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                      Pokemon: Omega Ruby version
    (Copyright 1995-2014 Nintendo, Creatures Inc., GAME FREAK Inc.)
                   Pokemon Omega Ruby FAQ/Walkthrough
                            Version 0.1
                        By: Shinigami Miroku

1. Table of contents

  1. Table of contents (obviously...)
  2. Introduction
  3. Basic Controls
  4. Version updates
  5. Intro to Pokemon R/S/E changes
  6. Walkthrough
    6a. Littleroot Town
    6b. Oldale Town
    6c. Petalburg City
    6d. Rustboro City
      6d1. Roxanne
    6e. Dewford Town
      6e1. Brawly
    6f. Slateport City
    6g. Mawville City
      6g1. Wattson
    6h. Verdanturf Town
    6i. Fallarbor Town
    6j. Mt. Chimney
    6k. Lavaridge Town
      6k1. Flannery
      6k2. Norman (Petalburg City)
    6l. Weather Institute
    6m. Fortree City
      6m1. Winona
    6n. Safari Zone
    6o. Lilycove City
    6p. Mt. Pyre
    6q. Team Magma & Aqua Hideouts
    6r. Mossdeep City
      6r1. Tate & Liza (double battle, not two bosses)
      6r2. Shoal Cave
    6s. Sootopolis City/Cave of Origin
     6s1. Sky Pillar 1
     6s2. Sootopolis Gym
    6t. Pacifidlog Town
    6u. Ever Grande Town (includes Victory Road)
    6v. Elite Four
    6w. Afterwards...
    6x. The Battle Frontier
  7. FAQs
  8. Credits
  9. Contact/copyright information

2. Introduction

Hello! I am known on GameFAQs as Shinigami-Miroku. This will actually,
due to the re-release of the third-generation games, be a re-release of
my Pokemon Emerald FAQ. And hopefully, this time, I'll fully finish it.

0.1 update: Repurposing of the original file for release of ORAS

3. Basic Controls

A- talk to people
   confirm menu selections

B- cancel menu selection
   run (hold)
   wheelie (on Acro Bike, hold while going in a direction)
   bike hop (Acro Bike, hold until hopping, must not be moving)
   bike jump (Acro Bike, tap B and + direction at the same time)

X- Menu

Y- Rearrange items in menu

+ Pad- move around

Circle Pad- move around (added variation of directions)

L- same as "A" (select L=A in Options menu)
   move left & right in menus (select LR in Options menu)
   soft restart (hold R,L,Start,Select)

R- soft restart (hold R,L,Start,Select)

Start- soft restart (hold R,L,Start,Select)

Select- instant access to selected "Key Items" item
        soft restart (hold R,L,Start,Select)

Touchscreen - Access all menus

4. Version updates

0.1 - repurposing of the old walkthrough

5. Intro to ORAS changes

#1. New Mega-Evolutions!


#2. (will add more as I play)


6. Walkthrough

6a. Littleroot Town

You start out on during the intro playing a GBA and talking to Prof. 
Birch and choosing your name and gender. Once that's done, you'll find
yourself in the back of a moving van, getting bumped around on the
rough road to Littleroot (honestly, who puts their kid in the back of
a moving van? Isn't that child abuse?).

No need to talk about every little thing, so I'll just sum it up. You
have to talk to Birch's kid in order to get to Birch, like in R/S/E, 
but they won't appear until you try to steal his/her Pokeball (not 
like you'd get away with it; you're not Lupin the 3rd). He/She'll come
in & talk for a minute, then leave. Go out & save Birch from the lv.3
Poochyena. After that, talk to some of the NPC people you see to get 
playing tips, if you need them...

6b. Oldale Town

This place is not much bigger than your town... maybe they should've
combined the two to make a city... In any case, talk to the person 
from the Pokemart, who is just outside the town, to get a free Potion
(it heals 20 HP, which is big at this point).

After that, walk around & talk to people, buy another Potion or three, 
then go out & train your starter. I picked Treecko this time because I
brought a Torchic with its Hidden Ability from X/Y.


Treecko: lv. 5, Grass
 Recommended nature(s): Adamant (-S.ATK, +ATK), Timid (-ATK, +SPD)
 Moves: Pound, Absorb, Growl

 [Advantages- Good for beginners because of the Speed stat focus; 
 balanced offensive stat build; good for beginning gyms; good against
 Team Aqua (for the most part); gets an awesome Mega-Evolution with a
 Dragon second type]

 [Disadvantages- statistically weak and not as popular as other 
 Grass-types (I usually go for Shroomish -> Breloom); does poorly in
 many gyms & against Elite Four (though not against the Champion); 
 poor against Team Magma; lower ATK base means that it loses the 
 advantage of its signature move, Leaf Blade]

Torchic: lv. 5, Fire(evolves into Fire/Fighting)
 Recommended nature(s): Adamant (-S.ATK, +ATK)
 Moves: Scratch, Ember, Growl

 [Advatages- Good for pros; most unique type combination; great for
 both types; good against the *final* final boss... ::wink::]

 [Disadvatages- stat focus is, more or less, on ATK, which makes it
 better as a Fighting-type than a Fire-type (though most vets argue 
 that's a good thing); poor against both teams, poor against some
 gyms, both early & later]

 -Notes- Being one of the more versatile Pokemon out there, this one
 can easily fill both roles as a Fire-type and as a Fighting-type well.
 However, since in the metagame Fire-types are less useful than
 Fighting-types, the standard nature for Blaziken is either Adamant
 or Jolly... thankfully, the addition of Flare Blitz, a physical
 Fire-type move, means that it can take advantage of both its types;
 it's HA, Speed Boost, helps a lot as well

Mudkip: lv. 5, Water/Ground
 Recommended nature(s): Adamant (-S.ATK, +ATK) (I'm beginning to see 
                                                a pattern here...)
 Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Growl

 [Advatages- most balanced; immune to Electric attacks; good in most
 gyms; relatively excellent movepool with stats to compliment them;
 good against Team Magma; excellent HA in Swift Swim]

 [Disadvatages- more balanced stat build compared to the other
 starters which excell in one or two major stats; poor against
 Team Aqua]

 Note: The person who came up with the fad "so i herd u liek mudkipz"
 should be shot... or at least given a massive BOOT TO THE HEAD. -_-

Trainer battle: Rival
Pokemon: (whatever is strong type-wise against your 'mon), lv. 5
 Notes: It can be difficult as now the starters come with their basic
        elemental attack. Be ready to spam potions, and pray that (if
        you chose Treecko) that you don't get burned.
 Credits: 300

Return to your hometown to get the PokeDex from Birch, and head out 
toward Route 101. Your mom will stop you, but because you already 
have the Running Shoes all she does is say Good-by. Head north and 
your rival will stop you, giving you an addition to the PokeNav that 
shows you all the Pokemon that appear on the route that you are on, 
and as you head further north she shows you another use: identifying 
Pokemon that are visible in the grass. These Pokemon can have a unique 
attack and can also come at a much higher level than the surrounding 
Pokemon, as the following battle shows:

Rare encounter: Poochyena: lv. 5
 Moves: Thunder Fang, Howl
 Notes: The move does not change, at least in this instance, but the
        nature does, so save before you approach your rival in order
        to try for an Adamant or Jolly nature. Make sure you lightly
        push the Circle Pad so you don't scare it off before you get
        into Battle. Wear it down as best you can (if you got ORAS in
        the first month or so and got the shiny Metang then the 
        process is easy, as it comes with Hold Back, another version 
        of False Swipe (though still Normal).
New item: DexNav
     This item is something of an overlay that shows the fields and
 towns in greater detail, which is okay at first, but as your rival
 shows you, it is extremely helpful when trying to catch Pokemon
 because it shows the different ones available as you catch them.
 In addition, when a Pokemon is visible in the grass, the DexNav will
 go off and, by tapping on it, it will help you find it if it is
 offscreen and, once you get close, show you varying details on the
 Pokemon, ranging just from its level to everything but its gender and
 nature (which it is incapable of detecting as both are randomized at
 the start of the battle). The highest level I've seen in the first
 routes is 11.

Routes 101-103 Pokemon:

Zigzagoon: lv. 2-4, Normal, Very common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, Growl
 Notes: Can come with Charm, but loses Tackle so it might be best to

Poochyena: lv. 2-4, Dark (pure), Common
 Recommended nature(s): 
 Moves: Tackle
 Notes: As noted above, DexNav can show if Poochyena comes with 
        Thunder Fang, as well as the level and ability

Wurmple: lv. 2-4, Bug, Common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, String Shot
 Notes: So far I've not seen its 'new moves'

Wingull(103): lv 2-4, Water/Flying, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Water Gun, Growl 
 Notes: Same as Wumple

Seedot (102): lv. 2-4, Grass (evol. into Grass/Dark), Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Chlorophyll
 Moves: Bide, Harden
 Note: Can come with Bullet Seed

Ralts (102): lv 2-4, Psychic, Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): depends on the moveset, Modest(preferred;
                        -ATK, +S.ATK)
 Recommended ability: Trace (for capturing reasons), Synchronize
                      (for battling)
 Moves: Growl
 Notes: Has come with Skill Swap so far

Surskit (103): lv 2-4, Bug/Water, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): NC
 Recommended Ability: Swift Swim
 Moves: Bubble
 Notes: Has come with Signal Beam and Fell Stinger

There's a few trainers to whet your appetite. Most carry 1-3 Pokemon, 
each being lv. 2-5 themselves (though I think one was lv. 6). In any 
case, grab the berries & items and continue through to Petalburg. Oh, 
and one other thing: keep your team balanced & up-to-date in terms of 

6c. Petalburg City

This "city" is not much bigger than Oldale, so I assume that it's a 
"city" because it has all three things: A PokeCenter, PokeMart, and a 
Gym. Oldale didn't have a Gym, so it is only a town. (it works the 
other way around, though, since Slateport is a City, but it doesn't 
have a Gym)

Anyway, look around, chat it up for a couple of minutes to learn stuff,
then go talk to your dad, Norman, in the Gym. Interesting that this is 
the first Gym you see, but you don't fight in it yet... Anyway, you'll 
end up taking a sickly child, Wally, out to the field near the Gym to 
catch a Pokemon. It ends up being a lv. 5 Ralts, which only happens in 
this field if you're using the DexNav.

In any case, you go back to the gym and Wally leaves for Verdanturf, 
though not before giving you the next part of your PokeNav, which 
allows you access to the Super Training, Pokemon Aime, and PSS "apps" 
from X/Y.

New item: 
     This item, as noted above, unlocks the X/Y "apps" Super Training,
 Pokemon Aime, and the PSS. If you have not played X/Y, briefly, Super
 Training gives you the chance to train in IVs without having to fight
 against one or two enemies in one given area (X/Y somewhat fixed this
 by creating Swarms). Aime is how you evolve Eevee into Sylveon, so
 there's little reason to worry about it. PSS lets you trade and
 battle over the Internet, as well as have access to "O-Powers" which
 do various things such as increase your catch rate or avoid enemies.
 You can also send these powers to others at a lower cost of O-Power.

Route 104 Pokemon:


Taillow: lv. 4-6, Normal/Flying, Common
 Recommended nature: Adamant
 Recommended ability: Guts
 Moves: Peck, Growl
 Notes: Can come with Defog (the earliest you can get the HM move) or
        Steel Wing)

Nothing to really note here. You return to the shack later to get to
Dewford, and you fight a "Rich Boy", which gives about 1000 PokeYen.

Petalburg Forest Pokemon:

Wurmple: lv. 4-6, Bug, Very Common
 Recommended nature: N/C
 Recommended ability: N/C
 Moves: Tackle, String Shot
 Notes: Can evolve into either Silcoon or Cascoon. For the sake of your
        own sanity, just catch the cocoon Pokemon instead.

Shroomish: lv 4-6, Grass, uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): Jolly (+SPD, -S.ATK)
 Moves: Absorb, Tackle
 Notes: If you want, stick with it until it learns Spore, at lv. 45
        (T_T); it later learn Seed Bomb, making it easier to use its
        Grass STAB. It can also get this as a DexNav attack, replacing

Slakoth: lv 4-6, Normal, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Scratch, Yawn
 Notes: DexNav moves include Slash

Other Pokemon: Zigzagoon, Taillow

(Will add as I continue the quest)

6w. Afterwards

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the game! ... or so you 
thought; there's still much to do, as [email protected] has finally been seen 
roaming about, and it is up to you to catch this powerful Legend. That 
is but one trial you must endure as you travel to the corners of 
Hoenn, searching for the rest of the Legendaries and Ubers, mastering 
all the Pokemon Contests, and last but not least:

Competing in the mythical refuge of elites - the Battle Tower/Frontier.

6w1. [email protected]


6w2. The RegiMon



6. The Battle Tower/Frontier

7. FAQ

(Will add if I get any questions, but given the amount of traffic on 
the forums I doubt anything will happen here)

8. Credits/thanks

God: for... well, everything.

Nintendo, GAMEFREAK, etc.: for creating & distributing this fun 

GameFAQs: for allowing me to submit and post this FAQ/walkthrough

other posters: for the lack of decent coverage of this game

myself: for doing it the right way and not using an illegal ROM to put 
this out ahead of the release


9. Copyright info/miscellaneous stuff

This FAQ is my "intellectual property", and may be distributed ONLY by
GameFAQs.com on their main website. Any sign of blatent plagerism (it's hard
to tell, since walkthroughs usually end up looking similar anyway) will be
dealt with swiftly and effetively (as the U.S. Judicial system will 
allow, anyway). In other, more plain terms, "You steal, I sue." 
Capice? -_0

My e-mail is [email protected] I will only accept e-mails
with the heading "Pokemon: Emerald Version FAQ", and will only respond 
to questions that the walkthrough does not answer, up to the point of
the latest update.

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