Miang... Her attack ranges from 0-5000 HP about every 4 turns. If you are hurting from your battle with Ramsus that is OK. Start charging your gears as soon as you start the fight with Miang. As long as you don't attack she will only hit you for 0 HP this will enable you to restore your Fuel, and also your HP before you begin attacking. Once your gears are restored to about 15000 HP and at least 1000 Fuel attack using X with one person per round between Miangs attacks... It will hit her for about 1400 - 1700. Then, when she attacks you it will hit for about 250. Keep doing this until everyone is at attack level 3 then let her have it - she will die... And thus, this becomes a very easy battle... the easiest one in the game. :-)

Adult Emerelda And Free Money

After Shevat crashes to earth and all the continents are messed up, in about the middle there will be a fairly large fairly empty contenint. However, there will be a lighthouse - go into it and Citan will say something then go in the door (bring Emerelda with you for something extra!). Once you're in the big city, just wander aruond untill Fei says something like "we can get out of our gears and proceed on foot..." (he always says this by a door to a building). So do just that, get out of your gears and head into the light. In one of the rooms the "heroic" music will be playing and Big Joe will be standing there selling items and (exeptionally good) gear parts. There will be a few chests - take whats in em' and sell it to Big Joe. Then leave, come back and the chests will be there again. Take, sell, reapeat as necesary. For the extra thing with emerelda, in your wandering Fei will say "lets get out of our gears bla bla bla" and there won't be a door nearby. If you look closely at the ground you'll see a hole which you can go in. Go down the tunnels and you'll find yourself in a subway tunnel. Go in the train and examine the front of it to get a z- charger. Exit the train and head up the stairs. Proceed to the end of this room and watch the scene. Emerelda will grow into a full grown woman!


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We have no unlockables for Xenogears yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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