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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Unknown
  • THQ
  • Mature


Broken Record

In the cabin's fruit cellar, move directly in front of the record player and push O. The music will stop. Use the O in combination with Triangle, and you'll have a "rappin" Ash!

Defeating Wolverine Troop Leader

To defeat the Wolverine Troop Leader, run to one of the four poles that are around you, the leader will follow you. When you get to one and when the leader is behind you or around it, Hit it, and the rocks will fall on him...keep doing this until he is dead and then go to the big pile of rocks to leave. You will then obtain a key to the Archery gate.

Recurring Mushrooms

By the barbecue pit on the campgrounds, you will find a red or brown mushroom. Leave the BBQ pit and return...another red or brown mushroom will appear. This will happen usually no more than seven or eight times before you have to proceed.

Defeat Hellbilly Grany Spider

After giving her the amulet she turns into a giant spider. knowing your instincts by the size of the thing your gonna think it's gonna kill ya. Chase her and when she swoops down to attack you will notice she turns green while she is in this color you are to open up a can of whoop ass on her! follow these steps and she will be dead in no time.


Killing Evils With No Chainsaw Fuel (FINISHED)

No matter if chainsaw fuel is finished.You mighthave noticed that after fuel is finished then by pressing R2 Chiansaw doesn`t starts however it takes only initative start Inorder to kill an evil Just Press R2+X buttons simultaneously and keep pressing untill you see "CAMPBELL" Drilling the damn evils, this is because drilling doesn`t require fuel.


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Easter eggs

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