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Lu Bu FAQ V1.0
By: Ektazy
[email protected]
Copyright @ Chace King 2011

Table Of Contents:
1. - Introduction
1.1 - Copyright/Disclaimer Info
1.2 - Version History
2. - Dynasty Warriors 7 Introduction
3. - Biographies
3.1 – Lu Bu’s DW7 In-Game Bio
3.2 – Lu Bu’s Historical Bio
4. - What's New With Lu Bu?
4.1 – Lu Bu’s Skill Set
4.2 – Lu Bu’s Moveset
4.3 - Weapons and Weapon Compatibility
4.4 - Acquiring Lu Bu’s Special Weapon(s)
5. – Optimal ‘builds’ for Lu Bu and using him on Chaos difficulty
6. – Lu Bu in Story Mode
7. – Lu Bu in Conquest Mode
8. – FAQ
9. - Credits


1. - Introduction


Hi all, my name is Chace. This will be my first ever FAQ and I have 
chosen to write about the infamous Lu Bu. He has been one of my 
favourites throughout the series, especially from Number 4 onwards, 
and even those players who aren’t a fan of him usually respect him as 
an immensely powerful character. I have played since DW3, though DW4 
was the game that really got me into the series. Whilst I have had 
many characters that I’ve enjoyed and maxed out over the course of 
the series (Jiang Wei, Zhou Tai, Zhuge Liang, Sun Jian, Gan Ning to 
name a few), I’ve found that often these characters vary a lot 
between each game and Lu Bu has been one of the few that has been 
consistent and I have levelled up with each game.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any 
corrections/additions/questions, and of course if I add anything you 
suggest I will credit you here in the guide!

This guide has been written for X360, however the PS3 version is 
virtually identical, so just substitute X’s for Squares and Y’s for 

This is my first guide, so go easy on me if I’ve made a mistake! 
Enjoy :)

1.1 - Copyright/Disclaimer Info

This FAQ is copyrighted to me, however this is just a bit of fun in 
my opinion so feel free to post it elsewhere as long as you credit it 
to me and preferably include a link or reference to Gamefaqs to the 

As of 25/08/2011 this guide is granted use on the following sites:

1.2 - Version History

Version 1.0 - FAQ is written and checked through.
Version 1.1 – Update concerning new distribution and a few 
punctuation/syntactical changes.
Version 1.2 – Update concerning voice actor for Lu Bu in FAQ section.


2. - Dynasty Warriors 7 Introduction


Dynasty Warriors 7 is created by KOEI and developed by Omega Force. 
It is based on the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" novel by Luo 
Guanzhong. The game takes place in the "Three Kingdoms" era of China 
where regional warlords fought for total control of the country.

As I’m sure you know this is pretty much divided into:

Shu – Liu Bei
Wu – Sun Jian/Sun Quan
Wei – Cao Cao
Jin – Sima Clan

As Dynasty Warriors 7 is the first game in the series to properly 
include Jin’s unification of the ‘Three Kingdoms’ it therefore spans 
a larger amount of time, meaning my above leaders no longer hold true 
for the duration of the game. However they do serve as a rough guide 
and more information can be found within the encyclopaedia in-game. 

Thankfully DW7 gets rid of the Renbu system pioneered in DW6 (maxed 
out Renbu on a map full of enemies made u incredibly strong, but on a 
smaller map with less enemies even your most powerful characters felt 
quite underpowered, and you always felt like you had to rush to the 
next group to not let your Renbu drop too far) and we are now back to 
the original charge-attack system of previous titles.

Lots of characters return (62 in total) and several new ones under 
the kingdom of Jin. Many of the new names will however be familiar to 
those having played earlier games, as lots of these officers have 
previously appeared in their ‘generic’ officer forms.

Story Mode pretty much = Musou Mode from earlier games, though with 
nicely improved cut scenes and more free-flowing gameplay, and 
conquest mode is a very welcome addition, basically a more exciting 
version of the previous Free Mode.


3. – Lu Bu’s Bios


Some general information on the history of Lu Bu!

3.1 – Lu Bu’s In-Game Bio

The mighty Lu Bu. He was skilled in all the martial arts, especially 
archery and horseback riding. It was often said, ‘Among men, Lu Bu... 
Among horses, Red Hare...’ Red Hare could gallop 1,000 leagues in a 
single day and Lu Bu burnishes his fabled spear. Loyal only to 
himself, he cut down his own adopted father, Ding Yuan, and joined 
Dong Zhuo, only to later betray him as well.

3.3 Lu Bu’s Historical Bio

Lu Bu is a warrior who wants to prove his strength to all. First 
serving his adopted father, Dong Zhuo, he defies the Allied Forces at 
Hu Lao and Si Shui Gates. Known for his ferocity in the former 
battle, Yuan Shao warns his officers to steer clear of him in every 
game. In most titles, he has a special duel with Liu Bei and his 
brothers during the conflict. Not one to trust Dong Zhuo, he often 
gives into Diao Chan's deception and rebels against his former master 
in their story modes. In other characters' scenarios, he wanders the 
land after his benefactor's death and steals Xia Pi away from Liu 
Bei. Facing Cao Cao and Liu Bei's armies at the castle, Lu Bu dies 
after his defeat. 

- For a full and detailed history visit


4 - What's New With Lu Bu?


Lu Bu has made a return to his single Halberd in DW7. I really 
enjoyed the crazy dual-spinning-halberd thing he wielded in DW6, 
however I feel that the single Halberd suits him best and has been 
his signature weapon throughout the series.  

He looks similar to how he has always looked, with a nice alternative 
red armour as the second choice. Personally I downloaded his DW6 
costume (black armour with added bulky plates + red helmet plumes) 
from DLC as it looks great.

-	His moveset in DW7 with the halberd is excellent, and reminds 
me very much of his moves from DW4.
-	Main costume in black with red plumes. Alternate costume red 
with silver/black plumes.
-	Halberd as his main weapon grants his EX attack.
-	Gains two new Musous, both of which are extremely strong.

4.1 – Lu Bu’s Skill Set

Lu Bu’s Skill Tree is laid out as follows:

5th Normal Attack - 6th Normal Attack - 6th Strong Attack - Speed Up++
	-> 5th Strong Attack –> Halberd Master

Musou +1 –> Musou Attack 2

Skill Points Up -> Attack Range Up -> Synergy

5th Normal Attack: 84 Points
6th Normal Attack: 126 Points
5th Strong Attack: 224 Points
6th Strong Attack: 252 Points
Halberd Master: 280 Points
Speed Up++: 420 Points
Musou +1: 98 Points
Musou Attack 2: 280 Points
Skill Points Up: 112 Points
Attack Range Up: 168 Points
Synergy: 2240 Points (yes, seriously!)

Total Points required to max out skills: 4284

That’s 429 Officers to kill, or around 357 if you get Skill Points Up 
straight away. Sounds a lot, but to get a character to maxed stats 
you will earn about 8-10k Skill points so you will get even Lu Bu’s 
expensive skills pretty quickly.

4.2 – Lu Bu’s Moveset

In DW7, each character can use any weapon within the game, with the 
added bonus of being able to swap them around in-game. However, 
special ‘EX’ attacks are available when using the character’s ‘main’ 
weapon, which often makes it worthwhile to keep the original weapon.

Lu Bu’s EX attack is unlocked when he uses his Halberd, and is 
activated upon C3. 

For reference, X = normal attacks, and C = Charge attacks. For 
example, C5 = XXXXY and C1 would just be Y.


Running X attack: Wide horizontal slash, good for clearing those 
irritating archers.

X – Backhanded diagonal slash
XX – Forehand diagonal slash
XXX – Downward slash
XXXX – Backhand horizontal slash
XXXXX – Forehand diagonal slash
XXXXXX – Final backhanded diagonal slash that activates element.

His standard X chain is great for crowd clearing, and general all 
round reach.

C1 – Pushes his Halberd above his head with two hands, breaking enemy 
guard and causing enemies to recoil.

C2 – A satisfying two-handed uppercut.

C3 – Spins the Halberd repeatedly round his head whilst moving 
forwards, great near-360 coverage and crowd clearer. 

C4 – Powerful diagonal slash, useful for crowd clearing but won’t hit 
as many enemies as you might think.

C5 – Spears the enemy in front of him, spins his weapon repeatedly 
into the enemy, spears them yet again, and then slams them into the 
floor. Useful against blocking enemies as the spearing ignores block. 
On harder difficulties however officers will often flip out of the 
final slam, avoiding most of the damage.

C6 – Does a quick hit that breaks enemies guard, then whirls his 
weapon around in a sort of ‘X’ pattern (you’ll see what I mean), 
finally followed by a shout that blows enemies away and can lift 
enemies up off the floor. Extremely powerful and useful for killing 
crowds and officers alike.


EX Attack - Continue pressing Y after C3 to activate his EX attack. 
Lu Bu rushes forward surrounded by red wind-like energy and grabs the 
first enemy he comes into contact with. With red lightning coming 
from his hand he then slams them into the ground. Huge damage. The 
grab breaks officer’s guard and so is useful against powerful 
opponents. As he grabs the enemy Lu Bu will shout ‘I grow tired of 
your presence!’


Musou Attack 1 – [Spirit Bomb] A huge burst of red Musou energy, 
enemies directly in front will receive two hits. On harder 
difficulties it is fairly easily blocked, so make sure you chain the 
Musou at the end of a combo to avoid wasting it.

Musou Attack 2 – [Armageddon Strike] Activated by pressing B whilst 
in mid-air. Halberd becomes swathed in red lightning and Lu Bu slams 
it down into the ground, obliterating everything. Although I’m not 
100% sure it’s unblockable, in my long time playing as Lu Bu I don’t 
think I’ve ever seen it blocked.


Weapon Switch In Attack – Swings his weapon in a medium, upside-down 

Weapon Switch Out Attack – Temporarily gains a double that attacks 
simultaneously (so to all intents and purposes, attack x2), and a 
running and attack speed boost. It only lasts for a very short time 
(not much upwards of 5 or so seconds), but if you combine it with a 
conventional attack x2 and can catch an officer with C6, it will 
utterly decimate them, even on Chaos.

A quick YouTube search for ‘DW7 Lu Bu Gameplay’ can show you many of 
these attacks in action.

4.3 - Weapons and Weapon Compatibility

Although any character can wield any weapon, each character has a 
star rating for each weapon. 1 Star means the character’s damage will 
be below normal with it, 2 Stars mean the character is good with the 
weapon and the damage is around normal and 3 Stars means the 
character and the weapon are very suited to each other; the damage 
output will be a little higher than average.

Having said this, as each character has two weapon slots and the 
seals from each weapon stack, if you are happy to just use a 
character’s main weapon it can make sense to put a 1 star weapon in 
the secondary slot if it provides you with bonuses such as lots of 
seal slots and an element. 

An example would be giving Lu Bu the Level 10 War Fan ‘Fenghuang 
Wing’ (despite his 1 Star proficiency with it) as it has 5 seal 
slots. As a high level Lu Bu however there are some excellent weapon 
combos that I shall touch on later.

Here is a list of Lu Bu’s star proficiency with each weapon 

Axe: (***)
Wheels: (**)
Gloves: (**)
Shaman Rod: (*)
Arm Cannon: (**)
Brush: (***)
Flail: (***)
Spinner: (**)
Flute: (**)
Iron Fan: (*)
War Fan: (**)
Sword: (***)
Flying Swords: (*)
Rapier: (***)
Chain & Sickle: (**)
Lance: (**)
Nunchaku: (**)
Crossbow: (***)
Throwing Knives: (**)
Harp: (**)
Chain Whip: (N/A)
Double Voulge: (***)
Great Sword: (**)
Pike: (***)
Tonfa: (***)
Club: (***)
Curved Sword: (**)
Sword & Shield: (**)
Staff: (**)
Twin Axes: (***)
Spear: (***)
Twin Rods: (***)
[EX] Halberd: (***)
Bow: (**)
Claws: (***)
Twin Swords: (***)

Some stars are not gold at the start, but will light up later either 
through gains in Att/Def/Health, or through buying skills in the 
skill tree.

Also, it is possible to equip ‘Weapon Master’ seals that increase the 
character’s proficiency straight to 3 stars. Referring back to my 
earlier example, equipping ‘Fenghuang Wing’ with the ‘War Fan Master’ 
seal would increase Lu Bu’s proficiency with it to 3 stars.

4.4 - Acquiring Lu Bu’s Special Weapon

Each type of weapon available has 10 Levels of weapon available (a 
few have 11, including sword and spear), each differing in attack 
strength, attainable seals, seal slots and element. 

Here I will list the 10 Halberds available, and the stats of each:

1: Light Halberd, Att 10, 2 Seal Slots, No Element.
2: Sturdy Halberd, Att 15, 2 Seal Slots, No Element.
3: Heavy Halberd, Att 20, 2 Seal Slots, No Element.
4: Sky Piercer, Att 28, 3 Seal Slots, No Element.
5: Earth Piercer, Att 37, 3 Seal Slots, No Element.
6: Hell Piercer, Att 43, 3 Seal Slots, No Element.
7: Royal Halberd, Att 50, 3 Seal Slots, No Element.
8: Heaven Piercer, Att 33, 2 Seal Slots, Lvl. 1 Slash.
9: Cosmos Piercer, Att 37, 2 Seal Slots, Lvl. 2 Slash.
10: Black Dragon Halberd, Att 40, 3 Seal Slots, Lvl. 3 Slash.

Weapons 7 – 10 are unlocked through Conquest Mode. The steps to 
attain them are:

-	Firstly unlock the ‘Smithing’ ability in the skill trees of 
Zhuge Liang, Lu Meng or Guo Huai, which will cost 840 skill 
points. If, like me, you are very impatient just grab one of 
these characters and it only takes make 30/40 mins to go from 
0-840 skill points if you don’t buy anything else and do 
perhaps 11/12 arena battles on beginner, lol.
-	Unlock as many cities as possible. The more cities you unlock 
the more weapons become available. You should unlock the cities 
anyway as they unlock mounts/extra battles/achievements, all 
good stuff.
-	Finally enter a city with your smithing enabled character and 
purchase the weapons from the weapons dealer (or merchant, but 
dealer is better). Beware they are quite expensive, Lu Bu’s 
10th halberd for example is over 60k Gold and you will have to 
buy the 8th and 9th weapons first, adding approximately another 
30k gold to the total price. And that’s just one weapon. 
However the Halberd is the most expensive 10th weapon I’ve 
encountered. (It’s cost me about 900k gold for about 85% weapon 
completion, not too bad). 

Clearly the best weapon for Lu Bu is the Black Dragon Halberd, not to 
mention it looks awesome, so go get it!


5 - Optimal ‘builds’ for Lu Bu and using him on Chaos difficulty 


This section is based on the information found on cinquedea27’s 
excellent guide entitled ‘Chaos Optimal Build FAQ’. The link to his 
full guide is:
warriors-7/faqs/62415, go check it out.

To fully realise the potential of Lu Bu it is necessary to equip him 
with certain seals and weapons. This is the build I use to optimise 
his attack strength:

First Weapon:
Black Dragon Halberd (Halberd) (Slash Element) (3 Seal Slots)

Second Weapon:
Qinggang Sword (Rapier) (Slash Element) (5 Seal Slots)

This is a SYNERGY build.

The Synergy seal will ‘Greatly increase Attack when both equipped 
weapons have the same element’. Each seal stacks so put Synergy on 
both weapons + the one in Lu Bu’s skill tree and you’re looking at a 
crazy Synergy x3 build. Couple this with two ‘Officer Assassin’ seals 
and one of each Attack, Defence and Health +++ seals and you’ll be 
playing a monstrous character than can wipe out foot soldiers and 
officers with ease.

So assuming your Lu Bu is max stats (or nearing it) you will begin 
with 888 Health, Attack and Defence.
The Attack +++, Defence +++ and Health +++ seals will bring you 
nicely to 1000 Health, Attack and Defence. Synergy x3 will cause you 
to slaughter foot soldiers with raw attack power and Slash Element, 
and a combination of Synergy x3 and Officer Assassin x2 will let you 
drain officer HP fast.

Your set up would be: 

Black Dragon Halberd with [Attack +++] [Synergy] [Officer Assassin]
Quinggang Sword with [Max Health +++] [Defence +++] [Synergy] 
[Officer Assassin] and one final seal of your choice.

There are of course other set-ups and weapons that would work, so try 
out a few and see which you prefer.


6 – Lu Bu in Story Mode


Lu Bu is not playable in story mode; however he does make several 
appearances in each story, most notably at the Battle of Hu Lao Gate 
and for Wei’s story, pursues Cao Cao during one level. He also 
appears in the Battle of Xu Province.


7 – Lu Bu in Conquest Mode


To unlock Lu Bu you must complete his ‘Legend Battles’ within 
Conquest Mode. His legend Battles are located on the far left of the 
Conquest Mode map.

Battle 1 – Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Difficulty: ***
Reward: 500
Description: In their campaign to kill Dong Zhuo, the allied forces 
have pushed their way to Hu Lao Gate. A fearless smile crosses Lu 
Bu’s face as he gazes upon the approaching swarm of enemies. Defeat 
the enemy soldiers and show them what true power really is!

Battle 2 – Beauty vs Beast
Difficulty: ****
Reward: 1000
Description: As a favour to the beautiful Diao Chan, Lu Bu is 
preparing to kill her master, Dong Zhuo. None must know of the 
treachery behind Diao Chan’s tears. Kill Dong Zhuo as he waits within 
the palace and fulfil Diao Chan’s wishes!

Battle 3 – The Demon’s Last Stand
Difficulty: *****
Reward: 1500
Description: Lu Bu, betrayed by his allies, has retreated to Xiapi 
Castle. His disheartened forces are under intense pressure from the 
combined armies of Cao Cao and Liu Bei. At this point, all you can 
count on are your own two hands. Do what you must in order to 
obliterate your enemies! (This is how it should read, go spot Koei’s 
two grammatical/syntactical errors in the actual game haha)

Completing all of Lu Bu’s Legendary Battles will unlock Lu Bu’s 
wallpaper for ‘Officers 1’ in the gallery.

To unlock Lu Bu’s ‘Officers 2’ wallpaper he needs to be available as 
a sworn ally. Once an officer has a high enough bond with you 
(increased by playing legend battles, rescuing officers within 
battles, paying for them to join you in battles and talking to them 
within the cities) they will become a sworn ally when you talk to 
them in a province city.


Lu Bu has a few special lines for interactions with Diao Chan, Dong 
Zhuo and Zhang Fei (and likely more, but I’m too busy killing things 
to notice tbh lol). The reasons behind Dong Zhuo and Diao Chan are 
fairly obvious, and Zhang Fei’s are usually in reference to their 
battle at Hu Lao Gate.

- A notable appearance of Lu Bu within Conquest Mode is his position 
as the final general within the ‘Battle for Supremacy’, a 10 Star 
battle. Defeating him for the first time will reward the player with 
Red Hare. If you are playing as Lu Bu, the final general will instead 
be Dong Zhuo. 


8 - FAQ


Q: Why choose Lu Bu?
A: He is one of the signature warriors of the series, the fearsome 
general of Hu Lao Gate (DW4: It’’s Lu Bu!) and all round 
incredibly powerful character! Plus he’s around 6’10 so towers over 
most other characters and standard men, has some great looking armour 
sets, and great crowd-clearing and officer-slaying moves.

Q: Who is the voice actor for Lu Bu?
A: Jamieson Price, who has done a great job of voicing him for DW5, 6 
& 7 and also the Warriors Orochi Series.
EDIT: Since completing Conquest Mode in Dynasty Warriors 7, I noticed 
in the credits that actually Tetsu Inada is credited with being the 
voice of Lu Bu for Dynasty Warriors 7, and even the rest of the 
series according to his Wikipedia. So I’m not really sure, seems more 
likely to be Tetsu Inada though. Here are the relevant Wiki pages:

Q: Did the real Lu Bu use a Halberd?
A: Lu Bu is reported to have used one within the ‘Romance of the 
Three Kingdoms’, the Fangtian Huaji, which translates as either 
‘Heavenly Halberd’ or ‘Sky Piercer’. However it is not sure whether 
this weapon ever truly existed. See the Koei Wiki Lu Bu page for a 
more in-depth discussion. 

Q: What does Lu Bu’s name mean?
A: Lu Bu’s name in Chinese is used to refer to an incoming thunder 
storm. His style name, Fengxian, when broken into separate characters 
means ‘Immortal Phoenix’.

Q: You sayd dat the Black Dwagon Halberdz is the bezt Halburds but 
ure wrong cos cleerly Royal Halbird haz hiyer 
attack?!?!!1111!!!lol!!!! Idiot!!!!!!
A: The bonuses of that slight attack difference are completely 
outweighed by the advantages of having an element on the Black Dragon 
Halberd, therefore activating Synergy x3. Not to mention the effect 
of the actual element itself. So yes, Royal Halberd has higher 
attack, and no, that does not make it better. :)


9 - Credits


- Thanks to KOEI and Omega Force for continuing to make this game, 
and for translating it into English for us!

- The KOEI wiki for their bio of Lu Bu.

- To whoever designs Lu Bu’s costumes.

- Dynasty Warriors 7 for probably being the best game in the Dynasty 
Warriors series so far.

- DW4 on PS2 for really getting me into the series, DW3 for the 

- To Lu Bu himself, who knows, he may not have been quite as bad in 
real life, haha.

- To cinquedea27 for his excellent guide as a reference for the 
‘Optimal Build’ section. His guide can be found here:

- To Hbkrvd9 for his guide on Huang Gai providing the basis of my 
layout for this guide to Lu Bu. As this is my first guide, without 
his structure I would have been a lot more lost! His guide can be 
found here:

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