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  • Action, Combat
  • 3DO Company
  • 3DO Company
  • Teen
  • September 1, 1999


Zoom In On Sniper Rifle Scope

To zoom in on the Sniper Rifle hold R to aim and C-up to zoom in on the scope. If however, you zoom in too close, hold C-down with R and the scope will zoom out. NOTE: You can aim on all other guns, but you cannot zoom in on any other weapon.

Multi-Player Hideout

On the island level, if you go to one of the corners with one of the tents, if you climb up the mountain-ish area and jump down a certain spot, you land on a small platform on a "hidden beach" before the ocean. Hide there and nobody can get you or snipe you. The downside: You cannot shoot from that position, and you cannot get out without committing suicide (jumping in the water).

33 Bazookas

In the mission where you rescue Riff, after you free Riff from the M-80, you can take sometime, walk around and pickup a serious amount of bazookas. However, this only gets you about 12. There are three boxes on the other side of cement building: Use your grendade launcher and blow 'em up. Inside they hold about 27 bazooka rounds. Then, you can just go nuts on the place.

Hiding In The Toilet

When you are playing the bathroom level on multiplayer, get in between the seat and the back part of the toilet and lay down, you can back up behind the toilet. It doesn't really help much because you can't shoot out, but it makes a good hiding spot.


Shrap Mission

Go to the password screen and type SRFPNK.

All Characters In Multi Mode

Enter the password VRCLN to get all the characters including Riff, Thick, Hoover, and all the other guys.

Level Passwords

Level		Password

Spy Blue		TRGHTR 
Bathroom		TDBWL 
Riff Mission		MSTRMN 
Forest		TLLTRS 
Hoover Mission	SCRDCT 
Thick Mission	STPDMN 
Snow Mission	BLZZRD 
Shrap Mission	SRFPNK 
Fort Plastro		GNRLMN 
Scorch Mission	HTTTRT 
Showdown		ZBTSRL 
Sandbox		HTKTTN 
Kitchen		PTSPNS 
Living Room		HXMSTR 
The Way Home* 	VRCLN

* This password also unlocks all characters in multi-player mode.

All Weapons

Enter "NSRLS" as a password.

Maximum Ammunition

Enter "MMLVSRM" as a password.

Play as General Plastro

Enter "PLSTRLVSVG" as a password.

Play as Vikki

Enter "GRNGRLRX" as a password.

Play as Tin Soldier

Enter "TNSLDRS" as a password. Note: Enter this code after activating another character code to create a Tin version of that character.

Test Information

Enter "THDTST" as a password.

Mini Mode

Enter "DRVLLVSMM" as a password.

Reverse Weapon Selection

While playing a game, hold B and press Z to cycle through weapons in reverse order.

Restart Level

While playing a game, hold L + R + C-Down to return to the starting location of the current level.


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Easter eggs

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