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FAQ Created by: Smoke_Rulz
Game Created by: PopCap Games ( )

Latest Update: 11/01/10
Current Version: 1.25
See Section 5 for the Update List


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1. Copyright & Site Listing                                          (sec1copy)
2. Introduction                                                     (sec2intro)

3. Plant Information                                                (sec3plant)
   - a. Peashooter      (sec3pea)        - aa. Cactus          (sec3cactus)
   - b. Sunflower       (sec3sun)        - bb. Blover          (sec3blover)
   - c. Cherry Bomb     (sec3cherry)     - cc. Split Pea       (sec3split)
   - d. Wall-nut        (sec3wall)       - dd. Starfruit       (sec3star)
   - e. Potato Mine     (sec3mine)       - ee. Pumpkin         (sec3pumpkin)
   - f. Snow Pea        (sec3snow)       - ff. Magnet-shroom   (sec3magnet)
   - g. Chomper         (sec3chomp)      - gg. Cabbage-pult    (sec3cabbage)
   - h. Repeater        (sec3repea)      - hh. Flower Pot      (sec3pot)
   - i. Puff-shroom     (sec3puff)       - ii. Kernel-pult     (sec3kernel)
   - j. Sun-shroom      (sec3sunsh)      - jj. Coffee Bean     (sec3coffee)
   - k. Fume-shroom     (sec3fume)       - kk. Garlic          (sec3garlic)
   - l. Grave Buster    (sec3grave)      - ll. Umbrella Leaf   (sec3leaf)
   - m. Hypno-shroom    (sec3hypno)      - mm. Marigold        (sec3mari)
   - n. Scaredy-shroom  (sec3scared)     - nn. Melon-pult      (sec3melon)
   - o. Ice-shroom      (sec3ice)        - oo. Gatling Pea     (sec3gatling)
   - p. Doom-shroom     (sec3doom)       - pp. Twin Sunflower  (sec3twin)
   - q. Lily Pad        (sec3lily)       - qq. Gloom-shroom    (sec3gloom)
   - r. Squash          (sec3squash)     - rr. Cattail         (sec3cat)
   - s. Threepeater     (sec3three)      - ss. Winter Melon    (sec3winter)
   - t. Tangle Kelp     (sec3kelp)       - tt. Gold Magnet     (sec3gold)
   - u. Jalapeno        (sec3peno)       - uu. Spikerock       (sec3rock)
   - v. Spikeweed       (sec3weed)       - vv. Cob Cannon      (sec3cannon)
   - w. Torchwood       (sec3torch)      - ww. Imitater        (sec3tater)
   - x. Tall-nut        (sec3tall)
   - y. Sea-shroom      (sec3sea)
   - z. Plantern        (sec3plantern)

4. Zombie Information                                              (sec4zombie)
   - a. Zombie                  (sec4reg)
   - b. Flag Zombie             (sec4flag)
   - c. Conehead Zombie         (sec4cone)
   - d. Pole Vaulting Zombie    (sec4pole)
   - e. Buckethead Zombie       (sec4bucket)
   - f. Newspaper Zombie        (sec4paper)
   - g. Screen Door Zombie      (sec4door)
   - h. Football Zombie         (sec4football)
   - i. Dancing Zombie          (sec4dancing)
   - j. Backup Dancer           (sec4backup)
   - k. Ducky Tube Zombie       (sec4ducky)
   - l. Snorkel Zombie          (sec4snorkel)
   - m. Zomboni                 (sec4zomboni)
   - n. Zombie Bobsled Team     (sec4bobsled)
   - o. Dolphin Rider Zombie    (sec4dolphin)
   - p. Jack-in-the-Box Zombie  (sec4jack)
   - q. Balloon Zombie          (sec4balloon)
   - r. Digger Zombie           (sec4digger)
   - s. Pogo Zombie             (sec4pogo)
   - t. Zombie Yeti             (sec4yeti)
   - u. Bungee Zombie           (sec4bungee)
   - v. Ladder Zombie           (sec4ladder)
   - w. Catapult Zombie         (sec4pult)
   - x. Gargantuar              (sec4gargan)
   - y. Imp                     (sec4imp)
   - z. Dr. Zomboss             (sec4zomboss)

5. Update List                                                     (sec5update)
6. Contact Info                                                   (sec6contact)
7. Thanks & Credits                                                (sec7thanks)

SECTION 1. COPYRIGHT & SITE LISTING                                  (sec1copy)

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SECTION 2. INTRODUCTION                                             (sec2intro)

Hey it's Smokey here again, for my first FAQ that isn't for a Bookworm related
game! But... it's still a PopCap one. Haha. This is Plants vs. Zombies, a great
PC game, but believe it or not, I first played it on my 360. The downloadable
Xbox Live version is just as good if not better than the classic PC game. This
game is pretty much the only reason why Tower Defense games should exist.

I won't be going into specifics about how this game works, and what all of its
game modes are and what not, since this is not a full-on FAQ/Walkthrough. This
FAQ is mainly about the Almanac and its really hilarious sayings. I noticed
that there's no FAQ on the site that shows off the great Almanac sayings of
the Plants, so I decided to make one. Then I figured, why not just include all
of the Zombies as well?

So this is designated as an Almanac FAQ: Showing you exactly what the Almanac
says about everything in the game. I want this to be a simple text reference
for anyone who'd like to see the capabilities of each plant, or if they just
want to copy/paste a funny Almanac paragraph to one of their friends. To be
honest, the humor of this game is one of main reasons why I ended up getting
it. So if this FAQ helps anyone else purchase this game, then I'm all for it,
because I know they'll enjoy it. :)

I'll also be including my own general opinion on the various plants, including
perhaps some extra gameplay tips. Since the Almanac is partially for gameplay
statistics, I might as well help add to the helpfulness. ;) However, if you'd
like something a little more in-depth, check out cyrad1's Plant Guide here on
GameFAQs. It's very juicy and stat-filled, so it should definitely help you
on understanding all the plants for your desired build needs.

Note as well: I have submitted this FAQ under the 360 version of the game, if
only because it's the only version of the game I own, and the one I played
all the way through. I assume the Almanac is exactly the same as the PC
version, but it's possible they changed a thing or two, so I don't want anyone
getting confused.

This FAQ is pretty much one-shot, but I'm not past adding some more little
nuggets to it later if I deem something is worth updating. If anyone out there
feels there's something I REALLY should add to this FAQ, or if you find a
mistake that I made somewhere, feel free to check out Section 6 for info on
how to contact me. If I decide to use your info, I'll be sure to add you to
Section 7 as thanks.

That's a long enough intro. On to the FAQ itself!

SECTION 3. PLANT INFORMATION                                        (sec3plant)

Here we start off with all the adorable weapons of destruction you have at your
command. The entries are pretty self-explanitory, but just for FAQs sake, here
is a key on how to read each entry:

COST: Sun you need to plant it     RECHARGE: Time until you can plant again
   General notes listed in the Almanac are here, if any
OTHER STUFF: Things like "Damage," "Toughness," "Special," etc. will go here
   Hilarious flavor text goes here

NOTES: These are little things I have to say about each plant

INFO: This is extra in-depth info I figure needs to be known

A. PEASHOOTER                                                         (sec3pea)
COST: 100     RECHARGE: Fast
   Peashooters are your first line of defense. They shoot peas at attacking
DAMAGE: Normal
   How can a single plant grow and shoot so many peas so quickly? Peashooter
   says, "Hard work, commitment, and a healthy, well-balanced breakfast of
   sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide make it all possible."

NOTES: He's a cute little bugger, isn't he? I love using these early on
       until I have a lot of sunflowers. Also note that all pea-firing plants
       have unlimited range, so the farther back they are, the better.

B. SUNFLOWER                                                          (sec3sun)
COST: 50      RECHARGE: Fast
   Sunflowers are essential for you to produce extra sun. Try planting as many
   as you can!
   Sunflower can't resist bouncing to the beat. Which beat is that? Why, the
   life-giving jazzy rhythm of the Earth itself, thumbing at a frequency only
   Sunflower can hear.

NOTES: She's the cutest little bugger in the game. Absolutely required on
       every level, except many nighttime ones, but you can still use her
       there anyway. Keep them in the very back, unless you need a column 1

C. CHERRY BOMB                                                     (sec3cherry)
COST: 150     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Cherry Bombs can blow up all zombies in an area. They have a short fuse so
   plant them near zombies.
DAMAGE: Massive
RANGE: All zombies in a medium area
USAGE: Single use, instant
   "I wanna explode," says Cherry #1. "No, let's detonate instead!" says his
   brother, Cherry #2. After intense consultation they agree to explodonate.

NOTES: I think "medium area" refers to 9-square block of area on and around
       where you place the bomb. Very useful, but watch for the recharge

D. WALL-NUT                                                          (sec3wall)
COST: 50      RECHARGE: Slow
   Wall-nuts have hard shells which you can use to protect your other plants.
   "People wonder how I feel about getting constantly chewed on by zombies,"
   says Wall-nut. "What they don't realize is that with my limited senses all
   I can feel is a kind of tingling, like a relaxing back rub."

NOTES: He's also cute. Everything is cute! He's useful early-on like the
       Peashooter, until you're really swimming in Sun power. Then you move on
       to his big brother.

E. POTATO MINE                                                       (sec3mine)
COST: 25      RECHARGE: Slow
   Potato Mines pack a powerful punch, but they need a while to arm themselves.
   You should plant them ahead of zombies. They will explode on contact.
DAMAGE: Massive
RANGE: All zombies in a small area
USAGE: Single use, delayed activation
   Some folks say Potato Mine is lazy, that he leaves everything to the last
   minute. Potato Mine says nothing. He's too busy thinking about his
   investment strategy.

NOTES: The low cost and faster recharge time compared to other instant-kills
       make him alright, but the priming time really kills it for me. The
       absolute best use for him is at the very beginning of a round, while
       you are setting up your columns of Sunflowers, and the zombies are
       coming at you 1-by-1. A Potato Mine will be primed by the time a zombie
       reaches it, and the Mine should finish recharging in time for the 2nd.
       After that, though, I find very little use for the mine. Perhaps saving
       the back column for them on levels with Diggers?

F. SNOW PEA                                                          (sec3snow)
COST: 175     RECHARGE: Fast
   Snow Peas shoot frozen peas that damage and slow the enemy.
DAMAGE: Normal, slows zombies
   Folks often tell Snow Pea how "cool" he is, or exhort him to "chill out."
   They tell him to "stay frosty." Snow Pea just rolls his eyes. He's heard
   'em all.

NOTES: I love this little guy in any level where I'm not using Torchwoods.
       The slowdown effect is incredibly useful. Note that multiple frozen
       peas do not stack, so you only need one column of these guys if you
       intend on using them. Put them behind all your more heavily-damaging
       plants. Excellent when paired with Spikeweed/Spikerock.

G. CHOMPER                                                          (sec3chomp)
COST: 150     RECHARGE: Fast
   Chompers can devour a zombie whole, but they are vulnerable while chewing.
DAMAGE: Massive
RANGE: Very short
SPECIAL: Long delay between chomps
   Chomper almost got a gig doing stunts in Hollywood but it fell through when
   his agent demanded too much on the front end. Chomper's not resentful,
   though. He says it's just part of the business.

NOTES: A fast-charging instant kill plant? You betcha. Unfortunately, it feels
       like it takes a solid 2 minutes for it to finish eating, which limits
       its usefulness. Its range is actually 2 squares, so it's best to have
       one behind a Nut, or a Chomper behind another Chomper. Also, this is one
       of my favorite flavor text entries in the game.

H. REPEATER                                                         (sec3repea)
COST: 200     RECHARGE: Fast
   Repeaters fire two peas at a time.
DAMAGE: Normal (for each pea)
   Repeater is fierce. He's from the streets. He doesn't take attitude from
   anybody, plant or zombie, and he shoots peas to keep people at a distance.
   Secretly, though, Repeater yearns for love.

NOTES: The bread-and-butter plant for just about any big-time build. Columns
       of Repeaters behind Torchwoods is the standard way of doing things in
       this game. You should definitely experiment with other stuff for the
       sake of fun, but you can't go wrong with this guy. Also, one of my
       favorite flavor texts in the game.

I. PUFF-SHROOM                                                       (sec3puff)
COST: 0       RECHARGE: Fast
   Puff-shrooms are cheap, but can only fire a short distance.
DAMAGE: Normal
RANGE: Short
Sleeps during the day
   "I only recently became aware of the existence of zombies," says
   Puff-shroom. "Like many fungi, I'd just assumed they were fairy tales or
   movie monsters. This whole experience has been a huge eye-opener for me."

NOTES: Your first nighttime plant. These are absolutely essential. They're
       completely free, so definitely litter the whole battlefield with them
       at the start, until you build up sun for better shrooms. I have also
       used them as fodder to slow down some zombies. If you're wondering,
       their range is 3 squares.

J. SUN-SHROOM                                                       (sec3sunsh)
COST: 25      RECHARGE: Fast
   Sun-shrooms give small sun at first and normal sun later.
SUN PRODUCTION: Low, then normal
Sleeps during the day
   Sun-shroom hates sun. He hates it so much that when it builds up in his
   system, he spits it out as fast as he can. He just won't abide it. To him,
   sun is crass.

NOTES: The nighttime sun plant. You can actually use Sunflowers during the
       night stages, but I actually prefer this guy, at least at first. The
       little suns (they give 15 Sun) are fine early on because shrooms are
       cheap overall, and by the time you've littered the field with Puffs
       and Fumes, your Sun-shrooms will be giving you bigger sun. In a long
       level like Survival, I'll eventually replace them with Sunflowers.

K. FUME-SHROOM                                                       (sec3fume)
COST: 75      RECHARGE: Fast
   Fume-shrooms shoot fumes that can pass through screen doors.
DAMAGE: Normal, penetrates screen doors
RANGE: All zombies in the fume cloud
Sleeps during the day
   "I was in a dead-end job producing yeast spores for a bakery," says
   Fume-shroom. "Then Puff-shroom, bless 'im, told me about this great
   opportunity blasting zombies. Now I really feel like I'm making a

NOTES: The bread-and-butter attacker for night stages. Their range is 4
       squares, but they damage EVERY zombie in their cloud, whereas pea
       plants hit only zombies in front of groups. Plus they're cheap, so
       it's easy to litter the field with them. I do eventually upgrade to
       bigger guns in Survival, though. Also, the Almanac doesn't say it,
       but their spores ignore ladders as well, not just the doors.

L. GRAVE BUSTER                                                     (sec3grave)
COST: 75      RECHARGE: Fast
   Plant Grave Busters on graves to remove the graves.
USAGE: Single use, must be planted on graves
SPECIAL: Removes graves
   Despite Grave Buster's fearsome appearance, he wants everyone to know that
   he loves kittens and spends his off hours volunteering at a local zombie
   rehabilitation center. "It's just the right thing to do," he says.

NOTES: Required for nighttime front lawn stages. You gotta kill off those
       graves before the final flag. Zombies can still eat him, though, so be
       careful when you plant him. Also, I'm not sure what he's supposed to
       be based off of. Looks kind of like a tree trunk, I guess?

M. HYPNO-SHROOM                                                     (sec3hypno)
COST: 75      RECHARGE: Slow
   When eaten, Hypno-shrooms will make a zombie turn around and fight for you.
USAGE: Single use, on contact
SPECIAL: Makes a zombie fight for you
Sleeps during the day
   "Zombies are out friends," asserts Hypno-shroom. "They're badly
   misunderstood creatures who play a valuable role in our ecology. We can and
   should do more to bring them round to our way of thinking."

NOTES: I almost never used these guys outside of Adventure mode. To me it's
       easier to just kill everything. However, if you want to make use of
       it, aim to take over Football Zombies, and Dancing Zombies BEFORE
       they summon their Backup Dancers.

N. SCAREDY-SHROOM                                                  (sec3scared)
COST: 25      RECHARGE: Fast
   Scaredy-shrooms are long-ranged shooters that hide when enemies get near
DAMAGE: Normal
SPECIAL: Stops shooting when enemy is close
Sleeps during the day
   "Who's there?" whispers Scaredy-shroom, voice barely audible. "Go away. I
   don't want to see anybody. Unless it's the man from the circus."

NOTES: Outside of that one conveyor level, I never ever used these things. I
       can see the point behind them: Extremely low cost, unlimited range,
       backrow fighters. I found it easier to just litter the field with
       Fume-shrooms until I had the sun for Snow Peas.

O. ICE-SHROOM                                                         (sec3ice)
COST: 75      RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Ice-shrooms temporarily immobilize all zombies on the screen.
DAMAGE: Very light, immobilizes zombies
RANGE: All zombies on the screen
USAGE: Single use, instant
Sleeps during the day
   Ice-shroom frowns, not because he's unhappy or disapproves, but because of
   a childhood injury that left his facial nerves paralyzed.

NOTES: This guy is actually really useful, but despite that, I almost never
       used him outside of the conveyor levels where he's absolutely needed.
       The immobilization effect lasts about 2 seconds, which is more than
       enough, trust me.

P. DOOM-SHROOM                                                       (sec3doom)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Doom-shrooms destroy everything in a large area and leave a crater that
   can't be planted on.
DAMAGE: Massive
RANGE: All zombies in a huge area
USAGE: Single use, instant
SPECIAL: Leaves a crater
Sleeps during the day
   "You're lucky I'm on your side," says Doom-shroom. "I could destroy
   everything you hold dear. It wouldn't be hard."

NOTES: God he looks so evil~ This is another shroom I basically never used.
       His area of effect is quite large (I think it may be 7x7?) so it is
       indeed very useful, I just never bothered. The crater is leaves is
       not that bad a problem if you don't intend to plant there. Also,
       the craters heal eventually.

Q. LILY PAD                                                          (sec3lily)
COST: 25      RECHARGE: Fast
   Lily pads let you plant non-aquatic plants on top of them.
SPECIAL: Non-aquatic plants can be planted on top of it.
Must be planted in water
   Lily Pad never complains. Lily Pad never wants to know what's going on. Put
   a plant on top of Lily Pad, he won't say a thing. Does he have startling
   opinions or shocking secrets? Nobody knows. Lily Pad keeps it all inside.

NOTES: Absolutely required for pool levels. I have not much to say about him,
       other than I find it annoying to be slapping so many of them down,
       haha. Note that zombies will have to eat through them too, so they
       can be fodder if necessary.

R. SQUASH                                                          (sec3squash)
COST: 50      RECHARGE: Slow
   Squashes will smash the first zombie that gets close to it.
DAMAGE: Massive
RANGE: Short range, hits all zombies that it lands on
USAGE: Single use
   "I'm ready!" yells Squash. "Let's do it! Put me in! There's nobody better!
   I'm your guy! C'mon! Whaddya waiting for? I need this!"

NOTES: A low-cost massive-damage plant, and actually really useful, although
       chances are you won't be killing more than one zombie with it. It's
       perfect in a tight spot, though, and it can even kill things behind
       it or on its own square. Also, I love the grunting noise he makes. :D

S. THREEPEATER                                                      (sec3three)
COST: 325     RECHARGE: Fast
   Threepeaters shoot peas in three lanes.
DAMAGE: Normal (for each pea)
RANGE: Three lanes
   Threepeater likes reading, backgammon and long periods of immobility in the
   park. Threepeater enjoys going to shows, particularly modern jazz. "I'm
   just looking for that special someone," he says. Threepeater's favorite
   number is 5.

NOTES: I think most people don't bother with this guy, but I actually think he
       can be really fun on levels where I don't feel like using Gatling Peas
       and putting up with their recharge time. If you're gonna use him, don't
       bother putting any in the very top or very bottom lanes. Use Repeaters
       instead. Also, another one of my favorite flavor texts in the game.

T. TANGLE KELP                                                       (sec3kelp)
COST: 25      RECHARGE: Slow
   Tangle Kelp are aquatic plants that pull the first zombie that nears them
DAMAGE: Massive
USAGE: Single use, on contact
Must be planted in water
   "I'm totally invisible," Tangle Kelp thinks to himself. "I'll hide here
   just below the surface and nobody will see me." His friends tell him they
   can see him perfectly well, but he'll never change.

NOTES: Another overall pretty useful plant that I just never used much. The
       main problem is that it only kills a single zombie, but it can still
       be very useful in a pinch. The pool has much weaker zombies compared
       to the land, though, so do what you'd like.

U. JALAPENO                                                          (sec3peno)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Jalapenos destroy an entire land of zombies.
DAMAGE: Massive
RANGE: All zombies in a land
USAGE: Single use, instant
   "NNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!" Jalapeno says. He's not going to explode, not this
   time. But soon. Oh, so soon. It's close. He knows it, he can feel it, his
   whole life's been leading up to this moment.

NOTES: I didn't use this guy much, despite being incredibly useful, he's
       REALLY the best on certain levels with Zombonis and Gargantuars. You
       just gotta watch that recharge timer. Definitely a prime candidate
       for an Imitater.

V. SPIKEWEED                                                         (sec3weed)
COST: 100     RECHARGE: Fast
   Spikeweeds pop tires and hurt any zombies that step on them.
DAMAGE: Normal
RANGE: All zombies that walk over it
SPECIAL: Can't be eaten by zombies
   Hockey is Spikeweed's obsession. He's got box seat season tickets. He keeps
   close track of his favorite players. And he consistently cleans up in the
   office pool. Just one problem: he's terrified of pucks.

NOTES: Yet another very useful plant I don't use too much. It's definitely
       really good for shield-holding zombies if you're not using Magnets.
       They ignore the shields and attack the zombie straight away. They
       still have to eat away at headgear zombies, however, which is silly.
       The BEST use you'll get out of it though is instantly killing Zombonis
       and Catapults. The Spikeweed is also destroyed, however, so be sure to

W. TORCHWOOD                                                        (sec3torch)
COST: 175     RECHARGE: Fast
   Torchwoods turn peas that pass through them into fireballs that deal twice
   as much damage.
SPECIAL: Doubles the damage of peas tht pass through it. Fireballs deal damage
         to nearby zombies on impact.
   Everybody likes and respects Torchwood. They like him for his integrity,
   for his steadfast friendship, for his ability to greatly maximize pea
   damage. But Torchwood has a secret: he can't read.

NOTES: One of the best plants in the game. Place them in front of your pea
       plants, behind your Nuts, and watch the waves of zombies fall. It's
       like poetry in motion. Also the Almanac doesn't say it, but they
       also melt frozen peas and turn them into normal peas. So either
       don't use Snow Peas, or put them in FRONT of the Torchwoods. Fire
       peas will also melt zombies that have been iced over, so it's kind
       of funny to see them shift between frozen and unfrozen states

X. TALL-NUT                                                          (sec3tall)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Slow
   Tall-nuts are heavy-duty wall plants that can't be vaulted over.
TOUGHNESS: Very high
SPECIAL: Can't be vaulted or jumped over.
   People wonder if there's a rivalry between Wall-nut and Tall-nut. Tall-nut
   laughs a rich, baritone laugh. "How could there be anything between us? We
   are brothers. If you knew what Wall-nut has done for me..." Tall-nut's
   voice trails off and he smiles knowingly.

NOTES: Pretty much essential on all but the most hardcore of Gloom-shroom
       builds. You can start with Wall-nuts, and then upgrade to these. Also
       a must-have for any level with pogos, vaulters, or dolphins. I love
       me some Tall-nuts. :D

Y. SEA-SHROOM                                                         (sec3sea)
COST: 0       RECHARGE: Slow
   Sea-shrooms are aquatic plants that shoot short ranged spores.
DAMAGE: Normal
RANGE: Short
Must be planted in water
Sleeps during the day
   Sea-shroom has never seen the sea. It's in his name, he's heard loads about
   it, but he's just never found the time. One day, though, it'll go down.

NOTES: The aquatic version of the Puff-shroom. Free, short ranged, and good
       for fodder. Only difference is the slow charge time. I definitely
       toss a few of these in the pool before I lay down some better plants
       on some Lily Pads.

Z. PLANTERN                                                      (sec3plantern)
COST: 25      RECHARGE: Slow
   Planterns light up an area, letting you see through fog.
RANGE: One lane
SPECIAL: Lets you see through fog
   Plantern defies science. He just does. Other plants eat light and excrete
   oxygen; Plantern eats darkness and excretes light. Plantern's cagey about
   how he does it. "I'm not gonna say 'sorcery,' I wouldn't use the term
   'dark forces,' I just... I think I've said enough."

NOTES: Very good for fog levels, but whether you'll want to use them or not is
       up to you. You'd definitely have to keep them protected with nuts and
       pumpkins, but if you're going for a specialized build, there may not be
       any room for it, in which case you just use the Blover. Also, despite
       what the Almanac says, the Plantern's range appears to be 3 lanes. You
       can plant exactly two of them: Lane 2/Column 6 & Lane 5/Column 6, and
       you'll be free of fog the entire level, if they stay alive.

AA. CACTUS                                                         (sec3cactus)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Fast
   Cactuses shoot spikes that can hit bother ground and air targets.
DAMAGE: Normal
RANGE: Ground and air
   She's prickly, sure, but Cactus's spikes belie a spongy heart filled with
   love and goodwill. She just wants to hug and be hugged. Most folks can't
   hang with that, but Cactus doesn't mind. She's been seeing an armadillo
   for a while and it really seems to be working out.

NOTES: I barely ever used this one. It's alright when Balloon Zombies are
       introduced, but after you get the Blover, there's no point in ever
       using a cactus again. Noteworthy though in that it's one of only a
       few female plants.

BB. BLOVER                                                         (sec3blover)
COST: 100     RECHARGE: Fast
   Blovers blow away all balloon zombies and fog.
USAGE: Single use, instant
SPECIAL: Blows away all balloon zombies
   When Blover was five, he got a shiny new birthday cake. Blover made his
   wish, huffed and puffed, but was able to extinguish only 60% of the
   candles. Instead of giving up, though, he's used that early defeat as a
   catalyst to push himself harder ever since.

NOTES: Almost required for fog levels, definitely required if there's Balloon
       Zombies. There's other options for dealing with balloons, but I simply
       love an instant use, fast recharge, relatively cheap Blover. Plus, he
       is super cute.

CC. SPLIT PEA                                                       (sec3split)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Fast
   Split Peas shoot peas forward and backwards.
DAMAGE: Normal
RANGE: Forward and backwards
FIRING SPEED: 1x forward, 2x backwards
   "Yeah, I'm a Gemini," says Split Pea. "I know, big surprise. But having two
   heads-- or really, one head with a large head-like growth on the back--
   pays off big in my line of work."

NOTES: A Peashooter with a Repeater sticking out the back of its head. What a
       cute little monstrocity. Unfortunately, I disagree with the flavor
       text. I've pretty much never used him at all. His main usage appears
       to be against Digger Zombies, but there's better options in case those
       guys come up.

DD. STARFRUIT                                                        (sec3star)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Fast
   Starfruits shoot stars in 5 directions.
DAMAGE: Normal
RANGE: 5 directions
   "Aw, man," says Starfruit. "I went to the dentist the other day and he said
   I have four cavities. I've got-- count it-- ONE tooth! Four cavities in one
   tooth? How does this happen?"

NOTES: Another plant I have absolutely never used. It shoots in five places,
       sure, but none of them are really "forward." It's funny and useful
       in that one scary conveyor level when you absolutely litter the place
       with them, but otherwise, I can't find a use for the cute guy. :(

EE. PUMPKIN                                                       (sec3pumpkin)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Slow
   Pumpkins protect plants that are within their shells.
SPECIAL: Can be planted over another plant
   Pumpkin hasn't heard from his cousin Renfield lately. Apparently Renfield's
   a big star, some kind of... what was it... sports hero? Peggle Master?
   Pumpkin doesn't get it. He just does his job.

NOTES: An essential plant on any level that's gonna get really long or really
       nasty. I love planting these around Tall-nuts as well as the first few
       rows of my attackers, in the case of Pole Vaulters or submerged
       zombies in the pool. It's also my prime candidate for an Imitater. You
       just can't go wrong with Pumpkin. Got a great flavor text, too.

FF. MAGNET-SHROOM                                                  (sec3magnet)
COST: 100     RECHARGE: Fast
   Magnet-shrooms remove helmets and other metal objects from zombies.
RANGE: Nearby zombies
SPECIAL: Removes metal objects from zombies
Sleeps during the day
   Magnetism is a powerful force. Very powerful. Sometimes it scares
   Magnet-shroom a little. He's not sure if he can handle that kind of

NOTES: Another of the best plants in the game, and the top candidate for a
       Coffee Bean. The amount of tough zombies this thing makes completely
       irrelevant is just ridiculous. Their range is a couple squares, and
       they do take a little while to get rid of their metal prizes once
       they've pilfered, so the more you have, the better. One column should
       do the trick.

GG. CABBAGE-PULT                                                  (sec3cabbage)
COST: 100     RECHARGE: Fast
   Cabbage-pults hurl cabbages at the enemy.
DAMAGE: Normal
RANGE: Lobbed
   Cabbage-pult is okay with launching cabbages at zombies. It's what he's
   paid for, after all, and he's good at it. He just doesn't understand how
   the zombies get up on the roof in the first place.

NOTES: The first & most basic catapult, for the roof levels. There's a little
       bit of confusion with this one, as I'll explain below. In terms of
       catapult-ness, this one is alright, I guess, but I prefer the other
       ones. I'll use this one early on if I want the extra damage, before I
       have a lot of sun to work with.

INFO: The catapults here might be a little confusing when looking over all
      the plants in the Almanac. The damage of the Cabbage-pult is listed as
      "normal," which is the same as a Peashooter. However, Cabbages actually
      do more damage than peas; Peas are basically 1 unit of damage, while
      cabbages are 2. However, catapults fire only once every 2 seconds, so the
      two plants both do the same damage over the same time. This will easily
      cause some confusion, but let's just say that 2 damage is "normal" for
      catapult plants. Also, one awesome thing to remember for ALL catapults:
      They attack right onto the heads of zombies, so they ignore shields like
      Screen Doors.

HH. FLOWER POT                                                        (sec3pot)
COST: 25      RECHARGE: Fast
   Flower Pots let you plant on the roof.
SPECIAL: Allows you to play on the roof
   "I'm a pot for planting. Yet I'm also a plant. HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET?"

NOTES: Absolutely required for the roof stages. That's about it. I damn well
       hate those stages because of all the damn Flower Pot micromanagement
       I have to do, but that's what makes them challenging, haha. Also, the
       shortest Plant flavor text in the game!

II. KERNEL-PULT                                                    (sec3kernel)
COST: 100     RECHARGE: Fast
   Kernel-pults fling corn kernels and butter at zombies.
DAMAGE: Light (kernal), normal (butter)
RANGE: Lobbed
SPECIAL: Butter immobilizes zombies
   Kernel-pult is the eldest of the Pult brothers. Of the three of them,
   Kernel is the only one who consistently remembers the others' birthdays.
   He bugs them about it a little, too.

NOTES: One of the best plants in the game, I'd say. The kernels have damage
       equal to peas, but the butter is equal to cabbages, and causes a two
       second immobilization. The butter comes out seemingly at complete
       random, but it will prove to be essential in the roof levels, trust
       me. The more of these there are, the more butter will be flung!

INFO: As noted above with the Cabbage-pult, there's some possible confusion
      with this plant. The damage is listed as "light," but that's because the
      kernels do 1 damage, in comparison to the 2 damage done by cabbages and
      butter, while still having the 2-second firing time. So... Peashooter
      and Kernels do the same damage, yet one is "normal" and one is "light."
      Again, the Almanac is taking the firing rate into account, as well as
      the cabbages, so 1 damage is "light" for catapults.

JJ. COFFEE BEAN                                                    (sec3coffee)
COST: 75      RECHARGE: Fast
   Use Coffee Beans to wake up sleeping mushrooms.
USAGE: Single use, instant
SPECIAL: Can be planted over another plant, wakes up mushrooms
   "Hey, guys, hey!" says Coffee Bean. "Hey! What's up? Who's that? Hey! Didja
   see that thing? What thing? Whoa! Lions!" Yep, Coffee Bean sure does get

NOTES: Here's what you need to use in order to use those damn sleeping shrooms
       during the day levels. Unfortunately, there's very little worth using
       these on. The whole point of shrooms is to be cheap for the nighttime
       stages. In my opinion, the only targets for these are Magnet, Gloom,
       Fume, and Ice. Everything else, don't even bother.

KK. GARLIC                                                         (sec3garlic)
COST: 50      RECHARGE: Fast
   Garlic diverts zombies into other lanes.
USAGE: On contact
SPECIAL: Diverts zombies into other lanes
   Lane-diversion isn't just Garlic's profession. It's his passion. He carries
   an advanced Doctorate in Redirection from the Brussels University. He'll
   talk all day about lane vectors and repulse arrays. He even pushes things
   into alternate avenues at home. Somehow his wife puts up with it.

NOTES: This is a really awesome plant if you're going for a strategy that
       uses him. You can use an entire lane for non-attacking plants, and
       put a Garlic at the front. Unless it's a pool level, the lane the
       zombies move to is random, so watch for that. Also gotta make sure
       to replace the Garlics if they take too much damage. Also, another
       of my favorite flavor texts in the game.

LL. UMBRELLA LEAF                                                    (sec3leaf)
COST: 100     RECHARGE: Fast
   Umbrella Leaves protect nearby plants from bungees and catapults.
SPECIAL: Protects adjacent plants from bungees and catapults
   "SPROING!" says Umbrella Leaf. "Didja like that? I can do it again.
   SPROING! Woo! That's me popping up to protect stuff around me. Yeah. Just
   like that. EXACTLY like that. Believe it."

NOTES: A required plant on the Roof levels in Adventure, and possibly in
       Survival. Bungee Zombies are an absolute nuisance. They protect a 3x3
       area around them, so there's a few spots you can place them im the
       level and be completely protected. I also make sure to Pumpkin any in
       the front.

MM. MARIGOLD                                                         (sec3mari)
COST: 50      RECHARGE: Slow
   Marigolds give you silver and gold coins.
SPECIAL: Gives coins
   Marigold spends a lot of time deciding whether to spit out a silver coin or
   a gold one. She thinks about it, weighs the angles. She does solid research
   and keeps up with current publications. That's how winners stay ahead.

NOTES: Completely useless in normal play, but very good for money farming when
       you have the Last Stand minigame unlocked. I've stumbled upon several
       good strategies for using Last Stand to get easy money. I've also used
       some in the easy Survival levels before I had Last Stand. Also, she's

NN. MELON-PULT                                                      (sec3melon)
COST: 300     RECHARGE: Fast
   Melon-pults do heavy damage to groups of zombies.
RANGE: Lobbed
SPECIAL: Melons damage nearby enemies on impact.
   There's no false modesty with Melon-pult. "Sun-for-damage, I deliver the
   biggest punch on the lawn," he says. "I'm not bragging. Run the numbers.
   You'll see."

NOTES: The big baddy of the pults. Very expensive, though. I tend to only use
       Kernel-pults, unless the level is going to be long enough and I'll be
       swimming in sun. If that happens, you better be using the Winter
       Melons as well. In case it's not obvious, the melons do splash damage
       on top of direct hit damage. What ISN'T said though is that the splash
       damage is only half the direct hit damage, but that's to be expected.

INFO: Since I went into specifics on the Cabbage and Kernel catapults, I guess
      I could do some more here. Melons fire once every 2 seconds just like the
      other two. The difference is the damage: Melons are 4 damage on direct
      hit, and the splash damage (in the 3x3 area around the direct hit) is 2
      damage. Other zombies in the same square might take splash damage
      instead of direct hit, but I'm not sure. Still, it's pretty awesome.

OO. GATLING PEA                                                   (sec3gatling)
COST: 250     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Gatling Peas shoot four peas at a time.
DAMAGE: Normal (for each pea)
Must be planted on Repeaters
   Gatling Pea's parents were concerned when he announced his intention to
   join the military. "But honey, it's so dangerous!" they said in unison.
   Gatling Pea refused to budge. "Life is dangerous," he replied, eyes
   glinting with steely conviction.

NOTES: The first of the upgrade plants! Overall, upgrade plants are pretty
       hit-or-miss, but Gatling Peas are very good fun if you're using
       a Repeater-Torchwood build and have a ton of Sun to throw around.
       The 4 PPS (peas-per-second) is just awesome, and very little can
       withstand it. Just gotta watch the price, is all. Also, this is
       probably by absolute favorite flavor text in the game. It's just

PP. TWIN SUNFLOWER                                                   (sec3twin)
COST: 150     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Twin Sunflowers give twice as much sun as a normal sunflower.
Must be planted on Sunflowers
   It was a crazed night of forbidden science that brought Twin Sunflower into
   existence. Thunder crashed overhead, strange lights flickered, even the
   very roaring wind seemed to hiss its angry denial. But to no avail. Twin
   Sunflower was alive, ALIVE!

NOTES: I think a lot of people may ignore this one, but I love it. If I can
       plant one, I'm planting it. You may not need to upgrade EVERY one of
       your Sunflowers with it, unless the level is quite long, but with
       enough of these guys out, your Sun count is gonna be mesmerizing. If
       you don't necessarily need a "mesmerizing" sun count, then notice: One
       column of Twinflowers will give you the same sun production as two
       columns of regular Sunflowers. That leaves an extra column for offense!
       Also, of course, one of the best flavor texts in the game.

QQ. GLOOM-SHROOM                                                    (sec3gloom)
COST: 150     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Gloom-shrooms release heavy fumes in an area around themselves.
Must be planted on Fume-shrooms
   "I've always enjoyed releasing heavy fumes," says Gloom-shroom. "I know a
   lot of people aren't cool with that. They say it's rude or that it smells
   bad. All I can say is, would you rather have your brain eaten by zombies?"

NOTES: One of the best plants in the game. A Gloom-shroom + Garlic funnel
       strategy is one of the strongest setups in just about any level in the
       game that you could possibly use it on. The Almanac is a little empty
       with this one, though. I think its cloud does "normal" damage, but it
       shoots 4 times per second (or per 2 seconds?) in the 3x3 area around it,
       and on its own square. Also, it sleeps during the day, but it will be
       awake if you Coffee Beam the Fume first. I'm not sure if it ignores
       Screen Doors and Ladders like the Fume, however. Doesn't seem like it.

RR. CATTAIL                                                           (sec3cat)
COST: 225     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Cattails can attack any lane and shoot down balloon zombies too.
Must be planted on Lily Pads
   "Woof!" says Cattail. "Woof woof woof! Doest his confuse you? Do you expect
   me to say 'Meow' like a cat just because the word 'cat' is in my name and I
   also look like a cat? That's not how things work around here. I refuse to
   be pigeonholed."

NOTES: I've almost never used this adorable pile of kitty. I think its damage
       is just "normal," and sure it can attack every lane, but I'm just fine
       with the stuff I have in the lanes. It is definitely amazing for those
       Balloon Zombies though, since they will prioritize popping balloons
       instead of anything else. Otherwise, they'll attack whatever zombie is
       closest, including ones BEHIND the Cattails. Use these on long Survival
       levels to deal with Balloons (especially on Endless), otherwise, I see
       little point. But hey, one of the best flavor texts in the game.

SS. WINTER MELON                                                   (sec3winter)
COST: 200     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Winter Melons do heavy damage and slow groups of zombies.
DAMAGE: Very heavy*
RANGE: Lobbed
SPECIAL: Melons damage and freeze nearby enemies on impact
Must be planted on Melon-pults
   Winter Melons tries to calm his nerves. He hears the zombies approach. Will
   he make it? Will anyone make it?

* = See the INFO below

NOTES: If you're gonna be using Melon-pults, then definitely bring this one
       along. You may not need to upgrade EVERY Melon you have, but you might
       as well if you have the sun and the time. They're the same as normal
       Melon-pults (see below), but their damage (including splash!) causes
       the same slowdown effect as Snow Peas! These are absolutely devastating
       when enough of them are used. Tons of damage, mass slowdown, and all
       the normal advantages of catapults. I love 'em.

INFO: Here it is... The most flawed Almanac entry in the game. While the other
      catapults were basically being compared to the Cabbage-pult (2 damage is
      "normal", no mention of firing rate), this plant is actually being
      compared to the Peashooter plant. Hence, "very heavy" is used as the
      damage, and firing speed is actually mentioned as being "1/2x." If you
      compare this to Melon-pult, it makes it seem like the Winter Melon does
      more damage, but fires even slower. This is not the case: Winter Melon
      has the exact same damage (4 direct, 2 splash) and firing rate (1 shot
      every 2 seconds) as the normal Melon-pult. For whatever reason, this
      Almanac entry is compared to the Peashooter rather than the Cabbage-pult.
      So... Don't get confused! I guess. Haha.

TT. GOLD MAGNET                                                      (sec3gold)
COST: 50      RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Gold Magnets collect coins and diamonds for you.
Must be planted on Magnet-shrooms
   "How did I end up here?" asks Gold Magnet. "I was on the fast track--
   corner office, full benefits, stock options. I was gonna be Vice President
   Midwestern Operations. Now I'm here, on this lawn, in serious danger of
   being eaten to death. Ooh! A coin!"

NOTES: Completely useless in normal play. These are meant to be used in those
       Marigold Last Stand builds I mentioned before. In that case, they're
       very useful. Though it should be noted that their range is limited,
       and their coin-collecting movement appears to be a little random. So
       move your cursor around and get coins with it. Also, you won't need
       a Coffee Bean to wake up your Magnet-shroom OR the Gold Magnet.

UU. SPIKEROCK                                                        (sec3rock)
COST: 125     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Spikerocks pop multiple tires and damage zombies that walk over it.
Must be planted on Spikeweeds
   Spikerock just got back from a trip to Europe. He had a great time, met
   some wonderful people, really broadened his horizons. He never knew they
   made museums so big, or put so many paintings in them. That was a big
   surprise for him.

NOTES: If you're gonna be using Spikeweeds, you should probably bring this
       guy along. I think it does more damage, still cannot be eaten, and
       it will go through multiple Zombonis and Catapults without being
       destroyed immediately like the Spikeweeds. Not many zombies can
       withstand all your attacking plants after they've walked over a few
       Spikeweeds/rocks. Plus Zombonis are horrifying. In addition, this
       is easily the best non-sequiter flavor text in the game.

VV. COB CANNON                                                     (sec3cannon)
COST: 500     RECHARGE: Very Slow
   Press (A) on the Cob Cannon to launch deadly cobs of corn.
Must be planted on 2 side-by-side Kernel-pults
   What's the deal with Cob Cannon, anyway? He went to Harvard. He practices
   law in a prestigious New York firm. He can explode whole areas of zombies
   with a single corn-launch. All this is common knowledge. But deep inside,
   what really makes him tick?

NOTES: Now this is some awesome stuff. I've used this just to mess around,
       otherwise having a couple of these in the water during Survival:
       Endless is absolutely necessary to win. It takes a lot of effort to
       get out (700 sun total), but being able to fire giant corn cobs that
       do "Massive" damage in a 3x3 range anywhere you want to fire them on
       the screen? Awesome. They do have to take some time before they arm
       themselves with a new cob, however, so you gotta watch that. Also,
       they can be eaten just as fast as any other plant, despite their
       large size. What's up with that? And you can't even Pumpkin them to
       avoid that. Lame.

WW. IMITATER                                                        (sec3tater)
   Imitaters let you use two of the same plant during a level!

   "I remember the Zombie Wars back in '76," says Imitater in a rapsy,
   old-man's voice. "Back then, we didn't have all these fancy peashooters and
   jalapenos. All we had was guts. Guts and a spoon."

NOTES: I think I've seen people ignore this guy altogether, but he can be
       really REALLY useful if he's imitating the right plant. Imitater is an
       exact replica of whatever plant you pick to imitate, including Cost,
       Recharge, and all the general Notes. Two things to note, though: One,
       it takes Imitater a few seconds to transform, so don't let it get
       eaten. And two, it cannot copy Upgrade plants. My favorite targets for
       Imitater are Pumpkin, Tall-nut, Jalapeno, Sun-shroom, and Cherry Bomb.

SECTION 4. ZOMBIE INFORMATION                                      (sec4zombie)

And now we have the (somewhat) adorable weapons of destruction that are trying
to eat all of your everything! There's not nearly as many of these guys as
there are plants, so that's good for my fingers. As before, here's a little
key for reading the entries:

   General notes listed in the Almanac are here, if any
OTHER STUFF: Things like "Toughness" and "Speed" are here
   Hilarious flavor text goes here

NOTES: These are little things I have to say about each zombie

EXTRA: This is extra stuff I feel I should mention about a given zombie

A. ZOMBIE                                                             (sec4reg)
   Regular Garden-variety Zombie
   This zombie loves brains. Can't eat enough. Brains, brains, brains, day in
   and night out. Old and stinky brains? Rotten brains? Brains clearly past
   their prime? Doesn't matter. Regular zombie wants 'em.

NOTES: Thank goodness for you and your super low health. :)

B. FLAG ZOMBIE                                                       (sec4flag)
   Flag Zombie marks the arrival of a huge pile or "wave" of zombies.
   Make no mistake, Flag Zombie loves brains. But somewhere down the line he
   also picked up a fascination with flags. Maybe it's because the flags always
   have brains on them. Hard to say.

NOTES: This one is simply the first one to die at each huge wave. Mwahaha.

C. CONEHEAD ZOMBIE                                                   (sec4cone)
   His traffic cone headpiece makes him twice as tough as normal zombies.
   Conehead Zombie shuffled mindlessly forward like every other zombie. But
   something made him stop, made him pick up a traffic cone and stick it on his
   head. Oh yeah. He likes to party.

NOTES: The very first zombie in the game that will annoy you if you don't have
       a suitable attack force yet. Also one of the funnier flavor texts.

D. POLE VAULTING ZOMBIE                                              (sec4pole)
   Pole Vaulting Zombie vaults with a pole.
SPEED: Fast, then normal (after jump)
SPECIAL: Jumps the first plant he runs into
   Some zombies take it further, aspire more, push themselves beyond the
   normal into greatness. That's Pole Vaulting Zombie right there. That is so

NOTES: This guy is gonna piss you off if you don't have Tall-nuts up yet.
       If you do, then he's hardly a threat. He's annoying in Wall-nut Bowling,

E. BUCKETHEAD ZOMBIE                                               (sec4bucket)
   His bucket hat makes him extremely resistant to damage.
WEAKNESS: Magnet-shroom
   Buckethead Zombie always wore a bucket. Part of it was to assert his
   uniqueness in an uncaring world. Mostly he just forgot it was there in the
   first place.

NOTES: I almost always use Magnet-shrooms if a level is long enough, because
       of these guys, but also some other zombies that are coming up soon.
       Man I love Magnet-shrooms.

F. NEWSPAPER ZOMBIE                                                 (sec4paper)
   His newspaper provides limited defense.
SPEED: Normal, then fast (after losing newspaper)
   Newspaper Zombie was *this* close to finishing his sudoku puzzle. No wonder
   he's freaking out.

NOTES: I'm not sure, but I think flaming peas might kill off his newspaper in
       one shot. Also, he's barely a threat, since after his newspaper is
       destroyed, he stands there for a second, exposing him to damage before
       he can really start running toward you. He may be a nuisance in the
       Wall-nut Bowling game, though.

G. SCREEN DOOR ZOMBIE                                                (sec4door)
   His screen door is an effective shield.
WEAKNESS: Fume-shroom and Magnet-shroom
   He got his screen door from the last inexpertly defended home he visited,

NOTES: These guys are very annoying when they march at the front of a line, 
       since it'll take a while to punch through that screen door. Unless
       you have Magnet-shrooms, of course. Fume-shrooms also make him
       irrelevant on nighttime levels. It's worth noting that Snow Peas will
       not affect him until that door is gone. Catapults and Spikeweeds/rocks
       will also completely ignore his shield.

EXTRA: There's a zombie that's not mentioned in the Almanac: the Trash Can
       Zombie. He's basically exactly like a Screen Door zombie; no headgear
       and holding a shield that blocks attacks. Hence, it has all the same
       weaknesses as the Screen Door zombie, except possibly the Fume-shroom.
       I figured this was the best place to mention him.

H. FOOTBALL ZOMBIE                                               (sec4football)
   Football Zombie makes the big plays.
WEAKNESS: Magnet-shroom
   Football Zombie gives 110 percent whenever he's on the field. He's a team
   player who delivers both offensively and defensively. He has no idea what a
   football is.

NOTES: Thank goodness for that Magnet-shroom weakness, cause these guys are
       one annoying zombie without it. Enough firepower can take these guys
       out without the magnets, but expect to take some chewings. Also, another
       one of the funnier flavor texts.

I. DANCING ZOMBIE                                                 (sec4dancing)
   Any resemblance between Dancing Zombie and persons living or dead is purely
SPECIAL: Summons back-up dancers
   Dancing Zombie's latest album, "GrarrBRAINSarblarbl," is already rocketing
   up the undead charts.

NOTES: The only thing I find really annoying about these guys is that the
       Backup Dancers can appear slightly past your defenses if you have them
       set up far enough forward. Otherwise, they're not too bad. Bonus points
       if you can get him under the effects of a Hypno-shroom before he
       summons his backups. All 5 of them will be under your control! Also I
       think the intro text is a little lame now that the Dancing Zombie no
       longer looks like Michael Jackson. :(

J. BACKUP DANCER                                                   (sec4backup)
   These zombies appear in sets of four whenever Dancing Zombie rocks out.
   Backup Dancer Zombie spent six years perfecting his art at the Chewliard 
   Performing Arts School in Zombie New York City.

NOTES: Not much to say about these guys, other than to watch for the one that
       may appear slightly inside your defenses.

K. DUCKY TUBE ZOMBIE                                                (sec4ducky)
   The ducky tube allows this zombie to float on water.
Only appears in the pool
   It takes a certain kind of zombie to be a Ducky Tuber. Not every zombie can
   handle it. Some crack. They can't take it. They walk away and give up on
   brains forever.

NOTES: The Almanac doesn't say so, but these guys can also appear in Conehead
       and Buckethead variety, which will obviously give them a different
       Toughness rating. Even more annoying are the ones that appear out of
       the pool a few squares from the normal zombie entry point. Also, might
       be the funniest of all zombie flavor texts.

L. SNORKEL ZOMBIE                                                 (sec4snorkel)
   Snorkel Zombies can swim underwater.
SPECIAL: Submerges to avoid attacks
Only appears in the pool
   Zombies don't breathe. They don't need air. So why does Snorkel Zombie need
   a snorkel to swim underwater? Answer: peer pressure.

NOTES: Gotta have some sort of Nut in the water just for these guys. They will
       avoid attacks unless they're eating, otherwise they're as weak as the
       weakest zombies.

M. ZOMBONI                                                        (sec4zomboni)
   The Zomboni applies ice, steam, and pressure to your plants.
SPECIAL: Crushes plants, leaves an ice trail
   Not to be mistaken for a Zamboni® brand ice resurfacing machine. Zamboni®
   and the image of the ice-resurfacing machine are registered trademarks of
   Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc., and "Zomboni" is used with permission. For
   all your non-zombie-related ice resurfacing needs, visit!

NOTES: Spikeweeds are absolutely required if you're dealing with these guys.
       Unless they appear on the roof, which is one of the meanest things
       this game has done to me. Spikerocks and various Massive damage plants
       are also useful, especially Jalapenos to melt those pesky ice trails.
       Also the longest and perhaps silliest flavor text in the game.

EXTRA: This guy actually had a different flavor text in the PC version of the
       game at one point. I have no idea why it was changed, because it's
       actually funnier than the existing one. I'll put it down here:

   Often mistaken for a zombie driving an ice machine, the Zomboni is a
   totally different life-form more closely related to a space ogre than
   a zombie.

N. ZOMBIE BOBSLED TEAM                                            (sec4bobsled)
   These zombies appear in teams of four.
TOUGHNESS: Low (each zombie)
SPECIAL: Only appears on ice
   Zombie Bobsled Team worked hard to get where they are. They live together,
   eat brains together and train together to become a cohesive zombie unit.

NOTES: These guys are actually incredibly rare. I honestly can't remember
       seeing them much outside of the Bobsled Bonanza minigame, where they
       are VERY dangerous. As long as you don't have a really long ice trail
       on a level where they appear, they're not much of a threat.

O. DOLPHIN RIDER ZOMBIE                                           (sec4dolphin)
   Dolphin Rider Zombies use dolphins to exploit weaknesses in your pool
SPEED: Fast, then slow (after jump)
SPECIAL: Jumps over the first plant he runs into
Only appears in the pool.
   The dolphin is also a zombie.

NOTES: The water versions of Pole Vaulter Zombies. And likewise, Tall-nuts
       will make them irrelevant. What IS relevant though is the shortest
       flavor text in the game!

P. JACK-IN-THE-BOX ZOMBIE                                            (sec4jack)
   This zombie carries an explosive surprise.
SPECIAL: Jack-in-the-Box explodes
WEAKNESS: Magnet-shroom
   This zombie shivers, not because he's cold but because he's crazy.

NOTES: This guy would be an absolute pain to deal with if it weren't for the
       shining beacon of hope known as the Magnet-shroom. Otherwise, he can
       explode in... I think a 3x3 area, completely wrecking any sort of
       defense you have in 3 lanes. The explosion is completely random, so
       hopefully you can kill him or Magnet-shroom his weapon before he nukes
       anything you have set up. Possibly your most feared enemy in Survival:

Q. BALLOON ZOMBIE                                                 (sec4balloon)
   Balloon Zombie floats above the fray, immune to most attacks.
WEAKNESS: Cactus and Blover
   Balloon Zombie really lucked out. The balloon thing really works and none of
   the other zombies have picked up on it.

NOTES: This guy is made completely irrelevant just by Blovers. Catcus and
       Cattail also work very well, but I find it to be far simplier to just
       plant a Blover and send a whole horde of them flying. Do NOT forget any
       of those 3 if you notice that Balloon Zombies are in the level.

R. DIGGER ZOMBIE                                                   (sec4digger)
   This zombie digs to bypass your defenses.
SPEED: Fast, then slow
SPECIAL: Tunnels underground and appears on the left side of the lawn
WEAKNESS: Split Pea and Magnet-shroom
   Digger Zombie spends three days a week getting his excavation permits in

NOTES: Another zombie made irrelevant by Magnet-shrooms. Which is very nice,
       because otherwise this guy is trouble. He tunnels to the back of your
       lawn, gets dizzy, and then starts eating your plants from the left
       to the right. If you don't have Magnets or can't use them, then saving
       the back row for Squashes or Potato Mines is a nice idea, or Pumpkin
       your Sunflowers and plant some Split Peas.

S. POGO ZOMBIE                                                       (sec4pogo)
   Pogo Zombie hops to bypass your defenses.
SPECIAL: Hops over plants
WEAKNESS: Magnet-shroom
   Sproing! Sproing! Sproing! That's the sound of a powerful and effective
   zombie doing what he does best.

NOTES: Despite what the Almanac says, I don't find him very effective at all.
       He is destroyed not only by Magnet-shrooms, but Tall-nuts as well! So
       if you aren't using Magnets, the Tall-nuts you very likely are using
       are all you need to ruin his day. If you don't have either, then you
       may be in trouble.

T. ZOMBIE YETI                                                       (sec4yeti)
   A rare and curious creature.
SPECIAL: Runs away after a short while
   Little is known about the Zombie Yeti other than his name, birth date,
   social security number, educational history, past work experience and
   sandwich preference (roast beef and swiss).

NOTES: An incredibly rare find indeed. You only start seeing him on your 2nd
       run through Adventure, and even then you probably won't. I actually
       first saw him on the thunderstorm conveyor level, and I killed him,
       too! I saw him again on the Heavy Weapon game at the very end, but he
       got away. :( Also, excellent flavor text.

U. BUNGEE ZOMBIE                                                   (sec4bungee)
   Bungee Zombie attacks from above.
SPECIAL: Descends from the sky and steals a plant
   Bungee Zombie loves to take risks. After all, what's the point of being
   dead if you don't live a little?

NOTES: These zombies might just anger you more than any other non-giant ones.
       In Roof levels, they drop down to leave some zombies in the middle of
       the level, but if they actually show up on the enemy list, then you're
       in trouble because of that damn plant stealing thing. Thankfully, a few
       Umbrella Leaves in the right spots will render them harmless.

V. LADDER ZOMBIE                                                   (sec4ladder)
   Ladder Zombie climbs over obstacles.
SPEED: Fast, then slow (after placing ladder)
WEAKNESS: Fume-shroom and Magnet-shroom
   He picked up the ladder for $8.99.

NOTES: Another day, another zombie made irrelevant by the Magnet-shroom. And
       if there is any zombie you want to have the Magnet-shroom ready for,
       it's this one. Just one ladder means that any and all zombies in that
       lane can climb right over your Tall-nuts. Not good. Magnet-shrooms can
       also pick up placed ladders, I believe, and stuff like Cherry Bombs
       can dislodge them.

W. CATAPULT ZOMBIE                                                   (sec4pult)
   Catapult Zombie operates heavy machinery.
SPECIAL: Lobs basketballs at your plants
   Of all the things Catapult Zombie could launch with his catapult, 
   basketballs seemed like the best and most obvious choice.

NOTES: Spikeweeds & Spikerocks make him useless, much like Zombonis. However,
       he first appears on the Roof. In which case, Umbrella Leaves make him
       useless! If you don't have either of those, then your Sunflowers in the
       back are gonna take a beating. Use Pumpkins on them, in that case.

X. GARGANTUAR                                                      (sec4gargan)
   Gargantuar is a gigantic zombie.
TOUGHNESS: Extremely high
   When Gargantuar walks, the earth trembles. When he moans, other zombies
   fall silent. He is the zombie other zombies dream they could be. But he
   still can't find a girlfriend.

NOTES: And here he is, the most annoying zombie in the entire game! It takes
       TWO plants that deal "Massive" damage to take this guy out, or just a
       ton of normal fire from whatever else you have. He does not eat any of
       your plants, but rather smashes them for instant kills. Spikerocks are
       the exception: it will actually take several hits to get past them.
       Make sure you have plenty of instants to deal with this guy. Also for
       hilarity's sake, sometimes the Gargantuar will be wielding another
       zombie instead of a telephone pole.

EXTRA: In Survival: Endless, there's another version of the Gargantuar, called
       the Giga-Gargantuar. This version has red eyes, and takes __FOUR__
       sources of "Massive" damage to take down. That's just ridiculous!

Y. IMP                                                                (sec4imp)
   Imps are tiny zombies hurled by Gargantuar deep into your defenses.
   Imp may be small, but he's wiry. He's proficient in zombie judo, zombie
   karate and zombie bare-knuckle brawling. He also plays the melodica.

NOTES: As if Gargantuar wasn't bad enough on his own, he's gotta hurl this
       thing at you when he loses half his health. This guy may be weak, but I
       guarantee he'll eat at least one plant before he dies. And if there's
       nothing to attack him, you're gonna lose a lawnmower. Definitely
       Pumpkin everything in your middle-back rows to prevent the death of
       your plants. I'd also recommend Jalapeno. Gargantuar hits 50% health,
       throws this guy, Jalapeno kills them both. Awesome.

Z. DR. ZOMBOSS                                                    (sec4zomboss)
   Dr. Zomboss rules them all.
TOUGHNESS: Extreme (in Zombot shell)
   Edgar George Zomboss achieved his Doctorate in Thanatology in only two
   years. Quickly mastering thanatological technology, he built his fearsome
   Zombot and set about establishing absolute dominance of his local

NOTES: Behold! The final boss of the game! This guy is no joke, and one heck
       of an intense fight, and yet, pretty fun. Just make sure to quickly
       replace everything he destroys or steals. I think he looks wicked
       cool, too.

SECTION 5. UPDATE LIST                                             (sec5update)

11/01/10 - VERSION 1.25
I decided to go back through the FAQ and update the info on several plants and
zombies to be more helpful, and also correct any errors I might have left in
the text. Here is a full list of everything that got at least some kind of
notable revision:

   Potato Mine (change)
   Spikeweed (more info)
   Cabbage-pult (change & new info)
   Kernel-pult (new info)
   Coffee Bean (change)
   Melon-pult (new info)
   Twin Sunflower (more info)
   Gloom-shroom (change)
   Cattail (more info)
   Winter Melon (change & new info)
   Cob Cannon (change)
   Screen Door Zombie (new info)
   Jack-in-the-Box Zombie (change)
   Gargantuar (new info)
   Imp (more info)
   Various minor changes all over the FAQ


10/19/10 - VERSION 1.05
Quick update here. I added the original flavor text for the Zomboni, courtesy
of a friend of mine. Also, a few text errors here and there I spotted.


10/18/10 - VERSION 1.00
The first... and most likely final update to the FAQ! It is what it is. If I
feel the need to add or update anything, possibly based off of things sent to
me, then I shall. Until then, enjoy the hilarity.

SECTION 6. CONTACT INFO                                           (sec6contact)

If you'd like to get in touch with me, to ask a question or to submit/correct
something to/in the FAQ, that'd be great. My e-mail is the following, with the
normal signs (@ and .) removed to keep away spam bots:

SmokeRulz ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

Please provide a clear subject header, such as "Plants vs. Zombies FAQ," so I
know what you're e-mailing me about. E-mails with a weird or no subject will
likely not be read.

I have instant messenger names as well, but I will not give them out here. If
you *really* feel like you need to speak to me over one, simply ask for it over
e-mail. I use AIM, YIM, and MSN via the Trillian multi-messenger program.

SECTION 7. THANKS & CREDITS                                        (sec7thanks)

Thanks to PopCap Games, for creating such a neat, fun, and addicting game. And
for releasing such a cool version on the 360!

Thanks to CJayC and the crew for hosting this FAQ, and for just
having such a neat and helpful site.

Thanks to my friend Luke for pointing out the Zomboni's original flavor text.

And thank YOU, for reading. :)


-=*=- END OF FAQ -=*=-
Copyright ©2010 Joshua Cobb, aka Smoke_Rulz

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