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1. Intro
2. Behavior
3. The Gardens
4. Kindergarten
5. Raising Chao
6. Emblems
7. Special Abilities
8. Chao Stadium
9. Breeding

Chao are creatures that live and act according to how they are treated and who 
raises them(example: Sonic(Hero)or Shadow(Dark). They live in a garden specially 
designed to suit them.

When you first begin to raise Chao in the Chao Garden, there will be two eggs. They 
will hatch over time, but you can help. You may hold the egg, place it in flowers, 
throw it (who would want to do something like that?), or leave it alone. It's 
totally up to you. once they hatch, one's eyes will look like this -> OO and the 
other one's eyes will look like this -> ^ ^(or, to make it simple, one smiles, the 
other one doesn't.). The smiling chao may take a great liking to you if you treat it 
well. If a chao likes you, then it may wave to you.

3.The Gardens
There are 3 gardens in Chao World, each with an environment to make the Chao happier 
that are SUPPOSED to be there. The Chao Garden is the one you start out with. The 
Hero and/or Dark Gardens are accesible ONLY if you have Hero and/or Dark chao. I 
will explain more in section 5

The entrance to Chao Kindergarten will appear once your Chao hatch. It has a 
Classroom, where up to 4 of your chao can learn things, Principal's Office, where 
you can get tips on how to raise chao, Doctor's Office, where you can see your 
chao's personality, age, Karate Rank, Chao Race results, your chao's condition, what 
type it is, and what kind of fruit it likes. a Fourtune telling house where you can 
name, or change the name of a chao, and a Black Market where you can buy different 
items with your rings depending on how many emblems you have. Your chao may do 
things it learned in Kindergarten, and, if it is singing, playing an instument, 
etc., put other chao by it and they might listen and will clap when the performer is 
finished. Cool, huh?

5.Raising chao
Chao like nuts from trees to eat a lot! They love it when you pet, hold, and snuggle 
them (to snuggle them, you hold B and tilt the control stick. when you pick them 
up). To raise your chao's abilities, you have to give them fruit,(Chao fruit are THE 
BEST)nuts, chaos drives, or small animals. Animals change your chao's appearance. 
You saw in section 3 about the Hero and Dark Gardens, right? To get them you must 
have Hero and/or Dark Chao. To get a Hero or Dark chao, you must pet your chao with 
Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles until it is white and the ball over its head is blue and 
then feed it a Hero Fruit for a Hero chao and pet your chao that you want to become 
Dark with Shadow, Rouge, or Dr. Eggman until it turns black and the ball over its 
head is red and then feed it a Dark Fruit. Then all you do is raise it until it 
forms a tear-shaped coccoon and transforms. A Hero chao will have a halo over its 
head and a Dark chao will have a spiked ball over its head.

6. Emblems
You need emblems to shop for different items in the Black Market. You can also win 
emblems in the Chao Stadium. See section 8.

7. Special Abilities
Have yoou seen chao that can walk and/or swim? Your Chao can do it by giving the 
animals or chaos drives. Once the level is high enough in run, your chao will walk 
instead of crawling, and then if you give it even more, it will run instead of walk, 
then it runs with outstreched arms
and if swim is high enough, it will swim instead of flailing 
its arms and whining, then it will swim freestyle!

8. Chao Stadium
The cave in the waterfall in the Chao Garden is the entrance to the Chao Stadium. 
You chao can compete in Races or Karate
 I. Chao race
 The Chao Race is where chao compete in running, swimming, strength, and flying. The 
Beginner  Race has these in 3 levels. If you win all the level 3 races, your chao 
gets a medal, and you  get an emblem. After that, the Jewel Race and Challenge Race 
will be open to you. The Jewel Race is the main chao race. There are 5 levels in 
each race and the courses are longer this time. If  you win all of them, you get 
another emblem, and your chao gets another medal. The Challenge race pits your chao 
against many unique chao, including the light chao, which never dies! These races 
are much harder. The Hero and Dark races are available ONLY if you have Hero and 
Dark chao. The Hero Race pits a hero, neutral chao, or child chao against DARK chao! 
The only thing is, Dark chao CAN'T enter! If you win all  of the races, you get yet 
another emblem and your chao gets yet another medal! The Dark race  doesn't allow 
Heroes to enter. If you win all the races, your 
chao gets a medal, and you get another emblem. The party race lets your chao compete 
with up to 3 of your friend's chao. You  get no emblems or medals here.
  II. Chao Karate
  This is where you can enter your chao in a fighting tournament against 5 other 
chao. The beginner tournament is available at first, but if you beat it, you get an 
emblem. After that, you can enter your chao in the standard and expert tournaments. 
After you beat Expert, Super opens up to you. You can earn emblems for those, too. 
Chao fight on their own, but if the zeal (at the bottom) is gone, start rapidly 
pressing A.

9. Breeding
 To breed chao, you must give it a Heart Fruit(shaped like a heart)after it goes 
through a coccoon stage. When you feed it to your chao, it will sit and flowers grow 
around it. Then you give another Heart Fruit to a different chao in the same garden 
(Hero chao can go to the Dark Garden, and vice versa). The chao you just fed the 
fruit to will walk to the chao sitting in flowers and they will do a special dance 
and create a new egg. The chao in the egg can inherit abilities, like if you have a 
chao that is good at swimming and the other one stinks, the new chao will inherit a 
high swimming ability rank.

I hope this will help you in raising chao. If you ever want to use this Guide any 
where else, please contact me FIRST at [email protected] Thanks for reading!

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