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Evoulution Worlds Strategy Guide/Walkthrough Version 1.0

Table of Contents:
Story (thats everything)
Items (usable)
Basic Strategy
Walkthrough Game 1
Walkthrough Game 2
Special Thanks

Hi! I'm Kile Luis! I am known on 
Cheatcodes as BloodlustDragoon. I live 
in Central California. I'm curently 14
and spend a lot of time playing games.

Favorite Games
Starcraft: Broodwar
Red Allert2
Advance Wars2
Skies of Arcadia
Evolution Worlds
Golden Sun*

My e-mail address is [email protected]
Please, do NOT send flame e-mail to me. If you
do, I WILL delete it without even looking at it,
and block your address. I will only accept e-mail
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This is the first guide I have published, so expect
some minor errors.

Coppyright: This guide/Walkthrough is protected by
International and US law. (as written in the 
constitution) is the only website
that is currently lisensed to publish this. If you
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Copyright 2003 Kile Luis.

Version: This is version 1.2

1.0 10/2/03
Created the guide on my computer. Everything going fine.
Need my game back from my friend to do details

1.1 10/4/03
Got back my game, corected some spelling errors.

1.2 10/5/03
Beat Yurka, fixed story. Added to Mag's section
1.3 10/8/03
Added carcano's section, the tips and items

Story: This story tells EVERYTHING about the story,
so don't read it if you want to be supprised.

Long ago, there was a great race of people. They built
great cities across the globe, created cyframes, and
unlocked the secret of eternal life. They eventually got 
to the end of their evolution, and lost the
will to live. They created Evolutia and Yurka to cure and destroy,
respectively to try to make the ultimate being. They failed, and
were all wiped out. Though luck, huh.
Now, humanity has grown to a hight that is comparable
to Earth today. They have invented modern vehicles and 
medicine. The cyframes that were created by the 
ancient civilization have been discovered, and made
usable again. Also, many of the ruins of these
civilizations have great treasures, but are supprisingly
always guarded. 
Achealogical oginizations called the 
Socioty hires people carying cyframes called adventurers
to find the tresure and things of archealogical 
importance. But, a rumor started going arounf the 
adventurers that a great cyframe existed called Evolutia.
It was said to contain the power of the old civilization;
the power to be imortal.
Three years from the start of the game, an aclaimed
adventurer disapered in a deep ruin. He sent to his son
a girl with a single message. It itroduced her a Linear,
and told his son, Mag, to look after her.

Now comes what acualy happens in the game.
Mag is a young aventurer that doen't seen to be all that
good at his profession. His dad left him a very large debt.
At first he gets very close to finaly doing somthing right,
but he gets beeten by his rival Chain. After a few missions
done right, the 7th Empire comes to look for Evolutia. The
leader of the expedition takes Linier, having found out she
IS Evolutia. Mag flies to the capital ship of the 7th
Empire and fights the Prince for Linear. After defeeting
him twice, he tries to get Linier and him out of the 
exploding ship. Mag is killed while protecting Linier,
but she releses the power of Evolutia to bring him back
to life.

Mag, still stuck with debts, then travels to Museville.
Saying this town is bigger than the other one is an
understatement. Mag is sent to four different dugeons
to find four powerful orbs. In between, a guy named
Yurka meets with Linier and convices her to leave through
a portal made by the orbs with him. Yurka goes deap into the
dungeon and, with Linear, sprouts wings. (weird) After you
beat him, he warps deeper into the dungeon.

Characters If a move is one of the best, I will mark it with
an '*'

Mag: Mag is the head of the Laucher family. He is the
"warior" class person of the game. I would sugest that
you keep him in the front row.

Basic stats S-F
Attack A
Defence A
Agillity C
Evade D
Luck C

Tallents: Mag always has two tallents, based on who else
you have in your party.
Linier; Present- Up Mag's defence
Chain; Taunt- Up Mag's attack
Gre; Encourage- Up Mag's ?
Pepper; Cheer Up*- Up Mag's HP
Carcano;Give Spirit- Carcano gives mag some spirit

Parts: I will not list all of the moves that are contained
in a part. I will instead tell you all of the important moves
-Hand Parts*
Magna Conbo: Does a lot of damage with three punches.
Dive Punch*: Normally kills most non-boss enemies
Magna Rave*: Does a heck load of damage
Giant Fist: An even more powerful version of dive punch, helpful
late in the game. Is a little expensive though
-Hammer Parts
Trip Hammer: Powerful hammer attack from above
Botom Hammer*: This does about 2,500 damage. It is insanely 
-Spinner Parts
Brain Spinner: Do a good ammount of damage
-Light Parts
These parts revolve around blindness they have no real use
-Megaphone Parts
These parts are used to alter stats an offensive part would do
-Mind Parts
These too, are preity worthless parts. They revolve around 

Linear: She is the games "white mage." She mostly heals and
fixes status problems. She hits people with a frying pan.
You can choose from a very wide assortment of footware for her.

Attack E
Defence A
Agility C
Evade B
Luck A

Tallent: Talk to Them: Make a low level enemy leave 
the battle, get EXP as if you killed it

-Status Resteration
Unblocking Touch: Later in the game, enemies will prevent you
from using special movesm this cures it
Refresh Everyone: This cures sleep,blindness, and parylis 
for everyone
-Helth Recovery
Serious First Aid: Recover a large ammount of HP to everyone
Welcome Home: Revive someone at 20% HP very helpful
Streghth Spell: Increce attack on someone. Use it on Mag and
Pepper at the begining of a fight 
You go first!: Helpful if Linear has nothing much to do
I give you spirit: Use it if Linear has plenty of FP and
you need some on someone else
Sad Mellody: One of her three attack spells hits one enemy
Sorry Melody: Hit an entire enemy rank, instead of one enemy

Pepper: Pepper is your archer or red mage. She has all long
range moves. Keep her in the back row. She probably has the most
powerful moves in the game.

Attack S
Defence B
Agillity C
Evade C
Luck B

Pepper Flash: This is the most powerful version of
Pepper's tallent. It deals around 1,200 damage and
rarely misses. The lower versions miss a lot.

-Lazer Parts*: 
Smart Lazer: Does a fair ammount of damage early
in the game.
All range lazer*: Costs a lot less than Grand Lazer and kills
most enemies
-Fire,Wind,Ice Parts: They all do the same thing, so I listed
them all the time
Third Move*: Pepper will fire a 'grenade' into the enemy area
which explodes into a tornado hitting all enemies. Its cost is
preity low for hitting all enemies.
Healing Blast*: This part is vital late in the game when Linear
isn't in your party.
More Nalion Blast: Heals one person a lot
Nalioant Blast*: Heals everyone a lot. Very useful.

Carcano: Carcano is another warrior-like character. He has a few
fine manipulation moves with his wire, though.

Attack B
Defence A
Agillity C
Evade D
Luck C

Steal: This takes an item

Items (Usable)
Items are important, especially if you dont have Linear. They
do many things such as heal bad conditions or deal a small amount
of damage. This is NOT a complete list. I will update it whenever 
I can

Nalion: Heal about 100 HP
Nalion gold: Heal about 600 HP
Nalion Royal: Heal anout 1200 HP
Naliant: Heal 100 HP to everyone
Naliant Gold: Heal 600 HP to everyone
Naliant Royal: Heal 1200 HP to everyone
Herbs: Recover 300 HP to one person
Visual: Heal 1 party member of blindness
Visualt: Heal everyone of blindness
Pural: Purge one person of poison
Puralt: Purge everyone of poison
Red Viper: Recover one party member at 20% HP
Special Viper: Recover one party member at 100% HP
Fire Ball: Fire attack on on enemy rank
Inferno Ball: Big Fire attack on one enemy rank
Lightning Ball: Lightning attack one one enemy rank
Ice Ball: Icy attack on one enemy rank
Mega Bomb: Big explosive attack on all enemies
Giga Bomb: Huge explosive attack on all enemies
Backwards Curse: All enemies go to the back row
Forewards Curse: All enemies go to the front row
Back Up Wissle: Everyone goes to the back row
Line Up Wissle: Everyone lines up with the person that used 
the item
Foreward Wissle: Everyone goes foreward
Explorer: Get the entire map for a floor, with all the enemy
and item information. Also reveals the floor panel type.

Basic Strategies
This section deals with the hints and tips of beating enemies.

Brute Force: Everyone attacks, picking enemies slowly. Good if
you are low on FP

LOTR Aproach: Here, you have someone (peper works best) cast a
spell that severly weakens your enemies so they can be killed in
a single attack

What is that?: If you see an enemy and you REALY don't wan to
figure out what it does, use a heavy damage attack on it. It
has a good chance of dieing. You can do the same by putting it
on prority for attacking.

OUCH!: Use this if your hurting. Get everyone to the back row,
and heal your reviver first. Then you can move on to healing
everyone else.

It is time... for you to die: When fighting a boss type enemy,
fire off everything you have. No bosses have multiple parts,
so dont wory about using expensive muliple attacks. Try to save
a move that you can learn but haven't yet to use on him, as it
doesn't take any FP to do so. Have one person heal.

Firing Squad: Get all your enemies to line up. Carcano's wire
and Mag's hammer are great to get this job done. Then pummel
them with line targeting attacks.

When Tallents Attack: You can use Pepper and Linear's tallents
to instantly get rid of two enemies right away. Any others
are fodder for Mag's hammer.

Hint: Any attack part's last attack will target all enemies.
Even Mag's hammer which normaly hits only one enemy has a
final attack like this.

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