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     - T  H  E - 

  d####b ######   #### ##  ##  ####  ######## ######  #####  #### ########
 d######b ##  ## ## ## ### ## ##   # #  ##  #  ##  ## ##    ## ## ## ## ##
E##P  ##N #####  ##### ## ###  ####     ##     #####  ####  ##### ## ## ##
E#N       ## ##  ## ## ## ### #   ##    ##     ## ##  ##    ## ## ## ## ##
E#N  d##N ## ### ## ## ##  ##  ####    ####    ## ### ##### ## ## ## ## ##
E#N   E#N 
 @####P   d##########b    ##########P  ##########    ##########P
        d##############  E#########P  ############  E#########P
        E###P      ###N  E##    ###N  ####     ###  E##    ###N
        @##N        \#N  E##   .###N  ###      #/   E##   .###N
         @###b       \N  E##  d####N  ###      '    E##  d####N  
           @###b      '  E#########N  ###   d####b  E#########N
             @###b       E###P  E##N  ###  d#####N  E###P  E##N
       .       @###b     E##'   E##N  ###     ###N  E##'   E##N    
        \        @###b   E##    E##N  ###     ###N  E##    E##N
        E\        @###N  E###  d####b  #########P   E###  d####b
        E#\        E##N  E###b          #######P    E###b  '####b.
        E##N      d###N  d##P                      d##P
        E##b     d###P  /##P                      /##P
        Q###########P .;#P                      .;#P

                   The Unofficial Granstream Saga FAQ          
                              Version 1.0  
                            By: Robert Stone                   
                       E-mail: [email protected]             
               The latest version of this FAQ can be found at: 
                            PlayStation Haven                   
                   http://welcome.to/PlaystationHaven or

                           Cheat Code Central               

*****Important: Please Read*****

To best view this FAQ, it is highly recommended that you use a basic text 
veiwer, such as Wordpad or Notepad, with a type-writer font such as Courier
New. The margins should be set at one inch, as well as the font size 
should be 10 or lower. The exact characters are 76 characters per line. The
FAQ is being veiwed properly if the dashed line above this paragraph isn't 
cut off and fits on one line. Now that you've been completely confused, 
onwards to the rest of the FAQ.

-- Table of Contents --  

I.    What's New in this Version

II.   Introduction

III.  Frequently Asked Questions

IV.   Controller Key
      - Directional Pad
      - Buttons 
      - In-Game Commands
      - Common Commands
V.    Gameplay
      - Combat
      - Compass
      - Scepter
      - Airlim
      - Magic Analysis
        - Map Screen Magic
        - Battle Screen Magic
      - Skills Analysis
        - Dagger Skills
        - Sword Skills
        - Axe Skills

VI.   Walkthrough
      - Part One: Shilf
        - Valo's House
        - Wise Man's Cemetery
        - Arona
        - Gude Airship
        - Vangel
        - Airlim
        - Return to Arona
        - Return to Valos' House
        - Kilia Shrine
          - Bordlang
      - Part Two: Aquas
        - Pixim
        - Kel's Secret Cavern
        - Magical Labyrinth
        - Guard Tower
        - Return to Kel's Secret Cavern
        - Labyrinth of Punishment
          - Levante
        - Return to Pixim
      - Part Three: Volcos
        - Geintz's Barrior
        - Tulku
        - Orkul
        - Lava Caves
        - Return to Geintz's Barrior
        - Stalagmite Castle
        - Return to Tulku & Orkul
        - Return to Stalagmite Castle
          - Hergezod
        - Return of Geintz's Barrior Part III
        - Return to Stalagmite Castle Part III
        - Return to Geintz's Barrior Part IV
      - Part Four: Zephere
        - Return to Gude Airship
        - Return to Vangel
        - Geltania
      - Part Five: Spirit Ruins
        - Ruins of the Earth Spirits
          - Earth Dragon
        - Ruins of the Wind Spirits
          - Wind Dragon
        - Return to Pixim Part III
        - Ruins of the Water Spirits
          - Water Dragon
        - Ruins of the Fire Spirits
          - Fire Dragon
      - Part Six: Return to Zephere
        - Return to Geltania
        - Underground Cemetery
        - Return to Geltania Part III
      - Part Seven: Imperial Fortress
        - Imperial Fortress
          - Gudelzepher
      - Part Eight: The Otherworld
        - Hades
          - Damaar
VII.  Side Quests
      - Kel's Secret Cavern Revisited (Again!)
        - Reason #1: The Spirit Cards
        - Reason #2: The Barterer
          - The Secret
      - The Wedding
      - Search for Toman
VIII. Lists
      - Items
        - Regular
        - Storyline
        - Scepter
      - Equipment
        - Weapons
          - Daggers
          - Swords
          - Axes
        - Armor
      - Shields
      - Magic
      - Skills
        - Dagger
        - Sword
        - Axe
      - Enemies
      - Shops

IX.   Secrets and Codes
      - Game Shark Codes
      - Game Shark Glitch Trick
X.    Credits

XI.   Legal Mumbo Jumbo

-- I. What's New in this Version --

Version 1.0  - Revised the Return to Gude and Imperial Fortress section of 
 (7/08/99)     the Walkthrough.
             - Included a Magic Analysis section. Still incomplete though.
             - Put in a Skills Analysis section too. How amazing.
             - Added the color and price of the Card of the Dragon God.
             - Listed another site where you can find my FAQ.
             - Fixed some grammatical errors throughout the FAQ.
             - Also added some nit-picky details that I forgot to include

Version 0.9  - Added the In-Game Controls section in the Gameplay chapter.
 (5/24/99)   - Changed around the Introduction some bit. Go and read it!
             - Added another Frequently Asked Question.
             - Finally finished the Walkthrough! 
             - Really added the Search for Toman and Wedding sub-quests 
               this time. I promise!
             - For some reason I forgot to mention that I included an in- 
               depth analysis of how to use Airlim in the previous update. 
               Silly me!
             - Sadly, this doesn't seem like that much of an update, 
               does it? Especially for taking a whole month to finish!

Version 0.8  - Revised the Magical Labyrinth section of the Walkthrough.
 (4/25/99)   - Wrote the Walkthrough up to the Imperial Fortress.
             - Found out the location of the Onimaru!
             - Included a secret room location in Geltania in the 
             - Included a more precise explanation of the barterer in Kel's 
               Secret Cavern Revisited section, along with a few new 
             - Found out what the old man in Kel's Secret Cavern does.
             - Added a new side quest, Search for Toman.
             - Added a ton more items to nearly all of the items lists. The
               Weapons, Magic, and Skills lists are all complete!
             - I finally got some contributions to the FAQ from other 
               people besides me! Hooray!

Version 0.7  - Added much more Walkthrough (Probably 3/4 done).
 (4/07/99)   - Added more data to the item, magic, skills, and enemy lists.
             - Revised and corrected the terrible grammar in the 
               Introduction (of the all places, geez ^_^).
             - Included another FAQ.
             - Started an extremely incomplete Scepter Force Items list.
             - Added the Gameplay section, where you can find info on the 
               Scepter and the compass.
             - Included a cool, new diagram that should help all those 
               people that are getting stuck on that puzzle in Ruins of the
               Wind Spirits.
             - Changed the title of the Extra Stuff section to Side Quests.
             - Renamed the Game Shark Codes section to Secrets and Codes.
             - Moved the Game Shark Glitch Trick to the newly-named Secrets
               and Codes section.
             - Included the edition date on the title page.

Version 0.6  - Added more to the Walkthrough (Little less than 1/2 done).
 (3/27/99)   - Added two Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
             - Revised the Introduction (barely).
             - Separated the Weapons & Armor, Items, and Magic from the 
               lists at the beginning of each section in the Walkthrough.
             - Changed the name of the Other Stuff section to Extra Stuff.
             - Started the Kel's Secret Cavern Revisited section.
             - Added The Scepter section in Extra Stuff.
             - Included new Game Shark glitch trick in Extra Stuff section.
             - Made a few additions to some of the lists.
             - Redesigned the What's New section. (Didn't you notice?)
             - Included the version completion date on the FAQ. I forgot to
               do that in Version 0.5 (stupid me).

Version 0.5  - First version of the FAQ. Extremely incomplete. Includes the 
 (3/11/99)     Walkthrough for the first 1/3 of the game, along with many 
               incomplete lists.

-- II. Introduction --

When I saw preveiws for this game, I was very excited. I really like RPG's,
yet fighting games are one of my favorites, also. And this game is like a
mix of both. With RPG elements such as exploring dungeons, having levels 
and HP, etc., and the fighting game element where you can fight your 
enemies in real-time, blocking, dodging, countering, this game keeps you
occupied with both storyline and action. But that's enough ranting about 
this game, since you'd only be reading this FAQ if you were planning on
playing it anyways, am I right? So I'll just explain some of the unique
things about this FAQ.

I have written a FAQ previously, and I do speak English pretty damn 
fluently, so if there's any grammatical errors in this, I'd like to hear 
about it in a big, ugly e-mail if possible. Hey, appearance is everything, 
right? But if there's anything else missing from this FAQ that is important 
enough to tell me about, please e-mail me at [email protected] Anything 
about this FAQ is heartily read and enjoyed, be it anything (corrections, 
additions, etc.). Don't be shy, mail me about this FAQ. I really like 
e-mail ^_^.

As pertaining to the FAQ, it's almost complete, but I will include a few 
more updates, for some auxillary things that I've been working on for the 
FAQ. Almost all of the lists are complete now, except the enemy one. I may 
be missing a few of items, and if anyone could send me anything else for 
the lists, I'll be happy to accept it. I want to add a maximum carrying 
capacity list to this FAQ, but I need a little help. So if anyone out there
knows some of that info, please e-mail me about it. If you have any opinions 
about any of the magic or skills in the game, tell me about it and I'll add 
it to the FAQ. So here's a list of some of the other proposed things I'm 
going to add to the FAQ, in no particular order:

- Maximum Carrying Capacity List
- Exploring Tips
- Airlim Help Quotes

Beleive me, when I first started playing this game, I thought it seemed too 
simple, but once you get to the end, I realized all of the stuff that I 
haven't done, and it surprized me how deep this game truly is.

Note that this FAQ is written for the US version of this game, and I don't 
have a clue about the Japanese game at all, but I'm guessing that it would 
follow most of the stuff in this FAQ pretty much the same. Also, I'd just 
like to say that I wrote this FAQ so it would be pretty much possible to 
read through just about the entire thing and not know what the storyline is 
(what a chore that was...), being that you should experience the storyline 
through the game, not through this FAQ. But still, there are some slight 
spoilers throughout the FAQ, so please read the Walkthrough section with 
some caution.

-- III. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) --

Q: How do I get through ...(fill in the blank with a random dungeon)?
A: Read the appropriate section of the Walkthrough. Simple enough? That's 
   the reason I wrote the Walkthrough for. All that I know about how to 
   get through the game is written right there in the Walkthrough. Still, 
   I've included some of the very frequently asked questions pertaining to 
   the game's Walkthrough with the next few questions. But if there's 
   something wrong with the Walkthrough, please e-mail me about it as I'm 
   extremely picky about this thing and I want it to be as correct as 

Q: What is the order of the teleporters that you walk over in the Ruins of 
   the Wind Spirits?
A: The order is green, dark blue, light blue, red, yellow. 

Q: How exactly do I get this all-powerful sword in this game?
A: The Onimaru, a sword that has an AT of 255 (that's 70 more than the most
   powerful axe in the game) can be obtained at the beginning of the game 
   in the Arona Church's Basement. The trick is knowing how to get it. Once 
   you enter the basement, take a step back, turn and face the W wall 
   (remember, you MUST be facing the W wall, standing right in front of  
   it), and use the Panther Eye in your inventory. You should find the 
   Onimaru. There is also a ASCII picture of where the Onimaru is located 
   in the Arona section of the Walkthrough if you are interested. Just be 
   warned, the Onimaru is extremely powerful and it makes the rest of the 
   game a simple breeze. If you want to have any actual fun playing this 
   game, I suggest that you don't get or use it.

Q: What is a Scepter Force? And how do I get different colored ones?
A: A Scepter Force is a crystal made by the scepter after you've defeated 
   an enemy without taking any damage. The way that you get different color
   Scepter Forces is by choosing NOT to open it when given the option, and
   then winning another fight without being damaged. It's very risky, but 
   you can get some really awesome stuff with some of the later Scepter 

Q: What are these Card of the ..... God good for?
A: Some people refer to them as the Spirit Cards, and if you collect all 
   six of them, and then go back to the man in the Kel's Secret Cavern, he 
   will fill your MP to 999 every time you go to him. For more details read 
   the Kel's Secret Cavern Revisited section.

Q: I've gotten all of the Spirit Cards except the Card of the Dragon God. 
   How do you get it?
A: I haven't met anyone who's actually gotten it and told me about it, 
   short of a GameShark, but I'm pretty sure that you have to get a Rainbow 
   Scepter Force, and you get it by beating the enemies in the Ruins of the 
   Earth Spirits. Another theory is that you have to beat one of the 
   Dragons without losing any life.

Q: Is it Pixim or Pikshim?
A: Being that this is one of the few (yeah right) translation mistakes in 
   the game, I really wouldn't worry about it. Sincerely, I haven't the 
   slightest idea as of now, but I'll ask someone who just might know 
   which one is correct. But for now, I refer to that town as Pixim 
   throughout the FAQ, so just live with it. 

Q: Who makes this game?
A: THQ does, surprizingly enough. This is the first RPG that I've heard 
   that they have made (for the Playstation at least). Pretty good for 
   their first try, if I do say so myself.

Q: How long does it take to write one of these FAQs?
A: Let's just say you have to have a lot of free time.

-- IV. Controller Key --

Here's the controls for Granstream Saga, as well as my abbreviations of 
the butttons and directions:

[ Directional Pad ]

      [ L2 ]              [ R2 ]                 
      [ L1 ]              [ R1 ] 
     UL  U  UR             
      O  O  O              (T)
       \ | /
   L O---+---O R      (S)       (O)
       / | \
      O  O  O              (X)
     LD  D  DR

U = Up direction on the controller
D = Down direction on the controller
L = Left direction on the controller
R = Right direction on the controller
UL = Up-Left direction on the controller
UR = Up-Right direction on the controller
DL = Down-Left direction on the controller
DR = Down-Right direction on the controller

[ Buttons ]

S = Square button
X = (You guessed it) X button
O = Circle button
T = Triangle button
L1 = L1 button
L2 = L2 button 
R1 = R1 button 
R2 = R2 button 

[ In-Game Commands ]

OK, I DO know that I copied this straight out of the manual, so I give 
those brillant writers at THQ all the credit for this. I just decided, oh
what the hell, you might as well know this if you don't wanna have to go 
read the manual (and who does?). You might actually learn something new if
you read this, as I did when I first did it...


S     Use the currently selected magic spell.
T     Access the Command menu.
X     Examine objects and talk to other characters, advances text.
O     Advance text, cancel menu commands.
L1    Rotate camera view 90º in a clockwise direction.
L2    Same as X.
R1    Rotate camera view 90º in a counter-clockwise direction.


S     Uses the currently selected magic spell.
T     Access the Command menu.
X     Attack with currently selected weapon. Press repeatedly for multiple
O     Press and hold to block enemy attacks with your shield. You cannot 
      move while you are blocking. Cancels menu commands.
L1    Not used.
L2    Same as X.
R1    Hold and use the Directional Button to dodge in that direction (same 
      as tapping in that direction twice).
R2    Same as O.

[ Common Commands ]

Investigate, look at, search, etc. = To go up to an object an press X.
Motion = Move the D-pad in one smooth movement.
Walk = Press the D-pad in the direction indicated (duh!).


I wrote this section to evaluate on some of the gameplay subjects that 
aren't completely covered in the manual (and some parts that are ^_^). I 
haven't really added anything new here, I just moved some of the loose 
sections of my FAQ that had to do with playing the game into this section. 
I do plan on updating this section a lot more, though.

[ Compass ]
       NW  |  NE
W   o------+------o   E
       SW  |  SE

Throughout this FAQ I will be referring to the cardinal directions, and 
the abbreviations listed above will be used instead of their full spelling 
(for example I will use N, instead of North). If there's something that
says up, down, left, right, etc. just assume that you're facing North.
So up means North, down is South, left is West, and right is East. 

[ Combat ]

As in every single RPG I've ever played there is combat. Thankfully, the 
battle system in this game is unique and fun. First off, the way that you 
get into a battle is by meeting an enemy on the map screen, being ambushed 
from off-screen by an enemy (this includes Mimics), or if it's part of the 
story (like a boss, for example). Just try to imagine encountering enemies 
in Saga Frontier with a much slower enemy chasing speed and you pretty much 
have it covered. 

Well, once you DO get into a fight, the camera view will zoom in on Eon, 
your scepter will make your currently selected armor and weapon appear, and 
you'll progress onwards with the battle. But while we're on the issue of 
equipment, it's very important that you're equipped correctly. Generally, 
if you're fighting a quick opponent, such as a soldier, I really recommend 
a quicker type of weapon, like a dagger (and a sword in some instances). 
Otherwise, you'll get ripped to shred because the enemy AI isn't completely 
incompetent, and it will sneak in an attack before you can get a swing in 
with an axe. But personally, I love to use axes, especially late in the 
game, due to the awesome power of them, and being that they have the best 
skills in the game, too. The way that you should use axes, is when your 
opponent is really slow and/or doesn't block (like a Golem). And once you 
get the Rotation Cut skill, axes are wonderful against enemies who block 
all the time (like the Guardians), but that's another story. If you wanna 
find out about skills, just read the next section of this FAQ. Swords are 
a good balance of power and speed, but the skills always seem to take too 
much time to do. But I'm guessing that swords are best used without skills, 
especially early on in the game, when you don't have any of them yet. For 
some reason, daggers are cool in the fact that they may be REALLY weak when 
you attack regularly, but some of the skills do decent damage. When you 
equip a dagger, have just one thing on your mind: speed. Daggers are 
extremely quick and you can best utilize daggers by chipping at the 
enemies and side stepping. A neat trick you can do with daggers is by 
getting in two quick slices, and then pulling off a skill. Most of the 
time, the enemy won't have enough time to react from the regular attacks 
and therefore, won't be able to block it. Also the game gives you added 
little bonuses when using certain daggers. The Holy Knife will increase the 
occurence and amount of items you get after winning a battle (sadly, this 
doesn't seem to affect Scepter Forces, though), while the Avenger steals MP
away from enemies. I have to admit that daggers are pretty cool. What armor
you wear into battle is somewhat important too. Obviously, when you're 
fighting an enemy, you should wear the armor with the highest DF. But there
are a few exceptions to this rule. When fighting a magic using enemy, I 
recommend that you switch the Moebius equipment, as you take less damage 
from the Wizards this way. Also, you'll get an added bonus to your DF if 
you equip all of the Aero equipment, while equipping the Zeran stuff boosts
your AT a lot. As for shields, it's usually personal preference which one 
you use, and you must note that certain shields will boost your AT or DF, 
and may even lower them as a side effect. I never really did notice any 
sort of change when you use a shield that is supposed to have a certain 
elemental strength, so I doubt that you should factor that in when choosing
a shield. Now that you're actually ready for battle now, here's a few tips
on what to do. 

Just remember that the dash is your best friend. Besides from being able to 
break an enemy's defense, it's necessary if you want to aviod those life- 
draining supers that the enemy pulls off. If you didn't realize, dashing 
towards an enemy and running into it will break it out of its blocking 
stance. You can perform a dash by double-tapping in any direction. You'll 
probably have to rely on this until late in the game, where the baddies 
won't be nice enough for you to get a good distance away from them and 
charge at them. But the sideways dash is a lifesaver, also. Combine this 
with a quick slash or two, and you have a deadly combonation. The only time
the backwards dash is helpful (and a lifesaver then) when you see a super
move just about to hit you. I really suggest you train yourself to do this
whenever you see that tell-tale purple aura coming from the enemy, or else
you'll be sorry. I still have problems remembering to do this too, and boy
did I regret it. Another good strategy to use when fighting enemies is to 
counter-attack whenever the enemy attacks and you block it. This is 
sometimes quite a tedious process, but very effective, except for later in
the game, when those friggin' Guardians pull off super moves every single 

[ The Scepter ]

As you play through the game, you may realize that the scepter plays a 
very important role in your journey. But not everyone fully understands 
the full potential of the scepter. The scepter does have one auxillary 
purpose that many people may not comprehend. This is the "Scepter Force".
You get Scepter Forces when you beat an enemy without taking any damage 
and without using any kind of magic. This is already explained in the 
manual, so I won't go into any further detail about that. Scepter Forces 
are the only way to obtain the six Cards of the ... God, which you can 
give to the old man in the Kel's Secret Cavern (see Kel's Secret Cavern 
Revisited section for more details on the old man). You can get the 
different cards (as well as some other rare items) by getting different 
colored scepter forces. The way that you get a different colored Scepter 
Forces by choosing the option not to open the current color Scepter Force. 
But if you lose any of your HP in the next fight, you'll lose your Scepter 
Force, so you must decide if it is truly necessary to get the next color. 
Usually the Rainbow colored Scepter Forces yield extremely cool items, like
Life Stones and Elements, as well as the best Spirit Cards. Here's a list 
of the colors you can get:

Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Rainbow, Dark

If you fight the same enemy three times in a row, you won't get the next 
color Scepter Force until you fight a different one, while still not taking
any damage if you do fight another one of the same enemy . This doesn't 
mean you can't fight a different type of that enemy, just not that one 
specifically. For example, after you've fought three Jargos you won't get 
another Scepter Force color if you fight another Jargo, but you will get a 
different color if you fight a different kind of Dino, such as a Zillo. 
This is probably put in the game to make it so you don't always fight just
one kind of monster that you find easy to beat, but to make you become 
proficient at defeating all different kinds of enemies.

[ Airlim ]

Since the manual doesn't really explain what Airlim is, I guess that I'll 
have to do that myself here. At the beginning of the game, you'll only be 
able to travel where the game dictates you should go. But, as in most 
RPG's, people don't like being stuck with having to do things in a 
completely linear fashion, so after playing the game for a while, you'll 
get access to Airlim.

Airlim is an airship in some ways, but in other ways it is not. But the 
main thing is that Airlim helps you get access to the different 
continents, and lets you go back to any of the ones you've previously 
visited, which helps expand the game quite a bit. 

The two ways that you get onto Airlim is if the story makes you go there, 
or if you leave a town, dungeon, etc. Sometimes a red crystal will also 
directly send you to Airlim, too (like in most of the Spirit Ruins). Sadly, 
where you can travel is pretty limited. You warp to spots on a map that 
Airlim generates. You do this by selecting the place that you want to go 
to by pushing the directional pad in the four main directions (U, D, L, R)
to change the position of the highlighter (it's that diamond shaped 
object). The lettering below the highlighter tells you where you can go 
within the continent that you are currently on. I've made some charts as 
to where you can go on the different continents by pushing certain 
directions. Note that you may not have access to all of these places 
because you haven't reach that point in the game. 


      +--- Kilia Shrine ---+
      |                    |
      |                    |
+-- Arona ----------- Valos' House --+
|     |                    |         |
|     |                    |         |
|    Ruins of the Wind Spirits       |
|                                    |


      +--- Icy Corridor ---+
      |                    |
      |                    |
+-- Pixim ------- Kels' Secret Cavern --+
|     |                    |            |
|     |                    |            |
|   Ruins of the Water Spirits          |
|                                       |


          +---- Lava Caves ----+
          |                    |
          |                    |
+-- Geintz's Barrior -- Stalagmite Castle ---+
|         |                    |             |
|         |                    |             |
|        Ruins of the Fire Spirits           |
|                                            |


+--- Geltania ------ Ruins of the Earth Spirits ---+
|        |                       |                 |
|        |                       |                 |
|        +-- Imperial Fortress --+                 |
|                                                  |
Once the option to switch between the continents of Granstream shows up, 
press O at the map screen, and then use the directional buttons to switch 
between the available continents. The L and R buttons switch to the 
continents that are next to eachother geographically, while U and D will 
take you to every other continent. I know this may sound confusing, so 
here's a chart to represent what continents you'll switch to when pushing 
a certain directional button. Same as before, you may not have access to 
all of the continents at the part of the game you are at right now.


  |                      +-----------------------------+     |
  |                      |                             |     |
  |     +----------------+-------------+               |     |
  |     |                |             |               |     |
  +-- Volcos -------- Zephere ------ Shilf --------- Aquas --+
        |                |             |               |
        |                |             |               |
+---- Shilf ---------- Aquas ------- Volcos ------- Zephere ---+
|       |                |             |               |       |
|       |                |             |               |       |
| +-- Volcos -------- Zephere ------ Shilf --------- Aquas --+ |
| |     |                |             |               |     | |
| |     +----------------+-------------+               |     | |
| |                      |                             |     | |
| |                      +-----------------------------+     | |
| +----------------------------------------------------------+ |

Now even though most people do you understand the basic controls and how to
get around on Airlim, there's some little tricks to get some extra goodies 
out of Airlim. At the continent screen, press O to get Airlim's physical 
form to appear on the display. In the bottom text box, there will be two 
options: "Go to the continent" and "Advice". If you select "Go to the 
continent" Airlim will revert back into map mode, displaying the current 
continent you're on. But if you select "Advice", two more options will pop
up: "Save" and "Help". As you can guess, the "Save" option let's you save 
your game. This is helpful in that you don't have to go into town just to 
save if you're already on Airlim. The other option, "Help", is pretty cool 
in that you will recieve vague hints as to what you need to do next on 
your journey. As you can see, being able to utilize Airlim effectively is 
another step in becoming a better Granstream Saga player.

[ Magic Analysis ]

Even though I feel that this game doesn't really utilize the magic system 
to its full effect, I decided to explain some of the subtleties of the 
different spells. I have divided this into two sections: Map Screen Magic 
and Battle Screen Magic. You may notice that some spells are in both 
sections, and in an effort not to sound repetitive, you may have to refer 
to the previous subsection for a description. As you can probably figure 
out, Map Screen Magic are spells that you can only use while you're not 
fighting (Overhead Veiw). The Battle Screen Magic is a section dedicated to 
the spells that you use when fighting an enemy. Now that you've gotten a 
breif picture of what is going to be outlined here, let's move on.


NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL
Healing        40     ****       Blue Sphere

This is your basic healing spell, and it's the first and only spell that 
you start with. It is very helpful, especially early on, since you really 
can't afford to die in this game (until you get an Elixir, but those are 
at the very end of the game anyways), so always be sure to use this 
whenever you're low on health. It's very economical MP-wise, being that it 
only costs 40 MP to cast.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Strong Heal    70     *****      Blue Sphere

This is pretty much THE best spell in the game. It fills up almost your 
entire LP bar with one usage and is extremely helpful in all regards. Once
you get this, I doubt you'll ever need to use healing items again.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Max Heal       100    **         Blue Sphere

Being the strongest healing spell in the game, you would also think that 
it would be the most effective too. But it really isn't. Most of the time,
you'll only need to use a Strong Heal to get your LP back up to max. And 
even if that doesn't do the trick, you don't really need to have it up 
to the max anyways. This spell just seems way too wasteful with your MP, 
but I guess there could be situations where you could use this, but not 
that often.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Airlim Return  90     ***

Airlim Return has two purposes. Obviously, it's good when you go into a 
dungeon to get some item that you missed and to return quickly, but this 
does seem wasteful of your MP. The second purpose, which few recognize, is
to return to Airlim when you're in serious need of healing or saving. Since
you returned to Airlim, you can visit a church and get healed up. But this 
does take up a lot of time, and you've pretty much lost all of the progress
you just made through the dungeon you were exploring, but hey it's better 
than dying.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL  
Evil Stop      120    *

Lemme just say that you should never waste your MP on this crappy spell. 
It's basically a poor man's Genocide, except for Genocide isn't even that 
good either. All this spell does is stop the enemies from moving, and 
consequentally, attacking you. But the thing is, you should be fighting 
ALL THE TIME in this game, as you'll get stuff when you win. Plus, if your
excuse is "I'm so low on health, I can't be getting into fights!" my 
answer is why don't you just use that MP to heal yourself? 'Nuff said.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Scanner        15     ***        Green Column

This could be a cool spell, being that it allows you to see into a treasure
chest and know whether or not a Mimic is hiding inside, while not costing 
that much MP. But most of the time, I actually don't mind fighting Mimics, 
because once you defeat them, they usually yield massive amounts of GEMs, 
or good items. There's also the fact that you can find out if a treasure 
chest contains a Mimic in it by just reading this FAQ's walkthrough, as I 
have all of their locations listed in it.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Translator     1      ???         

This spell translates old writing on some stone tablets at the end of the 
game. I really can't give it a rating since the only time you ever have to 
use this is when you HAVE to use it.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Genocide       250    *

I really don't have much to say, as I really haven't used this spell enough
to give it a full description. Maybe in a later update.


NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL
Healing        40     ****       Blue Sphere

Eon holds his scepter above his head, and the scepter glows. A veil of blue
light covers Eon and some of his HP and LP is recovered.

See Normal Screen Magic for the description of the Healing spell.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Strong Heal    70     *****      Blue Sphere

Eon holds his scepter above his head, and the scepter glows. A veil of blue
light covers Eon and most of his HP and LP is recovered.

See Normal Screen Magic for the description of the Strong Heal spell.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Max Heal       100    **         Blue Sphere

Eon holds his scepter above his head, and the scepter glows. A veil of blue
light covers Eon and all of his HP and LP is recovered.

See Normal Screen Magic for the description of the Max Heal spell.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Power Plus     30     ****


This a pretty cool spell, and you get it at the beginning of the game, 
making it even more beneficial. It really does raise your attack power, 
which is a very good thing IMO, since I'm not the defensive type. Just 
don't waste that massive (heh) 30 MP you spent on the spell by standing 
there, blocking some enemies attacks. Go after them!

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Guard Plus     30     **


Not nearly as effective as Power Plus, and yet it costs the same amount of 
MP (which is still very little). But the best defense in the game is your 
shield and your dash, which this spell doesn't effect either of. If you're 
playing a boss, and you seem to be getting hit all the time, then would be 
a good place to use it, but otherwise, keep it at the bottom of spell 

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Silence        80     *


Lemme just say that this spell does have the potential to be powerful, while 
not costing THAT much MP (but it still isn't that small of an amount...). 
Too bad there's barely any magic-using enemies in this game, and most of 
them (if not all of them) are really easy to beat, so there really isn't 
much need for this spell. Wouldn't you rather get a Scepter Force instead

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Defenser       100    ****


Now this is probably comparable to the yang of the Silence spell. I mean 
that this is the exact opposite that horrid, little spell in comparison to 
effectiveness, usefullness, and MP cost (well... scratch that last one 
^_^). It's pretty much allowing you to charge the enemy at will without the
all to present threat of it counter-attacking you. Hey, the best thing that
it gives you is some solid peace of mind when hacking away at some monster.
Now who hasn't ever wanted that before?

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Flame Shot     15     ***



NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Heat Storm     30     ****



NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Frost Arrow    15     ***



NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Blizzard       60     ****



NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Lightning      40     ???



NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Thunder Blast  80     



NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Fire Sphere    100    ***



NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Flare Sphere   180    ***


This spell is pretty cool since it does do a lot of damage and takes up the 
most area of any spell in the game, pretty much filling the entire battle 
area with explosions. But then again, it is also the second most costly 
spell in the game, and therefore you can't go using it that often, which 
kinda limits its effectiveness.

NAME           MP     RATING     SYMBOL 
Granstream     300    **


Yeah, I know this is the big daddy of the attack spells in Granstream, yet 
why did I give it only two stars? Well, there are two reasons. Most 
obviously, this thing eats up quite a large amount of MP. And the second 
reason, that some people fail to recognize, is that you get it at the 
very, very end of the game, so you can only use it on about half a dozen 
enemies. So I guess the big cheese isn't all that it's cut out to be, now
is it?


[ Skills Analysis ]

Skills are extremely helpful when fighting, throughout the entire game. 
You can also use them and still get a Scepter Force after winning a fight 
without losing any energy (unlike magic). The skills can be divided into 
three seperate categories: Dagger, Sword, and Axe. These are the three 
classes of weapons that the game seperates them into. The way that you get 
a skill is by obtaining a weapon that has that skill "embedded" onto it. 
The great thing is, you can now use that skill with any weapon of that 
class. For example, when you get the Executor dagger, you'll learn Z Triple
Cut. You can now use this skill with the Dirk, Holy Knife, or Avenger also.
But notice that these are all weapons that are classified as daggers. You 
cannot use this skill with any sword or axe, period. I hope you haven't 
become too confused with that, so I'll move on. I've made the next section 
a lot like the previous Magic Anaylsis section, in that each skills gets 
its own little box where I list its name, the motion you use to do it, what 
weapon you need to get before you obtain the skill, my personal rating, and 
a description of what it actually does, along with any other loose ends that 
I throw in there. Read on and be pleased.


NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Z Triple Cut       Motion L, D, R + Attack        Executor         *** 

Eon takes his dagger, and well, makes a zorro-like motion in front of him.
The name says it all, pretty much.

Well, this IS the first dagger skill that you get, but it's not really THAT
effective. The range on it is really terrible, while the power is only 
mediocre. The good thing is that it comes out semi-quickly and that the 
motion takes a while, so there isn't too much timing involved. It also 
doesn't leave you wide open if you miss (Something I can't exactly say for 
a certain other dagger skill).

NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Screw Cut          Motion R, D, L + Attack        Holy Knife       *****

Eon will charge forward a few steps, doing a spinning uppercut motion with 
his dagger high into the air, and then does a down-ward slash to finish it 

This skill is great. The only bad thing I can say about it is that its 
name sucks. But why be picky? This does an impressive amount of damage, has
a good range to it, comes out the fastest of all the skills in the game, 
and will take priority over many of the monsters' attacks. Wicked when put 
after a dash, be it a sideways dash to avoid an attack, or a forward, 
charging dash to break the enemy's defense. This skill is also the 
best-looking one in the game IMO.
NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Quad Thrust        Hold U + Attack x4             Avenger          *

Eon will stab forwards with his currently selected dagger 4 times in 
succession. 'Nuff said.

Ah yes, the Quad Thrust. May we all shiver while we bask in this skill's 
utter crappiness. I used this thing a few times, realized how crappy 
it was compared to Screw Cut, and haven't used it ever since. This startup 
on this skill is agonizingly slow, and pretty much any baddie with a brain
can see this one coming (and the AI in this game ain't stupid either). The 
normal three slashes are SO much quicker than these, and the extra slash 
damage that you get out of it really isn't worth it. At all. 


NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Triple Cut         Attack, Attack, Attack         Bastard Sword    *****

Instead of slashing twice, just press the Attack button once more to add 
on an extra slash to the end.

This is really cool, and there really isn't a skill out there that's like 
it. Not really a true skill, as it doesn't have a purple glow preceding it, 
but still, you do obtain it through a weapon. It's simple to perform, and 
there isn't even a pause between the second and third swings, so most 
enemies can't block that last stroke (if you got the first two to connect, 
that is). The sword becomes the most effective weapon in the early and 
middle sections of the game once you get this, as you now can connect three
times, just like a dagger, yet the sword is much more powerful. But, later 
in the game, when you get more skills, you'll see less of your swords, and 
less of this skill.

NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Wind Buster        Motion L, D, R + Attack        Valhalla         *****

A fast, two-hit spinning combo with the sword. Eon slashes across his body, 
and then spins around, and slashes again for an automatic two-hit attack. 

This is the most effective sword skill in the game. It hits hard, it hits 
fast, it has a long reach, and it takes priority over pretty much every 
attack in the game. Master this skill if you want to survive against those 
dragons and bosses, as it is priceless in these situations. This skill does 
have a slight startup, though it is a lot faster than Spinning Blow.

NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Spinning Blow      Motion R, D, L + Attack        Arc Blazer       **

Eon leaps forward while stabbing with his sword, and then does a standing, 
spinning uppercut motion with his blade.

This does look pretty cool, and it does do some significant damage, along 
with it having a longer range than Wind Slash, yet two things really leave 
it at a disadvantage when compared with the all-powerful Wind Slash. 1) The
start-up time isn't too quick, and it leaves you wide open for a 
split-second before Eon goes into the motion for it, and 2) You get left 
so wide open after you miss this that it isn't worth the trouble. The 
late-level Guardians will eat you for breakfast if you pull this off. The 
reaction time for this is probably in the vicinity of 1-2 seconds. That is 
ample time for the enemy to stab one of your LP's away from you just like 
that. So, consider this before using this skill. Are they wide-open for 
attack and can I have enough time to block his counter-attack? Judge for 


NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Rotation Cut       Motion U, R, D, L, U + Attack  Tyrano Fang      *****

A purple glows flashes around Eon, as he then proceeds to jump high into 
the air, flips forward, and then comes down swiftly with his axe.

For a skill that you get so early in the game, this one rocks! It does good
damage (especially at the beginning of the game), is quick for an axe 
skill, has decent range, zero reaction time, it avoid enemy attacks in the 
process of performing it, and most importantly, it is the only skill in the
entire game that is UNblockable. Yes, if you make contact with this, it 
will hit them. And for some reason, the AI in the game never recognizes 
this, so the enemy will just stand there in their blocking position and 
let you chop them. This move is insanely effective, and you should always 
be trying to sneak it into your attack pattern.

NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Cyclone Chop       Motion L, D, R + Attack        Gaia Edge        **

After the purple glow, Eon swings the axe in a horizontal circle around 
him once.

This skill, along with the next one, do have more power in them than the 
Rotation Cut, but they still aren't as effective. For an axe skills the 
motion of this one is performed very quickly, but the start-up is 
agonizingly slow. So, usually the enemy has time to block this. But for 
enemys who can't block (Golems) or enemies who are slow to react (Dragons) 
use this once or twice and that should finish them off, just like that.

NAME               MOTION                         WEAPON           RATING
Cross Cut          Motion R, D, L + Attack        Omega Mace       ***

Purple spark, blah blah blah. Eon then takes a step forward while slashing 
overhead, and then automatically chains that overhead slash into another 
slash across his body.

Thankfully, the start-up on this isn't as bad as the Cyclone Chop, yet the 
performed actions don't have that distinct quickness that the previous 
skill DID have. None the less, it seems easier to pull this off against a 
commonly blocking opponent, and it has a better range, while still being 

-- VI. Walkthrough --

[ Valos' House ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

After watching the intro, you'll start off in your house. Go get the Tea
Set located in the treasure chest in the SE corner of the room. Go to the
stove on the W side of the room. Use the tea set by going through the 
menu screen, selecting the "item" sub-menu, and then highlighting the Tea
Set and press X, then choose the USE option. After you talk with Valos
again, your LP will rise for some odd reason, and then you should go down 
to the basement and walk over the portal to be teleported to your next 

[ Wise Man's Cemetery ]

** Items: None
** Weapons & Armor: Broadsword, Battle Suit, Steel Shield **
** Magic: None **

Once here talk with Valos. Then look at the scraps that Valos pointed at. 
After the scene, go N. Talk with Valos. Head W, then go to the green 
object and investigate it by pressing X. You can now save your game. Head
N until you come to a room with a soldier. Investigate it, then you'll
have to fight. Once you defeat it, you'll gain your first set of equipment, 
which includes the Broadsword, Battle Suit, and Steel Shield. Now go N, then
head W to the green orb. Investigate it. You now have to fight another 
soldier. After you win, you'll get the Orb of the Wind and you'll gain your 
first level. 

[ Arona ]

** Items: Dried Herb **
** Weapons & Armor: Onimaru **
** Magic: None **

After the scene with Roddy, head NE to the pub. Talk to Dougal, and after
some more dialogue, your health will be restored. There is a dried herb 
next to the N side of the pawn shop. Go to the church. Talk to the old 
woman. Then leave and go talk to the drunk in the central part of town. 
Now go back to the church. After talking with the priest, go up to the 
North-most wall of the church and check the altar (it's the stone thing 
that's sticking out of the middle section of the wall). Head down the steps. 
Now before doing anything READ THIS NEXT PART VERY CAREFULLY! If you want 
the rest of the game to be EXTREMELY easy do what I'm about to tell you, 
otherwise do not. If you take a step back, turn W (yes, you must be facing 
W), and then use your Panther Eye. You'll find the all-powerful Onimaru, 
which has an AT of 250! If you want to be specific, here's a diagram.


X = Location of Onimaru
SC = Silver Comb
# = Rocks
O = Jar

| O #            |
|  #         ----|
|  #        |    |
|  #        |SC  |
|            ----|
|----------      |
|   | | | |      |
|X  +------------+

Now go to the table and choose to pick up the Silver Comb. After the 
animation, you'll talk with the priest again, then when you have control of 
Eon again, talk to the priest again to save. Leave the church, go back to 
the pub, and talk with Dougal. After talking with him, go investigate the 
silver chest to hide in it. Onwards to the Gude!

[ Gude Airship ]

** Items: Fake Treasure **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

After a few cutscenes introducing the crew of the Gude (including Laramee!),
you'll start off in the Laramee's cabin. Now that she demands that you go
find the largest jewel on the ship, you must leave the cabin to find it.
Just start heading all the way S until you get to a room with a lot of 
crates. Save first if you want, then investigate one of those wooden crates
in the SE corner, it contains some fake treasure. Now go look at the silver
chest. Go upstairs and watch the "antics". Afterwards, look at the chest
again, and let your scepter go to work. Go back to Laramee's room. After
the scene, head into the shower. Look at the towel, then Laramee will say a
funny comment, and guess what! More animation and dialogue!

[ Vangel ]

** Items: 80 GEMs, Dried Herb **
** Weapons & Armor: Dirk **
** Magic: None **

Now that you're on the deck of the Vangel, head N, turn E, and then S to 
get to a treasure chest with 80 GEMs. Now go N to the cargo elevator, and
investigate the control panel on the NW section of it to go up. Go N, then
W. Get on the passenger elevator and go to the second floor. You'll now
fight a soldier. Now head N, then E. The SE room has a treasure chest with
a dried herb in it. The NE room has a save point. But before you leave, 
navigate through that pile of crates by walking on the grey step-stools to
get on top of the crates, then walk along the path of boxes. Just 
perservere, and you should be able to reach another room. There will be a 
treasure chest with the Dirk, a dagger, inside. Leave the room, then go
W and enter the NW room. Defeat the soldier inside the room (using the 
dirk makes this easier), and you'll obtain the prison key. Now go to the 
SW door, go into the menu and use the key to open the door. After the many
cutscenes, go E, then S and investigate the South-most door in this 
corridor. Now there's some more animation, and afterwards, look at the 
crushed orbs, and the scepter will memorize them. You'll now gain another
level, who hoo. Go through the broken-down door. There will be some more
scenes, and some pretty funny dialogue from Korky.

[ Airlim ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: Airlim Return **

After you see the animation, you will be on Airlim, your sole means of 
transportation from now on. Airlim will talk to you, and then give you
Airlim Return, a magic spell. After some more animation, choose to go
back to Arona.    

[ Return to Arona ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: Battle Axe **
** Magic: None **

Go to the church and talk with the priest and Arcia. Now leave and shop at
the Apothecary if you want. Go to the pub to have your health restored. 
Visit the Curio shop to get the Battle Axe, the most powerful weapon in the
game at this point. Talk with all of the people in town, since they give 
you advice or tell you something interesting. Be sure to talk to the girl, 
Phyrea, in the SE corner of Arona, since she will tell you about the 
Ocarina book in the old man's house. Once you're done exploring, go to the
house in the NE corner of the town. Once inside talk with the old man at
the table. If you investigate the blue pot near the old man, the game says
you get a chicken, but it won't be in the item section for some reason
(weird!?). Talk to the grandson for a funny remark from Korky, then go to
the NW room and pick up the Ocarina Book. Now leave by going through the 
gate located along the S wall of the town. Arcia will now ask for you to
join her on her journey, choose the first option to accept. Now you'll be
back on Airlim. Press L or R once to highlight Valos' House, then press X
to go there.

[ Return to Valos' House ]

** Items: Source of Power **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Check one of the barrels on the E side of the house to get a Source of 
Power. Go inside, and Eon will read the letter from Valos. Leave the house 
and speak with Arcia. You're now back on Airlim. Press U once to highlight 
the Kilia Shrine, then select it.

[ Kilia Shrine ]

** Items: 120 GEMs, Fresh Herb, Bronze Piece, Source of Power, 100 GEMs, 
Gold Piece, 150 GEMs, 150 GEMs, Gold Piece, 80 GEMs, Angel Feather, 
100 GEMs, Fresh Herb, 180 GEMs, 280 GEMs, Source of Power **
** Weapons & Armor: Bastard Sword **
** Magic: Flame Shot, Guard Plus **

After the message from Arcia, go W to the entrance to the Kilia Shrine. 
Save at the Green Crystal, then head E and follow the corridor until you 
come to a section where the path splits. Head to the NW room and collect
the Flame Shot magic from the treasure chest. Then look at the crystal
located in the S wall next to the treasure chest. You might have to rotate
the camera to see it. The scepter will now memorize the Sacred Stone of 
Kilia. Head back to the place where the path split, and go S. In the next 
room go N, up the stairs, then go E. In this room, go N, then W through 
the doorway into the next room. From here go S to a treasure chest with 
120 GEMs. Go to the NE corner of this room to collect a fresh herb from
the treasure chest. Go to the E hallway and there should be a doorway 
leading to the central section of the dungeon. In this new room, go N, 
then W up some stairs, and through a doorway. In this room go W shortly,
go S down the stairway, E up some stairs, then N to reach a treasure chest
with a bronze piece inside. Go back up the stairs, but now go W.  Keep 
heading westward through the hallways until you reach another doorway. In
this room, go E, then up the stairs heading S. You should now be in a 
large room with a square-shaped gap in the middle of it. But before you
jump into the hole, go through the W hallway to get to a treasure chest
with a Source of Power. Then go through the E hallway to reach another 
treasure chest with 100 GEMs inside. Now go jump into the hole to go the 
second section of the dungeon.

Now that you've reached the second section of this dungeon, save your game
at the Green Crystal. The treasure chests have a gold piece and 150 GEMs
in them. Now go S, then W down the steps. The upper treasure chest has 
nothing in it, while the lower treasure chest has 150 GEMs. Now go W
through the doorway. In this room go N, E down the stairs, and N again.
Don't open the treasure chest in this room, since it contains a Mimic. 
Investigate the Starstone located near the N wall of the room. Don't 
choose to pick up the Starstone, but rather pick the second option, and
now you can let your scepter memorize it (So just pick "no", then "yes"
when the game gives you options of what to do with the Starstone). Now go
E through the doorway and look at the pedestal located against the S wall
of this room. The scepter will make a replica of the Starstone on the 
pedestal. Leave the room through the E doorway and repeat the same pattern
with the Moonstone. After your scepter replicates the Moonstones onto the
pedestal, the stairs in the room will now lower, allowing access to the 
third section of the dungeon. You will now gain another level. Go down the

Go through the W doorway and collect the gold piece in the S treasure 
chest. Once again, there's nothing in the N treasure chest. Go back into
the previous room and go through the E doorway. There will be 80 GEMs in 
the S treasure chest and an Angel Feather in the N one. Now head S. There
should be a large gap with some sliding blocks going across it. To cross
this gap, press the button on the floor when the blocks are lined up to
form a bridge. The button is pretty tough to see since it blends in with
the floor. Once you've lined up the blocks, go S across the bridge, then W
through the doorway. You should now be in a room with the zodiac symbols
etched in the middle of the floor, and there should be 4 platforms in each
one of the corners of the room. Go to the N part of the room, and 
investigate the gears once to have the scepter memorize the gear, then 
again to restore it. Now that the gears work, look at one of stone windows
that are located against each corner of the room. You can move each side
of the window by pressing L1 or R1. If you don't know what to do from here,
look at the Ocarina Book. Notice an uncanny similarity to the diagram in
the book and the alignment of the windows? That's because you're suppossed
to open and close those certain sections of the stone windows just like
the Ocarina. But if you're still confused, here's a diagram.


O = Open
X = Closed

|       |Gears|       |
|X    |||     |||    O|
|O    |||     |||    O|
|       |     |       |
|--------     --------|   
|                     | 
|                     |
|--------     --------|
|       |     |       |    
|X    |||     |||    X|
|X    |||     |||    O|
|       |     |       |

Now that you've played the melody of the Wind Spirits, the symbol on the 
floor in the middle of the room will now start glowing. Walk over it to be
teleported to the fourth section of this dungeon.

In this room, save at the Green Crystal, then go through the W and E 
hallways to reach rooms with two treasure chests each. The room in the W
corridor contains treasure chests with the Bastard sword and 100 GEMs in
them. The E room's treasure chests contain a fresh herb and 180 GEMs. The
catch is that the first time you open one of the treasure chests in each 
of the rooms, you'll have to fight an enemy. After you've collected the 
treasures, go N to another room. Now head E, then S through the passage.
Fight the Guardian in the next room to raise the barriers. Go through the
E passage first, but don't investigate the N treasure chest since it has
a Mimic inside. But the S treasure chest has the Guard Plus spell in it.
Now head through the S pathway, then go W, and fight another Guardian to
raise the barriers in this room. Go through the W hallway and collect the
Wind Crest in the N treasure chest and 280 GEMs in the S one. Now that you
have the Wind Crest, open the barrier in the S corridor, then go S down 
the hallway. Just keep heading down this hallway, until you come to a room
with a sorcerer in it. Fight or avoid the sorcerer, then go through the 
door on the N wall of this room. You are now in a section of the dungeon
where you must answer questions that Zora asks you by walking through the
corresponding door. The answer to the first question is "both", so go
through the far right door. Look at the green panel to be dropped in a
room with a treasure chest that contains a Source of Power. Leave the room 
by going S until you reach a doorway. You will be back in the previous 
room, but now the barrier is raised. So walk into the next room and look at 
the green panel. You will be dropped back into the same room as before, so 
just leave, and repeat the same step with the third panel, then head N and
raise this barrier by going up to it and pressing X. Go through the hall
and you will be asked the second question in the next room. The answer is
"love", so go through the left-most door. Wait in the room for a few 
seconds and you'll be taken to the third questioning. The third answer is
"health", so go through the left door again. Let the child run around the
room three times, but don't stand in his way. Now you will be sent to a
room with some star-shaped object on a pedestal. Walk up to it and touch
it to learn the lifting verse of the Wind Continent. After some speeches
from Zora and Valos, you'll be in a room with two staircases leading up to
the boss of the Kilia Shrine. Get healed and save at the Green Crystal in
the SW corner of the room. When you're ready, go up the second flight of 
stairs to fight Bordlang.

<< BOSS: Bordlang >>

At the beginning, just block the meteors that he summons and wait for his
hands to come after you. Block the attack the hand makes, then counter with
some slashes. You can tell you've killed the hand when it turns dark green.
Once you've killed both the hands, go hide behind one of the pillars in the
corners of the room. He will start casting an unblockable spell that 
paralyses you, leaving you open to be rammed. But when the pillar is in the 
way, he won't be able to harm you. Dash at him when the eye on his head 
starts casting more meteors, get in two slashes, block the meteors, then
dash behind one of the pillars. Heal when necessary and repeat this pattern
to defeat Bordlang.

You will gain a level after you've beaten Bordlang, and then there will be
some more cinematics. Once you can control Eon again, go to the church and
save. Now leave Arona. You will talk with Laramee and Arcia. Now you must 
visit your house again. Go inside and look at the stove. Eon will have a 
flashback (kinda). Now leave and go back to Airlim. Go to the continent of 
Aquas and select Pixim as your destination.


[ Pixim ]

** Items: Cross Mail, Dried Herb, Fishing
Equipment(or 1000 GEMs instead) **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: Frost Arrow (Optional) **
After an interesting scene with a boy named Afto, choose to stay with him.
There will be some more cutscenes, and you'll then go to sleep. The next
morning, go to the church and have a discussion with the priest and 
Laramee (Side Note: Is it me, or do all the priests in this game look half-
asleep or something? What's up with their eyes?). Save if you want. Leave
the church and go to the Apothecary. Buy the Ancient Mystery Stone to get
the "Frost Arrow" magic. Look at one of the barrels along the S wall of the
Apothecary to get the Cross Mail, and search the barrel along the N side
to get a dried herb. Now talk to the lady standing between the Church and
Apothecary. Now go talk to the youth walking next to the E side of the 
large house in the middle of town. If you don't have enough money to buy
the Ancient Mystery Stone, enter the tower in the N part of town, go
upstairs, and enter a large room with some barrels in it. Look at one of 
the barrels in the SE corner of the room to get some Fishing Equipment.
Leave the tower and talk to the guy in the Ne corner of town, and he will
buy the Fishing Equipment for 1000 GEMs, twice as much as the Pawn Shop
offers. Now you'll have enough money to buy the Ancient Mystery Stone. 
After you're done exploring, go to the SW corner of town to see Arcia 
talking to a youth (this seems to be random when you go over there, since
sometimes there will be no one in this section of town, I think that you
might have to talk to the youth before to activate the scene with Arcia).
Go to talk to Arcia. Now talk to the youth and answer "yes" to his 

[ Kel's Secret Cavern ]

** Items: Dried Herb, 3 GEMs x2, Source of Power **
** Weapons & Armor: Neptune **
** Magic: None **

Enter through the gate, then look at the crate in the NW corner of this
front area for a dried herb. Now enter the cave. Answer "yes" to Arcia's
question. Go N a little bit, then investigate the crate next to the NW tent
for a funny remark from Korky. Look at the crate in the NE corner of the 
cave for a whopping 3 GEMs. Then, go W to reach a save point. From the save
point, keep going all the way W, then S under an overhang to reach a room
with 3 GEMs in one of the crates. Once you've collected all of the treasures
and have saved, talk with the boy at the entrance to the cave. After the
long cutscene, you'll find yourself in a jail cell. Go investigate the door
to the cell twice to talk with Arcia in the cell across from you. 
Afterwards, wait for a few seconds to be released from your cell. Go to the
cell next to Arcia's (yes, the door will open). Inside the cell is a 
treasure chest containing the Neptune shield. Now go E, then N to reach a
large cavern where you now have to scrape rocks out of the walls (I just
loved this part ^_^). You do this by going up to any of the indentations in
the wall and pressing X. The view will change and there will be a message
saying wheter or not you find any stones within the rock. Just keep trying
in the same spot until do find one, then move to another part of the wall.
This seemed to be the fastest way of collecting rocks, IMO. Also, you'll
find a Source of Power and gain a level the first time you find a rock in 
the wall. Keep searching until you get ten of them. Go N and save at the 
green crystal. Then go to the S doorway and show the guard that you've 
collected ten of the stones. You'll be sent back to your cell. Repeat the 
same process the next day (what fun). When you're in the rock-collecting 
room the day after that, talk to the guard that's walking around to hear 
what they are going to do to Arcia. Go through the N exit and up to the 
door to overhear a conversation, then go back into the rock-collecting 
room. Find another sleeping guard in one of the W passages and choose "no", 
then "yes" to have the scepter memorize the key. Now that you have the key, 
go back to the big, red door. Let the scepter open the door for you, then 
head on through.

[ Magical Labyrinth ]

** Items: 30 GEMs, Life Stone, Special Herb **
** Weapons & Armor: Executor **
** Magic: None **

In this dungeon, go E, then N past the first stairway, and then turn W at 
the second one. But while walking under the walkway, press against the S 
wall until you turn off the normal path. Continue S until you reach a grate
that should be above Eon's head. Stop here, head W as far as possible (past
the next grate), then go N as far as you can go, W again, and then N up a 
stairway leading into a secret room. In a treasure chest in the NW corner 
is the Executor dagger. In the SE corner is another treasure chest with 30
GEMs in it. Now backtrack unitl you are back on the normal path, but now 
walk W towards the center of the room, and then go S. Now take the steps 
leading N into another section of the dungeon. In this room, walk N, then 
W at the intersection of passages, then S to south to reach a Green Save 
Crystal. Go back to the intersection, go N, then E, and down the steps 
located behind the Golem. From here, go S, then W, then S again until you 
get to some stairs. Go up them. In here, go E, then down the stairs that
are guarded by another Golem. Go N, then down the steps. Once you're under
the second grate, go N to reach a secret room that has a Life Stone in the
single treasure chest. Once you've gotten the Life Stone, go back and head
W, then S. In this room, follow the path until you get to a Soldier. Fight
him to get the Prison Key. Keep going N until you reach Arcia's cell. 
Defeat the High Soldier that's here. After speaking with Arcia, go back S.
Go to the jail cell below Arcia's and use a cell key to open it. There's 
a Special Herb in the treasure chest. The cell below the previous one 
contains a treasure chest with a Mimic inside. Keep heading down the 
hallway to reach Afto and to leave the labyrinth!

[ The Guard Tower ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Once you find out what has happened, go visit the church to save and heal 
up. Then go to the N part of Pixim and enter the tower. Talk to Arcia. 
After some really cool animation, go N through the door. Head upstairs. Go
through the first door you reach, then climb the ladder on the N wall, 
next to Arcia. There will be a longer scene, and you'll end up back in 
Afto's house. Head through the N door to speak with Arcia. She'll then give
you Afto's Amulet. You'll now gain another level. Leave the house, then go
back to the Church and save. Note that you can't visit any of the shops 
right now. Leave town through the S exit, return to Airlim. Press L or R 
once to highlight "The kel's(typo) Secret Cavern", then select it.

[ Return to Kel's Secret Cavern ]

** Items: High Potion, Fresh Herb, Source of Power **
** Weapons & Armor: Flare Sabre **
** Magic: None **

Head through the entrance, then talk to the injured troop leader by the 
tent. He will give you the Youth Troop Emblem. Go save at the Green Crystal
in the N section of the cave. From there, proceed to the dungeon entrance 
located in the NE corner of the room. In here, go W a bit, then N, and then
E to reach a treasure chest with a High Potion in it. Go back to where you
started going E, but now head N, then E all the way to the other side of 
the cave. Now go S to reach a Fresh Herb in a treasure chest. Go back up
and go through the doorway on the N wall. In this section, go W until you
reach a save crystal. Then continue going W, then N.  You should reach a 
nook where you'll have to fight the Imperial Wizard from the tower. Don't
worry, he's just a normal sorcerer. After you've disposed of him, get the 
Flare Sabre out of the treasure chest and equip it immeadiatly. You do 
major damage to the enemies in this area with this sword, being that they 
are all weak against fire. Go back to the previous room. Work your way back
to the entrance of the dungeon, but now go E, then N through the doorway.
Talk to the youth. Now go SW and look at the one solitary rock. You will be
given the option to touch the rock, so choose "yes". This will open up some
stairs. Go down them. You will be in a large room with some pecuilar rock
formations. Do you notice that the rocks that are by themselves in the open 
look like skulls? Well, go up to the rock in the SE corner of the room to
get a Source of Power. Now go up to the skull in the NE corner and 
investigate it. The option to touch this rock will come up. Choose "yes". 
Now go through the newly opened passage. When in the next room, look at 
the skull rock, and answer "yes" to all his questions (not exactly one of 
the most exciting portions of the game right here). But once you've done 
that, you'll find yourself in a sealed room. Walk up to the N wall and 
press X when standing close to it. After some dialouge, go through the hole 
in the wall that Gandor just made for you to enter the Labyrinth of 

[ Labyrinth of Punishment ]

** Items: Fresh Herb **
** Weapons & Armor: Tyrano Fang **
** Magic: Strong Heal **

Go save at the Green Crystal, then go W. In the room with the teleporter, 
time it so you walk over it while it is yellow. Head W some more, then S
through the hallway and into the next room. Once you reach the next 
teleporter, time it so you start walking when it's red, but once you get
onto it, the color will be yellow. Once you've sucessfully stepped on it
when the teleporter was yellow, walk E, then S at the intersection. Follow
the corridor until you get to some steps leading to another teleporter.
Walk over it, and then get the Tyrano Fang, an axe. Go back and walk over
the teleporter to get back, then go up the steps, head W, and then open
the treasure chest. Be warned that there is a Mimic inside of it, but once
you win, you'll get a Fresh Herb, and more importantly, you'll learn the 
Strong Heal spell. Go all the way back to the intersection where the Ice
Golem is, but now go N. In the next room, save at the crystal first, then 
talk to Selela. Go E into the room she indicated, then you'll have to fight
an Ice Golem. Defeat it, and then leave the room. Follow Selela into the
next room. You'll fight that Stone Statue, which isn't too tough. Continue
down the hallway to reach Selela once again. After the scene, go touch the
altar to fight Levante.

<< BOSS: Levante >>

Levante is invincible while casting his spells, so just stand a charging
distance away from him. Then block his magic attack, charge, slash 3 times,
block his counter, charge again before he floats away, give him 3 more 
slashes, and repeat until he escapes from the pattern (which won't happen
too often). Once you've perfected this strategy, he should be mince-meat. 
He's by far the easiest boss in the game.

After defeating Levante and raising the continent, you'll find yourself on
Airlim. Return to Pixim again by pressing D to highlight it, then press X.

[ Return to Pixim ]

** Items: Source of Power, Dried Herb **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Go back to Afto's house. After the cutscene with Selela, you'll get a LP 
MAX +1. Leave the house, and a youth will talk to you. Go to the church, 
which is located in the SE corner. Talk to the youth on the right to get a
Dried Herb. Now leave the church, and then return to Airlim. Press O, then
L to highlight Volcos, the fire continent. Select it, then choose to go to
Geintz's Barrior.


[ Geintz's Barrior ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **
Geintz will tell you to pick up 5 stones, so do it. After weighing in, head
W to go to the town of Tulku.

[ Tulku ]

** Items: Fruit of Venetawa x2, Dried Herbs x4, 350 GEMs **
** Weapons & Armor: Plate Armor **
** Magic: Heat Storm, Evil Stop **

>From the entrance, you can go slightly NE to reach the Inn, where you can
save your game. The Apothecary is located in the NW corner of town. Once
you're done shopping, talk to the people around town, then go SE to reach
the Meeting Hall. After talking with the Sensei, leave. Now you must go 
around town and gather everyone at the Meeting Hall. Once you've collected 
the townspeople, Gandor will come and take you to the Gude. After the 
disaster and the talk with Gandor, go back into the Meeting Hall. Talk to
the Sensei again to learn the Heat Storm spell. If you search any of the 
barrels in the Meeting Hall, your health will be restored. Check the crate
in the SW corner to receive a Fruit of Venetawa. Go into the E room and
check out one of the crates to get 3 Dried Herbs. Now leave the Meeting
Hall. Look at the barrel on the W side of the Meeting Hall to obtain 350
GEMs. Then investigate the barrel behind the Inn to find a Dried Herb. 
Once you're in the lower section of town, go SW to reach a barrel that has
another Fruit of Venetawa inside. Now go to the NW corner of town and look
at the burnt crate. Inside is the Plate Armor. (That sure was a whole crap
load of stuff there, wasn't it?) Now leave town. You should now be back
in the weighing room. One of the jars in the E side of the room contains
the Evil Stop spell. Go E and enter Orkul.

[ Orkul ]

** Items: Dried Herb, Source of Power, 500 GEMs, 100 GEMs, 30 GEMs x3**
** Weapons & Armor: Holy Knife **
** Magic: None **

>From the entrance, go N to visit the Church and save if you want. You can 
also go to the Apothecary. Be sure to buy the Sulfuric Acid if you want to
save some time later on. After you've shopped a bit, go to the NE corner.
Behind the house is a Dried Herb in the left barrel. There's also a LP MAX
+1 right in the barrel that's above the barrel with the Dried Herb in it.
To get it, align your compass so the NW section is at the top, then hold U
to get near the barrel, and then press X. After collecting the treasures,
walk on over to the Mayor's House, that large building in the S part of 
town. But before entering, search the SE barrels that are next to his 
house. The barrel that contains something is the one in the far corner 
that's pretty hard to reach. To make it easier to get to, just do the same
thing that you did to reach the barrel with the LP MAX in it, but instead
align the camera so the diagonal barrel is directly above you. Inside of 
it are 500 GEMs. Now go inside and talk to Arcia. She'll give you the Holy
Knife, a very cool dagger. It raises the chance of getting items after a
battle and it makes the Spirit Cards turn up more often when opening a 
Scepter Force. Then look in the bookcase along the S wall for 100 GEMs and
the N one for 30 GEMs. Go into the other room. Look at the N jar for 30 
more GEMs. While the SE jar contains another 30 GEMs. Sadly, the only 
things in the bookcases in this room are books (hard to believe, eh?) on 
how to make money. Leave the house. Now go back to the weighing room and 
talk to Geintz. Then return to Airlim. Once on Airlim, press U to highlight
the Lava Caves, your next destination.

[ Lava Caves ]

** Items: Gold Piece, High Potion **
** Weapons & Armor: Mercury, Valhalla **
** Magic: Silence **

Enter the Lava Caves through the N doorway. Follow the path until it splits
S and E. Go E, as the S pathway is just a dead end. In the next room, go 
E, then S when the path splits to enter another room. Go W to reach a 
treasure chest with the Silence spell inside. Go back to where the path 
split and go E. Keep going E, following the path. The path will circle 
around, go N, then E again. You should now be in Lava Cave East. Keep going
E, then S at the first intersection, then W a little bit to reach a 
treasure chest with the Mercury shield inside. Head S, then W. You should
now be on a platform with a treasure chest and an old man. Get the Valhalla
sword out of the chest, equip it, and then talk with the old man. Leave 
Lava Cave East, go back through the previous pathway, then head S through
a passage to reach a Green Crystal. Head all the way S and look at the 
fallen soldier. After Eon looks closer, he'll find a letter that's written
by the soldier. Level gain time! Now use one of the Neutralizing Solutions 
and enter the cave. Follow the path E, then N. When the path splits, go E
into another cave. In here, keep going to the SE corner to get to a 
treasure chest with a Gold Piece inside. Leave this room, and go back to 
where the path split. Now go N (duh) through the doorway. In this area, 
keep following the path until it splits. Go E, then S through a doorway. 
There is a High Potion in the treasure chest here. Leave the room, and 
continue N as far as possible to leave this room. If you take the N path 
in this room, it will lead to a treasure chest with a Mimic inside of it. 
Do so if you want, then continue E across the steps. Now there's a cutscene
and you'll find yourself back in the Mayor's House. 

[ Return to Geintz's Barrior ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: Power Plus (optional) **

Leave Laramee's room and talk to the mayor (if you want your Fake Treasure
taken away from you that is). Go to the Apothecary and an Ancient Mystery 
Stone should be for sale now that you've bought the Sulfuric Acid. If you
haven't even done that yet, definitely do it now. The Ancient Mystery Stone
contains the Power Plus spell. Save at the church, then go to Geintz's 
Barrior. Investigate the N bookcase open a passage to Ziruas' Basement. 
Walk down the stairs, then look at the research notes on the S table. Read
all three sections of the book. Afterwards, you'll talk with Korky.

[ Stalagmite Castle ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: Lightning **

Once you have control of Eon again, walk E to enter the castle. This area 
is quite disorienting, so don't get too frustrated when trying to move 
around in the beginning. Go E along the grey walkway, down the steps, then
walk across the "floor" of the castle, and then up some other steps. You 
should be at a Green Crystal now, so save and heal up if needed. Now go 
back to the large door on the floor and press X when standing next to it. 
Jump down. Go E, and down one of the pillars to get to a treasure chest. 
Inside is the Lightning spell. Go through the NE opening. In here, head W,
then N up the steps. The third column has a valve handle on it. Go up to it
and turn it to have the scepter memorize it.  Go E to the fifth column. 
Investigate the empty socket. Your scepter will now restore the missing
valve handle. Go back into the previous room and walk to the far E column
to be lifted into the next section of the castle. Once arriving there, 
you'll have to fight a mutant, so beware. After you defeat it, you find a 
note. Eon will now gain another level. Go W, then upstairs. Now go through 
the N opening. Head W a bit, then up the steps here, and then go all the 
way E. Go down the stairs and look at the open door that's on the floor. 
Jump down. In this room, head all the way W, then upstairs and through the 
N opening. Walk W. After the scene, continue W, then through the SW 
opening. Jump down from the ledge and leave the castle.

[ Return to Tulku & Orkul ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

>From Geintz's Barrior, go W to Tulku first. In the Meeting Hall, talk to 
Irena, the girl in the NE corner of the main room in the Meeting Hall. 
After giving her the note, leave Tulku. Go E to Orkul and walk on over to 
the Mayor's House. Talk to the mayor. Then, go to Ziruas' Basement. After 
talking with Ziruas, give him the vial, then talk to him again and give 
him the Sulfuric Acid (now do you see why I told you to buy it such a long 
time ago), but if you don't have it, then go back into Orkul and buy it 
from the Apothecary. After giving Ziruas the things he requested, leave 
the Basement. Go back to the Mayor's House (again). Talk to Arcia and 
Laramee here, then go BACK to the Basement (is it me, or does anyone else 
start getting tired of all these errands you have to run in this game?). 
Talk to Ziruas to obtain the Acid Solution. Go to the Airlim, then return 
to Stalagmite Castle by pressing L or R once to highlight it, then select 

[ Return to Stalagmite Castle ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Enter the castle and continue E until you reach a green save crystal. Go S 
into the muscle layer room. Walk to the W section of this room, and take a
look at the inner wall. There should be a part of the wall that looks like
it's pulsating. If you walk up to this section and press X, there should 
be a message that states "It looks like these cells are damaged...". Use 
the Acid Solution on this section of the wall to open up a new passage. 
Walk through it, then go as far E as possible to reach a membrane that 
blocks your progress. After walking up to the membrane, go fight the three
monsters that drop from above. After defeating all three, go back to the
membrane and it will slide away. Continue along the pathway until you 
reach until you reach a large room where the path splits. The E passage is
just a dead end, so up the N route. Before jumping down the hole here, get
healed, then climb down the hole to encounter Hergezod.

<< BOSS: Hergezod >>

First off, don't attack the monster, but instead learn the patterns of its
attacks. Once you feel confident you have the timing down, let it attack 
you until you lose 2 LP. Ziruas will destroy Hergezod's magic barrier so 
you can finally attack it. Now dash up to the monster and repeatadely use
the Wind Slash swordskill on it to do massive damage to it. After losing 
3 LP, it will start blocking with its claws. Just back up quickly and 
charge to break through its defense. The blobs that are floating around do
cause some problems (the pink ones slows you down, while the blue ones do
damage along with slowing you down), but don't go out of your way to avoid
them. Just stay close to the monster and use Wind Slash. The Power Plus 
and Guard Plus spells are also very helpful in this battle, too.

After destroying Hergezod, you'll find and read a note from Ziruas. 
Afterwards, you'll gain a level. Leave the castle and go back to Geintz's 

[ Return to Geintz's Barrior Part III ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Enter Ziruas' Basement where you'll have a talk with Arcia. The next 
morning, go talk to Geintz. Then go E into Orkul and talk to the man in 
the green shirt, who's standing in the middle of town. Now go back and 
talk with Geintz again. Now go speak with the boy standing right in front 
of the mayor's house in Orkul. He's wearing a blue shirt. After talking 
with the boy, go back and talk with Geintz again. The fun isn't over yet, 
because now you need to go back into town and talk with the mayor. Believe
it or not, go back to Geintz and talk with him for the last time (THANK 
GOD!!!). After he gives you his spiel, go to Airlim, then back to 
Stalagmite Castle.

[ Return to Stalagmite Castle Part III ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Enter the castle to recieve a message from a Wise Man. Continue past where
there was previously a door. Touch the altar (that stone thing with all of
those markings on it). After you get another message from the Wise Man, 
leave the castle, return to Airlim, then go back to Geintz's Barrior.

[ Return to Geintz's Barrior Part IV ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: Max Heal **

Go back to Ziruas' Basement and talk to Arcia. After Arcia does her thing, 
you'll get control of Eon again in Ziruas' Basement. But before you leave,
go back and talk with the mayor to get the Max Heal spell, the most 
powerful healing spell in the game. Now go back to Airlim, where you'll 
speak with it. After talking with Airlim, you'll find yourself on the deck 
of the Gude.


[ Return to Gude Airship ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Go N to talk with Gandor. Then go into the control room, talk with Jeel 
and Lang. Mess around with the steering wheel if you want. Then leave the 
control room to activate a cutscene with Arcia and Gandor. Afterwards, go 
to Laramee's room and speak with her. Then go down stairs to the hallway 
where there are door sized slots in the wall which are in fact doors to 
rooms. First, walk into the one closest to the control room to the W, 
where there is a sleeping Desbat Pirate. Hit X in front of him like you are 
going to talk to him. He does nothing. Now, walk into the one closest to 
the S end to the E and talk to the Desbat there. He is looking for his 
missing friend for a game of cards. Go back to Gandor's room and talk with 
Arcia. Go back into the control room to watch some animation. After the 
clip and some more cutscenes, you'll find yourself on the deck of the 

[ Return to Vangel ]

** Items: 350 GEMs, Fresh Herb, Dried Herb, 240 GEMs, High Potion, 
Source of Power, White Crystal, Gold Piece, Life Element **
** Weapons & Armor: Wisdom Cloak **
** Magic: None **

You start off in the SW prison cell of the ship. This area should be 
familiar to you, since everything is pretty much the same as before, 
except for two extra sections. Well, to start off, go E into the central 
room of this floor. From here, go E and into the upper room to reach a 
Green Crystal if you want to save and heal up. If not, then go N to fight 
a High Swordsman. After winning the battle, you'll get the Level 2 ID Card.
Now go back all the way S to reach the elevators. Choose to ride the W one
down. On the third level, go N then W at the intersection to reach a 
treasure chest with 350 GEMs. Now go to the N room and open the treasure 
chest in the SW corner of it for a Fresh Herb. Now talk to the High 
Swordsman to fight. After defeating him, you'll receive the Level 1 ID 
Card. Get back on the elevator and go back to the main passageway. In 
here, there is a treasure chest with a Dried Herb in one of the E 
passageways. Go into the NW corner to reach two treasure chests. One has 
a Mimic inside (the one in the middle of the room) and 240 GEMs in the 
other. After getting all the loot, walk S until you reach the large room 
with the lift in the middle of it. Take the W door and go down the 
corridor to reach the engine room. In here, walk S and talk to the 
scientist who's partially hidden underneath a walkway to learn what you 
have to do. Now go up the S steps to reach a treasure chest with a High 
Potion inside. Now go back NW, but now go down some steps to reach a brown
panel, where you should use your Level 2 ID Card. Then go NE and repeat 
the same process over here, except this time, use your Level 1 ID Card. 
The grated door next to you should now open. Go through it into the next 
section, Inspection Isle. Follow the path, then go S when it first splits.
Watch out for the Blobs that pop out of the ground around here. The W 
path is a dead end, but there's a treasure chest with a Source of Power 
inside the E corridor. Go back N until the path angles off NE and goes W. 
Head NE. Continue E to get a White Crystal out of the treasure chest here. 
Then continue N. When the path splits, go E, then climb the ladder. Inside 
the treasure chest is a Mimic, but open it anyways and fight it. After 
killing it, check the crate that it was in front of to get the Wisdom 
Cloak. Climb back down and go N to leave this area (NOTE: If you were 
wondering, the treasure chest to the W contains another Mimic inside). In 
the torpedo room, go N and climb the ladder, then walk S and investigate 
the brown panel. After the cutscene, exit through the S doorway. You're now 
back in the main passageway of the Vangel. Now take the W elevator back up 
to the second level and revisit the prison cell where you started off. After 
reading the note, leave the cell, and go onto the E elevator. Choose to go 
to the first level (or pick the third option for a laugh). On the first 
level, go E at the four-way intersection to reach a treasure chest. Inside 
is a Gold Piece. The treasure chest in the W corridor contains yet another 
Mimic. Continue N into the next room, where you'll have to fight, so be 
prepared. Before you leave the room though, check out the treasure chest 
in the SE corner of this room for a Life Element. Now leave the room and 
take the elevator down. Once on the second level, hop on the W elevator and
go down to the main passageway. Walk S and look at the man on the ground. 
Continue S, and you'll overhear a conversation with Laramee and Slayzer. 
Once you can move again, go S and talk with Laramee to leave Vangel.

[ Geltania ]

** Items: Source of Power, Elixir, Black Crystal, White Crystal, 1000 GEMs, 
Special Herb **
** Weapons & Armor: Gaia Edge, Justection **
** Magic: None **

>From Airlim, enter the town of Geltania. Once you're inside the town, you 
can go to the Apothecary, which is inside the building just NW of where you
start off in town. The "church" is located in the E part of town, in the 
building where Arcia is. Once you're done exploring the town, go through 
the passage along the N wall of the city. Inside, talk to the giant spirit
beast (no, not Korky this time). Afterwards, look at the grey stone 
impressions along the NW and NE sections of the wall to get the Gaia Edge 
and Justection. Also, investigate the solitary pillar in the NE corner of 
this room to open up a secret passage in a room chock full of treasures. 
Inside of it, there are six (yes, count 'em six) treasure chests that 
contain a Source of Power, an Elixir, a Black Crystal, a White Crystal, 1000 
GEMs, and a Special Herb. After getting all the goodies, leave the room and 
return to Airlim. Once on Airlim, press L or R once to highlight the Ruins 
of the Earth Spirits and go there.


[ Ruins of the Earth Spirits ]

** Items: Source of Power **
** Weapons & Armor: Arc Blazer **
** Magic: Translator, Fire Sphere **

Walk up to the ruin, which will then make an entrance for you to go 
through. Proceed through it, then go through the N door inside. Continue 
across the bridge, then open the treasure chest in this room to learn the 
Translator spell. Go back to the central room, then take the stairs down to
the fourth level. Look at the stone tablet, use the Translator magic, then
look at it again. Now notice that the second and third level bridges have 
aligned. You may want to use the Green Crystal, which is located in the S 
section of the fourth level. Go back up to the second level and cross the 
S bridge to reach a treasure chest containing the Arc Blazer. Equip it 
immeadiately, since it is very powerful against the Guardians that are 
located in the temple. Now backtrack to the central room of the second 
level, then go across the E bridge to reach a new section of the dungeon, 
the ruins. In this new room, go E, then down through the passage. Continue 
making your way down until you encounter the Spirit King Servant. He'll 
take you to go fight the Earth Dragon. In this room, go S until you reach 
a transporter which will take you to the middle of the room to fight the 
Earth Dragon.

<< BOSS: Earth Dragon >>

The Earth Dragon is pretty easy if you know what to do. Walk close enough 
to it so it starts to use its breath attack. Block the attack until it 
knocks you back out of the range of the attack, then dash sideways until 
the dragon can't rotate its head far enough to hit you with the breath 
attack. Now dash in, give it a Wind Slash (or two). The Wind Slashes do a 
ton more damage than regular attacks, so I really suggest that you use it. 
Dash backwards before it can hit you with its claws (or block them), then 
repeat the process all over again for an easy win. Note that the Earth 
Dragon will heal itself when given the chance (usually when you're knocked 
down), but it can't restore its LP, so try to delete the dragon's entire 
HP bar in one rush. It might be recommended to take damage up close if you 
can get the final strike in before it does another breath attack.

After beating it, you'll get a Source of Power. Walk N, ride the other 
transporter, and continue W. In this room, head SE and speak with the 
Spirit King Servant in here. In the next room, walk up to the glowing 
altar and use the stone tablet by going through your menu and selecting it. 
After getting the crest imprinted onto it, walk back down the steps and 
talk to the Spirit King Servant. After this scene, walk back to the glowing
stone and investigate it to learn the Fire Sphere spell. Now backtrack 
until you reach a large room called the Chamber of Birth. Go look at each 
one of the pillars. Afterwards, leave through the E exit, and continue 
backtracking all the way out of the Ruins of the Earth Spirits. Then return 
to Airlim.

[ Ruins of the Wind Spirits ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: Aero Force **
** Magic: None **

Once your on Airlim, press O to switch between the continents, then press 
R once to highlight Shilf, and select it. There's not much to do in Arona 
right now, so press D once to highlight Ruins of the Wind Spirits. Then 
select it by pressing X. Once you arrive, you'll find yourself already 
inside of the ruins. Go N through the passage, and continue walking N until
you reach a stone altar. Use the Translator magic, then read what's written
on the stone. When reading the text on the tablet notice that the five 
descriptive words that are read can correlate with a color. This means that
you should now walk over the teleporters in this order: green, dark blue, 
light blue, red, and lastly, yellow. Here's a graphic of the different 
colored teleporter's locations, along with the order that you should walk 
them in.


SA = Stone Altar
GC = Green Crystal
RC = Red Crystal

1 = First Teleporter (Green)
2 = Second Teleporter (Dark Blue)
3 = Third Teleporter (Light Blue)
4 = Fourth Teleporter (Red)
5 = Fifth Teleporter (Yellow)
NO = Don't use this Teleporter (Orange)

     /  RC     | SA |     GC  \
    /          |    |          \
   /            ----            \
  /                              \
 /         ----      ----         \
| 4       /    |    |    \       5 |
|        |     |    |     |        |
|        |     |....|     |        |
| 2    1 |    Entrance    | NO   3 |
+--------+                +--------+

1                      Fortu
2                      Wizard
3                      Stormer
4                      Braze
5                      Braze
NO                     ???

After stepping on a teleporter, be prepared to fight an enemy. Thanks goes
to Robert Voss ([email protected]) for making the list of the enemies 
that you fight if you step on a certain colored teleporter, I'm very 
thankful. Remember to use the Green Crystal if you got hurt in battle. 
After going on the five teleporters in order, the stone will disappear, 
allowing you access to the previously blocked N passageway. In the next 
room, walk NE to reach a transporter, which will take you to the middle of 
the room to fight the Wind Dragon.

<< BOSS: Wind Dragon >>

The Wind Dragon is much tougher than the Earth Dragon, due to its breath 
attack, which hits faster and harder, making it a lot more difficult to get
behind it for the easy damage. The good thing is that this dragon doesn't 
seem to use its claw attack on you very often, so you can sneak in a few 
more hits than you previously could with the Earth Dragon. On the down side,
this one heals itself more often and quickly, too.

After beating the Wind Dragon, go onto the W transporter. Then walk N to 
reach another Spirit King Servant. In the next room, walk up to the glowing
pedestal and use the stone tablet to imprint the Wind Crest onto it. After 
the message, walk back down to meet the Spirit King Servant, after which 
you'll receive the Aero Force, a very powerful sword. Now backtrack all the 
way back to the red crystal, and return to Airlim.

[ Ruins of the Water Spirits ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: Aero Guard **
** Magic: None **

You start off in a large octogonal-shaped room, where there's a S and an E 
door, along with a Green Crystal along the N wall. Go through the E 
doorway, and then go N to reach another one of those stone altars. Use the 
Translator magic, then read the message on the stone. Now walk clockwise 
around the room and touch the pedestal again before the room loses that 
blue hue. If you don't do it the first time, just try again by reading the
marking on the stone again. After completing the task, you'll be teleported
to a new room. Take the W exit out of this room, then walk N to reach a new
stone altar. Use Translator magic, blah, blah. Now this time, walk around 
the passage counter-clockwise before the screen reverts back to normal 
again. After you do this and then touch the stone again (before the room 
loses that blue look), you'll get warped back into the previous room that 
you were in, but you can now go through the N passageway, which was 
previously blocked by "a magic barrier" or something. In the next room, go 
E to reach a transporter. Walk onto it to fight the Water Dragon.

<< BOSS: Water Dragon >>

The Water Dragon seems to be a combo of the previous two dragons that you 
fought, though this one is actually easier than the Wind Dragon, since it 
uses its slow, streaming breath attack more often than the more effective 
shot breath attack. So the strategy is pretty much the same as the Earth 
Dragon's. Just wait for it to use the streaming breath attack, dash 
sideways a few times to get behind it, charge at it, give it a few slashes,
and then back away to repeat the process. He shouldn't really be that tough
of an opponent.

After beating the dragon, do the usual: walk N, talk to the Spirit King 
Servant, then use the Stone Tablet at the glowing pedestal, then go back 
down, talk to the Spirit King Servant again, and get the Aero Guard, some 
really nice armor. Now backtrack to the octogonal-shaped room and use the 
red crystal located here to return to Airlim.

[ Ruins of the Fire Spirits ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: Aero Barrier **
** Magic: None **

Once you're on Airlim, go to the continent of Volcos, press D until the 
cursor highlights Ruins of the Fire Spirits, then select it. Once you've 
done that, Airlim will warp you into the middle of another octogonal-shaped
room. The trick to getting out of here is this: if you walk into any of 
the bordering rooms, be sure to notice the color that you see when the room 
dims in (or just look at the diagram below ^_^). Then walk up to the 
pedestal in the room and touch it (for some reason you don't even need to 
use the Translator magic either). You'll then have to fight an enemy (which
is also listed below). Afterwards, walk over the teleporter that was the 
same color as the room was when it faded in. Then, just repeat the same 
steps in this room as you did the previous one, by touching the pedestal 
and then fighting an enemy. Once you teleport back, the teleporter should 
deactivate and turn dark grey, which means that you've "closed" that color.
Repeat these steps with all the other colors. Note, that you can reverse 
the order of closing a certain color by visiting the teleporter first and 
the room second, but I usually just do it the way previously described. 
Also, here's a visual of what rooms are what colors, along with what 
enemies you'll fight in each room.


RC = Red Crystal
GC = Green Crystal

              |   |
        /-----     -----\
       /    RC     GC    \
       |  Red       Blue |
       |                 |
     --                   --
Blue            +            Green   
     --                   --
       |                 |
       | Yellow    Green |
       \                 /
        \-----     -----/
              |   |

ROOM                  ENEMY
Yellow Wing           Braze
Green Wing            Fortu
Red Wing              Wizard
Blue Wing             Shadow
Yellow Teleporter     Braze
Green Teleporter      Fortu
Red Teleporter        Wizard
Blue Teleporter       Shadow             

Anyways, after you've done that, save and heal at the Green Crystal, then 
walk over the teleporter in the center of the main room to be teleported 
to the liar of the Fire Dragon. In this room, walk E and ride the 
transporter to approach the Fire Dragon.

<< BOSS: Fire Dragon >>

He's pretty much the same as the previous Dragons. Though he's slightly 
easier than the Wind Dragon but not as much of a pushover as the Water 
Dragon. If you wanna use magic on him from a distance, the Blizzard spell 
works pretty well while hitting it from a distance outside of its breath 

After beating it, take the W transporter, go N, and talk to the Spirit King
Servant (I do realize how repetitive this is, too). In the next room, walk
up to the glowing stone and use the Stone Tablet from your menu. Then walk
back down and you'll get the Aero Barrier after the servant leaves. Hooray!
You now have all of the Aero equipment! You'll get the highest defense in 
the game if you equip all three. Now work your way back to the large room 
with the four teleporters and then use the red crystal to leave.


[ Return to Geltania ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: Genocide **

Back on Airlim, press O to go to the continent select screen, then press L
once to highlight Zephere, select it, then select Geltania. Enter the town
and go speak with the Spirit Beast Karok in the N room of the town. After
talking, go to the pedestal in the center of the room and use the Stone 
Tablet. Note that you need to be facing the S side of the pedestal for this
to work. After a saddening scene with Korky and some anime, the barrier 
that is on the town will be released. Leave the chamber to talk to Laramee. 
Now go into the NE building and talk with Arcia. Leave the room and you'll 
automatically have a discussion with Gandor. Go back into the house you 
just left and talk with Laramee once inside. When Laramee runs off, go to 
the N part of town, and you'll see Laramee go into the Spirit Shrine. 
Follow her inside. After the animation, speak with Laramee to find out 
where you should go. So, now go BACK to the building that Arcia is in, and 
then go talk with her. You'll see a strange cutscene, gain another level, 
and learn the Genocide spell. Now go back N to the Spirit Shrine, and go 
talk with Karok. Afterwards, leave and walk to the center of town. Go up 
to the obelisk's (that funny looking tower in the middle of Geltania) S 
face and press X to open up stairs that lead to the Underground Cemetery.

[ Underground Cemetery ]

** Items: Source of Power, Life Stone, Special Herb **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Once inside, walk up to the little child. She'll keep teleporting away from
you, but continue following her until you reach a room with a teleporter in
it. Walk near the teleporter, and you'll find yourself in the Public 
Cemetery. You now need to read the messages on certain tombstones to 
proceed. But here's a diagram for all you incompetent visual people out 


X = Tombstone to read
               _   _       _   _
              | | | |     | | | |       
               _   _       _   _        
 _   _        | | |X|     | | | |        _   _
| | |X|                                 |X| | |
 _   _         +---------------+         _   _
| | | |        |      ----     |        | | | |
 _   _      +--+      ----     +--+      _   _
| | | |     |          _          |     | | | |
            ||||      / \      |||| 
 _   _      ||||      \_/      ||||      _   _
| | | |     |                     |     | | | |
 _   _      +--+      ----     +--+      _   _
| | | |        |      ----     |        | | | |
 _   _         +---------------+         _   _
| | |X|        _   _       _   _        |X| | |
              | | | |     |X| | |      
               _   _       _   _       
              | | | |     | | | |     

OK, this puzzle is really easy if you know what you're doing (and you 
should at this point of the game), since all the graves that don't work 
have directions on what to do. If you haven't guessed yet, you must look 
at certain tombstones that have special messages on them that are different
from the rest of the stock. Thankfully, you don't even have to look at them
in any particular order either. Once you've looked at all six, the screen 
will dim. Now walk to the SE section of the gravesite and talk to the old 
woman there. Say "no" when she asks if you want some GEMs, since "greed 
leads to sin". Otherwise, if you choose the "yes" option, you'll have to 
fight a Wizard. Either way, after doing whatever, go to the N side of the 
central platform and go down the stairs. Now go to the S section of this 
room and open the treasure chest there for a Source of Power. Leave the 
room, and once you're back in the Public Cemetery, walk back onto the 
teleporter. Once here, walk to the SE corner of this main room and go up 
to the child, who's now waiting in here. You're now in the Soldier Cemetery. 
In this cemetery, you actually have to read the tombstones in an order, 
so here's another visual aid to help you out.


1 = First Tombstone to read
2 = Second Tombstone to read
3 = Third Tombstone to read
4 = Fourth Tombstone to read

            _      _      _
           | |    |1|    | |

    _       +-------------+       _
   | |      |    -----    |      | |
         +--+    -----    +--+
    _    |                   |    _
   |2|   ||||             ||||   |4|
         ||||             ||||
         |                   |
    _    +--+    -----    +--+    _
   | |      |    -----    |      | |
            _      _      _
           | |    |3|    | |

Really, all you need to do is read the fourth one in the diagram last, but 
this seems to be the order that is the quickest. Once you've read the last
tombstone, it will open up a passage right behind Eon. Walk down it, and 
open the treasure chest in the W to get a Life Stone. Backtrack to the 
main room the same way as before, and now walk to the N branch of the room
to be taken to the Royal Family Cemetery. In this place, just walk up and 
investigate all of the graves, and then go to the one in the top NE to open
a passageway along the S part of the central platform. Walk down, go E and
open the treasure chest here for a Special Herb. Now backtrack to the main
room (AGAIN), walk S, and talk to the little girl. Have her join you by 
choosing the "yes" option, then you can find her mother by teleporting back 
to the Public Cemetery and speaking with the old woman in the SE corner 
(I think, you might have to talk to all of the other people in the other 
cemeteries before this will happen, I'm not sure of it, though). After the
conversation with the old woman and the child, you'll automatically be 
taken back to the main room. Now the entrance to the central room will 
appear. Walk inside to hear a speech from Layzel, and you'll then gain a 
level. Layzel's spirit will also open a hole that leads to the Imperial 
Fortress. But first you'll need to leave the Underground Cemetery and go 
speak with Arcia in Geltania first, so do just that by leaving through the 
S exit.

[ Return to Geltania ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Once you're back in Geltania, walk into the NE building of the town. 
Inside, there will be a scene where Eon gives the lifting verse to Arcia. 
Laramee will also give Eon her necklace. Now is probably the very last 
chance for you to get all the necessary items to complete the game, so be 
sure to be prepared. When you ARE ready, return to place where you spoke 
with Layzel (do this by going back into the Underground Cemetery for those 
of you who forgot already). Once there, walk up to the hole and Eon will 
jump in.


[ Imperial Fortress ]

** Items: Source of Power x2 **
** Weapons & Armor: Zeran Guard, Zeran Sword, Zeran Barrier **
** Magic: Flare Sphere, Granstream **

You'll start off on a bridge that leads to the Imperial Fortress. So, walk
S into the next room. Take the SE exit out of the next room. Now go talk 
with an injured Jeel on the bridge. Continue S until you reach a room with
a control panel and a Golem. Fight the Golem to get a Security Card. Now 
walk up to the control panel and use the System Card on it. Too bad it was
damaged in your battle, but as usual, the scepter restores it. Investigate 
the panel again to activate the elevator. You can now go through the N 
passage, where you'll reach a new area. Heal up and save at the green 
crystal, and then go through the N passage here. Ride the moving platforms
to get to a treasure chest containing a Source of Power. Now, backtrack to 
the room with the Green Crystal. Now walk W until you step onto a blue 
square, which will take you up to the second story of the fortress. In the 
room that the blue elevator takes you, fight the Golem, and then walk 
across the now-revealed walkway. Then go through the W doorway to be warped 
into a sort of psuedo-Pixim. The only thing that you can do here is talk to 
the Wise Man Wonoa, who is standing near the entrance to Afto's house. He 
will give you the Zeran Guard. You'll now be back at the Imperial Fortress. 
Go back into the room where you fought the Golem and take the blue square 
back down. Proceed going in a clockwise direction direction until you find
yourself on another blue square. Ride it up to the second story, where you
will have to fight a Sword Guard. Leave the room through the SE passage, 
then go through the N exit into a fuzzy looking Arona. Go to the NW part 
of the town, and talk to the Wise Man Zora, who's standing near one of the
windmills. You'll get the Zeran Sword from him. Back at the Imperial 
Fortress, go back into the room where you fought the Sword Guard, and take
the blue panel back down. Continue going clockwise until you reach a blue
square, and well... you know the drill. In the huey-like Tulku, talk to 
the Wise Man Gault in the N part of the town to get the Zeran Barrier. 
Backtrack, continue clockwise, you get the idea... but once you defeat the 
sorcerer, you'll receive a Source of Power. Finally take the S exit to 
get taken to the last town, where can now speak with Layzel. Answer "yes"
to his question to the Flare Sphere spell. He'll teleport you to the "room
of frustration" IMO. 

Well, in here, you'll need to first go into the NW room. Heal and save at 
the Green Crystal, and then open the treasure chest in the nook along the 
E wall of the room to get the Granstream spell (the most powerful attack 
magic in the game.... well, at least the most costly). 

(NOTE: I am writing the rest of this Walkthrough directly from my memory, 
so I apologize in advance for the vaguness of my descriptions. You should
be able to get the general idea. Now back to the Walkthrough.)

Now go down those steps in this room and look at the control panel. You'll 
have to activate the computer now, and after which, it should say something 
about inserting an ID card (I think). Any hoo, after doing that, go back 
into the central room. I'm pretty sure this is when Gandor and Laramee show 
up. After that scene, walk into the NE room. In here, defeat the baddie, 
and then talk to the engineer. He'll be impressed that you killed the guard, 
and he'll give you the "password". It is "T, T, X, O". Be sure to remember 
it or write it down somewhere. Now go back to the middle room, and follow 
these next few steps VERY carefully. Warning, this is probably the most 
frustrating part of the game if you don't know what you're doing, and I 
recommend you save again before doing these next few things. Now once you're 
back in the center room, go behind Gandor and walk up to the E wall here. 
Press X while facing the E wall, and Eon should open the door with his 
keycard. If that sounded confusing, here's a diagram to illustrate what I 
just said.


X = Where you should stand
O = Gandor
  |     X|
  | O    |
--+      +--

But now it will ask for a passcode. Remember what the engineer said? But 
read the next few sentences carefully, to make sure you don't mess up. 
After you've read all of the text boxes, you should see Eon on the map 
"T, T, X, O" in that order and nothing else, and the door should open. 
If not, then you'll have to repeat these previous steps over from your 
saved file, cause you can't do it again. Well, once you walk through the 
door, you'll see a valiant cutscene with Gandor, and you'll now ride a 
transporter that will take you to fight the boss of the Imperial Fortress, 
Gudelzepher. There might be a Green Crystal before you encounter him, and 
I really suggest that you use it.

<< BOSS: Gudelzepher >>

Don't let the goofy name fool you, Gudelzepher is something to be reckoned
with. Let me just say that you beter be prepared to take some (if not, a 
whole ton) of damage from this guy. He's basically just two giant arms and
an eyeball, which is shielded off by some claws. All of his attacks are 
unblockable and cover nearly the entire area of the room where you fight 
him. The only way that I was able to damage him was by charging at the eye 
(double-tap in the direction of the eye), running into it (this breaks 
the eye's defense for a second), and then using skills like crazy. Usually, 
you'll get knocked back by his claws or a beam he shoots out of his eye. 
Just keep repeating this, and make sure you're healthy. The Power Plus 
spell is helpful, while most attack magic sucks against him. Save your MP 
for healing and the Power Plus spell. This is probably the toughest boss 
fight in the whole game.

After defeating Gudelzepher, you'll be rewarded by some more cutscenes 
(hey, what'd you expect, a medal?! ^_^) and some anime. The game will take 
on a REALLY weird twist, and you'll find yourself in the otherworld, Hades
(they sure are good at coming up with creative names for their dungeons, 
aren't they?).

[ Hades ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

Well, you've finally reached the end-game, so you better not stop now. Just
keep proceeding through the rooms, and different side characters from 
previous parts of the game will talk to you. You should find yourself in 
a room with two Green Crystals after a while. Save here and heal, then go 
through the N door. You'll have to fight four battles against really tough
normal enemies (these guardians are harder than the actual end-boss IMO). 
In order you'll fight: a really difficult guardian, then an even more 
difficult guardian, a white dragon, and a black one. These enemies may be 
extremely strong, but they will usually yield really good items and a lot 
of MP. Once you've beaten all four, go up to the door and press X. The game
will then ask if you want to go back and train some more. Believe me, 
choose the option to NOT go back, since you'll only be able to fight those 
impossible enemies and nothing more. Plus, the enemies don't yield that 
many good items the second time either. In the next room, talk to both 
Arcia and Laramee (or their spirits, anyhow)(SIDE NOTE: Why didn't they 
have voice acting throughout the entire game?! I mean, at least this game's 
voice actors are half-way decent...kinda ^_^). You'll then have to choose 
which one of your two female friends here will have to be sacrificed. You
can get a different ending depending on who you choose. Personally, I liked 
the ending where you sacraficed Laramee the most, but the game shows some 
better animation clips from the previous parts of the game (including the 
infamous shower scene!) if you choose to pick Arcia, so I guess it's your 
decision. Better yet, why not see both endings by beating the game again! 
Well, make your choice and prepared to face Damaar!

<< BOSS: Damaar >>

Ha Ha! This is the easiest end-boss since Sepiroth! But seriously, this 
battle is more about not losing your mind to the repetitiveness of this guy
than it is worrying about dying. Sometimes this battle takes twenty minutes
to finish, other times it's five. Once you recognize his patterns, this 
battle becomes sinfully simple. You fight this on your generic Infinite 
Outer Space Level™, and you guessed it, there aren't really any boundaries 
to this place. If you back up too much into the camera, it may stop your 
progress, otherwise you can pretty much move where ever you please. Damaar 
attacks and moves around really slow, making this battle even more 
annoying. He will usually fly into the air, where you can't hit him at all 
(not even with the Rotation Cut axe skill). From his perch up there, he'll 
either dive or throw some energy discs at you (which are both easily 
blocked), or he'll drop this red crystal onto the ground. It will track you
very slowly, and since it is unblockable, dash away from it as quickly as 
you can. Or else it will envelop you, paralyse you, and allow Damaar to 
come at you and sucks your HP out of you, and refills his. Once he drops 
to your level, charge at him, and then give him three slashes (as he will
block before you can get a skill off). Just keep going after him and 
slashing as much as you can. He usually won't do anything, except for 
counter-attacking with a weak wing slash attack, but that's nothing to 
worry about. Well, I've already written too much strategy on this guy as 
it is, so I'll stop now.

After beating that weakling, sit back and watch the ending and credits 
(in which it'll show some anime from earlier parts of the game, very cool).
Congratulations! Now go see the other ending by beating the game AGAIN! 
You know you wanna!

                              - EL FIN -
"This walkthrough will self-destruct in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... What are 
you still doing here, reading this?! BOOM!!!"

-- VII. Side Quests --

[ Kel's Secret Cavern Revisited ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: Iron Shield, Moebius Shield, Moebius Armor, Avenger, 
Omega Mace **
** Magic: Scanner, Defenser, Thunder Blast **

What's makes this place so special that you should visit it again? Well, 
there's actually two reasons. I'll explain what these are in the next two


If you revisit the Kel's Secret Cavern after you raised the continent of
Aquas, the first thing that you can do is visit an old man in the NW room 
of the cave, which you may remember as being the room where you first met 
Selela. You'll need to go through a passage that's in the NW corner of the 
main cave with all the tents and fires. It was previously blocked off 
before by a man who said "This is meeting hall, only Kel's may enter" or 
something like that, for anyone who remembers. Anyways, in this room there
is an old man in the N part of the room who's standing between two torches.
Talk to him, and he will tell you that you need to collect the six spirit 
cards. If you do give them to him, he'll refill your MP to 999 every time, 
free of charge. The way that you get these Spirit Cards is by getting 
Scepter Forces, which is explained in greater detail in the Scepter section
in the Gameplay section of the FAQ. Also, if you look at one of the torches 
in this room, you'll find the Iron Shield, a pretty good shield that raises 
your DF by 5.


Did you ever wonder what those Bronze, Silver, and Gold Pieces were good 
for? Well, the answer is in the SW section of the main cave in the Kel's 
Secret Cavern. To reach the bartering man, go to the SW corner of the room,
where you'll have to walk under a passage way that looks just like a wall.
But, trust me, you can walk under it. Once you've walked under it, go talk
to the man along the very S wall who's standing between some crates. He 
will trade you different colored stones for a certain amount of Bronze, 
Silver, or Gold Pieces. But, there is a system. Each of the metal pieces 
has a set value, just like certain coins and whatnot. If you didn't notice
already, a Gold Piece is the most valuable of all the metal pieces. A 
Silver Piece is worth only half of a gold piece, so that means two pieces
of silver will be worth the same as one piece of gold. A Bronze Piece is 
worth only a fourth of a gold piece, so you need four of those to equal one
Gold Piece. Here's a little chart to better explain what I just said.

PIECE                 WORTH           PRICE
Gold Piece            1 to 1          200
Silver Piece          2 to 1          100
Bronze Piece          4 to 1          50

Now that you understand how the bartering system in Granstream Saga works,
here's the list of the stuff you get from the barterer. Previous note, but
the barterer will take lesser pieces of metal before he takes the better 
ones. For example, if you have 4 Bronze Pieces and 2 Silver Pieces, but all
that you need to give him is the equivalent of 1 Gold Piece, the barterer 
will take the 4 Bronze Pieces over the 2 Silver ones. The only exception is
when you have an uneven amount of the pieces, such as 1, 2, or 3 Bronze 
Pieces or 1 Silver Piece, and then the barterer will instead take the 
better metal piece.

Here's a neat little list of what the Barterer gives you in sequence, along
with how many gold pieces you need. 

#      ITEM                    AMOUNT OF GOLD PIECES
1.     Scanner Spell           1
2.     Defenser Spell          2
3.     Thunder Blast Spell     3
4.     Moebius Shield          4
5.     Moebius Armor           5
6.     Avenger Dagger          6 
7.     The "Secret"            10

If you really don't feel like wasting a whole 10 Gold Pieces on the 
"Secret", I wrote it down right here for your viewing pleasure.


You have found quite a lot of precious metals. Listen to these secrets...
- The Giant Card can double the number of GEMs which you collect.
- The Dragon Card can reduce the number of MPs used by half (MP = Magic).
- The Giant Card is available when you have attained "green" scepter 
- The Dragon Card is available when you have attained "rainbow" scepter
- To increase your battle status, defeat more difficult enemies quickly 
  and use special attacks.
- Lastly, the most powerful weapon is the Onimaru. It is buried on holy 
  ground, but only a special eye can see it.

[ The Wedding ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: None **

If you go back to Arona late in the game (like after you've gotten all of 
the Aero equipment) talk to the little boy standing in front of the bar, 
you might remember him being that little brat you met at the beginning of 
the game named Roddy. Choose to spend the night with him. The next 
morning, walk N to the church and enter. Inside, talk with everyone to 
find out about the situation with Ray. Now's that you've realized he's 
missing, (being the hero that you are) you better go find him. To do that, 
leave town and go to Airlim. Press U and then select Kilia Shrine.

Once you're here, walk N a little, and then talk to the sitting man at the 
entrance to the dungeon. Eon will have a conversation with him, and then 
the game will take you back to Arona, where Phyrea and Ray will thank you.
Now if you go back up to the door of the house that you're currently 
facing, you can hear the Ocarina music from the beginning of the game 
again. Aren't you pissed off that you went through with that whole thing, 
and you didn't get one damn thing? Oh well ^_^.

[ Search for Toman ]

** Items: None **
** Weapons & Armor: None **
** Magic: Blizzard **

Once in Pixim, practically everyone has something new to say, but the real 
reason to come back to Pixim is to talk with Afto. So go to Afto's house, 
which is located in the N part of town, if you forgot. After speaking with 
Afto, go into the E room of the house. Now go talk with Selela. Leave the 
room after Selela "thanks" you to veiw a cutscene with Selela and Afto. The 
next morning, walk to the W room of the house and talk to Afto to receive 
the Blizzard spell. Then talk with Afto again to learn about the missing 
Toman. Now, leave town and return to Airlim. 

Press U once you're on Airlim to highlight Icy Corridor, and then select 
it. Now that you're here, go N through the doorway to get inside. Walk N 
some more, and then go through the passage that is located on the N face 
of the large rock formation in the middle of this room. It will take you 
into that infamous rock collecting room. Inside, talk to the man in the 
brown shirt, who should just be walking around. Then talk to him again. 
This time, he'll tell you look in the NW section of the cave for 
something, so I suggest you do what he says. The thing is, you need to 
look in the EXACT spot, so I'll describe. Go into the NW corridor (duh), 
and then search on the diagonal section of wall that's just below the 
western-most wall of the corridor. If you search in the correct spot, the 
camera angle will change, and you'll find Toman's Wedding Ring. If you 
speak with the youth again after you've found it, he'll tell you what to 
do next. So leave Icy Corridor and return to Airlim. Press D once on 
Airlim, and then select Pixim.

Back in town, talk to Toman's wife. She's that lady that's standing next to
the church, which is in the SE part of the city. She'll give you a bar of 
gold, but for some reason it doesn't show up in your item list. Freakin'! 
Well, at least you got some more of the storyline in Granstream Saga (like
that's any consolation... sheesh).

-- VIII. Lists --

Here is a listing of the many different things located within this game.
If you've looked at all of the items listed under the GameShark codes, you
can tell that a few of these lists are still incomplete. If anyone has 
the stats for something that I don't have listed, especially if you have a 
Gameshark and can find out the prices for some of the Storyline Items 
please e-mail me about it.

[ Items ]

Here are the lists for the many items in the game. Pretty much everything
is self-explanatory, but NP stands for "No Price". The price is the
number of GEMs that the item costs.

Dried Herb             60        Dried out medical herb. Restores little 
Fresh Herb             100       Fresh medical herb. Restores some LP.
Special Herb           150       Best medical herb. Restores LP completely.
Low Potion             100       A potion made by a magician.
High Potion            250       Refined magical potion. Increases MP by 
Rare Potion            500       Concentrated magical potion. Increases MP 
                                 by 400.
Miracle Fruit          ???       Fruit from the Tree of Earth. Increases MP 
                                 to its maximum.
Life Stone             700       Moderately increases MP and LP.
Life Element           1500      Greatly increases MP and LP.
Elixir                 5000      Sealed with revival powers.
White Crystal          100       Contains the power of light. Restores LP
Black Crystal          150       Contains the power of darkness. Restores 
                                 MP randomly.
Bronze Piece           50        Bartering item (4-1).
Silver Piece           100       Bartering item (2-1).
Gold Piece             200       Bartering item (1-1).
Fruit of Venatawa      70        Korky's favorite fruit. Restores health.       
Panther Eye            50        Gem with mysterious powers. Detects 
Angel Feather          100       Feather sealed with escape magic. Returns 
                                 you to the start.
Ancient Mystery Stone  1000      Holds magic. BUY THIS!
Card of the Wind God   200*      Green Spirit Card. 
Card of the Water God  300*      Blue Spirit Card.  
Card of the Fire God   400*      Red Spirit Card.
Card of the Earth God  500*      Brown Spirit Card.
Card of the Giant God  800*      Grey Spirit Card.
Card of the Dragon God 1000*     Light Grey Spirit Card.
* See asteriks for STORYLINE ITEMS.

Tea Set            ???       Valos' cup and saucer.
Wind Orb           NP        From the Wise Man of the Wind.
Silver Comb        NP        Obtained in the Church Basement. Belongs to
Fake Treasure      30*       Found in the Gude Storage Room.
Magic Rock         2         Collected from the walls of the Icy Corridor.
Amulet             ???       Protects you from evil forces.
Youth Troop Emblem NP        Given to you by a boy in Pikshim (Pixim).
Geintz's Stones    ???       Used to balance Volcos.
Sulfuric Acid      500       Material needed for potion.
Soldier's Diary    NP        Obtained in Stalagmite Castle.
Acid Solution      NP        Magical potion used to dissolve cells.
Level 1 ID Card    ???       Access inside the Vangel Airship.
Level 2 ID Card    ???       Access inside the Vangel Airship.
Stone Tablet       NP        Collects the seals of the four spirit kings.
Wedding Ring       ???       Belongs to a man in Pikshim.
System Card        ???       To activate the elevator in the Imperial 
Key Card           ???       Needed for an Imperial Fortress security lock.
Coral Necklace     NP        Belongs to Laramee.
* Even though you can't actually buy any of these items, I was able to 
assume what the price would be if you could buy it from the Apothecary by
doubling the price that the Pawn Shop offers for that item, since the Pawn
Shop will pay 1/2 the price of any item that you buy.

ITEM NAME                  DESCRIPTION 
Moon Stone                 Found in Cliff Labyrinth.
Star Stone                 Found in Cliff Labyrinth.
Poem of the Wind Spirits   Use to lift the Shilf Continent.
Labyrinth Key              Unlocks the gate to the Magical Labyrinth.
Poem of the Water Spirits  Use to lift the Aquas Continent.
Crystal Ore                Found in the Gude Airship.
Spiritual Stone            Found in the Kilia Shrine.
Wind Orb                   Orb from the Wise Man of the Wind.
Water Orb                  Orb from the Wise Man of Water.
Fire Orb                   Orb from the Wise Man of Fire.
Earth Orb                  Orb from the Wise Man of Earth.
Poem of the Fire Spirits   Use to lift the Volcos Continent.
Poem of the Earth Spirits  Use to lift the Zephere Continent.
Level 1 ID Card            Access inside the Vangel Airship.
Level 2 ID Card            Access inside the Vangel Airship.
Cogwheel                   Found in the basement of the Kilia Shrine.
Wind Crest                 Opens passageways in the Wise Man's Cemetery.
System Card                Activates the elevator in the Imperial Fortress.
Translucent Crystal        Possessed by the Imperial Wizard.
Cell Key                   Key for the underground cell.
Valve Handle               Found inside the Stalagmite Castle.

[ Equipment ]

In this game, there are only three kinds of equipment. They are: weapons,
armor, and shields. Generally you use weapons to attack your enemies so 
they will affect your AT. Armor defends against direct attack, and it will
affect your DF. While Shields block attacks, they may have special benefits
and disadvantages, such as raising AT, but lowering DF.


NAME               AT     DESCRIPTION
Dirk               12     Simple, lightweight dagger. Good for nimble 
Executor           20     
Holy Knife         30     Increases the probability of obtaining items.
Avenger            45     Produced from a special metal. Absorb's enemy's 
* All daggers have an inherent Triple Cut ability.

NAME               AT     DESCRIPTION
Broadsword         20     Long blade sword. Quick with good attacking power.
Bastard Sword      30     Forged with a wide blade. Long reach with high
                          attacking power.
Flare Saber        50     Increases damage to enemies that are weak against
Valhalla           50     Increases damage to enemies that are weak against
Arc Blazer         50     Increases damage to enemies that are weak against
Aero Force         90     Most balanced attack ability.
Zeran Sword        95*    Only effective against certain enemies.
Onimaru            250    Famous phantom sword. The ultimate sword.
* The Zeran Sword will have an AT of 125 when you have the Zeran Guard and
the Zeran Barrier equipped.

NAME               AT     DESCRIPTION
Battle Axe         40     Slow, but increased attack power.
Tyrano Fang        80     Gives a powerful hit with its sharp edge.
Gaia Edge          120    Blade of Spirit King.
Omega Mace         180    Mace with sacred powers. Increased damage.

NAME               DF     DESCRIPTION
Battle Suit        20     Simple armor providing weak protection.
Plate Mail         30     Many layers, strong protection.
Cross Mail         28     Unique magic features, but weaker protection.
Plate Armor        66     Thick, but lightweight.
Wisdom Cloak       54     Magical armor with sacred powers. Good for                           
                          avioding enemy attacks.
Moebius Armor      50     Strongest protection against magic attacks.
Aero Guard         77*    Best defensive features overall.
Zeran Guard        87**   Best armor for direct attacks.
* When the Aero Guard is equipped with the Aero Force and the Aero Barrier,
the DF will become 100.
** When equipped with the Zeran Sword and Zeran Barrier, the Zeran Guard
will only have a DF of 85.

NAME               DESCRIPTION
Steel Shield       A small lightweight shield. No special effects.
Neptune            Shield with special magic. Resists ice attacks. AT +1,
                   DF -1.
Iron Shield        Large alloy shield. DF +5.
Mercury            Shield with special magic. Resists fire attacks. AT +1,
                   DF -1.
Justection         Displays special powers when used with sacred armor. AT 
                   +2, DF +1
Moebius Shield     Decreases damage from magical attacks.
Aero Barrier       Increases defense power. DF +3.
Zeran Barrier      Increases attack power. AT +5, DF -2.   

[ Magic ]

There's lots of different magic throughout the game, some of it beneficial
and others necessary to complete the game. The magic ranges from healing,
raising your stats, giving the enemy status problems, and of course, 
attacking. The menu screen splits the magic into two categories, just as
it is listed here. The top part is magic that you can use while on the map
screen, the place where you do all of the exploring and interacting. While
the lower part represents all of the magic you can use in the battle 
screen. This is when you're fighting enemies. Note that some spells are in
both sections.

Healing        40     Restores LP (low).
Strong Heal    70     Restores LP (medium).
Max Heal       100    Restores LP (maximum).
Airlim Return  90     Returns you to the start.
Evil Stop      120    Freezes enemies for a short time.
Scanner        15     Detects Mimics.
Translator     1      Deciphers ancient letters.
Genocide       250    Kill all unarmored enemies.

Healing        40     Restores LP (low).
Strong Heal    70     Restores LP (medium).
Max Heal       100    Restores LP (maximum).
Power Plus     30     Increases attack power for 20 seconds.
Guard Plus     30     Increases defensive power for 20 seconds.
Silence        80     Enemy magic sealed for 10 seconds.
Defenser       100    Disables enemy attack for 10 seconds.
Flame Shot     15     Fire ball attack.
Heat Storm     30     Fire wall attack.
Frost Arrow    15     Icicle attack.
Blizzard       60     Avalanche attack.
Lightning      40     Lightning attack.
Thunder Blast  80     Lightning storm attack.
Fire Sphere    100    Small explosion.  
Flare Sphere   180    Huge explosion.
Granstream     300    Ultimate magic attack.

[ Skills ]

Skills are strong attacks that require a special motion to perform. You 
will learn skills by obtaining a weapon that has the attack within it. But 
once you learn it by obtaining that weapon, all of the other weapons in 
its category will be able to use the skill, too. But you can't carry over 
skills for one kind of weapon, to another. For example: Once you get the 
Tyrano Fang, you can use Rotation Cut with all of the other axes, but you 
can't use it with swords or daggers. Also, the damage from a multi-hit 
skill will carry over to the next HP meter if you deplete the enemies 
current one, too.

SKILL NAME         COMMAND                                 WEAPON
Z Triple Cut       Motion L, D, R + Attack                 Executor
Screw Cut          Motion R, D, L + Attack                 Holy Knife
Quad Thrust        Hold U + Attack x4                      Avenger

SKILL NAME         COMMAND                                 WEAPON
Triple Cut         Attack, Attack, Attack                  Bastard Sword
Wind Buster        Motion L, D, R + Attack                 Valhalla
Spinning Blow      Motion R, D, L + Attack                 Arc Blazer

SKILL NAME         COMMAND                                 WEAPON
Rotation Cut       Motion U, R, D, L, U + Attack           Tyrano Fang
Cyclone Chop       Motion L, D, R + Attack                 Gaia Edge
Cross Cut          Motion R, D, L + Attack                 Omega Mace

[ Enemies ]

Here's a bit of explanation for the Enemies Lists. Once you play through
a bit of the game, you'll realize that there are many different enemies,
but most of them can be put into a certain category. That is what the 
TYPE is. I listed the specific names of all the enemies in that category,
and I listed them in order of weakest to toughest, going from up to down.
The LOCATION is where you'll find these enemies. I give a sort of GENERAL
STRATEGY for all of the categories, but certain high-end characters in a
category might have a slightly different strategy than the one listed, 
since they might have a extra attack that messes up the pattern that is
used to usually defeat an enemy in that category. When I refer to a number
of slashes, I'm assuming that you are using a sword. Substitute a sword 
slash with two dagger slashes or a half of an axe slash. Also, here's some 
general advice about defeating certain enemies in certain locations. To
win battles in the fire and water lands, use the sword with an elemental
opposite of the environment (ex. use the Valhalla when on Volcos). That 
about wraps it up. So enjoy yourself.

TYPE: Soldier

NAMES             LOCATION
Soldier           Wise Man's Cemetery, Vangel, Kel's Secret Cavern
High Soldier      Kel's Secret Cavern, Return to Vangel
Swordsman         Return to Vangel
High Swordsman    Return to Vangel

Back away, charge, slash 3 times, repeat. Some of the later level Soldiers 
can sneak in an attack in between the second and third slashes, so you may
not want to take the third slash against them if you can help it.
TYPE: Guardian

NAMES             LOCATION
Guardian          Kilia Shrine
High Guardian     Kilia Shrine
Death Guardian    Kilia Shrine
Shadow            Ruins of the Earth Spirits 
Braze             Ruins of the Earth Spirits, Ruins of the Wind Spirits
Fortu             Ruins of the Earth Spirits, Ruins of the Wind Spirits
Stormer           Ruins of the Wind Spirits

Back away by dashing backwards, side step the laser attack, charge, slash
twice. May be possible to sneak in another extra slash.
TYPE: Mutant

NAMES             LOCATION
Slasher           Kilia Shrine
Ripper            Kilia Shrine
Marauder          Stalagmite Castle
Head Hunter       Stalagmite Castle

Back away, side step the dashing claw attack, slash twice. Keep blocking
until it does a standing slash or a claw poke, then counter attack with
two or three slashes. Do not counter after it does a kick attack. Watch
out for its unblockable super move, and avoid it by side stepping or 
dashing under it while its in the air.
TYPE: Mimic

NAMES             LOCATION
Mimic             Vangel, Kilia Shrine, Magical Labyrinth, Lava Caves, 
                  Return to Vangel

Side step, slash once, repeat. NOTE: These usually contain a very high 
number of GEMs in them, along with an item, so they usually are worth 
TYPE: Sorcerer

NAMES             LOCATION
Sorcerer          Kilia Shrine
Legar             Magical Labyrinth, Kel's Secret Cavern, Labyrinth of 
Herferg           Return to Vangel
Wizard            Ruins of the Earth Spirits, Ruins of the Wind Spirits, 
                  Ruins of the Fire Spirits, Underground Cemetery
Kijil             Imperial Fortress
Drifer            Imperial Fortress

Block the first spell it casts, then dash and slash as many times as 
possible. Do not try to attack it when it makes a barrier around itself.
Instead, just wait until the barrier goes away, then repeat the previous
steps. They will heal themselves if left alone for too long though, so 
always be attacking.
TYPE: Golem

NAMES             LOCATION
Command Golem     Magical Labyrinth
Ice Golem         Labyrinth of Punishment
Stone Statue      Labyrinth of Punishment
Assault Golem     Imperial Fortress
Buster Golem      Imperial Fortress

Just counter-attack with one slash (sometimes it's possible to sneak in 
two) after each one of his attacks. Every single one his moves have 
priority over your attacks, and the only way to stun him is by depleting
its entire HP meter. The best way to avoid a Golem's super move is by
dashing away backwards, or sneaking in enough hits to stun him, since the
super is so slow.
TYPE: Dino

NAMES             LOCATION
Jargo             Kel's Secret Cavern
Zillo             Kel's Secret Cavern
Grates            Lava Caves
Rampage           Lava Caves

Move away, then block its rolling ball attack, and slash 3 times. If you
back away and it doesn't immeadiately start the rolling ball attack, it
probably means it is going to perform its super move. Prevent getting hit
by its super by charging it, then slashing as soon as possible.
TYPE: Spider

NAMES             LOCATION
Slarg             Kel's Secret Cavern
Balage            Kel's Secret Cavern
Bazam             Lava Caves
Venom             Lava Caves

Move or dash away, charge, slash 3 times. Repeat. These guys should be 
puddy in your hands, they're so easy to defeat. Just as long as you keep
using hit and run tactics, these guys won't even be able to damage you
since they have no range, not even with their super move.
TYPE: Ultimate Life Form

NAMES             LOCATION
Roper             Stalagmite Castle
Slag              Stalagmite Castle
Blob              Return to Vangel

Stay away from it, until it raises up into its attacking form. Then charge,
and slash three times. All of its attacks don't even have priority over
your charge, so they should be pretty easy.
TYPE: Sword Guard

NAMES              LOCATION
Blade              Imperial Fortress
Royal Guard        Imperial Fortress

See Guardian strategy, the only exception is they're much quicker, have 
a much faster ranged attack, and they don't block as often.
TYPE: Bosses

NAMES              LOCATION
Bordlang           Kilia Shrine
Levante            Labyrinth of Punishmen
Hergezod           Stalagmite Castle
Earth Dragon       Ruins of the Earth Spirits
Wind Dragon        Ruins of the Wind Spirits
Water Dragon       Ruins of the Water Spirit
Fire Dragon        Ruins of the Fire Spirits
Gudelzepher        Imperial Fortress
Damaar             Hades

Just see each one of their individual strategies in the Walkthrough.
[ Shops ]

I've listed the inventories for all of the Apothecaries in the game, as 
well as all of the prices for these items.

ITEM                  PRICE
Dried Herb            60        
Fresh Herb            100
Low Potion            100
High Potion           250
Fruit of Venatawa     70
Panther Eye           50
Angel Feather         100
Life Element          1500

ITEM                  PRICE
Ancient Mystery Stone 1000
Dried Herb            60
Fresh Herb            100
High Potion           250
Fruit of Venatawa     70
Panther Eye           50
Angel Feather         100
Bronze Piece          50

ITEM                  PRICE
Fresh Herb            100
Low Potion            100
High Potion           250
Rare Potion           500
Fruit of Venatawa     70
Panther Eye           50
Angel Feather         100
Silver Piece          100

ITEM                  PRICE
Sulfuric Acid         500
Ancient Mystery Stone 1000*
Rare Potion           500*
Fresh Herb            100
Low Potion            100
High Potion           250
Fruit of Venatawa     70
Panther Eye           50
Angel Feather         100
Silver Piece          100
* You can only buy the Ancient Mystery Stone if you've already purchased 
the Sulfuric Acid. Likewise, you can only buy Rare Potions if you've 
already bought the Ancient Mystery Stone.

ITEM                  PRICE
Special Herb          150
Rare Potion           500
White Crystal         100
Black Crystal         150
Fruit of Venetawa     70
Angel Feather         100
Elixir                5000
Gold Piece            200

-- IX. Secrets and Codes --

[ Game Shark Codes ]

I got all of these codes off of The GameShark Code Creators' Club 
(www.cmgsccc.com). I take no credit for them. If someone would like to
take the time to confirm some or all of these codes for me, I would be
very grateful, since I don't personally have a GameShark. Use at your own

1 Infinite GP                                   801C915C 869F
                                                801C915E 0001 
2 Have Wind Orb                                 301C9100 0001 
3 Have Moon Stone                               301C9101 0001 
4 Have Star Stone                               301C9102 0001 
5 Have Tea Set                                  301C9103 0001 
6 Have Broken Sword                             301C9104 0001 
7 Have Ocarina Book                             301C9105 0001 
8 Have Amulet                                   301C9106 0001 
9 Have Magic Rock                               301C9107 0001 
10 Have Wedding Ring                            301C9108 0001 
11 Have Youth Troop Emblem                      301C9109 0001 
12 Have Prison Key                              301C910A 0001 
13 Have Ziruas's Potion                         301C910B 0001 
14 Have Geintz's Stones                         301C910C 0001 
15 Have Neutralizing Solution                   301C910D 0001 
16 Have Acid Solution                           301C910E 0001 
17 Have Gandor's Dagger                         301C910F 0001 
18 Have Stone Tablet                            301C9110 0001 
19 Have Fishing Equipment                       301C9111 0001 
20 Have Gold Piece                              301C9112 0001 
21 Have Silver Piece                            301C9113 0001 
22 Have Bronze Piece                            301C9114 0001 
23 Have Coral Necklace                          301C9115 0001 
24 Have Level 1 ID Card                         301C9116 0001 
25 Have Level 2 ID Card                         301C9117 0001 
26 Have Sulfuric Acid                           301C9118 0001 
27 Have Fake Treasure                           301C9119 0001 
28 Have Card of Wind God                        301C911A 0001 
29 Have Card of Water God                       301C911B 0001 
30 Have Card of Fire God                        301C911C 0001 
31 Have Card of Earth God                       301C911D 0001 
32 Have Card of Giant God                       301C911E 0001 
33 Have Card of Dragon God                      301C911F 0001 
34 Have Soldier's Diary                         301C9120 0001 
35 Have Key Card                                301C9121 0001 
36 Have System Card                             301C9122 0001 
37 Have Cell Key                                301C9123 0001 
38 Have Piece of Metal                          301C9124 0001 
39 Have Silver Comb                             301C9125 0001 
40 Have Decayed Crest                           301C9126 0001 
41 Have Burnt Sword                             301C912A 0001 
42 Have Gem                                     301C912C 0001 
43 Have Source of Power                         301C912D 0001 
44 Have 99 Elixirs                              301C912E 0063
45 Have 99 Anicent Mystery Stones               301C912F 0063 
46 Have 99 Dried Herbs                          301C9130 0063 
47 Have 99 Fresh Herbs                          301C9131 0063 
48 Have 99 Special Herbs                        301C9132 0063
49 Have 99 Low Potions                          301C9133 0063 
50 Have 99 High Potions                         301C9134 0063 
51 Have 99 Rare Potions                         301C9135 0063 
52 Have 99 Life Elements                        301C9136 0063 
53 Have 99 Miracle Fruits                       301C9137 0063 
54 Have 99 Life Stones                          301C9138 0063 
55 Have 99 Angel Feathers                       301C9139 0063
56 Have 99 Panther Eyes                         301C913A 0063 
57 Have 99 Fruit of Venatawas                   301C913B 0063 
58 Have 99 White Crystals                       301C913C 0063 
59 Have 99 Black Crystals                       301C913D 0063 
60 Have All Weapons                             801C9140 FFFF
61 Have All Shields                             801C9144 FFFF 
62 Have All Armor                               801C9148 FFFF 
63 Have All Magic                               801C914C FFFF
                                                801C914E FFFF
                                                801C9150 FFFF 
64 Have All Scepters                            801C9154 FFFF
                                                801C9156 FFFF 
65 Infinite Health In Battle                    800C0F04 001E 
66 Level 99                                     801C9820 0063 
67 Max MP                                       801C981E 03E7 
68 Max HP                                       80094380 00FF
                                                801C981C 00FF 
69 Max AT                                       80094386 00FF 
70 Max DF                                       80094388 00FF 
71 Max LP                                       8009437E 0011 
72 Weapon Equipped Modifier                     80088494 000? 
73 Shield Equipped Modifier                     80088492 000? 
74 Armor Equipped Modifier                      80088490 000? 
75 Battle Magic Equipped Modifier               80088496 000? 
76 Infinite Magic In Battle                     800C0F06 03E7 
77 Have All Items                               50003E01 0000
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed!)                      301C9100 0001
Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier 
0 - DIRK

Quantity Digits to Accompany Shield Modifier 

Quantity Digits to Accompany Armor Modifier 

Quantity Digits to Accompany Battle Magic Modifier 

[ Game Shark Glitch Trick ]

I was sent this trick by Jeremy Brochue ([email protected]), could 
someone else verify this for me, as I don't have a Game Shark.

"If you have a Game Shark, put in the codes so you start with all six of
the the Cards of the ... Gods with no other codes on. When it restarts, 
the part where the THQ logo ussually is, the game freezes and voices begin
to talk."

-- X. Credits --

Here's where I give tribute to all those wonderful souls who've helped me 
out in their own little way. This FAQ wouldn't be what it is without the 
aid of these people. If you contributed to this FAQ and I forgot to add 
your name to the list, just e-mail me again, and I'll be sure to do it.

Myself ([email protected]) - For working so hard on this, even though I
slack off on this FAQ sometimes.

Bike Rammer???? ([email protected]) - Giving me the location of the all-
powerful Onimaru and what happens if you give all six Spirit Cards to the 
old man in the Kel's Secret Cavern.

Jeremy Brochue ([email protected]) - For sending in the Game Shark 
Glitch Trick.

The GameShark Code Creators Club (www.cmgsccc.com) - For letting me use 
the codes off their site on this FAQ. 

Paul Gilbert ([email protected]) - This guy has given me so much stuff, 
I can't even remember it all. Some examples are: a bunch of stuff about the 
scepter forces, the first one to tell me about the location of the 
Executor, and some of the theories on the Card of the Dragon God and the 
Onimaru, and giving me the color of the Card of the Dragon God, among 

Chris Judd ([email protected]) - For correcting me about the 
walkthrough section of Return to Gude. 

Maverick ([email protected]) - Thanks for (pretty much) writing the last 
part of the Walkthrough for me. Or at least it used to be the last part 
of the Walkthrough.

Paul Niekus - Fore telling me more about the Barterer and their prices.

Chris Nathan ([email protected]) - For emailing me with the location 
of the Fire Sphere spell.

Toni Tingley ([email protected]) - For helping me out by telling 
me what I wrote wrong with the Imperial Fortress.

Robert Voss ([email protected]) - For reminding me to add some 
missing things to my FAQ, along with giving me the order of the enemies 
that you fight in the Ruins of the Wind Spirits.

-- XI. Legal Mumbo Jumbo --

Yeah, I know that I'm copying off of a copy of a copy of Zach Keene's 
Einhänder FAQ (with a few copied renditions of my own, of course), but he 
phrases it so well...

 This Granstream Saga FAQ is (C) 1998 Robert Stone. As Grand Pimp-Daddy 
of Copyrightedness, I grant upon thee the following rights:

1) Thou mayst give this FAQ to whomever you so choose. The key word here is
   "give". If anybody gets paid for this, it darn well better be me. :)

2) Thou mayst put this FAQ up on thine website, so long as it remains
   completely intact. And I do mean completely. But, please e-mail me 
   before you do so.

(Oh yeah, Zach Keene just wishes he was a Pimp-Daddy like me ^_^, and if
you're reading this, Zach, I'm just kidding)

The Unofficial Granstream Saga FAQ (c) 1999 by Robert Stone. 
The Granstream Saga (c) 1998 THQ, Sony Computer Entertainment

                              !!!The End!!!

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