World Is Not Enough

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Walkthrough/Strategy Guide

      The World Is Not Enough
     Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
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Mission Objects: 
A: Collect equipment from safety deposit box 
B: Avoid civilian casualties (cops) 
C: Collect money from vault 
D: Crack safe obtain swipe card 
E: Destroy video tape backup (Secret and 00Agent only) 
F: Escape bank with money

The Mission: When the opening cutscene concludes, you will find yourself in 
the lobby of the bank, facing the receptionist. Head right into the alcove 
and go through a couple of doors to the Safety Deposit room. Ignore the 
guard and other woman here. Move into the room and open the first door on 
your right. Open the SD box here by pressing B. It contains a Flash Bang Gun 
and Appointment Card. Once you grab these items, you will fulfill Objective 
A and add another: Collect money from vault. Leave the room and go back to 
the main lobby, heading right as you exit toward the security guard in front 
of the metal detector. When he asks for proof of an appointment, access the 
Gadgets screen from the pause menu. Equip the Appointment Card, unpause and 
press the Z-trigger to gain clearance.

When you do, a cutscene will play showing Bond in a meeting with Lachaise. 
As communications break down, a weapon is drawn and Lachaise is shot. James 
reaches for the triggering mechanism, setting off the Flash Bang. When the 
game restarts, a dazed guard drops down in front of you. A couple of new 
objectives have also been added: Crack safe, obtain swipe card and Destroy 
video tape backup. Before you leave the room, look down and kill the fallen 
guard on the floor, or he'll come to and attack from behind as you attempt 
to take off. When he's dead, head through the brown door, then walk across 
the hall and open the opposite door (also brown). Face left and strafe 
slowly into the doorway. When the guard at the far end of the hall is in 
your sights, drop him with some rounds from the Wolfram. Then spring back 
and deal with the other guard who pops around thedoor. Now head left down 
the hall toward the elevators.

There are two guard around the cornerto the right. Using the corner as 
cover, pop out and blast them, then duck back and reload. Rinse and repeat : 
). Make sure you collect their ammo. There's a handy Magnum in the grab bag 
on the floor. Move forward and around the next corner right. Just past the 
sunlit window, there is another right turn and another pair of baddies. Use 
the corner again for cover and waste them. As you move forward, the door to 
the right will open. Fall back and let the goons come to you. Lay them low 
with some heavy suppressing fire. Then move into the room. Make sure you 
don't kill the innocent here (he's the one who looks really pathetic and 
scared with his hands above his head : 0. In this same room, you'll notice a 
safe. Walk in front of it and activate the Safe Cracker from the Gadgets 
menu. Use it on the safe (press Z) to get the Swipe Card and fulfill 
Objective D. Return to the hallway and take a right, using your Security 
Swipe Card on the swipe panel here toopen the door.

Just inside the door are a pair of guards. Peek into the room to trigger 
them , then fall back and blast them as they poke out into the corridor. 
Then move inside the room, careful not to kill the civvies here. If you are 
playing on Secret or 00 Agent levels, there is an extra objective to 
complete here. Move to the left corner of the room, locating the VCR with 
the red, blinking light. Stand in front of it and equip the Data Scrambler. 
Point at the VCR and press Z to destroy the info on the tape, fulfilling 
Objective E. When you do this, another Objective will be added to the slate: 
Escape the bank with the money, duh.

Return to the safe room. Head through the other door here (to the right of 
the safe while facing it). When you open the door, you'll surprise the guard 
here. Use this opportunity to kill him in cold blood but in a warm area. 
Then move into the room and clean out the glass cases, grabbing the ammo 
within. Exit through the door back into the main hallway.

Move left, bending around the corner. Move down the hall, bypassing the 
wooden door to the left. Use the Swipe Card on the next door (it's made of 
iron). There's no one in this room, thank god. Move to the far wall and 
locate the small keypad near the grated cell door. Activate the Keypad 
Decrypter and use it to open the door. Grab the briefcase inside to complete 
Objective C. Now head back to the hall and take the elevator down. Put your 
weapon away if you want too, (it want destroy your mission, but if you are 
low on health, dot it) and calmly walk through the lobby and out the 
revolving door, for yet anther cutscene. Mission #1 complete!!!

King’s Ransom

Mission Objects: 
A: Protect all primary MI-6 personnel
B: Avoid causing civilian and security guard casualties 
C: Find Sir Robert King 
D: Activate top floor lockdown panel 
E: Rescue M from the terrorists 
F: Escort M to Security Center - M must survive 
G: Activate sprinkler system. 
H: Activate ground floor lockdown panel 
I: Escort Dr. Warmflash

The Mission: Terrorists have infiltrated MI-6 headquarters and you must stop
them and save M from danger.

Begin by turning around and heading through the heavy iron door behind you. 
Don't shoot anyone in the blue Kevlar vests; they are fellow MI-6 agents. In 
this next room, go talk to Moneypenny in the corner to get a Pen Grenade. 
Then exit into the hallway. As you do, turn immediately to the left and mow 
down the terrorist who's repelling through the window. Then swing right and 
watch the firefight in the hall. Don't shoot. The terrorist who charges from 
this side will engage a few MI-6 agents. Usually, the agents will mow him 
down, but sometimes he'll kill them and come at you. Drop him.

At the crossroads here, you'll see two signs, one leading to Security, the 
other to the Stairs. Move left toward the malfunctioning elevators. As you 
swing around the next corner, a couple of terrorists will drop through the 
window to the left Blast them, then head right. As you approach the 
T-intersection just past the elevators, a couple more terrorists await to 
the left. Surprise them and blaze, then follow the path to the left. Around 
the next corner are three more terrorists. Use the left corner as cover and 
dart into the corridor, thinning the group one by one. When the hall is 
clear, head forward until you reach the Security Center door. Note: Watch 
for more terrorists plunging through the window ahead. They may sneak in as 
your trying to get into the Security room. So watch your butt.

Walk to the hand scanner and press B to enter the Security room. Once 
inside, the agents here tell you they need your clearance to lockdown the 
level. Walk to the red panel and press B. This will lockdown the floor, 
completing Objective B. Once you've completed the objective, spin around and 
take on the terrorist who has busted into the room.

As you leave the room, you'll be alerted that a new objective has been added 
to the list: Rescue M from the terrorists. Head back the way you came, 
killing the guard that pops from around the corner. Go right around the next 
corner and mow down the terrorist near the elevator doors. Take a left here 
and then a right around the next corner, smoking the two baddies here. Then 
duck into the blown-out doorway to the left. Through the next door you'll 
see M being held at gunpoint. Line up a shot on her captor and blast to drop 
the mutha and finish the objective.

Now it's time to retrace your steps to the Security room. M will follow, but 
the idea is to keep her safe, so run ahead and engage the terrorists before 
she has a chance to catch up. Head toward the elevators, and take a right 
when you reach them, wasting the pair of guards who pop around the corner at 
you. Head around the next bend and take out the final trooper. Make sure M 
is behind you (if she isn't, going back toward the office should bring her 
to you) and head into the Security Room. Anther Objective complete.
Now it's time to head downstairs and free Mr.King. Track back to the hallway 
in front of M's office and take a left. As you round the next corner right, 
you'll be attacked by a pair of terrorists. Kill them, then duck into the 
board room to the right to find some Body Armor on the desk. Exit the room 
and head right. Go through the doors ahead, running past the gap to your 
right as you enter. Turn and face the wall with the opening. Make sure you 
have a fast blasting weapon selected (like the Deutshce M45, for example) 
and dart to the right. Blast away at the three terrorists hanging on wires 
in the doorway. When they drop, move through the doorway, shooting the next 
guard on the landing below. Make your way down the stairs, taking out 
terrorists as you go. When you reach the bottom floor, a short cutscene will 
ensue. As soon as it's over, look up. There are three terrorists descending 
on wires. Blast them, then step through the door here.

You are greeted by one of your fellow agents. Make sure you don't kill him. 
As you meet him, you'll notice a new objective: Activate the Sprinklers. 
Move through the winding hallway past the Q Division doors. As you reach the 
foyer in front of the complex map, you'll run into another group of MI-6 
agents. As you reach them, yet another Objective will be added to the list: 
Activate ground floor lockdown panel. When you see this message, be prepared 
to battle a couple of terrorists as they charge you from way ahead.
Continue forward, ducking into the office to your left. Move through the 
room, disregarding the coward crouching in the corner. Reload, then step 
through the door on the other side. From the doorway, waste the baddie 
across the hall to the left. You find yourself in a fiery passage. The 
Security Center is straight ahead.

Activate the door with your hand and step through. Lockdown the level by 
accessing the hand panel inside.

Exit the room and head left. Follow the pathway ahead, passing the Security 
sign (pointing the other way). Through the open doorway at the end of this 
hall is a pile of rubble. Sneak ahead and peer to the left. See the fire 
extinguisher? Line up a shot and blast it to drop the terrorist who is 
stashed in the alcove here. Then move forward and trigger the sprinkler 
system here (press B while standing next to the red switch). Activating the 
sprinklers will open up the hallway previously blocked by fire. It will also
cause another terrorist to run up behind you. Spin and waste him, then trek
back to the central map. Head left from the map (when facing it). Enter the
black door on the left side of this first hallway. Drop the terrorist here,
then scoot around the door and shoot the computer monitor. It will explode, 
killing the second terrorist here. In the back corner is another Body Armor.
Exit the room and head down the hall to the left. You'll come to a 
crossroads. Bypass the Medical Division to the left for now and head around 
the next corner (past the Q Division sign). Follow the corridor past the 
black door to the left. The next beige door (just before a foyer with a 
blown out elevator and some overhead monitors) is the one you want. Use the
hand scanner to get in. Once you do, the door to the vaults will be blown
out, injuring those trapped inside. Now you'll have to find a doctor and
escort her back to the vault.

When you exit the vault, you'll enocunter a trio of terrorists who have 
clogged up the hallway to the right. Take them down and move forward, 
eliminating a fourth as you pass the Q Division sign. Peek around the corner 
and eliminate the terrorist lurking there, then duck into the nearby alcove 
and head through the black door to find Dr. Warmflash.

Make your way back to the vault. Make sure you are ahead of Dr. Warmflash,
as you will encounter another group of terrorists on your way back. Use the
Deutsche 45 or Raptor Magnum to make quick work of those garbage, then
proceed inside the vault. Make sure Dr. Warmflash follows you to the fire
fallen victim of the attack. Follow the vault all the way to the back to
find Sir Robert King. After you hook up with King, it's time to leave the
building. Head out of the vault, tracking right. Follow the Q Division
signs to the open, blown-up lab, eliminating the resistance you encounter
(about five or 6 terrorists total).

Thames Chase

Mission Objects: 
A: Pursue but do not eliminate the female assassin 
B: Rescue the hostages

The Mission: As you begin the level, you will see the Cigar Girl run past to 
the right. Don't worry, you don't have to keep up with her at this point.
Let her run past and take your time to pick through this level. Move forward,
dodging fire from the departing speed boat. Don’t fire at them they do
nothin’. Duck around the corner to the right, following the pier to a set of
stairs. Head about halfway up the stairs, then pause and look at the guard
directly ahead in the distance. Take him down with some rounds from your
Wolfram P2K, then head all the way up the stairs. Move to the next staircase.
Halfway up, focus your attention on the van to the right. Three guards are
stationed near it. Using the stairs as cover, take them down with the Wolfram
or M45, then move up the stairs. Do not charge around the corner to the left.
Move slowly forward toward the van, focusing your view to the left. There are
three guards hanging out near the small building here. Strafe into the path
of fire, line up a shot on the hazardous barrel to the left of the building
and pop a round into it. This will cause an explosion that (if you're lucky)
will take out all three guards.

When they've all been sorted, head inside the brick building to collect a 
Deutsche SA90 (sniper rifle thingy). Immediately equip it and inch down the
staircase near the building. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, inch
out until you see a guard at the end of the pier. Watch out for the
shrinking hostage to his right and line up a head shot on the guard (hold 
the right shoulder button and use the C-up arrow to zoom in to use the 
sniper scope). When the guard drops, inch slightly left until you see
another terrorist. Kill him with the same tactics, releasing the hostage
under his control. Collect the ammo that has been dropped by the felled
terrorists, then head through the brick tunnel to the right.

As you reach the path that tracks to the left, turn and inch into the 
intersection, using the SA90 to line up sniper shots on the frog men who 
charge you. As you reach the mouth of this tunnel, look up and drop the 
sniper on the roof with a well-placed bullet. Keep your position at the 
mouth of the tunnel and look left. Line up a sniper shot on the terrorist at 
the end of the pier. Move forward to the corner, then turn around and look 
toward the far right side of the opposite pier. Take down the guard there 
with a sniper shot. Now move into the storage building ahead. Creep
around the crates here to surprise an unsuspecting guard : ). Fill him full
of rounds with your silenced P2K. Then focus on the upstairs walkway. There
are several terrorists camped out near the door. Use the crates as cover and 
dart out to pepper them with rounds from the M45. Then scoot out
and clean up the ones who skirted around the railing. The last one is under 
the walkway you're under. Turn to face the wall, then back out into the
room and blast him. Then jump up on the low crate and once more to the 
walkway. Keep your focus on the door, as a couple more terrorists will 
charge through the doorway as you reach the top level. Spray them to Heck,
with the M45, then move to the doorway on the opposite side of the room. 
Facing the door, turn right and inch out to the left until you see the 
sniper on the rooftop ahead. Use the sniper rifle to take him down, then 
follow the steps down.

The next hallway is an alley of pain. Three terrorists are camped out here, 
ducking behind barrels and crates. Take them out, using the crates (and 
doorway) as cover, then move to the far end of the hall and enter the wooden 
door there. Head through the maze of crates here. As you reach the
opening facing a brick wall, you will see a trooper stationed on a higher 
level. Blast him, then carefully move around the corner to the left. As you 
inch out (to the right), you will see a pair of hostages. The terrorist 
holding them is to the far left. Kill him to release the civilians.
Now move back to the area in front of the brick wall and look up. The yellow 
and black bar overhead is the perfect place for a grappling hook.
Equip your watch, then cycle through its options (hold B and tap Z) until 
you reach the Grapple feature. Then aim at the bar and pull the trigger to
extend a grappling rope down from the rafters.

Move forward to the rope, pushing forward to climb it (C-UP). Leap off on to 
the crates below, then turn around and face the warehouse. There is a Body
Armor on the far crate. Jump down to the crate below, then leap up to the 
higher crate. Follow the crates to the left. On the far left corner, you can 
leap to the lower crates ahead. From here, hop up a level and claim the Body 
Armor, YEAH.

Return to the grapple rope and head back up. Then head through the door to 
the left. Walk through the room and open the next door. As soon as you do, 
you will hear a message that "The target is moving away." It's time to haul 
ass, James, and fast. You only get ‘bout 30 seconds X ). Smoke the frog man 
that waits outside this door, then follow the pier around the right corner. 
Smoke the baddies that are stationed behind the crates here as you make your 
way around the pier. As the pier ends, you will see a set of stairs off to 
the right. There are two terrorists here, so proceed with caution. Use the 
wall as cover, then dart across the mouth of the stairs and drop your 
enemies with some high-powered rounds (preferably from the Raptor Magnum). 
At the top of the stairs, you'll encounter a bit more resistance. Smoke the 
terrorists as you make your way across the street. Head into the open door, 
near the cops, to end the level and enter the Subway. Mission Complete!!!

Underground Uprising

Mission Objects: 
A: Rescue the hostages 
B: Defuse terrorist bomb
C: Pursue but do not eliminate female assassin 
D: Avoid civilian casualties

The Mission: You'll have 5:30 to complete this mission before the terroist 
bomb explodes, destroying the subway and injuring- err killing civilians. 
You begin at the top of the subway stairs. As you make your way down the 
hall, a couple of civilians will run screaming past you. As you round the 
corner, be careful not to shoot them. There are two terrorists straight
ahead in the information booth. Waste them with the Wolfram, then blast
the third terrorist who runs around the corner. When these three hombres
have been wasted, step forward. To the right of the information booth is 
another baddie. Edge around the right side of the booth and cap him, so 
that you won't have to deal with him later. Then cruise around the left 
side of the booth and enter the door there to collect the fallen 
terrorists' weapons.

Exit the office and equip your Magnum. Head right and follow the hallway 
past a group of soda machines to a set of escalators. Follow the leftmost 
one down, killing the terrorist who charges up at you. As you reach the 
bottom, you will see a pair of hostages held by two more
terrorists. Use the Magnum to score one-hit kills on both. Be sure to work 
quickly, though, or the baddies may turn their guns on their hostages. Watch 
out for shooting the hostages yourself, as well. When the enemies have 
fallen, scoot down and grab the Body Armor. Then head back up the
escalator. Track back past the info booth and head to the Platform Two 
escalators. As before, go down on the left escalator, killing the two 
terrorists that approach from the left (with the Magnum, of course) and a 
third to the right. When you reach the bottom, face the right wall and scoot 
left, eliminating the two baddies hanging out in the alcove here.
Now turn around and keep the escalators to your left. Around the next corner 
is another hostage situation. In order to deal with it, switch to the stun 
feature on your watch. Then move quickly around the corner and shock the 
terrorist to the left. When he's been stunned, shift your focus to
the right baddie. Equip a weapon and kill the left guard, then smoke the 
right one. The hostages have been released.

Head down the next escalator, following the corner to the left towards 
Platform 3. Once again, a group of hostages will run past (two first, then a 
single construction worker). Hold your fire until a black-garbed terrorist 
appears. Then waste him with the Magnum and proceed through the doorway to 
the right. Neutralize the two terrorists here. Then head forward and to the 
left (where the subway train can be seen streaking by). As you approach this 
doorway, you'll encounter yet another enemy. Smoke him, then move to the 
arched entrance to the train area.Face right and edge out left. Drop the 
first terrorist with a round from the Magnum, then head forward and quickly 
eliminate the terrorist (left) holding the
hostage (right). When he falls, grab his ammo and turn around, walking 
against the grain of the subway train. Move toward the mechanical
Access sign. After the train streaks by, look ahead and to the right. Just 
across the tracks below is a doorway. Wait until the train goes by again, 
then drat down across the tracks and into the doorway here, you have ‘bout 3 
seconds, so really haul ass.

Enter the door here and walk through the supply room. The next doorway will 
put you aboard an inactive subway car. As you pause at the doorway, face 
down the tracks and reload. Then head right, up into the train. Kill the two 
terrorists here as you move forward. After the second, pause
to reload. The next area contains three hostages, held by three terrorists. 
The idea is to constantly move forward, whacking the terrorists as you go. 
Hop off the train and blast the first (Shotgun or Raptor works well for 
this, but watch out for the civvies), then move down the tracks, smoking the
next two as you quickly head forward. When all three baddies have dropped, 
the hostage situation will be neutralized.

Note: While killing these terrorists, watch out for more hostages which 
stream from a left doorway at the far end of the tunnel. They can get in the 
line of fire and spoil your objective, as always : (.

At this point, you'll likely have about 1:30 remaining to defuse the bomb. 
Head forward and turn left around the corner, killing the terrorist who 
charges down the hallway. Just across the hall are a pair of bathrooms. This 
is where you'll find the bomb. Head inside the Men's room, blasting the 
three terrorists here. In the last stall, you'll find the bomb attached the 
the toilet cistern. Equip your Bomb Disposal kit and face the explosive. 
Press the trigger to start the bomb neutralizing procedure. There are two 
meters here: a blue one which is draining and a red one which you control. 
The object is to keep the red one above empty and below full. This is 
accomplished by tapping the Z trigger button. Don't do it too quickly or the 
red meter will fill up. So don’t let the red meter get to the end. When the 
blue is completely drained, the explosive will be neutralized. Note: If you 
disarm the bomb when the counter is at 0:07, R will come on the commlink and 
you'll be granted full health : ).

Exit the bathroom and turn right, following the passage to a locked Exit 
door. Blast the lock off and head through. As you do, an explosion will 
occur, and part of the staircase will be blown up. Baddies will scream, 
“It’s Bond (Damn right). Climb the stairs to the broken point. Here, smoke 
the terrorist across the gap. Now back up and take a running leap to get to 
the next section of staircase. Follow the stairs up, smoking terrorists as 
you go. When you reach the locked door at the top, blast it. You'll exit 
into a small grassy patch. At the far end is a hot air balloon. The Cigar 
Girl is getting away. Run forward, (like a rocket, igorning everything else) 
toward the balloon, and jump on the rope as it rises, or just, crash into 
it. Just make sure that Bond touches the rope. Mission Complete.

Cold Reception

Mission Objects: 
A: Draw terrorists away from Elektra 
B: Destroy fuel dump at tower #1 
C: Destroy fuel dump at tower #2 
D: Get to the bottom of the peak (what else)

The Mission: This level is all downhill, and turning around is not an 
option. That’s whats makes this level a bit harder. Move back and forth on 
the slopes, strafing side to side mowing down troopers and collecting their 
ammo. It’s is easy.

The first part of the run is fairly basic. Blast the terrorist camped out in 
the snow as you make your way to the mouth of a cave. There are two kinds of 
enemies here: those standing stationary in the snow, and those in small 
fan-powered hang gliders. It is easy enough to target and drop the
stationary fellows (if playing on Agent or Secret Agent levels, the gun will 
auto-target them). The hang gliders are more dangerous, as they drop
mini-bombs at you as you ski down the slope. Strafe past the explosives and 
try to blast them out of the air, or into the forest : ).

When you reach the ice cave at the base of the first hill, you'll have to 
weave through a series of stationary baddies, who are camped out behind ice 
formations and crags in the snowy walls. Plug as many as possible using the 
Magnum (or something with equal stopping power). When you emerge on the 
other side of the cave, there will be a split in the path. Head to the left, 
blasting the hang glider and two enemies that appear over the ridge.
Ski off of the ridge and aim toward the two
terrorists below. There is a Body Armor between them. Grab it and blast 
them. The next part of the path is overrun with enemies. In addition to the 
stationary gunmen, you'll have to deal with some new threats. Several 
kamikaze artists have taken to the slopes. They ski quickly in front of you 
and drop backpacks full of explosives in your path. The best way to deal 
with them is strafe back and forth as they pull ahead, then drop them with 
Magnum or Soviet KA. Other baddies have mounted snowmobiles that approach 
from behind and weave in front of you, dropping explosives and (since these 
are two-person vehicles),shooting at you. Shoot these as soon as they 
appear. If you score a hit on the snowmobile itself, it will explode, 
killing both riders and eliminiating the problem.

Over the next ridge is a tall tower with barrels at its base. Line up a shot 
as you approach, then pop a few rounds in the barrels to destroy them and 
complete Objective B. Ski past a couple of turrets in the snow, then a small 
cabin to the right, dropping terrorists as you go. In the next grouping of 
cabins, pick the hang glider out of the sky, causing it to explode and take 
a couple baddies with it. Pick the terrorists off of the rooftops here, then 
move to an area with a couple of oil pipes jutting from the snow.

Head through the next ice cave, and as you exit, stick to the left and 
bypass the cave opening to the right here. Shoot the terrorists on the path 
here, clinging to the left wall. Ahead is a small ramp that will send you on 
top of a cabin. Gain some speed (by pressing forward) and ramp off, 
collecting the Body Armor atop the roof here. Soon after you land, the next 
fuel dump will appear to the left. Line up a shot well in advance and unload 
on the barrels here, completing Objective C.

Follow the icy bridge across a canyon to a large lodge with a ramped walkway, 
killing all terrorists in your path. When you're past the building, you'll 
have to weave through a grove of pine trees, blasting skiing baddies the 
whole way. After this, the path opens up a bit. It's a mad sprint to the end. 
Drop as many terrorists as you can manage, forcing your way down the 
increasingly steep slopes. Soon you will see a line of barrels blocking the 
path. From a distance, pump some rounds into the row, exploding the barrels. 
Ski through the hole you've created (It’s alive, or exploded already) toward 
the waiting helicopter to end this level. Mission Complete!!!

Night Watch

Mission Objects: 
A: Avoid alerting Gabor 
B: Avoid alerting Davidov 
C: Avoid any casualties 
D: Find telephones and plant wiretaps 
E: Photograph documents showing Davidov is a traitor

The Mission: (Note: This mission is pretty friggin’ hard. It took me 20 
times to beat it. And I still didn’t do it. But my friend helpful me, thank 
god, so pay close attention!!!! I Updated the phones).

This is a secret mission if ever there was one. You find yourself locked in 
an upstairs room in the estate. The first order of business is to bug the
phone. Equip your Phone Tap, point at the phone and press the trigger (NOTE: 
See the bottom of Night Watch chapter, for the phones location) When you've 
done this, head across the room and open the door. Step out to
the balcony. There is a trio of guards below and to the right. You must not 
alert them to your presence. Hop over the balcony and go straight to
the locked gate ahead. (If you wish, you can shoot this lock off and make 
your way down to the security building below, but the only thing you gain
is turning off a single security camera, which is easy enough to avoid.)
Turn to your right and edge along the wall, using the shrubs to the right as 
cover. As you near the end of the shrubbery, you'll see an arched entrance 
with a security camera mounted above. Wait until the camera points to the 
right, then scoot under it to the next doorway. Peek around the
corner to see the pool area. There is one guard nearby with his back to you. 
Gabor is patrolling in the distance. Wait for several minutes until Gabor 
walks to the right and leaves the area. Then sneak up behind the guard and 
use your Watch stunner to daze him. Pummel him Marquis of Queensbury style, 
then make your way around the pool.

At the next archway you'll have to wait again. If you remain in the doorway, 
they will not see you. Wait for two guards to approach and turn, then dart 
to the right and use the hedges here as cover. Equip your Dart Watch (cycle 
through Watch options by holding B and tapping Z). From this vantage point, 
look toward the door of the building to the right. There are two guards 
here. Dart the one facing you, then dart the one whose back is turned. When 
they both fall, move quickly toward the door of the estate.

Open the door at the far end of the room and head through. A guard is on 
patrol here. Equip your Stun Watch and zap him. When he's dazed, duke him 
out. Head to the right, ducking into the door here. The next foyer contains 
another telephone. Equip your Phone Tap and use it on the phone
here. Since all of the doors in this area are locked, head back to the 
previous room. Head right, following the passage until you reach a dark 
brown door. This opens into another open courtyard. Equip your Watch Stunner 
and edge along the right wall to the guard facing away from you. Juice him 
with the watch, and follow up with a knockout. As another guard comes to his 
aid, repeat the process. Then move to the security building. Inside, use the 
Data Scrambler on the left side of the control panel to disable the security 
cameras in the next area.

Move across the courtyard to the next arched doorway. Take down any guards 
in your way with a Watch Stunner/punch combo, then use the Laser function on 
your watch to open the chained gate
on the left. Take on the guards here with the Stunner, then punch their 
lights out. Move ahead to the next security building, again using the
Scrambler to disable the security cameras. Return through the fence and use 
your Laser Watch on the locked door here. You're in the kennel. Past
the chainlink cage to the right is a small office. There are two guards 
posted here. Use Darts to drop them, then move to the small safe in the 
corner. Use the Safe Cracker to open the lock box. Inside is a stack of 
sensitive documents. Equip your Camera and take a photo of the evidence, 
Davidov is BASHED. Return to the previous room and exit the building.
You find yourself in a small, grass courtyard with an arched doorway ahead. 
Stretching forward is a long path lined with trees. Get behind the left row 
of pines and head forward. The row will open on the right and a trio of 
guards will rush you. Drop them with Darts. Head forward into a clearing,
where you'll see another security building with a car parked in front of it. 
As you approach, you'll see Davidov moving down the path. You'll have to
move quickly.

Head inside. Here, there are three things to
accomplish. First, photograph the map information directly ahead on a table 
for the second piece of evidence. Keeping the Camera out, head over to the 
phone. Photograph the papers to the left of the phone, completing the 
objective. Now, select the Phone Tap and bug the final phone line. Objective 
complete. Now quickly head outside and enter the car. This will end the 
mission. (Note: If Davidov reaches his piece of bird crapped car before you 
get into it, you will fail the mission. Quickness is of utmost importance 
while in the office.)(The 2 phones for AGENT IS: In the mansion in the room 
with the big table, and one is in the building near Davidov’s car)
DONE. If you get up to this point, you RULE!!! MISSION COMPLETE!!!!! You are 
½ done the game at this point!!! But it’s gonna get harder here...

Midnight Departure

Mission Objects: 
A: Eliminate Davidov
B: Pick up Davidov's phone
C: Get controller to land plane
D: Find Dr. Arkov's ID badge
E: Find an item to bribe the pilot
F: Board the plane
G: Avoid civilian casualties

The Mission: This mission occurs in the forest surrounding an airstrip. You 
begin next to Davidov's vehicle, having stowed away to get to this point. 
Head forward on the path until you reach a split, caused by a large, central 
bluff. Keep to the right. Equip your SA 90 and track forward until you reach 
a bend in the path with a view of the cross path. Snipe the guard here, then 
wait. Davidov will cross right in front of you on the path. Using the right 
shoulder button, zoom in on the path. As Davidov passes, line up a shot and 
drop him. If you miss, run to the path and finish the job, chasing him until
you put a bullet in his head, or two. When Davidov falls, Objective A will 
be complete. Head forward and you will notice a small bunker with an alarm 
resting on it. Guard this at all costs. If someone reaches the alarm, the 
woods will be crazy with enemies. You'll have three guys to drop from this
vantage: one from the right, two from the left. Stick with the high-powered 
SA-90. When they fall, head forward to Davidov's corpse, claiming the 
dropped cellphone and Magnum. This will complete Objective B.

Head down the path to the right. As you reach the lightpost on the left side 
of the path, duck into the forest and track left until you reach a clearing. 
To the right, you'll see a small wooden cabin. There is one guard on the 
path ahead and two more on the left. Kill them, then head inside the
shack. Next to the alarm here is the Identity Card. Grab it and exit the 
cabin, completing Objective D. Head down the rock-lined path (to the right 
of the axe in a block of wood). When you reach the cross-path, head left. 
Pick off guards as you move, running and gunning with the Soviet KA-57. 
Soon, you'll reach a bridge. Move across the bridge. Stick to the right side 
of the path. As you reach a split in the path, stay to the right. Keeping 
the KA equipped, head forward. You'll reach a truck with three guards to
its right. Drop them quickly with the powerful Soviet KA. Bypass the truck 
and stay to the left of the path. Equip the Deutsche M95.

At the bend, look to the right and pick off the guard stationed there. 
Continue down the path until you reach a corrugated building to the right. 
Ahead, you'll see the airfield. Stay under the cover of trees, moving
right. As the trees open up, you'll see a low, gray building in the 
distance. A single guard is on patrol here. Kill him, then move around the 
corner to the left, dropping the guard who's stationed in front of the door 
here. Swing into the doorway right, smoking the guards who charge at you 
within. When they fall, move behind the truck that is parked against the 
right wall. Inside the bed of the truck is a Sports Bag. This is the item 
needed to bribe the pilot.

Exit this area and head across the airfield to the flight control tower. 
Switch on Night Vision to see the guards in front of this building, then 
pick them off before they even notice you. Turn off the goggles and head 
inside. Do not kill the innocents here (they've all got their hands raised, 
so are easy to spot). Head up the stairs, killing the single guard 
stationed here. When you reach the control room, walk up to the flight 
controller with a weapon drawn. He'll land the plane for you, completing 
Objective C.

Leave the control tower and move to the airplane. If everything is copacetic 
(meaning you have the phone, bribe and ID, everything), the pilot will let 
you aboard, where the Mission is complete! Mission Complete!!!!!!!


Mission Objects: 
A: Infiltrate facility - do not arouse suspicion
B: Christmas (Jones, that is) must survive
C: Avoid innocent casualties
D: Pick up locator card
E: Escape from blast pit

The Mission: When the level begins, you'll be talking to a Kazakh soldier. 
Thinking you're Arkhov, he sends you to find the commanding officer, 
Akakievich. This gentlemen is just over his right shoulder. Head up
to him and chat. When he asks you for your papers, equip the Transport 
Documents from the Gadget menu and flash your credentials. When he sees 
you're legit, he'll tell you to seek the physicist, Christmas Jones. Turn 
around and head to the opposite side of camp. Back behind the tents here, 
you will meet your eventual lover Christmas Jones (Isn't every woman an 
eventual lover in the Bond multiverse?). Show her the same papers you showed 
Akakievich, and she'll direct you to go to the elevator. Head into only door 
here and wait for Christmas. When she appears, you'll take the elevator down 
and have a nice chat about dialects, alma maters and explosives.
When the elevator reaches the ground floor, head through the tunnel straight 
ahead. When you come to the solid door ahead, head slightly left. Press B in 
front of the control panel here to open the door. Head through, staying to 
the right as the room divides. Follow the white-suited scientist
into the right tunnel. In the next room, open the large door again (with the 
computer panel to the right) and step through to trigger a cutscene and 
complete Objective A.

You have confronted Renard. The game is over, right? Nope. Christmas Jones 
comes in and busts up the party, setting Renard free (Like a bird) and 
opening a path for his henchmen to take over. Christmas and Bond fall into a 
blast pit and all hell breaks out above. Two objectives are added at this 

Now the thing is to get out of the pit under heavy fire. To do this, equip 
the Grapple function on your wristwatch and look ceilingward. Zoom in to see 
the grapple point, then shoot the cable up and follow it out of the pit.

(Tip: You may want to eliminate some of the baddies from below before heading 
up the rope.)

Once up top, make your way to the tunnel that Dr. Jones is cowering near. 
Using the wall supports as cover, eliminate the blue-suited terrorist 
entrenched in the tunnel. You'll have to move to get a good shot, as a large 
cart is blocking the path. When you drop the first round of attackers,
get behind the cart and push it forward. More bad guys will come out of the 
woodwork. Duck into the alcoves to the right or left and pop the enemies 
until they drop.

Push the cart forward slightly until you reach a room off of the track to 
the right. Stay in the doorway (out of sight of the terrorist inside) and 
line up a shot on one of the computer monitors within. Pop a single round 
into it to explode the screen and send the baddie to his death. When he
drops, head inside the room and collect the Locator Card he has dropped, 
completing the objective.

Return to the track and push the cart forward, killing the terrorist at the 
far end of the passage. As you push the cart forward further, it will become 
lodged in the large iron doors. Hop on to it and over, dropping the 
terrorists that rush you. At the end of the hall, two more await. Use the 
wall supports as cover as you drop these two. Now move forward to the metal 
cage that Renard is in. After a short conversation, he will set off a bomb. 
You'll have about !!!seven seconds!!! to get out of Dodge. Turn around and 
head back down the tunnel. 

(Tip: You may want to get a jump on this by quickly walking to the door, 
triggering the cutscene, then turning around and heading toward the tunnel 
while Renard says his piece.)

Remember the movie? Your goal is the yellow and black striped bar close to 
the near end of the tunnel. As you reach it, jump up to grab the bar. Once 
you do, a short cutscene will ensue, showing the explosion as it thrusts 
through the passage. When you land on the opposite side of the blast doors, 
you'll find yourself in the blast pit room once again. There are three 
soldiers here, on the far side of the room. Sidle up to the iron pole that 
juts from the pit and, using this as cover, take them down with the Wolfram.
Then move to the mouth of the tunnel to the left. Climb the walkway on the 
right side of this tunnel, and take down the four guards in this room. They 
will duck behind barrels and crates. Pop them as they appear. Use the 
barrels on the right side of the walkway as cover, shooting those on the 
left side of the room first and moving right. When everyone falls, hop down 
into the room. Collect the ammo, then move to the right tunnel. As this
opens into the next room, follow the path to the left. Using the jutting 
wall supports as cover, take down the terrorists at the far end of the room
ahead. When the room is clear move ahead into the elevator. Christmas Jones 
is waiting. Mission Complete!!!

City of Walkways 1

Mission Objects: 
A: Locate Zukovsky
B: Keep Christmas Jones alive
C: Do not eliminate your allies
D: Keep Zukovsky alive
E: Retrieve computer files from fishery office

The Mission: When the level begins, you find yourself alongside a pretty 
sweet BMW (Yeah, baby, Yeah) in the docks surrounding Zukovsky's caviar 
packing facility. Move forward across the pier to the ramp that leads up the
side of the warehouse ahead. At the top, enter the door and head around the 
railing here to the door next to the large windows. Shoot the lock off of 
the door and enter Zukovsky's office. Here, a short cutscene will play, 
introducing Zukovsky and his henchmen. As you're talking, terrorists
downstairs bust up the party. You're going to have a lot of killing to do, 
but be sure you do not shoot any of Zukovsky's men (they're the ones who 
look like Miami drug dealers : ).

When the cutscene ends, two objectives will be added: D) Keep Zukovsky alive 
and E) Retrieve computer files from fishery office. Head forward to the 
doorway. Turn left, then strafe right so you are facing down the ramp here. 
Blast the thuigs at the base of the ramp, shrinking back to use the floor as 
cover when necessary. When they fall, head down the ramp. Move freely around 
the corner and through the next room, past the forklift to the next door.
Equip your Night Vision here and open the door. Equip the Soviet KA-57. From 
the doorway, nail the two guards who are firing on you from the left of the 
dock. Move forward to the small ramp with crates on top of it. This will 
provide cover as you focus your fire on the raised platform in the distance. 
Kill the two guards here, then turn off the goggles and head up the ramps.

On the wall of the warehouse, you will notice a gray switch next to a large, 
roll-up door. Pull the lever to open it. In the doorway, face right and
strafe slightly to the left. There are two more terrorists at the end of the 
hallway to the right. Pick them off with the KA-57, using the crates to
the right as cover. A third guard waits just behind the crates. Kill him, 
then collect the ammo that lies strewn around the area. Reload your weapon, 
then walk forward and pull the lever to bring the elevator down. It will 
arrive with a host of thugs, so retreat back behind the boxes on the left 
side of the corridor for cover. As the guards come to your level, hose them 
down with the KA or Meyer TMP. Then move to the eleavator and ride it up. 
Two guards wait around the corner to the right. Strafe out to shoot them,
then duck to the right for cover. When they die, move forward and claim 
their ammo, then open the door to the right.

There are five terrorists waiting in this room. Spray the first two, then 
edge around the door and mop up the rest. You'll want to use a high-powered 
weapon with a big clip. After the baddies drop, move through the room and 
open the next door. You'll find yourself in an empty room with a
conveyor belt around its perimeter. Move to the right until you reach a 
railing. From here, you'll be able to see down into the room below. There 
several baddies stationed there. Pick off the three you can see from here, 
then leap over the right side of the railing to the room below. Immediately
in front of you is a guard. Pump him full of Wolfram ammo. Move past the 
switch on the right wall here and carefully turn the corner. Strafe left 
until you see the edge of the next terrorist. This guy's
dangerous: he's packing a GL 40. So get ready… Drop him, then head around 
the corner and mow down the guard in the distance. Return to the room with 
the switch and collect all of the ammo. Then flick the lever to open the 
door in the next room.

Head back down the crate hallway and to the open storage room. The 
corrugated door will now be raised. Flick on the Night Vision and exit the 
building, heading right on the docks. The first priority is to kill the 
terrorist a level down from you to the right. He's holding a GL 40, and you 
don't want to get too close. After you drop him, continue right, following 
the path to a small open air structure over the end of the pier. There is 
another guard stationed here. Kill him, then look down to the water below 
and to the right. A boat is moored to the dock here. Using the KA, pick off 
the pair of frogmen standing there. Then flip the lever here, lowering the 
far drawbridge.

Exit this structure and head right. Bullets will likely be zipping by you at 
this point. If you keep moving, you won't sustain much damage. Follow the 
path forward until you reach an up ramp. At the top, you'll find yourself 
facing a wall of crates. Below and ahead of you is a thug with a rocket
launcher. Stay behind the crates as you equip your GL 40. When its loaded, 
strafe to the right and shoot an arching blast toward the terrorist. Be 
prepared to strafe back to dodge a rocket attack. When you are sure this 
dangerous individual has been neutralized, head down the ramp behind
you. Be sure to grab the dropped ammo from the dead frogmen on the dock, 
then proceed ahead and up the ramp on the opposite side.
Here, the path leads over the extended drawbridge. There are two terrorists 
to worry about here. One is camped out on the left side of
the path, using stacked crates as cover. The other is on a side dock with 
another rocket launcher. Keep to the left side of the path and charge ahead,
strafing slightly left and right to avoid his gunfire. As soon as he falls, 
swing to the right and concentrate your fire on the rocket launcher. The 
KA-57 works well for dropping this guy.

(Tip: Although Night Vision might seem like the thing to use here, it 
actually makes picking up rocket blasts hard to see. Try to stick with the 
naked eye in this case.)

You think your worries are over? Not yet. Ahead, on a ramp next to the dock 
building is another rocket launcher-toting baddie. Strafe to avoid the 
rocket attacks as you approach. As before, use the KA or Meyer to take him 
down quickly. Now turn around and head forward, taking a right around the 
corner of the building. On the far dock is yet another rocket launcher. Drop 
this guy with the KA and continue, taking a right up the ramp into the 
building. Here, you'll encounter more of Zukovsky's guards. Be sure you 
don't kill them, or all your work will be in heck’s fires.

Just past the guards is a ramp. Move up it and into the open room. There are 
a pair of terrorists here: one on a central walkway and a second further to
the left. Kill them, using the support columns as cover. Then, cautiously 
move into the room. Notice how the ceiling above is open? There is a guard 
on the side nearest you who is carrying a GL 40. Edge carefully to the right 
or left side of the railing that circles the overlook, keeping your eye 
trained on the railing above. As soon as you see a sliver of the guard 
patrolling above, blast
him. You can't afford to eat a grenade at this point. When you're sure he's 
dead, move to the far end of the room and take the ramp up.
When you reach the next level, take a right around the stack of crates and 
move forward. Just to the right of a shelf set is a window. Inside, you'll 
see two guards. Ambush them before they see you. Then head across the 
walkway to the right and follow the path around to the office you found them 
in. Around the next corner to the right is another terrorist. Kill him, then 
proceed forward to the computer terminal. Equip your Covert Modem and use it 
on the computer. This will fulfill Objective E.

Move to the next room and climb down the ladder here, back to the docks. 
Around the corner of the building to the left is an unsuspecting guard. Pop 
him and continue across to the next walkway (forward and slightly to the 
right) to end the level. Mission Complete!!!

City of Walkways 2

Mission Objects: 
A: Return to Zukovsky
B: Collect equipment from Zukovsky's car
C: Do not eliminate your allies
D: Destroy the attck helicopter

The Mission: The key to this level is to always keep moving. In addition to 
the helicopters equipped with massive saws, there are is a gunship lurking 
around as well. You begin in a large warehouse, which one of the saw copters 
unceremoniously hacks apart. Turn around and grab the stash behind you:
a Soviet KA-57, Body Armor, a Sticky Grenade and some ammo. Turn around and 
head to the far right corner and exit this building. Ahead is a raised 
drawbridge. Duck into the structure on the left of the path to lower the 
bridge, then, sticking to the right side of the path, cross the lowering
bridge. As you do, a sawblade will rip through the planks. If you stay far 
to the right, you'll be fine. However, as you reach the end of the bridge, 
you'll have a pair of baddies to contend with. Mow them down with the KA-57 
and proceed into the warehouse ahead.

Move down the corridor filled with crates. Around the corner, a firefight is 
raging. Zukovsky's men are engaging the terrorists. Peek around the corner. 
In a room overlooking the warehouse is a terrorist sporting a grenade 
launcher. Pick him off from the cover of these crates, then move forward and 
pick off any remaining scraps. Move to the far right corner of the room. 
Here you'll find a ramp leading into the office above. Don't race 
willy-nilly up it. Instead, creep until you see the baddie stationed at the 
top of the ramp. Pop him with the Wolfram, then move up and clear out the 
other baddie (to the right as you climb the ramp). Alone in the office, grab 
the GL 40 next to the computer, then circle the room, pikcing the ammo 
stashed in its corners. On the opposite side of the large flat of boxes is 
another ramp that leads to the exit. Before you leave the warehouse, take
down the two enemies who hop over the crates near the exit.

As you exit the building, you'll see a walkway straight ahead. Two choppers 
fly by and cut it in pieces. Disregard the crossfire here and book to the 
walkway. When you reach the next segment it will sway and wobble. As the 
sections of the catwalk line up, run across and down the other side, 
entering the warehouse ahead. If you fall off (Which what happened to me), 
make your way around the drums of caviar. There is a ladder down here that 
leads back up to the pier.

As you enter Storage Warehouse I, you'll run across more of Zukovsky's men. 
Run past them around the corner. To the right is an open area with several 
terrorists. Run past that and seek cover behind the corrugated wall here. 
Around the corner to the left, you'll encounter two terrorists: one in the 
small storage shed to the left and a second clinging to the right wall. Kill 
them, then head inside the shed to grab a bunch of 7.62 ammo. Exit and turn 
to the left. In an alcove to the right is another Body Armor. Grab it and 
head down the path. Cling to the right wall and peek around the corner. 
You'll see the exit doors here, but they are guarded by a pair of terrorists. 
Drop them, using the corner as cover, then move to the door and exit.

Head through the short hallway here and exit on to the docks again. Head 
across the short pier to the large, open door of a boathouse. Pause behind 
the wall here. There is a large gunship to your left that will rain fire on 
you if you show your face around the corner. Listen to the sounds of its
fire. When you can no longer hear the chopper blades, step around the corner 
to the right. Past the open doorway here are some goodies: a Sticky Grenade 
to the right, and (if you didn't already pick it up in the warehouse) 
another Body Armor.

After the chopper leaves, turn around and head through this building, 
rounding the corner to the right to find more piers. There are three 
walkways here, and, as you might have guessed, they are being hacked apart 
by the buzzsaw choppers. Take a right, ignoring the fire you're drawing. 
When you get to the rightmost catwalk, head over it. Make sure you don't get 
in the way of the sawblade that rips through the wood in front of you (and 
explodes several barrels). After the chopper passes, focus your fire on the 
terrorist on the other half of the walkway. He's holding a rocket launcher, 
so the sooner you drop him, the better. When he falls, leap to the severed 
section of the walkway ahead and continue down and across to the next 

Once inside, follow the path until you reach a T-intersection. Turn to the 
right, facing the wall. Strafe left into the passage, popping a shot into 
the explosive barrel on the right side of the path. This will take down the 
terrorists camped out here. Now head diagonally forward to the flat
pallete on the floor. Turn around and look down the alley to the right. 
Blast the barrels here to kill the terrorists here. Move forward into this 
path. Near the end, line up a shot and drop the terrorist in front of you. 
Then move forward a bit more, pivot left and kill the gray-shirt around the 

Move to the doorway ahead and through. After a short hallway, you'll exit 
back to the piers. Follow the long dock here around to the left. There's a 
gunship ahead that's laying down some grief. Dodge its rockets and the fire 
from terrorists stationed on the platform. Be sure as you charge down this 
long walkway that you do not kill Zukovsky's guards who wait at the end of 
the pier. When you reach the platform, head up, killing as many of the 
terrorists as you can. They are stationed in small groups of crates here. 
You'll also have to deal with the gunship, which continues to pepper you 
with lead as you dance around the platform. Your goal is to head to the 
center of the platform and go down the ramp here. Below, you'll find plenty 
of goodness. Zukovsky's car is here, and it contains the almighty AT 20 
SENTINEL, a four-chamber missile launcher which will be integral in taking 
down the warbird. In addition, scattered about the dock here are several
boxes of shells, as well as another Body Armor. At this time, a new 
objective appears: Destroy the attack helicopter, toooooo easy. Grab the 
gear and head back upstairs. Now it's time to take down the gunship. Equip 
your SENTINEL and let's rock.

Keep the primary function of the weapon. Depress the right shoulder button 
to make the crosshairs bigger. Keep these on the helicopter even after you 
fire. Your missiles are guided in flight by the laser that emits from the 
barrel. Keep pounding the helicopter until it falls from the sky. It will 
take about five missile hits to waste it. This isn't easy, and ammo is
easy to run out of. If this happens, return to Zurovsky's car to grab more 

Once the gunship goes down, head downstairs and cross the lowered 
drawbridge. As you near the end, drop the two terrorists guarding the 
entrance to the next building. Then head inside and talk to Zurovsky, ending 
the level. Mission Complete!!!


Mission Objects: 
A: Pursue Bullion - don't let him get away
B: Rescue the hostages
C: Christmas must survive
D: Avoid innocent casualties

The Mission: This mission is a battle through the streets and buildings of 
Istanbul. You begin on an abandoned block. Head forward and scoot around the 
corner to the right. Mount the scaffold ahead and follow it around to the 
left. At the end you'll find a Wolfram P2K. Grab it and drop to the street 
below. Now turn around and head toward the archway in the distance. As you 
near the duo of cars parked in the road, a pair of thugs will charge you. 
Take cover in the area just to the right of the arch. As the baddies come 
toward you, waste them with the Wolfram. Step forward into the
tunnel to finish the job, making sure you pick up the Magnums they drop.

Note: Do not try to use the cars here as cover. If they catch a stray round, 
they will explode, seriously depleting your health, way down their.
Then make a beeline for the yellow building to the left. Get behind the 
corner here for cover, then look ahead and to the right. There are a pair of
terrorists crouching behind a low wall in the distance. Equip the Magnum and 
use its zoom function to draw a bead on each enemy. Plug them and move 
forward to the wall they were crouching behind. From this corner, look 
diagonally to the right. Make sure you are out of sight of the group of 
terrorists on this next block. See the car across the street? Pop a couple 
rounds in it and the auto will explode, killing those standing on the 

Move around the low wall into the street, wary of any guards who may have 
dodged the blast. Pass the car and loop around the left corner. Here, you'll 
find a bunch of civilians crouching in terror. Cowards, and how. Move 
forward to the next building corner. Face down the next path and slowly
strafe left until you see another guard. Drop him with the Magnum, then 
prepare for another to dart from behind the stack of boxes on the right side 
of the path. When you've dealt with this dude, move forward down the path. 
There is another guard crouching behind a yellow planter. Blast him with the 
Magnum and move forward. As you pass a pair of archways in the right 
building, hostages will run out, pursued by their captors. Pick off the guys 
dressed in black to save the hostages, as always. Keep pushing forward. As 
you reach a door in the left building, a woman in a towel will come 
screaming out of the bathhouse. Pick off the surly character she's running 
from and head inside.

Move up the stairs. In the doorway at the top, you'll see a distant 
terrorist dressed in blue. Zoom in and kill him with the Magnum. Then swing
around left and bolt into the room. In the corner is another hostage being 
held by a pair of terrorists. Blast the one to the left, then kill the one 
to the right. One round from the Magnum should be sufficient for each.
Then turn around and back into the corner, below the walkway. In the far 
corner of the upstairs walkway is another baddie. Zoom and drop him,
then spin to the left and pick off the baddie in the left corner. Finally, 
spin right and back up to waste the hombre just above you. Remember, you can 
use the walkway as cover. If things are getting too heavy, back up and 
breathe a second before jumping willy nilly into the fray. When all of the 
upstairs jokers have fallen, move diagonally across the room to snag the 
Body Armor, as always too.

Then, spin around and head out of the doorway on the oppsoite side of the 
room. Head through the arched doorway here and turn left, popping
the unsuspecting guard at the top of the stairs. Climb the stairs to the 
walkway, turning left as you exit and following the path to the next door. 
As you approach, you'll see Bullion running ahead of you. Move through the 
arched doorway and cruise up the stairs. At the top, take a left and follow 
the path to an open doorway. There is a gunman waiting across the roof. Zoom 
and boom with the Magnum. Move around the building, following
the low white railing that borders the roof to the left. Eventually, the 
railing will give way. Take a few steps back, get a running start, and leap 
across the gap between buildings. When you land, head to the right around 
the small building here. As a guard charges around, line up a shot and nail 
him. Continue around the building to claim a Stun Grenade. Then exit and 
turn right, heading down the long ramp ahead.

At the end of the ramp, peer around the corner. There is a civilian cowering 
near the wall, a baddie in the courtyard, and one more peeking out of the 
window of a building across the way. Use the wall as cover and strafe, 
popping the criminals. Head over to the white ledge and hop up on it. Then
leap across to the next building. As you enter, a hostage runs from one 
doorway to the other. Move straight ahead. At the doorway, turn right,
then strafe left into the corridor, shooting the terrorist behind the 
overturned table. The end of this hallway is blocked off, so duck into the 
room to the right.

You're met at the door by a terrorist. Drop him, then move into the room, 
killing the baddies who are covered behind furniture. Move to the second 
room, heading through the arched doorway to the right. Follow the path ahead 
across the wooden planks to another rooftop. Take a hard right
and blast the thuig who charges you. Then quickly climb the ladder to the 
next roof. As you weave through the laundry, two more terrorists will 
attack. Drop them and move across the planks to then next roof. When you 
arrive, run to the far left skylight, killing the only guard who stands in 
your path. Step through the vent here and drop to the balcony below.

When you land, head right through the archway here, then right again, 
killing the two guards surrounding the hostage here (he's dressed in
white). Stepothrough the left doorway, running and gunning with a good short 
range weapon (the Magnum or Finessi). Take the steps at the end of
the path down, then head straight forward and kill the terrorist who's 
holding a captive here. Again, the best tactic is to run straight at him, 
guns blazing. When this hostage is free, open the next door and prepare for 
a firefight. There is one hostage here and four guards. Hang at the
doorway and pop the guard closest to him with the Mustang. The guards will 
then turn their fire on you. As they do, step into the room (past the 
running hostage) and blaze until they all drop. Then head forward to the 
double doors and go through.

When the doors open, blast the terrorist in front of you, then quickly spin. 
There is another guard here holding yet another hostage (these guys don't 
mess around). Drop him with some heavy fire from the Mustang and head right 
through the double doors. Three thugs are lurking around the
building here. Mow them down with the Ingalls, then make for the door in the 
far left corner (from where you entered). As you mount the staircase here, 
the level will end. Mission Complete!!! WOW!!!

Fallen Angel

Mission Objects: 
A: Open security door with scanned fingerprint from Bullion
B: Rescue M at all costs
C: Stop Elektra from warning Renard
D: Do not eliminate your allies (What else is new)

The Mission: After a pretty severe falling out between Bond and Elektra, and 
the cold blooded murder of Zukovsky, you find yourself alone in the room 
with a corpse. Grab his Wolfram and head through the double doors into the 
dressing room. Equip the Stunner function on your watch and open the next 
door. This leads to a balcony outside. Turn right and zap the guard here, 
then punch him out to get his gun.

Head back into the room Zukovsky's in and go through the other door. This 
leads to a spiral staircase. Head up, passing a guard on the way up. At the 
top, turn and face the grated door ahead. From here, you'll see the back of 
a guard. Kill him with the Wolfram, then wait for his compadres to come to 
his aid. Mow them down as they appear in the doorway. From this same
position, turn to the left. In the corner of the hallway here is a security 
camera. Shoot and destroy it. Then head forward into the office you just 
cleared. On a table in the far left corner of the room is an ID Scanner and 
some ammo. Through the opening above the table, slay the terrorists in the
hallway. Exit through the door next to the extinguisher and move left. Here, 
you'll discover the door you'll eventually need to get through to reach the 
tower. First, however, you'll need to get Bullion's fingerprints.

Head back to the balcony where you punched out the guard. As you exit, move 
to the left. Look down into the courtyard below. Equip your MAR-4 and zoom 
it all the way in . Bullion is behind a small bunker on the left side of the 
dock. Snipe him, then kill the guard who is one level down from the balcony. 
When both of them drop, head to the dirt path that leads down from the 
balcony (right in front of the double doors).

The path leads into a concrete building. As you move into the first room, 
you'll hear the sounds of gunfire. Reload your weapon and pause before the 
door here. There are four guards beyond. A rapid weapon is the best choice 
here (the Deutsche M45 is a beaut as always). Open the door and take out one 
guard at a time, ducking for cover when you need to reload,if you do… When 
all of the baddies fall, move into the room. At the far end is an arched 
doorway. Another group of terrorists has taken over this corridor. Clean 
them out, then head to the end and grab the Body Armor (Yeah).

Head back to the previous room and look down the ramp here. Snipe the 
terrorist camped out in the left corner (facing down the stairs), then move 
down the ramp. At the base of the stairs, turn around and strafe right, 
shooting the thug camped out behind the coil of wire to the left. The next
door exits to the docks, where you'll find Bullion. Head forward toward the 
bunker he's lying behind. As you reach it, spin and waste the baddie 
sneaking up from behind. After he drops, turn your attention to Bullion. 
Equip the ID Scanner and point it at Bullion. Press Z to get a positive 
reading on his prints.

Now head back up the stairs. Drop the two terrorists at the top, then 
proceed back up to Elektra's pad. Head back through the security
office until you reach the fingerprint-activated door. Take a moment to 
equip the Grapple function on your watch. Then pull out the IDScanner and 
activate the door. Before you step into the next room, re-equip your 
Grapple. As you step into the next room, the door at the far end is sealed 
off and the room begins to fill with gas. However, in the center of the 
ceiling is a grapple point, which will take you up to the next level.
Shoot your grapple up and climb the rope, then hop off as you reach the top. 
Take the ladder up to the next floor, then climb another to the tower. When 
you reach the top, duck down. There are three guards camped out in the 
hallway ahead. Quickly pop up, drop a thug, then duck again. Now strafe to 
the left and plug the baddie in the corner. The last is stationed near the 
door to the right. When he falls, head to the end of the hall and take a 
right into the cell block. M is in the last cell on the right. Before 
rescuing her, equip your watch with the Stunner function. Then shoot the
lock off of the cell and step inside. This will trigger a short cutscene in 
which Elektra shows up and kidnaps M, again. You are stripped of your 
weapons: (and left with Gabor. When the cutscene concludes, it's you and 
him. Use your Stunner watch to drop him, then snag his Wolfram and send him 
back, to you know where...

As you exit the cell block, two more guards have gathered outside. Kill them 
with the Wolfram. If low on ammo, stun them and punch them out.
Then head to the door across from the cells and follow the spiral stairs up. 
At the top of the stairs are a pair of flunky guards. Mow them down with
the Mustang, then head through the door here. As you move through the next 
room, another cutscene will occur. Elektra is holding M hostage, and she is 
counting on your conscience to stay alive. When the cutscene conlcudes, fill 
Elektra full of lead. It’s good night for her... Mission Complete, except for 
Elektra’s Mission!!!

A Sinking Feeling

Mission Object: 
A: Board submarine
B: Locate and rescue Christmas unharmed
C: Gain access to control room
D: Avoid submarine crew casualties
E: Destroy steering controls
F: Escort Christmas (Jones, duh) to Mine Room

The Mission: To get through the first portion of this mission, you're going 
to need a big helping of stealth. Switch your Wolfram to Silenced right off 
the bat. There are several alarms positioned throughout the level, and if 
they're tripped, you're sunk. Move forward, keeping the large crates to your 

Round the corner, sticking near the crates as you spy on what's going on in 
the distance. There are three guards in this area. One camped out near the 
alarm, and two patrolling. The one on the left will walk towards you, then 
walk back toward the sub. The one on the right will disappear into the
crates. When the left guard turns around, start heading toward the guard 
near the alarm. Line up a head shot and drop him, then turn right and head 
into the crates. One more right will pit you in front of the second guard. 
Another head shot, another body bag. Return to the area in front of the
alarm. As the third guard strolls by, nail him in the gourd.
At this point, you should have a couple more guns. Select the Suisse SSR and 
strafe left around the brick column. There is a distant guard camped out on 
the walkway up to the sub. Zoom into his head and make him fall down. Then 
edge further left and drop the next guard down. Then creep
forward, using the right wall as cover. Edge out until the next guard comes 
into view. Drop him with the Suisse, then edge further forward. The
next guard is in front of another alarm. Make sure he doesn't see you and 
line up a head shot. Kill him, then cruise across the courtyard. Drop the
final guard in the next area, then head right up the gangplank and to the 

Move to the central tower and climb up the backside ladder. Drop into the 
hole here, then head to the next ladder and mount it from the side, 
following it down into the sub. At the bottom of the ladder, you'll 
encounter a guard. Shoot him in the face. Then move to the small alarm panel 
(a red button on the wall) and use your Laser Watch to disable it.

(Tip: Although you may be tempted to find Christmas now, it is best to wait 
until you've cleared the level of guards before escorting her to safety. If 
she gets shot as you move through the sub, the mission will be over.)

Return to the hall with the ladder and head forward (away from the valve 
door) to the cross path ahead. Wait in the doorway here. There is a
terrorist on patrol, and he will make a circuit right past this door. When 
he does, shoot him in the head. Then head to the right and use your laser on
the alarm panel there. Directly across from the alarm is a gray door. Open 
it and kill the terrorist who is holding the blue-suited hostage. Then exit 
the room and turn left, opening the valve door here.

(Note: If an alarm gets tripped, your mission will no longer end. You'll 
just have a lot more enemies to deal with. Needless to say, stealth is still 

Blast the pair of guards who approach as you exit, then take a left at the 
next intersection, blasting any seamen in your way. Make your way to the far 
end of the passage, and head through the valve door immediately to your 
right. Head through this empty chamber to the gray door on the opposite 
side. Go through, then jog slightly to the left and go through the valve 
door here. As you enter, a guard will charge from the opposite door. Drop 
him, then prepare for a series of guards to pile out of the door to the 
right. Use the M8 POW90 to drop them. Then move into the room and clear out 
the rest. You've accessed the control room, fulfilling Objective C. As you 
do, another Objective will be added: Destroy steering controls. Before you 
do this, you'll have to find Christmas and escort her to safety.

Dr. Jones is in one of four possible locations. The first is here: Head back 
to where you dropped in. Move to the gray valve door and step through, then 
head to the end of the hall and equip your P2K. Step through the door to the 
left . Kill the terrorist here, and rescue his hostage: it will either
be Christmas or one of the original sub crew members. If Christmas is here, 
go talk to her to fulfill Objective B. Whenever you do find her, you will be 
given another Objective: Escort Christmas to Mine Room. We'll get to that in 
a moment. (Note: Whenever you find Dr. Jones, make your way to the Mine 
Room. Don't bother risking her life checking the rest of the rooms.)
Exit the first hostage room and head forward through the valve door. To the 
left is another gray door. Open it to find another hostage situation
(and another possible Christmas appearance). If she's not here, head forward 
to the cross path. Take a right and follow the path around the
corner. Just across from the alarm is another hostage room. If Christmas is 
not here, exit and head left. Head through the valve door and follow the 
path around the corner to the left. Move around the next corner (left again) 
and you'll see a gray door to the left. This is the last possible Christmas 
location. Rescue her here, then return to the control room door. Instead of 
going in, head past through the door ahead. There is one enemy waiting here. 
Blast him and move on, angling slightly to the right into a room with a 
hatch on the floor. Head down the ladder here (make sure Christmas is 
following). When she arrives below, Objective E will be complete.
Head back up the ladder and to the control room. Move to the back right 
corner of the room and go through the gray door here. Kill the guard here, 
shoot and destroy the control panel straight ahead. As you do this, the 
mission will be complete. Mission Complete. Onto kicking Renard’s ass.


Mission Objects: 
A: Enter the reactor chamber
B: Eliminate Renard
C: Protect Christmas
D: Stop the meltdown

The Mission: The first portion of this level is vertical in nature, as you 
plunge through the chambers of the sub looking for Renard. It is easy to get 
lost in the water, and easy to drown. Keep an eye on your oxygen meter in 
the upper right corner of the screen. When it reaches 0, you'll begin to 
take damage. Don't let that happen. Another meter you should be aware of is 
the temperature gauge (located at the top/center of the screen). The 
temperature will rise toward inevitable meltdown, and you have to stop 
Renard before it does. When the gauge goes completely red, you fail. Simple 
as that.

From the starting point, walk forward and drop into the open hatch. You find 
yourself partially submerged. To swim, simply push in the direction
you want to go. You don't have to "pump" the button, just hold it. You'll go 
much faster. When you splash down in the water, look straight ahead. Swim to 
the large valve here and turn it off (press B) to shut down the steam that 
is blasting into the far end of the room. When this has been accomplished, 
turn around and dive, aiming for the underwater opening in the wall ahead. 
Swim through, then grab a quick breath of air in the next room. When your 
oxygen meter is full, dive again, heading through the hatch below. When you
reach the bottom, turn and face the next doorway. Swim through. Just as you 
pass the threshold of this door, look down. Follow the hatch below.
Swim through the next tunnel until you reach a tunnel entrance ahead. Go 
through this to find yourself in a tunnel with hatches in the floor at 
either end. One is barred by bent pipes. In the center of the path is a M8 
POW90. Grab it, then head to the other entrance and swim through.

This will take you down to a wider, more squarish passage. Swim through the 
hatch in the center of the floor here. In the subsequent tunnel, you will 
see a ladder crossing the path. Swim past it through the hatch. Just after 
this doorway is an opening in what appears to be the floor. Swim through it 
to find an air pocket. Fill up on oxygen, but before exiting, be sure to 
grab the M8 POW90 from the floor. Leave the chamber and head into the hatch 
in the floor. You'll find yourself in a room with a dead,
floating seaman. Turn here to find a square door. Swim through and head 
right. At the end of the path is a hatch in the ceiling. Swim through it and 
continue up. When the path is intersected by another, turn right and follow 
it past one opening. Here, you'll see a larger hatch in the ceiling.
Head up through it and you will see the choppy surface of water high above. 
Swim like the dickens (That words is too dag funny) to get there. As you 
swim, equip the M8 POW90 you picked up in the tunnel. There's going to be a 
firefight the second you poke your dome out of the water. As soon as you 
surface, blaze Renard's men. and step up into the room. Grab their ammo, 
then head back past the opening you entered from. Here, you will find a Body 
Armor (Now your cooking).

At this point, equip your Grapple Watch and look up. High overhead is a 
grapple point. Shoot a rope up and climb. As you go, make sure you have a 
full clip in your M8. The tunnel you're headed to is actually behind you (if 
you got on the rope facing the short end of the tunnel). Make sure you're 
pointed the right way as you climb, as you'll have a guard to kill the 
moment you get to the next level. The terrorist is stationed on the left 
side of the path. Blast him with the M8, then leap into the passage. Head 
forward under the collapsed door that blocks half of the tunnel. At the end 
of the corridor is a drop-off. If you get there, you've gone too far. 
Instead, look up just as you pass the white door. There is another grapple 
point here. Shoot a rope up, then climb up. Congratulations, you've accessed 
the reactor chamber, fulfilling Objective A. Your reward is to have another 
Objective added: D) Stop the meltdown, (yeah, party at Renrd’s house).
To do this, look above. See Renard in the transparent tube? Directly below 
him is a large red button. Climb up onto the pipes and press the button. 
This will fulfill two Objectives: Stop the meltdown and Eliminate Renard. 
Once this is done, it's time to find Christmas and leave the sub.
Now it's grapple fest. Shoot a rope up to the next grapple point to get to 
the higher white platform here. A terrorist awaits you. After polishing him 
off, look up again. Aim for the grapple point on the ceiling through the 
hatch above. Leap off the rope up top and kill the baddie waiting just 
beyond the steam. Move to the end of the hall and look up. Kill the 
suspended terrorist, then use your Grapple watch to get to the next level. 
In the short passage here is another hatch on the ceiling. Shoot your 
grappling line up to the point and leap to the rope to end the mission and 
the game and my walkthrough . Sit back, scream, and watch the final movie, 
cutscence, ect. Whatever, Bond. You've earned it. Congratulations, you just 
beat the entire game. I’m proved to say that you are the master, if you got 
up to this point...

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