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Dynasty Warriors 7 / Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Dim Sum guide
Version 1.1 (6.2.11)
Written by divini - lighthawkknight(at)gmail(dot)com

Dim Sums increase your maximum health by 10, and has been a constant in the DW
series.  Traditionally, it has been the most rare of the permanent stat
increase drops, attack and defense being the most common.  In DW7 there is a
random percent chance that any enemy officer will drop a Dim Sum power up
(+10/+20) depending on map/difficulty, so it is *slightly* easier to get than
previous titles, but still rare to find.  This makes the Dim Sums from jars a
highly sought after commodity as it is at a static location (a guaranteed
drop), and an important upgrade to your character's stat line.

Other general info:
- Dim Sum jars can be found both in story mode and conquest mode, as they share
the same map layouts.
- In general, each map has 1 Dim Sum for you to collect
- The exceptions are some very large maps, which can carry up to 2.
- Dim Sum found in jars are *always* +10, regardless of diffuculty.
- Some missions in both conquest and story may prevent you from reaching the
Dim Sum location i.e. being in a room behind a locked door.  In this case, you
are out of luck :(
- Many of the major story mode battles are divided into multiple parts using
the same map.  All jars will respawn as you move from part to part, so if the
map will allow your character to reach the Dim Sum location once again, you may
again collect it from the same jar.


- Listed by conquest mode map name on top, followed by any corresponding story
mode stages.
- 'Base' refers to the camps surrounded by square walls/fences etc.  Refers
to both small and large bases.
- 'Castles' have stone walls / iron gates.  Usually serves as main camps.
- 'High ground' is marked on the map with a lighter background color of the
terrain, which gets darker as you move to lower terrain.

Yellow Turban Rebellion (Wei) (Wu) (Shu)
In the open plains area, just south of the 'pit'.

Just outside the west exit of southeastern base

Liang Province
Conquest of Liang Province (Wu)
Central base.

Ou Xing's rebellion (Wu)
Battle of Nanjun (Wu)
Just outside middle base on low ground, just outside north wall.

Dong Zhuo's Trap (Wei)
Coup d'etat (Jin)
Wei Emperor's Last Stand (Jin)
Southwest room off the center inside room of the castle. (There is an indoor
pond there for reference)

Sishui Gate
Elimination of Dong Zhuo (Wei) (Wu) (Shu)
Behind the eastern wooden gate in the central area. (where Sishui gate is)

Hulao Gate
Within the northwest main base, within Hulao gate.

Battle of Jing Province (Wu)
Northeast corner of castle

Yan Province
Battle of Yan Province (Wei)
Northwest base, top-right corner

Xu Province
Battle of Xu Province (Wei) (Shu)
Center villiage (above the middle castle), top area

Battle of Wujun (Wu)
Guanqui Jian & Wen Qin's Rebillion (Jin)
Base on cliff overlooking river, just northwest of castle

Battle of Shouchun (Wu)
Zhuge Dan's Rebellion (Jin)
Inside castle, southeast area

On the southern high ground, in the small base overlooking a cliff

Battle of Wan Castle (Wei)
Battle of Xinye (Shu)
*Two Dim Sums*
1. Southwest area of castle (the maze area), top-left area.
2. Southeast area of the reverse 'L' shaped island in the castle's moat
area, right above bridge. 

Battle of Xiapi (Wei) (Shu)
West wing of castle, next to the eastern wall

Battle of Guandu (Wei) (Shu)
Inside northeast base next to river (Wuchao supply depot)

Assault on Xuchang (Wu)
Attack on Sima Shi (Jin)
*UNKNOWN*  (I have searched this map extensively and came up empty)

Battle of Xiakou (Wu)
Easternmost of the high ground bases, top-left corner

Battle of Changban (Wei) (Shu)
Just south of the central bridge, lower path. 

Battle of Chibi (Wei) (Wu) (Shu)
*Two Dim Sums*
1. Naval Area: On the island in the middle of the northern (Cao Cao's) fleet.
2. Mountain Area: Behind the eastern gate bordering the final open northwest

Tong Gate
Battle of Tong Gate (Wei)
Of the 4 middle bases, inside the 2nd from left

Northern border of map by the 'exit'

Luo Castle
Battle of Luo Castle (Shu)
Capture of Chengdu - Part 2 (Jin)
Just inside exit from southeast mountains to Luo Castle (the southwest castle),
on the northern cliff "balcony".

Battle of Chengdu (Shu)
Inside large base just southeast of the northwest castle

Battle of Hefei (Wei) (Wu)
Center Island, between the two bases.

Mt. Dingjun
Battle of Mt. Dingjun (Wei) (Shu)
Center large base.

Fan Castle
Battle of Fan Castle (Wei) (Wu) (Shu)
Southern castle, west half, west jar.

Battle of Yiling (Wu) (Shu)
Inside base closest to maze.

Just outside of Northeast base, south side.

Jiao Province
Inside Northeast base.

Battle of Tianshui (Shu)
2nd Shu Invasion (Jin)
Central area, southeast base.

Battle of Dongkou (Wu)
Northwest gate leading to castle, right side.

Wuzhang Plains
Battle of Wuzhang Plains (Shu)
On cliff overlooking the southern (Shu) main camp.  Must climb ladder to

Changjiang River
Inside Northeast base that is next to the northern docks connecting to ships.

Gongsun Yuan's Rebellion (Jin)
West base on high ground, just south of castle.

Mt. Xingshi
Conquest of Shu (Jin)
Southern area of map, on tip of the 'hump' (low elevation)

Mt. Niutou
Shu Invasion (Jin)
Just outside of Northwest base, top side.

Qing Province
Wang Ling's Rebellion (Jin)
Inside base surrounded by water

Battle of Dongxing (Jin)
West peninsula, just north of the southern bridge

New Hefei Castle
Battle of New Hefei Castle (Jin)
Castle courtyard (northeast area), next to west wall.

3rd Shu Invasion (Jin)
Of the 4 central bases on low ground, inside 3rd base from left.

4th Shu Invasion (Jin)
Southeast area, northern point of 2nd level elevation.

Yangping Gate
Capture of Chengdu - Part 1 (Jin)
Inside large supply base in northeast area, bottom-left corner.

Capture of Chengdu - Part 3 (Jin)
Just outside of the western wall of the southern castle (Shu main camp)

Sanjiang Castle (DLC)
Outside north castle's main camp's walls, northwest side


"Some of your info is inaccurate/wrong"
A:  Please send me any incorrect info by e-mail (address on top) or message me
on GameFAQs, and I will correct it.

"You're missing a Dim Sum location in stage XXX at YYY"
A:  Again, please e-mail/msg me and I will update this FAQ after
double-checking.  I'm especially looking for Xuchang's location if you can
find it.

"I can't follow your directions they're so confusing!"
A:  I am sorry, I tried to be as concise and descriptive as possible.  I am
open to suggestions to fix any location that seems to confusing to follow.

Ver. History
1.1 - Added the DLC Stage "Sanjiang Castle"

This Document Copyright 2011 divini

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