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A glitches FAQ for...

                        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@      ###################
                     @*********************@      #                  #
                  @**********************@       #                  #
               @***********************@        #                  #
             @************************@    #####~                 #
            @*********@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    #        ^##############
           @*********@                   #         #
          @*********@                   #         # 8888888888
         @********@                    #         # 8\\\\\\\\\\\8
        @********@         @@@@@@@@@  #         # 8\\8     8\\\8
       @********@         @*******@  #        #   88     8\\\8
      @********@         @*******@  #        #         8\\\8
     @********@         @*******@  #        #        8\\\8
     @*******@         @*******@  #        #       8\\\\\\\\\8
     @******@         @@@@@@@@@  ##########      8888888888888
      @*****@       ________  ___   _  __________ _____  __________  _______
       @*****@     / ___/ _ \/ _ | / |/ /_ __/ / / / _ \/  _/ __/  |/  / __ \
        @*****@   / (_-/ , _/ __ |/    / / // /_/ / , _// /_\ \/ /|_/ / /_/ /
         @*****@@@\___/_/|_/_/ |_/_/|_/ /_/ \____/_/|_/___/___/_/  /_/\____/
           @@@@@@@ T H E     R E A L     D R I V I N G    S I M U L A T O R

                           Gran Turismo 2 Glitches FAQ
                             Platform: PlayStation
                                 Version 0.5
                           Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                       E-mail: [email protected]

                 ASCII art courtesy of AdEx        

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
                            1. INTRODUCTION
                            2. LEGAL STUFF
                            3. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY
                            4. GLITCHES & COMPLAINTS
                            5. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
                            6. CREDITS
                            7. CONTACT INFO



Hi, and welcome to my Gran Turismo 2 Glitches FAQ for the PlayStation. I made 
this FAQ as a type of warning to my fellow GT 2 players, and as a source for 
those of you experiencing glitches with this wonderful game, which you probably 
are. :( 

And since I love Gran Turismo 2 so much, I compiled this guide to bring any and 
all glitches to the surface, and to warn others of those glitches, as to help 
them prevent andy damage that might be caused to their games that are brought on 
by these glitches. And let me tell you this: GT 2 is a VERY glitchy game, as any 
GT 2 gamer can sadly tell you after their ENTIRE garage of cars were erased 
after one too many trips at the Machine Test. Heck, even Sony themselves admits 
that GT 2 is a glitchy game, since it was RUSHED onto the market for the Holiday 
season, and are even offering relplacement discs to those who have glitchy 

Here's my review of Gran Turismo 2:

You wanna know somethin'? After I beat the first Gran Turismo, I never, EVER, 
thought that there would be a racing game that would ever top it. At first I 
thought that R4 might be the one, but alas, it was just an arcade racer, and, 
while insanely fun, didn't quite live up to the Gran Turismo name and dynasty. 
Well, after playing Gran Turismo 2 for well over 80 hours total, I'd have to say 
that Gran Turismo is the racing game of the millenium, and has left the original 
GT in it's dust. Let's break GT2 down into the most important aspects of a game, 
shall we?

GRAPHICS - 9/10: 
The visuals in GT 2 are outstanding to say the least. Forget what you may have 
heard from others who tell you "How much better looking GT1 was." Well this is 
B.S. Even though there wasn't a substantial leap in graphics, GT2 is still the 
best looking racing game on the market...well, except for maybe R4. :) And 
despite what you may have heard, I have yet to experience ANY slowdown 

SOUND - 10/10
The sound effects in GT2 are still as amazing as ever. If you thought that the 
car sounds from GT1 couldn't get any better, well, you were wrong. My only 
complaint is that many of the cars sound alike, but that really doesn't matter 
much, since you get so caught up in the AMAZING gameplay. 

The soundtrack for GT2 is equally amazing. But, awesome as it is, I'd give the 
soundtrack a 8/10, mainly because the game only plays about four different songs 
while racing, and they do get repetitive after a while.

GAMEPLAY - 10/10
Man this game is sweet! It plays even better than GT1, if you can beleive it. 
Every single one of the cars in the game handle differently, and have their own 
unique Pros and Cons. FR cars take turns better than the other cars, but they 
tend to over-steer. 4WD cars are good overall, while FF cars tend to under-
steer, and so on. 

The sheer depth of GT2 is unparralled. With over 500 cars, at least 40 hours of 
gameplay (trust me on this one), AND rally racing, this baby will keep you 
playing for weeks on end, and then some. I guarentee that I'll still be playing 
this sucker a year from now.

CONTROL - 10/10
Manuvering the vehicles in GT2 is as easy as ever, and since they handle 
realistically, there's plenty of variety within these two discs. Using the Dual-
Shock is the best way to go, and there is NO alternative that will allow you 
such precision on the track. Some of my gripes are that some of the FR cars spin 
out too easily *cough, Viper, cough*, and it's irritating, but it's not a 
control issue; it's just how the game plays: Well.

REPLAY - 10/10
Like I said earlier in the review, I GUARENTEE I'll be playing GT2 a year from 
now, and I mean it. After playing for over 80 hours, I'm only 21 % done with the 
game. Yep, I'll take a while...

OVERALL - 10/10
This is the greatest racing game of all time, and rightfully so. It's the 
equivilant to the Autobahn; Huge, fast, and the king of the road(s).

Buy it.

Game: Gran Turismo 2
Platform: PSX
Price: $39.99
Available: Now
Players: 2
Supports: Dual Shock, JogCon controller, NegCon controller
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: SCEA
Tracks: 29 (twice as many if you include mirrored courses)
Cars: Over 600(!)
Best Car: Tough choice...I'd have to say the Suzuki Escudo
Best Tip: Keep on tuning!



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E-Mail Address: [email protected]

© Copyright 1999-2000 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. It may not be stolen, altered, 
or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and printed 
for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a magazine 
or any type of publication. If you want to use this FAQ on your site, please 
contact me. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ (you will be credited,) 
please e-mail me, as well as any questions, comments, or corrections, to the 
address above.


Version 0.2 (02/06/00)

* First version

Version 0.3 (02/07/00)

* Added my personal review of Gran Turismo 2

* Added some ASCII art

Version 0.4 (02/08/00)

* Added some more glitches


Even though it's tough for me to admit it, GT2 is a glitched game. A VERY 
glitched game, since it was rushed out to the market in time for the holiday 
rush. There's only been one thing that I've heard of, so that's the only one 
that I'll post right now. If anyone out there has some kind of glitch or 
something that could've been fixed in the final version of the game, send them 
to me at [email protected] Thanks!

So far, the only thing that I've heard of as of now, is that you can't get 100% 
of the game completed. Sony of Japan recently stated that because of a 
production problem, it is NOT possible to get 100% of the game done. The highest 
possible percentage is 98.2%. I'm pretty sure that the other 1.8% HAS to be the 
drag racing mode that was apparently left out of GT2. :(


I was racing one of my licence tests yesterday and I missed out on Bronze by 
0.036 seconds. Bad luck I thought, that'll teach me for being so crap (well it 
was my first go on a I-B licence). What am I on about? Well...

Instead of the game displaying "Failure", it displayed "Get Kid's Prize" with a 
sort of flag mascot of Green/Yellow (with two black dots/eyes on it) in this 
sort of shape:

__   __
| \ /  |
|o V o |
\  |   /

Green | Yellow

Any help as to what this means, achieves, reveals or anything else would be 
appreciated. -From: Matt Sephton 


Hi Brett-

Here's a glitch for you to use in your FAQ - 
and it's one that bugs me like only the little 
things can. The track lengths listed are, 
well, not incorrect, but have the wrong unit 
attached to them. (Uh, he-he, he said 
"unit.") It's pretty obvious when you do the 
math that the tracks were measured in meters, 
then they decided to convert that to feet for 
the American audience, so they put "feet" in 
where they had "meters," then they shipped the 
game without actually converting the numbers.

The glaringly obvious example, and the one that 
made me notice the mistake, is the Test Track. 
The length of the straightaways (each one has 
to be at least 1000 meters, making their 
combined length at least 6200 feet) is longer 
than the listed length of the whole track! -From: Chris White 


Hey there! 
I haven't had my GT2 real long or much playing time, but I have noticed a glitch 
on the tachometer. When I race in the arcade mode. (this is mostly what I have 
been doing do far) The tachometer will get either a red or brown box behind it. 
When it is red, you can't tell what the redline on your car is. The brown is 
less common, but they both happen. It can come and go, or stay the entire time 
you are racing. At first I felt like it was telling me when I had blown my chace 
of first place, cause it would happen after I lost control, but I think that is 
pretty foolish. There just seems to be no pattern. The strange part is my 
friend's playstation doesn't have this problem. I have my playstation at a 
friends house where we have two playstations hooked up to two T.V's side by 
side. My playstation is an older one I bought used awhile back. Its really slow, 
but works fine. My friends is a brand new one he just got. Could it possibly be 
that my system is older and less refined that this occurs? 
Have you heard of this before? 
Please respond to both  and [email protected] 
Thanks -From: "Dan Heming" 


I have a couple of bugs to give you. First is the cars in you garage getting 
erased or renamed after doing a machine test. When you fill up the time slots in 
the machine test and run a car multiple times. Say you do a time trial and get 
ranked, then tune your car and try again, and don't beat it (out of ranking) you 
return to your garage and the cars are deleted or renamed to no name. Alot of 
people apparently are having this problem.

Another bug is in the Event Generator, the Normal race is misspelled Nomal. The 
Car Wash saying that it costs 5000cr is another bug, although it really only 
charges you 50cr.

These bugs are in the American version, don't know of the Japanese version has 
the same problem.

Also, there have been talk about 2 American versions being distributed. One 
dated 10/12/99 (bugged) and the other 10/19/99 (not bugged). Mine is 10/12/99. 
Although this hasn't been proven yet. 
-From: Keith Peterson 


Not really a glitch, but rather a theory, so here goes:

Consider this. It may not be the proper explanation, but until I hear a better 
one, I'll go with this. 
Based upon my experience with GT2, each time you first win a particular 
simulation mode race, you earn an additional 0.45% towards your potential 100% 
completion status. Obviously, additional wins of the same race don't contribute 
towards your 100% goal. 
Having achieved 98.2% (without any hacks I might add - not bad for an old 
"geezer"), I noticed that the only races not to have a trophy are the four event 
generator races. Well, as you know 4 * 0.45% = 1.8%. Yes, the very difference 
between 100% and the 98.2% that we have as our "practical" maximum percentage. 

The theoretical 100% maximum could possibly be achieved IF GT2 PERMITTED IT, but 
consider what MIGHT be involved in doing so. Would we have to win all four event 
generator races with every car we own?, with every car in GT2? (I've heard 
that's ~450 in the NA version?), or win every possible randomly generated 
combination of races with every car in GT2? I don't know, but you do the math. 
Don't forget that the 4th and most difficult of the event generator races 
consists of 5 races. Would we also have to beat every permutation (yes, they can 
be permutations and merely combinations) of 5 races with every car. I haven't 
even thought about the numbers involved? Long before we could ever win that many 
races, GT2000 or whatever they're going to call it will be out and we'll both be 
playing that instead. 

Many thanks, 
 -From: Paul Johnson 
        Senior Software Engineer 
        Sikorsky Aircraft 
        [email protected] 
        [email protected] 

And here's another small theory from the same man:
As far as the cars one wins in many (all? - not sure since I have only
run 1100+ races and am not sure of all the criteria that GT2 uses to
award race prizes, i.e., cars), it seems that, in the Special Events at
least, any of the three cars for a particular special event can be one
in any of the that special events races.

I have won three different cars by repeatedly winning a particular
Special Event race. I have done this with several of my favorite
Special Event races. Have never won more than three different cars for
the same race however.

Many thanks,

Paul Johnson
Senior Software Engineer
Sikorsky Aircraft
[email protected] 
[email protected]

Pretty cool theories huh?


Here's a response regarding Kieth Peterson's idea on there being TWO versions of 

Hello. I tend to agree with Keith Peterson when he mentioned that there is a 
possibility of 2 versions of the game that have been released. I got GT2 for my 
birthday a week ago cuz it was sold out in my area for Xmas. Any ways, my friend 
got his the day it came out. Now here is the trick. Gameshark and Xplorer codes 
work on his copy of GT2, but not on mine. Mine locks up on the title screen 
every time I try it. Not that I really need the codes, but my friend needed them 
for the Tests. Also, on my copy, I haven't had any glitches (I'm 50% or so done) 
and I have done Machine tests and time trials. I will have to check with my 
friend's copy. And I would point out that the 1st GT had 2 versions (1.0 and 
1.1). Just thought I'd contribute. Besides the little things, GT2 is still the 
best. -From: Michael Henders 


Regarding the kiddie prize, I was racing through my S license,
on the last one, apricot hill raceway, I missed the bronze less
then 0.01 sec, but it still a failure. I missed the time again
on next time, but I aquire the kiddie prize. -From: [email protected]


Here's one:

Every now and then you will be in a race that has, let's say a maximum
of 392 HP for the cars, and yet there is a computer car that ahs well
over that HP limit. Now ay to even get close to that particular car.
Exit the race and come back and that overpowered car is not there and
you then have a chance to win.

Here's another: Maybe not a glitch:

You buy a brand new car for 440,000 credits and never get in the car,
never drive it or modify it. Simply park it in the garage. Go back to
the garage later and its value has depreciated to about 25% of what it
was when you bought it. I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but it
sure does cost you a lot of coin.

One more: Maybe not a glitch:

If you do an upgrade on a car, you can only upgrade once for a
particular item. Be careful how you increase power because if you
exceed the HP limit for a race by 1 HP, you can race there and may not
be able to de-tune the car.

And another: This is a glitch:

Sometimes when you see the HP rating for the car that you want to buy
you will do so because you know it will be the best car for the race,
since it has just a tad bit less HP than the race allows. Great! But -
after you actually spend the bucks on the car, you find out the actual
HP for the car is 20 or 30 HP more than the course allowed and you are
overpowered for the course, without even upgrading the car!
Frustrating, especially when you spend a million credits on a car and
can't use it when you want.

Fastest Car:
Fastest Car I have found is the Suzuki Escudo - cost 2 mill, is made for the 
Pikes Peak Hill Climb, has 981 HP, front and rear turboed engines and weighs 
about 1,760 lbs, is 4WD and totally fast. The only car that can beat it is the 
computer Escudo at the Pikes Peak race. I have to work on that race.

On the test track (turbo oval) this car can be tuned to hit over 250,
maybe a bit more.

Get this car as soon as you can - you won't regret it!

Another car to get early is the Nissan 390 GT road car. Very quick and
comes with a lower HP rating (about 370) to begin with, although it can
be increased to about 837 HP. Also very light, mid engined and pretty
much can blow the doors off anything, except for the Escudo.

The Ford Saleen Mustang is also quick, but no match for the Escudo, on
any course.

There is a HKS Drag car, 1,011 HP, 4wd, about 2700 lbs. and is very fast on the 
test track, but the Escudo blows it away in the low end, high end and especially 
in the curves. Mid range and the drag car will shoot past anything, but just 
drive the Escudo once and you'll be hooked!

Another Glitch:

Sometimes the game seems to "float" a bit when there is a lot of
activity on the screen. Makes it hard to control the car, but usually
doesn't last too long.

Overall, this is a fantastic game - the best I have ever played, by far!

Also, I have not confirmed this, but word has it that if you purchase
every car on in the game and buy them all in black (where possible) you
will be awarded with a McClaren F1, which in real life is a basic rocket on 
wheels. That is what I am doing now and have two more Cities to purchase. you 
have to buy and then sell, as the garage will only hold so many cars. With the 
way the car value drops it makes it tough to do this, because when you spend 3 
million credits on cars, you only recoup about 800,000 when you sell them. So 
you just have to run the Escudo on the test track, pick up a quick 50k and maybe 
the drag car that is worth 250k, sell it and continue to build the credits back 
One more: Maybe not a glitch 
If you do an upgrade on a car, you can only upgrade once for a 
particular item. Be careful how you increase power because if you 
exceed the HP limit for a race by 1 HP, you can race there and may not 
be able to de-tune the car.

Great job in putting this FAQ together !! -From: Neal Jackson 


Alright...have I got a glitch for you. Perhaps this glitch is only present in my 
copy of the game (my roommate works at a music/video store and we have the 
stores first copy of the game) but this one is simply awful. 

Have you tried playing a 2-player game yet? Well when my roommate and I tried we 
discovered something terrible. When I finished the race (about 30 seconds ahead 
of him, player 2) the screen darkened and it displayed a message about player 1 
winning the race. However, player 2 had not crossed the finish line yet! 
And....the screen stayed dark while player 2 was attempting to finish the race. 
Not until he finished the race did the screen lighten up, and the game displayed 
another "end of race" screen. So...if one person on a two person race finishes 
way ahead of the other out! The loser will still HAVE to finish the 
race! Either that or quit. 
Please try it out...tell me if it does the same thing with your copy, and let me 

-From: D. Neil Crawford


Here are some statements about some of the glitches as well as some comments 
from a friendly reader:
Thanks for the FAQ. I've been playing for 2 weeks, and this is the best
racing sim I've ever seen. I was thinking of getting a guide, but your FAQ saved 
me the time and money. Basically, all I needed to know was what to do to get all 
the bonus cars - I haven't had to buy a car yet - just get all the gold 
licenses. Once I got the GT-ONE, it was all over. But more to the point:

I wanted to comment on a few of the things in your FAQ:

The Game days are not actually the amount of time that you spend playing the 
game. It's actually a record of every time you have attempted to enter a race. 
For example: If you go to Race, and you go through all the menu's till you get 
to the one that says "START RACE," then instead of starting the race, you exit, 
this will add one day. It's the same as if you actually raced. This also happens 
every very time you go into the License area, to the point just before you go 
for a spin. As soon as you exit out of that area, it will add one day. So 
conceivably, you could get all 6 licenses in just 6 days, as long as you don't 
exit the license menu until you've completed all 10 tests for a particular 
license. Try it. 

One thing to note about Turbo Kits - you can only buy them for cars that already 
have a turbocharger. The CRX is an N/A (naturally aspirated) car, so even though 
you may be able to buy them after-market, you can't get them on the game.

I'm pretty sure that you can change from MPH to KPH, but I'll look into
this and get back to you.

Motorsports land is found in arcade mode after getting some of the Licenses
- I'll tell you which one when I look into it more. However, you can only play 
it in Time Trial mode. Check your arcade bonuses for the track name if you have 
all the licenses.

GT2 doesn't have all the glitches your FAQ suggests that it did, but then I may 
have the newest release code.

I wouldn't call the Kiddie Prize a glitch - It sounds more like programmers 
messing around. I've never seen it, but it sounds more like a secret prize for 
the lucky few.

In reference to the "glitches" as stated by Neal Jackson
 where a car that you buy actually has more
horsepower than the listed rating when you bought it. You will only find this 
when buying used cars. One thing to realise is that this game is an attempt to 
simulate real life. In real life, you don't know the HP of a used car that you 
are buying, unless you have a dyno at home. The car may have been abused, so it 
has less HP than when it was new, or it has been modified, so that it has more. 
When you buy used cars in GT2, you will see that the prices for the same car may 
vary by a few thousand. This could be because of the color, but most likely it's 
because the used car has had some wear and tear, or some modifications. The 
listed HP is the advertised rating for the car when it was new, so all the cars 
of one type will have the same reported HP, but the price will vary, as will the 
actual HP.

Also, in real life, when you buy a car, and drive it off the lot, it will 
depreciate by several thousand dollars. They have incorporated this in GT2.

The "Floating" that Neal describes may be a hardware problem, and not a
problem with the code. I have never encountered this, and I have a fairly old 
playstation. What we need to note is the GT2 takes advantage of almost 100% of 
the PSX capability. If the game is run on an older, slower playstation, it may 
get bogged down trying to keep up with all the action.

And we all know about the situation in Player 2 mode where the loser has to 
finish to end the game as described by D. Neil Crawford . This is not a glitch, 
but clearly the way that the developers intended it.

I would suggest that you have an alternate section in your FAQ for notes that 
include the parts that are described as glitches, but are actually not. Clearly 
people should be made aware of these aspects of the game that are not addressed 
in the manuals, but if you call them glitches, people may get the wrong idea. 
Especially when something that you call a glitch is a positive dynamic of the 
game, such as unpredictable used cars. I'd hate to see this game get such a bad 
rap when it's undeserved.

But I will say one thing that bothers me about the game. On the game
manual, you see a view of the dash of the McLaren F1, but it's not included in 
the game. If Neal Jackson is correct, that you can get the F1 by buying and 
selling then buying again every car, I'd like to be the first to know about it. 
Then I'd have nothing to complain about.

-From: Josh

Those are some very well though out statements about the "glitches", and in 
regards to adding an alternate section, I've just decided to change the name of 
this section from "GLITCHES", to "GLITCHES, COMMENTS, & COMPLAINTS". =)

Alright, this is an odd one, and it sure surprised me, and i want to know if it 
happened to anyone else. My R GT-40(GULF) was in the first car slot. Anyway, i 
left it there for a while, and made my way through the game. I went back to race 
it, and suddenly the horsepower went from it's usual 490-something, to 10,579. 
Yes, i'll spell it so you know i didn't mis-key that. Ten thousand, five hundred 
seventy-nine horsepower. I thought "WHOAH! WHAT DID I PRESS?!" However, when i 
tried to take it on the course, it locked up the game, forcing me to reset. I 
had to sell the GT-40, and win it back again. The glitch seems to have no real 
purpose, just to screw you out of a good car. It's an American Version of the 
game that i got for christmas. 



Okay, here's my own glitch, but I'm not really sure if it IS a glitch, but I 
thought I'd put it here anyways:
I was racing on Rome Short in Arcade mode, with a Ford Mustang. As I was coming 
around the last turn before the finish line, my transmission just failed on me 
or something. I just stayed in 2nd gear for about 1 min., and I was going about 
28 MPH. I couldn't go past that max speed until AFTER I braked, went into 
reverse, and then put it back into drive. I'm not sure if that's a glitch or 
not, but I think it was. :)
-From: ME (Brett)


I found something that I thought was pretty weird.
I bought a Dodge Intrepid ES and all of the modifications for it (including the 
racing modification). I then found out that the horsepower does not match the 
body of the car. I think that this is one of the cars that was meant to be one 
of the Drag racers. 


Here's a glitch:
It is the race against the "rally car" car, but i know the race is at the tahiti 
maze. Anyway, as soon as you start off (in my game, at least) the opponent car 
swerves off to the side, hitting the wall and stays there for the whole race. I 
got 10,000 dollars free every time i raced it, so im not complaining, i guess. -
From: [email protected] 


After winning the final race in sim mode and saving when I went to the 
arcade mode I made the mistake of hitting load visitors garage, and it filled up 
my garage with 100s of RX-7s that were worth from 0-1000000 creds and had HP 
ratings from 0 to 1100, most of them wouldnt work when selected and basically 
messed up my save. I havent had any luck in reproducing this problem. -From: 
[email protected]


Your faq said to e-mail with glitches or questions, so here goes...

First...I was playing yesterday trying to get Gold in all the
license tests, when i noticed something peculiar.
When playing the braking exam in "B" license (nissan skyline) I
received a time that was exactly .023 off the mark.
"Pretty close" i thought. "I'll just brake a tad earlier. Well, I
received the exact same time for the next five more try's. Huh?
I was thinking this was either a glitch or a huge coincidence.
That's until i had the same thing happen on multiple license tests.
And not just the braking tests. I never noticed this before, of
course, i never had to play the license tests repeatedly (I passed
them relatively quickly the first time in December.) Was wondering
if this was a glitch or something more sinister?
-From: [email protected]


im a fellow gran turismo nut. i bought the game when it came out and have been 
playing it a lot. i bought the escudos pikes peak car and won a bunch of races 
with it. then i took it to the machine test. i out the auto adjust gear ratios 
at 23, then slapped on the super soft tires. i raced it and topped out at 256, 
then to my suprise i went to my garage and found that i had 520 new cars, all of 
them called "No Name No Name" what the f*ck is that? i clicked on the car and 
the game locked up and the screen went blank. i tried the speed race again and 
this time when i went back to my garage i had no cars, i did it again and i had 
all those cars back again. try this out and see for yourself and tell me what 
you think. -From: [email protected] 


Hi Brett

I have the Japanese version
I bought it around mid Dec
I also have the same problem with Keith's game
one time I already have 60 cars ( I used gameshark for the money), I went to the 
test tracks ( 400 m ), I used the Suzuki Escudo, it ran 8.30, after that I saved 
my game and then it was all gone.
-From: "Andry H Sonwelly" 


I found a way to race a car that has gone over the hp limit on a race.
Its a bit inconvenient but it works. Ok, you can change the settings on
your car... what stage turbo, racing/sports or normal muffler to chip or not to 
chip etc... by going to a free race or a race that allows your hp then going to 
settings and changing the specs for your car then exiting that race. Then go to 
the track that you wanted to race with the limit after you took out the 
upgrades. ^_^
-From: Noel / Rigel 


Here are some responses to some of the "glitches" above:

1) About the cars disppear after you had race at the Machine test and got Out of 
Ranking, mine didn't had this problem (mine was the Jap import version).

2) About the Normal spelled incorrectly under the Event Synthensis Race, it did 
spell incorrecly too in the import version. For the wrong spelling, they are 
Japanese and they are like Chinese, so the way they spell may came from the 
interpretaion of Japanese Language

3) The 5000 cr for car wash is also too in the import version. About the 5000cr, 
remmeber in GT1, the car wash was also 5000cr, but then GT1 manage to show the 
dullness of the car in your gargage. GT2 can't, guess the disk can't hold so 
much details.

4) About the 98.2%, ok, this theory is that Polygophy co want to make GT2 as 
realistic as possible, and in fact Crash Team Racing (when finished) got 105%, 
so that's why they placed @ 98.2%, and definely not everyone could get hold of 
every car, Did anyone manage to find the rare Subaru 22-GTB
Note: Info come from  (under the letter section)

5)Regarding to Neal Jackson about this "glitch", the deppreciation of the car, 
look, nobody got the same deppreciation cost after you sell your real-life car 
(in your real gargage), He sell for 50% depprecaition, you sell for 40%, and 
your had a accident, and his maybe re-overhaul his entire engine for better 
performace (like what Josh  said. And i agree with him.

6) Upgrade the car wrongly can't goes back and race..Please did Neal ever play 
GT1 before, doesn't he know that he should just go to the UNLIMITED PS races to 
modify, especially for cars over 700ps like Escudo Pike Peak Ver. This is 
definetly NOT a glitch, it's a complaint.

7) This one is not a glitch, just that like JOsh said the car original ps is 
unsure, especially the used and Special cars, so you had to take a risk, but 
this mini guide will tell which cars had what ps below:
*NOTE: This mini-guide can also be found in the Walkthrough section.*

(These are ALL special cars):

Name of Car                   PS (HP) @home         Drivetrain
-R-Subaru Impreza Rally'99    - 483 -               4WD
-R-Penzoil Nissan Skyline     - 712 -               4WD
-R-Dahatisu Storia Rally      - 433 -               4WD
-R-Volks Beetle GT            - 456 -               4WD
-R-Audi TT LM                 - 552 -               4WD
-R-Opel Tigra Ice Rally       - 532 -               4WD
-R-Alfa Romeo 155 Touring     - 552 -               4WD
-R-Toyota Corolla Rally       - 426 -               4WD
-R-Mitsi. Lancer EVO VI Rally - 434 -               4WD
-R-Ciroen Xsara Rally         - 384 -               4WD
-R-Peugeot 206 Rally          - 467 -               4WD
-R-Lancia Delta S4            - 393 -               4WD
-R-Mitsi. Tai Trampo FTO      - 384 -               FF
-R-Mini Cooper 1275           - 243 -               FF
- Lotus Elise GT-1            - 622 -               MR
-R-Lotus Esprit GT-1          - 586 -               MR
-R-Jaguar XJ220 Race Car      - 549 -               MR
-R-Vector M12 LM              - 689 -               MR
-R-Renault Espace F1          - 830 -               MR
-R-Jaguar XJR15 Race Car      - 477 -               MR
-R-Honda S2000 Gt-1           - 586 -               FR
-R-Dodge Viper Team Oreca     - 700 -               FR
-R-Subaru Cusco Impreza       - 460 -               FR
-R-Mazda RX-7 Aspec LM        - 549 -               FR
-R-Mazda RX-7 LM (GT-C)       - 566 -               FR
-R-Mazda Advane RX-7          - 453 -               FR
-R-Toyota Castrol Tom Supra   - 696 -               FR
-R-Mobil 1 NSX                - 617 -               MR
-R-Raybrig NSX                - 617 -               MR

This cars are able to be brought: and tuned to MAX HP(mufffler/NA/Turbo 

Tuscan Speed 6                - 559 -               FR
Honda S2000                   - 370 -               FR
Toyota Altezza 280T           - 417 -               FR
Dodge Viper GTS               - 716 -               FR
BMW 328i Sedan                - 376 -               FR
Mercedes SLK 230              - 430 -               FR
Mazda RX-7 RS'99              - 643 -               FR
Covette 427'69                - 626 -               FR
Covette '95 ZR-1              - 652 -               FR
Aston Martin DB7 Volante/Coupe)-539 -               FR
Mercedes AMG E55              - 504 -               FR
Mazda Miata 1.8 VS/RS         - 274 -               FR
Suzuki Cappucino              - 190 -               FR
- Toyota GT-ONE Road      from 602 to MAX 989       MR
- Nissan R390 GT1 Road    from 377 to MAX 849       MR
Subaru Alcyone SVX            - 389 -               4WD
IMpreza TypeR Ver. V          - 479 -               4WD
Nissan Skyline R34 Vspec      - 785 -               4Wd
* Mitsi. Lancer EVO VI GSR    - 602 -               4wd (Sorry to disppoint 
Volks Beetle 2.0              - 376 -               FF
Lancia Delta HF Coll.         - 480 -               4WD
Lancia Delta HF EVo           - 407 -               4WD
Ruf CTR2 Sport                - 666 -               4WD (One of the great 4WD)
Ruf CTR2                      - 629 -               4WD
Ruf Turbo R                   - 666 -               4WD (great as CTR2 sport)
Audi S4                       - 610 -               4WD
Mitsi. GTO Twin Turbo'99      - 730 -               4WD
Mitsi. Galant VR-4'99         - 459 -               4wd (great for 450ps race)
Ford RS200 Rally              - 491 -               4WD
Honda Civic TypeR             - 336/341 -           FF (depend on luck for PS)
Mazda Demio GL/GLX            - 254 -               FF
Nissan March S.Turbo'89       - 218 -               FF
Toyota Starlet V '99          - 231 -               FF
Mitsi. Mirage Asti RXR        - 243 -               FF
Mitsi Mirage Cyborg ZR        - 237 -               FF (Great <250ps racer)
Dodge Neon ACR/RT             - 287 -               FF (horrible speed)
Ford Focus 2.0                - 394 -               FF
Ford KA                       - 177 -               FF
Volks Golf V6                 - 354 -               FF
Opel Tigra 1.6                - 240 -               FF (can use both N.A/Turbo)
Lotus Elan '90 S2             - 237 -               FF
Mini 1.3i                     - 177/181 -           FF (more expensive Mini)
Citorn Saxo 1.6i              - 268 -               FF
Peugeot 106 1.6               - 211 -               FF
Fiat 500 sporting             - 190 -               FF
Fiat Coupe                    - 397 -               FF
Audi A3                       - 348 -               FF
Mazda Lantis Coupe            - 316 -               FF
Renault Megane 2.0 16V        - 298 -               FF (better than Neon)
Nissan Sunny VZ-R             - 248 -               FF
Ford Cougar 2.5i 24V          - 520 -               FF (horrible top speed)
Fiat Punto GT                 - 217 -               FF
Peugeot 206 GTi               - 378 -               FF
Toyota Vitz F'99              - 194 -               FF
Toyota Sprinter Trueno BZ-R   - 260 -               FF
Ruf CTR Yellow Bird           - 607 -               RR (very difficult to 
Dahatisu Storia X4            - 198 -               4WD
Dahatsu Mira TX/TR            - 193 -               4WD
Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6         - 470 -               FF (can use both NA/ Turbo)
Honda NSX S-Zero              - 451 -               MR
Honda Beat'91                 - 130 -               MR
Mazda AZ-1                    - 180 -               MR
Tommy Kaira ZZ-S.Ed           - 283 -               MR
Toyota MR-S                   - 258 -               MR
Lotus Elise 190               - 267 -               MR
Lotus Motor Sports            - 333 -               MR
MGF 1.8i VVC                  - 248 -               MR
Renault Clio V6 24V           - 513 -               MR

Brett, this above car HP guide should be able to drive finish the 
Maunfacturer's races.

8) Regarding to  about the Dodge Interprid ES, the racer 
body is in regard to a "milder version"of Drag racer as proven by the Drag 
180SX/Drag R33 Skyline. Which is for the missing Drag racing.

9) Brett, may I make a suggestion, maybe you should a section just on future 
ideas for GT3.
For example: betting on your races, just like in Lamborghini Challenge in SNES. 
Also, a option on modifying the car in the garge without need to go to 
unlimited race to modify the PS. Lastly, a option on choosing own paint 
schemes/decals/wing type etc. And the best is done like THrasher:Skate And 
destroy (After win races, can get a certain amt of sponsors to sponsor you for 
your racing and more $$$.

Well done Brett on your FAQ, just hope to able to help you out.
- From: Cedric 


More Glitches
1) I can confirm the "more powerful" car bug also. When I attempted to race the 
Trial Mountain Endurance race (30 laps), the Vector M12 Racing Edition showed up 
and totally blew everything else off the road. I quit the race. I believe that 
race has a horsepower ceiling of 295hp and the M12 Racing Edition has over 
600hp. Yikes! When I reentered the race, though, it was gone.

2) The game has also crashed twice, once on each disc. The machine wasn't 
running hot, it doesn't skip, and the lens wasn't dirty. It *may* have been a 
glitch in the game, or it may have been a totally random occurrence caused by 
the machine. I was suspicious because the only other time I've had a game crash 
on me was with ver. 1.0 of the original Gran Turismo.

3) I've also had a few bizarre experiences with collision detection where my 
car, no matter which one I'm driving, will suddenly bounce in the middle of a 
clear lane with no obstructions on the track, without sliding or losing traction 
in any way, and without hitting anything or being hit by anything (in fact, both 
times I had a two or three second lead built up). It's only happened twice, once 
on Tahiti Road (on the first long straightaway, coming in for lap 2) and once on 
Seattle Circuit (at the short straightaway just past the railroad crossing). For 
Tahiti Road, I have to clarify that I wasn't near or in the pit lane, as that 
surface appears to be bumpy. Again, I'm not sure if it's a bug or what, and it 
didn't really get in the way of anything, but it was odd to have my car suddenly 
leap into the air like a frightened dog all of a sudden.

The only other thing I have to tell you about may already be in your FAQ, though 
I haven't noticed it. It's not a glitch or a bug, it's just a fun little trick 
to try on time trials and rally races. If you want your course ghost to 
disappear, just hit select while you're driving and the only way you'll see it 
is by watching for burning rubber or dust clouds. If you want it to come back, 
just hit select again. I found this totally by accident this morning and had 
some fun with it--it makes you paranoid (though you can keep your eye on the 
course map and the green dot marking your course ghost/rally ghost opponent will 
still be there). This might work on replays, but I'm not 100% sure of that--I 
didn't have time to check it out.

Anyway, I hope this is of some use to you in compiling your FAQ (which is very 
good, BTW).

-From: Scott Miller


Two points i want to make about glitches and problems with Gran Turismo 2.

1) I have yet to encounter a problem. I bought my game on January 7th, and I 
have over 79 cars in my garage (garage value:27,000,000 CR). No cheating either. 
I believe in the theory that it is possible there are two versions of the game.

2) The depreciation of a car isn't a glitch. Also, if a person is wondering why 
they slow down, or stop and start when racing arcade, they should check to see 
if the handicap and slow car boost is on.


And now, a comment:
Awesome FAQ...You rank up there with JCulbert in quality and style. I can  
contribute to your FAQ if you would like, as I have only spent roughly 80  hours 
on the game, but I am familiar with everything, from dealerships, to how the 
Wheel shops and Car Wash actually affect your cars performance. (They do.)

-From: Steven Wilson (Xayoz)



Probably a can't be reproduced glitch, but here's mine anyway:
Finished a race at Laguna and I was TIED (+0.000) seconds with the second car. 
The list of cars (and time difference that follows) has my car as the first 
place winner. But when going out of the replay, my car has the result as 2nd 
position; and I got the 2nd place prize.

-From: Muljadi Budiman.

Is this a glitch?
Are the BMW 328CIS, turboed and NA? u can turbo it and na tune it.. pretty 
weird, that a glitch? i always thought that the INLINE-6 was NA and not turbo.. 
check it out.. -From: [email protected]


Hey Brett

I just wanted to add to the glitches part.
If you use the Castrol Supra LM editon on Seattle Short Circuit using 
supersoft tires and set the all gears to the right(faster accel.)
When the car gets to finishes the game freezes causing me to restart my PS. It 
happened on my NA version of GT2.
And for the best car list, I think you should take a look at the the Toyota Road 
version in the Special category. ^ ^
Tune it to its best and with the right settings (especially the gear 
settings) will make it the best overall car for GT2 (my opinion)


-From: Henry 

Just sat here listening to the wife complain as I spent time to read the FAQ on 
GT2. *sigh* lol Before spending the money on the game I thought I would go ahead 
and rent the game to see if it was worth the money. In 6 days of racing the game 
and no cheat codes, I completed just about or over 50% of the races. All that 
were left were the Endurance races and the Manufactures Races. Far to easy in my 
mind.  Anyways, 2 minor things in the glitches department I didn't notice 
mentioned was.

#1) You CAN race in the horsepower rated races with a higher HP. 
Yes you can and here is how I have done it. Take your car and get it maxed out 
with all the purchasing of upgrades and modifications. Then take it to a FREE 
race where the horsepower does not matter. Go to the settings screen and take 
the Racing Performance chip out, Set the Muffler back to normal and then take 
the Turbo or NA Tune back to the lowest settings. Now go back to the race you 
want. Enter it and go to the settings screen. Now first thing you do is to set 
the Turbo or NA Tune up to max (might as well blow them away :-þ ). Then set the 
Racing Performance chip back in if you can (depends on what your horsepower is 
currently), and then do the same for the muffler. Right next to the graph on the 
lower left on the screen displaying your horspower/torque, you will see blue 
text displaying your horsepower and torque. Notice that you can (depending on 
the car and its ratings availability) you can exceed the max HP set for that 
race. Not all cars will have this available, but most all you will be able to do 
this with that you purchase from a dealer or win that can be upgraded. 
Note: If you have to do this to get every inch of power out of your car just to 
win, you need to go back and practice your lines, braking and acceleration 
points (and I use nothing but the Dual Shock controller). 
#2) On the Trial Mountain race. Has anybody noticed that on the short straight 
before pit entrance that when you drive down the road to the far right.. Check 
your mirror! Your driving on Grass!!! BUT WAIT.. The screen in front shows paved 
road!? Check the mirror.. Yep.. Its grass. Its nothing major but it is a little 
interesting oversight. 
Well tomorrow is my birthday so gonna find out if the wife listened to me to 
wait before getting GT2. If not, oh well. Still gonna blow the computer away. 
Just to easy. -From: Dennis 


Another response to a Glitch:

I was reading your GT2 faq on gamefaqs and was reading through the glitched 
sections and saw this:

4) About the 98.2%, ok, this theory is that Polygophy co want to make
GT2 as realistic as possible, and in fact Crash Team Racing (when
finished) got 105%, so that's why they placed @ 98.2%, and definely not
everyone could get hold of every car, Did anyone manage to find the rare Subaru 
Note: Info come from <> (under the letter section)

The reason the game stops at 98.2% complete is that polyphony was originally 
going to include a drag racing section. Due to time constraints, it was removed, 
but the cars (Race Modified Intrepid, HKS 180SX, etc.) were left in. Also, the 
Impreza 22b-STi only shows up in the used section at the subaru place every 100 
days. Just thought you should know.

Warren Milton

More Glitches:
Beat The game in simulation mode and watch the ending on the arcade disc when it 
comes to "Special thanks" it says "special thanps" There is a p where the k is 
supposed to be...
-From: "Dazog Bert"  


Well, I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but racing in the 2nd 
historical car race. Everytime I go to race it a Ford GT40 appears and totally 
decimates myself and all the other cars. The hp limit for this race is 295 and I 
know that the GT40 (not the race version) has over 300. Does this happen to 
anyone else? I don't remember having this much trouble beating this race in the 
first game I had (I erased my first game by accident playing Medal of Honor and 
had to start all over).

Also, someone asked if anyone had the Subaru 22B Sti. I have it. I saw it in the 
used car lot and bought it, not realizing at the time just how rare of a car it 
was. The color of it is listed as "555 Sonic Blue Mica". I don't know if that is 
a typo or the real name of the color. Does anyone one else have this car in the 
same or different color? 

I also had a problem while playing the GT World League race. This problem 
occurred on my first game that I accidentally erased. It hasn't happened since 
on my new game. Anyway, I was using an Escudo and noticed that it was 
significantly more difficult to turn, especially left. I wasn't using simulation 
tires or anything, just super soft tires. I thought that maybe it was my 
controller so switched two times. That did nothing because the turning problem 
still occurred. This problem happened everytime I went to that race, regardless 
of what car I used too. I couldn't win any of the races in the world league 
because of this problem either.

I have also had a few occurance of a strange red transparent box appearing 
behind the tachometer after winning a race. I believe someone else mentioned 
this happened to them too. It goes away by the next race, but it's an obvious 

Does anyone know if the appearance of certain cars in used car lots is 
dependent on any factor - such as the number of days or something? I also think 
it's really annoying that you can't change the settings on your car in the 
garage. Finally, what's with all replays!!! Does anyone else find those 
automatic replays really annoying?? Who ever came up with that idea should be 
demoted or something. There is no way to shut them off either that I know of.

-Paul Gibson 
I thought you might want to add this to the glitches, comments & complaints 
section of your excellent faq. Go to the International-B License test and choose 
#4: Oversteer 2. If you choose to see a demonstration of this particular test 
the person in the replay will get an "out of course". The car will stop yet you 
can still see them pressing the gas & brake and steering. This can be a pain for 
some gamers who learn from the demonstrations.

Your FAQ is excellent. It helped me alot in the beginning of the game. 
Chris Chaplin


I found a glitch in GT2. I had just gotten my I-A license and I raced the first 
GT All-Stars race with my Unisia JECS race car. I got first place but when I 
went to my garage I only owned the car I won from the race. I didn't even own 
the car I was racing in! -From: "Karin C. Piergallini" 


Some more comments:
Hi Brett:

great work on GT2 faq! 

My friend and I also encounter the GT40 bug in the historical
cups. We tried very hard to catch up with it, but always
slightly slower then the GT40. The only way I win the race is
race until the GT40 is not in the line up. 

BTW, I notice your IB all gold has 11 entries. I believe each
entry is responsible for 1 gold in each of the 10 race, so all
you need is 10 isn't it?

I also notice your car list doesn't include the prize cars you
won from the races. like Lotus Europa, and those special race
cars like Suzuki Escudo, or Vector M12 race car... and the car
list seems to be based on the JP version, since in US version
GTO is called 3000GT. -From: Eugene Sung 

Okay, I appreciate the help and all, but I have NO idea what this guy is talking 
about in the second paragraph. Can someone clear this up for me?

Hi, Brett,

i just thought i could make a mini contribution, since i saw your FAQ just now, 
you say you need help in the Compact class.
Ok, go and buy the Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg ZR'99, it's no problem under <250 
class, besides after the race-mod job, it's weight is below 1000kg. With well-
driving skills, should be a breeze to win, except you need a ton of $$$ upfront 
to tune to MAX (with Racing Muffler/Brake/All the turbo(N.A) etc (no need the 
professional stuff except the tuned suspension.

As for the Historic class, this is ok, except the 2nd race, where the 
computer in the Jap import version KEPT using Both Lancia Stratos AND the Ford 
GT-40 every time even you came out thousands of time until your PSX say sayonara 
service to you. The GT-40 has a 310ps which is over even in Jap version. So far, 
NO modern car (ST165 Celica/Lotus Sport Elise/Civic...)able to beat it. So, what 
i do, was to purchase a '82 Corvette and tuned to about near <300 (294 for US, 
right? Then, you should able to win with careful driving (looking back to see 
the competition and cannot had ANY mistake in that race.)

Did you finish the MuscleCar class, it's must be a hoot for using the Escudo 
P.P, it's so dammed easy. 
-From: Cedric 


1. In reference to buying a car and tuning it too far, just simply go to Machine 
Test or a free race and downgrade your car, it is not a glitch.

2. Being able to buy only one part for a car was also in GT1, and should be 
removed in GT3. Example, you have a 3000GT used and buy a new one, you haveto go 
remove all tuned parts from the old one in order to put them on the new one. 
This is a blunder on the programmers part since each car is seperate and should 
be able to be individually tuned.

3. I have also seen computer cars with more horsepower enter a race where they 
exceed the limit. Either it is a glitch or perhaps the computer pulls its cars 
randomly from a generated list. So perhaps all S-Class cars are grouped together 
when some are obviously more powerful than others(I'm still waiting to end up 
racing some Escuado Pike's Peak racers... that will be a great race)

4. This was never addressed in your FAQ but came to my interest in regards to 
loading data from GT1: Is it possible to also load your cars in addition to 
data? (I miss my 930hp GTO), although i doubt that it is.
    * A: Nope. Sorry. :-( *

5. Also, another possible addition to your FAQ could be a best cars for each HP 
class section, although when it comes to favorite cars many people have already 
defined that ;) Personally, for less than 345hp I use a Tommy Kaira ZZ3 
(slightly tuned) because it handles so well. I have yet to decide on my favorite 
beef-a-roni car though.

Great FAQ however!

-Dan Piergallini

In response to some of those "Rare Cars":
I was able to get the Impreza 22b STi 98', Toyota 2000GT GT 68', and the 71' 
Skyline. all of them are found in the used car sections of their respective 
dealers. I found them there when my days hit 280. they stayed there for about 4 
days. the 2000GT 68' is about 115,000cr and the 22b is 55,000cr. I can't remeber 
the 71' skyline price but it was high. another cool car is the subaru 360. i 
think it's the only RR car in the game. the small sucker looks like the original 
vw bug and is fun to drive. i also noticed that in the south city, acura is 
there but if you read the sign there's no mention of acura. It kinda sucks that 
they left out the tl...its such a cool car. later.

-From: Michael Magpantay


In regards to a previous post by this reader:


I've been playing GT2 more, and I realised that some of the things that I said 
in my previous note were wrong. Here are some revisions

I bought a Motorsports Elise, and this car can be either naturally
aspirated, or turbocharged, so it's not true that you can't buy
turbochargers for cars that don't already have them.

Motorsports land is accessible for time trial mode on the Arcade disk after 
getting the A, B, and I-C Licenses.

I was wrong about the horsepower ratings for the cars. It's true that you can't 
really know what the hp rating is until you buy the car. And it does appear that 
color is the only factor when it comes to the variation in price of used cars.

It's not true that the loser has to finish in 2 player mode. If both
players have analogue controllers, either one can push x to end the game after 
either one crosses the finish. If the loser doesn't have an analogue controller, 
then the winner can push x to end the race after he has passed the finish line, 
regardless of whether the loser has finished.

Sorry for the confusion.
- From: Josh Allan
Yo Brett 

Got to tell you that your Faq is da bomb man. Keep up the good work. It's good 
to know that there are some people out there that are willing to give the time 
to put this thing together. Anyways, I thought you might want to check out this 
site rite here. Apparently Sony is gonna fix all the bugs and resend us a new 
de-bug version. 

Yo, keep up the good work. Lates
-From: Johnny Phan
Response (from ME)  
Yeah, I heard about that too, and I was gonna say something soon about it until 
you sent me this. But if you go to Psx.Ign, they say that when they called Sony, 
the person told them that instead of them getting a replacement disc, that you 
would have to send in _your_ memory card for a two-week process. If that's how 
it's gonna work out, then I'm not gonna do anthing about my Glitched disc.


Here is a cool glitch: USE ANY CAR on ANY RACE. Just for kicks, I tried
my Viper GTS on the Luxury Sedan race. It worked! Needless to say, I
smoked those sedans! It works on any race I've tried (as long as your
are within the HP limit) i.e.
Viper on 4WD tracks, 3000 GT on FR tracks, etc! Enjoy!

Matt Hepworth
[email protected] 


While racing in a two-player Rally Race (I think the track was Tahiti
Dirt Route), my sister and I both went off a jump, with me slightly
behind her but at a greater speed. I landed on top of her car and our
cars sort of "melted" together. My car was larger than hers, so most of
what you could see was my car, but her car was quite literally *inside*
my own! Apparently, GT2 only bothers checking the *sides* of the cars
for car-to-car collisions, not the bottoms or the tops, so you can land
one car "inside" another as long as the edges don't touch before you hit the 
ground. The cars don't *stay* stuck inside one another, though; after about 5 
seconds, I gained a bit more speed, and my sister's car slowly emerged from out 
the back of my own.

-From: Colin McMillen


Okay, here's my OWN little Glitch:
Now I'm not sure if it was caused by GT2 or not, but this has only happened 
while trying to play GT2. My glitch? Sometimes, whenever I try to boot up the 
disc, and the PlayStation Icon is SUPPOSED to come up on a black screen (you 
know, the second screen before the game starts to boot up), it only shows the 
copyright stuff, and NOT the PlayStation icon. It's REALLY freaky, and I'm not 
sure what causes this. Also, sometimes, only the "P" inside the Icon appears, 
and not the "S" in the background. If anyone could tell me why this is 
happening, or if it's happened to you, please let me know. Thanks.


Some more responses to some of the "Glitches":
Please....all these mis-spelled words (k instead of P, nomal instead of 
normal...blah..blah...etc..) should just forget it and just PLAY the game. It's 
no big deal. It doesn't meant that ONE wrong spelling equal to NO ending or 
TOTAL LOSS of ALL CARS of GT2, right? If you want 100% PERFECTION, just complain 
to Sony and Polygon instead. It's only an annoying error by the developers.

The ONLY GLITCH is the Cars got erased after they do their testing at the 
Machine Test, (i'm felt sorry for them). That's the only problem. Why not go to to see the solution. Apparently Sony sent an annoucement about the 
Glitch, they are "willing" to exchange for Non-Glitch disks. Whether it's true, 
or not i'm not sure.

-From: Cedric 



Good work on the FAQ, first I wanted to submit another small, but non the less 
glitch I noticed among several other glitches. In the settings menu when 
modifying the ride height, the measurement is in "in" (inches) The numbers don't 
correspond to this measurement, otherwise the cars would be about 6 or 7 feet 
off the ground. 
-From: Ramiro Salazar
Hey Brett, 

I've played through the game for quite a long time (nearly 200 days). Gt2 is 
awesome, even though there's a glitch (a lot), but most of all I'm sick of its 
auto replay at license test since I tried to get all gold(uhh).

I don't know if it's a glitch or just a rare occasion. Here it goes, when I race 
in the Trial Mountain course in GT World League, there's a car that completely 
stopped at 4th lap. I think it's a [R]Viper GTS-R, this Viper stopped (actually 
parked for some reason) just after the the L-turn after the first tunnel. I just 
realize it when I see it in the course map. What the hack I was thinking may be 
this car try to sabotage me (can they do that?), but it didn't, when I passed 
the Viper at the final lap, it just parked like a busted car. My car is a TVR 
Speed 12. As you know, this car has an incredible acceleration, and since the 
1st lap to the finish line, I was in the 1st position. May be the driver just 
upset to see my Speed 12 going so fast and win the race easily. -From: "Irwan 


I'd just like to say, great FAQ. I'm glad we have hard working people like you 
to bring together all this information. Give yourself a "kids prize". (I got one 

Your document pretty much covers all my complaints about GT2, but I have a few 
more to add. 

First off, no qualifying. This really disappoints me, for the following reasons: 
it takes away from realism; you always have to start in 6th position; it gives 
you less to accomplish; you don't get an extra opportunity for cash; and 
besides, you always had the opportunity to skip it. Qualifying added to the 
overall feel of the orignal GT, and I really wish it would have been kept in. 
There was just something about going through a five race cup, placing first in 
each race, AND pole-positioning every time. I dunno, maybe I'm alone in this. 
On a somewhat related note, is anybody else soooo annoyed that some races have 
you start off already accelerating? In my opinion, that just KILLS realism. I 
don't mind this in the license tests, but I can't bring myself to play any race 
that starts this way. Isn't an integral part of each race the anticipatioin of 
engines revving before the green light? 
And another thing... I wish the special races would restrict you to actually 
racing a car that fits in that category (i.e. mercedes E55 in lux. sedan cup). 
And why aren't there many multi-race cups? (like GT 300, 500) And why can't you 
race a friend on the test course, or motor sports land, or any of the reverse 
courses? And why, oh god why, did they leave out Special Stage R11? That was THE 
phattest and most difficult course from the original. Weep for the loss of 
Polyphony's equivalent of Laguna Seca. 
Sorry. I went off. Let me just finish with some responses to other people's 
complaints... To all the people who think automatically showing us the replay 
sucks, I'm with you. To cedric, who thinks the spelling errors are not a big 
deal, I'm not with you. The main reason being that they were nearly non-existent 
in the original Gran Turismo; why should it be different for GT2? And to all 
those who lost their garage to the machine test bug, my sincerest condolences. 
It happened to my friend, and he hasn't been the same ever since. (he saved it 
after a machine test, not knowing it had erased his garage) 
Here's to hoping that Polyphony Digital doesn't release GT2000 until it is 
completely finished. I'd much rather have it that way. 


I'd like to tell you about the best damn car in Gran Turismo 2. You were 
uncertain when you said it in your faq, but I found out for myself. The Suzuki 
Escudo Pike's Peak version kicks major ass. This car has incredible 
acceleration, great top speed and a shorter wheelbase which gives it an 
excellent turning radius. I faced every free race with this car and I have to 
tell you, it rocks. It literally sets the track on fire.

The only drawback to this car is its appearance. I mean, don't you think its 
kinda dorky looking with that oversized despoiler?

I have a question for you, have you ever seen a computer-controlled car
stop working? I was playing the apricot hill track when one of the cars
stopped running in the second lap. I mean it just sat there. Has this
happened to you before? 


Here are some complaints about GT2:

Hi Brett, 
This is my first e-mail concerning GT. I and my son who will be sixteen(I am 43 
years old) and a good friend of mine (37 years old) have spent countless hours 
playing GT 1. I mean countless. Great game. I am extremely disappointed with 
GT2. I have read everyone's faq's on Gt and have never contributed. If we can 
hope the next version is better, then the only way would be to let people know 
our likes and dislikes. Here goes: 

I hate the automatic replays at the end of each race, license test etc. Why do I 
want to watch a replay of a failed test anyway? If I want to see the replay, 
make it an OPTION to go to at the end of the race. 
I don't like having to go to a specific car's dealership to tune the car. They 
ALL have the exact same options available anyway, why not have a tune screen, 
period? I want to be able to go there from my garage. 

Less tuning options. Do know how many different options can be created with all 
these settings? The numbers are astronimical! This is a game, these are not real 
cars and I don't think you should have to be a technician to be able to have a 2 
million dollar car go effectively around a track. A little tuning is fun and ads 
to the competition of who can make the car go the fastest, but lets not get 
carried away! 
When I am racing and hit start, I want an option to go to tune my car without 
having to leave the entire race etc. etc. 

How about an option that I can pay, $300,000, to have the car fully tuned with 
one button push? And maybe an additional fee to have it optimally tuned by a 
professional mechanic? 
How about less cars and more paint scheme options? How about more racing colors 
for ALL cars? 

I don't need to be ask twice or even three times if I want to put a certain 
option on a car. If I am there and purchasing the item, sell it to me in ONE 
screen. I will take it off or put it on at each prior-race screen. Don't take me 
back to a screen where there are NO further options except to SEE that I have 
now purchased the item. 

Award less prize cars and make the ones you do win, great cars! 
Do NOT have a random order of prize cars awarded. My son and I raced the two 
hour endurance race 5 times between the two of us and won the same #[email protected]@ car and 
color every time. 10 hours for that crap! (We went and bought a game shark after 
that little episode!!!) Cars should be awarded in a specific order or there 
should only be one GREAT car awarded for such an idiotic race, or something. A 
20 or 30 lap race is fine for endurance although that is really longer than I 
want to sit and watch a car go around the track. Kill the endurance races. 
Make some of the races more competitive on an advanced level. What race is even 
a challenge for the Suziki Escudo? How about a couple other cars than can 
actually compete with it? 

Much less useless screens for making your way around the game. I want to race, 
not spend time going from screen to screen, the game already plays too slow 
compared to games like N64. 

I have read that the game used up 100% of its capabilities to have all the 
options available etc. How much space is taken up on useless replay screens, a 
hoard of cars that are almost identical in "play" type? If my garage can only 
hold up to 100 cars, then I don't think that 600 cars need to be available. How 
many cars do you race when you are racing a friend or the game? I have less than 
10 cars that I use on a continuing basis. 

Well enough of the dislikes. I have a great time racing on GT and I hope they 
can make the game with better graphics next time (like the special courses that 
were unlocked in GT1 when you won the game, why can't they ALL look like that) 
and more thought out options. The people that put in the random order of prize 
cars on these VERY long endurance races, has never sat down and raced a two hour 
race, would be my bet!!! When I looked at the prize car for the fifth time and 
it was the same car, I wanted to throw the whole play station out the window!

Thanks for the time to let me make my suggestions. I have made notes with the 
intention to get ahold of someone at Sony or something since I got this new 
game. Oh, I also have had a problem with the setting not staying changed for the 
gear ratios when you make certain changes to the final gear ratio. 

A REAL pain when you have just felt like you got the car right. Enough of my 
complaints, here are what I think are the best cars in the game in several horse 
power classes. I have purchased every single new car from every dealer and won 
every car available in the game to date. I have not "tested" the used cars yet. 
NOTE: There are several good cars that came in a close 2nd, but these were my 
favorites. (I don't mess with the real small car either. It seems like pulling 
teeth after racing the more powerful cars. They could be deleted from the game 
also, in my opinion.) 1) FORD Puma 1.7 Zetec-SE VCT 2) TOYOTA Momo MR2 GT '99 3) 
SUBARU Impreza Rally Car 4) VW New Beetle GT 5) NISSAN Skyline Silhouette 
Formula (R30) 6) NISSAN R390 GT1 LM Race Car '97 7) TOYOTA GT-ONE Race Car '98 
8) SUZIKI Cultus Pikes Peak Version 9) SUZIKI Escudo Pikes Peak Version.

Also seems like there could be a few more good cars that aren't Japanese, uh? 
Oh, also I mentioned the Game shark. I have always completed every video game I 
have ever purchased without the use of any cheat system, other than possibly 
using the I-net to get suggestions of where to find something or how to defeat a 
boss, but I reached my limits after my son and I went to complete all the 
endurance races and try to win all the cars available. After we had went through 
ALL the races once, that was bad enough, but to have to think you may have to do 
them several mores times, only to win the exact same car, sorry no can do. I am 
sorry that I had to drop to that level to complete this simple race game, but am 
very glad I did. Shame on YOU sony and the makers of this game. Play it for 
yourself to completion and maybe you could gain some insights about user 
friendly!!!! JOE P.S. I also own a N64 and Dreamcast system, so I feel "game" 
qualified to make the suggestions I have.
-From: "J&L" 


Now some comments:

Also some idea that being agree by J&L
About the wrong spelling brought up by [email protected]> ok, you said in 
GT1, there was no wrong spelling in it, yes, i agree, since i myself also own 
it. But look from another point of view, what just join the GT culture, 
then the problem centres itself in GT2, nothing to do with GT1. Besides, even 
you also send your condolences about the Machine test. See..the wrong spelling 
in fact was the most trivial thing in GT2, ok, if you really want to compare GT1 
and GT2, where is the MOST challenging track you find? In GT1, the famous S.S 
R11. That's one is harder than Laguna Seca. Even you go with the notion too.

2) Qualifying is good, yes, should have and if came in 1st for pole 
position, there a incentive. Then when you beat the race record during 
racing/qualifying, there should another incentive too.

3)The replay, this is the overkill thing that make everyone angry with it. It 
look bad, and make us press the button over and over again, until you sick of 

4)The sponsors, so far is based on the developers like to place on their desired 
cars (all the Jap cars), the sponsors shouls in fact be able to earn yourself by 
winning a certain amt of % in the game or finishing a certain part of the game 
(like finish the GTPacific and get new sponsor)

5)Pain scheme yes, i also agree with the J&L on it, more pain scheme, and less 
cars. The best example, go and Buy ALL the Impreza, it will make you Very Angry 
with spending $8mil credits (Jap version) and got a crappy pain scheme. Every 
car, at least 2 exclusive pain scheme.

6) 600 cars, then ONLY 100 cars for the garage, how about being able to pay a 
certain of $$$ to increase the capacity of your cars.

7) the class of the cars should be made to follow, not just allowing 
everyone to use Escudo on Historic or a '99 use on a 80's sport car. In 
fact, the old rule written on GT1 is bettter, Race-mode and normal mode, make 
you spend more $$$ to buy cars.

8) Ok, betting although people may frown on it, but it may dramatically 
increase the jackpot chances of getting more than a race winning.

9) Throw away the Endurance, yes, i also go with the notion with J&L. In fact, 
Endurance should just allow one special price car (cannot be brought) and the 
laps 10-20 is enough.

10)The jackpot, why not, racers drive round the track for a limited of time, the 
first one reaches the finish line in 1 lap, get the windfall.

11)Where's the in-car view? Put in GT2000, realistically speaking, that's one 
view been ommitted. So, PS can't handle, then PS2 should be able to handle. Even 
Square new racer has an in-built car/cabin view.

12) Ahh...the race records, definetly should be recorded. Not just make 
people do the time trial. Actually the next GT, maybe just keep the Max 
Speed on the Machine Test. IMHO.

13)No random orders of cars. It's a good idea brought up by J&L. Also just keep 
ONE prize car to each individual race.

14) If the developer want to use the 5 races for 1 prize (GT300 style), then 
after every race, it should allow us to save. Not everyone got years of time to 
play the game forever.

15) The idea of allowing a pro mechanic by J&L to do Full modification is good, 
why not also allow gamers to hire a pro mechanic as their "advisor"

16) How about a Used Car Centre just specialize on FULLY Tuned Cars, cars 
that been tuned to Max PS/gearbox etc.

17) Someone brought up the idea of One main Tuned centre, it's recommended. In 
fact, make it better. By any parts that can't be brought (Bore & Stroke) should 
be blackened out if can't be purchased, so won't frustrate us by clicking on 
every goddamn button.

18) A Main Tuned centre, why not..a Main Used car Centre, sell every 
possible Eurpoean/Jap/US/Korean/Malaysia etc cars. Also include every 
possible manufuacturer. Unless it been brought by E.A

19) Increase the no of computer opponents, or increase the difficulty of the 
game, it gotten simpler than GT1. Should increase from 6 maybe to 10, even Road 
Rash has 16. And indeed prove of a higher difficulty.

20) Allow more "challenging" tracks, those that need to be learn quite some time 
over and over again, while driving different or same cars to beat the records 
etc. (Ex: S.S R11, not the Laguna Seca-it did initally, once Escudo is there, 
not this track can stop it.

Brett, about the So-called Exclusive Mclaren F1. Now, i'm had almost brought all 
the cars using 1 memory save. All the Black new cars, about 50-60%of Used cars 
are black too, and till now, not a sign of the McLaren F1. only 
works in the US version. So is there anyone using the US version, got hold of 

Question to  about the computer stopped suddenly. Yes, my 
version too. (Jap version) The Seattle/Apricot Hill endurane, the comp. just put 
one car stop suddenly. Weird. But who cares? Everyone want to quickly finish and 
see what prized car you got. So, just don't let it bother you. Hopefully, the 
developers fix this problem for the next GT.

-From: Cedric 


My experience with glitches...
The disappearing cars in the machine test dont seem to be in my version
of GT2, since i took a few cars out on max speed but they didnt
disappear, or perhaps i should take them on the 400m/1000m instead of
max speed test and see if that does it. I havent gotten anywhere close
to 98.3 percent complete yet, im still at 40.35% as i have yet to even
play the rally, endurance and manufacturers races from lack of time. 
One question about percentage i didnt know if its in your faq already,
do the license tests (getting all golds) count towards percentage? 
Personally i never liked the license tests, i just got my Super license
and got on with playing the game...

Ive been working on a microsoft access database to keep track of my
cars, i have found it a GREAT way to keep your garage organized since
you can sort by drivetrain and HP and what not, and saved me from having to 
search through my garage to find a good car i already have for the MR, FF, FR, 
4WD challenges without having to out and find something to buy. It also makes a 
very convenient way of generating a HTML list of what cars are in your garage 
too! The downside to this is you have to enter records every time you win or buy 
some cars, and you have to make sure you modify the records when you adjust the 
HP or Weight on a car you already own... however if you normally only use one to 
seven cars this isnt too bad.

Keep up the good work with your FAQ! I hope someone finds out an easy
way of "force winning" that TVR Cerebra LM in the All night endurance
race so i wont have to play that race to many times ;) i really wanna
see how that car performs in this game.

-From: mutewitness



First thing I would like to write is that you have an
excellent FAQ. I have reviewed almost every FAQ that I
can find on the net and yours is the most enjoyable
and comprehensive FAQ I've ever read. You have managed
to allow the comments of other readers to support your
document and not allow it to take away the details
that you have provided to the reader for the sim.

As a avid motor racing enthusiast and big GT fan, I
just had to make a few comments on this excellent sim.
I am currently on race day 367 (68% game complete) and
busy trying to complete all the manufacturer races. I
have completed all the other simulation races minus
the endurance races. I'll need a weekend of nothing to
do to knock those out. I would be done but it takes so
long to complete all the manufacturers races because
you have to keep going back to buy different cars
while depleting your cash. I have had to resort to
using either the Calsonic GT-R, R390GT Road Car or TVR
Cerbera 4.5 to win select races to build the cash back
up to buy the all the manufacturer cars. All of those
cars are excellent for winning the races where you win
a car worth 250K or more.

I have one question: How do you obtain the Arcade
ending credits? I already have the Sim ending credits
and I have completed all the courses on the Arcade
side on Difficult and still have not found a way to
get the Arcade ending credits. I have not seen that
addressed in any of the FAQs on IGN. So if you can get
an answer please let me know.

PS - I have not used a gameshark or any other
enhancing equipment, just the advice and suggestions
given by the FAQs. Thanks....once I get a chance to do
some time trials and study the vehicles a little more
I'll submit my best times and top cars.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ike Battle (aka Smooth B)
[email protected] 
Ok guys, heres a bug for you. My Suzuki Escudo now has 26000+ hp, runs the 
quarter mile in 7.42 seconds, and hits a top speed of 324 mph. If anyone can top 
that, let me know. Also, the car doesn't turn, it won't even turn through the 
test course, at all. Just thought you guys would like to see those kinds of 

[email protected] 
HI Brett,

Just been reading through your FAQ on GT2

One thing i have noticed in GT2 that seems odd. Some cars seem to loose
power when I buy them... one in question is the Clio 16v. It is stated as having 
around 170 bhp, but when i get it and check its info i onl has around 100 hp... 

confused guy.

great strategy/FAQ, I got GT2 for Christmas and have been kicking some butt at 
for a while now. I beat the arcade disc and have about 30% on the sim. I have 
about 13 cars my best being a racing mod. fully tuned Viper with 709 horsepower. 
One day I load my game on the sim disc go to my garage and ill be damned if i 
have no cars. I still have all my money 570,000 plus credits and in the lower 
right corner where your current car is it has the R for racing mod. and "No 
Name". What the hell! So I go to the car wash and my Viper which was originally 
blue is now red so i go to the machine test and enter the max speed test to see 
what happens. My Viper is blue again but when i rev the engine it sounds like a 
bird chirping no crap! this really happened. The car blows off the line and i 
get a top speed of like 242. I go back to the garage and my cars are all back 
but where there are no cars it says no name no name i select my Viper and where 
it tells you how much its worth it has a weird ass symbol and 8,765,000 so i 
push sell and it says your car has been sold but my cash it at 0. So I think its 
all over so i get in my RMitsubishi 3000gt and enter the tuned turbo and win it 
gives the 50,000 but no bonus car. Now every race that i win that is supposed to 
give me a bonus car doesnt I feel the other guys pain who had this problem and 
hope it never happens to you. 
Chase Irwin 
Hey Brett, thanks for your great GT2 FAQ!

Also, I have experienced some bugs. 2 have been mentioned in your FAQ, like the 
horsepower unmatch when you buy a car (I bought the Mini Cooper 1275 MK when it 
shows that it's only 78hp, but after I bought it, it became 237hp......) and 
computer opponent stopped in a race (in Grand Valley Speedway 300km Endurance, 
one computer opponent car stopped in 2nd lap after ramped into the cliff. Well, 
not totally stopped, but moving extremely slow, about 1 car length for each lap 
I've finished... but after about the 18th lap I'm racing, it suddenly goes 
again, and quite smooth, although it ended up that my Denso Sard Supra was 17 
laps faster than it...). Another bug I've encountered is in the Seattle Circuit 
Endurance. At about 25th lap, I entered the pit to change my "orange" tires, but 
at the time my Audi TT LM was going to dock and raise, suddenly a GT40 (which 
just finished changing tires) went out, ramped on my car, thus making my TT LM 
off-positioned when docking. Then my Dual Shock controller started shaking 
vigurously, and the car was raised, however when it went down, the tires hadn't 
been changed. Instead of leaving the pit, the car suddenly raised again, and 
this time 4 tires were changed. The controller continued to 
shake until it finally started to leave the pit, about 1 min after the damn GT40 
ramped onto me. But it didn't affece me much, coz I still won the game within an 
hr and 6 laps faster than the 2nd car, as I mentioned above.

Well, again, thanks for your great GT2 FAQ!!



I'm telling you about my comments about Gran Turismo 2.

I believe the tournament structure of Gran Turismo 2 is far too easy to 
play. The tournaments where one cannot quit or save after finishing a race like 
in Gran Turismo, I believe is more realistic and more fun.

Also, there is far too many cars, so many that there are some they could do 
without. For example there are so many Dodge cars in the South City of the Dodge 
Company. Not all of them a good so why put poor performing cars in it.

Another bad point is color schemes for some of the vehicles. I'm missing my blue 
with white stripes for the Dodge Viper RT/10.

Drag Racing got pulled out which is another bad thing.

Also there is no longer a normal championship, where the only cars allowed to 
enter are cars without parts or upgrades. That was my favourites tournament.

I think there is only one good thing about Gran Turismo 2, is the licenses. Less 
game time days are lost in this way and the demonstration right there to be view 
is also another plus.

Sorry but I still think Gran Turismo is better, maybe not as many cars or 
tracks. Still it has the color schemes, minimal poor performing cars, and better 

Damien Lo
hey i found a wierd glitch, and im not sure if its just me but i bought an 
escudo, the greatest car ever, and man did it take me a long time to save up for 
the cash. Anyways, i did some upgrade to the car like tcs controller and went to 
the car testing and changed the settings of the car back to normal then i went 
to race it and found something horribly wrong, it doesnt accelerate at all! It 
just sat there, i went back to the garage and lo and behold the stats were, hp: 
3409 and weight: 0. What the heck was this? i mean i spent a long ass time 
collecting up for a car i cant use, all i could do was sell (heaven forbid) it. 
Anyways, just thaught u would like to know, oh and occasionally i get black 
screens and stays that way till i reset, its good thing i save all the time. 
Anyways just another glitch for ya.
cracker FAQ yourve got there, thought id throw my $2.57 in.

the problem someone noticed with cars bieng different hps - i know in
GT1 if you sell a car and buy it again (at least with used models) and
had upgrade parts equiped the car will still have those parts (tho not
equipped) except port grinding etc (sort of things that cant be
unequiped), this might be the case in GT2, but the game may equip the
parts after your have purchases it.
As of yet i havent had the oppitunity to test this theory

Peoples choices for what cars to start of with might be useful
mine was a used Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg R 92 ~ $4000 with some cheap
mods it gets up to 220 hp, watch the braking and understeer if tyre and
brake mods not yet purchased. i also tried but didnt get as good a start with a 
Mazda 323 GT4 or some such ~212 hp 4WD around $4000 and a cheap Nissan Skyline 
GT4 `91 ~$8000
-From: [email protected]
Wow, that is one impressive compilation of information for my all-time favourite 
PSX game (actually second-favourite, after the original GT). Here in Hong Kong, 
we play the Japanese version and I do have an annoying glitch that I haven't 
seen mentioned yet. I see a lot of North American players complaining about 
their garage being partially, or in some cases completely, wiped out after going 
to the Test Track too often. With the Japanese version, the same thing happens 
but only when you lose races in a Dirt Event. This is one very irritating 
But the biggest glitch of all (okay, maybe it's not really a glitch) in the 
entire GT2 game is that it is WAY TOO EASY!!!!!! To be honest, with my original 
GT (also Japanese) it took me more than 3 months of playing to acquire all three 
licenses. To acquire all Golds, it took me almost a whole year. With GT2, I got 
all six licenses in 2 hours, and I've already got the Spoon S2000 and the '99 
GT-ONE race car (by getting all Golds in B License and Super License, 
Oh, and why is it that I have yet to read anywhere about the slip-streaming 
effect in GT and GT2? I know the Americans call it "drafting", where you slip in 
behind a fast car, let him do the work in punching a hole in the air and then 
you just blow past him, but no matter what you want to call it, this is one of 
the great things about GT and GT2. 
Here are a few things I don't understand: Why isn't there a way to tune a car 
without actually entering the race? We have a car wash, but the car doesn't 
become visibly cleaner like it did in GT...seems like Y5,000 poorly spent. Why 
don't they set up a paint shop so that you can get a fresh coat of paint to 
increase the resale value of your old rust bucket? 
Happy Racing! 
David W
Here's some stuff for your FAQ. I was racing the Nismo Preceiding 
model on the Laguna Seca track, I can't remember which event it was 
Anyway I took the corkscrew section at top speed, hoping to smash my 
way through the other cars, which usually works quite well. But somehow 
my car became merged with another car, and started bouncing about as if 
I was crashing into walls, and I had to exit the race.
I've also had the case of a computer car stopping in a race. I think 
it span out on a corner and just stayed there for the rest of the race.
Something else amusing which happened, was on the trial mountain 
track, on that downhill straight section. A computer car in front of me 
somehow totally lost it on the straight and span out, managing to take 
me and two other cars out in the process. 

Daniel Reynolds
wanna glitch? day i was playing gt2, and i wanted to change from sim 
to arcade, so i opened the ps and took out the sim disc but never turned it off, 
i then put the arcade disc in and thought i could reset it in time but didn't, 
it read and then froze. i then powered it and then turned it back on. going into 
the arcade time trial, i found that i had no cars. so i put the sim disc back 
in, but not doing the same thing. it just had the car i recently bought. then i 
went to see what cars i still had. well you guessed it...all no name, oh and 
some race mod no names too. then as i skimmed down the list i found that i had 
an rx-7, so i chose to enter the car, but it was really a miata...wierd? well i 
went to top speed it for the hell of it. went to settings and i had over 6000ps 
and the powerband went from a straight line to a drastic jump up and then down. 
the gear setting was like 6###.### a super high ratio. so then i went to test 
it. the rev 
jumped so quick i liked it...revving it the boost jumped well into 4 bar(using 
jap type boost notch on the gauge=.5 bar or kg/m cubed which is 
equivalent to 7 4 bar would be about 56 
psi...another thing is that you cant see 4 bar so i just guessed) the revs were 
up to 10k and bouncing well into 14k. then the take off came 
about...and to my amazement the car jerked and then purred and moved at an 
ashtonishing was that damn gear ratio. so i went to tune it again and 
changed the gear setting to normal. it then gave me the stock setting to an 
unknown car. i tried it and then the game froze. so i reset it and started 
again. went to the garage and all the no names were still there. but then as i 
skimmed down the list i could see my old list of cars in a shadow state 
flashing. i then just turned it off...the next day i just had the same amount of 
money same 73.##percent finished but no cars. so i just then bought an escudo 
pikes p and started over. gathered more cars got about 80% done with no more 
glitches until i viewed a top speed record of 9999.999mph 
from an rx-7. the game then did the same no name thing. so i then had to start 
all over again. but when i went to transfer data from mem card it transfered the 
bs i had before. so now it sucks because no data transfer, different mem card 
and just starting all over. well happy gaming?

what i'm about to say isn't any complaints or glitches. i have read the 
glitches section in your FAQ and i have tried recreating all of those stuff that 
people has reported....except trying to get the 100% completion coz i can't be 
bothered sitting down at least an hour in the endurance section just complete 
one race. anyway i can't recreate or see SOME of those bad glitches.
ie. cars being deleted from garage (no matter how hard i tried i couldn't get 
rid of them) or cars stopping during the race.
but the good ones are there like racing a viper in the luxury class. mind you 
none of this was used with the gameshark.

oh yeah don't think i'm an idiot because i tried all of this just to lose my 
cars, i only did it because i wanted to test my copy.

after testing, it seems i have a perfect copy. however my copy of gt2 is direct 
from japan so maybe if these bugs do annoy you, i suggest get a copy from japan. 
(it helps if you have a friend from japan....i'm from australia and a friend 
helps me get them). also about the spellings...they are correct in my version.

with the car wash, i do have to pay 5000Cr as it this just ripping me 
off? or does each version follows their currency. in gt1 i had to pay 50Cr when 
it said 5000Cr (that was the euro version though)

Note: i don't know much about the arcade disc though because i hardly play it 
unless i have friends over who wants to play it...but even that i have not 
experienced any problems.

after all this i do have a question. is the american version very different to 
the japanese version? i've been hearing people with american version has time 
trial (like in gt1 where you can practice on the circuits with your own car in 
the time trial section) and i don't get that in my copy.

another question is, i hear people in this FAQ saying that the computer 
selects cars that has a higher HP than the limit of a certain race. how did they 
find this out? does the american copy has a menu telling what cars, weight and 
HP (like gt1) they are going up against?

btw...great FAQ saved me time for searching cars i wanted and being a non auto 
freak, it helped me on setting up the cars.

***if you didn't understand what i said...forget it about it then...i rushed 
through it because i only had access to the net through uni***

I love your page on GT2 at 
I noticed a section for 'Glitches' and was going to write you regarding one I 
discovered to see if you could advise me. Then I figured it out. 
I had 12 cars (Ok.... so I am an office manager and father of 2 kids, so I don't 
get to play much.) and about $250K is saved cash - my I-A License and the total 
value of my cars was $2.2 million. 
I purchased a Corvette ZR-1 and took it out for a machine test. After I saved 
the results, I went to my Garage and discovered a "N/A" in place of where all of 
my cars were. (!!??) After searching the game inside and out, I realized that 
they were gone - forever. My game stats, my licenses, my saved cash - all of 
that was in tact - but WHERE THE HELL WERE ALL OF MY CARS???? The "Total Value 
of Cars Owned" stated $0. (????) 
I loaded / reloaded / re-powered and did everything under the sun to find them - 
to no avail. (Hey.... 12 cars was a SERIOUS accomplishment for me since it took 
me 45 'game days' just to buy my first "real" car!) 
After nearly throwing my system out the window & giong postal, I looked in my 
Memory Card Manager and made a discovery. I have my data from GT1 stored on a 
separate memory card from GT2. My GT1 file was 5 blocks in size - compared to 
the original 4 when I started the game - and I had never saved a replay or 
anything needed for more memory card blocks. That told me that as the data 
stored in the game expanded, it created a 'spill-over' block - block #5, since 
the 4 original blocks were not enough to store all the game data.
I then looked at my GT2 card. It was full - with GT2 taking up 4 blocks. The 
rest were my 'frequently used files'. Which tells me that had I had another 
block of memory open on my GT2 card, all of my original 12 cars would have been 
preserved and the 'spill-over' block would have been created after I purchased 
my Corvette, and I wouldn't be starting all over again. (Gggrrrrr!) 
My advise to everyone who plays GT2: USE A BLANK OR NEARLY BLANK MEMORY CARD TO 
Hopefully.... others can learn from my costly mistake. Please share this with 
other readers so they don't make the same mistake. 
Thanks for your time. 
Kenny Newby
I couple of comments on some other peoples submissions:

To add to the list of cars that the displacement can be changed is the Mini 
Cooper 1.3 :)

Also to many comments about dead cars on tracks, i once came upon that and 
rammed the car and pushed it for awhile and once coming upon a more open part of 
the track (it was seattle full circuit with the wide backstretch) and pull aside 
of it, it backed up and took off back into the race. funny...

hope this helps...
-From: Troll
the name's Nabeel. I have got BOTH the japanese and english
version of GT2. Now what I am going to tell you is that there seems to
be no glitches in the japanese version. ALSO, the intro to the japanese
version is different than the english version. The music is different
too. Other than that the glitch or probably a FLAW in the japanese
version I found was that in the replay section the "background" seemed
to disappear and cars look like they are flying in mid air, AWFUL!!
Thats' all. Bye and please reply.
I have a question and a glitch i guess.
First of all i tried to win cars in arcade but were are they? They do not appear 
in my garrage in either simulation or on arcade. Do you win cars in arcade mode?
And as i was doing a couple of endurance races i noticed at times my
opponents would hit a wall and stop for like 5 minutes. If you watch on the map 
they are still sitting there then they start up again.Weird?
Oh and in the leguna seca 200 miles endurance race there was a stock
viper.{why}? In my escudo i laped the viper 21 times. Was that a glitch he was 
in there? I have had the game since day after christmas and I am now 90% done. I 
love gt2  it is the bomb but certain glitches piss me off.....8o{ bad sony 

thanks brett
adam e-mail is [email protected] 
I have discovered a glitch in the uk version of GT2. If you buy a honda Logo and 
enter it into a race the speedo shows that it is going 140kph, which it is,but 
it never changes gear. To start with I thought it had been in manuel but it 
would not change gear. Could somebody email me if it happens in the NA version.

T Portch 

Send in any and all glitches or complaints about GT2 to me at 
[email protected] Thanks!

5. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Q: Do you have to get all golds for every license test in order to
      open up the hidden car for that License?

   A: Yes, you need to get ALL gold trophies for all license test for   
      that specific license.

2) Q: Is there Drag Racing in GT2?

   A: NO!!!

3) Q: What's the highest type of trophy for for winning races?

   A: The highest ranking trophy or cup is the Silver Cup.

4) Q: How do you get exempt from the License Tests?

   A: Go to Data Transfer on the main menu, then go to Convert, then 
      select the Slot with your original GT game data. You can only use
      it to be exempt from the A and B licenses only.

5) Q: How do I get 100%?

   A: You can't. Sorry. :(

6) Q: How come there are Drag Racing cars?

   A: I think they accidentally left them in there after either cutting
      the Drag Racing mode, or before they even imputted the Drag
      Racing mode.

7) Q: CAN you even get 100%?

   A: No, and here's why. Sony of Japan says you can never get 100%
      done with GT2, because of "production problems". I think it's
      because of the missing Drag Races, but maybe that's just me. ;)

8) Q: How can you change the speedometer to KPH?

   A: From my knowledge, you can't. If anyone out there knows how to do 
      this, please tell me.

9) Q: What is that little yeloow and green book-type thing next to my

   A: This means that you have been exempt from that license test. This
      also means that you've converted your GT1 data to your GT2 data.

10) Q: I heard there was a track called "Motor Sports Land". How do I 
       get it?
    A: I have no idea. If ANYONE out there knows of it, or how to open 
       this track up, please contact me, and I'll post an answer ASAP.

11) Q: How do I get "Motor Sports Land"?

    A: Okay, here's how: The motor sports track is only accessible in
       time trial mode. It shows up as track #23 (after Rome night 
       course. I think it is after that course, I'm at work now and not
       in front of the game.) You unlock it after you unlock ALL the
       tracks in arcade mode. The track is HARD!!!!!! It is all turns, 
       as if it meant for go-carts. BUT it is very fun. The replays are
       the best. Use a car with some power for the best slides into the 
       turns. This track is wicked and very short. Look at the size of
       on screen course; it's a blur. I am pretty sure this how it is
       unlocked. I was playing the game opened all the tracks and went
       to time trial played some other courses then scrolled over and  
       there it was. -From: [email protected]

12) Q: How come whenever I race on a track, then go back and race on it 
       again, there's no Track Record, and it's always blank?

    A: Hmmmmm, good question. I'm not really sure about this, but I 
       think that track records can only be accomplished in Time Trial
       mode, and not in actual racing, unlike GT1.

13) Q: Hi brett, what's up! I just read your FAQ on GT2 and it was
       awesome! I have one question. Is there any way to organize cars 
       in garage(put them in any order i like)? 
                                           -From: [email protected]

    A: Look at Dan GC's GT2 Quick Cash Guide, in the FAQ section, 
       Question # 13. You'll find your answer. :)

14) Q: Now in my mind, should I purchase it or wait? Hard call with
       some of the bugs and glitches.. Great race game but the part of 
       Lap Records not being saved is a real pain. 

       Now I have a couple question for anybody out there. They are
       pretty much looking at the same thing. 

       Why are all the cups you win silver instead of gold? 

       Is there a way to get all gold cups? 

       Has anybody tried and won a game with stock setups (no
       modifications) or won a game with the simulation tires? 

       Has anybody tried for all gold cups for the licenses before
       racing any races? -From: Dennis 
     A: Yes, I think you should buy it now, or let your wife get it for 
        you for your B-day. :) It is a glitched game, but non of the
        glitches really affect you, except the one where it erases 
        EVERY car in your garage. In case you don't know, there's a 
        glitch where if you go to the Machine Test, and race in it, 
        then save your game (or times) over eight times, all of your
        cars will dissapear. But other than that, nothing has any type
        of effect. Most of the others are just annoying. ;)

15) Q: How do I open the Ford GT40?

    A: I've received TONS of mail on this, so here's how: Just enter
       the MR Challenge, and race the third race. If you win, you'll 
       get the [R]GT40 Race Car.

16) Q: hey Brett, its I williecox911 how do you unlock the eiger path 
       track and the palm strip track? I was reading your faq (as usual)
       and saw that you had those tracks listed. I know on certain the
       B&A test you race on to unfamiliar courses dealing with please
       send some help.
    A: You can't. They were cut from the final version. Sorry. :( 

17) Q: hey, my name is Brent Swanson and I can't figure out how to get 
    my % points up. I have beaten all the races except two and they are
    the Rome endurance and The Apricot Hill endurance. I understand you
    can't get 100% but I only show 56.95%. I've won all the races in
    Arcade mode, but it hasn't helped my score. Please let me know what
    I must do.

    A: Hmmm, I couldn't tell you, because I'm not that far into the
        game yet. My suggestion is to complete those Endurance Races,
        and then see what happens to your % points.

18) Q: What is the purpose of the Super licence? and where could i use 

                -From: TB 
    A: The only purpose of it is to make you a better driver. :)
       Seriously though, you can't use it anywhere that the I-A 
       license couldn't be used. The only thing that can be done with
       it, is when you get all golds for it, then you get a secret
       car. Oh yeah, and it also opens up the secret Event Generator.

19) Q: How come when I get 100 cars in my Garage, it won't let me
       aquire any more cars? Is this a glitch?

    A: It's not a glitch. It's just that the game only allows 100 cars
       total in your garage at once, so you'll have to sell some cars 
       to make room for the new ones.

Here are some answers to some of the questions above, from my good friend Cedric 
      A: Hey, it's me again, on behalf of Brett, i try to answer a few 

1) Regard to [email protected] about the Displacement Option, it's there for ONLY 
the Nissan Skyline. If i'm not wrong, (i tried with a few skylines), Only the 
Skyline is able to use the Displacement Option, and it's no big deal, it only 
increased the Ps to another 10 the most.

2) In regard to Engene Sung Question about the prized list cars, (M12 
Vector, Escudo P.P....etc) IT"S there already in Brett's FAQ. Besides, i'm the 
one who send to Brett. Yes, although it's a JP version, that i'm using, more or 
less it's the same except the difference in wgt and the ps power. As most owners 
of NA version will know by now, NA version cars had a lesser PS (less from 5 to 
10ps)than JP version. And in regard to GTO and 3000GT, hey did you EVER got the 
TRD 3000GT (Supra) prized car, see? It's got 3000GT in it. That's why i put GTO 
= 3000GT, so no mixed answers about it.Besides, there's 1 and only GTO. It's the 
same. Ponto. Next question...

3) To someone, who says he got only 54.6% or something where had finished most 
of the events races, did you try to complete the Car Company Sponsored 
Manufacturer's races? If you had finished in the first place, should can get 
above 40%, matches = 98.2%.

4) Please....all these mis-spelled words (k instead of P, nomal instead of 
normal...blah..blah...etc..) should just forget it and just PLAY the game. It's 
no big deal. It doesn't meant that ONE wrong spelling equal to NO ending or 
TOTAL LOSS of ALL CARS of GT2, right? If you want 100% PERFECTION, just complain 
to Sony and Polygon instead. It's only an annoying error by the developers.

4A) The ONLY GLITCH is the Cars got erased after they do their testing at the 
Machine Test, (i'm felt sorry for them). That's the only problem. Why not go to to see the solution. Apparently Sony sent an annoucement about the 
Glitch, they are "willing" to exchange for Non-Glitch disks. Whether it's true, 
or not i'm not sure.


CJayC- For accepting all of my FAQS, and for creating the best web site on the 

Everyone who sends in glitches- For informing the gaming public and the 
deleopers about these glitches so that maybe they will fix them in the future. 

Shameless Self-Promotion: Other FAQs by me:
-Ape Escape
-Brave Fencer Musashi
-Crash Team Racing
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-R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

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