Hawk Tournament Points Locations - Guide for Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Blue Moon

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Battle Points for Hawk Tourney

1 Point : The Official that tells you about the prelims.
1 Point: Inspect Yai's Right giraffe scrub.
1 Point: Inspect Yai's painting behind couch.
2 Points: Inspect Dex's Gamecube in his house.
1 Point: Inspect Mayl's Teddy Bear.
1 Point: Inspect Chip Shelf in Higsby's.

Elec Town
1 Point: Inspect metal door with Kanji on it.
1 Point: Inspect box behind construction fence.
1 Point: Inspect sound control tower in upper level.
1 Point: Jomon clerk next to fridge.
1 Point: Scientist behind Jomon.

Den Dome
1 Point: Inspect the bikes.
1 Point: Den Dome Poster.
1 Point: Man hiding behind Hotdog shop.
1 Point: Contestant Entrance, trash can next to vending machine.
5 Points: Netbattling machine, play Rock Paper Scissors with Mr. Prog.
1 Point: Talk to kid walking behind screens.
1 Point: Inspect door to the spectator stands.

1 Point: Inspect fountain.
2 Points: Talk to woman hidden by castle.
1 Point: Inspect pirate ship in Mel Square.
2 Points: Inspect steel door behind TinMan ToyRobo in Mel Square.
2 Points: Talk to boy in haunted house.
3 Points: Talk to Old Man behind Ice Cream Stand in Mel Square.
10 Points: Battle MafiaNavi in Dracky ToyRobo near haunted house.

ACDC Area 1
1 Point:  Talk to Mr.Prog near Nebula Gate.

ACDC Area 3
4 Points: Buy from NormalNavi for 3000 Zenny.

Town Area 1
2 Points: Underneath walkway near Town Area 2 Entrance.

Town Area 2
5 Points: Trade an OrangeNavi for Battlechip Cannon C.

Town Area 3
3 Points: Talk to Mr.Prog near Net Dealer.

Park Area 2
3 Points: Talk to PinkNavi.

Ice Cream Cart, Mel Square
4 Points: Defeat MafiaNavi's viruses.

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