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You start in a helicopter. Zoom in and take out the tyres of the first car. This 
will destroy both cars. 
More cars pursue Dominque. Just blow out the wheels. 
When the pilot stops at the road, shoot the on comming car in the grill. 
Once it has blow up, the helicopter will fly over the buildings and will stop at a 
cable. Shoot the cable before the car passes and it will fall down and blow up. 

When you get into your Aston Martin, drive up the road and use your smokescreen to 
take out the behind cars. 
Drive through the streets and you will see the truck drive past but then an arrow 
truck will block your path. 
Take the bridge road and go down the allyway. Remember to use your rockets for any 
un friendly cars. 

You will go over a few jumps and then come to an area where you must use the Q-wedge 
to go one a two wheeler and pass the cars. 
The time will come where you must use your Q-Boost and jump over the large bridge 
and jump onto the other side. 

Chase the truck and shoot the Q-Pulse at it to stop it from reaching its target.


Put your silencer on and jump on the ledge ahead. Aim for the guards head and shoot 
When the truck comes past, jump in the back and duck down. Just enjoy the ride until 
it goes into the castle. 

You will see a guard talking. Take him down by shooting his head. Leave the other 
man and turn around and go out the gate. 
Ahead their will be two guards talking. Sneak up and take them down. 

Go through the doorway on the other side of the courtyard. 
As you enter, two guards will be on the left on the stairs, and one behind the 
statue on the right. 

Climb the stairs and go around till you get to the doorway. Go to the next area. 
Shoot the guard patrolling the area and go downstairs. 
Go up the stairs across the courtyard and shoot the two guards sniping you from the 
upper balconies. 

Go under the bridge and go in the doorway to the right. When you are in there, go up 
the stairs and turn left into the doorway. Once you are there, turn right to the 
large doors and go in their to get to section three. 

When you start, go straight, then turn right. Go to the end of the hall and turn 
left to a door, open it. 
Go left and then right into a large room. Go to the doorway at the end of the room 
and open the door in the hallway. 

Go left into a large red room with stairs. Go up the stairs and open the door on the 
left. Go straight to watch a cut-scene. 

Go through the door straight ahead and go down the staircase. 
Go into the white hallway and open the door. Go into the library and you will watch 
a cut-scene. 

Head through the door you came in and go back to the red room. Usually you would see 
two guards guarding a hallway. They are not there so go in the hallway and open the 

Shoot the guard in the hallway and then go into the next room. Shoot the five guards 
and proceed through the next door. 
Shoot the guards on the staircase and go upstairs. Go through the door and then go 
into the door on the right to complete that section. 

You are now in Section Four. Go straight and watch the cut-scene. 
Jump down and shoot all the guards in the room. 

Go to the far left corner and open the door to the hallway. In the hall shoot the 
Go through the door and shoot the guards on the stairs. Head down to the door. 

Open the controll panell and use your Watch Laser to destroy the door lock system. 
The door opens and get out your gun. Run in and shoot the guards. 

Collect the armour and use your laser to break the hinges on the safe. Stand back 
and the door will fall down. 

Collect the briefcase and run down the stairs. Head out the doors and shoot the two 
guards at the door. Go towards the door and open it and go inside. 

Shoot the guards and go into the next door. Go downstairs and turn right to the next 
Go through and shoot the guards inside. Once you have, run into the cable car and 
collect the rocket launcher. 

Stay down and the guards will run out of range and cannot shoot you. This is a 
little hard this bit. You might not count it as a mini-boss but I do. 

Mini-boss One: Rook's chopper. 
Now you can do a really big mistake and shoot the chopper which does hardly 
anything. You can do an even bigger mistake by not shooting the glass from the car 
and fire the rocket which will blow up everybody. 
Shoot a window and then fire the guided rocket out the window. 
Hit the chopper and it will harm it a little. This chopper takes about two or three 
hits from the rocket until it blows up. 
Helicopter down, but Rook survives the blast but has a major scar on his face. 
Good job, you completed The Exchange Level.


You start off in a hut with a ticking bomb. Shoot the guards that come from garage 
doors, shoot barrels etc. 

When you escape the hut it blows up. Look ahead of you. When you enter the forest 
there is a group of people. Shoot the barrels to dispose of the whole group. 

Shoot the next barrels at the water tank to destroy the base. 
As you drive, you jump a road and two cars collide and blow up. 
As you are driving in the forest, two snowmobiles come up from behind. Destroy them. 

More people come from behind. Soon you get to a bridge. Shoot the car on the bridge 
and you go into a tunnel. 

Zoe warns you there is a snowmobile up ahead. Shoot at it. Later a snowmobile comes 
along the left. Destroy it. 
Soon you come to a wall. Destroy the barrels at the tower and drive along. 

You come to a gate and it locks you out. Kill the people and a helicopter comes from 
behind. Shoot it and the gates will open. 
The chopper will destroy the bridge so take the long road. 

Later you will drive through a hotel. When you drive out and are back in the forest, 
shoot the snowmobile behind you. 

Shoot all the snowmobiles. Soon you turn left due to the helicopter. 
You will drive through the tunnel and the helicopter will wait on the other side. It 
machine guns blaze at you. 
Zoe drives full speed and drives the snowmobile through the doors of the chopper. 
The chopper blows up. 

Mission Complete for Alpine Escape.


Start off on a road. Drive ahead and soon, two snowmobiles come on either side of 
you. Try not to waist rockets but destroy them if needeed. 

Keep on driving ahead. Soon M will contact you and the smokescreen feature will 
unlock. Use it to blind the police view. 
Drive ahead and a car will come out from the alleyway. Destroy it and drive ahead. 

As you continue, use your rockets to kill the men on the staircase. Go full speed 
and drive up the staircase to jump a large area. 
You land in a courtyard. Drive through the resteraunt and continue down the road. 

Collect the armour in the alleyway and destroy the two cars that come near you. As 
you continue, use your rockets to destroy another two cars. 

Just behind them in the snow off the road was missiles. Make sure you get them. The 
missiles are on the right side of the road. 
Continue driving. When you hear the sirens of a car, use your smokescreen again. A 
car will come to the road and start shooting. Blow it up. 

When you go into the tunnel get ready to turn right. As you exit, you will see a 
blockade of cars and a road to the right. 
Drive down the right road and collect the armour in the middle. 
Go full speed and jump the hill. 
A cut-scene will show you jumping over a bridge with police on it. 

When you land continue driving. You will soon jump a small large cliff. Drive along 
the ice. Soon snowmobiles will come out from nowhere. 
Destroy them. Stick to the right of the road. Before you pass the bridge, collect 
the rockets on the right of the ice road. 
Destroy the people on the bridge and then destroy the snowmobile ahead. 

Soon you jump off a waterfall. Collect the missiles on the ground where you landed 
and armour just off to the right a bit. 
If you drive off to the left near a snow island thing there will be more missiles. 
Do not destroy the snowmobiles yet!!!! Destroy all the helicopter with your missiles 
and when you are certain there are no copters left, destroy all the snowmobiles. The 
reason why to destroy the copters first is because if you run out of missiles, 
machine guns wont finish the job!


As soon as you start, three men will jump through the windows. Shoot them all. 
Gooutside and turn right. Mayhew will lead the way so follow him. 
When he says he wont go anywhere, go through the hallway and turn right. Open the 
door at the end of the hallway and shoot all the guards. 
Then come back to collect Mayhew. 

Go to the door at the end of the room and get the armour in the corner to the left. 
Then continue straight. 
Turn right at the end of the hallway and shoot all the guards in the room. Once they 
are all killed, Mayhew will tell you to follow him. 
Go into the trap wall and go downstairs to a cut-scene and to get to section two. 

Climb the ladder and get out of the room. Shoot the guards near the rock. 
Put on your nightvision and shoot the guard on the bridge. Then turn around and 
shoot the guard patrolling the house. 
Go into the door at the house. 

You will see a hostage run out. Go the way that she ran out from and kill the guards 
in the room. When you free the hostage, there will be a cutscene. 
Collect the armour in the closet and run back into the hallway. Go down the hallway 
where the hostage ran to and go in that door. 

Go around the catwalk and shoot the guard at the corner. When you get to the end, 
jump off the catwalk and shoot the guard on the other catwalk. Go to that catwalk 
and walk around that house. 
You will find a guard at the end. Shoot him and go up the small steps and open the 

Take a hard left and open the door. Shoot the guards in the hallway and move 
backwards into the small room. Shoot the computer and go down the hallway. 
Get out your Storm gun and go left in the dining room. You will find a kitchen. Kill 
the guards inside and free the hostage. 

Leave the kitchen and turn left. You will find a flashing door in the hallway. Open 
it. You now enter section three. 
Go left and follow the catwalk into the house. Turn left again and go into the 
bathroom. Kill the guard and collect the armour in the closet. 
Get out of the bathroom and move over the blue lighted dragon in the room. Activate 
it and collect the items inside the safe. 

Go back to the front door of the house and go the way to the right where you didnt 
go before. 
Go in the door and run behind the glass window. Shoot the man under the staircase to 
free the hostage. 
Then shoot the other men through the glass. The glass absorbs very little damage but 
still it adds up. Run up the stairs onto the balcony. 

Jump onto the ledge of the balcony and then walk onto the very small pice of wood 
that connects the two balconies together. 
Jump onto the next balcont and then jump off it and jump on the roof. 
Walk along the roof and kill the guard. Jump into the skylight on the roof. 
Shoot the guard to free the hostage and kill the other men. 

Go to where the hostage was hiding and open the door. Turn left and open the front 
door of the other area. 
Kill all the guards inside then turn right. Open the door and then you are moved to 
section four. 

Mini-boss Two: The Lethal Ninja 
Quickly run to the right and put on your nightvision. Get the shotgun and shoot at 
the ninja. Watch out for his sword! One swipe and you can be dead one hit down. Run 
away from him and shoot at the same time. When he dies, its mission complete for you!


You start in a carpark. Turn around and go in the door. Shoot the guard comming down 
the stairs with your dart gun. 
Go up the stairs and open the door. Get out your bare hands and go around hitting 
all the guards. Very easily done. 

Go ahead and open the door to the room with the green window. Go to the camera 
computers. Activate the computer on the right of the blue computer.Also activate the 
computer on the left of the blue computer to deactivate the lasers in the office 
floor. Go outside the room and keep onto the left wall. Follow it until you get to 
the elevator area. Go in the lift to access Section Three. 

Go right out of the room and then go straight and turn right. Continue down the 
hallway until you get to a red laser beam waving around the place. This is a camera. 
Dodge the laser and go in the room at the end of the hallway on the left wall. 
Go to the computer room and go around the cross section of computers until you see a 
red computer. 
Get the Q-Worm and put the disc into the CD-Rom drive. Walk out of the room to the 
hallway again. 

Go across the hallway on the other side and you will find a door. Open it and it 
should look like a storage room. Go into the top left corner of the room and look 
Open the drain and get out your grapple. 
Grapple onto the drain and duck down into the vents. 
Go to the end of the drain and open the cage. Drop down to the floor. 

Activate both of the computers. Go to the door and use your Decryptor to open the 
door. (to use decryptor, go to keypad, hold down activate button and the decryptor 
will cycle through numbers. Hold the button down until the decryptor has cycled all 
the numbers and the door unlocks.) 
Go into the next room. Turn right and turn left to a blocked off hallway. At the end 
of the hallway there will be a door. 
Open the door and you will get access to section three. 

You start off on a rooftop. Go straight and you will be going along the side wall. 
When you get to the end, wait for an elevator to come down. Jump on the roof and 
wait for it to go up. When it gets to the top, go into the drain system. 
Drop down at the end of the vent and get out of the room. 
Turn left and go through the next door. 

When you open it, notice the red laser? Dodge it and continue straight. When there 
is an opening to the right, go right. Activate the switch of the large metal doors 
to open them. 
Go inside and stop as soon as you get inside. This is a little tricky if you dont 
want yourself to be turned into minced meat by machine guns. 

Get out your glasses and turn them to the blue vision. You will notice lots and lots 
of moving lasers. Dodge them all and get to the computer in the middle. Activate it 
and walk out of the metal room unseen! 

The alarms will go off so bolt out of the metal room. Quickly turn right and then 
left. Never mind about the laser cameras as the alarm is already off. 
Do not go to the stairwell. Instead, go to Drakes computer which is to the left of 
the stairwell. Use your decryptor on the door and then get your Q-Worm. Put it in 
the computer and now go to the stairwell. 
open the door and get to the next section. 

This is a little tricky as well. Get your rocket launcher and fire missiles 
everywhere hitting all the guards. Then get your gun and shoot them all. When they 
are all dead, run to the helicopter and collect the parachute. 
Jump off the buildind and mission complete.


This level is a real tough one. Ok, you start on a rooftop. Get your snipers rifle 
and hide behind the the metal drain, do not go down it! 
Shoot the man thats sniping from the balcony on the house. It's in a red room. If 
you are haing trouble, get your micro-camera and look around. Enemies will have a 
greem shape around them. 

When you think they are all dead, drop down the drain and get your snipers rifle. 
Wait until the two guards walk past eachother on the bridge. 
As soon as they do, shoot the barrel to kill them both. There is another barrel in 
the top left corner of the middle floor if you wanted to kill the guard there. 
Once all guards are dead, go to the middle floor and get your camera. Zoom in on the 
jetpack and take a picture of it. 

To escape the building, go to the very bottom floor. Somewhere near the end of the 
left wall, there will be a path that goes down. Go down there and walk around the 
corners until you get outside. 
Get your sniper rifle and walk around the building. On the way you will find a man. 
Shoot him. Keep on walking and when you get to the opening, zoom in on your snipers 

There will be a man on the machine forklift thing. Shoot the barrels to kill him and 
there will be another guard shooting you from the ground hiding behind barrels. 
Shoot the barrels to kill him. Go to the machine forklift thing where the guard was 
and get out your grapple. Grapple onto the large oil container. You can also just 
climb the ladder. 
When your on it, walk around until you find a wire. 
Grab onto it and climb across. When you get to the next oil barrel, drop down. 
On this oil barrel there will also be a wire. Dont climb on it, just walk around the 
barrel until the two catwalks close in together. You can jump across. 

Walk around until you get to the wire that leads to the red house. Climb across. You 
might notice people shooting at you? Zoom in with your sniper rifle at the warehouse 
and there are people on the side catwalks. 
Go through the door in the red room. When you enter a bigger room, jump across to 
the catwalk. Get your desired weapon of choice and take down all the men. 
Look for barrels to make an easier job. When you are done, walk across the catwalks. 
Somewhere on the left side of the wall, there is a large metal structure going from 
one catwalk to the roof. 

Go there and climb up it. When your grapple symbol appears, grapple onto the catwalk 
behind you. Collect the armour and then jump down. Go back onto the metal structure 
and walk to the very end until you cant go any further. 
Drop down and walk across the catwalk to the door. 
The new section will load and you will start at another sniping field. 

This is probably the hardest bit in the level. Snipers are verywhere so keep watch! 
I'll point out a few. 
1. On the large yellow structure patrolling the catwalks. 
2. Near the yellow structure patrolling the yellow crane room. 
3. On a balcony on the left side. 
4,5,6. In a room on the bottom left corner of the area downstairs. 
7, 8. In the windowns on the left wall near the roof. 
9, 10. On the roof ahead of you when you enter the area. 
11, 12 . On an oil container just around the corner. 

There is armour in the little area downstairs to the right behind some broken 
machine parts. 
When everyone is killed, climb up the ladder on the yellow structure. Then use the 
wire to climb across to the yellow crane room. Sctivate the crane and it will move. 
Go around the small house and jump on the crane and walk across. 
Get to the staircase on the house and go inside. 
In the left door there will be armour on the bed. 

If you go to the right door there will be a huge area. Get the snipers rifle and 
snipe down all the men downstairs and in the next room to the right. Once all that 
is done go to the area on the right and go onto the catwalk. Take a picture of the 
laser gun and activate it. People will run past. Kill them with the laser and then 
use the laser to break open the door at the back. Once its broken, get off the gun 
and run to it. Go inside and the mission is complete. This would be the hardest 
mission in the game. You should have no trouble passing the rest. 

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