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      _      __         __   __      ____             _         __
     | | /| / /__  ____/ /__/ /__   / __/______ _____(_)__ ___ / /_
     | |/ |/ / _ \/ __/ / _  (_-<  _\ \/ __/ _ `/ __/ / -_|_-       /                                    |S - Start/  |
         <|       /                                     |    Finish  |
          |>      |                                     |> - Barrier |
          |      <|                                     |    on left |
          \_______/B                                    |< - Barrier |
                                                        |    on right|

____/ Mission 2 \_______________________________________________________
    You have to disable an instructors car using a faster police car.
    You get a fair amount of road to do this in

    Guidelines - Disable the instructors vechicle before he reaches his
                 target location.

    Guide - Speed across the mud and follow him around a bend. You may
            be able to ram him here if your quick enough. He'll take a
            quick left into a long straight. Do some damage here. At the
            end he'll turn left across the round about. Ram him. You
            should be able to finish him off here, else follow him to
            a small bend and get him there, if you dont he'll probally
            get to the end and you will fail.

    Map - D________________D________B                    ____________
          O                         \                   |  K  E  Y   |
          |                         |                   |B - Brake   |
          |                   _____/                    |D - Damage/ |
          |                  /B                         |    Attack  |
          |                  |                          |S - Start   |
          |                  \_                         |E - End/Fail|
         D \                   \                        |    Mission |
       E___/                    \                        ------------

____/ Mission 3 \_______________________________________________________
    This mission is entitled "Advanced Pursuit" meaning you get to use a
    weapon, a pistol. You have to stop a car that goes as fast as you
    before it reaches the end of it's route and then go back and retrive
    a suitcase thrown out.

    Guidelines - Disable the instructors vechicle before he reaches his
               - Retrive the evidence.
               - Retrive the evidence in 1:10 minutes.

    Guide - Speed full speed after the car, you will be told you can use
            firearms, so heed it. The goes straight but curves, just
            drive straight and you'll be fine. Keep shooting him, he
            will throw a suitcase out. Follow him to a corner and
            continue with the pursuit and the target practice. You
            should be able to disable him by the end of the bridge. If
            not pursue him some more while shooting. He goes straight
            apart from a point where he strays off the trakcs as it is
            blocked, you'll need to follow him here.

    Map - E______________________|-------|_______        ____________
                                                 |      |  K  E  Y   |
                                                 |      |S - Start   |
                                                 |      |E - End/Fail|
                                                 C      |F - Able to |
                                                 |      |    use guns|
                                                 |      |C - Suitcase|
                                                 |      |    Evidence|
                                                 |      ||-| - Bridge|
                                                 |       ------------

____/ Mission 4 \_______________________________________________________
    Here you have to use advanced driving maneuvers and shoot some
    targets at the same time.

    Guidelines - Complete the course within the given time limit.
               - Avoid hitting any obstacles.
               - Hit at least 4 out of the 5 targets.
               - You have 1:10 minutes.

    Guide - Accelerate to the first corner and turn left. Slow down at
            the jump if you want and take 2 lefts into an alley. Stop at
            the end, in between the white lines. Wait 3 seconds turn 180
            and take the left track. You can do the 180 easy by stopping
            on an angle so you only need to turn about 135. Brake at the
            corner or slow down. You have to shoot the targets now.
            Press up or down to select them and shoot. Take a left shoot
            a target at the corner and 1 past it. Drive throught the -\_
            turn and shoot 1 more target. Shoot the final target at the
            corner. Brake and take 2 lefts to complete this mission and
            your training.

    Map -  ___________J______                            ____________
          /                  |                          |  K  E  Y   |
          |                  |                          |S - Start   |
          \______|-|B        |                          |E - End/    |
         B/                  S                          |    Finish  |
         T|         E_______                            |J - Jump    |
          |                 \B                          |B - Brake   |
          \_____            |                           |T - Target  |
          T    T\___________/TB                         ||-| - 180   |
                     T                                  |      turn  |

____/ Mission 5 \_______________________________________________________
You have to stop a drunk driver in this mission. Rather easy as the DUI
Dummy goes quite slowly.

    Guidelines - Bring the drunk driver to a complete stop.
               - Make it to the drunk driver in 1 minute.

    Guide - From the start you can either go forwards, take 2 lefts and
            follow the rode to the end and take a right. At the top of
            the hill you will be able to see him. Alternativly from the
            start you can turn around and take the first or second right
            (i prefer the second as you dont have to do as much turning)
            if you take the first go past a left only turn and take the
            right, then follow the road to the end and take a right up
            the hill. If you take the second right just go straight down
            the road and up the hill.

            Once you are up the hill you can either try to take out the
            DUI Dummy or pursue him. If you pursue him your in for a
            five minute chase, however if you don't damage him, your
            car or do too much property damage you'll get a
            commendation. Alternativly you can take him out. Attack his
            car from the side, you will do less damage to your weak
            crusier this way. If you haven't taken him out by the 
            octagon try to do it there, it should be pretty simple. I've
            done a map to help you see where to go.

    Map -                     _____________               ____________
                              |           |              |  K  E  Y   |
                              |_____      |              |S - Start   |
                              |     |     S              |H - Hill    |
                              |_____|_____|              |V - Where he|
                              |           |              |    is      |
          __________V____H____|___________|              |K - Kill him|
          |   |   |                                      |    here if |
          |   |   |         __                           |    you are |
          |   |   |        /  \                          |    going to|
          |___|___|_____/--  K|                           ------------

____/ Mission 6 \_______________________________________________________
This is where people (including myself) seem to get stuck, mainly due to
the fact that we try to trash his car. Doing that seems impossible so
you will need to follow him for about 4 minutes.

    Guidelines - Locate the suspect.
               - Aphrehend the suspect.
               - Get to him in 1 minute.

    Guide - From the start go forwards and take the right road up to the
            bridge. Take a left into oncoming traffic (its easy to
            avoid as there is not much). Take the second left and you
            should be heading down the wrong side of the road (you will
            crash through some cones and other road things). You should
            have visual on him with about fifteen seconds left. Purse
            him through a park, the city, along the highway and into the
            suburban area before he gives up. He only makes about one
            sharp turn which is in the city area so he should be easy to
            follow. This way you take points A.B.C.

            Alternativly from the where you get onto the bridge/round-
            about take a right and drive 270 degrees around and get off
            on the right side of the road. This only really helps if you
            can't seem to make it to him, as once you have you will be
            on the wrong side of the road which may make it hard. I
            prefer the first method as it is relatitivly quick. This
            way you take points Y.Z.

            I've done a map to the crazed car thief.

    Map -                   S
                           / \                          ___N
                        _A/___\__                      /---
                       /         \B                   //
                 __/--/           \--\__C____________//  ____________
                 --\__\           /__/---------------/  |  K  E  Y   |
                      Y\_________/Z                     |S - Start   |
                                                        |A - Follow  |
                                                        |    to B & C|
                                                        |B - Follow  |
                                                        |    to C    |
                                                        |C - Point C |
                                                        |Y - Follow  |
                                                        |    to Z    |
                                                        |Z - Point Z |
                                                        |N - Car     |
                                                        |    theif   |

____/ Mission 7 \_______________________________________________________
This tip is from minkster74

for the gang shoot out at the motel, all you need to do is aim your car
in front of the fleeing car and the chase is over as soon as the car
hits the road. the shotgun is helplessly thrown out of the side.

____/ Mission 8 \_______________________________________________________
People seem to have trouble with this mission (I passed it first time),
my mate even rang me up asking how to pass it. What you need to do is
follow the bus right behind it, not close enough to bumb into it
however. The blue meter (stress) will fill up and he'll stop before the
bridge. If you still can't do this you will need to wait till the next
update when I hopefully do a guide for this mission.
/ Case 7 \______________________________________________________________

So far I only know of one cheat it is to get all missions and all the
bonus items. You don't  get all areas in pursuit mode, but you do get
all the weapons.

The cheat is entered on the main menu. You get a sound like a cat meowing
(don't quote me on that) if you enter it correctly. Press Left, Right,
L1, R1, O, Square, R2, L2 to activate it.

I don't know who found this.

/ Case 8 \______________________________________________________________
Gameshark Codes (NTSC)

I may make some codes for the game, but it would mean pulling my PC
apart, because I have screws on my com port where I plug the comms from
the psx in and the cable used it wide so it dosent fit in with the
screws in place, bah!

Anyway here are some codes I found on the net.

Infinite Health (Including Enemies) 800707E4 2400 - I tried this code
and all it did was remove the health bar until I damaged my car then
it reapeared and I could get damaged again. I could also damage enemy
Infinite Ammo 8006B454 2400 
Unlock All Missions (Pursuit Mode) 800FC0BA 0014 
Unlock All Missions (Single Mission Mode) 800FC342 0014 
Unlock All Locations (Free Patrol Mode) 800FC340 FFFF - This gave me
a bonus location which must of been not included in the game or just
the cheat screws up. The location is blank and when you play it your
car automatically crashes.
Unlock All Bonus Items 800FC344 FFFF - I dont think this unlocks ALL
bonus items, just the ones in the options menu. I got a bonus item
called LAW while playing pursuit mode. It gives you the missile
launcher in free patrol mode, with this code I didnt have it.

Again I have no idea who made these. I have found them on a couple of

/ Case 9 \______________________________________________________________

CJayC for putting this faq on and running the site.

Ian Chai, Glenn Chappell for creating the FIGlet program.
John Cowan for making the version I used.

minkster74 for a tip on mission 7.

/ Case 10 \______________________________________________________________

Check and for the latest version of
this faq. (Hopefully with the mission guide complete =])

Worlds Scariest Police Chases is copyright Activision and FOX TV.

This document is copyright 2001 Shanon Altments
/ Case Closed \_________________________________________________________

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