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This guide contains spoilers for the game.  I will not spoil the story itself,
but the actions that must be taken to progress the story are often spoilers
themselves.  Bear this in mind.


Welcome to my guide for Baroque!  This game was originally made for the Sega
Saturn in Japan and was ported the PS1.  This is yet another remake, though
much improved over previous iterations.  I own the Wii version but it is nearly
identical to the PS2 version.  The only differences are that the Wii supports
widescreen 480p, and can be played with the remote/nunchuck or the classic

This game is an action roguelike.  The dungeon is randomly generated every time
you dive into it, including the map layouts, monster types and locations, and
items lying around.  It's highly replayable - in fact, that is the main point
of the game.  The more you replay the dungeon, the more story is revealed, and
the deeper you can delve.

You cannot carry much with you between playthroughs; every time you die or beat
the dungeon, you start over at level 1 with no items to your name.  Don't let
that turn you off of the game, though, it's incredibly fun.  It requires a
different mindset than your typical RPG, where you keep everything as you go
along.  Think of it like you would another genre, the RTS: every map, you start
again from square one with a small force, build it up, win and start over
again, and yet the story continues progressing.  It's similar to that.

And besides that, there is a way to transfer items between playthroughs, which
is key to making it far in the game.

Baroque has done poorly in reviews, which is a shame, but the game is
admittedly a very niche title.  Most reviewers don't seem to understand what it
is they're playing.  This is not a JRPG with tons of story and a single chain
of progression.  This is a roguelike, which means randomness and countless

I think most people could learn to like this sort of game if they gave it a

Enough of an intro, here's the guide.

Advancing the Story

Big spoilers in this section!  I will not spell out the storyline, but the
events required to advance the story are spoilers themselves.  Part of the fun
of this game is progressing a little farther each time and figuring out what
you need to do next to move things along.

Also note that, as far as I know, this is the fastest route to the end of the
game, so you will miss much of the voice and character Baroque collection that
requires multiple playthroughs.  I don't recommend strictly following this
list, instead you should use it when you are really stuck and want to progress.

With that said, this is the general order of events that will lead you to the
end credits:

1. Play the first dungeon, which is only 5 floors.  Shoot God at the bottom.

2. Talk to everyone in town each time you die or finish the dungeon.  I don't
   know if this is required to beat the game, but it's possible that some
   conversation is needed to trigger a later event.

3. Play the dungeon again and talk to everyone in it (see guide below).  There
   will be several cryptic cutscenes along the way.  After floor 16 you will
   meet God again.  This time, finish the dungeon by walking towards God
   (pushing into the "invisible wall" in front of her).

4. Back in town, Longneck should have buried himself.  You can now kill him for
   his Idea Sephirah, or give him a heart seed and he'll die naturally after
   your next trip.  Give his Sephirah to everyone in town by throwing it at
   them, ending with the Sentry Angel who will not give it back.

5. The next time you die or finish the dungeon, the Sentry Angel will have
   buried himself, giving you access to the lab he was guarding.  Enter it for
   a scene that explains a bit about the hero, and you'll leave with the Your
   Idea Sephirah.  You can return here at any time to get another one until a
   certain event.

6. Next time through the dungeon, take the gun with you but don't use it, and
   talk to Doctor Angelicus.  You'll get a scene that explains a lot about the
   story, the Littles, and the Archangel.  Afterwards, talk to the Doctor until
   she asks for your gun.  Throw it to her.

7. On floor 15, throw the Your Sephirah to Eliza.  There will be a scene
   explaining a lot about the hero, including what some characters' cryptic
   messages have been referring to.  Eliza will disappear and leave an orb in
   her place.  The dungeon is now extended to -2200.

8. On floor 20, walk through a door to get a scene with the Littles.
   Afterwards you will have the Littles' Idea Sephirah.  As far as I know, you
   won't be able to get inside if you have not given the gun to Angelicus with
   all 5 bullets remaining.  You can return here to get another Sephirah
   multiple times.  The dungeon is now extended to -3000.

I am less sure about the rest of the events as I have not done them yet, but:

9. Throw the Littles' Sephirah to Alice on floor 28.  Should be another scene,
   and the dungeon will be extended to -4000.

10. Beat the dungeon by walking towards God.

This means the game can be completed, if you have foreknowledge or are
extremely lucky, in four dungeon runs.  The last run will extend all the way
down in one go.

Remember that doing it this way is a shortcut and you will probably miss a lot
of database entries.  For example, you'll need to give Your Idea Sephirah to
the Baroquemonger and then die multiple times in order to collect all the data
on the hero.  You'll miss ending movies by skipping the -2200 and -3000
dungeons, and events can transpire in different orders depending on how you do
things, meaning you're missing out on lots of entries in the voice list.

Fortunately you can start a new game on the same save file and keep your
database intact to get the things you missed.


When the game begins, the first trip through Neuro Tower is a short one.  It's
little more than a trial for the main game.  You will receive messages from the
archangel regularly.  Urim and Thummim are on -300, and Doctor Angelicus is on
-400.  The tower ends after -500.

After that, the dungeon will go to -1600 until more of the story is cleared.
It will grow from there to -2200, -3000, and -4000, though you may not see each
ending depth if you complete events in a different order.

There are also three training dungeons you can go through, courtesy of the
foul-mouthed Coffin Man in town.  After entering the Neuro Tower at least once,
approach him and he will move aside so you can enter the door behind him.  It's
a very good idea to go through these early on, as you'll receive some useful
advice for surviving in the main dungeon.  Plus you will get to keep any items
and levels you receive while inside, making your next Neuro Tower trip a bit

Each of the three training dungeons gets progressively harder, introducing more
advanced topics.  The first is primarily about simple navigation and combat,
the second teaches you about the different item types, and the third teaches
status effects.

Much of this game is random, but some things are set in stone.  I've compiled
the order of guaranteed dungeon features, but I'm still not certain this will
always be the same for everyone.  If anything in this list is different for
you, please let me know.

-1600 dungeon

-100:  Phantom in a small square room.  Short story scenes.

-200:  Eliza, who floats through a false wall and soon disappears.  Her room
       has two floating consciousness orbs which can transfer one item each.

-300:  Urim and Thummim.  A Guryu is in the room with them around the left
       side.  They will ask for food (the Guryu is convenient) and after
       feeding them on several playthroughs they will give you a sword in
       exchange for food.  They will only do this once.  They also provide item
       advice if you throw things at them/hit them.

-400:  Alice, floating above a pool in a green room.  The orb above her can
       transfer an item.

-700:  Mind Reader.  Will give you random bones and disks in exchange for
       anything you throw at her.
       Boxbearer is also sometimes on this floor.  He'll give you a random box
       in exchange for one of your boxes.

-800:  Koriel.  Receive Koriel Idea Sephirah when you hit them.

-900:  Consciousness orb for transfering an item.

-1000: Fist.  Mainly for story purposes.

-1100: Koriel.  Receive Koriel Idea Sephirah when you hit them.

-1200: Consciousness orb for transfering an item.  Also Doctor Angelicus.
       There is always a Cultivating Fluid on the right side of the Doctor's
       room.  The orb behind the Doctor will transfer an item for you after a
       certain story event.

-1300: Koriel.  Receive Koriel Idea Sephirah when you hit them.

-1400: Koriel.  Receive Koriel Idea Sephirah when you hit them.  Also Alice
       again in a large, empty room.  You can hear the cries of Littles on this
       floor, but can do nothing about it.

-1500: Eliza again, once again floating through a false wall, though she does
       not disappear.  Later, a consciousness orb will appear in this room,
       you'll know it when it happens.  Do not try to use the dark orb in the
       floor here, your item will fall through and be lost.

-1600: Consciousness orb for transfering an item.  Also Cherub, who will give
       you a new Angelic Rifle if you do not have one with you.
       The Archangel is also on this floor.  The orb he's on top of is also a
       consciousness orb that will transfer an item.  Walk towards the
       Archangel for a few seconds (push up against the "invisible wall") to
       progress to the final floor.

Final: The Absolute God.  Shoot with the angelic rifle for one ending, or walk
       towards the God for a few seconds for another ending.

-2200 dungeon

Somehow I skipped the -2200 form of the dungeon.  It's clear that you can
satisfy requirements in different orders in this game.  I think it has
something to do with purifying the Littles on -2000, which I did on my first
trip to them.

Same as above until -1600.

-1600: Consciousness orb for transferring an item.

-1800: Research Angel.  Mainly for story purposes.

-1900: Fist.  According to the manual, this man should be called Scythe.  Oh
       well!  Mainly for story purposes.

-2000: Neophyte, again just for story purposes.  Consciousness orb for
       transferring an item.
       Also the Littles are here, and you can receive their Idea Sephirah after
       a scene.

-2200: Consciousness orb for transferring an item.  Also Cherub, who will give
       you a new Angelic Rifle if you do not have one with you.
       The Archangel is also on this floor.  The orb he's on top of is also a
       consciousness orb that will transfer an item.  Walk towards the
       Archangel for a few seconds (push up against the "invisible wall") to
       progress to the final floor.

Final: The Absolute God.  Shoot with the angelic rifle for one ending, or walk
       towards the God for a few seconds for another ending.

-3000 dungeon

Same as above until -2200.

-2200: Consciousness orb for transferring an item.

-2600: Consciousness orb for transferring an item.

-2800: Alice.  The orb behind her will transfer an item for you.

-3000: Consciousness orb for transferring an item.  Also Cherub, who will give
       you a new Angelic Rifle if you do not have one with you.
       The Archangel is also on this floor.  The orb he's on top of is also a
       consciousness orb that will transfer an item.  Walk towards the
       Archangel for a few seconds (push up against the "invisible wall") to
       progress to the final floor.

Final: The Absolute God.  Shoot with the angelic rifle for one ending, or walk
       towards the God for a few seconds for another ending.

-4000 dungeon

Same as above until -3000.  Still unexplored.  See list below for further orb

There are also secret dungeons you can access after beating the game and
watching the credits roll.  More info on them when I get there.

Consciousness Orbs

This list is reproduced seperately from the dungeon features above because
these orbs are very important and much sought-after.  Simply throw one of your
items into them and it will be transferred to the Collector for storage and
later use.  This is the only way to carry items over from game to game.  Every
orb can only be used once per trip, and they cannot be used if the Collector's
inventory is full.

Orbs are found on the following floors:

-200 (two floating in Eliza's room)
-400 (floating above Alice)
-1200 (two, including the Doctor's that can only be used after an event)
-1500 (in Eliza's room after an event)
-1600 (two if your dungeon ends here, including the Archangel's orb)
-2200 (two if your dungeon ends here, including the Archangel's orb)
-2800 (behind Alice)
-3000 (two if your dungeon ends here, including the Archangel's orb)
-4000 (two, including the Archangel's orb)

That's a total of 18 orbs, which is a lot of item transferring.  And yet it's
never quite enough...

The Collector

In town there is a kid with a big turban/bag on his head.  He is the Collector,
and he will store your items for you between trips.  At the beginning he only
has the capacity to store 5 items for you, but as you throw him items he has
not held onto before, he'll record them in your database and eventually upgrade
his storage.  The first upgrade is to 10 items, then 15 and 20, and currently I
am unsure if he gets more space than that.

Items will go into his collection when you throw them into orbs (listed above)
or if you simply throw things to him in town.  Despite starting each time with
nothing, it is possible to have new items to show him in town.  Usually this is
because of certain story events.

Another way to show him new things in town revolves around the Crystal Sword.
This rare weapon is the only thing that can fuse with Idea Sephirah.  Each of
the 32 fusable Sephirahs result in a technically different sword, and you have
to put each of them in the Collector's hands to get them in your database.
This is easiest if you keep a Crystal Sword in storage (provided you can find
one) and send Sephirahs back to him also, and do the fusing in town.

A minor point - don't give parasites that have been combined to the Collector.
They won't count for anything in your database, or at least they didn't for me,
when I sent him a DEF/Elec and neither was added.  It's wisest to send them
individually and combine them in town if you can.

Cursebringer Angel

The Cursebringer Angel is extremely useful for getting rid of items you don't
want or simply for getting random powerful equipment.  Bones are especially
good to toss his way, as you usually have an abundance of them.  If you saved
the 50+ Sweat Bones from the third training dungeon, you could probably walk
away from him as a very rich man.

The Cursebringer Angel doesn't always require two items.  If you give him
certain Idea Sephirah, he'll always give you the same item in return.  As far
as I can tell, it only works with main characters, and not monsters:

Koriel - Revolution Fluid
Bagged One - Vampire Torturer
Horned Girl - Identifying Bone
Longneck - Heart Seed
Boxbearer - ???

If you throw him a rotten heart or flesh, he will make it good again, which is
nice if you happen to have a stack of Rotten Bones - morph a bunch of enemies
and stock up on food!  He will also "cook" normal hearts and flesh, turning
them Burnt.  Don't give the Burnts to him if you want to keep them, though, as
he treats them like any other item for combination.

You can also throw him any damaged or weakened sword/coat to restore
it to its normal state.  For example, throw the Cursebringer Angel a Junk Sword
with 0 or 1 attack and he'll restore it to the 2 attack it should have and
fling it back to you.  You can see the ATK or DEF an item should normally have
in its description.

One other minor thing: if you throw him just one item and don't finish the
fusion, the Cursebringer Angel will keep that item and have it the next time
you see him.  Does this have a use?  Is there any way to get that one item back
from him?  We don't know this yet.


Here I'll list each monster in the game, in the general order you encounter
them.  Included is the name, floors where they are found, items dropped, Idea
Sephirah name, and a short description of what they look like and their

Thanks to Setomoto for the Idea Sephirahs I had not seen yet.

Floors: 0-2
Drops: Experience Bone, Port Bone
Idea Sephirah: Moon
Looks like a flying fish.  Extremely easy to kill.  Besides a normal biting
attack, it can dash at you to knock you back.

Floors: 1-3
Drops: ???, ???
Idea Sephirah: Filth
This is both the easiest and smallest monster in the game.  It looks like a
tiny bug, and its only attack is hopping around.  Hard to see sometimes, and
they can be killed by merely walking over them - though you won't get any XP or
crystals for disposing of them this way.

Floors: 2-5
Drops: Antidote Fluid, Indefinite Box
Idea Sephirah: Fortune
Rolls around the dungeon on its side.  Looks like a wheel, or a turtle when it
gets down on the ground.  They can roll quickly into you to knock you back, and
they can poison you with their normal attack.  When they get low on health they
will drop to the ground and move more slowly, and they have the ability to
create Glue monsters in this state.

Bullger (small)
Floors: 3-7
Drops: Fire Disk, Aprsl Parasite
Idea Sephirah: Empress
Looks like a little green goblin, an obese woman with a metal hose nose.  Can
roll into you, but is pretty non-threatening.  Beware if they turn to face away
from you, as this means they are preparing a fart (what else can I call it?)
that will blind you.  They don't move around unless they see you and can be
snuck up on from behind.

Floors: 4-9
Drops: Summon Torturer, Lethargy Bone
Idea Sephirah: Star
An oddly shaped little machine with a big wheel.  You'll soon remember them for
their attack style - they ram into you to knock you back and shoot at you from
a distance.  Dodge their initial attack and pound on them.

Floors: 5-12
Drops: Heart Seed, stolen items
Idea Sephirah: Devil
Looks like an evil red monkey.  One of the more annoying enemies in the game:
he'll steal one of your items and run away as fast as he can.  Just kill him as
quickly as possible to get your item back.

Bullger (large)
Floors: 5-8
Drops: Sight Fluid, Churyu Flesh
Idea Sephirah: Empress
Same as the small Bullger only a lot more powerful.  Can still blind you, and
can still be snuck up behind easily.

Jerryrom (small)
Floors: 6-9
Drops: No Name Torturer, Heart Seed
Idea Sephirah: Hermit
A small grinning creature with a big head.  Fairly easy to kill, but it can
explode violently.  Also can do a little dance to cause Confusion.

Floors: 8-12
Drops: Double Edge Box, Food Disk
Idea Sephirah: Justice
A bouncing giant eyeball with a tall hat and four spinning appendages.  Fairly
powerful.  Can leap at you and slam into the ground to knock you back.  The two
frogs on its shoulders can breathe fire breath and deteriorate your items.  The
biggest risk in fighting this enemy, though, is when you kill them: the Food
Disk will wreak havoc on your items.  Beware.

Floors: 10-14
Drops: Unbrand Brand, Elec Parasite
Idea Sephirah: Strength
A dark haired woman with a snail-like body and hand scythes.  Besides being
physically strong, she can inflict you with Lust and Lethargy, so treat her
with care.  She can also attack from a distance by thrusting her arms through
the ground.

Floors: 11-16
Drops: Storm Disk, Sweat Bone
Idea Sephirah: Death
Essentially, a robotic coffin with arms and a really big sword.  They rise up
off the floor when you get close.  Primarily an up-close-and-personal fighter.

Floors: 11-18
Drops: Recovery Box, Special Fluid
Idea Sephirah: The World
A man made of spiky wire.  Prefers to attack from a distance with blue orbs,
and can also generate orbs around his body that will confuse you.  Not fun.

Floors: 14-20
Drops: Sweat Bone, Twin Box
Idea Sephirah: Judgement
A vaguely mushroom-shaped mound with a long mouth.  They use this mouth to suck
out your life or VT.

Jerryrom (large)
Floors: 16-22
Drops: Flame Disk, Boom Bone
Idea Sephirah: Hermit
Same as the smaller Jerryrom but more powerful.

Floors: 17-21
Drops: Port Bone, Revolution Torturer
Idea Sephirah: Sun
This is a green web with a grey center that blocks your path in cooridors.  It
attacks from a distance with yellow shots and can inflict Lethargy up close.
When you kill the green web, the spiderlike grey thing will fall out of the
center, inflicting Lethargy.  It may flee from you or stay and attack.

Nicl & Nicr
Floors: 18-29
Drops: Recovery Torturer, No Name Torturer
Idea Sephirah: The Lovers
Looks like a floating mound of flesh with a giant vertical mouth.  It can dash
at you to knock you back, and its normal attack paralyzes you.  Annoying unless
you can prevent Paralysis.

Floors: 20-26
Drops: Mine Disk, Ice Disk
Idea Sephirah: Magician
These appear to be jesters coming out of large cards.  Their main attack is
ice-based, and they can disappear and warp elsewhere in the room.

Floors: 22-29
Drops: Sight Fluid, Rotten Bone
Idea Sephirah: Emperor
A man with four goat legs.  Attacks very quickly, and can leap into the air
like Soconpo and knock you back.  Also blinds you often, which is extremely
annoying.  Fortunately they will not attack unless you touch them or strike
first, so it's easy to avoid them if you must.

Floors: 24-27
Drops: Poison Torturer, Me Brand
Idea Sephirah: Fool
Looks like a man made out of bubbles with a big hat.  He can poison you with
his chest bubble, create a huge bubble that explodes and causes Lethargy, and
he can create a four bubble shield around him that you'll have to break before
you can hit him again.  On top of all that, he can toss bubbles from a
distance.  Worth fighting him though, for the Me Brand.

Moon (gold)
Floors: 24-29
Drops: Experience Bone, Port Bone
Idea Sephirah: Moon
Same as the normal Moon, only it can shoot orbs at you.  Still very

Johanna Kyon
Floors: 28-29
Drops: Earplug Bone, ???
Idea Sephirah: High Priestess
Two green-robed people bound to purple pillars with "caution" tape.  Will not
move to attack you until you touch them or strike first.  They can knock you
back, and after taking enough damage, may simply rocket up through the ceiling
and disappear.

Floors: ???
Drops: ???, ???
Idea Sephirah: The Hanged Man
A blue man hanging from the ceiling.  Can paralyze you and cause Lust, and when
he falls from the ceiling will poison anyone near.

Floors: ???
Drops: ???, ???
Idea Sephirah: Tower
Looks like a wall of the hallway until you get too close.  Then it spins
around, whipping you away, revealing a massive face on the other side.  Spits
projectiles at you as well.

I have not encountered the rest of these monsters yet, will update with more
info soon:

Idea Sephirah: Hierophant

Idea Sephirah: Tank [Chariot]

Idea Sephirah: Temperance

These final four are the toughest monsters in the game, in a class of their
Idea Sephirah: Wands

Idea Sephirah: Cups

Idea Sephirah: Swords

Tabula Smaragdina
Idea Sephirah: Coins

Idea Sephirah

Besides all the Idea Sephirah from Meta-Beings, there are a few others you
can obtain throughout the story from other characters.

Koriel (11, cannot be reobtained after purifying all Koriels)
Horned Girl
Bagged One
Your (that is, the protagonist's; cannot be reobtained after a story event)

The main purpose of Idea Sephirah is to show them to the Baroquemonger in
exchange for puzzling bits of information.  You will have to show him the same
type of Idea Sephirah multiple times in order to collect the complete
description.  You can't show him the exact same Sephirah again, but a new one
with the same name will result in more info.

Monsters will randomly and rarely drop their Sephirahs as you play, and most
character ones will be easily obtained throughout the game, but the Koriel are
a special case. There are 11, no more, no less, and if you neglect to show him
one of them before losing it then you've missed your chance on this
playthrough.  Most people will miss this the first time through, since you will
probably have no idea what you are doing when you meet your first Koriel. Don't
worry, you can start a new game on the same file and keep your database intact,
giving you another chance.

Additionally, you will only have access to Your Sephirah until you give it to
someone for a story event.  After that you will not be able to get any more to
show to the Baroquemonger, so take advantage of it while you can.

The main gameplay point of Idea Sephirah is to fuse them to Crystal Swords.
This is the only item you can use that mysterious Fuse command with.  Doing so
will greatly power up the Crystal Sword with unique attributes.  There are two
Sephirah that cannot be fused: Your and Little, for story purposes.  And once
again, there are only 11 Koriel in the game, so save one in storage if you want
a Koriel Crystal Sword.

Status Effects

Statuses in this game are far more annoying than in most RPGs.  It's important
to think ahead and have some method of preventing them.

This section is still a work in progress.

Poison - Lose HP over time.
Caused by: Kato, Hungones, Cocteauhead, Toxic Bone
Cured by: Antidote Fluid, Special Fluid, time
Prevented by: Twisted Coat

Blindness - Greatly reduced visibility.
Caused by: Bullger, Aries, Blind Disk
Cured by: Sight Fluid, Special Fluid, Blind Disk, time
Prevented by: Twisted Coat, Sight Wings

Paralysis - Cannot move, but can still attack.
Caused by: Hungones, Nicl & Nicr, Paralysis Bone
Cured by: Special Fluid, time
Prevented by: Twisted Coat

Lethargy - All actions are greatly slowed.
Caused by: Liar, Sun, Cocteauhead, Lethargy Bone
Cured by: Special Fluid, time
Prevented by: Twisted Coat

Lust - All Meta-Beings and items look like beautiful women.
Caused by: Liar, Hungones
Cured by: Special Fluid, time
Prevented by: Twisted Coat, Calm Wings, Sight Wings

Confusion - Cannot control where you move, can only perform single attacks.
Caused by: Jerryrom
Cured by: Special Fluid, time
Prevented by: Calm Wings

Stomachache - ATK and DEF are lowered.  Can stack.
Caused by: rotten hearts, rotten flesh, Rotten Bone
Cured by: Recovery fluids, Special Fluid
Prevented by: Ache Parasite

Silence - No sounds except the music.
Caused by: Earplug Bone
Cured by: Special Fluid, time
Prevented by:

Invincible - Cannot be damaged by normal means.
Caused by: Invincible Brand, Invincible Bone
Cured by: time
Prevented by:

Item List

Every item in the game, as recorded in the database.

This section is still a work in progress.


001: Junk Sword ATK+2/TH 62
     A really shoddy sword.

002: Atonement Sword ATK+3/TH 68
     A standard sword.

003: Cleansing Sword ATK+5/TH 73
     A powerful sword.

006: Frost Sword ATK+3/TH 82
     An ice elemental sword.

009: Vitality Sword ATK+3/TH 80
     Raises MAX VT by 20.

011: Lucky Sword ATK+3/TH 80
     Raises the chances of a lucky hit.

015: Combo Sword ATK+4/TH 90
     An extra slash is available.

026: Glass Sword ATK+10/TH 88
     Critical rate is high, but breaks when removed or you step on a port.

030: Crystal Sword ATK+2/TH 80
     Its true power shines when a crystal is attached.

031: Longneck Sword ATK+2/TH 80
     A sword with Longneck's Idea Sephirah attached.

032: Koriel Sword ATK+2/TH 0
     A sword with a Koriel member's Idea Sephirah attached.

034: Horned Girl Sword ATK+2/TH 80
     A sword with the Horned Girl's Idea Sephirah attached.

063: Angelic Rifle x5
     A powerful gun.


064: Puny Coat DEF+1/TH 35
     A flimsy coat.

065: Leather Coat DEF+2/TH 40
     A standard coat.

069: Rubber Coat DEF+2/TH 50
     Resistant to lightning attacks.

080: Twisted Coat DEF+4/TH 99
     Prevents all ailments but Confusion and Stomachache.

Imitation Wings

083: Stamina Wings TH 50
     VT depletion rate is 3/4.

084: Attack Wings TH 50
     Raises ATK.

090: Calm Wings TH 50
     Prevents Confusion and Lust.

092: Sight Wings TH 50
     Prevents Blindness and Lust.

095: Glass Wings TH 58
     VT will recover, but can break when removed or when you step on a port.


096: Heart Seed TH 50
     Restores 30 VT.  If VT full, raises MAX VT by 10.

098: Burnt Heart TH 80
     A blackened heart.  Restores al VT, but halves HP.


099: Guryu Flesh TH Heal 40
     Restores 30 HP.  If HP full, raises MAX HP by 8.

101: Kenryu Flesh TH Heal 999
     Restores all HP.  If HP full, raises MAX HP by 25.


107: Stubborn Box TH 75
     Can only open when ATH is 30+.  An item from a set is inside.

111: Flesh Box TH 75
     Contains Flesh.  Sometimes explodes when opened.

127: Trials Box TH 108
     HP recovery speed halved.  Contents vary by how many enemies you defeat.


131: Attack Fluid
     Raises ATK of equipped sword by 1.

132: Defense Fluid
     Raises DEF of equipped coat by 1.

138: Recovery A Fluid
     Restores all ATK.  When full, raises MAX ATK by 1.

140: Recovery AD Fluid
     Restores all ATK/DEF.  When full, raises MAX ATK/DEF by 1.

141: Recovery DX Fluid
     Restores all ATK/DEF and raises MAX ATK/DEF by 2.

146: Special Fluid
     Cures all ailments.

152: Cultivating Fluid
     Throw it at the enemy and another appears.  No effect on self.


155: Healing Brand TH 83
     Raises HP restore speed.

156: Stamina Brand TH 83
     Reduces VT depletion rate by 50%.

158: Disarm Brand TH 83
     Prevents a box from exploding.  Instead, it restores some HP and VT.

160: Resurrect Brand TH 153
     Resurrects when HP depletes.  Once used, it turns into a No Brand.

162: Throw Brand TH 133
     Increases distance and damage when throwing an item.


193: Summon Torturer
     Summons all Meta-Beings and items on the same floor to the current room.

200: Half Torturer
     Kills half of the Meta-Beings in the room.


217: Blind Disk
     Blinds units in the area.  Reverse: Cures Blind or Obtain Disk.

228: Flip Disk
     Flips all Disks on the floor.  Reverse: Same effect.


232: Arrow Bone TH 85
     Breaks teeth and inflicts damage.  Throw: Pierces through Meta-Beings.

233: Homing Bone TH 82
     Breaks teeth and inflicts damage.  Throw: Tracks and hits a Meta-Being.

234: Boom Bone TH 82
     Explodes and causes damage over a wide area.

236: Experience Bone TH 92
     Doubles experience points earned.  Effect is temporary.

237: Paralysis Bone TH 0
     Paralyzes the consumer.

239: Toxic Bone TH 0
     Poisons the consumer.

244: Rotten Bone TH 0
     Turns Meta-Beings into rotten meat.  Consuming it causes Stomachache.

245: Warp Bone TH 0
     Cause the consumer to warp.  Ineffective in a room with a port.

246: Invincible Bone TH 0
     Makes consumer invincible.  Effect is temporary.

249: Sweat Bone TH 0
     Causes consumer to sweat profusely.

252: Port Bone TH 0
     Consumer warps to a room with a port.  No effect if you haven't found the


261: DEF Parasite TH 90
     Fuse with yourself to increase MAXDEF.

274: Wing Parasite TH 1
     Fuse with an item to make it fly away.

Idea Sephirahs

277: Longneck's Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of Longneck.

278: Your Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of yourself.

279: Koriel's Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of a Koriel member.

281: Littles' Crystal
     The Idea Sephira of the Littles.

282: Horned Girl's Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of the Horned Girl.

286: Empress Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of Bullger.

292: Hermit Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of Jerryrom.

294: Justice Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of Soconpo.

301: Moon Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of Moon.

302: Sun Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of Sun.

306: Filth Crystal
     The Idea Sephirah of Glue.

Baroque List

All the Baroques in the game - essentially, achievements for performing a
specific feat during a playthrough.

This list is largely courtesy of nephilimalchemi at the GameFAQs message board.
Thanks a lot, neph!

Distant Wanderer   |You haven't qualified for any other Baroques.
Careless Death     |Die outside the Neuro tower when your level is >2
Useless            |Die without doing anything in the outer world.
Unforgettable      |Have a conversation with a specific phantom brother.
LIberator          |Once buried, purify Longneck, Horned Girl, and The Bagged
Cat Fan            |Use the Cat Torturer three times on one floor.
Cat Lover          |Use the Cat Torturer six times on one floor.
Vacant Coffin      |Conquer all training dungeons.
Collector          |Get items from Urim, The Mind Reader, The Worker Angel, and
                   |Doctor Angelicus.
Arrow of Eros      |Beat the Neuron Tower while in Lust Mode.
I am the World     |Fuse with the absolute God when blind and deaf.
Confused World     |Beat the Neuro Tower while confused.
March On           |Switch floors 10+ times while a meta being is in the room
Explosive End      |Die by consuming a boom bone.
Irony              |Die while invincible.
Skeleton Man       |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Medical Partner    |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Torture Master     |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Icarus's Student   |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Fashion Plate      |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Warrior's Spirit   |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Box bOx boX BOX    |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Masochist          |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Disk Collector     |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Parasite Museum    |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Wasted Core        |Beat the Neuro Tower or die while holding 15+ types of
Fragile Splendor   |Beat the Neuro Tower while wearing Glass Sword, Glass Coat,
                   |and Glass Wings.
Self Reliant       |Reach the lowest level without using any consciousness
Obsessed           |Fill our your entire item window with the same item.
Close to God       |Die at the lowest level.
Serial Thrower     |Throw 100+ items.
Bug Nurturer       |Raise 10+ larva until they grow into another parasite.
Cursebringer       |Combine items 30+ times using a Curse Bringer angel on a
                   |single floor.
The World's Tears  |Find all the idea Sephirah that are in the item list.
Perfectionist      |Beat the top ranking after defeating the main episode once.
Fasting Penance    |Beat the Neuro Tower without eating hearts, flesh, or
Special Hunter     |Beat the Neuro Tower after purifying 300+ Meta-beings by
Hunger Strike      |Die by losing HP from 0 Vitality (Only if Vitality > 499)
Shadow Boxer       |Swing your sword 100+ times without hitting anything.
Mugged             |Let Gliro steal an item 20+ times.
Orb Seeker         |Beat the Neuro Tower after using EVERY Consciousness Orb.
Unrewarded Effort  |Beat the Neuro Tower without opening a Trials Box for over
                   |2000 cu.
Friendly Fire      |Purify all the Koriel Members by using the Angelic Rifle.
Promise of Peace   |Beat the Neuro Tower without purifying any meta beings.
Broken Doll        |Watch "Consciousness Simulation End VV"
Fragments of Truth |Hear 200+ messages about the baroques from the
Screaming Tower    |Enter the Neuro Tower 100+ times.
Deadly Meta-Beings |Purify Manas, Perisomats, Malecificia, and Tabula
Appraiser          |Identify 50+ items.
Hurting Dervish    |Beat the Neuro Tower after purifying 100+ meta-beings by
                   |throwing items.
Executioner        |Beat the Neuro Tower after purifying 100+ meta-beings with
Unstoppable        |Complete the Neuro Tower after taking 5000+ damage.
Wasted Effort      |Lose either a coat or a sword with 30+ ^.
Power House        |Beat the Neuro Tower without a weapon and an attack above
Bomber             |Purify 50+ meta-beings using the explosion brand.
Unfortunate Death  |Die from a meta-being stepping on a disk.
Sword's Miracle    |Land 5 consecutive critical hits with the sword.
Reverse Disk Champ |Conquer the reverse disk dungeon.
Frugal Champ       |Conquer the frugal dungeon.
Rotten Champ       |Conquer the rotten dungeon.
Trap Champ         |Conquer the trap dungeon.
Hunger Champ       |Conquer the hunger dungeon.
Defenseless Champ  |Conquer the defenseless dungeon.
Hell Champ         |Conquer the hell dungeon.

Miscellaneous Hints and Info

That TH number in most item descriptions?  It stands for throwing power.  The
higher it is, the more damage the item will do when thrown.


Sword and coat descriptions will list the number of ATK or DEF that a normal
item of that type should have.  However, there may be a different number next
to it in your item list.  This is because the item has deteriorated or been
buffed.  For example, most Junk Swords will have an ATK of 0 or 1, when their
description says they should have 2.  The Cursebringer Angel can restore
deteriorated items to their full strength.


Early in the game, put the training dungeon to good use: keep all the items
from it and throw them to the Collector, and his storage capacity will be
upgraded in no time.  Make sure you have plenty of space before the third
training, since you will come out with a ton of different bones that you may
want to save.  Particularly the Sweat Bones which are great for healing (no
other known use yet) and for converting into items via the Cursebringer Angel.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to go back into the training dungeons
once each is completed.  I didn't know this at first and nearly wasted two of


Monster item drops are not random.  Instead, almost every monster drops one of
two different items.  These items may not be identified, but they are still the
type of item that the monster may drop.  So for example, if a Seventeen drops
an unidentified bone you should know not to eat it, as it is definitely a
Lethargy Bone.  Because of the way this works, you will not be able to tell
which item you have from some monsters; for example, a Moon can only drop bones
and you have no way of knowing which one you have without identifying it in
some way.


Learn to use items creatively in conjuction with each other.  For example:

You may end up with many Summon Torturers dropped by Seventeens.  Save these
until you get some attack torturers or disks, then use them together on a new
floor to wipe everything out at once.  If you have an Experience Bone, eat it
first and you'll get a lot of XP from it, too.


If you want a Burnt heart or flesh for any reason, you can:

- throw a normal/rotten item onto a fire floor until the fire comes out
- throw it near a fire/explosion trap and go step on the green button
- lay down a fire disk, throw the item next to it and step on it

There may be other ways to burn food.

This will take care of rot and make it edible, though Burnt items are still not
that desirable.


Glass Wings are invaluable if you don't mind grinding a little.  The only thing
that keeps you from hanging out on one floor for a long time is your VT, but
Glass Wings actually make it go up.  Thus you can sit on one floor to your
heart's content, grinding monsters and resting if your HP gets low.  Combine
this with a Glass Sword to make the process even easier - might as well lose
both at once.


Unless you know of a specific reason you'll want the Angelic Rifle throughout
the dungeon, it's probably a good idea to not take it with you.  It frees up
one item slot, and you'll get another one from the Cherub on the bottom floor

If you've had a long cutscene with Doctor Angelicus, though, you may want to
bring it, as you can give it to her on every trip for a nice bonus item.


Make sure the Collector has some empty storage space before you enter the Neuro
Tower!  You will not be able to send anything back to him if he's full.  It's
good to take every opportunity you can to send him things, as it brings him
closer to his next space upgrade.


If you want to fill out your Voice List, remember to talk to everyone after
each death/completion.  Almost everyone has different dialogue for being
attacked with fists, sword, and rifle, and most people have specific things to
say when you throw them different types of items.  Experiment.

Wrap Up

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is copyright UncleSporky ©2008.  It is not to be reproduced,
altered, or used for profit.  It is to be found only at  If
you are reading this document from another site, please email me immediately.
Otherwise, feel free to download it, print it, or give it to friends for
personal use only, so long as you give credit where credit is due.

For further questions, tips, or suggestions, contact me at 
[email protected]  Please title all emails with something to the effect
of "GameFAQs Baroque Guide" or I will not read them.  I may not get them for a
while anyway since I don't check my email often enough.  Constructive
criticism is welcome.  Also, remember to ask in the message boards first, since
the veterans there will probably be able to answer your questions better than

Thanks go out to:

Myself, because hey, I deserve some credit!

Sting and Atlus, for creating and localizing a great game

GameFAQs, for hosting this guide

The GameFAQs Baroque message boards, for continually discovering new paths, new
techniques, and new secrets, and their support in working on this guide

Setomoto, for his list of Idea Sephiras

nephilimalchemi, for his list of Baroques


That's all for now, so thanks for reading!

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