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2. Introduction
3. List of the 108 Stars of Destiny
4. Other important characters


 Hey this is my first FAQ ever written so if it sucks tell me and I'll improve 
it.All this is so far is just the  characters and what this is mainly 
about,recruiting all of the 108 Stars of Destiny.So here goes.....

This is the whole list of the 108 Stars of Destiny and it took me awhile.

 1. HERO MCDOHL - Tenkai Star *
  This is the main character whom you can name anything with 8 letters.Inamed mine 

 2. LEPANT - Tengou Star *
   This is a rather weak guy.But Mathiu thinks he will help us so umm yeah.He's 
located in Kouan.You have to talk to Wareen then talk to Krin who is at the 
inn.After you break in Lepaant's house you have to steal his  sword.Then help him 
get his wife back.

 3. MATHIU SILVERBERG - Tenki Star *
  Mathiu runs a school in Seika, and is Odessa's brother. After the hideout
  in Lenankamp is attacked, Odessa will tell you to take an earring to
  Mathiu. He won't join you at first. You need to go up the stairs to his 
  school and talk to the student closest to the chart. Go out and talk to
  Mathiu, who will walk up the stairs. Follow him up the stairs and talk to
  him again. He'll tell you to go away, and after you go back down the 
  stairs you'll run into some soldiers. Follow them up to the school and
  fight them. Mathiu will join you after you accept leadership of the
  Liberation army.

 4. LUC - Tenkai Star *
  You will first meet Luc on Magician's Island, and you'll have to fight a
  golem of his creation. After leaving Magician's island, he will be out of
  the story for a while. Upon taking over the castle, Leknaat will deliver
  him as a gift to the army.

 5. HUMPHREY MINTZ - Tenyu Star *
 This guy  is good!He is one of the first members of the  original Liberation Army 
and a former general of the Imperial Army.

 6. KASIM HAZIL - Tenyu Star    
One of the five Imperial generals.He will join you after you defeat him in Moravia

 7. KWANDA ROSMAN - Tenmou Star
  Another of the five Generals, Kwanda can be recruited after defeating him
  in a duel, if you spare his life.

 8. PESMERGA - Teni Star
  A warrior who is searching for Yuber, the Black Knight. You will find him
  in Neclord's castle,right after you beat Neclord annd walk back in.

 9. GREMIO - Tenei Star *
  The Hero's childhood protector, he will join at the start of the game.

 10. WARREN - Tenki Star *
  Warren is a Liberation sympathizer who gets caught by Kasim. Free him and
  he'll join you.

 11. KUN TO - Tenfu Star *
  A black market dealer who will join you when you travel to back to Kirov
  after collecting the fire spears. He'll be in the large house, closest to
  the docks.

 12. CLEO - Tenman Star *
 This is a protector of hero ,who you should have since the beginning.

 13. VIKTOR - Tenko Star *
  Viktor is one of the strongest characters in the game, and has a major
  part to play . He will join you when you escape
  from Gregminster.

 14. VALERIA - Tensyo Star *
  An ex-Imperial living in the woods, she will join you during your quest to
  save the elves.

 15. GRIFFITH - Tenritsu Star *
  An Imperial general who you will recruit after taking over the Northern

 16. CLIVE - Tensyo Star
  Clive is pursuing someone  and is sometimes difficult
  to run into. He will occasionally turn up at the inn in Rikon, and can be
  recruited if you see him there. He seems more likely to appear if your
  castle is of maximum size.

 17. FLIK - Tenan Star *
  A member of the original Liberation army, Flik will disappear (like
  Humphrey and Sanchez) after the hideout is attacked. When he comes back, 
  he won't join you immediately. You'll need to take Viktor to Kaku and talk 
  to Flik. He'll join forces 
  with you then.                                                 
 18. CAMILLE - Tenyu Star *
  She is located at the bar in Kaku.You have to talk to her before you can get to 
Tai Ho.

 19. KREUTZ - Tenku Star
  Kreutz is a former enemy of Humphrey's, and is staying at the fortress of
  the Dragon Knights. Talk to him and he will
  join but you have to have Humphrey in your party.

 20. STALLION - Tensoku Star *
  A self-absorbed elf who can run extremely fast. He will join after you
  defeat Kwanda.

 21. KAGE - Teni Star
  A ninja-mercenary, Kage can be hired for 20,000 bits. You'll find him at
  the secret factory.

 22. FU SU LU - Tensatsu Star
  A warrior who wears a tiger mask and hangs around with the kobolds. He
  will join if you pay 10,000 bits for the food he's eaten.
 23. KIRKIS - Tenbi Star *
  Kirkis is an elf who enlists the aid of the Liberation army to help save
  the village of the Elves, he will join you after you accept.

  Milich is another of the five Great Generals, and he is a complete fool
  (in my opinion, at least). You can recruit him after you defeat his army
  and attempt to burn his roses. Spare his life and he will ask to join.
  Although there has been some debate about it, Milich is quite certainly
  male. Talk to the people in Bier Blanche/Antei before recruiting him and
  you'll get something resembling proof of his gender. Still, it is a bit of
  a fuzzy area.

 25. PAHN - Tentai Star *
  Pahn is another protector and friend of the Hero, and will join you at the
  start. He will leave prior to your escape of Gregminster, but must be
  re-enlisted after saving Lepant's wife, Eileen. If you don't forgive him,
  you'll be at a dead end until you do.

 26. SONYA SHULEN - Tenjyu Star
  The other Great General that you can recruit, you will need to travel to
  the basement of your castle after returning from the Floating Fortress. 
  She will be in the jail there, and you can recruit her.

 27. ANJI - Tenken Star
  Anji is the leader of the pirates, and can be recruited after being
  defeated by your party (which must contain Tai Ho and Yam Koo). If you
  don't beat all three by the end of the fifth turn, they will stop fighting 
  and tell you that "you've got a lot to learn".

 28. TAI HO - Tenhei Star *
  A fisherman who you need to recruit to get to the castle. To recruit him, 
  you will need to beat him at a game of dice with a default bet of 1,000 
  bits. He's at the bar in Kaku.

 29. KANAK - Tenzai Star
  Another pirate who will join along with Anji.

 30. YAM KOO - Tenson Star *
  A close friend of Tai Ho, Yam Koo will join you after you defeat the
  dragon in the castle on Lake Toran.

 31. LEONARDO - Tenpai Star
  The other pirate who will join along with Anji.

 32. HIX - Tenron Star *
  Hix is a teenager from the Warrior's Village, and will join when you enter
  Neclord's castle.

 33. TENGAAR - Tensui Star *
  Daughter of the chief of the Warrior's Village, Tengaar will join you once
  you save her from Neclord.

 34. VARKAS - Tenbou Star *
  Leader of the outlaws on Mount Seifu, he will join you after you save
  Eileen. He will be waiting on the first floor of the castle, and you will 
  talk to him automatically.

 35. SYDONIA - Tenkoku Star *
  Another outlaw from Mount Seifu, he will join with Varkas.

 36. EILEEN - Tenkou Star *
  Eileen is Lepant's wife, and will join after you save her from Kraze.

 37. LEON SILVERBERG - Chikai Star
  Father of Mathiu and Odessa, Leon lives at Kalekka. To recruit him is a
  rather annoying process, but here goes. When your castle is as big as it's
  going to get, he will tell you something about the Liberation army being 
  impressive, and will tell you to say that to Mathiu. From now on, talk to 
  Mathiu at every possible opportunity, eventually he will give you a letter 
  to take to Leon. Go back to Kalekka and hand the letter over to Leon, and 
  he will join.

 38. GEORGES - Chisatsu Star
  Georges is an idler at Kirov, and will join after you beat one of the
  records on his game. I found it easiest to win the 10 matches one, I don't
  know why this was.

 39. IVANOV - Chiyu Star
  A painter at Milich's castle, you can recruit him by talking to him after
  defeating Milich.

 40. JEANE - Chiketsu Star
  The runemaster at Antei, she can be enlisted after you have recruited 45
  other people.

 41. EIKEI - Chiyu Star
  A fighter who "only respects strength". He can be recruited once the Hero
  gets to level 40 or beyond, just talk to him at Teien.

 42. MAXIMILIAN - Chii Star
  An old leader of a bunch of knights, he can be enlisted by returning to
  the Northern Checkpoint after rescuing Viktor from Moravia castle.

 43. SANCHO - Chiei Star
  Servant to Maximilian, he will join up at the same time.

 44. GRENSEAL - Chiki Star *
  Soldier under Teo's command, he will join after the Hero beats Teo in the

 45. ALEN - Chimou Star *
  Another soldier under General Teo, he will join at the same time as

 46. TESLA - Chibuu Star *
  Scrivener living in Antei, he can be enlisted after you recruit Kimberly.

 47. JABBA - Chieei Star
  Appraiser at Rikon, he will only join if you bring him something he can't
  appraise. Talk to the guy outside his shop a couple of times and he will
  tell you that Jabba can't appraise a "Nameless Urn". One of these is
  occaisionally dropped by monsters in the surrounding area.

 48. LORELAI - Chikatsu Star
  A fighter who is waiting at the inn in Kouan. She will only join if the
  hero is past level 25.

 49. BLACKMAN - Chitou Star
  A farmer in Kalekka, who is very protective of his sprouts. Just talk to
  him to recruit him, but he won't join if you walk on his garden (you can
  afterwards, though, if you need to be destructive. It's also pretty funny)

 50. JOSHUA LEVENHEIT - Chikyo Star *
  The Commander of the Dragon Knights. He will join after you save the
  dragons. Check Old Book Volume IV if you don't believe me about his last

 51. MORGAN - Chian Star
  A blind man at the temple of Qlon. Just talk to him to recruit him. He
  fights surprisingly well for someone who has apparently been blind since

 52. MOSE - Chiziku Star *
  Head of the Liberation Army Secret Factory, Mose will join after you have
  collected the fire spears and Ronnie Bell has loaded them into Kun To's

 53. ESMERALDA - Chikai Star
  Perhaps the most useless member of the army, Esmeralda doesn't do anything
  at all. To recruit her, take an opal to her room in the Antei inn. You can
  get opals from the monsters in Soniere prison.

 54. MELODYE - Chisa Star
  Melodye can change the cursor sounds. Exciting stuff. If you give her the
  sound crystal (found in Kalekka) she will join. You will need to bring her
  the "sound setting" items to get new sounds.

 55. CHAPMAN - Chiyu Star
  The armourer at Antei, you can just talk to him and he'll ask to join. He
  will set up an armoury in your castle, but he can only sell items from
  armouries you have already visited.

 56. LIUKAN - Chirei Star *
  An old hermit who is a great healer. Liukan will join after you rescue him
  from Soniere prison and take him to your castle.

 57. FUKIEN - Chijyu Star *
  Fukien is a priest at the temple of Qlon. He will join when you talk to

 58. FUTCH - Chibi Star *
  A Dragon Knight who [spoiler alert] will lose his dragon and be sent to
  your castle. He will join after Joshua.

 59. KASUMI - Chikyu Star *
  The ninja that warns you of General Teo's attack. She will join at that

 60. MAAS - Chibaku Star
  A blacksmith working at the human Great Forest village. Just talk to him
  and he will ask to join.

 61. CROWLEY - Chizen Star
  An old recluse who lives in the caves behind Qlon. He will only join once
  your castle is the biggest it will get. You'll know when this happens
  because after you sail into it by boat, it will show the picture of it
  with a big banner on the front. You can then go and recruit Crowley. If
  you can't find him, he is in the second secret room (see the walkthrough
  for more details).

 62. FUMA - Chikou Star
  Fuma is a ninja, and also a bit thick. He will be hiding behind the palace
  of the Dragon Knights on the right hand side, just talk to him and recruit

 63. MOOSE - Chikyou Star
  The blacksmith of the Warrior's Village, he will only join if your current
  party contains Maas, Meese and Mose.

 64. MEESE - Chihi Star
  A blacksmith at the Dwarves village, he will only join if you have already
  recruited Maas (he doesn't have to be in your party).

 65. SERGEI - Chisou Star
  The inventor of the elevator (or lift for us Aussies and Brits), you can
  recruit him after taking over the castle. He is waiting at the bar in
  Kaku. He will install his invention in your castle, it's a real time saver
  so you should recruit him as soon as possible.

 66. KIMBERLY - Chikou Star * 
  A counterfeiter living in Antei, you can recruit her by talking to her
  after taking Liukan to your castle. Mathiu should write a letter for her,
  and she will join (after a rather pointless sequence).

 67. SHEENA - Chimei Star
  Son of Lepant, he is at the inn at Seika, and can be recruited by talking
  to him while Lepant is in your party.

 68. KESSLER - Chisin Star
  Kessler is the leader of some theives on Mount Tigerwolf, and can be
  recruited during your visit to the secret factory.

 69. MARCO - Chitai Star
  Marco is a street gambler, and you will first meet him (yes, HIM. It's a
  guy, believe it or not) in Rockland. Your next meeting will be in the
  Warrior's Village, and he will join if you win 5,000 bits off him.

 70. GEN - Chiman Star *
  A shipbuilder living in Teien, he can only be recruited if you have been
  to the rapids on the way to Liukan's hermitage. After travelling there,
  just talk to him and he'll join.

 71. HUGO - Chisui Star
  The librarian at Qlon, he will join if you bring him the "War Scroll". It
  can be found in the caves behind the temple.

 72. HELLION - Chisyu Star
  An old woman with the power of Recall. Recruit her from Teien by talking
  to her and agreeing to her proposal.

 73. MINA - Chiin Star
  A dancer at Antei, she will join if you dance with her. The Hero needs to
  be equipped with Toe Boots, or else she won't let you dance.

 74. MILIA - Chii Star *
  The Vice-Commander of the Dragon Knights, she will join after you take
  Liukan to the sleeping dragons.

 75. KAMANDOL - Chiri Star *
  Neighbour and (alleged) friend of Gen, he can be recruited by taking Gen
  to his house.

 76. JUPPO - Chisyuu Star * 
  Juppo is a trickster who you will find in Lepant's mansion. Talk to him
  there and he'll walk off, but he'll be waiting in your castle basement
  after you save Eileen.

 77. KASIOS - Chiraku Star
  A singer in the employ of Milich, she can play any of the musical scores
  from the game. Whoopee. To recruit her, take Milich to her room at
  Scarleticia Castle, and talk to her.

 78. VIKI - Chitatsu Star
  A naive woman who can teleport you to any city you have visited. Very
  helpful. You will come across her while you are walking to the Kobold
  village through the Great Forest.

 79. RUBI - Chisoku Star
  A stray elf staying at Kobold Village. To recruit her, Kirkis must be at
  or beyond a certain level (40 or so). Then you can talk to her at the inn
  and she will join.

 80. VINCENT DE BOULE - Chichin Star
  Either a conman or a complete idiot, you will first encounter Vincent at
  Antei after being turned away from the Dragon's den. Talk to him and pay
  his bill, then travel back to the Dragon Knights. Talk to him again and
  follow his advice. He will then disappear for a while, and will show up
  again in the jail at Moravia Castle. To recruit him, travel back up to the
  jail after Kasim Hazil joins and then talk to him.

 81. MEG - Chikei Star
  Niece to Juppo, she is waiting for him outside the inn at Kaku. Take Juppo
  to her and she can be recruited.

 82. TAGGART - Chima Star *
  Servant of Warren, he will show up in your castle prior to your assault on
  Moravia castle. He will join you then.

 83. GIOVANNI - Chijou Star *
  Doorman employed by Lepant, he will join you after you save Eileen.

 84. QUINCY - Chiyu Star
  A hunter who is bludging around at Garan, she can be recruited after you 
  have found 80 other allies.

 85. APPLE - Chifuku Star
  Understudy of Mathiu, she will be waiting in his house after you defeat
  Kwanda Rosman. Talk to her and pick any response (it doesn't matter which)
  and she will join.

 86. KAI - Chihi Star
  Stickfighting teacher of the Hero, he is waiting at Garan and can be
  recruited after you take over the castle.

 87. LOTTE - Chiku Star
  A magician staying in the upstairs room of the Rikon inn, she will join
  after you bring her cat to her. Her cat is that one running around in
  Kaku (how the hell did it get that far away?). You can chase after it and
  grab it, this is much easier if one of your characters is equipped with a
  Holy rune. Deliver the cat and she will join. By the way, she will only
  ask you to find her cat if you have found 45 other allies.

 88. MACE - Chiko Star
  Master blacksmith living in Seek Valley. He will only join if your active
  party contains Maas, Meese, Mose and Moose.

 89. ONIL - Chizen Star
  Another completely useless character, Onil can be found at Seika, in the
  house on the left of the stairs leading to Mathiu's school. Just talk to
  her and recruit her.

 90. KUROMIMI - Chitan Star *
  Kobold who is trying to save his people while you are trying to save the
  elves. He will join when you return to the Kobold village after the 
  village of the elves is burnt down.

 91. GON - Chikaku Star
  Brother of Kuromimi, Gon can be found in the bottom house at the Kobold
  village. Talk to him while Kuromimi is in your party and you can recruit

 92. ANTONIO - Chisyu Star
  A cook staying at the inn in Seika. After Marie has set up her inn at your
  castle. Talk to her three times (you don't have to stay three times). On
  the third time she will mention that she needs a cook. Go talk to Antonio
  and you will be able to recruit him.

 93. LESTER - Chizou Star
  Another cook, this time in Kirov. To recruit him, you will need to go into
  both houses on either side of Sarah and taste the stews within. Then, go
  to Kun To's house, and Lester will be inside. Talk to him and recruit him.

 94. KIRKE - Chihei Star
  A headhunter. He is waiting at Lorimar, but won't show up on your first
  visit (while you are there with Mathiu). After leaving, return immediately
  and he will be there. Talk to him and recruit him, saying you don't mind
  that all he can do is cut off heads (he actually sounds pretty useful).

 95. ROCK - Chisou Star
  The warehouse guard employed by Lepant. Talk to him during your break-in
  and you will be able to recruit him.

 96. LEDON - Chido Star
  One of the thieves under Kessler's command, he can be recruited by talking
  to him when you meet him at the secret factory.

 97. SYLVINA - Chisatsu Star *
  An elf, also Kirkis' girlfriend. She will join after you defeat Kwanda.

 98. RONNIE BELL - Chiaku Star *
  The "giant woman", Ronnie Bell will be found at the secret factory. She
  will join along with Mose.

 99. GASPAR - Chisyu Star
  A gambler, and one of your best sources of income (if not the most
  reliable). To recruit him, go to the basement of the Kaku bar after the
  "Three months" break (this occurs after defeating Kwanda and returning to
  the castle). Win 5,000 bits off him and he will join.

 100. WINDOW - Chisu Star
  A warrior-scion who doesn't want to be a warrior, he wants to build stain
  glass windows. To recruit him, get the Window Crystal from the first
  secret room (see the walkthrough for details) and take it to him. He is in
  the Item Store at the Warrior's Village. Give him the crystal and he will
  join. He can change the appearance of the window. It's not at all useful,
  or even interesting, but he is one of the 108 characters so if you want
  the best ending, you'll need to recruit him.

 101. MARIE - Chiin Star
  The owner of an inn in Gregminster, she will be kicked out after you leave
  and can be found at the inn in Seika. After taking over the castle, talk
  to her and you can recruit her. She will set up an inn in the castle. It
  won't be free, but cost you 30 bits per person.

 102. ZEN - Chikei Star
  The gardener at the temple of Qlon, he will join if you bring him red,
  blue and yellow flower seeds. You can buy them from the item stores at
  Teien, Rikon and the Warrior's Village.

 103. SARAH - Chisou Star
  Just some lady who is washing clothes, you have to go through a silly
  process to recruit her. I recommend putting a character with a Holy rune
  in your party, just to shave a few seconds off the time. She is in Kirov,
  and she will be washing clothes in about the middle of the town.

   I - Talk to Sarah and attempt to recruit her. She will as for some soap.

   II - Talk to the guy standing near the armoury. He will ask you to get
        him soy sauce in exchange for soap.

   III - Talk to the guy around the middle of the town (on the left of the
         house to the left of Sarah). He will ask you for some salt in
         exchange for the soy sauce.

   IV - Talk to the girl in the bottom right of the town. She will ask for
        a yardstick in exchange for salt.

   V - Go to the inn and talk to the guy in the room on the right. He will
       ask for sugar.

   VI - Buy some sugar from the item store.

   VII - Deliver the sugar to get the yardstick.

   VIII - Deliver the yardstick to get the salt.

   IX - Deliver the salt to get the soy sauce.

   X - Deliver the soy sauce to get the soap.

   XI - Take the soap to Sarah and find out she's already got some. Be
        really irritated and recruit her.

 104. SANSUKE - Chiretsu Star
  An expert on baths. Sounds useful, no? He is in the leftmost house in the
  humans Great Forest village. Talk to him and recruit him.

 105. QLON - Chiken Star
  Specialises in saying the names of places. After defeating Milich, talk to
  Qlon, who will join you in thanks for getting rid of the silly village

 106. TEMPLETON - Chimou Star
  A mapmaker who wants to map the entire world. After the elves village is
  burnt, exit and return. Templeton should be waiting and will be easily
  recruited. You will also get a map, which is extremely helpful.

 107. KRIN - Chizoku Star *
  A thief who apparently enjoys grinning stupidly. Anyway, he will be
  waiting in your castle after you save Eileen.

 108. CHANDLER - Chikou Star
  A merchant who is waiting outside the Fortress of Kwaba. Just talk to him
  after taking over the castle and he will join.


    These charaacters are the main ones in the story like Windy your main enemy
  or characters that are in your party but don'tt stay very long.

 TED - A 300 year old boy who is the keeper of the Soul Eater. A friend
       of the Hero.

 WINDY - The court magician, who is after Ted and the Soul Eater.

 LEKNAAT - Seer and astrologist living on Magician's Island. Windy's younger

 BARBAROSSA - The Emperor. Not much else.

 ODESSA SILVERBERG - Founder and leader of the original Liberation Army.

 KRAZE - Imperial Commander. A weakling in command.

 KANAAN - Self-absorbed idiot who takes credit for everything. High-ranking
          Imperial officer.

 YUBER - The Black Knight.

 NECLORD - A 400 year old vampire living in his castle south of the
           Warrior's village.

 HANZO - Leader of the ninjas at Rokkaku.

 ZORAK - Chief of the Warrior's Village.

 CHIEF OF THE DWARVES -The namee says it all.

 SANCHEZ - Part of the original Liberation Army he will join
           your army as well. He's not one of the 108 though.

 AIN GUIDE - An Imperial Officer. Extremely loyal.

Here is a complete list of runes that are on the game.

    SOUL EATER - The cursed rune, near the beginning of the game it will be
                 equipped permanently on the Hero by Ted.

    RUNE OF THE GATE - A rune with "the power to link worlds". Split in two
                       parts, with Windy and Leknaat owning one part each.
                       Obviously, it can not be used by your characters.

    DRAGON RUNE - Allows dragons to exist. Owned by Joshua. Again, it can
                  not be used by your characters.

    CONQUEROR RUNE - Mentioned only once, the Conqueror rune is owned by
                     Windy and apparently can take over bodies and souls.

    BLACK RUNE - Mentioned by Kwanda and Milich, it was apparently given to
                 them by Windy. It has some kind of power over animals.

    NIGHT RUNE - The Star Dragon Sword is apparently "the night rune

    SOVEREIGN RUNE - Barborosa mentions this rune at the end of the game.

    SOUND RUNE - A rune that you'll need to give to Melodye if you want to
                 enlist her. Used to make sounds.

    WINDOW RUNE - A rune that makes stained glass windows.
                  You'll need to give it to Window to get him to join.

    WATER RUNE - Enables water spells.

    LIGHTNING RUNE - Enables lightning spells.

    FIRE RUNE - Enables fire spells.

    EARTH RUNE - Enables earth spells.

    WIND RUNE - Enables wind spells.

    FLOWING RUNE - "Upgraded" water rune.
    THUNDER RUNE - "Upgraded" lightning rune.

    RAGE RUNE - "Upgraded" fire rune.

    MOTHER EARTH RUNE - "Upgraded" earth rune.

    CYCLONE RUNE - "Upgraded" wind rune.

    RESURRECTION RUNE - Mixed rune, with attack, heal and resurrection
                        spells.The man in Qlon that you recruit has it.

   KILLER RUNE - Increases likelihood of critical strikes.

    HAZY RUNE - Lowers enemy accuracy.

    COUNTER RUNE - Increases likelihood of counter strikes.

    GALE RUNE - Increases speed of character.

    FORTUNE RUNE - Doubles experience points received by character.

    PROSPERITY RUNE - Doubles amount of gold received from battles. There
                      are only two known ways to get this rune. The first is
                      in Sarady (see section 1 of the walkthrough) and it is
                      also dropped by Siren enemies in the Kirov area.

    DOUBLE-BEAT RUNE - Attacks two enemies in one turn. As far as I know,
                       Eikei has the only one of these. However, it can be
                       removed from him and re-equipped on anyone.

    HOLY RUNE - Enables dash.

    TRUE HOLY RUNE - Enables dash. Increases speed on world map. There's
                     only one of these and Stallion has it. You can't remove
                     it from him.

    CLONE RUNE - Powerful attack on one enemy. Leaves character unbalanced.
                 Can only be used by sword-armed characters who are not
                 otherwise permanently equipped.
    BOAR RUNE - Powerful attack on one enemy. Leaves character unbalanced.
                Can only be used by Pahn, Morgan and Eikei.

    SHRIKE RUNE - Bodyslam attack on one enemy.

    HATE RUNE - Throws fireball at one enemy.

    FALCON RUNE - Powerful attack on one enemy.

    TRICK RUNE - Makes a little bloke pop up and hit one enemy. Honestly.

    SUNBEAM RUNE - HP restorative rune. The rates of restoration are as

    PHERO RUNE - Makes a character of the opposite gender protect the holder
                 during battles. As far as I know, the only place you can
                 get one of these is from the Beast Commander enemies in the
                 Seika and Kouan area.

    TURTLE RUNE - Prevents status abnormalities.

    CHAMPION'S RUNE - Prevents most random battles. Note that large groups
                      of monsters or more powerful monsters will still
                      attack you.

    SPARK RUNE - This rune changes the attacking order.

   Well,this is my first FAQ i'm gonna finish it soon.I hope!  

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