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               / ~~~~~~~~~/ / / _ /  /       / /  / /  ___/  /___
              /_/~~~/  /~~ /_/ [_~  /  ____ / /  / /  /         /
                   /  /__ __    /   ~//   // /  / /   _~/  /~~~~
                  /  ///// /   /  /\/ ~~~~/ /  / /   ///  / /'|
                ,;  / ~~/ /  ,;  /       / /__/ /  /`//  / / /
              -=___/ _,~_/ -=___/       /______/  /_//__/ /_ _\

                       Getter Robot : The Big Battle!


Sony Playstation, 1999.
Emotion, World of Technology : Tecno Soft.

Version 1.5, October 8, 1999
by Handy Tanudjaja ([email protected])

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ASCII art) is copyright 1999 Handy Tanudjaja 


Updates : 

ver 1.0  September 19, 1999 - Initial Release
ver 1.1  September 20, 1999 - Updates, fixes, and junks.
ver 1.2  September 24. 1999 - More informations, and I changed e-mail.
ver 1.23 September 26, 1999 - Quick update, permanent e-mail (hopefully)
ver 1.28 September 27, 1999 - More stages. More strategies.
ver 1.4  October 3, 1999    - Replaced the all terms 'mother ship' into 
                              Kujira2005D1, Named the Getter Machine,
                              small fixes here and there, stats update,
                              and more stages. 
ver 1.5  October 8, 1999    - Some fixes, some updates, stages completed. 


Getter Robot : The Big Battle!

Amazingly enough, this is the first time Getter Robot goes solo from their
Super Robot Wars series. And more amazingly, it's not even Banpresto who
made it. From my point of view, Getter Robot : The Big Battle is much 
better compared to their counterpart, Real Robot Battle Line, which 
actually disappoints me. Real Robot Battle Line got a somewhat sluggish
3D combat, and slow loading on combat sequence (which you can turn off, but
definitely a turn off for expert Super Robot Wars gamers), compared to the 
lightning fast combat sequence of Getter Robot : The Big Battle!

I think Banpresto ought to consider their 3D technology again (I'm looking
forward to Super Robot Battle Line :). Or maybe, try to make Gaiking solo?

This game's storyline is somewhat the same as the original Getter Robot
anime, with some new additions, like our new pilots, Akira and Kei. Of 
course, the main pilots along with their beautiful back-up pilot Michiru
are there. Ryou, Hayato and Musashi, Ryou (or Ryouma) pilots the Getter-1,
Hayato in the Getter-2, along with the wacky Musashi in Getter-3. After
stage 3, you'll also get Benkei, with the new Getter Dragon, Raiga and
Poseidon, which is very nice. 

So which Getter do you prefer? I prefer Getter Dragon, due to the coolness
of the cape. Cape is actually much better looking than a pair of bat wings.



First of  all, select a new game. 
Then you get to select your pilot. Male or Female? Their default names are
Akira and Kei, as I prefer to use original name. After giving a name, comes
a wide variety of skills :

Here's the list :

Nashi              Attack Up       Double move
Self Destruct      Ressurect       Move Support
Mass Healing       Defend Up       Scan enemy
     Accumulate      Teleport
Critical           HP Regenerate   EN Regenerate
More Movement

Nashi - Nothing (no skill).

Attack Up - When this skill is activated (randomly based on your
skill level and other factors...) it will increase your unit's attack

Double Move - Grants you the ability to move again after you move, 
although you may not attack after the second move.

Self Destruct - Grants you the ability to destroy your own unit, and
causes damage to any units nearby.

Ressurect - Actually this is an auto ressurection skill. When a unit
piloted by someone with this skill destroyed, the unit will come back
to life again, at low to medium HP. The higher your skill level, the
more HP the unit will has.

Move Support - Something about movement...

Mass Healing - Yes! A healing for several units. The energy cost for 
this is still 20, making this a better choice of skill for your pilot 
(so you don't have to carry that awful looking BT-23).
Mass Healing formation : 
                 |  |
              |  |  |  |
                 |  |
Any units within the square will be healed.

Defend Up - When this skill is activated (randomly based on your
skill level and other factors...) it will increase your unit's defense
strength. It only activates when you're under attack.

Scan Enemy - Detects the enemy unit's stats. Unlike Super Robot Wars,
you won't be able to know about enemy unit's stats when you've attacked
them. Instead, you need this skill to know about enemy unit's weapons,
stats, and pilots.

 - Don't know.

Acccumulate - Don't know

Teleport - Or more like switch place. This teleports you to a place where
a friendly unit is, and swap places. Good for getting your unit out of
trouble, and get the other one IN trouble. The higher your skill level,
the longer the range is.

Critical - Improves your critical damage when you do a critical.

HP Regenerate - Regenerates HP each turn.

EN Regenerate - Regenerates EN each turn.

More Movement - Allows you to have more movement. I don't know the
system yet,... maybe it's once in two turns or three.



Start the game already!

Buttons :
T - Unit List
S - Map
C - Select 
X - Pulls up menu (or cancel)
L1- Next Friendly Unit
R1- Next Enemy Unit
L2- Prev Friendly Unit
R2- Prev Enemy Unit

After pressing X, here's the menu that appears :

- Unit List
- Map
- Your task (I think)
- Save
- Load
- Game Options
  * Square On/Off (showing grids or not)
  * Vibration On/Off
  * Sound Stereo/Mono
  * Keys Config
    + Done
    + Default
    + Select
    + Cancel
    + Map
    + List
    + Next Friendly Unit
    + Next Enemy Unit
    + Prev Friendly Unit
    + Prev Enemy Unit
- Turn End


Menu during Intermission :

- Save
- Load
- Records
- Docking Test 
- Assemble Pilots
- Game Options
- Next Map (stage)

Docking Test : 
You gotta love this one. This is how you'll feel when you're piloting
a Getter Machine when they're trying to combine into Getter Robot! 
There are options to change your directional pad, whether you want to
feel the original flying (up is down, down is up), or just the normal
one. The default is at original flying. 
Button Square is to accelerate, while button X is to pull back. 
Try to dock within 10 seconds. :)
The purpose of this docking thing? Well, aside of being fun, I don't
know... yet.

Docking Test 'D' :
The area is at a green field. Vision is clear.

Docking Test 'C' :
The area is at night, inside a big city. Vision is somewhat dark, with
buildings all over the place.

Docking Test 'B' :
The area is at a field, in front of sunlight. Vision will be crippled
with sunlight.

Docking Test 'A' :
The area is dark, at a stormy night. Difficult to control.

Docking Test 'S' :
The area is outer space, got some anomalies problem too.

Assemble Pilots 

You can assemble your pilots here. It's a very important matter, because
you will need Ryouma and Hayato to pilot the newest Getter Robot instead of 
the old one. 

There are stats in here. Here they are :

|     |              |
|Photo| Pilot Name   |
|     |              | 
+-----+              |
| HP increase        |
| Close Range Attack |
| Long Range Attack  |
|                 |
| Aiming/Targeting   |

Unit stats : 

|          Unit Name |
| HP                 |
| GE                 |
| Armor Defense      |
| Movement           |
| Targeting/Aiming   |
| Maneuver/Dodge     |


Unit Commands

- Move
- Attack
- Change/Combine (available at certain times)
- Docking (mother ship only)
- Hangar (mother ship only)
- Heal (BT-23, or any unit with healing ability)
- Restore Energy (Michiru's aircraft)
- Done
- Information

Informations :
| Name                HP addition            83  |       
|+-----+              Close Range Attack    144  |
||     | Lv.1 Exp 000 Long Range Attack      29  |
||Photo| Skill                            79  |
||     | Skill Level  Aiming                 29  |
|+-----+                                         |
Skill Level affects the ability the pilots have. Level 2 Self Destruct
is more powerful than Level 1's, Level 2 Teleport has more range, etc.

1st Page |              
+---------+ +Unit Name---------------------------------+
|Pilot    | |                                          |
|Info     | |                                          |
+---------+ |                                          |
            |                                          |
            |                                          |
            |                                          |
            |           A 3D Picture of the            |
            |                  Unit                    |
            |                                          |
            |                                          |
            |                                          |
            |                                          |
            |                                          |
            |                                          |
===========      Armor Defense   116
HP               Movement        112
===========      Targeting/Aim    29
Getter-Energy    Maneuver         94

2nd page

Unit Info

Initial HP  800    Armor      180
GE           70    Movement   112

Unit Type
        Air   Land    Sea

   Land/100%      /100%
   Sea/100%       Mountain/100%
   Above Sea/100% City/100%
   Road/100%      Space/100%

That percentages seems to be the unit's capability over certain terrains.

3rd Page

Weapon List                    Weapon 
<------------>                 Weapon Strength
                               Getter Energy Consumption     
                               Chance to hit                

                               Ranges, I think.

Terribly sorry, my Japanese isn't enough to figure out what all that
words are... 



Here's the command when you're under attack by the enemy's unit.

- Proceed
- Weapon list
- Dodge (Try this with Getter Robots. :)
- Block (You take half damage, or reduced damage, if successful)


Tutorial for stage 1

Ryouma (Ryou) is introduced to the Getter Robot. He flies northward,
and end up in the middle of the map. Then Professor Satome calls him,
and told him to land. So Ryouma goes to the left, and lands there . Hayato then shows up (ugh, Hayato is looking terrible here). By
the way, Professor Satome says Hayato's IQ is 300 (wow!).
After some talk, here comes the first enemy. 
Just stay still until the next round, then here comes backup. Professor
Satome himself pilots the Getter-3 ship, along with your pilot, and
Michiru. Note that Michiru can restore some energy (which costs her
50 Energy), and your pilot can restore some life (which costs 20 Energy).
Just get your pilot, Michiru and any of Getter pilots to attack the
After the enemy is destroyed, it's red alert. Four more enemies appears
on the map, and if you're not careful, the first one might destroy one
of your ships. Now, if you gather the three Getter ships close enough,
you will have the option to combine next turn. 
Combine into Getter-1, and have Ryouma use Getter Beam to annihilate the
enemy nearest to you (or just use normal attacks), don't worry, your 
Energy will be restored slowly each turn.
A big mega beam hits the ground, and if you're close enough to the blast,
you'll take damage. Use your pilot to heal the Getter-1, and use Michiru
(the girl in the white aircraft) to recharge the healer's energy.
You should be able to take out all the enemies by that strategy.

Okay, on to the next stages. :)

Stage 2 

Not much trouble here. 

Stage 3 - Getter vs. Getter

Wow, Getter Dragon, Raiga and Poseidon shows up! Now be sure to attack
the enemy's Getter-1 first, because it will attack the building on the 
corner. Ignore the others, as destroying the enemy's Getter Robots will
gain you a victory. 

Stage 4

Use the general strategy here. Be careful of gunpods, as it fires heavy
weapon, and has shields. Destroy the big blue blob thing in the middle
of the city using the general strategy of attack,defend,submerge,escape,
recharge, repeat. After the blob is destroyed, it will become huge! Use
Getter-1 or Dragon to hold it in the centre. 4 turns is all it takes,
but be careful, as each turn it will deliver damage to you. Have your
healers ready nearby. And destroy the gunpods first, it will make your
life easier.

Stage 5

Well, the usual thing : low resources, too much enemy. We call this NORMAL.
Some Female Getter Robot shows up. And the mother ship too, namely Kujira
2005D1. Remember that the mother ship's hangar can contain 3 units, and 
also capable of healing. 
To make ALL of your units back to full HP and EN, use Michiru's restore
Energy skill to the Kujira2005D1, and then dock in the hangar. The rest 
should be a cinch. Hint : Try to lure the enemy around the boss one by 
one. And most of the enemy units around here are incapable of attacking
airborne units, so stay in Getter-1, or Getter Dragon, and stay on top of
the sea. I don't know why, but Getter-1 and Dragon can't fly overland,
but they're considered flying overseas.

After you kill the boss, big surprise, another alien race shows up. 

Stage 6

Okay, this should be a cinch, but before you combine, maybe you should
consider withdrawing back a bit. The enemy are too close, and you might
take a hit or two before combining. Use general strategy again. With two
robots (Getter Dragon and A Female Getter-1 in my case), you should be 
able to do it nicely. Let one of them recharge in Kujira2005D1 and the
other attack. Then switch places. Now after you destroy the big boss,
here comes more enemies! And here comes.... err... I never seen one of
those in Getter Robot anime series (then again, I never saw a female
Getter Robot either), a Blue Getter Robot. They aren't as strong as the
two Getters in your team, so get them out from trouble now. These Blue
Getter Robots are known as Getter Machine. (My note : apparently there
are more series of this Getter Robot anime than I've watched... I've only
seen the second season, Getter Robot G.)

After finishing off some of them, there's a red alert message from the
laboratory, apparently. It says that the laboratory is under attack. 
You get to choose whether you want to :
1. Stay here and defend the base.
2. Go to the laboratory and eliminate the intruders.

Stage 6a 

I choose to stay here and defend the base. Destroy ALL the enemy units,
then Burai will show up, and ran away. Now, he's either stole the Getter
Energizer, or has set up a detonator, as the factory (well, it looks like
a factory to me) blows up!

Stage 6b 

If you go to the lab, you'll also meet Burai there. Not too difficult.

Stage 7 

Now it's time to strike back to the factory. Destroy all opposition, 
not too tough. And when they're all destroyed, here comes another four
more units. Looks like giant ants. Not much trouble, though...

Stage 7b - First Contact

Okay, it's actually the same as stage 7, the only difference is the area
is now the lab. After you eliminate all enemies, four more units (which
obviously not Burai's) will show up just like the other stage 7. 

Stage 8 - Texas

Yay! The *ugh* Texas Mack cowboy unit is here. The pilots, Jack King and
his sister Mery King, now joins you. Defend the big ship from attack, be
very careful, since the big ship don't have any movement. 
Now, after a few turns, big blast of beam will strike down EACH turn once.
Stay away from forests and open fields. Stay near the big ship, if possible.

Stage 9 - Shin Getter Robot!

Uh oh, a space combat. Texas Mack is still with you, along with the other
unit. The pilots are available, so be sure to move your pilot into Getter-1,
and put somebody in Getter-2 and BT-23. DON'T move Michiru into Getters,
she is way too weak (low hp increase, low attack, etc.) to pilot one of
There are Getter Beam Generators lying around in this stage. Don't get in
horizontal line with them, since they cause massive damage, unblockable,
and can hit multiple units. The bees, however, are also considered a threat,
if they swarm you. Deal with them first. 
Now, the big fortress (Giganto X3) in the middle is indestructible. Don't
bother trying to attack it. Destroy the three beam generators first,
and then more bees is coming (it's going to be tough).
A good strategy is using Kujira2005D1 (the blue fish like one). Strike
with Getter-1, Getter Dragon, and Female Getter-1's most damaging weapon
just near the ship. When the unit has finished attacking, pull it to the
Kujira2005D1 back, and let the other Getters do the attack, pull it again.
Escape while repairing and recharging. Once in a while, let one of the 
Getters in the hangar out, shoot a Getter Beam, and pull it back to the 
hangar. Efficiency counts.
You have managed to destroy the three generators. Now is Giganto X3 trying
to shoot a beam to the earth! And here comes Ryouma in Shin Getter Robot! 
(How did he end up in that thing?) Ryouma destroys the Giganto X3 using 
Getter Tomahawk, and put an end to the orbital threat.

Stage 10 - Missile Launch

You now own Shin Getter Robot and the other units from Texas. Be sure to
move Hayato and Benkei to Shin Getter Robot (if you want to) or just use
the older one, although Shin Getter Robot's Getter Beam has 2000 weapon
Personally, I left the BT-23 behind, along with other Texas Robots. I only
carry Texas Mack, and the big steam roller unit (It's a nice unit for
a tank, absorbs almost any damage it receives). I still carry Michiru, 
she's has one of the most important units in the game (or mainly, because
I can't put here anywhere else) for recharging energy.
The missile base on the right will launch in 5 turns. Destroy it first.
Then, after destroying the missile base, here comes another one (actually
there are six of them). Conserve energy is possible. Each of them must
be destroyed in 5 turns.
Try to get Michiru out from trouble, she's the key to recharging the battle
ship and Getter Team's Kujira2005D1's Energy.
Now, after experimenting a bit, I found a very effective strategy against
the mines. Put Shin Getter-1, Getter Dragon and sThe Female Getter-1
inside Kujira2005D1. 
Put Kujira2005D1 6 squares away from the missile base. That should be
out of range, but in range of Getter Beam (Getter Beam has 5 as range,
except the Old Getter-1's, has only 4). Let the Getters out one by one,
shoot their Getter Beams, and pull them back in. This strategy works in
every situation, incuding massive attacks, heavy defense, and anything.
This method will be called GBC  strategy.
Details :

<-----------Getter Beam Projection
|1 |  |  |  |3 |2 |      Consider this as squares from the map.
1. Missile Base
2. Kujira2005D1
3. Getter Robot should be flying here after exiting the hangar.
   Then shoot the Getter Beam, and then have Kujira2005D1 pull it
   back into the hangar. After this, let the other Getter Robot out,
   move it to this square, shoot, pull back, repeat.

This stage should be a cinch. (Hmm... not really, when I haven't used the
GBC strategy, I lost this stage :P too many missile bases) 
Oh, by the way, Getter Dragon's Shine Spark is now available. I don't know
how (probably the pilot's level), one moment I still have Getter Beam as
the most damaging weapon, next turn I got this Shine Spark, not exactly
a long range weapon, but it's powerful!

Stage 11

Here comes Burai (Burai is the main villain in the anime Getta Robo G) in
his big snake like thing named Uzara (umm, I don't remember seeing this in
the anime...). This is going to be a tough stage, and also one of the big 
battle around. You will be swarmed by the enemy, so put Kujira2005D1
in a strategic position and use the GBC strategy. Have the other robots 
as support units. Also the Texas Battle Ship should be useful enough 
with its powerful cannon. Basic strategy of using the Texas Battle Ship : 
Have Michiru around the ship. Let Michiru recharge the ship's energy, then 
get Michiru inside the ship, SHOOT. Next turn, let Michiru out, recharge 
energy, get her back in, shoot, repeat once every 2 turn (Well, Michiru 
can only recharge about 50 energy / turn, and that big mega beam cost 100 
Texas Mack should be used as long range units, not to destroy, but to 
figure out how many movement does the enemy unit has. Useful for calculating
the GBC strategy.
After you destroy some units, Burai will approach. Stick to GBC strategy,
and it should be a cinch. Note that I do not know what attacks does the
Uzara has, since Burai hadn't any chance to attack at all thanks to the
GBC strategy. :)
Once the Uzara is destroyed, here's an anime showing a massive explosion,
and Burai laughing. I wonder what he says...
That's the end of Burai's empire.

Stage 12 - Professor Landou

Yeah, another enemy shows up. This one looks like a nutcase professor to
me. And there's something about a guy named Lasett (Rasett?), and a man
who seems to be the brother of ... err.. a female (didn't pay attention
to her name or photo). 
As always, GBC strategy, but remember to pull back. This is quite a small
map, and you're near the corner. Don't get cornered early, and you should
be fine. Use the Steam Roller Unit as a bait, since it can stand almost
any damage.

Stage 13 - Something about Brother

Okay, looks like the second pilot (the female one) of Getter Machine's 
brother has been brainwashed, and now fights against the Getter Team.
He's using the GaronZ54 unit. 
Right now, the Shin Getter-1's pilot has reached a certain level (not sure),
and has gained the new weapon, Sutonar Sun Shine (something like that). 
This stage isn't that all difficult. Just destroy the GaronZ54 unit, and
you'll gain victory. It's the same map as before, with more enemies, of 
course. Be very careful when Giganto X2 approaches. Remember its icon well,
because you'll need to destroy it first. It's a fairly small unit, but
it can contact the sky satellite, and send a big mega beam with tremendous
power, and it can't be dodged or blocked. When far away, the unit will 
also do that, but with the weaker version of the satellite weapon.

Well, the brother died....

Stage 14 - Black Getter

Here's one of the easier stage, depending on how you look at it. 
You only got two units. One is Kujira2005D1, and the other is the new
Black Getter. Select either Ryouma or your pilot to control this one.
The pilot will gain some levels in this stage, due to the fact that
he (or she) is the only pilot fighting in this stage. Kujira2005D1's 
pilot will never gain level, so don't use it to attack. Instead, use
it as part of GBC strategy,... with one Getter Robot only.
Shouldn't be too hard.

After finishing the stage, there's an anime showing some familiar faces.
Well, looks like Emperor Saurus and Burai aren't dead afterall... and
they now serve for Professor Landou. No wonder their units are now 
controlled by Landou.....

Okay, you'll get three option after this stage.
1. Go to Doitt 
2. Go to Rotsua 
3. Go to Igirisu 

It really doesn't matter, only affects the sequence of the next few stages,
'cos you'll have to visit them all anyway.

Stage 15 - Doitt 

The Getter Machine can now combine into Super Getter Machine, and has
gained a new weapon, a sword.
Okay, the situation looks bad, a big town is in ruins. Go investigate.
As you approach the town, enemies starts showing up. Looks like you've
been outnumbered again, eh? 
Simple, kill the spinning snake rod emitting a ray around it. Once that
snake rod thing is destroyed, the city is secure. 
Of course, if you want to gain experience, you can always fight them all
and save the snake rod thing for the last, if you still have the firepower.

Two more options to go :
1. Rotsua 
2. Igirisu 

Stage 16 - Rotsua 

A base is under attack. You'll arrive on the base, and ready to rumble.
Boruga80000 is a powerful unit, that requires to charge its weapon before
it can be shot. Guess what, the charging time is 16 turn (or 15, kinda
forget about that one). And the boss in this stage can only be killed
by that weapon. Any other attack to the boss will not make damage at all.
So basically, you'll have to defend Boruga80000 for 16 turns. Easier said
than done. Some sacrifices will have to be done. Particularly Texas Mack,
which has obtained a new map weapon : HatMachine Attack, which is kinda
ridiculous. Texas Mack's hat comes flying and attack the enemy. Go figure.
For the first few turns, GBC strategy works well. But here comes enemy's 
backup! A few of them from the northeast, and a couple of turns later, 
a few more from the norhtwest. 
Stick to GBC strategy until you run out of units to sacrifice (e.g. block
the attacker), then get those Getter Robots out. If necessary, don't 
combine them, let them spread to block enemy's movement, especially the
boss and the GigantoX2 which are pretty annoying. But, if you split out
the robots, one shot could kill those aircrafts. Save them for last.
Best bet is to get your healing units in this battle, along with some 
pilots that have mass healing. Just make sure at the 16th turn, 
Boruga80000 is still alive. Then, bye bye enemy.

Stage 17 - Igirisu 

Ruined city, and more enemies. Doesn't look too hard. And here comes
Uzara.... with Burai in it. Alive and well, with some cybernetic components
on his head. Also, enemy reinforcements has arrived.
After Uzara is destroyed, Burai escapes... 

Stage 18 - Texas vs. Dragon Turtle 

The Dragon Turtle is 15 squares away from the city. Your mission, isn't
too difficult. Don't let the Dragon Turtle arrive in the city. Sounds 
The Dragon Turtle can't be hurt by conventional weapons. And there 
are annoying units GigantoX2 at several places.
You will have to use the Texas Battleship to attack the Dragon Turtle.
Even Texas Battleship's main gun won't hurt the Dragon Turtle. So there's
one last way to do it... get the Texas Battleship to collide with the
Dragon Turtle, and make the bold sacrifice .
This can be accomplished by getting the Texas Battleship and the Dragon
Turtle next to each other on the map.

Stage 19

Uh, oh... there's Professor Landou.... and he shot a big beam which made
your units got separated up quite away. Burai is now in the middle of 
your units. Try to combine in a safe place, and destroy Burai's unit first.
Landou's Fortress isn't that hard to attack, heck, he even never attack
back on me. Just stay outside his range. 
Now, Landou will get reinforcements... yuck, the GigantoX2s... I hate those.
Deal with them first, they are dangerous. After clearing those GigantoX2s,
attack Landou again. He'll get another reinforcements ready, but they are
too far away, so keep attacking Landou. By the time the reinforcements get
near you, it will be too late (if you're fast enough...).
Now, the anime shows that Professor Landou is done for.  Congratulations!
You've finished the game... NOT.

Stage 20

Seems another threat has come by, and look at your units now. Getter Robot G
has gone! :( That's my favorite unit....
Anyway, you now got Getter Emperor... with enormous Getter Emperor Beam as
the replacement for Kujira2005D1. Now, this unit can hold 5 (FIVE) getter
robots in it. So put Getter Machine, Shin Getter-1, Getter-1 (if you put
Jack and Mary in it, otherwise, it's Texas Mack), Female Getter Robot, and
Black Getter. This will make an even more powerful GBC strategy.
After destroying some enemies, a new boss has arrived, namely Hogram D7. 
This one is actually able to attack the Getter Emperor with map weapon and
causing about 500-700 damage (I think). Use Getter Gai (Getter Machine-3)
to do healing, while the other shoots Getter Beam at it.


Stage 21 - Daikessen!

Oh look, Shin Getter Dragon! Yeah! Got a Shin Shine Spark as the most 
powerful weapon (it's now considered a map weapon too), long range Getter 
Beam, and this robot even got an attitude. Take a look at the robot's pose 
and arrogance. :)
And now....
Here's the moment you've been waiting for, The Big Battle! The enemy units
around here are ridiculously too much to handle, and when you destroy one,
another one will be spawned in the spawning pool near the boss Chrono Worm.
So how do I reduce the enemies? Don't... I kinda like it this way, to 
collect experiences and gathers levels. If you insist on reducing the 
enemies, okay, try destroying two or more in ONE shot. The spawning pool
can only spawn one at a time. So eventually there will be less and less
of them.
On the other hand, if you gathers experiences and levels like I do... I'm
a bit annoyed with the arrival of the Texas Team at turn 15. They wipe out 
almost the entire map. 
Anyway, the Chrono Worm isn't a threat afterall... just do the GBC on it
six spaces away, and it won't shoot back. Heck, I don't even know what its
weapons are...

The ending is not so good... just a couple of shots and a staff roll.



General Strategy

Getter-2 and Raiga and any of their compatibles are capable of submerging.
Use this to escape and withdraw. Usually fighting them to the death is not
a good idea. Basically, attack, defend, run away, repairs, fixes, recharges,
and attack again with the most damaging weapon you got.

Example : Attack by using Getter-1 or Getter Dragon's Getter Beam. Usually
this weapon leaves you a tiny amount of energy left. Then, the enemy moves.
Block or dodge any attack by the enemy, then change to Getter-2 or Raiga,
submerge, and withdraw. Hayato's Double Move ability is very convenient
for withdrawing. Emerge in a safe place, do some healing (repairs), and
wait until your energy recharges. Then submerge, approach the enemy, 
emerge, change into Getter-1 or Dragon, do the Getter Beam again. Repeat.

Apparently some of my guesses are incorrect. Getter Beam aren't weak under
water. It depends on the pilot, and the armor of the opposing unit. So 
that strategy will work anywhere. But then again, Getter-2 or Raiga has
speed problem underwater, so breaking formation (a.k.a Open Getto), is
probably the fastest way out from trouble, since aircrafts flies much
faster than robots.

GBC Strategy (Getter Beam Combo).
Basically, this involves three Getter Robot units. And the best units for
the combo is Getter Dragon, Female Getter-1, and Shin Getter-1 (at the
moment). Also this strategy requires a mother ship to dock, which in this
case, is Kujira2005D1. 
The Texas Battle Ship is unsuitable for this combo, since it moves way
too slow. Usually this strategy is to attack, attack and attack, then 
pull them all inside the ship, and run away with the ship. Inside the
hangar, Energy will be recharged, and should be ready in a turn or two.

<-----------Getter Beam Projection
|1 |  |  |  |  |3 |2 |      Consider this as squares from the map.
1. Target
2. Kujira2005D1/Getter Emperor
3. Getter Robots should be flying here after exiting the hangar.

How it works (well, I have explained it twice... but what the heck) :
1. First, put all the Getters into the ship.
2. Get your Kujira2005D1 in a possible trouble spot. (But still out of
   range from enemy attack.
3. Wait until the enemy come nearer and in range.
4. Let Getter Dragon out, shoot Getter Beam, and pull it back in.
5. Let Shin Getter-1 out, shoot Getter Beam, and pull it back in.
6. Let the Female Getter-1 out, shoot the <*ehm*> Getter Beam (sounds more
   like Sun Attack to me. Okay my ears are lying to me, it's Zan Ma Kou,
   according to Dagwon), and pull it back into the hangar.
7. If all the enemy nearby has been destroyed, wait. Or go to step 2.
8. If the enemy is still nearby, move away a bit, just out from enemy 
   range, and wait.
9. Repeat as necessary.
10.If you're using Getter Emperor, have Getter Gai (Getter Machine-3) to
   do the necesarry healing/repairs to the Getter Emperor.
And one more thing : don't get Kujira2005D1 destroyed! :P
And yet one more thing : Getter Emperor is much better for this strategy.
You can add two more getters in it... and it's very efficient.


Rider Choi  wrote :

>I saw both of your FAQ and it is pretty good.  I just want to add my two 
>cents if you want it.  First, the assemble practice in between stages is 
>for your own character.  As you past each test it will tell you in the 
>'form' which GettaRobot you can pilot so you don't have to stuck with the 
>repair unit.  If you do it within the certain time then you can pilot 
>various GettaRobot.  Also I must agree it is quite fun.  When it passes, 
>it will put stamp with borders and two kanji characters stands for PASS. 
>(just in case you don't know what does it look like) and the GettaRobot 
>name in small print.
>Secondly, the hint at each stage for winning condition is very helpful.  
>Like in Stage 6A where you try to beat the Robot that was a previous friend
>of Hayato.  It says he has a weakness and I figured it out.  He is weak 
>underwater, so all you have to do is lure him in the water and he cannot do
>the mega range attack and the range fire attack.  He can only do the flying
>punch attack.  In stage 7, it also hints to do your battle under water.
>As I see things I will email you, I forgot the list for the practice though
>maybe I will try to compile it later, back to the game...

Dagwon  wrote:

>I just follow your guide's update and find that some mistakes that needs to
>be fixed. I just use your term with the correct one, so ......
>Female Getter Robot
>Getter Robo Zan.  For Getter Zan, it has three forms;
>- Getter Rekka. Balanced and for air combat, piloted by Akane. Getter
>Rekka's powerful weapon is Zan Ma Kou.
>- Getter Shiten. Speed type and for ground combat, piloted by Tsubaki.
>Getter Shiten's powerful weapon is Getter Kage Bunshin.
>- Getter Kongou. Power type and for sea combat, piloted by Kaede. Getter
>Kongou's powerful weapon is Shura Bakurai.
>Blue Getter Robot
>Getter Robo Gou. Like ohter Getter Robos, it has three forms;
>- Getter Gou. Balanced and for ground combat, piloted by Ichimonji Gou.
>- Getter Shou. Speed type and for air combat, piloted by Tachibana Shou.
>- Getter Gai. Power type and for sea combat, piloted by Gai.
>For Getter Gou, it can be upgraded into Super Getter Gou with new armor and
>new weapon, the Sword Tomahawk.
>Dragon Taatoru
>Dragon Turtle
>Oh, by the way, Getter Dragon's Shine Spark is now available. I don't know
>how (probably the pilot's level), one moment I still have Getter Beam as
>the most damaging weapon, next turn I got this Shine Spark, not exactly
>a long range weapon, but it's powerful!
>For new weapons, it has to do with the pilot's level for his/her consecutive
>unit. Here's some example .......
>- For Getter Dragon, pilot level 12 will recieve Shine Spark.
>- For Shin Getter 1, pilot level 15 will recieve Stoner Sunshine.
>Getter Emerald
>Getter Emperor


Getter Robot Theme Song

Gan Gan Gan Gan
Wakai inochi ga makka ni oete
GETTA SUPAAKU sora takaku
Mitaka gattai GETTA ROBO da
Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu
Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba
Hitotsu no seii wa hyakuban PAWAA
Aku wo yurusuna GETTA PANCHI

Gan Gan Gan Gan
Wakai hikari ga icchokusen ni
GETTA CHIENGI buchi kamase
Mitaka hengen GETTA ROBO da
Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu
Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba
Hitotsu no yuuki wa hyakuban PAWAA
Aku wo tausuzo GETTA DORIRU

Gan Gan Gan Gan
Wakai kimo ga niji wo egaki
GETTA FURAITO doko made mo
Mitaka muteki no GETTA ROBO da
Gettsu Gettsu GETTA Gettsu
Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba
Hitotsu no riso wa hyakuban PAWAA
Aku wo horobose GETTA BIIMU

If you have seen the original Getter Robot anime (man, that's a long time
ago) this is their main theme. It's also in the Super Robot Wars as their
main theme. Unfortunately, it's not on this game. 


Last Words

Okay, so this isn't exactly the best FAQ, but I hope this FAQ will 
encourage someone with better understanding of Japanese to create a better 
FAQ, and a strategy in which I can use :) So have that Playstation ready, 
and be ready to make your own FAQs. Chieengi Getter One, Switch On! And 
by the way, don't e-mail me about my crappy Getta Robo ASCII art :P 
I'm just way too lazy to draw the Daikessen japanese words.

My e-mail has changed. It's not [email protected] anymore,...
actually, I really really hate to change my e-mail, but, eversince Yahoo
and Rocketmail merged,... duh,... I don't like Yahoo Mail. I have several
problems accessing it,... so I have to change it. *shrugs*

Now, kittymail, despite the 10 megs space, is too feminine like for me,
and doramail (duh, I'm not a Doraemon fans) are more like it. So I refer
back to my older e-mail, which amazingly still exists. So here I am
back at [email protected] for now on. 



John Culbert ([email protected])
Don't ask. He's got nothing to do with Getter Robot: The Big Battle!, but
I used his Marvel vs. SF FAQ as a sample for my format. :) Well, sort of.

Tecno Soft and Emotion
Can't say how much I thank them, since Getter Robot's been my favorite in
the anime and Super Robot Wars series. You did a good job making this
marvelous game. Wanna try making Gaiking solo?

Go Nagai
I suppose Getter Robot is created by him. Without him, there will be no
Getter Robot in Super Robot Wars, and there won't even be this game. :)

Contributers Section
Rider Choi (Clarence) 

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