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               _________________      ____         __________
              /                 |    /    \       |          \
             /    ______   _____|   /      \      |    ___    |
             \    \    |   |       /   /\   \     |   |___>   |
              \    \   |   |      /   /__\   \    |         _/
       ________>    |  |   |     /            \   |   |\    \_______
      |            /   |   |    /    ______    \  |   | \           |
      |___________/    |___|   /____/      \____\ |___|  \__________|
        ____    __    _____   ____         __________      _________
       \    \  /  \  /    /  /    \       |          \    /         |
        \    \/    \/    /  /      \      |    ___    |  /    ______|
         \              /  /   /\   \     |   |___>   |  \    \
          \            /  /   /__\   \    |         _/    \    \
           \    /\    /  /            \   |   |\    \______>    |
            \  /  \  /  /    ______    \  |   | \              /
             \/    \/  /____/      \____\ |___|  \____________/

Star Wars Demolition FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.01
By Dan Outhier ([email protected]) (Anti-spam measures in effect,
remove the second "o" in "coom" to send mail)

Version 1.01 (December 30, 2000)
Added updates to Aurra Sing's character evaluation and Wittin's endings.
Version 1.00 (December 29, 2000)
First version, this has the info I've accumulated after 4 days' worth of


1. Basic Stuff
2. Character Evaluations
3. Weapon Evaluations
4. Power-up Evaluations
5. Level Guide- Coming Soon!
6. Strategy
7. Cheat codes
8. Story/Endings
9. Legal info

1. Basic Stuff
Star Wars: Demolition is the latest Star Wars title for Playstation as of
Christmas 2000.  It is a vehicular combat game similar to Twisted Metal, Rogue
Trip, and Vigilante 8.  Demolition was created by Luxoflux, creators of
Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8: Second Offense, and published by Activision. 
Basically what you do in this game is pick a character/vehicle, then blast the
heck out of all your opponents.  Pretty straightforward, huh?

Controls (Default):
Left:	Turn Left
Right:	Turn Right
Up:	Nothing
Down:	Nothing
X:	Accelerate
[]:	Brake
/\:	Rear View
O:	Switch Targets (only if Auto-Target is off)

When you start the game for the first time, you will be prompted to create a
player profile.  Enter your name and confirm.  Now your progress will be saved
under your name.  If other people want to play, they can either use your
profile (if you let them) or create a new one (up to 8 can be stored on 1
memory card, using up 1 file.)

The Main Menu
Player Profiles
Use to create a new user profile, or select one from the list to resume your

1-Player Games
Play the game with 1 player.

2-Player Games
Play the game with 2 players.

Setup the game.

Game types
All game types can be played by 1 or 2 players.

Engage in a single battle against up to 4 foes.  In 2-player mode, you can
choose vs. battle or co-op battle.

Tournament Mode
The main game mode, play through 4 battles of increasing difficulty.  In
2-player mode, both players have to survive in order to advance.

High Stakes Mode
A series of 1-on-1 battles, with each player wagering a number of credits on
him/herself.  The winner gains a percentage fo the wager, based on his/her
win/loss record.  A worse win/loss record means worse odds, which translates
into a higher payoff.  For instance, if you have lost more than you have won,
you will gain more credits than you bet if you win.  The first player to win
10,00 credits is declared the victor.

Hunt-a-Droid Mode
Hunt down Imperial Probe Droids and waste 'em.  Try to destroy as many as you
can in the time limit.


If this is on, the target for your attacks is selected automatically.  If it is
off, you have to use the target selection button (default is O) to switch

Smart Computer
Turns on/off the in-game text messages (Warning: Weapon Energy Low! and such.)

Recharge Stations
Enables/disables shield and weapon recharge stations.

Enables/disables combat droids (Power, R2, and Tactical- more on these later.)

Enables/disables the various powerups like Cloaking Device and Energy

Adjust the opponents' skill level and damage done by weapons (affects
everyone's weapons, even yours.)

Allows you to adjust the control settings.

Adjust the volume of music and sound effects, set stereo or mono output, and
set whether level music loops, goes in sequence (level 1, level 2, etc.) or is

View the credits

When you exit the Options screen, it will auto-save the settings.

2.  Character Evaluations

Wade Vox
Vehicle: Landspeeder
Special Weapon: Force Blast

Armor: 6
Speed: 8
Weapon: 3

Comments:  His Force Blast is fairly short-ranged and doesn't track, so get in
close before you try to use it, and keep your enemy in your sights.

Vehicle: AAT (Episode I Battle Tank)
Special Weapon: Tank Cannon

Armor: 10
Speed: 3
Weapon: 3

Commnets:  His Tank Cannon is slow and doesn't track, so by the time it gets
where you aimed it, the target will be long gone, unless you can anticipate
your opponent's movements.

Aurra Sing
Vehicle: Custom Swoop
Special Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Armor: 2
Speed: 6
Weapon: 8

Comments:  Awww, yeah, baby!  I LOVE Aurra Sing!  Her sniper rifle tracks
opponents, and can hit from across the level, provided there isn't anything
between you and the target. **UPDATE: I found out that the rifle projectile
actually ricochets, meaning that it CAN hit a target if there is something in
the way!  The ricochet can also cause it to hit multiple targets if they are
close together.  END UPDATE** It does respectable damage, too.

General Otto
Vehicle: AT-ST
Special Weapon: Concussion Grenades

Armor: 8
Speed: 2
Weapon: 6

Comments: He's horrendously slow, the only vehicle slower is the Rancor.  His
Concussion Grenade Launcher throws a spread of bouncy explosives in an arc in
front of the walker.

Tia & Ghia
Vehicle: Snowspeeder
Special Weapon: Tow Cable

Armor: 7
Speed: 9
Weapon: 1

Comments:  The Tow Cable does horribly low damage, but you can have fun by
hitting somebody with it, then running through a trap such as the boulder on
Yavin or the carbonite chambers on Bespin.
Or just snare 'em and throw out lots of Thermal Detonators. 8)

Boba Fett
Vehicle: Jetpack
Special Weapon: Disintegrator

Armor: 1
Speed: 4
Weapon: 10

Comments:  The coolest villain in the series after Darth Maul, and he rocks,
too.  His Disintegrator launches a big purple ball that throws out lightning
bolts which freeze vehicles in their tracks and do massive damage.

Tamtel Skreej (Secret Character)
Vehicle: Desert Skiff
Special Weapon: Skiff Deck Gun

Armor: 5
Speed: 7
Weapon: 4

Comments:  This is Lando Calrissian in his Palace Guard disguise.  His Skiff
Deck Gun fires a tracking projectile, similar to Aurra Sing's Sniper Rifle, but
slower and more damaging.  To unlock him, you need to score an Ultimate Victory
with both Wade Vox and Boba Fett.

Wittin (Secret Character)
Vehicle: Remote Controlled STAP with Battle Droid pilot
Special Weapon: Ion Blast

Armor: 3
Speed: 5
Weapon: 8

Comments:  His Ion Blast immobilizes the target and knocks it down. To unlock
him, you need to score an ultimate victory with both Aurra Sing and Quagga.

Pugwis (Secret Character)
Vehicle: Custom Racing Pod
Special Weapon: Sonic Boom

Armor: 4
Speed: 10
Weapon: 3

Comments:  This  is Sebulba's (from Episode 1) grandson. His Sonic Boom gives
the Pod a turbo boost that propels it past the sound barrier, creating a
shockwave that does decent damage in a wide radius.  Also, if you ram someone
while boosted, it does big-time damage.  To unlock him, you need to score an
ultimate victory with both General Otto and Tia & Ghia.

Malakili (Secret Character)
Vehicle: Rancor
Special Weapon: Grab and Throw

Armor: 9
Speed: 1
Weapon: 6

Comments:  He's horribly slow, but his armor is great, and his Grab and Throw
really hurts!  Basically, the Rancor throws a tantrum for the special, pounding
the ground twice to create a shockwave similar to a level 4 Thermal Detonator. 
Note that if the Rancor's arms touch a vehicle on the first hit, it will pick
up the vehicle, pound it on the ground, then hurl it across the arena.  To
unlock him, you need to score an ultimate victory with Tamtel Skreej, Pugwis,
and Wittin.

Lobot (Secret Character)
Vehicle: Combat Cloudcar
Special Weapon: Carbonite Ball

Armor: 8
Speed: 7
Weapon: 2

Comments: This is Lando's assistant with the computer in his head from The
Empire Strikes Back.  His Carbonite Ball has a short range, and freezes the
target for a long time. To unlock him, you need to score an ultimate victory
with Malakili.

Boussh (Secret Character)
Vehicle: Speeder Bike
Special Weapon: Thermal Detonator

Armor: 2
Speed: 6
Weapon: 8

Comments: Boussh (pronounced "Bosh") is the bounty hunter Leia impersonates at
the beginning of Return of the Jedi to free Han Solo.  His Thermal Detonator is
thrown at the targetted vehicle, and does heavy damage in a medium radius.

Darth Maul  (Secret Character)
Vehicle: Sith Speeder
Special Weapon: Double Lightsaber

Armor: 3
Speed: 5
Weapon: 8

Comments: The Sith Speeder is the U-shaped speeder bike Darth Maul leaps off of
before the battle on Tatooine.  His Double Lightsaber is attached to the
handlebars, and can be used to hit multiple times by simple driving past
another vehicle closely. To unlock him, you need to score an ultimate victory
with Malakili.

3. Weapon Evaluations

Tractor Beam
L1: Grabs your opponent.
L2: Repulses your opponent.
L3: Repulses multiple opponents.
L4: Repulses and damages multiple opponents.

I hate the tractor beam.  It works well against me by keeping me from getting
the power-ups I need, but I rarely use it myself.

Thermal Detonator
L1: Drops a TD behind your vehicle.
L2: Buries 2 detonators in the ground which act like land mines.
L3: Launches 3 TDs forward.
L3: Launches a huge TD that causes a shockwave when it goes off.

Thermal Detonators are ok, but I'd rather have Concussion Missiles, or better
yet, Proton Torpedoes.

Concussion Missiles
L1: Launches a missile which tracks slowly.
L2: Launches 2 missiles which stick close together.
L3: Launches 3 missiles in a spread.
L4: Launches 3 missiles that stick together and act as 1.

I like the Concussion Missiles, but they are a bit slow, meaning that Final
Blows are hard to land with them.

Proton Torpedoes
L1: Launches a torpedo that is fast and powerful, but doesn't track and wastes
a lot of weapon power.
L2: Launches a torpedo that is even faster than level 1.
L3: Launches a torpedo that is twice as powerful as level 1.
L4: Fires a short-range, super-powerful stream of protons.

This is my favorite weapon.

4. Power-up Evaluations

Cloaking Device

           | (Purple)

Turns you invisible and makes you disappear from your opponent's radar, but
deactivates your shields.  Very useful.

Deflector Shield

/         \
 ---------       (Blue)
Makes you impervious to blaster shots, but has no effect on other types of
weapons.  Pretty useless if you ask me.

Energy Converter

_________      (Yellow)
|        \

When you get hit by blasters, it will increase your weapon and shield energy
slightly.  OK, but the Cloaking Device is better.

R2 Droid
Looks like R2-D2.  Constantly repairs your armor.  Very useful for staying
alive in tough battles.  Also, if you get one and wait for it to repair your
armor to full before delivering the final hit to the last enemy, you won't have
to spend any credits on repairs.

Power Droid
Looks like a trash can.  Increases your weapon energy's maximum capacity.  Also
increases your rate of fire.  The worst of the droids IMHO.

Tactical Droid
Looks like a floating sphere with a blaster turret.  Automatically attacks
nearby enemies and makes your weapons charge faster.  This one is all right,
but the R2 is still the best IMHO.

Shield Recharge Station
This will be an area with a blue force-field type of thing around it.  Go
inside to recharge your shields much faster than the normal recharge rate. 
Note that in High Stakes and Tournament this will drain your credits at a rate
of about 20 per second

Weapon Recharge Station
This will be an area with a red force-field type of thing around it.  Go inside
to recharge your weapon energy much faster than the normal recharge rate.  Note
that in High Stakes and Tournament this will drain your credits at a rate of
about 20 per second.

5. Level Guide
Coming Soon!

6. Strategy

Force Hits
Force Hits are a great way to rack up some serious credits.  To score a Force
Hit, first hit an enemy with a L2 blaster attack, a L3 blaster attack, or a
mounted weapon.  This will light up a number of yellow pips (Force Multipliers)
on the left edge of your status display.  Once you have at least one lit up,
unleash a level 4 attack (either weapon) to score a Force Hit.  The screen will
display the words "(Your name) scores Force Hit x(#)!" where the # is the
number of Force Multipliers that were lit up when you did the Force Hit. 
Beware, if an opponent hits you with a L2 or L3 blaster attack, or a mounted
weapon, it will decrease your Force Multipliers.

Final Blows
Another way to score some big cash, Final Blows can only be done when a vehicle
has been demolished (no armor left), but before it's destroyed (blows up.)  To
do a Final Blow, charge up both your mounted weapon and your lasers to L4, then
hit the vehicle with both.  Note that they must both hit at the same time, so
slower weapons such as Concussion Missiles should be fired slightly before the
other weapon, unless you are very close.

How to get an Ultimate Victory
To get an Ultimate Victory (essential for unlocking new vehicles), you need to
clear Tournament Mode with more than 10,000 credits.  Here are a few guidlines
for doing so.

1.  Employ hit-and-run tactics using Force Hits.
2.  Try to hit multiple times with mounted weapons or L2 and L3 laser attacks
to build up those Force Multipliers to 6 or more before scoring a Force Hit.
3.  Try to find the R2 Droid to minimize the armor damage to your vehicle, so
that your repair cost is as low as possible.
4.  Use Cloaking Device Power-Ups to attack undetected, especially if you have
a slow vehicle such as the AAT, AT-ST, or Rancor, which can't rely on speed to
surprise opponents.
5.  Set the damage to High in the Options> Preferences menu.

Here's a chart of how many credits you should try to have at the end of each

1: 2,000 or more
2: 4,000 or more
3: 7,000 or more
4: 10,000 or more

This shouldn't be too hard, since you score an average of 1,000 credits per
kill on High damage.
You start with 1,000 credits, and there are 10 opponents, which comes to
11,000.  Add in the extra cash from doing Force Hits and Final Blows, and you
have a comfortable amount of extra cash, which can be spent on recharge

7.  Cheat Codes

To enter the cheat codes, go to the Options Menu, then the Preferences Menu. 
Hit L1 and R1 at the same time, and you will be prompted to enter a passcode.

SLOW_MO_ON:  Runs the game at half normal speed.
LO_GRAV_ON: Decreases the force of gravity in all levels.
RAISE_THEM: Makes you invincible.  Note that it also makes the final enemy on
the final stage in Tournament invincible, meaning you can't beat the game with
it on.

These codes are auto-saved to your profile after you enter them, to turn them
off, just enter them again.

Info in this section courtesy of Lucasarts.

8.  Story/Endings


Wade Vox:  An Alderaanian merchant who was out on the Corellian Run when his
home planet was destroyed. Destitute and desperate, he turned to smuggling to
make ends meet.  He was making a delivery to Tatooine, but refused to pay
Jabba's outrageous "protection" fee.  He was seized by the Hutt's goons and
made a slave.  He drives an X-34 landspeeder, which once belonged to Luke
Skywalker.  Wade would have been killed long ago if it hadn't been for his
growing Force powers.

Boba Fett:  He entered the contest at the request of Jabba, who often
intimidates people into betting on the undefeated bounty hunter's opponents.

General Otto:  A  soldier for the Empire who lost several key battles to the
Rebels.  If not for his friendship with Admiral Motti, he would have died at
Darth Vader's hands.  Instead, he was shipped off to a remote colony to stay
out of trouble.  However, Otto always dreamed of retiring to Cloud City, so he
stole an AT-ST and fled to Tatooine, where he entered the Demolition Tournament
to win enough credits to fulfill his dream.

Tia & Ghia: A pair of twins from Bestine IV who are infatuated with the
charming smuggler, Han Solo.  They stole a snowspeeder and abandoned the
Rebellion to rescue him from Jabba, but were captured and enslaved.

Aurra Sing:  She was once a Jedi hopeful in the days of the Old Republic, but
her violent nature forced her out of the order.  She then became a bounty
hunter, who specialized in hunting down Jedi.  Whenever she kills a Jedi, she
keeps his/her lightsaber as a trophy.  Recently, she has sensed a new potential
Jedi in Jabba's contest, so she entered to give her time to find him.

Quagga:  He is a former Imperial slave who bought his freedom, then settled on
Tatooine as a mechanic and opened a garage in Anchorhead.  Unfortunately, his
business is doing poorly, partly because of competition from Jawas, and partly
because of his remote location.  He entered the contest in hopes of winning
enough credits to open a garage in Mos Eisley.

Tamtel Skreej: Following Han Solo's capture by Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian
disguised himself as a mercenary bodyguard named Tamtel Skreej in order to
infiltrate Jabba's palace.  However, he needs to become one of Jabba's personal
guards to get close enough to Han's frozen body to free him.  So, he enters the
contest to earn Jabba's trust.

Pugwis:  The grandson of legendary podracing champ Sebulba, he lacks his
grandfather's skill, but inherited his temper.  After years of failing to make
any  significant progress in the podracing circuits, he got bitter and started
to attack opponents, which got him kicked out of professional podracing
forever.  However, Jabba got an idea from Pugwis and started the Demolition
Pugwis was, of course, invited to participate.

Wittin: A Jawa Warlord whose name was feared by moisture farmers all over
Tatooine, his tribe's sandcrawler was destroyed in a skirmish with Imperial
troops.  Jabba has offered to buy him a new sandcrawler if he wins the contest.

Malakili: Malakili is Jabba's Rancor Keeper, and when the tournament got
popular, the bloodthirsty gamblers demanded more violence.  So Jabba ordered
Malakili to train the Rancor for battle, and had a special weapon harness

Note: the following characters have no official story, so I made them up

Lobot:  After the takeover of Cloud City by Imperial forces, Lobot was sold as
a slave to Jabba, who immediately procured a combat cloudcar fitted with
special modifications, including a carbonite weapon.

Boussh: This is really Princess Leia in disguise.  After Boussh, a low-level
member of Jabba's court, crossed the Black Sun crime cartel, he was eliminated
and Leia obtained his outfit and weapons.  She then took his place in Jabba's
court, and began concocting a plan to free Han.  However, she will need
Chewbacca to pull it off, and he is currently busy with another matter.  So,
she has entered the contest in hopes of boosting "Boussh's" favor with the

Darth Maul:  Recently, a black marketeer offered Jabba a tissue sample from one
of the greatest Sith warriors ever: Darth Maul.  Jabba agreed, and set to work
cloning the Sith Lord, while simultaneously building a replica of his
double-bladed lightsaber and Sith Speeder.  During the cloning process, the new
Lord Maul was implanted with a cybernetic chip that makes him obey Jabba's

Endings:  This section contains spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Wade Vox
Lose: Wade is brought before Jabba, and shoved to the ground.  Aurra Sing
approaches with a vibroblade and a wicked grin...
Win:  Wade parks his speeder, hops out, and starts practing lightsaber combat.

Boba Fett
Lose:  Fett stands before Jabba, who triggers the trapdoor into the Rancor pit.
 The bounty hunter falls in, then immediately shoots back out on his jetpack,
sending Jabba into a fit of jolly laughter.
Win: Boba Fett lies on a couch in Jabba's throne room.  Lyn Me (a dancer from
Return of the Jedi Special Edition) hands him a drink.  He nods at Jabba.

General Otto
Lose:  Boba Fett brings Otto, in binders, outside of the palace and hands him
over to a pair of stormtroopers.  The next thing you see is Darth Vader in his
chamber on the Executor (his starship), staring at Otto, who has a sheepish
grin on his face.
Win:  Otto walks out onto the balcony of his apartment in Cloud City and

Tia and Ghia
Lose: Tia and Ghia are dressed in slave girl outfits, similar to the one Leia
wears after being captured by Jabba in Return of the Jedi.  They are feeding
him while Salacious Crumb (the laughing moneky-thing) laughs at them.
Win: Leia, wearing her Boussh disguise, escorts the twins in secret to a Rebel

Aurra Sing
Lose: Aurra is running through the palace, dodging blaster fire, and dives
under a closing door, only to see the feet of 2 pig guards carrying vibro-axes.
Win:  Aurra watches Wade Vox practice his combat skills through her sniper
scope.  She takes aim and fires off 4 shots from her blaster rifle, only to see
them be defleced by his lightsaber.  She then laughs amusedly.

Lose:  Quagga is repairing a desert skiff when a droid comes up behind him and
pokes him with an electric pole.  The camera scrolls up to reveal he is in an
underground prison camp.
Win: Quagga stands outside his new garage in Mos Eisley next to some Jawas.  He
opens the door and gestures to his AAT.

Tamtel Skreej
Lose:  Tamtel stands before Jabba, who hurls a dead fish at him.
Win: Tamtel is standing in Jabba's throne room, and slowly backs toward Han
Solo's frozen body.  He touches a control switch, then nods to Boussh (Leia),
who nods back.

Lose:  The Dug is dragged behind his own Podracer on a rope, right past the
Sarlacc, which snatches him off the rope and swallows him.
Win: Pugwis pilots his Pod down the streets of Mos Eisley, which are packed
with people cheering for him.  Then he says something in Dugese.

Lose:  Wittin stands in one of Jabba's torture chambers while a droid with an
electric pole advances on him.  He backs away, pleading for mercy in Jawa.
Win: A sandcrawler crawls across the dunes, stops, and opens its door to let
Wittin inside.  **UPDATE: I accidentally left this out of the first version of
this doc.  END UPDATE**

Lose:  He stands before Jabba while Salacious Crumb stands on his head,
taunting him.  Jabba laughs.
Win: Lyn Me is fed to the Rancor while Malakili watches.

9. Legal info

The information in this document is copyright 2000 Dan Outhier.  You may not
copy any information from this document without written permission of the
author.  You may post this document on your site, provided it is not altered in
any way.  You may not include this document in any publication without written
consent of the author.  Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd.
Star Wars Demolition is a trademark of Lucasarts Entertainment Company LLC. 
All characters are copyright 2000 of either Lucasfilm LTD or Lucasarts
Entertainment Company LLC. All rights reserved.

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