Geon: Emotions Achievements and Gamerscores for X360 has the complete list of all Geon: Emotions Achievements and Gamerscores for X360, including all secret Achievements. All official X360 achievements for Geon: Emotions as of Saturday August 30, 2014 are shown below, or you can print out our Printable Achievements Checklist that shows all Geon: Emotions Achievements and Gamerscores in a simple quick-reference format.

Geon: Emotions has 12 Achievements with a total of 200 Gamerscore points
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comeback kid Achievement

comeback kid


come back and win a game from 3 goals behind

completist freak Achievement

completist freak


get 100% in time attack mode

use your emotion Achievement

use your emotion


win at least once with each emotion

hazardous creation Achievement

hazardous creation


create a hazard by using a mega-ball

you’re a winner Achievement

you’re a winner


win 5 ranked matches in a row

geon king Achievement

geon king


score 5,000,000 points to be a geon king!

i’ve got the power Achievement

i’ve got the power


use all powerballs on your side of the map in a single match

getting out more Achievement

getting out more


play on Xbox LIVE at least once

don’t need no powerballs Achievement

don’t need no powerballs


win without using a powerball, but you can still pick them up

gimme gimme world domination Achievement

gimme gimme world domination


win 50 Xbox LIVE games

mini-game master Achievement

mini-game master


complete all 8 mini-games

variety is the spice of life Achievement

variety is the spice of life


win at least once in all game modes, including Xbox LIVE

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