Dragon Warrior I & II

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Dragon Warrior Walkthrough

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Dragon Warrior 7 Walkthrough (DW. I will use this instead of the whole name)
By: clowgamer
Email: clowgamer@yahoo.com
This is my first FAQ so I hope you like it!

What you will read about:
1. Introduction
2. Legal Things
3. Updates (when, where, how)
4. Disk #1
  A. The Beginning in Fishbel
  B. The City of Estard and Estard Castle
  C. The Old Estard Ruins
  D. Where are we guy's
  E. The God of Flame
  F. The Grey Rain
  G. The White Wolves Tale
  H. Eri the MechSoilder
  I. The Grey Rain (again)
  J. A Comrade's Disision
  K. The Dharma Temple
  L. The Sphinx of Dune
  M. The Great Tree of Krage
  N. Time is Repeated Time is Repeated Time is Repeated
  O. The Great Flood
  P. The Goddess Statue
  Q. Loomin's Troubled Past
  R. The Ultimate Magic
  S. The Blissrock and Spirit Statues
  T. The Monster with a Heart
  U. The Great Lighthouse of Coastal
The rest to be explored

1. Well this is my first FAQ and I would like everyone who reads it give me a 
thumbs up. I have been working on how to start it off and now I have one (this one). 
If you have any questions on this just e-mail me at the following: 
(clowgamer@yahoo.com) and I will try my best to help you.

Legal Things:

2. This is to tell you that PLESE DON'T COPY ANYTHING YOU SEE HERE IT'S WRONG. If 
you do want some of this information just ask me and once again e-mail me at the e-
mail I just typed.


3. I am still working on getting to the end of this game. I was at the next one 
that is not listed and my little sister plays Barbie Super Sports right, and copied 
her game over my DW game so I was really mad. I had to start all over (GRRRRR!). I 
am going to update this as I get farter into the game, so don't think this is all I 
can type. I will update it as soon as possible. I will not be here for about a few 
weeks because I am leaving some where and will not be able to update this for a 
while so hang on for that little time. I will also ad another few FAQ's on monsters 
and things you equip.

Disk #1:

4A. The Beginning In Fishbel:

The beginning of the game starts as a little show of credits to those who created 
the game and things like that. Someone is talking and in quotes:"Phew... Let's 
call it a day and head back for the castle. Where's the exit...? Oh here it is. Push 
up on you side. Remember, this is our secret my father mustn’t find out!" This is a 
great introduction. So mysterious. When that is over you will here the sound of 
waves and you will see two people on the beach. The one in the green is the 
character you named and the other one is named Maribel, the daughter of Ammit who 
is the town's mayor sort of. She will ask you about where you always sneak off to. 
She is in a hurry so either answer is ok with her. She is about to leave and she has 
the little! point above her head and reminds you of the Ammit Harvest they have and 
that you should go home and rest up.

She leaves and you can explore the area use the square button to see the whole 
town and R1 and L1 to rotate the camera. This is great WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Ok time to 
calm down a bit you can also pick up objects (barrels, vases, ect.) by pressing the 
triangle button. You can also look at your menu screen and press the x button to 
make it appear. It shows the status of you party and what you have equipped, the 
items you have and how much gold you have. You can explore this later and go into 
the temple. Press x and then talk to the priest and he will talk to you and ask 
you if you want to hear another story. Choose yes and he will tell you one. When 
he's done you can leave. Another thing about you triangle button is that you can 
just press that to talk to people just face them and then the rest is up to you. The 
start button fixes the camera so you don't have to fix it manually with the L1 and 
R1 buttons. Now it is time to go home and go to sleep. Go into the house on the left 
where you first where and go in there. You will see you mom and dad, Molly and 
Borkano. Your dad is an expert fisherman and you mom stays home to keep an eye on 
the place. You can explore the area. To look in the draws press triangle and get 
what is inside. You can also look inside the bags or hanging sacks on the walls 
with the famous triangle button use that on the first bag you see on the right which 
is when you enter. Go upstairs and go to you bed and awake in the morning.

When you wake up you are awoken by your mom and she yells that you are late for 
the Ammit Harvest. Get up and go to your drawer. Open it and find a leather hat. The 
way you equip it is you go to your menu and move the arrow on the leather hat and 
then press x. Then press equip. Next go downstairs and your mom will talk to you and 
when you are about to leave you mom will give you a FishSub to give to your dad for 
lunch. Leave the house and then explore the town when you weren’t able to. After 
you are done go to the harbor and talk to the man in the green. He will try to sell 
you something. Except and try to buy any of the items and he will give them to you 
for free, just because you are the son of Borkano. Then board the ship and talk to 
your dad. He will crack a joke and then tell you to go into the ship and clean up or 
something. Go inside and explore the ship and when you are done go downstairs and 
then you will eventually see Maribel behind barrels break the barrels and then 
talk to her and you will see the head cook come in and you will then find out that 
she is trying to stow onto the ship. She will be mad and threaten to tell everyone 
about your little secret and runs off. The head cook will tell you that he wants 
you to help him peel some potatoes. Go to where the head cook is and then he will 
tell you that he has already peeled them. Leave the ship and when you get outside 
you will notice that the ship is about to sail. You can't go on this trip so you 
just have to say bye to you dad for this time. Now it's time to go home. As you walk 
home a solider will ask you that you have been summoned to the castle (Estard)and 
then he will walk away. As you leave Maribel hears the conversation and asks you if 
you could take her to the city. She says they have a sale going on. Then she will 
join your party. Before you leave, go to you house and talk to your mom who will 
give you some FishPaste. This is Prince Kiefer's favorite! (you will know who is 
Kiefer a little later) Then take the stairs on the right of the house and then 
follow them until they end and then go left and up the other ones and out of Fishbel 
you are. Now you can use the World Map. It doesn’t move around so it is easier to 
use directions, you know north, south, east, west. Move to the left and south 
(southwest) and you will find a cabin that belongs to the Woodsman. The strange 
thing about him is that he is able to talk to animals. Enter his house and raid the 
dressers. You can go down stairs on the right which you have to rotate the camera to 
see and break the vases for some itmes. The chest is locked and you will have to 
come back when you have a key for it. Leave and head north and soon you will be in 

4B. The City of Estard and Estard Castle:

Now you are in Estard and once you enter Maribel will run off to see the dresses she 
told you about and leaves you...Hmm, that means that you can do anything you want 
like explore the area yourself. If you go to the right, or the Inn, you will see 
Hondura, your uncle who is known as being a very bothersome person. If you go 
upstairs you can go into the left room and get a stick in the dressers which is a 
weapon you can use! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (again)!! Now that you have that, exit and 
go up and you will soon enter a big building with a general kinda' store inside 
where you can by things to protect yourself with. If you go upstairs you will find 
Maribel talking to Orka who (Maribel) denies that they are going out. There have 
been rumors going around and if you want to know one exit the building and rotate 
the camera so you can see the back of the building and you will see a door, enter it.

You can talk to the lady and she will tell you a rumor about Maribel and Orka (he is 
a big meanie!). Now you can leave the building and go a little farther north and 
will find a room with bottles (beer,wine,ect.) all around the floor. This is 
Hondura's house that he is renting and it's not very clean as you see. He is in a 
deep sleep so let's leave him to dream about the Bunny Girl at the Bar. If you go to 
the right of this cluttered room you will see a staircase leading down, but first 
break the vases to get dung which is worthless. You get 1g. if you try to sell it 
and you can't use it! What a rip-off! I wonder why the creator of the game 
put "dung" into the game and you can't use it. You think it was worth something. 
Anyway go down the staircase and you will see two ways one north and the other 
south. The south one is locked so go north. Follow the path until you find the way 
out (it's not a hard path to follow, there's only one way!) and you soon shall be at 
the house of the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff. Break the barrels around his home and 
get something useful. Enter his house now and you can explore. Go down stairs to see 
the C.O.M. (Crazy Old Man)and this is boring so just go back and explore the other 
half of Estard.

After you are done you can enter the castle just follow the path up to it. Enter and 
you will see another shop and a World Bank where you can put money in it in groups 
of 1,000g. Go up the stairs and the first thing you do is hear King Burns look for 
Kiefer. King Burns is the father of Kiefer. Kiefer is known to be troublesome and 
isn't known for very good behavior. King Burns will lead you upstairs to talk to you 
about Kiefer since you are one of his friends. You will find out that he has taken a 
very valuable ring that belonged to the dead Queen. The ring is called I think the 
SunStone ring. King Burns will ask you to take care of the prince and to keep an eye 
on him if only you could just find him! Well know that he is finished talking to 
you, you can explore the top half of the castle.

Go to the bottom floor first and enter the eating room and go to your left and talk 
to the chef and he will take the FishPaste (he will ask for it actually) that you 
Molly made and he will cook it for Kiefer. Now you can go north just where you are 
and follow the path of stairs until you see an old man. He is looking for his 
glasses or Spectacles. Break all of the vases and barrels and you should find them 
give them back to the old man and he will tell you a story of the Demon Lord and 
God. After go back up and explore the castle. When you are done go back home and 
just rest. You can know use the town shop which is to the right of your house. Go to 
the boat after you are done using the shop (if you did) and talk to one of the 
sailors and he will give you a letter from Prince Kiefer. It says to meet him at the 
usual spot. Hmm, where's that. If you explored the castle you should know, but if 
you didn't then.....

When you are at the castle and you go up the first flight of stairs, go around the 
stairs and exit through the door and then go to the left (one of the towers). When 
you are inside talk to the scientist and he will talk of the old ruins. They have 
been proclaimed a forbidden area. So judging on what I just told you, you can ponder 
that "Is the old ruins the place to go now"? Well why don't you go there and find 
out. They are located northeast of Fishbel. First go to Fishbel and go east and then 
north, west and northeast through all the forest and you should find yourself in the 
Old Estard Ruins!

4C. The Old Estard Ruins:
To be continued... Thank you for your patience!!

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