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-<--------------( YAIBA NINJA GAIDEN Z for PC )--------------->-

(that was supposed to be some ASCII art, in a perfect world anyways)
Game released in 2014 from Tecmo Koei Games

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Version History:

Version 1.0

-Started this FAQ on March 22 2014
-Finished on March 25 2014!

(tip: search the number plus symbol, ie 3# to go to the walkthrough)

1#     Introduction
2#     Controls
3#     Walkthrough
3.a#   Level 1: War Zone
3.b#   Level 2: Old Town
3.c#   Level 3: Sewers
3.d#   Level 4: Canyons
3.e#   Level 5: Ryu Hayabusa
3.f#   Level 6: Forge Headquarters
3.g#   Final Level: Another Dimension
4#     Frequently pondered questions


Hm, one could say Yaiba was born from Miss Monday :P

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is a cell shaded game where you slice up zombies not
long after the protagonist himself was sliced up....lol. Well it was quite
some time after he was un-killed. Wait a minute, I thought people die when
they are killed...

From Keiji Inafune and Team Ninja comes the latest Ninja Gaiden game! And
the difficulty can be really easy or very cheaply hard at times. Got a
good controller? It might be worn out by the time you're done with this game.


Here's a list of the controls. Keyboard Mouse Master Race :P

FORWARD:                      W
BACKWARD:                     S
MOVVE LEFT:                   A
MOVE RIGHT:                   D
SWORD:                        MOUSE 1
PUNCH:                        E
TRAVERSE/DASH:                SPACE
CYBER VISION:                 LEFT SHIFT
BLOODLUST 1:                  1
BLOODLUST 2:                  2
BLOCK/COUNTER:                Q
EXECUTE:                      F
INVENTORY:                    TAB
PAUSE:                        PAUSE BREAK or ESCAPE


A few tips before playing:
-Keyboard + Mouse master race yeah right. I advise using a controller,
seriously trying to aim some attacks was ridiculous with the keyboard.

-There's a feature to execute enemies, some times this requires a Quick
Time Event to finish. This could be one of the buttons to press, a fist
is the punch button, a running man icon is the dash button, the sword
button is the Mouse 1 attack, etc. There is a red fist icon, that is
you flail chain button.

You can change costumes depending on the DLC you got. You can actually
change costumes at anytime during a campaign, just pretend to start a new
game, choose the costume, but go back and continue your existing save.
Voila! New costume.

3.a#-->--Level 1: War Zone--------------------------------------------------

After that interesting cut scene where the protagonist gets killed, when in
control, you'll be on a building surrounded by zombo's. During this time,
you'll meet Miss Monday, and after she's done talking a Hind helicopter should
arrive, but you have no business with it yet. That is, unless you've killed
all the zombo's here, then the Hind will fire at you, sending you several
floors down.

Here the game will introduce you to chest huggers....heh. Zombo's that grab
onto you hoping to hitch a ride, you need to dash and punch to shake them
off. Once you kill all of them here, Miss Monday will small talk then mention
about your cyber vision, so go on use it and....you automatically look at the
wall. Oh the hand holding....

Break the wall (repeatedly), and hello soldiers. Here you'll learn about
Executing. I gotta say I see this gameplay feature more often since Splinter
Cell Conviction came out >__> After executing the Grunts, a scene will show
a Grenadier. At first I was like "how does a zombie know to pull the pin" and
then he goes full retard, so plot hole averted. The game will then tell you
about that chain you can use, as if you haven't already used it (I used it
before the tutorial told me! :P) So now you can have fun against a hoard
by using sword, punch and chain thing. And then execute. Defeat this hoard
including the Grenadier, and once that's done, Miss Monday will clear a way
for you. But first, go left of the helicopter into a room for:

-Story Piece x1

Then go to the path Miss Monday cleared. You'll also get your first Health
Shard. Jump over the hole in the ground, and Miss Monday will tell you about
your hand. Well, you need to jump back over to the Grenadier that just showed
up in order to see what to do, and now you've learned about grabbing. Grab
this Grenadier, and when he's ticking down, throw him to the police tape
across the place you just jumped, and he'll blow a hole in the wall.

Jump over again, and going forward you'll find a:

Fire Shard x1

Then proceed forward and you'll notice a Hind, jump right and over the hole
to an area, and the Hind will be your opponent. Just block when it fires their
gun at you, and when they fire a missile, press Q to counter it, and it'll go
back to the Hind, shooting it down. After the scene and back in control, jump
to the white flashing object, and here you need to do things quick, meaning
don't pause to enjoy the scenery, go forward on the white arrows, then use
your chain on the flashing pink objects, do this to get through this entire
area, if you pause, and fall, it's back to where the Hind dropped you.

At the end of all the Tarzan stuff, you'll meet a mini boss PunchDrunk.
Defeating him should trigger you to level up, earn some points, to spend
on perks and stuff. Maybe while you're at it, you can familiarize yourself
with the menus, learn about the story, etc. By the way, there's police tape
here, not sure if I was supposed to throw PunchDrunk at it, but he's not
explosive, so I think you need to come back when you've got explosives, so
remember this place.

Anyways, back to the game, climb up the flashing arrows and chain up and
over through the wall, and when hanging on the golden object, Miss Monday
will let you know about the steem that comes out of the pipe you are supposed
to run along. Time your jump to run through that area when the steam stops.
Grabbing onto the next golden rail, wait for another steam leak to stop, and
then jump through that to run along the wall. Now, there's no more steam, but
remember that when you try to jump onto the handle in the hole in the wall,
you need to grab it with your chain, then jump and run along the wall, then
jump up and further up.

At the top, save checkpoint whew, then a Hind helicopter. Remember how you
countered the 1st one, and one you defeat it, a hoard of Zombo's will arrive
so beat them up. Once you defeat them, a scene will show fighter jets flying
over, then there will be a bright circle that appears on the ground, avoid
these areas because they are being targeted. A serious of bombing runs will
commence, and large area's will be targeted, just dash to avoid the bombs if
you find yourself surrounded. This will go on for a few rounds, then Zombo's
will arrive again. Not long afterwards a Hind will show up too, but this time
you need to throw Zombo's at it. It was a little hard at first, but grab,
run to edge of building, and when the Hind is glowing yellow throw the Zombo.
That worked for me in case you were stuck. Afterwards, a cut scene will show,
and this is level is finished!

Level 1 Collectibles: 60%
Missing: 1 health shard, 1 Story shard.

3.b#-->--Level 2: Old Town--------------------------------------------------

-Go to the Listening Station

Go forward, and there'll be zombo's and infected legs. Proceed forward and at
the main street, you'll see the destructable wall if you use cybervision,
approaching it will trigger a mini boss, Afro Circus (heh).

I can't say much other than beat him up. I mean, you learned so much in the
previous Level, simple combo him up, and counter when he attacks, and when
you finally execute him, this will unlock one of your powerups. I'm not sure
if it's pre-determined, but I chose to upgrade to the Chuks perk, so I got
Nunchuckles. Defeating Afro Circus will trigger a hoard of Zombies, and
defeating that hoard will triger another hoard + Afro Circus. Defeating
them will end the fight, and then Miss Monday will tell you about the wall
( knew we had to blow it up). Lucky for us the scene will show a Grenadier
getting his groove on, so climb up to him and grab him. Hm, seems like
"Nunchuckles" is actually an item, and you can only carry one. Okay, so
while he's ticking, jump down and throw him at the wall. Don't worry if you
fail, he respawns so have fun. Oh, go back to grab your Nunchuckles if you

Now go through the wall you just blew up, and proceed through this area
that also has some zombies. Ah, I see, Nunchuckles actually replaces your
chain. This area is very one way, until you reach a scene when Gonzo tells
you a little story. Wow, two paths to choose, through the gate, or to the
left with a hoards of zombo's and a punchable wall. Your choice, but I think
the punchable wall is just screaming to be punched. Aha, it's:

Story piece x1

And then back to the gate. Go forward until you see graves, and you just
know there's supposed to be Zombo's here. Enter 2 clowns who will pop up,
so dispatch them. Nice open area to play with the rocket arm, if you unlocked
that perk. Defeating these 2 clowns should trigger a hoard, and a cut scene,
and now we get to try Bloodlust. Enter Bloodlust to finish this hoard, oh
how fun the Bloodlust Rocket Arm was, killed them all in one punch.

After they are dead, jump up the building with the arrows pointing up, then
use your chain to swing over to the next area. Zombo's, defeat them all and
them after Miss Monday asks about the sound, proceed up the stairs and a
short scene will show, and zombo's lined up along a... aisle. Nothing will
happen unless you defeat all of them, then a cut scene will show a boss:


An electric Zombo, she'll try to attack you first, when you fight back,
she'll back off and call up a hoard of zombo's, use these guys to build up
combo's, then after they are defeated Zombride will attack again, with a
shield, attack it with your chain then beat her up, and this is one time
being the keyboard + mouse master race hurts, I can't aim the rocket
punch with my keyboard limited to 2 key presses at a time. Anyways, whatever
Miss Monday said about graphite electrical whatever, I didn't follow that
and just old fashioned beat up the Zombride. I even missed executing her.

Anyways, once she's defeated, take a good look at the cathedral building,
and you'll see a set of arrows to jump-run. Remember when jumping that
slow-mo parts need you to use your chain, then it's simply a matter of
running and jumping.

In the next area, you'll see a story piece as the camera pans around, get
it first, and grab and throw the peeing zombo, then proceed down the stairs
and into a Back Alley Brawl. A hoard of Zombo's, when defeated, will bring
out a PunchDrunk mini boss. Executing him will grant you the Numb Chucks
weapon, you can drop it if you want. Then a hoard of zombo's will break
through the gate and it's brawling time. Well, you can beat them up or run
up the stairs, and you'll see a steamroller and a zombo in the dumpster, grab
him and throw him into the steamroller, then watch it plow the road. Save

Get ready for the Pub fight. A hoard of zombo's will approach you, and once
they are all defeated, the Afro Circus clown and PunchDrunk will have a 2
on 1 fight with you. Dispatch them both, then jump up the wall with the
arrows pointing up, jump to the opposite wall, then in mid jump, press the
punch button and crash through. Some grenadiers will greet you, defeat them
then climb up the water tower. You'll see a dazed zombo, grab him then jump
down the bloody ledge back to before you climbed up the water tower, then
throw the zombo at the pipe leaking water, and it will put out the flames.
Climb back up the water tower and proceed through the doused area.

You'll have to jump off the bloody ledge, then jump-punch through the wall,
and do some more jump + chain swinging, until you notice a bright zombo,
press the punch button to attack him from height. Now enter the Flame War.
Fire launching zombo's here, defeat these guys at range, then generic
zombo's will spawn, plus 1 fire zombo (exclamation mark on his head). Grab
the fire zombo to have a fire chain, and swing that burning zombo around.
Defeating the generics will spawn 2 clowns plus fire zombo's, defeat them
to finish the Flame War.

Now that there's peace and quiet, cybervision to see where to go, as well
as a wall to the right. That's a burnable wall, so grab the fire zombo
and swing him at the wall. It's a secret area with a Health shard. Then
proceed to the left and over the ledge. First jump up, then to the area
Yaiba is looking at, remember that slow-mo jumps require you to use your
chain then swing around to below. Enter the Roof Chops fight with 3, make
that 2 PunchDrunks. Oh gosh, defeating them will trigger a Zombride and
generics, I swear I died, it's hard executing for health when the roofs
are uneven and the ramps just break it up. Do fight on the rooftops
themselves, and not near the ledges. Defeating Zombride and the generics
is it, so that's a relief. Now, you might have noticed a zombo with a
exclamation mark over his head, maybe you used him in the fight, but in
any case, next to him is a control panel, you'll need an electrical power
to access. I'm not sure if Zombride could have zapped that spot if you
stood there, but if that didn't work, just remember this place for later.

Now, jump the bloody ledge to proceed, and jump onto the wall with arrows
and press the punch button to crash through. Now we're in a new area. Nice
place :P anywho, cybervision to see a punchable wall, bust through then
grab the zombo there, and throw him into the truck over to the far right.
After the scene, that priest guy from the wedding is your new target.
Beat him up (I kept rocket punching him :P), and when he's dead generic
Zombo's will spawn, defeating them will trigger 2 clowns and 2 fire zombo's,
defeating them will end the Burning Sensations fight. Now proceed to the
new hole in the ground where the shop was.

New area, so climb up those storage tanks, and wait for the steam to end,
and dash through to where the fire guys are. If they are too annoying, kill
them, don't worry because there's plenty to grab from where the flames are.
Grab one, and jump down the bloody ledge, and throw it at the wooden wall.
Jump up through the wooden wall you just burned, then proceed forward.

In this area will be a fork, up-left is objective, right is to a Story Piece.
get the piece, then proceed to the objective. It's an electric hell waiting
for you, 3 electric Stiffs, defeating them will spawn some fire zombo's,
grab the electric zombo with an exclamation mark on his head, and throw him
at the fire guys. This will for some reason call in the Zombride, if she
didn't spawn yet, defeating any fire guys around will trigger her. This fight
was nasty, if it gets too hard, do not hesitate to grab the electric zombo
and throw him at any fire guys around, just storm the place, and it should
help weaken her. Beating her and the others will end the Dead Volt fight.

Proceed up the arrows, and to the right is your first electrical shard.
Then proceed to the room with the zombo computer squad. Miss Monday will tell
you about needing something to short that device, so grab a zombo from behind
those electric barriers. Each will shut off one after the other. After you
grab the zombo with the exclamation mark over his head, throw him into the
part with the electric bolt, and doors will open.

Going through those doors and up, is a.... boss fight! Wag the Dog, well,
just look for some water and let it shock the water while it's over it, and
it's dead lol. Wow, so quick. This will trigger some generic zombo's,
defeating them will end the Wag the Dog fight, and this level is complete!

Level 2 Collectibles: 50%
Missing: 2 health shards, 1 Fire shard, 2 story pieces.

3.c#-->--Level 3: Sewers----------------------------------------------------

Do a cybervision at the circle on the ground to move some story. Before
jumping off the ledges, there's a story piece to the left. Now jump off the
ledge forward, remember that slow-mo requires chain swinging, there will be
a part where you'll be running on flat ground, just jump over obstacles, at
the end of these Tarzan jumps will be a punchable wall, so bust through it.
You'll land in a spot with some golden crystals in front, step back a few
steps (towards the camera) for:

1x Health Shard

Then proceed to bust those crystal walls. Behind these crystals is a corridor
full of zombo's, just keep going forward until you reach more punchable
crystals, heh actually 1 rocket punch will plow through. Anyways, there will
be a bloody ledge to jump off of, and into a fight. First up, some hazmat
zombo's, use your chain top keep your distance from their vomit, defeating
them will trigger the Buster Sister, not sure what she's supposed to be but
just beat her up (she wasn't anything special), defeating her will trigger
a PunchDrunk, generics and some hazmats, and that's it for Don't Drink the

Before you jump up the big hook, go to the left and jump up to the upper
platform. Punch the wall to get a Story piece and a Bile shard. Then go back
to the big hook and jump around to proceed. Landing on your first platform
are grunts and a grenadier, defeat them, and you'll need to jump and chain
swing around to the next platform, that has that lantern priest guy and
some fire zombo's. Defeating them will trigger the next area that has that
sewage Sister, but before you go there, there's a control panel on the wall,
punch it for a room with:

1x Electrical shard

Then jump on over to the sewage Sister and some hazmats. Defeating her will
trigger the next area, with grunts + that dreaded Zombride. Defeating her and
the grunts ends the Pipe Screams fight. Cybervision to see the next place to
jump off of, and get ready for intensive Tarzan jump swinging. You will come
across a part while chain swinging, a zombo will be inside a pipe, when
swinging, press the punch button to attack the zombo then continue the
swinging, when you see a running section with fire on it, you need to jump
over that fire or else it's death. Jump and swing the rest of the way and
finally a save checkpoint.

Continue through this sewer, you'll have a chat with Miss Monday near the
punchable wall, break through then proceed to a fight Blind The Baby, well,
this part was weird. I had upgraded to have the Hagpipes attack, but of
course there was no sewage Sister around, you are supposed to spray the
big baby behind the sewer grill. I of course grew nuts trying to figure
this out, so I quit, later continued my game, and voila, you have a Hagpipe
on your back. So spray the baby, and the grill is gone. Take note of this
area, there is an explodable wall here, when you do somehow have that ability
come back here later.

Jump on down the newly opened sewer hole, and go forward to cybervision some
surveillance footage, and then proceed forward. Jump down the bloody ledge
into a fight with Hazmats, followed by 2 Zombrides, defeating the two
Zombrides will trigger 2 sewage Sisters. If the Hazmats step on the electric
canal, and turn to crystal, just punch them. Now, one the electric  canal
are 2 punchable crystals on either side, the left has a bile shard. After
finishing the Fuckin' Fanboys fight, proceed up the arrows and punch the
giant crystal wall. You need to do that fast, otherwise he somehow falls lol.

Going through the sewer, you'll see a punchable wall to the left, punch that
to reveal a bile zombo, this guy you throw at the fan. Then jump down and it's
puzzle time. There's two grabable zombo's, the bile guy you throw at the big
fan, near the bile guy is a Story Piece, then after you throw him at the big
fan, you need to get him again, then go up and over to jump to the other
side, this bile guy you carried you throw him at the pile of junk that is
blocking your way. Go after the electric zombo, and this guy you also throw
at the giant fan, and now you can jump and punch through it.

Now this downward corridor is rather easy, except I think I saw a Shard or
Piece somewhere going down, if you can get that, good luck, otherwise this
is standard jumping and chain swinging. At the bottom, jump the bloody ledge
into a maddening fight, first its Grunts and generic zombo's, defeating them
will cause Miss Monday to comment about the furnace, then you'll need to
punch the control panel she mentions about, then go to where that sewage
Sister is and punch the crystal to her, you need to defeat her first, this
will make a grabable sewage zombo spawn, grab this guy and throw it on the
furnace, then defeat the two fire Priests, you will need to execute at least
one of them to get the Rigor Mortar, this you fire at the furnace, causing it
to blow. Then you have to escape.

That is to the right of the furnace, jump up and the rest of the escape
involves more jumping, remember slow-mo jumps need yout to chain swing,
when dashing be aware of explosions from the walls, which are either left
or right, as far as I could see, there are no Shards or Pieces, so get
out of there and this level is finished.

Level 3 Collectibles: 70%
Missing: 1 health shards, 2 story pieces.

3.d#-->--Level 4: Canyons----------------------------------------------------

-Find Hayabusa

Ah, more jumping. This is the part like the last level where you need to jump
and punch the zombo hanging from the train, then chain swing and jump up to
the upper levels. The game will save here, now cybervision to see an arrow
showing you where to jump over, ignore that and instead go right and jump up
to the level there, and climb up the arrow wall, and jump onto the upper
level on the left for a Story Piece. Now back to the main objective arrow.

Miss Monday will basically tell you what to do, so you can see you need to
grab the electric zombo that just appeared, while fighting through a hoard of
hazmat zombo's. If you cybervision, you'll see a punchable control panel on
the wall, this leads to a Health shard. Now look at the hazmat zombo who is
humping the light...no, don't look, grab his ass instead and toss him to the
electrified fences to the right of the health shard you just got. This will
make a breakable crystalized wall where you need to climb then chain swing to
meet a Grenadier zombo. Throw this guy up the stairs where the humpy zombo
is, and at the explodable wall. Then go back to the electric zombo and bring
him over to the circuit breaker, throw him in, then fight the hoard of zombos
that just came out of the train. Don't kill at least 1 of the grabable zombos
with the yellow exclamation mark over his head, save him for later. Take care
of the grunts to finish the Trained to Kill arena fight. Now, grab one of the
zombos, and throw him into the train's conductor car, and watch him fly.

Go to the leftmost bloody ledge, and face the arrow so that it's highlighted
white, then jump over to the other side. You just did one Arena and here
goes another one: Base Jumping. I hate that fire Priest just as much as the
Zombride. Beating him is the objective, because the Grenadiers and generic
zombos will spawn endlessly until he dies. Please, kill this guy quick and
fast because the next two are annoying, execute him preferably. His death
triggers a clown and a PunchDrunk with fire zombos. If you executed the fire
Priest earlier, one Rigor Mortar on the clown and PunchDrunk once they spawn
is deadly to them. It totally makes it easier. Killing them and the fire
zombo's will end the Base Jumping arena. With my Mad Dash skills and 3
deaths, I did it in 1 min 36 seconds :D

Cybervision near Lab-63 to see the objective arrow on where to jump. Jump up
to the upper level, then go forward and jump off the bloody ledge. I can't
believe the platforming...watch out for the bile that spills from the pipes,
and if you thought you can just dash through, think again, after these 2 bile
dumps are steam, watch the pattern then pass through. Careful for the 2
side by side steam exhausts, these things will push you off the mountain.

Save checkpoint here, head forward to a real fight with the previous doggy,
Mechanibal. First you need to grab the electric zombo, and throw it at the
doggy. Now, I kept doing this, and I accidentally threw the electric zombo
at a circuit breaker I didn't notice before. I think this opened a garage
door that revealed a Health Shard, in either case, this makes the electric
guy unusable, so you'll need to grab generic zombo's walking around, and
throw it at the doggy. If it's dead, mop up the rest of the generic guys
to end the Mechanibal arena. I'm sure you got that Health shard already, so
cybervision to see the objctive arrow on where to go. But first, go to where
you were grabbing the electric zombo, and there's a punchable control panel
there, behind the doors is a Story Piece. Now, back to the objective arrow.
Jump and chain swing over to a new area.

Save checkpoint, and... the Laboragory arena. 2 Zombrides! Execute at least
one of the Zombrides, this is important! Killing the 2 Zombrides and the
fire guys on the upper level will spawn 2 fire Priests, grunts and a clown.
Use the Spinal Zap you got by executing the Zombride, and use it on the fire
Priests to firestorm the area. Killing the clown and fire Priests ends the
Laboragory arena. Now, cybervision, and before you go to the objective arrow,
go to where the fire zombo's spawned, and jump up the arrows and punch through
the glass. Now, I think something was up here, the punching scene interuppted
whatever it was I was supposed to see, but I think it was a Fire shard.

Now, back to the objective arrow, jump through this area to a new area, and
it's... an arena against 3 Hind helicopters! Forget them, go to the left
of the glass wall they shattered, and jump and chain over to the part where
the cut scene showed, and punch through the glass. Be careful when jumping
because these Hinds will fire at you. Well, actually, take out at least 2
of them first, because I could never get up there with 3 of them firing.
Oh, defeating them (counter the missile, remember?) ends the Science and
Wrath arena. Now that part where you climbed up, there was a bloody ledge,
go down that. You actually need to press the jump button, if you don't,
Yaiba will somehow be suddenly afraid of heights and die >__>

Down there, go straight to another memory reconstruction. Then, go down the
ledge for more Tarzan platforming. When you jump down to the first lower
level, this part will switch to a 2D layout, there's steam along that pipe
that you need to run on. Time the steam, and whatever you do, do not stop.
Keep timing your jumps and chain swings, and you'll reach a part where you'll
see a Story Piece. Stop! Watch out for steam before you go down to the
platform, and then watch for the steam that blows on the Story Piece, then
press Up and jump to go there, grab the piece than jump back out. There's
steam everywhere, so watch, and jump to the upper platform. Going around,
you'll see 3 steam exhaustions in succession. Jump down when the steam below
you turns off. Then go left and jump up, and chain swing out of here.

Next area, cybervision to see some interesting stuff. You will also notice
a Story Piece in the distance, and a punchable wall on the upper left (it's
a Health Shard), but first, I smell an Arena coming. Splice of Unlife, first
are a bunch of clowns, and generics. I advise to execute the last clown, as
defeating all clowns triggers 2 Zombrides plus the fire Priest. The
Nunchukles was enough to take out the Zombrides, but that fire Priest is
annoying as always. Execute him for fun, because his death ends the fight.
Now a scene will show a pile of bodies, which you need to grab the bile zombo
and the fire zombo that just showed up near there. First get the
collectibles, then proceed to burn some trash. Throw the bile zombo first,
then the fire guy. After the trash is burned, cybervision to see a burnable
wall ahead, go back to grab the fire zombo, then burn the wall for Story
Piece. Then go and jump down the bloody ledge you passed.

Oh, more Tarzan stuff. When you go down the railpipe, bile will be blocking
your way, so chain swing around it, then jump down, now watch out for the
fire that spews out of the handle you need to grab, then jump further down
and run until you see a zombie hanging, punch him then continue running.
You'll reach a part where Miss Monday will ask you to cybervision, do so
then proceed down the bloody ledge. More jumping and swinging, until you
get to the top of a bile pool, and a scene will show you where to go.

This is one of those time based runs, so get on the rotating platform and
try to avoid the bile as you make your way to the other end to jump up and
out of here. Up here, you'll see an electric zombo, I guess we'll need him
so grab him and go further to a more bigger pool of bile, and 3 exhaust
pipes. Throw this electric guy onto the 3 exhaust pipes that are pouring
bile all over the place, and be sure to watch out for bile eruptions that
happen randomly around the place. Sealing the 3 valves will reveal an even
bigger exhaust pipe, and of course, we need to throw the electric zombo at
it to freeze it up. Do so, and now we can climb up that wall.

It's more tarzan stuff, so jump up and chain swing around, then jump down
until you get to rail slide on a pipe, which happens to have fire on it, so
jump before you hit the fire. The 2nd patch of fire requires you to chain
swing around it, then go further until you need to jump up and to higher
ground. It'll save here, and no Gonzo, not even I know if it's bad manners
for a mute to talk with their hands full....

More Tarzan platforming, in this area just keep an eye on bile exhaust
venting from the pipes. It's nothing hard to jump and chain swing through,
which will take you to a another area, and a save checkpoint again. No
wonder why, it's an arena, with 2 Punchdrunks, grunts and grenadiers. Go
after the punchdrunks, if you keep going after the grenadier he'll just
keep on spawning. Defeating the punchdrunks will trigger 2 clowns, some
hazmats, a sewage Sister, and 1 fire Priest. Oh gosh, get the fire Priest
first, then execute him, then Rigor Mortar the clowns, and deal with the
annoying Sister. Killing all of them will trigger Zombride, grunts, and 2
fire Priests! Bloodlust is the only way to save you here, because they are
annoying. Maybe kill one fire priest to Rigor Mortar the other one, or fire
it at the Zombride. In any case, defeating them will end the High Gear

Now cybervision and go on up where the objective arrow is, and it's
standard platforming here, so cybervision your way to the objective. On
the way you will notice a Health Shard through the grating, If you still
had any Rigor Mortar left, fire it at the tank near here, and it'll blow,
leading to a way down there. Use cybervision to get down there, then to
get back up. Heading back to the objective, you'll get to a part where
Miss Monday tells you about the central refinery, look at the place to
jump down, and it's got rotating flames. Jump down and run along when the
flames aren't on the path, then continue your tarzan ways, keeping an eye
on any more flame bursts, and keep jumping and head to the rest of this
path. Now, when you're on the platform of Refinery-4, there's rotating flames
here that will block your path, time it so you can pass. First set of flames
rotates left, the next one rotates right, and the 3rd one has dual flames
rotating left. PAss them, then jump up, again watch the flames when you climb
up, and this next area has a lot of rotating pipes with flames on them, you
need to time your jumps so that all flames will be pointing away from you
when you are making your runs. This goes on for quite a while >__<

When you finally get on a platform away from the flaming pipes, it's more
railgrinding, which you need to jump and chain swing at the end of rail
grindings, and then you'll see a grate to punch through, so punch through
it to finally leave this ridiculous tarzan platforming. Through the grate,
go towards the screen, and right for a Story Piece. Proceed forward into an
arena fight with... the baby. Whoa, good thing I still had the Rigor Mortar.
This fight is crazy, first you need to get its health down to half, if it
grabs you its a hell of a quick time event. Anyways, once its health is
halfway down, it'll grab onto a pipe of bile and spray it all over the place.
Zombo's will spawn, and I'm guessing you'll need to grab the electric zombo
that spawns, which of course you'll need to stun it first, and throw it at
the bile the baby is pouring out. I actually never got that to happen, and
just beat up every zombo that I could. Halfway through the beating, fire
zombo's spawned, and I actually got to have the electric zombo firestorm the
fire zombo near the baby, and it hit him too, so try that. In either case,
defeating a certain number of the little zombo's caused the baby to get down
from its high horse, and I advise, if you got bloodlust, and I'm sure you
leveled enough to unlock the perks for the bloodlust upgrades, bloodlust
the heck on this baby, and end this fight.

Cybervision to proceed up the objective arrows, and oh, that's the end of
this level :D

Level 4 Collectibles: 78%
Missing: 1 health shard, 1 Electrical shard, 1 story piece.

3.e#-->--Level 5: Ryu Hayabusa----------------------------------------------

HAAAAAAAAYAAAAAABUSAAAAAAAA This guy will shoot arrows at you, and what luck,
we need to Tarzan platform our way to him, watch out for leaking bile on
your way to him. At the end of your jump though, you'll notice he's white,
press the punch button get down there. And then he buggers out of there.
Well, go up the left stairs, and cybervision to see a punchable control
panel, and get your electrical shard. Then, jump down and, wait, don't chase
after him, instead drop down the left way and you'll see a pile of burnable
trash. Unfortunately, there's no one compatible to throw at it. Enter
Hayabusa, who will shoot random arrows of either no element, or fire.
First grab the zombo standing next to the trash, and throw him at the
crystalized pipe up ahead. That will bile the trash, and simply stand near
it and hayabusa should torch it in no time. It's a Health Shard! Now go back
up to the upper level, and cybervision to see a punchable control panel, bust
it up for doors to open to reveal a bile zombo, grab this guy and go to the
right and throw him at Hayabusa.

Now jump right of where you threw the zombo and leap on over to Haya dude.
Press punch, and mash the button for the QTE. Once he vanishes, proceed to
the objective arrows and drop down (you have to press jump). Here will be a
story piece, yippee we 100% the collectibles here! And Hayabusa is still
firing. If you are low on health, beating up control panel tables have
some health, so tpunch and punch them (they are dark grey and eletrified).
Now punch up the crystals to reveal an electrical zombo, throw him at
Hayabusa, then run and punch him to activate the QTE's. After he vanishes,
it's the last act for here, so chase him, and go grab the zombo behind
bars, who is a Grenadier, all you need to do is throw several of these
at Hayabusa, no more QTE drivel. This will trigger a nice cut scene :D

Oh no, back in control is round 2. I thought this was level 6 already.
Anyways, grab the Caterpie's that spawned, and throw them at Hayabusa to
stun him. You only get 3 Caterpie's, so make them count. Once he's somewhat
weakened, Momiji will activate a giant blast rune. Escape by climbing up the
big rock pillar, and tarzan your way up to the top of the Giant Enemy Crab.
Round 2 of weaken Hayabusa + attack. But damn it was hard. I did die, and
I found just punching him to do a combo is the most effective. Again, when
he's weakened, Momiji will activate runes again, when Hayabusa vanished, the
scene showed a hook to chain to, so jump and chain swing to it. More Tarzan
platforming here, once you get to the tail and railgrind downwards, you need
to keep an eye out for bile pits along the rail path. Jump to avoid them,
and keep grinding that rail until the next arena, Tentacle Hex.

This one sucks. I died A LOT. Thanks Oba-.... what you need to do is use
only 2 of the 3 Caterpie's on Hayabusa, and when Momiji starts to heal him,
throw the 3rd Caterpie at her (do not get too close to her when throwing),
and just repeat this, it's maddening (I once died in 5 seconds o_O), one
thing I did (accidentally) was throw the Caterpie as he fired his fire arrow,
this caused an explosion that engulfed him in flames, his health went down
so fast Momiji's healing was almost late, if you can do it, that is a real
good chance of beating him. In any case, you seriously need to counter-combo
this guy, because luck didn't favor Yaiba in the intro, it hardly does here
too. If you managed to not die 200 times, congrats! Me, I gotta do maintenance
on my poor controller. This is the last fight, and defeating Hayabusa here
ends the fight, and the level!

100% collectibles :D

3.f#-->--Level 6: Forge Headquarters----------------------------------------

-Find a new core

Uh oh, Yaiba needs a new heart :P Press your grab button to recharge at the
station Miss Monday mentioned, cybervision will help you see it if you
can't. Go forward to it and grab it, opening the door, and enter the Garbage
Day arena. Generics are first, defeating them will bring up 2 PunchDrunks
and some electric zombo's (heh one got roadkilled). Defeating them will
trigger 2 clowns, bile sisters and Grenadiers, oh my. Uh, watch out for
those garbage carts, time it right and you can let them run over the zombo's.
Defeating this last set of zombo's ends the Garbage Day arena. Now proceed
forward, cybervision to see where to go, grab that charge station and jump up
to the right. This part above the grinder is all chain swinging, I know
there's arrows pointing down, but you die if you slide down. Last part is
a jump, and then a puzzle arena. Cyber vision to see both a circuit breaker
and a punchable wall, punch the wall first, and grab the electric zombo on
the toilet, and throw him into the circuit breaker. Then rip him out of
there, and toss him somewhere. Go back to the toilet, grab a new electric
guy, and throw him at the giant fan all the way to the right. Charge at the
station if your electric levels are high.

This next part is tricky, like crazy tricky. Going through this area of
fans, I kept dying so much, I said screw it, keep pressing the jump button
, chain swing when it goes slow-mo, but at the very end is a punchable
crystal, this one do not wait to land on the arrows on the wall in front
of it, as soon as the crystal has a fist icon, press the punch button, it
was the only freakin way I could go through.

Now in a new area, there's a charge station, and just further foward is a
Health Shard out in the open! Whew, they must have heard how hard the
Hayabusa fight was, I hope the rest of them are out in the open. So jump
off where the health shard was onto the wall, and jump and it's another
punchable crystal, once you break through you need to chain swing down and...
we're outside? Cool, the artic. Proceed through this platform to the charge
station ahead, and jump up above it, chain swing and jump to the next area
for.... an arena! WTF, my 2 most hated enemies, 2 fire Priests and a Zombride!
Sunnova.... I actually carried the Hagpipe bile weapon from the sewage
Sister al lthe way from the first arena. I used it on the Zombride, turned
her into crystal and whammo, well, I did take a few swipes at her first :P

I left the 2 fire priests alone because I want a Rigor Mortar from them >:D
It was kind of hard to see the execute icon though, because of the camera
angle. But when you hit him, and he goes slow-mo, execute him. This ends the
Outside the Box arena, and I got me a Rigor Mortar! Don't forget to use
the charge station, and then proceed up the fire Priest platform to

Jump, chain swing then jump again, to a new area and.... an arena!?!? It's
a baby, plus bile zombo's and fire zombo's. See what I mean about our Rigor
Mortar? Torch the bile guys as soon as the baby comes near them, and the
ensuing fallout will cause major damage to the baby. Then take care of the
fire guys and that ends the Cold Comfort arena. So, jump on down where the
fire guys were to proceed.

Jump, chain swing, jump and punch through the crystal. Save point! You'll see
a crystalized fan, punch it to reveal a bile zombo, which you use to throw
at the fan to the left. Behind that fan is a Fire Shard, then proceed to the
right of that. Now in the engine room. There's a charge station, as well as
a Story Piece that you can see from here. Go left for now to get to the
other side, chain swinging and once on the other side, it's an arena against
2 clowns and a PunchDrunk. I beat the crap out of them and accidentally used
the last of my Rigor Mortar, killing the 3 of them ends the arena. The big
circuit breaker will fry, so punch the green button to proceed.

Now I seriously don't know what to do with the zombo that pops out when you
punch the green button. I threw him at the dead circuit breaker, nothing.
Threw him at the flaming pipes, nada. I even threw him at the charge station,
zip. So I just jumped on through the objective arrows and chain swinged
around to another platform, with an arena against 2 PunchDrunks and 2 sewage
Sisters. So I guess that zombo that we grabbed is for a collectible, so
remember that area for later. Anyways, defeat these enemies, and, hmm, the
arena wasn't finished, so I punched the green button and 2 grabable zombo's
appeared. Maybe this is where we need to create the firestorm, so grab the
zombo on the pipe, throw him at the circuit breakers near the place you
entered from, and then throw the electric zombo at it. Ah, that ended the
arena. Go on up near the charge station, use it if you need to, then proceed
to jump off where the objective arrow.

On the next platform, is another arena, this time stretched across 3
platforms! Jump onto the middle platform, and beat up the zombo's that
appeared there. Hey, I had the Numb chucks from the first fight, you can
get another one here :P Anyways, beat them up and jump to the 3rd platform,
and there's the Story Piece from earlier! So go back to the green button,
punch it, and a bile zombo will pop out. Jump off from the bloody ledge here,
and throw this guy at the circuit breaker on the middle platform. Another
bile zombo will pop up at the same spot, grab him and from the middle
platform, look at the circuit breaker at the first platform, and throw him
at it. It will trigger and event at the first area, so jump up to there.

The elevator is up, so we need to bring it down. Pull the zombo trapped in
the circuit breaker, go on the elevator, and throw him  back at the circuit
breaker from there. That will activate the elevator to a fire guy, grab
him, jump off the elevator ro mthe bloody ledge, and throw him at the
circuit breaker in the middle platform. This ends the arena, and a cut
scene will play.

Back in control, it's Tarzan time. Jump and chain swing up, and you'll get
to a part where a large pipe fell, and you jump onto it and while running
up the pipe, press the punch button to proceed, then more jumping until
you are up there. And it's an Hangar Banger arena! Fire Priests, Punch
Drunks, lucky for us there seems to be a new part here. Grab it, and blow
them all to hell. Except for 1 fire Priest, I wanted to execute him for
some Rigor Mortar. Defeating all of them here will trigger 3 twin headed
babies, if you got Rigor Mortar, drop it in favor of the continuously
sspawning rocket launcher and blow them all up. This ends the arena, so
now it's decision time, bring the rockets or Rigor Mortar, well, that's
what my guide is for, lets see what we need. (bring the Rocket LAuncher.)

First up, in the hangar are two punchable doors. The one on the left is a
Health Shard, and the one right of it is the objective. Go through the door,
and go up the stairs, jump up and punch through the glass. Save point! And
before you proceed, run towards the screen for a Story Piece. Then let's
take care of these zombo's blocking our way. 3 PunchDrunks and fire guys,
hmm PunchDrunks are no longer arena minibosses, eh... Proceed forward, and
a charge station is also here, then jump through the glass and to a platform,
go through the door, and it's an arena! The miserable family again, Zombrides
and fire Priests. My advice? Attack the fire Priests first. Zombride will
not hesitate to zap you, and she should inadvertantly hit the fire Priest too.
that of course creates the firestorm, making things a little easier. Keep
in mind that if your electrical levels are too high, you cannot use your arm,
which is critical for breaking the fire Priest's guard. Defeating them all
will trigger the mecha doggy, now this one, you do not kill. As in, if you
still have rockets, or you took the Rigor Mortar from one of the fire priests
here, do not expend all ammo on the doggy. You need to weaken it to low
health, and then use melee attacks to trigger an execution, this is how
Yaiba gets his new battery :D If you blow up the dog without execution,
another one will spawn. That ends the arena.

Now, let's go up the elevator. A new area, and go forward (lol at Gonzo's
"bite the hand that feeds her" remark). And cybervision to see....oh. When
I said earlier that he was born from Miss Monday, I didn't mean that >__>
Approaching the objective ahead, will make Miss Monday open another door
instead, go there, and, there are some grabable zombo's in jail here, just
for fun I grabbed one and threw him at the transformer, poor fellow just
fried to death. So make your way through this area, jumping down to...an
arena! Biomass Effect, and it's just 2 babies. Well, I used the last of my
2 rockets here on one baby, and to easily beat the other one, first grab
the bile zombo on the right, throw it at the baby, then grab and throw the
electric zombo at the left at the baby, crystalize and punch it to pieces.

That ends the fight, and the babies cage is open for a Health Shard and a
Story Piece. Grab the electric zombo here, and go through the other door
in the cage, and it's an elevator back to the operating room. Throw the
guy into the transformer, oh great still not good enough, a door will open
beside the transformer, go through this area, and jump down to the
Experidemented arena! Mecha doggy plus clowns, good thing Gonzo was generous
enough to leave 2 weapons for us to use. Have some fun with the electric
whip on the left, and zap em all. Defeating them will trigger sewage sisters
and generics, so swing that electric chain for some crystalizing fun. Oh wait,
defeating all of them will trigger Zombrides, Gonzo you bastard. Just bile
them up, and defeating them will trigger ..... a hoard of Fire Priests! WTF
Grab the electric weapon and zap them into a firestorm. Defeating them ends
the Experidemented arena. The door will open back to the operating room, so
grab the zombo that appears here and bring him over. Ah, if you executed
one of the fire Priests, bring the Rigor Mortar to the operating room, then
grab that zombo and go to the operating room, cyber vision to know where to
go, stand in front of the window of the security room, and throw the zombo
through. Doors are open! Now grab your Rigor Mortar and proceed.

Go through this tunnel up, and ooh it's the Aztec times. And an arena! Against
a hoard of PunchDrunks! Defeating them will bring out the elemental zombo's
lol, just attack the fire guys, and the elctric ones will attack you and might
trigger the firestorm. Once these pushovers are defeated, they will trigger...
Fire Priests, Sewage Sisters, and Zombrides! Again, attack the priests, and
the Zombrides will soon enough cause a firestorm on them. Hang around the
sewage sisters, and they too might collateral damage Zombride into crystals,
but I highly recommend executing a sewage Sister last, and defeating them
all will end the Tropical Rumble arena.

On the right is a pillar to climb, and up to... another arena!? Good thing
you have the Hagpipe from the Sister, there's an electric weapon here for
you to use, so first spray the baby or the mecha doggy, or all of them, then
punch them to pieces. Whoo, quickest arena yet? And it's the end of the Level!

Level 6 Collectibles: 63%
Missing: 2 Bile shards, 2 story pieces.

3.g#-->-Final Level: Another Dimension--------------------------------------

Ah, an arena and a timer! You need to keep punching the glass that Gonzo is
inside, WHILE fighting off the annoying zombo's that endlessly spawn behind
you. I don't know how many hits, but he mentioned duct tape, then told me
to stop, around that time is when it'll break, and that will end that arena.

And into another arena! Final battle? Cybervision to see where his weak spot
is, and oh of course, no projectiles to use, guess we have to PUNCH him. He
will launch a god fist to slam the platform you are on, it will slow-mo
before the hit, so you should dash to dodge in time, preferably in the
direction of his stomach, so you can punch him. After punching him a few
times, he will then summon Punchdrunks and clowns, defeat them, execute if
you are low on health, then Gonzo will resume god smashing the platform.
After MANY punches on his belly, when it exposes bile, Gonzo will call in
a meteor strike, avoid it if you can, then he will summon 2 fire priests.
You need to execute at least one of them to get a Rigor Mortar, and fire it
at his belly ASAP.

He'll disappear for a bit, and when he returns, he'll god smash the platform
several times, and it's random, so if you didn't die yet, he'll then run his
palm around the platform raining electric rain on you. If you survived that,
he then summon Zombrides...oh gosh. Defeating them (I failed to execute) will
make Gonzo call in his Aerodactyl's, they will strafe the platform at random,
I just stayed in the middle, thinking I had to counter and deflect the shot
to Gonzo. In any case, when they stop, Gonzo will summon a PunchDrunk and
sewage Sisters. Execute in case you need their weapons, when they are
defeated, Gonzo will then smash the platform several times. Afterwards,
more strafing runs, then he'll summon some electric dudes, my gosh it took
me awhile till I figured out what to do, if you haven't littered the platform
with enough weapons, you need to use a bile Hagpipe and fire it at his chest
when he's charging up and using the Rain of Thunder attack. This will cause
him to crystalize, and you'll need to jump up the right side, chain swing up
and press the punch button to smash his chest, and then a QTE to rip his
heart out.

Round 3, uh oh our platform is busted. Cybervision to see his eyes, again
we need to bile his eyes up. During this time he will smash the platform
repeatedly, call in meteors, and fire lasers from his eyes. Avoid if you
can, and when he summons sewage Sisters, execute them for the Hagpipes.
Now, stand on that square at the front of the platform, and hold the
cybervision button to aim at an eye (it will turn white when it's targeted),
and fire. Do this for the other eye, and then his face will explode in
flames. He'll then summon Zombrides, execute them and swing that electric
chain at Gonzo's face. This arena is over! Congratulations! Damn that took
me a long time. No time bonus for this one :/ Enjoy the ending, wow Miss
Monday is my kind of gal too :D

0% collectibles? Why in the.... but we unlocked a school uniform and Ninja
Gaiden Z!

10#=-->--Frequently pondered questions>--------------------------------------

Q: Hey, I upgraded some upgrades, but didn't feel my upgrades.
A: Those on the right of the tree are weapons you pick up. Man, when I got
my first upgrade, I thought I got the rocket launcher. I actually went to
upgrade that first! Oh the embarressment...

Q: Help, I can't beat (insert boss here)!
A: There's somewhat of a weapon triangle in this game. Bile crystalizes
electricity, and superheats fire. Electricity firestorms Fire. Use this
against the zombies, and you'll find fights quicker than usual.

Q: Is Miss Monday your waifu?

(You too can be mentioned here if you submit something helpful!)

-Special thanks to Keiji Inafune. Seriously dude, keep on having fun :D
-Special thanks to er whoever created Miss Monday.
-THANK YOU Jessica Nigri for bringing Miss Monday to life XD
-Thanks to Team Ninja. Well, there was only 2 non-zombie girls, so I guess
I should thank them for making Momiji's outfit show her thighs :D
-And I forgot to thank Anime for keeping me sane. Love me waifu's :)

Contact me: at my blog manga-tron.blogspot.com
post a comment @



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