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Beetle Adventure Racing (Nintendo 64)
Cheat Box (a.k.a. Flower Box) Locations FAQ 
Author: Icy Guy  ([email protected])
Version 0.1
Size: 12.7 KB

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0. Intro

½. Revision History

1. Legal 

2. Coventry Cove

3. Mount Mayhem

4. Inferno Isle

5. Sunset Sands

6. Metro Madness

7. Wicked Woods

8. Outro

9. Credits

0. Intro

     Welcome to this guide on how to activate Beetle Adventure Racing's cheats!  
This game utilizes a unique approach to cheats: you must find Cheat Boxes (a.k.a. 
Flower Boxes) to activate the goods.  These boxes are usually hidden in out-of-the-
way areas which are difficult to acess and/or navigate.  This guide is the product 
of many hours of searching and sweating, as well as a year and a half of looking, 
and it is my goal that you will find it useful.  Enjoy!

½. Revision History

Version 0.1- Finished on 12/30/01
            --Added everything.

1. Legal

This document Copyright 2001 by Icy Guy.  You may not engage in an unauthorized 
distribution of this FAQ or put it on your site and claim it as your own.  You may 
put it on your site as long as the following conditions are satisfied:  you give me 
the URL so I can check the site out, you credit me fully, you ask me, and this 
_must_ remain unchanged.  However, you CAN print out a copy for your private, 
personal use.  

This FAQ can appear on the following sites without asking me:

Why those sites?  I send this directly to GameFAQs, and I like going to Cheat Code 
This list will probably expand over time.  I added GameSages because I felt like 
it. and Neoseeker were added because they asked if they could use my 
It can also appear on my site at .

2. Conventry Cove

1) Easy enough, although it was the product of the CPU's reckless driving.  Right 
after jumping the bridge, slam on the _regular_ brakes.  (The reason I 
say "_regular_ brakes" is that the handbrake will stop you too soon.)  You should 
stop a little way after the crane.  Turn around, and go into a gap in the fence 
behind the crane.  There it is, just sitting there.

2) A product of a tendency for using cars with poor handling.  Upon approaching the 
barn, you'll see two haystacks- one on the shoulder of the road and one to the right 
of the barn's door (from your P.O.V.).  Ram through the left haystack's center.

3) Harder to find than the last two.  After the barn and a light turn, you'll enter 
a cave and be presented with two paths- one on the left, going to a Stonehenge-ish 
island and the normal track, which curves around the lake.  Jump onto the island, 
hit the handbrake, and look to one side of the ramp.  The box is behind a pillar.

3. Mount Mayhem

1) This requires you to take a shortcut.  Just after the snow area starts, look to 
the right for a snow-covered ramp.  Hit this ramp a little to the right to jump to 
the house on the right side of the road.  Go through the garage to come out on a 
straightaway.  Alternatively, you could wait until the track is about to go downhill 
and take a 90-degree right-hand turn into the shortcut.  Regardless of which path 
you take, you'll be on a straightaway with banners on the left side with the 
writing "Ski Fest" on them.  At the end of the road is an abrupt cliff, with a 
trolley wire overhead.  Your goal is to speed over this, aiming to the far left to 
land on that ledge.  BE CAREFUL!  On the thicker part of the ledge, which is back 
the way you came, you'll find the box.

|    |
|    |
|     |
|     |      
|Ledge \    Cliff
|      |     /\/\
| Box  |    |    |
|      |    |Road|
|      |    |    |
|     /     |    |
|    |      |    |
|    |      |    |
OK.  That may not be the best ASCII, since it's my first (Whoo-hoo!), but I tried to 
give you an idea of how it looks.  No that the "/\/\" does NOT indicate a ramp, but 
an abrupt drop.  This is _very_ difficult and will take a few tries, unless you're 
some racing ace who always hits their mark.

2) Just as dangerous as the last one, only slightly easier to get.  As the track 
continues, you're going to be presented with a cavernous cavern with two levels.  
You've got two shots a race to do this, unless you don't mind being disqualified. 
This is because the finish line cutoff point is in the previous cave.  I'd recommend 
the Alien Car, the Police Car, or the car with lightning bolts and a spoiler.  Know 
where the cave mouth on the track is, and prepare in advance.  Some ways before the 
cave, be sure that there aren't going to be any CPU problems by either staying in 
the firs or last place.  Gun it, and try and hit your top speed before the 
entrance.  Now here's the tricky part: The cave has two ramps.  You'll need to 
launch off the upper ramp at around 110-120 MPH to make it. The upper ramp is a 
concealed ledge.  To hit it, go around the lower cave entrance by driving up the 
incline, and plow through the trees.  Provided you hit it correctly, you should have 
enough speed to make it across.  Just don't hit the L Button, as that repositions 
you on the track below.  While in the air, all you have to worry about are the 
icicles/stalactites, which will stop you dead and make you smack into the main 
track, slow you down, or slow you down slightly and halt your momentum on the ledge 
that you're aiming for.  What I recommend is just taking the jump and hoping for the 
best.  Once you land, take the _right fork_ and continue until you hit the bridge.  
As you're about to cross the end farthest from you, hit the handbrake.  Go to the 
left of the end of it.  The box is there, nestled in the snow.

3) Piece of cake, although it was a pain to find.  Take either the aforementioned 
path or the main track until the main road takes a left.  Stop.  Turn around and 
look at the trees on your left.  There it is, sitting in plain view.  NOTE: If you 
took the path that crosses the bridge after the insane cavern jump, just slam on the 
brakes when you see two trees at the end of the path and drive down.  Spin around, 
and there it is.

4. Inferno Isle

1) This is when the boxes start to be better-hidden.  After you finish racing 
through the beach portion at the beginning, keep a sharp eye for a dirt path on your 
right.  Race through this torch-lit jungle until the torch line curves to the 
right.  Hit the handbrake and gaze at the hut in front of you on an island.  Drive 
slowly into the hut (it'll break) after driving onto the island via the bridge.  
Note how part of the hut is not demolished.  By stopping on the island, you'll 
notice the Cheat Box hidden behind that part of scenery.  Hit it!

2) Hard!  About halfway through the village, you'll come to a series of sharp slopes 
acting as jumps.  Angle hard right when going off the first jump to land in a 
rooftop alcove.  (E-mail me if I have the wrong jump.)  In a corner of the alcove is 
the Cheat Box.  Doing this is easier than it sounds.  I wish you luck.  Again, 
please let me know if I have the wrong jump, although last time I checked this was 
the right one.

3) Another easily-acquired yet difficult-to-find Cheat Box.  At the end of the race, 
the finish line should be in sight.  Crash through the last hut on the left. Make 
sure you hit it dead center.  Easy, eh?

5. Sunset Sands

1) Sneaky!  After the race starts, stick to the right.  After a few seconds, you 
should see a couple rocks on the right and a slim path to the rocks' right.  SLOWLY* 
drive up the path to the right and onto this small sandy flat.  You'll find yourself 
fender-to-side with a Cheat Box.

*20-40 MPH is a good speed.

2) After jumping over a small canyon, you'll find a right turn among dunes, with 
several arrows in front of you.  Drive on for a few more seconds until you see 
obelisks on the right.  Make a _very_ abrupt left into a cleverly-hidden trench.  Go 
as fast as you can inside here.  When the moment arises, jump across to the big 
platform in front of you, and then jump to the temple at the end of this platform. 
When you land, hit the handbrake, turn right, and drive until you hit the wall.  
Turn right.  There it is.

 ____    ______________________
|   |    |                     |
|   |    | 

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