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Hair - Long 13 (H:033, S:074, B:006)

Eyes - Eye Shape 09
Eyeline 09
Eye Color 12

Eyebrow - Eyebrow 42 (H:000, S:000, B:000)

Nose - Nose 03

Figure - Nose Scale (7, 0, 0)

Upperbody Inner - Wrestling (H:000, S:000, B:000)
Logo 1 - Common 02 (Place on center of shirt)

Lowerbody - Long Tights 02 (Default Palette #11)
Logo 1 - A34 (H:000, S:000, B:000)
Logo 2 - B27 (H:000, S:000, B:000)

Elbow - Supporter 02 (H:000, S:000, B:000)

Shoes - Long Boots 01
Color 1 (H:000, S:000, B:000)
Color 2 (H:000, S:000, B:000)
Color 3 (Default Palette #1)

Sunglasses 03

Head (10, 10, 10) Shoulder (10, 10, -5) Upper Arm (10, 0, 10) Forearm (5, 0, 0) Hand (-5, -10, -5) Chest (8, 0, 0) Waist (5, 0, 0) Abdomen (5, 0, 0) Thigh (15, 15, 8) Calf (10, 15, 08) Entrance: Stage - (The Taunt where he hold his hand in the "#1" position") Ramp - None Ring - Vince McMahon General - (Any normal walk, like Walk 01) Music - Rob van Dam Movie - Edge Moves: Finishers - Sharpshooter, Flying Elbow Drop Pin General - Lots of uppercuts, elbows, "canadian punches", and general old school stuff UNMASKED KANE ------------------ First off you'll need to buy two things from Shopzone- 1. Kane's Move Template (very important!) 2. Long Boots 03 (optional, but they look best.) Shouldn't cost you more than $3000. Ok, here we go. Unless otherwise noted, leave translation and scale on default. Hair- Short Hair 01/ custom color- 56/98/20 Eyes Eye Shape 30 Eyelashes 02 Iris- Large Iris 31 Translate 21/-4/2 Eyebrow- none Nose- Nose 02 Mouth- Thin Lips 02 Outline- Face Line 05 Wrinkles- none, OR Shade (if you want him to look more twisted.) Paint/Tattoos- custom logo. Now it gets complicated. First select color pallate 15 Next select the 12th color from the top. Starting 8 squares from the very top of the grid and 9 squares from the right, paint right 16 squares. Then paint down 6 squares and diagonally (down to the left) 5 squares. Then go left 6 squares and diagonal (up to the right)5 squares, then finally up 6 squares. You should make a half-circle shape. Fill it in with the same color. Go to the uppermost right corner of the shape, and repeat the process. Then color the background transparent. (By highlighting a color and pressing X twice.) The placement should be as follows- Select the big red X for placement. Position- X Axis- 1 Y Axis- 0 Rotation- Angle 4 Scale- X Axis-/-21 Y Axis- 10 Figure- All you need to change is the following- Eyebrow, translate 0/-97/5 Eyes- translate 21/-4/2 Ok that should work. With that over, let's work on attire. I couldn't get his pants like the new ones, but they look ok. Body Type- Type 02, color- pale (third one from the top left I think, it's light blue.) Upper Body- none Lower Body- Long Tights 01, custom color for all three colors- 00/15/5 Logo 1- none Logo 2- Pattern B 09, custom color for all three colors- 00/100/42 Etc. Elbow- (Right and Left) Supporter 02- custom color- 00/15/5 Wrist- Left- Wrist Band 04, custom color- 00/15/5, right-none Hand- Left- none/ Right- Gloves 01- custom color- 00/15/5 Shoes- Long Boots 03 (or Long Boots 02)- custom color for both colors- 00/15/5 Scale (credit to someone on a different message board for this, I didn't make this myself, but it's perfect.) Crown 1/-4/0 Head 35/9/15 Neck 50/29/50 Shoulder -3/50/50 Upper Arm 18/30/12 Forearm 25/30/-7 Hand 28/-21/1 Chest 7/50/-13 Waist 15/50/-4 Abdomen 22/50/23 Thigh 26/45/18 Calf 2/45/13 Feet 4/18/18 Ok now set his moves to Kane's Template, and change his Fighting Stance to Rage, Set his Logic to Rough, and set his Entrance to Kane's Template. And there it is, not perfectly accurate, but not bad.

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